dpmgood morning all07:45
TLEdpm: hey, I saw you got it up and running, good job08:12
dpmhey TLE, good morning :) Well, you did 99% of the work08:12
dpmI hadn't thought setting up a django server would be that hard, the problem is that documentation is all over the place08:13
dpm(although the django docs themselves are excellent)08:13
dpmI've just been writing a settings.py file that checks the django version and can be used for both 1.1.1 and 1.3.108:13
TLEdpm: Ahh great, I was thinking that I would do the same thing if when you sent me the working settings.py08:14
dpmyeah, I'm just finishting it off now, I'll send a merge proposal in a bit08:15
TLEok, there is one odd thing though, if you look at this page: http://ec2-46-137-43-169.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com/ubuntudocs-devel/de/08:16
TLEdoes the second localized screenshot there actually look localized08:16
TLEin german, it should say something with Alle Seiten as the first radiobutton options08:17
dpmTLE, it doesn't look localized to me, but I thought it was because you had just copied some original images for testing08:17
dpmbummer, I wonder why that is08:17
TLEthey should be, that I don't really understand, the path looks right and everything08:18
TLEthe reason I was asking is that I though maybe it was a caching issue or something08:18
dpmI don't know, first thing I'll check at the files from the branch itself, see if they are indeed localized08:20
TLEdpm: they should be, I'm looking at the localized version when the webpage is running on my own machine, maybe that also has something to do with the apache file serving settings08:20
TLEsomething with identically named files (but with different path) maybe08:21
dpmyeah, it's most probably that, let me try something quick...08:23
dpmit was that08:24
dpmnot that I know how to sort it yet :)08:24
TLE*G* seems odd08:25
TLEwell, I've got to do some packing, will check in later08:28
dpmTLE, the second AliasMatch in the apache conf is the one that's probably wrong http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/845481/08:28
dpmbut I'm not an apache expert, I'll have to investigate some more08:29
dpmTLE, have fun! :)08:29
TLEdpm: ahh yeah, I should think that the second one should have the same path as the first one, or possibly even a directory level lower08:33
TLEall the image files are named with paths starting with the static folder e.g. /static/source/ubuntu-docs/ubuntu-help/de/figures/nautilus-icons.png08:34
dpmHm, "AliasMatch /([^/]*\.png) /home/ubuntu/ul10ndocs/image_projects/static/$1" did not seem to work, though08:35
TLEwhat about without the static dir at the end?08:36
dpmhm, it didn't seem to make a difference08:37
TLEcrap, I was thinking that maybe if it could not find the exact path, the it just looks for similarly named files08:38
dpmI'll have to read on AliasMatch a bit, perhaps the regexp needs some tweaking08:39
dpmor specifying the <Directory> entries08:41
TLEahhhh yeah, you are only matching the filename in the regexp I think08:45
dpmoh, so for every png file it finds it will serve it from the C/figures dir...08:46
TLEI think if you just do ^(.*\.png) or something, it'll match the entire path (didn't have time to check) and then make the second path as I wrote before08:48
dpmAliasMatch ([^/]*\.png) /home/ubuntu/ul10ndocs/image_projects/static/$1 - no luck yet08:50
dpmI'll definitely need to read up on aliasmatch and how the regexps work there08:51
TLEyeah, well I meant without the stacti in the end, but as I said I didn't have time to check regexp08:51
dpmyeah, I tried both, with and without static (sorry, I should have been clearer)08:52
TLEoh well, I think the solution should be to make sure to match the entire path with the reg exp, and then make the second one /home/ubuntu/ul10ndocs/image_projects/$1 so now it is just about finding the right/correct regexp08:56
TLEdpm: gotta go now, I'll see if I get internet at the destination09:08
dpmTLE, ok, cool, have a nice trip!09:08
TLEdpm: hey15:07
dpmhey TLE, in Sweden already?15:08
dpmhi kelemengabor, do you know of any project that has translations in .ini files? I'm not sure if intltool supports them...16:28
kelemengabordpm: .ini file == .desktop file16:29
dpmoh, really?16:29
kelemengabormight need a [type: gettext/ini[ in POTFILES.in if the extension is different16:29
kelemengabor /ini] ofc :\16:31
dpmawesome, so I guess they just need to be marked with _16:31
kelemengabor       intltool-extract   extracts  strings  in  the  specified  XML/INI  type16:31
kelemengabor       SOURCE_FILE and writes them into a C header file.16:31
dpmexcellent, thanks kelemengabor16:33
dpmkelemengabor, also, I read the update of the checkbox translations bugs, but I didn't look at it in detail. Do you know if the descriptions bug has been properly fixed and if we can start translating checkbox normally?16:52
kelemengabordpm: I don't know16:53
kelemengaborby using only one big string as a description, it should work fine16:53
kelemengaborbut if we want to split the strings into smaller pieces, well, anything can happen16:53
kelemengaborbut my hunch says that it is more probable that it was not fixed, we are just lucky that they choose a layout that does not exposes it16:55
kelemengabordpm: FYI, I just approved some valid-looking templates from the queue18:07
dpmkelemengabor, ah, cool, thanks. Btw, I wanted to mention it on the list the other day, but got sidetracked:18:08
dpmwe got the first package from universe imported as a test18:09
dpmit's arkose18:09
dpmand it should now be translatable in Launchpad18:09
dpmwe'll now have to see if the translations are exported correctly in language packs18:09
dpmbut I think we'll need to wait for a full language pack export18:10
kelemengaborhm, the langpacks are dated 0209, is the generation stopped again?18:11
kelemengaborthere was an alpha this week, right? is it restarted yet? :)18:11
dpmprobably not, let me check18:30
dpmthe builds seem to be active, perhaps pitti just enabled them. Let me have a look at the actual days the builds are supposed to happen...18:32
dpmbtw, we can check in real time if they are updated here: http://macquarie.canonical.com/~langpack/crontab18:33
dpmthere is a link to it in https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule18:33
dpm(i.e. no need to remember that url :)18:34
kelemengaboroh, good to know :)18:37
dpmso there should be a build today, I'm double-checking with pitti. If it doesn't happen, I'll ping him again18:37
kelemengaborokay, I just asked because of the bad track record in the past :)18:39
dpmyeah, I know, I have to set up that reminder e-mail18:44
dpmok, calling it a day. I'll see if the langpack appears and if not I'll ask pitti on Monday18:45

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