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asacchrisccoulson: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117775935412882278033/posts/e3ffTZzLqoB15:48
asacsomething is fishy with our id15:48
asacuseragent i guess15:48
chrisccoulsonhi asac15:52
asacchrisccoulson: hello15:52
asachow are things going?15:52
chrisccoulsonasac - yeah, not too bad thanks. how are you?15:52
asacif google would stop complaining that my browser suck :)15:53
asacand if battefield 3 would remember that I am allowed to play that game :(15:53
chrisccoulsonasac - well, if you go to the google search page now, it gives you an advert for chrome even before you type your search query15:53
asacchrisccoulson: but check the comments15:54
chrisccoulsonso it's hardly surprising that google docs recommends that you upgrade to chrome ;)15:54
asaci think our stuff is the problem15:54
asacsuse folks dont see it15:54
asacits our agent15:54
chrisccoulsonquite possibly15:54
chrisccoulsonwe do modify the UA string, and i did warn people that it might break stuff15:54
chrisccoulsonbut i was overridden, unfortunately15:54
asacchrisccoulson: sure... how can i modify back so i can see if it fixes things15:54
chrisccoulsonasac - you can change general.useragent.override15:55
asacthat value isnt set15:55
asacwhat should i set it to?15:55
asacsorry, i did completely loose track. which config are we shipping modified?15:56
Unit193Mine by default is: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux i686; rv:12.0a2) Gecko/20120216 Firefox/12.0a2  as seen from: http://www.useragentstring.com15:56
chrisccoulsonasac - yeah, it's not set by default. the UA string is hardcoded. you can set that pref to the current UA string though, minus the "Ubuntu" part15:56
asacchrisccoulson: ok... so minud Ubuntu;15:57
asacdidnt help15:58
chrisccoulsonhmmm :/15:59
chrisccoulsonthat should be the only visible difference between our browser and everybody elses15:59
asacmaybe i need to re-login15:59
mdeslaurtry "rv:12.0"15:59
asacwhats that?15:59
mdeslaurat the end of the user agent, instead of 12.0a215:59
asaci have 10.0.216:00
mdeslaurah, ok16:00
asacchaning to 12.0 didnt help :(16:00
mdeslaurI was thinking they were misparsing the letter in there, but I guess not16:00
asacmdeslaur: so i need to set it to 9.9 :)16:02
asacor something larger 1 :)16:02
mdeslaurugh :(16:02
asacits gone16:02
mdeslaurtry 9.9googlesucks16:02
asacchrisccoulson: :)16:02
asacit works16:02
asacchrisccoulson: can you ship it with 9:10.0.216:02
mdeslaur^ that was a joke, google people :)16:03
chrisccoulsonthat sucks16:03
chrisccoulsoni hate google16:03
asacwell. i dont like that they dont fix it16:03
asacand treat it as a "welcome bug" with low prio16:03
asaci have this issue for a while16:03
Unit193I just checked GDocs with my prestated UA, it works.16:04
asacUnit193: oh its in google presentation only maybe?16:07
Unit193I opened a spreadsheet and doc, but I don't think I have one of those as I don't much use GDocs.16:08
Unit193I also checked YT as that whines too.16:08
asacUnit193: ah... so you see the warning/message too?16:09
asacbut yes, it works for me... its just that i see this bubble16:09
asacthat tells me to use a modern browser16:09
Unit193I didn't, I'm checking a bit still though.16:10
asacmaybe they consider firefox 1.2 good enough :)16:10
asacbut not 1.2 :)16:10
asacno clue16:10
Unit193Greasemonkey and ABP disabled.16:12
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i really should book my travel to UDS20:45
chrisccoulsoncan we convince some mozilla folk to come? :-)20:45
bhearsumwhere is it?20:46
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, oakland20:46
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, http://uds.ubuntu.com/20:46
knomechrisccoulson, hey!20:47
knomechrisccoulson, i'm still wondering about the xubuntu-specific browser start page20:47
chrisccoulsonknome, hah, i knew you were going to ask about that ;)20:47
knomechrisccoulson, well of course. :)20:48
chrisccoulsonsorry, i've just been completely swamped with breakages and crash bugs for the last couple of weeks20:48
knomewould like to get this for precise though20:48
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