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dholbachgood morning07:34
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iulianMorning dholbach.09:40
dholbachhi iulian09:40
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Guest3525Will Someone Tell Me How To Change My Nickname Please?:)15:56
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dupondjeno package provides xulrunner-dev anymore ?16:24
jpdsdupondje: mozilla-devscripts ?16:24
dupondjeguess that contains something else?16:25
jpdsdupondje: It's what all the xul-* packages seem to build-dep on.16:33
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jtaylordo I have to go through the release team for evey upload now? also for bugfix only ones?17:41
ajmitchno, it's not final freeze time17:42
ajmitchnew upstream releases don't need approval if they're bugfix-only17:42
ajmitchat least that's what the rule was previously :)17:42
tumbleweedajmitch: correct18:45
ajmitchtumbleweed: glad I'm not leading people too far astray18:48
tumbleweedI had "that chat" with my (acadmeic) supervisor today, and appear to have dropped out of my Masters. Still need to figure out what that means for me...18:51
tumbleweeddid a fair bit of drinking this evening, so far :)18:51
tumbleweed</tumbleweed's personal life>18:51
ajmitchoh dear18:55
tumbleweednaah, so far I think it's good. I haven't made progress in ages. My interests clearly lay elsewhere18:57
ajmitchtumbleweed: so does that leave more ubuntu time, or was it because of ubuntu time?18:57
lifelesstumbleweed: what was your masters on?18:58
tumbleweedajmitch: I was filling time with Debian/Ubuntu, so short term: same amount of time, long term: probably less18:58
tumbleweedlifeless: don't ask, usability of digital library systems18:58
ajmitchI can see why you'd be doing anything other than that  :)18:58
tumbleweedyeah :P18:59
tumbleweedI picked the supervisor because we had lively arguments together18:59
tumbleweedbut he pushed me into a different project than the one I'd initially been hooked with...18:59
jtaylorhow do buildd react on | build depends when the first does not exist?20:39
jtaylorwill they fail?20:39
micahgjtaylor: as long as it's not versioned, it's fine20:50
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jtaylorDependency is not satisfiable: debhelper (>= 8.1.0) on my pbuilder-dist armhf chroot22:58
jtaylorit installs when I login22:59
jtaylorcomponents and mirrorsite is correct22:59
jtaylorwhat else should I check?22:59
tumbleweedarmhf works with qemu? I thought it didn't (well, many system calls didn't)23:08
jtaylorseems to, at least installation of packages23:08
tumbleweedhrm, I should try it23:09
jtaylorhurray I also got my apt cacher to cache ports23:09
jtaylorin the main ubuntu cache => shared arch all pacakges23:10
tumbleweedoh, nice23:10
tumbleweedI want that (well, an apt-cacher for ports, sharing with my mirror for x86. That's harder)23:10
jtaylorproblem is, I have been spreading ports.com in every file I could find, which one was the right one now? :(23:10
jtaylorgreat I broke it again and I don't know how23:26

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