infinityDoing the right thing.00:00
* micahg needs to file some FFes00:37
superm1ScottK: i've got one like that too, but i uploaded day before freeze to avoid needing an FFe.  sounsd like it's finally going through new tomorrow.  shouldn't need an FFe to just sync instead now right?01:17
Davieysuperm1: depends if it's Featureful sync :)01:21
ScottKsuperm1: You do need an FFe, but if it was uploaded to Debian before FF, I can virtually gaurantee I'll approve it.01:21
superm1well it's identical to the one i uploaded the day before FF except s/unstable/precise and #update-maintainer01:22
ScottKsuperm1: In that case, no FFe needed.01:22
superm1otay, cool01:22
skaetScottK,  Laney,  could you please make sure there's a time limit window on any FFEs you end up approving.   Not so worried about those coming in over next day or so, but as we get close to Beta Freeze want to make sure things are scheduled so we can keep the images working.   Please add those packages that are seeded to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/FeatureLanding01:46
* skaet needs to send a note out to release team, but just spotted the first FFe approval and rejection and felt it better to comment here too... ;)01:48
ScottKskaet: I think tracking FFes on a wiki page is overkill.  Generally when something has an FFe requested it should be ready to go, so the window between approval and upload should be small.  Developers are supposed to know the freeze schedule (or read UDA).01:48
ScottKIn cases where it looks like there will likely be some delay, I agree they should be time constrained.01:48
ScottKI think it's interesting that Unity has pre-planned not making feature freeze again.01:49
skaetScottK,  that's what I'm looking for.    There were some surprises last cycle by things dragging on too long.01:49
ScottKSure, I just don't want another wiki page to remember to edit.  It doesn't scale very well.01:49
skaetScottK,  they were up front about it,  and I'd rather they have it tested properly than throw something in and break everyone.  Couple of others were approved for later too to maximize chance at stability/debugability.01:51
ScottKLast time it ran right up to final freeze.01:51
skaetWIKI page seemed the easiest mechanism of being transparent about what hadn't landed and still was planned (as best known at the time).01:52
* skaet just doesn't want a dog pile of FFes the day before beta freeze. 01:53
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ScottKThose are easy.  Just don't approve them.02:48
ScottKI think the wiki is a good idea for major things that are planned.  I think it's too much for every FFe.02:52
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Riddellskaet: where is the list of who's tech driver for precise releases?  I expect mine is coming up14:23
Riddellskaet: on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseTeam can I change "Variants of Ubuntu" to flavours?  "variants" is yet another word to describe them and it would be nice to standardise14:23
Riddellah hah, March 1st https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseTaskSignup  I'd best get in training then :)14:24
skaetRiddell, yup, you're on for Beta 1.  :)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseTaskSignup is where the list is.15:33
skaetRiddell,  yes, please change the wording - its an oversite that should be fixed.  Very much behind getting the language consistent.  Oversite I missed that one.15:34
skaet(and Thank you! )15:34
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ralsinaskaet: hello, joshuahoover told me to come here to discuss inclusion of ubuntu one on the CD?16:17
skaethi ralsina,  we've got a meeting going on in #ubuntu-meeting right now,  why don't you join us there,  and ask question when ubuntu one is mentioned.    I'll ping your nick there.16:18
ralsinaskaet: ok, joining!16:18
joshuahooveroops, sorry about that ralsina16:20
joshuahoovertoo many channels ;)16:20
ralsinajoshuahoover: :-)16:20
NCommander anyone from ~ubuntu-release around besidemyself? I need a FFE to land armadaxp code19:58
slangasekhuh, that's armada xp, isn't it, not arm ada xp - silly brainparser20:12
slangasekNCommander: approved20:12
NCommanderslangasek: awesome20:12
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superm1ScottK (or someone else with release queue rights): that package I was referring to yesterday, ledmon just made it through debian new so i've sync'ed it.  can someone axe the original upload that was directly to ubuntu from the precise new queue in favor of that new one.  The package name is 'ledmon'21:55

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