hcfd_Ahh.. got it. / was set to 700, needed to be 755 permissions00:00
hcfd_Silly me00:00
popeyhow did that happen?00:00
popeydid you not copy permissions over?00:00
Memrani need sleep00:00
Memrangood night, and thanks for help :)00:00
hcfd_popey, I did.. but I copied to /media/SSDbuntu00:00
hcfd_Where SSDbuntu is where I mounted the new drive00:00
hcfd_I'm guessing the permissions issue arose there?00:01
popeyhow did you copy?00:01
hcfd_sudo cp -afv /path/to/src/*  /path/to/dst00:02
hcfd_Did I do bad?00:02
hcfd_Path to dst was SSDbuntu in /media, created by root00:03
hcfd_then mounted00:03
hcfd_If I let Ubuntu mount it itself maybe there wouldn't be this issue.. I dunno.00:03
hcfd_She's all-singing, all-dancing... time to benchmark this SSD00:04
hcfd_Now that / is on it00:04
hcfd_Whoa, okay, things are marginally slower than when the drive was raw00:05
hcfd_0.2ms access, 215MB/sec average read - not bad! If only I had SATAIII 6.0Gbps..00:05
* hamitron looks at his empty sataIII ports00:06
hamitronusing IDE00:06
hcfd_Oh dear, how come hamitron?00:06
hamitrontoo tight to buy another drive till that one breaks00:07
hcfdI was too, but then I decided it was time to start upgrading a little... treat myself, you know?00:08
directhexi want a new pc00:08
directhexbut child on the way, and still paying off the wife's pc... :/00:08
hcfdChrist... what did you buy her?00:08
hamitronI'm starting to just not care about hardware specs, so long as it works00:08
* hcfd pats his humble Q6600/8GB/3TB machine and wishes he had an i5 with 16GB00:09
hamitronI still not got quad core00:09
hcfdhamitron, ah me too.. for the most part. Gear lust never goes away though. However, this SSD was a good purchase considering my HDDs are the slowest part of the system, and always in use. Widening the bottlenecks is always a good idea.00:10
hamitronI don't do much on the hdd in this PC00:10
hcfdI have way more CPU than I need and just about enough RAM00:10
directhexhcfd er... i5 2500, radeon 6970, 120G SSD, 8G RAM, blu-ray burner. other odds & sods00:11
hamitronI'm still a huge fan of less cores, but higher clock speeds00:11
hcfdAlso got 43Meg FTTC service.. so.. yeah, 3TB isn't enough storage.. but I'm trying to get used to being able to stream stuff vs download to disk00:11
* hamitron dribbles00:11
hcfdhamitron, best of both! I almost bought a C2D rather than a C2Q.. but this thing was, at one point, clocked to 3.4GHz and ran fine.00:12
hcfd3.4GHz x 4 cores is kinda nice00:12
directhexi only get 27M from my FTTC00:12
directhex8M up though00:12
hcfdMe too00:13
hcfdAnd trust me, 'only' 27M is awesome00:13
hamitronif that is available to homes, is it available for businesses too?00:13
hcfdhamitron, yes00:13
directhexbt sucks though. e.g. they automatically opt you in to using your homehub as a public openzone hotspot00:13
hcfdI work at a place with 2xInfinity... ie: 90Meg down, 16Meg up... and another place had 45Meg down, 8Meg up.. like myself :)00:14
hamitronI shall wrap tin foil around it >:|00:14
hcfddirecthex, you can turn that shit off can you not?00:14
hcfdOr.. don't use the hub00:14
hcfdInfinity means you have a modem and separate 'hub'00:14
directhexyou can't disable it on the hub anymore00:14
hcfdJust put the hub in the bin and replace with Crisco!00:14
hamitronyou have to use their homehub?00:15
hcfdDon't have to00:15
hamitronguess not00:15
hcfdI am, in fact00:15
directhexyou can only disable it via the bt fon account page00:15
directhexhamitron: any high-end cable router00:15
directhexhamitron: or replace both devices with a vdsl router00:15
hamitronreckon a WRT54GL will handle it?00:15
hcfdI doubt00:15
directhexhamitron: hm, doubt it00:15
hamitronno? :|00:15
directhexhamitron: old kit. designed for the 8M down days00:15
hcfdBroadcom 200MHz00:15
hamitronwell, will have to give it a go00:16
hcfdI use ddwrt on one for WAP but that's about it00:16
hamitronagain, too tight to upgrade if "it works"00:16
hcfdWould replace the BT hub except I'm moving soon00:16
hcfdhah, my thoughts exactly hamitron00:16
hcfdI *will* replace it the port forwarding turns out to be a pile of crap00:16
hamitronthe load is always 0.00 I find00:17
hcfdGoing to utilise my upstream soon with a couple of services... My flippin VPS host is crap00:17
hamitroneven on 5mbit with 3500 connections00:17
hamitronsometimes get 0.0500:17
hcfdMy WRT is a piece of crap then00:18
hamitronI had to disable UPnP to get it working right00:18
hamitrondisabled QoS too00:18
hamitronbut who uses them? ;)00:19
hcfdLoad avg: 0.13, 0.05, 0.0100:20
hcfd0.9MB RAM free00:20
hcfdI only have *2* wireless clients.00:20
hamitronoh, I disabled wireless too00:20
hcfd110 active connections00:20
hcfdUptime 40 days00:20
hcfdLinksys WRT54G/GL/GS00:21
hamitronTime: 00:21:08 up 1 day, 51 min, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0000:21
hcfdIt's a GS00:21
hcfdIs that crap?00:21
hcfdSeems like a pile of crap :D00:21
hamitronnot the worst if it runs dd-wrt00:22
hcfdOh.. yeah.. actually, my main workstation is cabled to it too. Forget I took my Gigabit switch elsewhere for the timebeing00:22
hcfdNow to move some data around on this SSD00:22
hamitron3514 connections00:23
hamitronI like to try keep that below 200000:23
hamitronhcfd, do you use QoS?00:25
hcfdI've got 43M down baby!00:26
hamitronjust that adds a lot to the load on the cpu00:26
hamitronhcfd, so your wrt54g handles 43M down fine?00:26
hcfdaye, I know what you're saying00:28
hcfdNo no.. I have line == modem == BTHomeHub3 == eth to WRT ---> devices00:29
hcfdIt can handle 43M fine on the 100Meg switch inside00:29
hcfdWifi is still 802.11b/g.. and a bit 'meh00:29
hcfdNo modem in the model I have00:29
hcfdBTHomeHub3 is in another building, serving a bunch of wireless devices.. about 4-6 or so00:30
hcfdThe WRT is usually just for wireless in this building for a couple of devices, but as my Gigabit switch is elsewhere... I'm using the WRT switch for other things atm00:31
hcfdIt's kind of funny that my LAN setup is so crappy00:32
hcfdI have a bunch of 2950s and 3550s here for messing with00:33
hamitrontbh, I find my P120 comp faster as a router, compared to the wrt54gl00:33
hcfdBut I don't use them on my LAN00:33
hcfdI imagine it would be.. What are you running on it, some flavour of BSD?00:33
hamitronit was slackware00:33
hcfdYay for Slackware!00:34
hcfdI used it as my desktop distro for many years before I realised I was being silly and that Ubuntu is about a million times more sane (on the desktop)00:35
hamitronI'm just starting to give up on ubuntu tbh00:36
hamitronit is good, just not what I need atm00:36
hamitronmy newer machines may run 12.04 when it comes out00:36
hamitronwill see00:36
* hcfd nods00:36
hcfdWhat kind of work do you need your distro to do?00:37
hamitronI need it to work00:37
hcfdStop updating it!00:37
hamitronon a wide range of hardware00:37
hcfdI'm running 2.6.32-28-generic-pae since.. ages ago00:38
hamitron8.04 was the last version I found worked well on everything I got00:38
hcfdTrue that00:38
hcfd10.10 was a mess00:38
hcfdI stopped trying after that00:38
hamitronbut it isn't a distro targeting what I got00:38
hcfd10.04.4 LTS is in good shape for me00:38
hamitronI use 10.04 on a few of my machines00:38
hcfdLooking forward to 12.04 but again I won't be hurrying to switch.. not until I have a few days free to iron stuff out00:38
directhexhamitron: really concerned about 12.04 :/00:39
hamitronbut trying slackware 13.37 now, and loving it00:39
hamitrondirecthex, why?00:39
directhexmigrating a dozen non-technical users, many of whom don't even work in the office, onto a totally alien experience from 10.0400:39
hcfdhamitron, I haven't tried slack since... what was the version with the Tazmanian devil instead of Tux? 13.0?00:39
hamitronheck, I don't even know what to be worried about..... not even tried unity ;)00:39
hcfdUnity is for the bin.00:40
hamitrondidn't realise slackware had changed the logo? something to do with a smoking ban? :D00:40
daftykinsdirecthex: are you putting it in at work?00:40
hamitronis unity THAT different?00:41
directhexhamitron: nontechnical users throw a shit fit if an icon changes colour.00:41
hamitronguess it means staff training :/00:42
directhexdaftykins: well people are on 10.04 now, so 12.04 is the upgrade path00:42
hamitronI'm guessing not so much will change for me.... I use LXDE00:43
hamitronand most people I've trialed LXDE on, prefer it to Gnome00:43
hcfdbrb, rebooting to test new home partition00:43
directhexit's so totally time for bed00:50
hamitronthat or coffee00:51
hcfd/dev/sdb1              46G  7.4G   37G  17% /00:55
hcfd/dev/sdb1              46G  7.4G   37G  17% /00:55
hcfd/dev/sdb2              63G   28G   33G  47% /home00:55
hamitronsdb is the SSD?00:56
hamitroncool :)00:56
hcfdNow to clear out some cruft in /home00:56
hcfdAnd take my VMs off of /dev/md1 and move to SSD00:56
hcfd+150MB/sec speed boost00:57
hcfdOkay XP SP3 Performance Edition, show me what you got!00:59
hcfdOkay, so that was 6 seconds00:59
hcfdhahaha :D00:59
hamitroncan hardly expect windows to be "high performance"00:59
* hcfd needs a tissue00:59
hcfdTrue that00:59
hcfdBut.. 6 seconds.. fuck me00:59
hamitronunless you are female and sexy, no ty00:59
hcfdTime to see what MacOSX's boot time is01:02
daftykinshamitron: don't be picky :P01:02
hamitronyou should know I like things to be perfect, by how much I complain01:03
hcfdhamitron, this is the internet, you can pretend I'm either one of these two: http://tinyurl.com/89kygsa :p01:04
daftykinshamitron: that or the OS bugs you put up with ;)01:04
hamitrondaftykins can be the other then01:04
* daftykins pouts01:05
hamitronat least I'm sick of KDE now01:05
hcfdhamitron, it took you more than a minute to hate it? :D01:06
daftykinshcfd: it's time we went shopping, grab the trolley?01:06
hamitron2 weeks01:06
hamitronI like to give things a fair test01:06
hamitronstill torn between LXDE and fluxbox01:07
hamitronprobably LXDE is best, as newbs can work it better01:07
daftykinsg'night all01:07
hamitronnn daftykins01:07
daftykinsdon't sty up too late now01:08
hamitronthe night is young ;/01:08
daftykinsit's mah birthday and i'll sleep if i want to ;D01:08
hcfdnight daftykins01:08
hcfdHappy birthday :)01:08
daftykinscheers :)01:08
* daftykins disappears01:08
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: hows you?07:58
TheOpenSourcererGood thanks czajkowski :-D - You are being especially nice. What's up?07:59
TheOpenSourcererOh yes, how are you too?07:59
czajkowskigood thanks08:03
diploMorning all08:05
czajkowskiahh good other people have the same bug as me https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-power/+bug/93346608:06
lubotu3Launchpad bug 933466 in indicator-power "Power icon doesn't show charging or draining" [Critical,In progress]08:06
DJonesMorning all08:07
daubersI see apple have decided to drop the subtlety08:25
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=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
popeyhmm, thunderbird is broken for me today09:11
popeyi just get an empty window09:11
imexilpopey: I thought you are on gmail anyway09:11
popeypersonal mail is, work mail is thunderbird09:12
buzz_popey, thunderbird --safe-mode then disable addons and it will work. then enable all cept the erm messaging menu09:19
lubotu3Launchpad bug 933951 in thunderbird (Ubuntu Precise) "Messaging menu extension interacts badly with lightning in precise making thunderbird unusable" [High,Fix released]09:19
AlanBellmorning all09:21
JamesTaitHappy Friday, everyone! :)09:21
buzz_friday yay..09:21
buzz_is it too early for a beer ?09:21
* buzz_ has been working all night..09:21
TheOpenSourcererDid someone say beer?09:24
buzz_yeh sorry09:24
TheOpenSourcererIT'S FRIDAY :-D:-D:-D09:24
popeyhaha, fixed 12 mins ago09:28
gordif anyone wanted to write a greasemonkey script that moves the close button in the google plus image viewer thing to the left, i would be very happy ;)09:28
popeythanks buzz_09:28
buzz_np honey09:28
buzz_if you see the bug, i was there just earlier saying "help" :)09:28
* popey marks a dupe09:28
TheOpenSourcererThat is uber cool: http://gizmodo.com/5885610/night-snowboarding-in-an-led-suit-is-mesmerizing-to-watch09:43
buzz_TheOpenSourcerer, that is awesome09:48
davmor2morning all09:49
davmor2bigcalm: told you I'd live through a night in a restaurant with czajkowski09:50
* bigcalm groans and rolls out of bed09:57
bigcalmdavmor2: you were very well behaved ;)09:57
bigcalmThat was a top notch evening. Glad to have been invited09:57
daubersDoes anyone know of a way to hardware accelerate md5 or sha?10:07
gorddaubers, write an opencl md5/sha hasher?10:09
gordit wouldn't be that hard10:09
daubersgord: Might come to that I think10:10
gordthough depending on your situation, you might not get the speed boost you want10:10
daubersdisk access speed isn't a problem10:10
daubersI need to find a way to hash a file (create a recomputable unique ID for a file not based on it's name) in no more than a minute10:11
daubersFile can be upto ~50GB10:11
gordcan you read 50gb in a minute?10:12
gordthen i don't see why you can't do it on the cpu10:12
daubersIt's not quick enough10:12
gordmd5 really isn't an intensive algorithm10:12
daubersDunno why, but it takes forever10:13
gordprobably just the implementation you are using10:14
AlanBelldoes it have to be based on every single bit of the file?10:15
daubersIt has to be unique enough to differntiate files10:15
AlanBellhow different are the files?10:15
AlanBellwould it be two big videos, identical except for a couple of frames?10:16
daubersMore than likely video files, might be relativley similar10:16
DJonesAlanBell: Any interest in this comment http://www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/news/government-anticipates-5-billion-cash-savings-year "£140 million saved by demanding – for the first time – a rigorous business case for any significant ICT spend and only allowing it where it is absolutely necessary to bring government in line with standard business practices."10:17
AlanBellyeah, it is interesting10:19
AlanBellI don't think the government is a good customer though10:20
AlanBellthey are going to remain dependent on the SIs10:20
ali1234daubers: sha256 is the core of bitcoin, there are a LOT of very fast GPU implementations of it now. you do need an AMD GPU though10:35
* oimon has turned his back on unity due to irreconcilable differences :(10:35
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: You going to one of these BCS Awareness events? http://www.flax.co.uk/blog/2012/02/17/searching-and-finding-open-source-in-uk-government/10:36
ali1234you will probably have difficulty streaming the 50GB to the GPU fast enough to hash it tbh10:37
bigcalmpopey: You know how VM are upgrading everybody for free? Had a letter this morning saying they were putting an extra 4.70 per month onto our bundle :(10:37
AlanBelloh dunno, might do10:37
popeybigcalm: yeah, i got that too10:38
gordyou got upgraded to the newer price bracket for free!10:38
bigcalmThe fudgers10:38
daubersali1234: Hmm.. might have a bit of a dig around10:48
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:48
ali1234daubers: is this just a simple "are these files the same" test? ie it's not required to be secure?10:51
popeyfun ☺10:51
ali1234daubers: what i mean is you are not worried about people intentionally generating collisions10:51
bigcalmpopey: you're inviting us to the hangout?10:52
popeyyeah, why not10:52
popeywe're testing10:52
gordlatest ubuntu has broken my pseye webcam :( can't play10:53
daubersali1234: Yes, pretty much10:54
* bigcalm spies a pirate10:55
oimonany gnome shell users know how to get the tomboy icon to appear in the icon tray ?10:57
davmor2oimon: I thought their icon tray was more locked down than Unity's so you probably can't11:00
oimondavmor2, hmm. not a show stopper but rather annoying. maybe there's some gconf thing i can do11:01
brobostigonoimon: i have tomboy automaticlly starting, here, just use the startup config app, to get it to start,11:01
oimonbrobostigon, what about the icon in the tray?11:02
brobostigonoimon: it is there.11:02
oimoni start it by hand, and it isn't there11:02
brobostigonweird. no idea then.11:02
oimonit's in the notifications "backup tray" at the bottom instead11:02
oimonotherwise i think i might be happy with gnome shell going forward11:03
oimonusing docky instead of the gnome window chooser11:04
oimonout of the box shell is a fail, but after tweaking it can be made useful11:05
brobostigonfirst thing i changed, was to have the full date and 24hr clock, in the calendar thingie, in the top center.11:06
oimoni got the google calendar appearing in the planner, which is nice11:31
brobostigonoimon: it takes that info via evolution if i remember.11:33
ant0xahiya. i have problem with bbc iplayer. its stops playing after few minutes. any other flash player working fine.11:33
oimonbrobostigon, i don't have evo installed, i use a script to do the checks11:34
brobostigonoimon: ah, interesting, i didnt know that was possible.11:34
oimonbrobostigon, http://maketecheasier.com/integrate-google-calendar-into-gnome-shell/2011/10/0411:35
oimonalthough "open calendar fails"11:35
oimoni don't need that bit11:35
brobostigonthank you oimon11:35
oimoni also use the gmail checker extension11:36
oimonwhich is great11:36
TheOpenSourcererOooh - BBC Micro 2 is coming: http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/news/raspberry-pi-to-run-bbc-micro-2/ :-D11:42
oimonbrobostigon, how many screens you have?11:45
brobostigonoimon: screens ?11:47
ali1234TheOpenSourcerer: "cross platform IDE based on eclipse"11:48
ali1234i can't imagine anything more different from the original11:48
TheOpenSourcererYeah - I know. But it is about learning.11:48
ali1234java, eclipse, 256mb ram...11:48
ali1234and an arm CPU11:49
ali1234that's going to work well11:49
brobostigonoimon: my eeepc has one screen, yes.11:49
oimonbrobostigon,, i wask asking because switching desktops only works on my left screen. didn't know if that was design11:50
brobostigonoimon: ah, i see, no idea, good question.11:50
TheOpenSourcererpopey: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2012/feb/17/lego-launch-minecraft-sets11:50
czajkowskipopey: eh......... did you get thunderbird back working this morning11:54
davmor2czajkowski: tis easy, in terminal type thunderbird -safe-mode11:55
oimonbrobostigon, http://gregcor.com/2011/05/07/fix-dual-monitors-in-gnome-3-aka-my-workspaces-are-broken/ however i may keep the current setting to keep thunderbird always on the right workspace11:55
brobostigonoimon: ok, interesting,11:55
daubersurgh, academics :(11:56
CaMasonNeed some help. I'm trying to connect to a ubuntu server (via teamviewer, office network) which is responding to ping, but not SSH or samba. It's 300 miles away and there are noobs at the other end12:01
ali1234CaMason: poke popey until he finishes making trublr12:01
CaMasonThey had a power cut and the machine isn't coming up properly12:01
ali1234so what state is it in?12:02
ali1234it's probably doing an extremely long disk check?12:02
CaMasonhow can I tell?12:02
ali1234you can't12:02
ali1234you have to ask the people who can actually see it12:03
CaMasonit's apparently been powered on all morning12:03
ali1234"what's on the screen"12:03
CaMasonThere's no screen on it. Asking them to hook one up now12:03
CaMasonwhich leads me to another topic... why are IP KVMs so damn expensive??12:04
daubersCaMason: IPMI in motherboards is your friend12:04
CaMasonI'm amazed that there isn't a common low-level basic KVM system on motherboards12:07
daubersCaMason: That's what IPMI is supposed to be12:08
ali1234hmm the sum of the square of a normalised signal always = the number of samples12:09
ali1234i didn't expect that12:10
ali1234i suppose it makes sense, when you think about it12:10
oimoni've discovered that i never visit a browser bookmark after bookmarking a site12:13
jpdsoimon: Clearly wasn't a very good book.12:36
ali1234czajkowski: yeah, unity sucks, we know :)12:38
jpdsali1234: No, it does not.12:39
czajkowskiali1234: it doesnt and mind your language12:43
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mrevelldavmor2, bigcalm: I asked at the hotel about co-working. I said £75 per day was a bit too much and asked if they could do us a deal. They said they could do it for £30 per person, which includes lunch and coffees/teas throughout the day. I'm not sure that's going to work for me, particularly when Light House is around a tenner including lunch and drinks.13:18
davmor2mrevell: no that's still a bit steep13:19
mrevelldavmor2, It's also more than £75, if there's more than two of us, so it seemed a bit back to front.13:20
gordonjcpkind of defeats the purpose, eh13:21
mrevellyeah, weird13:21
gordonjcpthe thought occurs that they're going to be doing naff all trade during a midweek day *anyway*13:21
davmor2mrevell: indeed, I think it was more of a...£30 is as cheap as we could go per person,  oh well that's cheaper than 75 bargain13:22
gordonjcpthat they've got a couple of people sitting fairly visibly in their cafe at all will help trade13:22
gordonjcpnever mind that you're actually going to be buying stuff13:22
popeytell them you'll blog about it on planet ubuntu ☺13:22
davmor2http://mhall119.com/2012/02/the-many-sides-of-jono-bacon/ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha13:27
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bigcalmmrevell: thanks for looking into it. The Lighthouse will continue to get our coffee money for a while yet13:29
davmor2mrevell, bigcalm: +113:29
bigcalmDepending upon the weather, will wear thermals next week ;)13:31
davmor2bigcalm: Thermals are the way forward for cold days at the lighthouse I fear13:31
* popey wonders if anything is happening with office space in Farnham13:32
* popey tickles AlanBell and TheOpenSourcerer 13:32
AlanBellooh that tickles13:34
AlanBellpopey: the one that we were half considering is under offer, someone moving in soon, but there are others out there13:40
TheOpenSourcererThere are lots of offices in Farnham13:42
TheOpenSourcererI was just looking at the For Let signs.13:42
Myrttihire me, I can make coffee and fetch sandwiches13:45
MyrttiI can actually make sandwiches too13:46
davmor2Myrtti: but only in sudo mode right?13:47
Myrttisudo mode is reserved for making donuts13:47
Myrttisandwiches are easier, all you need for that is a nice smile13:47
davmor2Myrtti: Hmmmm donuts13:48
MyrttiI got chocolate and a card from my Valentine, I returned the gesture with donuts13:49
AlanBelloh wow13:51
* AlanBell adds "make donuts" to job specification13:53
gordi think that picture has given me diabetes.13:53
Myrttiit's not that bad, if eaten in moderation13:55
Myrttiwe still have plenty left13:55
popeyhow did the steak and ale pie turn out?13:55
Myrttilovely :-)13:56
Myrttistill have some of the ale left as there obviously aren't any 400ml bottles in the state monopoly store and neither of us are too keen on drinking it as is13:57
daubers"state monopoly store"? Is it run by this man http://buycashflowproperties.escapeartist.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/monopoly_man.jpg ?14:02
gordnote to self, must photoshop mr monopoly moustache and top hat on to jason smith.14:02
gordhe won the real money monopoly game we played in budapest because he's some sort of monopoly savant14:03
Myrttidaubers: http://alko.fi/frontpage14:04
gordonjcpgord: lol14:05
daubersMyrtti: I see....14:06
jacobwlol @ 'monopoly savant'14:11
Myrttiie. all ales are over 4.7%, so to get ale we had to go to Alko.14:11
daubersHow strange14:11
MyrttiI personally find it strager to have vodka and stuff in a supermarket14:16
Myrttibut things just work different14:17
daubersand different is good, unless you're an old grouchy so and so14:23
Seeker`Myrtti: can i have a sandwich?14:26
DJonesOoh, free chocolates from a supplier :)14:30
* DJones hides the http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LsPO8pkSqmE/TbPmYv2p_QI/AAAAAAAAB1g/0tfx03exTgk/s1600/twisted.jpg from christel 14:31
davmor2Myrtti: moderation is 50 a day instead of a 100 right?14:32
christeloh my!14:36
Myrttidavmor2: I made only 20 edible ones14:36
Myrttimy first ever attempt to make donuts without any help14:37
davmor2Myrtti: when you say help do you actually mean adult supervision :D14:37
davmor2Myrtti: to be fair they do look yummy14:38
Myrttidavmor2: well I usually do... um. Did try out new things with in mums supervision even as an adult, so I suppose yeah.14:40
Myrttidavmor2: thanks.14:40
gordhuh, the game double fine are producing (big game studio) based on kickstarter donations is getting mac and linux releases, neat15:16
directhexwhen someone hands you $1.9m, it's hard to say no to their little pleas15:24
popeyi thought it was planned to be cross platform from the start?15:25
gordright, but this isn't an indie company, this is a biiig company, they very rarely go near linux15:26
gordthese guys make proper games15:26
directhexgord, thing is, decision on target platforms is down to the publisher, not the developer. if the publisher says "don't spend any time on linux" they won't. if they say "fine, linux, but we're not paying for it" then generally they won't unless they're nerds or it's an easy port. in this case, the publisher (i.e. the people giving the advance to pay for development) is *us*.15:28
directhexso when the comments page and tim's twitter mentions list is filled with cross-platform requests, and the game is massively overfunded, then they have the resources to do stuff(tm)15:29
directhexpopey, the $400k target was for osx and win32. now it's osx, win32, linux, ios, and android15:29
gordhum, next osx is going to sign applications, non verified ones get blocked15:31
directhexgord, blocked, with a big warning to drop the app in the trash!15:31
daubersgord: I noticed they where unsubtle about the app name controlling all that15:32
gordonjcpanyone here particularly enthusiastic about mapping software?15:39
AlanBellgordonjcp: someone in -ie is15:40
gordonjcpso we've sold this mapping solution to a university for their security guys, that plots where they are based on GPS data15:40
gordonjcpfrom their radios15:40
gordonjcptwo grand's worth of software, list of bugs that reads like the health inspector's report on a pub toilet, very little response to reports of even the worst bugs, and now it appears that the company supplying it no longer support it15:41
gordonjcpit can't be *that* hard15:42
gordonjcpAlanBell: nice15:42
AlanBellcoordinate transforms from GPS to whatever the map wants is probably not very hard for a limited area15:43
ali1234bespoke mapping software is awful15:45
ali1234it's pretty much the perfect example of how to lock customers into an endless upgrade cycle15:46
directhexcoordinate transform is basically all openstreetmap does.15:47
ali1234yeah that part is trivially easy15:47
ali1234the hard part is cracking custom protocols used between the GPS units and the proprietary database software that they run everything off15:48
ali1234if you are ucky you will only need to brute for a MSSQL password to access the data... and then figure out how their schema works15:51
gordonjcpAlanBell: osmgpsmap - solved problem15:54
AlanBellindeed, what is the unsolved part?15:55
gordonjcpali1234: this expensive software we have is written in a mixture of C#, Access and Crystal Reports15:55
ali1234sounds familiar15:55
gordonjcpAlanBell: getting the data off the radios taking into account Motorola's proprietary communications protocols (which might have been cracked by someone - as an employee of a Motorola dealer I certainly couldn't say I've looked at them)15:56
gordonjcpAlanBell: and making a UI that doesn't suck elephants through incredibly fine gauze15:56
ali1234crack that database15:57
AlanBellyeah, so the protocol is just undocumented and odd rather than encrytped right?15:57
* daubers wonders how many companies have these radios and whether such a system would be worth some pennies to certain undesirable market sectors15:58
ali1234they all have different radios15:59
ali1234the software is always awful thugh15:59
ali1234because there is no way to replace it15:59
CTtechguyanyone here use GoDaddy for web hosting?15:59
ali1234to give an example, when i finally got into the database there was over 300 different tables in the schema16:05
ali1234to get the current position of a unit only involved two of them16:06
gordonjcpali1234: done, trivially easy16:06
ali1234but there was so much duplication that you could get it from any of about five tables16:06
gordonjcpAlanBell: it's undocumented without signing a hefty NDA and forking over seven grand16:06
ali1234that also sounds familiar16:07
gordonjcpali1234: this uses an .mdb for each table16:07
gordonjcpno unique IDs, no constraints, no concept of keys at all actually16:07
ali1234we were also offer access to an API for £2000 per year per seat16:07
ali1234without documentation though16:07
ali1234if you wanted to use the API, you had to pay the developer to write the code that accessed the API16:07
gordonjcpit's just a case of firing bytes over a network scoket16:08
ali1234and then pay for access to the API on top of that16:08
gordonjcpthe code for handling text messages over the radios might, uh16:08
ali1234is it SMS based?16:08
gordonjcpmight be already known outside the NDA if not exactly public knowledge16:08
gordonjcpit's DMR kit16:09
gordonjcpbut when you plug a radio into a computer via the USB cable it just shows up as an RNDIS device16:10
gordonjcpironically it's only since they went to the propietary Microsoft-driven RNDIS support that Linux can talk to the radios16:10
gordonjcp'cos ACM didn't work at all16:10
ali1234well it will be sending some binary protocol over UDP i expect16:11
mrevellHey popey, czajkowski's desktop is broken. She cannot log in. She is in a terminal (ctrl-alt-f1). She wants me to ask you how she gets from there back to her desktop. Please don't ask me to send her to "letmegooglethatforyou.com" :)16:14
gordonjcpctrl-alt-f7 doesn't do it?16:14
gordonjcpali1234: yeah exactly16:14
AlanBellmrevell: does "sudo service lightdm restart" do it?16:16
mrevellgordonjcp, Sadly not.16:16
mrevellAlanBell, Trying now!16:16
AlanBellso no login screen at all, no chance to pick unity2d?16:17
ali1234reboot the computer?16:17
mrevellali1234, She's tried a few times but no luck.16:17
ali1234consolt the Xorg.0.log16:17
TheOpenSourcererTry Ubuntu 10.10?16:18
ali1234yeah basically, don't use +1 if you don't know what you are doing16:18
davmor2mrevell: what does dpkg -l libnux say?16:18
ali1234does the greeter rely on libnux?16:19
mrevelldavmor2, no package16:19
ali1234!info libnux16:20
lubotu3Package libnux does not exist in oneiric16:20
mrevellczajkowski is running precise16:20
davmor2mrevell: how about dpkg -l libnux*16:20
ali1234!info libnux-2.016:20
lubotu3Package libnux-2.0 does not exist in oneiric16:20
ali1234!info libnux-2.0-dev16:20
lubotu3Package libnux-2.0-dev does not exist in oneiric16:20
ali1234oh come on16:20
ali1234!info libnux-2.0-dev precise16:20
lubotu3libnux-2.0-dev (source: nux): Visual rendering toolkit for real-time applications - dev files. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.0-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 232 kB, installed size 1322 kB (Only available for any all)16:21
ali1234!info libnux-2.0-0 precise16:21
lubotu3libnux-2.0-0 (source: nux): Visual rendering toolkit for real-time applications - shared lib. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.0-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 793 kB, installed size 2213 kB (Only available for any all)16:21
ali1234i doubt that is the problem though16:22
ali1234if you don't even get a greeter it means X is broken16:22
davmor2ali1234: stop please it is one of the many missing packages currently16:22
ali1234again, does the greeter rely on libnux?16:22
mrevellczajkowski gets the greeter but the cog doesn't given her unity3d any more, only 2d and that comes up with a "failed to load" error.16:23
davmor2mrevell: so she has upgraded very recently then yes?16:23
mrevellczajkowski, two hours ago16:23
davmor2mrevell: she is missing sesions for gnome/unity  she'll need to wait till they get fixed and dist-upgrade again16:24
Cameron_hi, AlanBell?16:24
Cameron_are you online16:24
mrevelldavmor2, Ah, thanks. Is there no way to get from where she is now to the desktop without waiting for that fix? She has a train journey coming up in an hour :)16:25
ali1234mrevell: install gnome or xfce or kde16:25
davmor2mrevell: no unity or unity-core till the update comes through,  gord  maybe able to offer an solution16:26
mrevellThanks all for your suggestions and help :)16:26
davmor2ali1234: sorry I was trying to figure out if she had dist-upgraded in which case that package which was the easiest to type was one of the missing ones so it had nothing to do with the issue as such it just answered if she had done the dist-upgrade or not16:28
davmor2ali1234: it then explained the issue16:29
davmor2gord: help czajkowski go on you know you want to :)16:29
gordamd64 isn't built yet16:30
davmor2gord: so shouldn't be long then16:31
gordoh wait no, it is16:31
mrevellgord, any idea when she'll be able to do an update?16:33
gordmrevell, now?16:34
davmor2mrevell: I'm just checking locally now16:34
gordunity 5.4 is in main16:34
mrevellAh, thanks :) I'll let her know.16:34
gordshe should be using archive.ubuntu.com however, other mirrors will be slow16:34
jpdsgord: gb.archive updates just fine.16:35
davmor2jpds: I still have hold out here16:35
gordjpds, what i'm saying is that lol.mylocaluniversity.omgthefastest is generally a bad mirror to be on ;)16:36
gordfor dev releases anyway16:36
czajkowskino updates for me16:40
davmor2czajkowski: what do you get if you type sudo apt-get install unity-services16:42
AlanBellCameron_: sure, I am always online, ask and I will get back to you16:42
Cameron_ok thank you16:42
Cameron_i'll brb16:42
czajkowskinothing to update16:42
davmor2czajkowski: what do you get if you type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop (always a favourite)16:43
Adriannomhi.  on xubuntu 11.10 i've installed compiz, but even though i've updated /etc/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml to use compiz it just doesn't.  any ideas where i can go from here?16:45
czajkowskifollowing packages have dependencies16:46
czajkowskiunity 2-d16:46
czajkowskibut it is not going to be installed16:46
czajkowskiyou have held broken packages16:46
gordczajkowski, you don't have any more dodgy ppa's enabled do you?16:47
czajkowskiright just got the power indicator fix in16:47
gordapt-get -f install should at least try and fix things16:49
czajkowskinothing to upgrade16:50
davmor2czajkowski: try sudo apt-get -f install ubuntu-desktop16:51
czajkowskigona be a long train back16:51
czajkowskisame eror as before16:52
Adriannomi would just do compiz --replace but it says it can't do that cause the window manager is already loaded16:52
davmor2czajkowski: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install ubuntu-desktop16:53
Adriannomthen crashes16:53
davmor2Adriannom: you might want to ask on the #xubuntu channel if no one here can help16:54
Adriannomi'm in like, every channel ;)16:54
Adriannombut thanks16:54
davmor2czajkowski: ps in future use update manager and if you see unchecked boxes don't upgrade yet till the boxes get checked :)16:55
czajkowskiqsame errors16:57
czajkowskihave to go now16:57
davmor2czajkowski: just keep trying it till it works16:57
czajkowskitrain now16:58
davmor2czajkowski: when you get back home then :(16:59
czajkowski /away train16:59
ali1234when was windows 7 released?17:06
ali1234october 200917:06
MartijnVdSMaybe it was supposed to be Windows '07 ;)17:07
ali1234just looking at the OS stats on browser watch17:09
ali1234browser watch? what is that? i just made it up totally17:09
ali1234i meant w3 of course17:09
Cameron_alanbell, hi, i need to reinstall the driver for ubuntu from the terminal again -.- lol, any chance you have like a conversation log of when we went through it before?17:25
czajkowskiyay for tethering and IRC¬17:29
bigcalmYay for the Pendolino trains. Have you got yourself a table?17:35
bigcalmFacing forwards or backwards?17:36
bigcalmWe're going this way, that way, forwards and backwards17:37
* CTtechguy has been on a train :/17:42
* czajkowski strangles gord17:45
=== CTtechguy is now known as atomicpunk
=== atomicpunk is now known as CTtechguy
davmor2czajkowski: Don't make me come down there and tickle you, you put gord down now!17:54
czajkowskion the train17:55
czajkowskivanished from there17:55
davmor2czajkowski: I meant the t'interweb connection17:56
davmor2hey gord still no unity-services, unity-common, unity, libunity-core, libnux-2.0-common, libnux-2.0, gnome-session-common or gnome session :(17:58
popeyGood evening all17:59
PendulumCTtechguy: what is someone at UNH doing in Ubuntu UK?18:00
CTtechguyPendulum: hanging out with you crazy UK people18:02
* Pendulum is at the other end of CT18:02
PendulumI just so rarely find anyone else in this state in Ubuntu channels that to find you in the channel for another country was a bit surprising18:02
gorddavmor2, i don't know what you expect me to do ;) its published on i386, not nintendo 6418:02
gordi mean amd 6418:02
MartijnVdSPendulum: maybe there are only 4 people in the state? ;)18:02
davmor2gord: ah cool that'll be why I'm on 64bit18:03
davmor2czajkowski: what arch you on?18:03
bigcalmdavmor2: Hayley and I are going to the Imperial tonight. I get my chinese in the end!18:03
* CTtechguy thought he could hide in the channel...lol guess noot18:04
czajkowskidavmor2: 64 bit18:04
Pendulumbigcalm: recovered from last night, then? ;)18:05
davmor2czajkowski: packages haven't finished building yet, so gord gets to blame LP that'll be you then mrs :P18:05
PendulumCTtechguy: tough luck ;)18:05
bigcalmTable booked, so easy, yay18:06
CTtechguylol time for a tor18:06
bigcalmPendulum: just about. I was surprised that I ate everything I ordered, and half of czajkowski's nan bread18:06
bigcalmThat garlic bread was good, will order it if I find myself there again18:07
PendulumCTtechguy: you might want to take your state out of your name, too. I'd already guessed that part, just happened to notice the newhaven.edu when looking at something in scrollback. Then I had to comment as I've got 2 cousins currently students there and several friends who are graduates.18:08
CTtechguyPendulum: it's not a big deal trust me18:14
davmor2bigcalm: I think you are an anti-vampire in that you love garlic the same way they hate it :D18:15
bigcalmOh yeah, shame about the Lighthouse...18:18
bigcalmdavmor2: I also love steak ;)18:18
davmor2I'm guessing not through the heart though :D18:19
czajkowskiok so latest updates means I get to login18:20
czajkowskibut then kinda hanfgs18:21
czajkowskisee a black screen and a mouse pointer18:21
czajkowskibut looks like am making progress18:21
davmor2czajkowski: is that installing ubuntu-desktop again?18:21
czajkowskiwill try18:21
daftykinsmega latency issues ssh'ing home >_<18:23
dwatkinsyeah, my internets are very slow too daftykins (BT)18:24
daftykinsi'm on my neighbours connection, they kindly offered - not sure who they're with18:25
daftykinslets see18:25
dwatkinshttp://btbusiness.custhelp.com/app/service_status shows 2 issues, no idea if they're related18:25
daftykinsah yes i am on BT18:27
czajkowskiwhoo all back to normall19:07
hamitron"back"? ;/19:08
daftykinsshe had a surprise i think19:10
MartijnVdSa friday evening surprise?19:13
daftykinsi guess so!19:14
davmor2czajkowski: you'll never be normal my dear you'll always be "Special" :)19:15
davmor2gord: what is with the BRIGHT!!!!!!! blue notification bubbles?19:23
* davmor2 wonders if it got it's colour from the epiphany logo and just keep it for the others19:24
Cameron_AlanBell, can you tell me when you're here please19:32
* AlanBell returns19:33
AlanBellfull of food19:33
Cameron_oh hello19:33
Cameron_i need to reinstall the driver for ubuntu from the terminal again -.- lol, any chance you have like a conversation log of when we went through it before?19:33
AlanBelldriver for what?19:33
AlanBellhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/01/22/%23ubuntu.txt appears to be when I last spoke to you the most19:40
AlanBell[15:00] <AlanBell> Cameron|iPad: I think "sudo apt-get install fglrx" might do it19:40
AlanBellyay, new unity is out19:43
AlanBellnew apps lens, wonder if it is any good now19:44
davmor2AlanBell: get preped for this though http://ubuntuone.com/7LFbNGGiQD0taHsHv7TOPT19:44
AlanBellis that intentional?19:45
davmor2possibly not19:45
davmor2I didn't do it lets put it that way :)19:45
AlanBellstill haven't ditched the badly implemented shadow that looks like it is related to the top panel :(19:45
AlanBellok, upgrade installed, lets see if I can get unity3d to start now19:46
AlanBellI broke it a couple of days ago and couldn't be bothered to fix it19:47
davmor2AlanBell: in the hud type Ubuntu Help, which is available via the desktop menu and what do you get?19:49
AlanBellwell not sure I have got a desktop yet19:50
AlanBellnot looking good :/ black screen with a mouse cursor19:51
davmor2AlanBell: give it a second19:52
davmor2I got that too19:52
AlanBellhdd activity still19:52
AlanBellbother, nothing19:52
davmor2gord: I got to say the hud is a lot faster than it was but is still as comical with it's fuzzy matching19:53
AlanBelldoes it still take options away if you get them right?19:53
davmor2AlanBell: check you have the magic package of ubuntu-desktop19:53
AlanBellI just did, already the latest version19:54
davmor2AlanBell: nope I just typed in enable wireless and it's there which is exactly as it is19:54
davmor2AlanBell: it also gave me connect to hidden network and create a new network19:55
zleapwow http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/index.html20:05
zleapadvert for unity 3.5 :)20:05
AlanBellguest login doesn't work, just gives me the wallpaper with a mouse cursor20:05
AlanBelltop tip, when logged into a broken laptop using ssh -X from another computer, don't run untity --replace and expect it to use :0 on the remote end20:07
zleapor is that a different unity20:07
MartijnVdSAlanBell: or set DISPLAY before trying20:16
AlanBellyeah, well I know that *now*20:17
AlanBellunity, y u no start?20:17
MartijnVdSAlanBell: gord's fault20:18
AlanBello hai there most of a desktop, nice to see you again20:19
MartijnVdSwindowmaker  --replace&20:19
AlanBellany opinions on what that might be?20:42
AlanBellthat is the output of unity --verbose --log unity.log20:43
jacobwthe libraries are in your home dir?20:43
AlanBellI really don't know20:43
AlanBellwell, no they are not20:43
jacobwi guess you try running a find for the basenames to see if they exist at some other place in the filesystem20:44
AlanBellbut why is it looking there, I deleted /home/alan/.compiz-120:44
AlanBellI don't know what the glib build stuff is relating to either20:44
AlanBellthe plugins are in /usr/lib/compiz20:46
jacobwmake a symlink .compiz-1 → /usr/lib/compiz20:48
jacobwi don't know how compiz knows where its libraries are20:48
jacobwbut perhaps if you can start it, it'll be easier to find out20:48
AlanBellI just made a new user called testuser and did the same thing http://paste.ubuntu.com/84638120:49
AlanBellI guess it looks for overrides in ~/.compiz-120:49
AlanBellI have tried removing compiz-core and reinstalling from there, I think the glib stuff is the problem but I have no idea what that means or where to start with it20:50
davmor2czajkowski: how was your journey home20:52
czajkowskidavmor2: no bad20:54
davmor2czajkowski: good good20:56
czajkowskiam pooped21:00
davmor2czajkowski: go to sleep21:01
CTtechguysleep?  it's Friday night!!21:01
davmor2CTtechguy: it's her first week at canonical trust me she needs it21:02
CTtechguyohh Congrats czajkowski I did not know21:03
AlanBellokies I have a broken glib in /usr/local/share/glib-2.021:04
AlanBellcan I just delete stuff in /usr/local/share?21:04
jacobwyou can move it somewhere else21:04
AlanBellgood plan21:05
czajkowskidavmor2: aye gonna watch some tv in bed21:07
czajkowskitoo tired for dinner21:07
czajkowski nn21:07
davmor2nn czajkowski21:08
gordAlanBell, deleting/moving anything in /usr is a really really bad idea21:08
gordespecially glib21:08
AlanBellgord: in /usr/local?21:11
Cameron_ah thank you AlanBell21:11
Cameron_sorry for such a slow reply lol21:12
gordAlanBell, depends why you have things in /usr/local21:12
MooDoohello all21:12
AlanBellgord: well I may have been compiling some unity stuff21:13
AlanBellbut now I want the new stuff from the repos to work21:13
* popey tickles cking 21:19
ckinghiya popey21:19
jacobwhi benny21:24
AlanBelloh bother :(21:33
AlanBellI think I do have the right version of glib running, 2.31.1621:34
AlanBellbroke unity3d quite hard :(21:34
AlanBelldoesn't start for a guest user or a fresh user I set up21:35
ali1234i don't see anything unusual in that paste21:35
ali1234GLib errors are very common and don't usually stop a program from running21:36
ali1234for example, i get about 100 of them whenever i run any gtk program from the terminal21:36
ali1234and the debugging stuf is just... debugging stuff21:36
AlanBelloh ok21:37
AlanBellany suggestions on what to do?21:37
ali1234report a bug21:38
ali1234then wait for fixes on monday21:38
ali1234and in future, never run updates on friday afternoon21:40
AlanBellthis has been broken for a few days, I was hoping the update today would fix it, but it didn't21:41
ali1234it's probably something you've done then21:41
ali1234so what have you done?21:42
ali1234have you tried deleting /usr/local yet?21:43
AlanBellsome of it21:43
ali1234not good enough. move the whole thing21:44
AlanBellanything that looked like it might be something related to unity or glib21:44
AlanBellstill no joy. when I run a guest user session it seems compiz starts and I can use compiz enhanced zoom with super+mousewheel which isn't a default setting21:54
AlanBellthe unity plugin doesn't load though, it is as if there is a set of compiz defaults somewhere that is wrong21:55
ali1234i don't really see how that is possible... but maybe21:55
popeyzoom is a default setting21:55
ali1234yeah i thought it was too21:55
ali1234it's only disabled if you use unity because it clashes horribly21:55
popey(I have it enabled on both of my computers and never manually addit it)21:55
ali1234wait hang on21:56
ali1234it works here21:56
AlanBelloh, I always have to set the bindings for it because unity nicks super21:56
ali1234so it doesn't clash any more21:56
ali1234good stuff21:56
ali1234of course holding down super blocks your view with the silly keyboard help thing21:56
ali1234but other than that it works21:56
AlanBellyeah, I turn that off21:56
ali1234it seems to even work correctly with multiple monitors now21:57
ali1234how do i prevent super from revealing the launcher?21:57
AlanBellit is one of the settings for the unity plugin21:58
* AlanBell grabs a daily live cd22:00
popeybug 93271822:01
lubotu3Launchpad bug 932718 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard overlay gets in the way when zooming" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93271822:01
popeybug 92521522:02
lubotu3Launchpad bug 925215 in unity "keyboard shortcuts overlay and alt-tab show wrong background in the expo view." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92521522:02
ali1234shouldn't that be a design bug?22:02
ali1234well i'm glad to see ezoom back anyway22:04
ali1234it's the only reason to use a composited desktop22:04
ali1234without it, you're just making my computer slower for no reason22:04
AlanBelltop tip, go to the mouse position polling plugin and set it to 122:04
ali1234what does that do?22:04
popeyi dont touch compiz settings22:04
AlanBellmakes ezoom panning update every frame and look smooth22:05
ali1234i just set "key to show launcher" to none22:05
AlanBellrather than pointlessly waiting 40ms to update22:05
ali1234ezoom is already smooth enough22:05
AlanBellthere is no performance impact on making it smoother22:05
ali1234ok then22:05
AlanBellgive it a go, I have submitted a patch to set it to be the default22:05
ali1234doesn't make much difference here22:06
ali1234i assume 40 = 40 msec22:06
AlanBellanything under 15ms would be an update every frame, but apparently because canonical made some changes to compiz and the gtk mainloop there is no performance difference now22:06
popey"canonical made some changes" to?22:07
ali1234compiz can't go higher than 30 FPS on nvidia22:07
AlanBelltry setting it to something big to make the difference obvious22:07
popeyoh, to compiz22:07
popeyyou do know the compiz maintainer works for us?22:07
AlanBellpopey: to compiz22:07
AlanBellso why do the people in #compiz hate canonical?22:08
ali1234because canonical pays to get their bugs fixed with priority?22:08
AlanBellwell the impression I got was that they were very disappointed that canonical broke a load of stuff, the mainloop changes were a bad thing, unity is buggy, the dependency problems in unity between cube and wall are because unity broke it etc. etc.22:09
ali1234yeah sounds about right22:10
ali1234compiz was pretty good until it became "the thing that makes unity work"22:10
AlanBelland canonical have made no visible contribution or fixes to compiz, other than unity which is just for ubuntu22:10
ali1234in particular, the version of compiz that accompanied the unity release in natty had several serious regressions22:11
AlanBellby the sound of it they have basically given up on the compiz that ubuntu is using and they are going to go play with wayland instead22:11
gordpretty much all the fixes and work on compiz these days is canonical sponsored, atm we have three guys working on compiz alone, not unity22:11
AlanBellyeah, I may have come across some pretty grumpy compiz people22:12
gordmost people stopped working on compiz a long time ago, with gnome using mutter, kde using kwin4 and unity using (at the time) mutter, compiz was all set to die22:12
AlanBellsoreau, is that a canonical person?22:12
gordno idea, i know real names not internet made up names22:13
AlanBellScott Moreau22:13
gorddon't think so22:14
AlanBellcompiz is great22:19
ali1234meh, it's ok22:19
ali1234has some real problems with window focussing22:19
AlanBellok, the concept of using openGL to do an accellerated desktop with bling and fastness is great22:19
ali1234and it doesn't really work with the most commonly used and most advanced 3d driver22:20
ali1234do we have stats on what % of people are using nvidia driver?22:20
ali1234i bet it is the biggest share22:20
ali1234maybe even over 50%22:21
gordworks fine with the nvidia driver here22:21
ali1234uh hu.22:21
AlanBellmost laptops will be intel I would have thought22:22
ali1234except for bug 87777822:22
lubotu3Launchpad bug 877778 in unity (Ubuntu) "Minimized window contents blank or invisible in window spread" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87777822:22
ali1234supposedly this only affects nvidia driver22:22
ali1234and then there's all the reports that you can't go above 30 fps with compiz and nvidia22:25
ali1234even though anything 2d is blazingly fast22:25
ali1234i'm now getting the actual windows as white rectangles and not just the previews22:26
ali1234dunno if it is related22:26
ali1234probably is. happens when i unminimize things22:26
* AlanBell contemplates a reinstall22:27
AlanBellI have an encrypted home directory, is that going to break if I do a reinstall preserving home?22:28
popeynot if you have a copy of the key22:28
popeythe one it tells you to write down22:28
popeycryptfs-unwrap-passphrase   if you dont have it noted22:29
popeyer eecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase22:29
AlanBellI did print it out somewhere22:29
popeyoh jeez22:29
popeyi hope not to have to go back to nvidia video cards22:29
* AlanBell boots back into the hdd22:30
AlanBellI do like that lightdm now understands dual monitors22:30
popeywhat happens?22:30
AlanBellyou get password prompt on one of them, ubuntu logo on the other, and both monitors filled at full resoltuion22:31
AlanBellbefore it did mirrored screens with vertical letterboxing22:31
ali1234not on nvidia driver it didn't22:31
ali1234on nvidia driver you get a totally normal login screen on the first monitor, and a black screen on the others22:32
ali1234you can move the mouse onto the other screens though, so there's no reason it couldn't draw something on them, in principle22:33
AlanBellok, I have my ecryptfs password22:33
AlanBellright, reinstall time22:37
AlanBellbackups are for wimps right?22:37
AlanBelllooking good so far, found the magic nuke everything but /home option22:41
AlanBelloh sweet, I like the "take photo" thing in the installer22:42
ali1234i think my 20Q is broken22:47
ali1234i was thinking of toothpaste and it came up with "poop"22:47
ali1234apparently poop has writing on it22:47
davmor2So who'd of thunk that empathy would get better at dealing with irc22:52
brobostigonis it possible, to do an ubuntu install, to an sd card, from debian, and have that sd card install, behave and be like a normal hdd install, ?22:54
gordonjcpbrobostigon: yes22:55
brobostigongordonjcp: how ?22:55
gordonjcpassuming your SD card reader behaves like a normal disk22:55
gordonjcpand isn't for example like mine, which behaves as an MMC device22:55
brobostigongordonjcp: it does, yes.22:56
ali1234sd cards are quite unbelievably slow22:56
ali1234and also they wear out fast as well22:56
ali1234and get surprisingly hot too22:56
AlanBellbrobostigon: I have a computer that boots from SD card22:57
* brobostigon looks up popey's idea.22:57
AlanBellI just installed ubuntu server on it, works great22:57
ali1234but apart from those things it will behave no different than any other usb disk, if it is connected on usb22:57
brobostigonAlanBell: how did you do it? as popey suggested?22:57
AlanBellthe computer boots from that and also has 3TB of spinning rust, which is mostly not spinning22:57
ali1234if it isn't connected on usb you will need to put the bootloader on a different device22:58
brobostigonali1234: i intend to put grub onto the sd card, so solves that issue.22:58
AlanBellbrobostigon: I think I basically just booted off a CD and installed to the USB22:59
AlanBellall that computer does is run irssi in screen, and accept backups from other places22:59
brobostigonAlanBell: ah, i will have to try that, i have done that for a haiku install.23:00
AlanBellwhen a backup comes in the hdd spins up23:00
brobostigoni see.23:00
popeywhy do you want to do it from debian?23:00
popeywhy not just put ubuntu iso on a usb stick, boot off that and install onto the sd from that?23:01
brobostigonpopey: as that is the running system, i have here, and was my immediate thought. yes, that is mayb a better idea.23:01
AlanBellyou can also do it with virtualbox or other virtualisation, boot off a .iso file and install to the sd if you can map that into something virtualbox thinks is a drive23:03
AlanBellyeah, I have done that to a physical hdd before23:04
AlanBellpass through device or something i think it is called23:05
popeyusb stick seems easiest to me23:05
brobostigoni have done something similer, , ran a haiku .iso, in qemu, and opened parition access, and then let the live system, in qemu, to install to another partition.23:05
AlanBellmy reinstall is now restoring previously installed packages which sounds nice23:06
brobostigoni have 12.04 on live usb here, so that would work.23:06
AlanBellI might be wrong but I think my SD card writes a lot faster than it reads23:09
brobostigonand a class 10, should be even better,23:10
AlanBellyeah mine is a class 1023:11
AlanBellthe class rating only applies to write speed23:11
AlanBellit is about how fast the camera/camcorder can fling data at it23:12
gordi had a class 6 sd card at one point, couldn't handle 720p mjpeg writing to it23:13
brobostigonAlanBell: ah, i thought it applied to both write and read,23:13
AlanBellI am open to being proved wrong about this23:14
AlanBellthe class 10 card I am using has a "gosh has it written that whole ISO already or gone wrong" kind of speed to it23:14
ali1234class ratings on SD cards are pretty much worthless23:15
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.23:19
brobostigonnight siamese23:20
jacobw\o/ bones23:24
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
AlanBellyay, reinstall just finished23:56
AlanBellerror invalid arch independent elf magic23:57
AlanBellgrub rescue>23:57

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