malinbuss daemon: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845168/  and buss.lens  http://paste.ubuntu.com/845171/00:01
davidcalle"Når går bussen.." (I have an utf-8 bug in my term)00:06
davidcallemalin, there is a problem in your .lens file :  Name and Icon need to be capitalized.00:08
malindavidcalle: ah, but it works for me, but i could remove the norwegian letters00:08
davidcallemalin, it was working when I tried it the first time. It's just now, a crash that has messed up my utf8 :)00:09
FloatingGoathow wonderus it is00:10
FloatingGoatim so glad i stuck around00:10
FloatingGoati knew it would pay off00:10
malindavidcalle: so net.buss.lens.buss should be: Net.Buss.Lens.Buss  ? and in the icon-file should change from buss.svg to Buss.svg ?00:10
malinor is it icon to ICon00:10
malinah, that what it is. I see00:10
davidcallemalin, nope, just "name" to "Name" and "icon" to Icon"00:11
malindavidcalle: okey00:12
malinand the daemon-file is okey as it is? I get the norwegian letters in my terminal00:12
davidcallemalin, looks fine, you can remove the "_m = dir(Dee.SequenceModel)"00:14
malinholy sh....t it it it.. I can't belive it.. I see an icon in the dash00:14
malinI dreamd of it last night00:15
malinso that line is just to be removed :) okey00:15
malinit just dosen't print anything to the dash00:16
malinbut this was a huge step forward00:16
davidcallemalin, indeed00:16
malinit prints to the terminal00:17
malinbut not in the dash :) hehe00:17
davidcallemalin, I got to go, ping me tomorrow if you need some more help. Good night ;)00:18
malinthank you so much for helping me out the evening00:18
malinI think I need more help and maybe tomorro :)00:19
malinhave a good night :)00:19
davidcalleNo problem!00:19
mhall119is there any standard or convention that should be followed when choosing a dbus name/path for a Lens or Scope?01:16
thomibschaefer: ping?01:27
bschaeferhey thomi01:36
thomihi - there's a new version of by ibus testing branch, with several more tests.. I wonder if you're willing to try them out at some point?01:37
bschaeferyes i can!01:37
bschaeferill pull the changes and let you know01:37
thomisweet - we're missing a bit of introspection inside unity to complete the tests (ideally we'd verify that the correct apps show up in the results)...01:37
thomifor e.g.- when you search 'photo' (but in chinese) you should see shotwell01:38
thomialso, apparently this should work no matter what locale you have set locally.01:38
bschaefero yes, testing the CJK parsing through xapian01:38
bschaeferyup :)01:38
bschaeferthat is also something I worked on haha01:39
thomikeep me posted if anything interesting happens OK? :)01:39
bschaeferwill do! Should be able to do in a couple min01:39
bschaeferthomi, everything worked except cipan guanli01:45
bschaeferit was in english01:45
bschaeferthough my compiz freaked out01:45
thomitry it again maybe?01:45
thomicompiz freaking out isn't a good sign ;01:46
bschaeferim doing it, and yeah the only one not in chinese is "cipan guanli"01:46
bschaeferbut im using a different TextEntry01:46
bschaeferlike im moving the ibus support form unity to nux and these changes should be coming in by the end of the week01:47
bschaeferthough im not sure how that would effect the test...01:47
bschaeferthomi, nevermind it worked :)01:47
bschaefera big thing we will need to add test for is ibus-hangul01:48
bschaeferand making sure the space gets committed correctly, but Ill talk to you about it when the code langs01:48
bschaeferhangul = korean01:48
thomibschaefer: ahh, ok01:51
thomiwell, if we have good test data the tests should be trivial to write01:51
bschaeferthomi, but awesome work! The test will be very to easy to write now!01:52
bschaeferthomi, also for pinyin we can test tab, the arrow keys01:52
thomiI'm not very happy about the way we initialise the engine, it seems a bit cludgy, but it seems to work anyway01:52
bschaeferthey change pages on the popup box01:52
bschaeferthomi, yeah, I need to take a better look into it!01:53
thomiahhh, ok01:53
thomiwell, it's probably not worth spending much time on right now01:53
bschaeferyeah, soon though!01:53
bschaeferthomi, as I have to dig through ibus's source files for the python apo01:54
bschaeferand the online version isn't very helpful with set_value and get_value (which I think we will need to use more of)01:54
thomibschaefer: ahhh.. what are you looking for?01:54
bschaeferthomi, well right now I want to be able to get inactive engines and set them as active, so we dont ever have to open up "ibus-setup"01:55
thomibschaefer: I do that in my code01:55
thomicheck out autopilot/emulators/ibus.py01:55
bschaeferthomi, well I need to dig through your code!01:55
thomiwell, I can return both a list of active and inactive engines01:56
thomiI *think* I know how to make an engine active.... with a bit of digging01:56
bschaeferbut when I tried setting the inactive ones using set_gloabl_engines I was getting a runtime error01:56
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thomiOK, I'll look into that01:56
bschaefersaying it wasn't active01:56
bschaeferbut! A good place to look is01:57
bschaeferif you download the source01:57
bschaeferas it has that entire "ibus-setup" source code which is doing that when you hit the add key01:57
bschaeferIm just not as good as reading python code ;)01:57
bschaeferthomi,  DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Failed: Can not find engine pinyin.01:59
bschaeferis what that test does when you remove pinyin from "ibus-setup"01:59
bschaeferunder the active list01:59
bschaeferthomi, thats why I just used the active list cause I couldn't find how to add them :(01:59
thomiahh, ok02:00
thomiYeah, I was trying to read the src for ibus-setup yesterday.02:00
bschaefersorry I should have said that02:00
thomiit's not that python code's hard to read, it's that *that* python code is hard to read ;)02:01
bschaeferhaha that is what I was thinking02:01
bschaeferso I need to figure out how the add is working02:01
bschaeferwhat ill do is start tinkering with the add code and start commenting stuff out until I break it haha02:02
bschaeferill try to do that this weekend or next week :)02:02
bschaeferthomi, we also have some test from nux coming in to cover a lot of this too!02:02
FloatingGoatwhoever came up with the pressure reveal02:13
FloatingGoatis a friggin genius02:14
bschaeferthumper, hey, do you have a sec? An update on ibus stuff02:50
thumperbschaefer: I'm just about to head into town to buy a new toaster :)02:50
thumperbschaefer: whazzup?02:50
bschaeferthumper, awesome! I need to get one...haha02:50
bschaeferso right now02:50
bschaeferthe ibus works 100% in the Hud02:50
bschaeferbut for some reason in the dash it seems to lose the popup box sometimes02:51
bschaeferwhen you have multiple windows, and the cursor is not correct02:51
thumperthere is a bit of code somewhere that is stealing focus02:51
thumperwhich the hud is being super careful of02:51
thumperso that may be the difference there02:51
bschaeferyeah, I was also look at this over OverlayRenderer02:52
bschaeferwhich the Hud uses and not Dash02:52
bschaeferbut thats good to know; but what is nice is everything is working correctly for ibus ;)02:53
bschaefernux wise02:53
bschaeferand copy/cut/paste still works until we get that into nux02:53
bschaeferso all I have to do is figure out who is stealing focus, and or why the dash isn't rendering the box correctly02:54
thumperawesome to hear02:54
* thumper away for a bit02:54
bschaeferand we will have a solid release :)02:54
bschaefergood luck getting the right toaster!02:54
rectecI'm not very clear on HUD's development. Will the code be merged with Unity? If so, does anybody know when?05:23
rectecWon't it be merged with Trunk?05:28
gotwigmhall119: morning :-)!07:48
gotwigmhall119: please help with my lens: ./cooking-lens   File "./cooking-lens", line 41     filters = []     ^ IndentationError: unexpected indent07:49
gotwigmhall119: what do I have to import, and how?07:49
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ryeAha! with HUD one cannot do Alt+PrintScreen08:00
ryebecause this combination only works (for some reason) when alt is depressed08:00
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ryegotwig, re: IndentationError - it means that the code is not indented properly, i.e. not enough or more than needed spaces at the line indicated08:15
davidcalledidrocks, hello. Just so you know, MIR accepted on the video lens and scope.08:20
didrocksdavidcalle: woow! I'll make unity recommends it08:20
gotwigrye: what you mean08:21
ryegotwig, your message to mhall11908:21
davidcalledidrocks, thanks :)08:22
gotwigrye: yes, but I still dont understand it...08:23
ryegotwig, in python, there are no block delimiters, could you please pastebin the code so that I could tell what's wrong?08:24
gotwigrye: yes08:24
ryegotwig, have you programmed earlier in any other language?08:26
gotwigrye: I am still programming in other languages08:27
gotwigrye: Java08:27
gotwigrye: I am still a student :X08:27
ryegotwig, ah, then the habit of indentation vs blocks will kick in... It took a while for me - i migrated from Perl :)08:27
gotwigrye: hm, I just wanna do this lens/scope I've been working for it so long08:28
gotwigrye: I have to cancel developing it today I think08:28
gotwigrye: for longer time, becouse I won't have the time in future..08:29
ryegotwig, ah, the whole code is not indented correctly08:29
gotwigrye: so how may I do it ^^?08:29
gotwigrye: I tried to merge something from original Python code for lenses with code from singlet library08:29
ryegotwig, give me a minute08:29
gotwigrye: wanna see the scope for it?08:29
gotwigrye: I think I will commit it to my bzr branch... wait08:30
ryegotwig, quick hint - it's recipes, not recips08:32
ryegotwig, and another question - where did you get the boilerplate code from?08:32
gotwigrye: from the python example for lens and scopes ( that simple lens, and wikipedia scope) , and from a singlet example08:33
gotwigrye: I dont realy know how to do it it with singlet08:34
ryegotwig, do you have the link to that wikipedia scope?08:35
gotwigrye: wait08:35
davidcallerye, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-sample/python-5.008:35
gotwigrye: and why for the scope?08:36
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gotwigrye: thats the code for my scope : http://paste.ubuntu.com/845492/08:38
gotwigrye: the bus names are different, right?08:39
ryegotwig, hm, I think you have mixed singlet and sample which are not directly compatible in the lens, the scope you pasted is ok08:40
ryedavidcalle, thanks!08:40
gotwigrye: :D juhu , I worked long on the scope08:40
gotwigrye: just began to work on a lens08:41
gotwigrye: can you help me?08:41
gotwigrye: I dont know if I should choose singlet or the normal python gobject code08:41
ryegotwig, let me try to run the example lens first (i always wanted to see how it works :)08:42
ryeerm, is unity supposed to crash when i run setsid08:44
gotwigrye: could be, just restart all, than run the lens, than run the scope08:48
Saviqtsdgeos, you said you can have VBox with multiple screens, anywhere I can read on that?08:50
tsdgeosSaviq: Gerry said it, i tried, failed miserably08:50
tsdgeosSaviq: basically in the settings  of the VM there is a "Screens" setting08:50
tsdgeosyou can set it to two there08:50
tsdgeosbut the inner VM never detected 208:50
tsdgeoseven if i had "two" virtualBox screens08:51
Saviqtsdgeos, ah :/08:51
tsdgeosSaviq: but give it a try, it's like 5 sec to try :D08:51
Saviqdoing that now08:51
Saviqso it requires to go fullscreen then08:51
tsdgeosdoes it?08:52
tsdgeosit didn't here08:52
tsdgeosmaybe that is what broke :D08:52
Saviqit complained about only one screen being connected08:53
Saviqjust to open two windows on one screen when I connected the second one08:53
gotwigSaviq: lol08:55
Saviqtsdgeos, well, seems to work, kind of08:56
tsdgeosSaviq: did you have to disconnect the second real screen?08:56
Saviqtsdgeos, no08:57
tsdgeosdid you have to go fullscreen?08:57
Saviqtsdgeos, but it helps a lot with the perception of it08:58
Saviqtsdgeos, I could have two small windows next to each other that worked fine08:58
Saviqtsdgeos, when I switched to fullscreen08:59
tsdgeosi mean :-/ it doesn't work for me :D08:59
Saviqtsdgeos, each of them fullscreened on two separate screens08:59
Saviqtsdgeos, and then I had to tweak the displays _inside_ the vm08:59
Saviqi.e. xrandr08:59
Saviq'cause they cloned instead of being left/right08:59
tsdgeosxrandr does not recognize two displays here09:00
tsdgeosSaviq: which driver are you using inside the VM ?09:00
Saviqtsdgeos, vboxvideo09:01
Saviqtsdgeos, although I might be using the non-OSE version09:01
Saviqlet me check09:02
Saviqyeah virtualbox-4.1-4.1.8-75467~Ubuntu~oneiric09:02
tsdgeosi'm usign the vesa_Drv09:02
tsdgeosno vboxvideo driver here09:02
Saviqthat explains stuff09:03
Saviqtsdgeos, you need to install the additions09:03
tsdgeosi tried09:03
tsdgeossomething failed09:03
tsdgeoslet me check again09:03
Saviqwell, jockey should tell you to do so09:03
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gotwigrye: ok, I changed many things09:03
gotwigrye: now I only have problems with dbus09:03
gotwigrye: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845514/09:04
gotwigrye: afk for 20 min's :-)09:04
ryeerm, Am i correct that the wikipedia.scope and sample.lens are completely unrelated?09:05
ryegotwig, you still have the dbus bus name  from the example09:05
tsdgeosinstalling the guest additions fails to compile utils.c09:05
gotwigrye: so where do I have to change it09:06
davidcallerye, the sample lens can host any kind of scope. The wikipedia scope is to be considered also as a sample scope. They are here for learning purposes.09:06
gotwigrye: should I commit it to my bzr, so you can see all files?09:06
tsdgeosotoh using jockie seems to have worked09:08
gotwigdont know why09:15
gotwigbut bzr sucks09:15
gotwigwhy do I have merge problems, if this is my 2.th commit o.0? an my first commit is totaly empty?09:15
Saviqtsdgeos, looking at the mm stuff... have you considered the HUD at all?09:15
Saviqtsdgeos, it's the exact same case as with the Dash09:15
tsdgeosnot yet09:16
tsdgeosis the hud merged already?09:16
Saviqno, but just wanted to know whether you guys have in mind that we might have more than just one component to be moved around09:16
tsdgeosprobably the same for the shortcuts overlay?09:16
tsdgeosor shortcut overlay has to show on all screens?09:16
Saviqno, I don't think so09:16
Saviqhud should be merged soon, as in maybe even today09:17
tsdgeosadded to the todo list09:17
tsdgeosso we don't forget about it09:17
Saviqtsdgeos, I tested out your move-dash branch quickly, seems to work nicely :)09:20
Saviqexcept for the second shell being positioned wrong09:20
tsdgeoslots of headaches not to lose focus and stuff09:20
tsdgeosSaviq: hide-mode 0 ?09:20
tsdgeostry hide-mode 1 :D09:21
tsdgeosworking on that as we speak09:21
gotwigoh forrgot bzr remove09:22
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah I saw yesterday that you had an idea on what's happening09:22
Saviqtsdgeos, yup, better in hide-mode 109:22
gotwigrye: https://code.launchpad.net/~gotwig/lens-cooking/lens-cooking09:22
gotwigrye: afk09:22
Saviqgreyback, hmm, is the lack of highlight _inside_ a focused launcher tile some new design?09:23
SaviqI'm only getting a glow09:23
Saviqaround the tile09:23
gotwigcan someone help? I have problems with dbus, why does the lens not work/communite with that scope? :/ https://code.launchpad.net/~gotwig/lens-cooking/lens-cooking09:24
htorqueCimi:  hi! can you tell me if the thunderbird toolbar will stay light colored for 12.04? i modified the icons of two extensions and i don't want to change those again for nothing. ;-)09:24
ryeby the way, bug #934055 :(09:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 934055 in unity "Alt+PrintScreen is impossible with HUD" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93405509:25
Cimihtorque, light colored?09:25
davidcallegotwig, your .scope file is wrong09:26
greybackSaviq: no new design09:26
Saviqgreyback, ok, checking with trunk09:26
htorqueCimi: http://i.imgur.com/ExpK6.png09:26
ryehtorque, http://ubuntuone.com/2InpyFE2dUNV11zWijd7Ie - that's what you are referring to?09:26
greybackSaviq: I'm gonna propose hud2 for merge09:26
Saviqtsdgeos, can I see the TODO for MM so I don't bother you with known issues I find?09:27
ryeah, you guys have labels...09:27
Saviqtsdgeos, panels positioning doesn't seem to be there09:28
davidcallegotwig, here is what a scope looks like. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~davidc3/unity-lens-videos/remote-videos/view/head:/video-remote.scope09:28
tsdgeosSaviq: waht do you mean by panel positioning?09:28
Saviqtsdgeos, currently multiple panels only work with screens lined up to their top edge09:28
Saviqbut that should be easy now that panels now which screen they belong to09:29
tsdgeosSaviq: still don't get what is the problem09:29
htorquerye: yes, it was light-on-dark before, now it's the other way round. :-)09:29
Saviqi.e. they always align to y=009:29
tsdgeosbut note i have one screen "physically" behing the other :D09:29
Saviqtsdgeos, try having one above the other09:29
tsdgeoswhat would you expect?09:30
tsdgeosthe down one having no panel?09:30
SaviqI would expect it to have a panel (I think)09:30
tsdgeosand it doesn't?09:30
Saviqno, both get stuck to top edge09:30
Saviqtsdgeos, both of your screens are the same res, right?09:30
tsdgeosthey would be if the intel driver worked09:31
tsdgeosso not really09:31
Saviqtsdgeos, then align them by their bottom edge09:31
Saviqi.e. a left of b09:31
Saviqbut not "common" top edge09:31
Saviqjust move the smaller one down a bit09:31
tsdgeosi see09:31
Saviqall panels get stuck to the top edge of the desktop09:32
Saviqnot screen09:32
tsdgeosSaviq: write that there09:32
SaviqI will09:32
Saviqtsdgeos, done09:34
Saviqgreyback, is the last "in progress" item for HUD done?09:35
Saviqtsdgeos, can you alt+f109:45
Saviqdo you have the whole launcher item highlighted?09:45
gotwigdavidcalle: does it work for you?09:46
tsdgeosSaviq: yeah09:47
tsdgeosdoesn't work for you?09:47
davidcallegotwig, I don't have the time to test it right now, sorry.09:47
Saviqtsdgeos, nope, just a glow around it09:47
tsdgeosah true09:48
Saviqtsdgeos, must be something on my side then, ignore09:48
Saviqwell, actually09:48
tsdgeosno no09:48
tsdgeosi can repro09:48
Saviqok then, bug09:48
tsdgeosSaviq: is that a pure unity-2d-shell bug?09:49
tsdgeosSaviq: i.e. does it work with 1 screen only?09:49
tsdgeosseems not09:49
jofazepagood morning09:50
greybackSaviq: just noticed background MR comments, need to deal with them first09:50
gotwigdavidcalle: is my .lens file also wrong? it has the same format09:50
davidcallegotwig, your .lens file looks right.09:51
Saviqtsdgeos, no, it's a trunk issue09:51
gotwigdavidcalle: no09:52
gotwigdavidcalle: it has an other namespace09:52
gotwigdavidcalle: do I need a .service  fileß09:54
Saviqgreyback, tsdgeos confirmed - in trunk launcher tiles don't get highlighted properly on focus09:54
davidcallegotwig, only if you want your lens to start when the session does. But you don't need it at that point for things to work.09:55
greybackSaviq: damnation. And good catch09:55
apwanyone else seeing unity appindicator menus as only the shadow frame for the first use?09:58
apwbug #93407209:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 934072 in unity (Ubuntu) "drop-down menus only partially drawn and sometimes displaced" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93407209:58
apwsmb, ^^ i am seeing the same as you with different h/w, so i suspect its generic09:59
smbapw, True. So at least "good" it seems indipendant09:59
apwyep, handy you have radeon in this case10:00
SaviqThe Internet is coming!10:00
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* tsdgeos is having more problems than expected with the _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL thing10:08
gotwigdavidcalle: it works partialy10:09
gotwigdavidcalle: I can acess the lens, even the scope does not work, and there's no content http://paste.ubuntu.com/845514/10:14
gotwigdavidcalle: is the error when i run the lens, is that even an error?10:14
tsdgeosSaviq: there?10:18
apwunity launcher super+<number> shortcuts are now completely broken for already running applications10:20
apwbug #93408410:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 934084 in unity (Ubuntu) "super+<number> keys now cause launch to wedge with the key hints shown and retains focus instead of selecting the requested window" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93408410:20
gotwigplease tell me, if this is an error or not http://paste.ubuntu.com/845514/10:20
davidcallegotwig, is the dbus path in your scope daemon /net/launchpad/scope/information/wikipedia ?10:21
gotwigdavidcalle: you can see that in the bzr branch10:22
gotwigdavidcalle: its not10:22
davidcallegotwig, the dbus path in your scope daemon should match the one in your .scope10:23
gotwigdavidcalle: it does?10:23
gotwigdavidcalle: is the /net important?10:24
gotwigdavidcalle: if I use the / I get another error10:26
gotwigdavidcalle: NameError: name 'sys' is not defined10:27
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gotwigdavidcalle: solved. so now I get Failed to own name net.launchpad.lens.cooking. Bailing out.10:29
davidcallegotwig, the Failed to own name means that the daemon is already running. So check if you have it running in an other terminal.10:34
gotwigdavidcalle: :-)10:34
gotwighttp://paste.ubuntu.com/845589/ , after I restart unity10:38
davidcallegotwig, what's in your /usr/share/unity/lenses/<lensname folder?10:38
gotwigcooking.lens  cooking.svg  recipefy.scope10:38
didrocksdavidcalle: I binNEWed the videdo lens btw10:39
didrocksit wasn't10:39
didrocksI need to push it to main now if you have the MIR ack bug # hadny10:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 933610 in unity-scope-video-remote (Ubuntu) "[MIR] unity-scope-video-remote" [Undecided,Fix committed]10:40
gotwigdavidcalle: but thats not a problem I think. The lens does start up, and works, but without the scope10:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 933609 in unity-lens-video (Ubuntu) "[MIR] unity-lens-video" [Undecided,Fix committed]10:40
davidcalledidrocks, ^^10:40
didrocksthanks :)10:40
davidcalledidrocks, about the binNEWed, I don't know what it means :)10:41
didrocksmeaning that the video lens wasn't available in ubuntu10:41
davidcalledidrocks, ok10:41
gotwigdavidcalle: could be the scope not working?10:42
davidcallegotwig, can you please paste your .scope file and .scope daemon ?10:42
gotwigdavidcalle: I am pushing it right now. https://code.launchpad.net/~gotwig/lens-cooking/lens-cooking10:43
gotwigdavidcalle: should be ready now10:45
davidcallegotwig, in the lens daemon : self._lens = Unity.Lens.new ("/net/launchpad/lens/cooking", "sample") replace "sample" by "cooking"10:47
gotwigdavidcalle: or I think I dont saw that10:48
gotwigdavidcalle: libunity-WARNING **: unity-scope-factory.vala:110: Unable to load /usr/share/unity/lenses/cooking/recipefy.scope: Key file does not start with a group10:50
didrocksgreyback: hey, do you have a minute?10:50
gotwigdavidcalle: oh i see it10:51
greybackdidrocks: for you, always10:51
gotwigdavidcalle: do I need ['NAME']?10:51
didrocksgreyback: so, basically, with the merger lab network issue we had, someone removed the lock without noticing10:51
didrocksgreyback: we got 2 branches merged10:51
greybackdidrocks: oh dear10:51
greybackdidrocks: want me to revert them?10:51
didrocksgreyback: I'm wondering if we can release with it or not (saw you discussed a regression previously)10:51
didrocksor revert yeah10:51
didrocksand then integrated them back10:52
davidcallegotwig, where?10:52
gotwigdavidcalle: its away10:52
gotwigdavidcalle: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845604/10:53
gotwigdavidcalle: a properly error message, tough ^^10:53
gotwigdavidcalle: yeah it works, partialy10:54
greybackdidrocks: you can release with them. One is code cleanup,  the other adds transparency to the panel10:56
didrocksgreyback: good, thanks for confirming :)10:56
greybackdidrocks: np10:56
gotwigdavidcalle: thanks for your help. now I only have scope error11:02
davidcallegotwig, no problem. I got to go, if you need some help during the week-end, I should be around.11:03
=== _salem is now known as salem_
om26ergreyback, hey I was just looking into unity-2d I think the launcher_arrow_outline_rlt.png et all are updated11:36
om26eraren't they supposed to not use glow11:37
om26er*are not updated11:37
apwdidrocks, are we aware that Super release handling is broken in unity ?11:39
didrocksapw: compiz -0ubuntu4 should fix it11:39
didrocksdid you get it?11:39
apwdidrocks, hmm i updated only 2 hours ago but it seems we have -0ubuntu311:40
didrocksapw: let me check11:40
didrocksapw: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/1:
* apw updates again11:40
apwCalculating upgrade... Done11:41
apw0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:41
apwii  compiz                                            1:                   OpenGL window and compositing manager11:41
didrockshum, not published yet?11:42
apwdidrocks, odd indeed, as it claims to have build about 2 hours ago, and shows as released at least 1 hour ago ... and we publish every 30m now ... so it should be i'd guess11:43
didrocksapw: right, that's why I was surprised when you pinged me, for me, it was already available11:43
didrocksapw: vila is confirming he didn't get it as well11:44
didrocksare the publishers stalled?11:44
apwSuperseded 34 minutes ago by compiz - 1:
apwso we are probabally in the window11:45
didrocksyeah, you're right11:45
didrocksapw: I have rollback a patch, RAOF confirmed it fixed it for him as well11:45
apwdidrocks, will retest once i manage to get the update11:46
apwdidrocks, thanks for the info11:46
didrocksapw: yw, sorry for this, I really didn't spot it (don't use super + number) testing compiz for almost a full day :/11:46
didrocksapw: keep me posted11:47
apwdidrocks, it also makes Super+<scroll wheel> go wrong too11:47
greybackom26er: correct, they're on our list of UI things to fix.11:47
didrocksapw: I confirm it works with the update here (same, I never zoom, my poor nvidia didn't really support it :/)11:48
apwdidrocks, heh they need to go on the list of things to test, indeed they should be on the automated tests really11:49
didrocksapw: totally agreed, I requested that upstream for their autopilot patch11:49
apwdidrocks, also ... the whole upside of unity (i am told) is these Super+foo shortcuts and how they make life soooo much better; so we'd better be testing them11:49
* apw goes to pokeing the archive ... oi you where is my update11:50
apwdidrocks, anyhow, thanks for the prompt fix11:50
gotwigmay help me with my scope :X?11:50
didrocksapw: yw ;)11:50
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smbdidrocks, Just to let you know, the ubuntu4 compiz seems indeed solve the sticky s-key issue. The ghost-menus are still there, not sure this is expected.12:34
didrockssmb: there were some ghost menus for some people before, the patch was supposed to fix it, but made it worse in some configuration, I reverted the patch (and people were it regressed confirmed it's better)12:36
smbdidrocks, Ah, ok. Yes, indeed its less of a problem to wiggle the mouse to have the menu than getting the s-key unstuck12:36
smbdidrocks, btw, not sure this is something else you already are aware of and it is a bit buried as a side note in the bug about ghost-menus I filed: some apps seem to have a different color in sub-menues12:39
didrockssmb: yeah, I noticed that too, not sure if it's in Cimi's hand or sam's12:40
Cimididrocks, unity or gtk bug, bit I have a workaround12:40
smbOk, so at least it is known12:40
smbfwiw, firefox seems unaffected12:45
AlanBellso what is unity 5.6 and do we get it in Precise?12:48
AlanBellbit concerned about bug 92327412:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 923274 in unity (Ubuntu) "when HUD is installed, can not take screenshot of window with Alt+PrtSrc" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92327412:48
AlanBellthat has been retargetted for 5.6 and I don't really want screenshots to be broken in the LTS forever12:49
apwdidrocks, ok, the update to -0ubuntu4 sorted out the Super+N key, but the bad menus are now pretty common12:51
didrocksapw: I don't get "bad menus" at all anymore though since -0ubuntu3 (the cherry-picked commit upstream)12:52
didrocksAlanBell: 5.6 is next week12:53
AlanBellok, thats fine then :) I thought with 5.4.0 being before feature freeze there might not be updates12:54
=== greyback is now known as greyback|lunch
* smb wonders whether pressing prt-scr is still supposed to open a window telling about the screenshot or just dumping them into pictures...12:57
seb128smb, dumping them in the images directory12:58
seb128there is a bug discussing it12:59
seb128but it's a GNOME design decision at the base, making keybindings work like they do on phones etc12:59
smbseb128, Right it does that.12:59
* smb is not sure he likes all those design things13:00
seb128nobody likes changes13:03
seb128we can't stay put for ever though13:04
seb128if you want to stay put nobody force you to update, you can keep using warty ;-)13:04
smbseb128, Just questioning the sense of making noise and flashing and then dumping stuff somewhere for me to find out. Guess I can be glad that it still makes some sound and is flashing. :-P13:06
seb128smb, well you use non interactive mode13:10
seb128smb, run gnome-screenshot and use the ui if you want an ui13:10
seb128smb, but that's going to be adjusted before precise13:10
seb128it's just middle on an unstable cycle, you have to deal with some experiments13:10
smbseb128, which of course I know from looking into my crystal ball ;)13:11
seb128smb, stop complaining, you use an unstable distro, deal with it13:11
seb128smb, or stay on a stable version13:11
smbseb128, Same way you have to deal with user getting surprised users. face it!13:12
seb128sorry but it has been a long week and it's tiring to have people complain about every little details going wrong mid unstable cycle13:12
seb128smb, ...13:12
seb128smb, very constructive thanks13:12
mhall119is there anyway, in python, to detect whether a Lens is running in Unity 4 or 5?13:12
smbseb128, Its ok, I can imagine there has been a lot coming up13:13
DaekdroomDespite preferring the screenshot UI showing up, it's a bit less practical.13:13
seb128smb, I've nothing against users being surprised and I think I've taken time to tell you what the change is and that's it's worked13:13
seb128smb, now whining and complaining is not useful13:13
seb128smb, it's known and will be worked, if you can't deal with small issues don't run an unstable distro ;-)13:13
ckinghrm. if I don't have a Pictures directory print screen breaks13:14
smbseb128, You realize that I am "forced" to use it because otherwise we don't find the bugs before release, do you?13:14
seb128cking, open a bug on launchpad using ubuntu-bug gnome-screenshot13:14
ckingwill do13:14
seb128smb, if that reassure you some 10 users find and reported that bug before you ;-)13:15
apwseb128, given using a stable version was described as 'carear limiting' i don't think he can do that13:15
seb128apw, well, understanding that we have to deal with some ditches and that they are some known issues is also welcome13:16
Daekdroomseb128, will there be any way to tell the user where the screenshot was saved?13:16
seb128apw, there is a difference between giving feedback and complaining13:16
seb128Daekdroom, yes13:16
seb128Daekdroom, for the third time it's known and will be fixed13:16
seb128we just had to get features first13:16
seb128we can't fix all bugs before feature freeze13:16
=== dyams is now known as dyams|away
ckingfiled bug 93418713:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 934187 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "gnome screenshot breaks if I don't have ~/Pictures directory " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93418713:25
seb128cking, thanks13:26
seb128cking, do you have an Images directory?13:27
seb128cking, it stores them here for me13:27
seb128cking, what is .config/user-dirs.conf have as image dir?13:27
cking..my other issue why can't I save them where I want to - rather in some directory that I don't have? Where has my choice been removed?13:29
seb128cking, you can run gnome-screenshot from the dash if you want the ui and selection13:29
seb128cking, the rational from GNOME is that keybindings are non interactives, they just do the job13:29
seb128cking, they added keybindings also to directly copy the image to clipboard13:30
seb128cking, the idea is that you can i.e use the keybinding and ctrl-v to libreoffice13:30
seb128no need to have a dialog, put a filename, save the file etc13:30
seb128cking, it's an easier workflow for just dumping a screenshot or making a copy, it's also what i.e tablet devices do13:30
ckingXDG_PICTURES_DIR="$HOME/Pictures" - so I see, I grep this file, see where the screen shot is put and hunt for it there. easy!13:32
seb128cking, no, you click on the big ubuntu logo in the first place of your launcher13:33
seb128cking, it has a "recent files" and your screenshot should be there13:33
seb128cking, you hit super key (win key) on your keyboard and it's there13:33
davmor2cking: or just type screenshot in the files lens13:33
seb128cking, you shouldn't have to bother with directories or paths in ubuntu13:33
seb128cking, the dash should just list things for you13:33
seb128cking, is that not working?13:34
ckingwhy would I type "screenshot" when I can just hit print screen? OK - I'm stuck in an old metaphore13:34
seb128cking, the print screen key never opened files for you13:34
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
seb128cking, it's actually easier nowadays, rather than picking a directory and file you press the key, open the dash and select the first file in "recent files"13:34
ckingI'm sure old print screen allowed me to specify where I dumped the file, but I see, the new metaphor is a bit of a change13:35
seb128cking, it's less actions and easier, you don't have to use a file manager or know about directories13:35
seb128cking, right, it's good for you who know what a directory is and about filesystem details13:35
seb128cking, most users don't want to have to handle directories13:35
seb128the new way is easier13:36
seb128you are just used to the hard technical way and don't think about easier ways ;-)13:36
* cking brain coredumps13:36
davmor2cking: if you open gnome screenshot app,  you can specify a different directory in there and that then becomes the default directory if you want to change it, prtscn will then send them there13:37
* cking wonders how many users need educating on this13:38
seb128cking, well, we can stick to "use ls and command line because that's what 15 years linux user know"13:38
seb128it's not that hard to click on the ubuntu logo and look at files there13:39
seb128it's a like a few minutes wondering around to learn that files are there, and once you know it it's good13:39
ckingmy dash board did not have the "recent files" in it, so I was a bit stuck13:41
seb128hum, that seems like a but13:42
DaekdroomOr a privacy setting.13:42
apwseb128, how about this for discoverability ... when yo utake the picture we get the 'Dash' button to wobble13:43
ckingor just plain undiscoverable13:43
* cking falls back to ls13:43
cjohnstonom26er: yes, but 933464 is completely reproducable.. I have commented on the bug again13:43
cjohnstonbug 93346413:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 933464 in unity (Ubuntu) "On a multi-monitor setup, the system indicator appears on the wrong screen" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93346413:44
seb128cking, apw: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/927952 the concensus seems to be we will bring back the dialog13:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 927952 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "When I press the Print Screen button, it will not appear in "Save Screenshot" window." [Low,In progress]13:44
seb128cking, apw: well anyway I don't disagree with the fact it's confusing, but 1- you guys need to be able with some level of changes, the new ui is not that hard, like the dash is not that hard to find 2- we need to be able to experiment a bit during unstable cycle, feedback is good, ranting about how broken changes are is not useful13:45
ckingsure, I won't ever rant, just ask nicely directed questions ;-)13:45
* apw is offended that you think he is ranting13:46
gotwighey there13:46
gotwighas anyone expierience with scopes ?13:46
seb128apw, well it started with "* smb is not sure he likes all those design things"13:47
seb128apw, it was not especially addressed at you13:47
seb128but stating issues you have is fine13:47
seb128having a go at "design things" is not very constructive13:47
om26ercjohnston, I am trying to reproduce it here. is that a laptop or pc?13:49
om26erthe point is I think its more easily reproducing when you are using a mouse13:49
gotwigmy branch is lp:lens-cooking, pls help me to fix the problem with the scope13:50
cjohnstonom26er: i could upload a new video to show that its still reproducable if needed13:50
smbseb128, It is also not very constructive to be told that this is designed to be working differently now without a clear way to figure out that it is intended and an easy way to find out what the easy way is supposed to be. But ok, lets say it was said somewhat ambiguously13:51
om26ercjohnston, i just plugged the external monitor, on my first attempt I saw the issue but after that I have not been able to.. would be great if you attach the video13:52
cjohnstonom26er: there is already one video attached.. do you want a second video?13:52
seb128smb, you are ranting at the wrong place, that change came from upstream not ubuntu, we just packaged an update and we deal with the issue it created now13:53
om26er(wrong keyboard sorry)13:53
* smb slowly feels very annoyed of being called ranting all along13:53
seb128smb, note for the record that many devices out there than normal user have behave this way and they manage to use them, so it must be doable somehow ;-)13:53
seb128smb, people there just have knee jerk reactions to every change13:54
cjohnstonom26er: i have a call in 5 minutes13:54
om26ercjohnston, its alright, i had in mind I saw screenshot on the bug13:55
om26erbut its a video already :)13:55
cjohnstoni figured that was the easiest way to describe that particular bug13:55
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gotwigNameError: global name 'item' is not defined14:28
gotwigdoes that mean the library is not loaden?14:29
mhall119gotwig: where?14:29
mhall119gotwig: usually that means you're referencing a variable you haven't defined yet14:29
gotwigmhall119: the lens is now workin14:30
gotwigmhall119: but the scope not^^14:30
mhall119well that's progress14:30
gotwigmhall119: checkout lp:lens-cooking14:30
gotwigmhall119: hm, why does that happen :/?14:31
gotwigmhall119: I just took this property method from lxml14:31
mhall119gotwig: line 72 of the scope file14:33
mhall119you are using 'item', but your loop is using 'i'14:33
gotwigback, sry ubuntu just was a bit broken14:35
gotwigmhall119: wanna take a look at my code?14:38
mhall119gotwig: line 72 of the scope file14:38
mhall119did you see my comment about that?14:38
cjohnstonom26er: do you need anything else from me for my bug or is it good to go back to confirmed?14:39
gotwigmhall119: I dont thing so14:39
mhall119you are using 'item', but your loop is using 'i'14:39
mhall119that's probably the cause of your NameError14:39
om26ercjohnston, sorry, I got side tracked, I have seen it happen in the past as well, I am going to set it to confirm and raise the priority14:40
gotwigmhall119: why does it use item o.0?14:40
om26ercjohnston, and will keep it as a release target14:40
mhall119gotwig: you wrote the code14:40
cjohnstonom26er: ty14:40
gotwigmhall119: I merged it with other code, what do you think can solve the problem?14:41
gotwigmhall119: just call it item :X?14:41
mhall119gotwig: change line 71 to be "for item in self.recipefy_search(search):"14:41
cjohnstonit's not a huge problem as i know what it takes to do it and not to do it, so im not horribly worried about it om26er, just one of those things that would make Ubuntu better for the masses if we didnt have the issue14:41
gotwigmhall119: do you use gedit ?14:42
mhall119not anymore, I switched to geany14:42
om26ercjohnston, we really need to fix the mulimonitor glitches that are scattered all around unity ;)14:42
mhall119om26er: do you have a multi-monitor tag for those bugs?14:43
om26ermhall119, yes its multimonitor14:43
gotwigmhall119:   File "./unity-scope-recipify", line 69, in recipefy     for item in self.recipefy_search(search): TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable14:44
gotwigI already had such a problem14:45
mhall119gotwig: sounds like recipefy_search isn't returning something you can loop through14:45
mhall119gotwig: return results[0], where are you getting the 'resuts' variable from?14:47
gotwigmhall119: I know that this also not works :X14:47
gotwigmhall119: I merged it from the wiki scope14:48
gotwigmhall119: I dont realy know how that search works14:49
mhall119I can't help you with the lxml and recipefy parts, you'll have to look through their documentation/source14:50
jrzabottHello everybody...14:56
jrzabottmaybe somebody can give me a hand (in a good way)...14:56
jrzabottAbou unity 5.414:56
jrzabottI'd like to be helpfull... but these unity 5.4 is screwing my head off... Each upgrade he wants to remove unity, or unity 2d or something important... any help how can I 'handle' these conflicts?14:57
jrzabottFirst question... am I in the right place? LOL14:58
tsdgeosi think this is more a development channel than a support one14:59
tsdgeosbut not sure14:59
jrzabottmt too tsdgeos14:59
jrzabotttsdgeos: :S15:00
greybackjrzabott: you doing dist-upgrade?15:01
greybackjrzabott: in which case I'm not sure. I'm scared to advise anything :)15:03
jrzabotti've used dist-upgrade 'til have the unity removed by a broken dependencie, some compiz-anything ot found... then edit my software sources, install unity 5.2 again, and running fine... no i'm trying to dist-upgrade with standard sources, and I still have a request to remove unity, or unity 2d...15:03
jrzabottapt-get -f install, and aptitude  -f install... requests to remove unity 2d. :-(15:04
greybackjrzabott: strange. Sometimes I let apt just do it, then immediately make it re-install unity-2d again. But I'm not a safe package updater usually15:05
jrzabotthehehe... thanks anyway...15:05
jrzabottI'll try to do that...15:05
jrzabottMaybe it works.15:05
greybackwell I let it remove what it wants, then I install again the bits it removed15:05
greybacktotally my impatient not-bothering-to-understand approach ::)15:06
jrzabottLOL... i like that... but i'm affraid to get some weird for-me-unhandable when re-installing. hahaha15:07
greybackjrzabott: yep, so definitely don't follow my advice15:08
jrzabottBut this is exactly the reason i'll follow...15:08
mhall119JohnLea: is it okay with you if I copy/paste parts of your design blog into unity.u.c/getinvolved/ ?15:09
mhall119with modification as needed15:09
jrzabottThe best to learn somthing, is to screw it up and try to fix15:09
jrzabottthanks everyone...15:10
jrzabottgreyback: thanx man... i'll screw up my Ubuntu...15:10
jrzabottSee ya...15:10
JohnLeamhall119; yes no problem, go ahead. Thanks! ;-)15:23
greybackJohnLea: quickest of questions! Width of flashing cursor in Dash search box is 1 pixel wide?15:24
JohnLeagreyback; I think so15:26
gotwigIT WORKS ^^15:26
gotwigyou can search for cookies in unity!15:27
greybackJohnLea: great, thanking you15:27
gotwiggreyback: do you like cooking :D ?15:28
greybackgotwig: congrats! I'm guessing you made a lens15:31
gotwiggreyback: and a scope15:31
gotwiggreyback: for searching for recips, right from unity15:31
gotwiggreyback: awesome?^^15:31
greybackgotwig: impressive!15:31
gotwiggreyback: with my own parser15:31
gotwiggreyback: no API ,15:31
gotwiggreyback: could be a good base for other scopes that dont have an API15:32
gotwiggreyback: check it out @  lp:lens-cooking15:32
greybackgotwig:very much yes, well done. I'm now worried how the lens bar will behave if it gets over-full :)15:32
mhall119gotwig: that's awesome, can you post a screenshot somewhere?15:32
davidcallegotwig, congrats ;)15:32
tsdgeosSaviq: in https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity-2d/abstract-modifier-handling/+merge/93215 the name class HotModifier seems a bit weird15:33
gotwigmhall119: it still has errors, tough15:33
gotwigmhall119: not realy errors, but you cant search for all strings15:33
mhall119gotwig: still, it's pretty cool15:33
gotwigmhall119: at least I can search for my german favourite recips ^^15:33
Saviqtsdgeos, what about m_superHotModifier?15:33
mhall119and if you've got a screenshot, I'd like to share it15:33
tsdgeosSaviq: i mean the class name itself, not the variable name15:33
Saviqtsdgeos, that's kind of on purpose ;)15:33
Saviqtsdgeos, how else would you call it?15:34
gotwigmhall119: what would you like to eat :D ?15:34
gotwigmhall119: for the screenshot ^^15:34
* mhall119 will eat anything15:34
gotwigmhall119: I am very happy becouse of that, you helped me a lot, you know15:34
mhall119gotwig: use your favorite15:34
tsdgeosSaviq: something like ModifierHotKey or ModifierHotKey[Watcher|Listener|Manager] ?15:34
mhall119gotwig: happy to help :)15:35
mhall119that's what community does, davidcalle helped me, I help you, you help ...15:35
mhall119and we all win15:35
Saviqtsdgeos, it's not a Key per se, and we already have a HotKey15:35
davidcallemhall119, +115:35
gotwigdavidcalle: also helped me15:36
gotwigthanks for that, too15:36
tsdgeosSaviq: yeah, against HoyKey, HotModifier kind of makes sense15:36
tsdgeosSaviq: ok, ignore me then :D15:36
gotwigmhall119: the bad thing is, I am unable to cook xD15:36
Saviqtsdgeos, oof :), I loved the name ;)15:36
gotwigcheck it out15:36
gotwigMuffins ^^15:36
Saviqgotwig, I want that!15:37
gotwigcooking the 1337 way :P^^?15:37
gotwigSaviq: lp:lens-cooking15:37
gotwigSaviq: you cant search for all recips, tough ^^15:38
gotwigits like an alpha version15:38
gotwigSaviq: want to try it out?15:40
gotwigmhall119: can my scope be part of the "100 scopes project" ?15:40
gotwigmhall119: but you see the problem ?^^15:47
gotwigmhall119: all have the same image15:48
gotwighow can I hide my ip in IRC?15:49
mhall119gotwig: just bzr push your code to the onehundredscopes project space, is all you need to do15:57
Saviqgotwig, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/846012/16:06
gotwigSaviq: working on it16:09
gotwigSaviq: you're right16:21
apwdidrocks, i've had a couple of cases of the 'numbers' becoming wedged on on the launcher, i don't think there was any adverse effects other than uglyness16:21
gotwigSaviq: I'm pushing right now16:23
gotwigSaviq: and there are many bugs included16:23
Saviqincluded? ;)16:23
gotwigSaviq: :D16:23
gotwigSaviq: but you won't break anything16:23
gotwigI think16:23
gotwigok I pushed it16:23
gotwignow waiting for launchpad16:24
gotwigand also only one link works xD16:24
gotwigthat means what ever you click, only the first one gets launched...16:24
gotwighave to work on that16:24
gotwigSaviq: should work now16:25
gotwigSaviq: oh no, launchpad is slow.. sr16:26
gotwigSaviq: ready16:26
Saviqgotwig, yup, it's working :)16:31
SaviqI see muffins ;)16:31
gotwigSaviq: awesome, dude^^16:31
gotwigmhall119: are I am able to use icons in the results in lenses?16:34
gotwigmhall119: I mean for the comments section16:35
Saviqgotwig, current renderers are only: image + text16:45
gotwigSaviq: ....16:46
gotwigSaviq: :(16:46
gotwigSaviq: but Unicode is allowed ?16:46
gotwigthat saves space, you know :X ?16:48
gotwigSaviq: awesome, it looks realy good16:52
gotwigSaviq: which format is better?16:53
gotwigSaviq: 1❤ or ❤116:53
Saviqgotwig, is that "how many people like this?16:56
gotwigSaviq: right16:56
Saviq"❤ 125" maybe16:56
Saviqyou need the space /methinks16:57
Saviq"❤: 125" ?16:57
Saviqnot sure, really16:57
Daekdroom'❤ 125' definitely16:57
mhall119davidcalle: ping17:01
davidcallemhall119, hey17:01
mhall119ready for our call?17:01
gotwig☭ lol17:01
mhall119davidcalle: ??17:04
davidcallemhall119, sorry I'm not, I'm in a meeting.17:05
mhall119no problem, just let me know when you're free17:05
davidcalleok :)17:05
didrocksapw: hum, interesting…17:18
didrocksapw: worthed a bug17:18
apwdidrocks, i'll try and get a screen shot next time and file it17:23
didrocksapw: excellent, thanks :)17:23
davidcallemhall119, I won't be able to do our call. I'm leaving work in ten min and I won't be available until tomorrow.17:39
mhall119davidcalle: ok, just a quick update then, we're on the TB's agenda for Monday to get the lens/scope dependency question answered17:39
mhall119davidcalle: I'm also finishing a Quickly template for Singlet's SingleScopeLens, which will hopefully be in 12.04's Universe17:40
mhall119and I'll be working on a template packaging branch for existing lenses and scopes to use17:40
mhall119unless you've already started on tht17:40
davidcallemhall119, thank you for both! New devs are coming :)17:41
davidcalleOh, sorry, template packaging, I misread it.17:41
mhall119evidently I didn't hit the 'a' hard enough17:41
mhall119"packaging template" makes more sense17:41
davidcalleNo time for it this week...17:41
mhall119ok, I'll put something up17:42
davidcallemhall119, ok. I'll be in touch this week-end if I have time to do it.17:44
mhall119does Unity 2d have HUD?17:55
didrocksmhall119: not right now17:59
didrocksmhall119: next week probably17:59
apwdidrocks, now i have the launcher on my left screen and the dash on my right18:10
apwdidrocks, do we do any multi-monitor testing at all ?18:10
didrocksapw: I'm using 2 monitors18:11
didrocksapw: the the tests have some18:11
didrocksapw: you should have 2 launchers18:11
didrocksone per monitor18:11
didrocksthe dash show where on the monitor where your cursor is18:11
apwdidrocks, right and when you hit Super the launcher goes purple, and the dash slides out of it18:12
didrocksin autohide, yeah18:12
apwdidrocks, except in this case the left monitor launcher went purple, but the shading for it, and the dash itself was on the right one18:12
didrocksapw: hum, DBO is your man then, I just tried on nvidia on don't reproduce18:13
apwdidrocks, oh its not 'normal' it happened this time randomly18:13
apwbut there are cirtinaly a pile of new bugs in this update18:14
didrocksapw: ah, you afraid me, so please file a bug and target it for 5.618:14
didrocksapw: this will need automated tests for races18:14
DBOapw, I use multi-monitors all day, of course we test it18:14
DBOI even use "the evil setup" just to make sure that works (using the right hand monitor as the primary)18:14
apwDBO, what is different about you and me, as i see loads of bugs in this new version18:14
apwand its not like i am a power user unity wise18:15
DBOapw, whats going on dude?18:16
DBOapw, I cant really help you or fix the bugs if I dont know about them :/18:17
apwDBO, i just ended up with the left screen launcher sticking out and purple and the dash sticking out on the other screen18:18
DBOapw, are you running any PPA's?18:18
apwDBO, on i am filing bugs as fast as i can, this one has personal data all over it, so i am having to clean it up18:18
apwDBO, nope18:18
DBOapw, when you say the launcher went purple, what do you mean18:19
DBOlike a solid purple rect?18:19
apwwhen you tap Super the launcher goes more purple and the dash emerges from its right edge, right ?18:19
apwso now imagine that where the launcher and the dash are on differnet screens not together18:20
DBOif you are using a purple background yes18:20
apwi change as little as possible so i am testing what our users get18:20
DBOdid you move your mouse whilst opening the dash?18:21
apwDBO i can't swear i didn't, i didn't intentionally do so18:21
apwi should mention it wouldnt' go away either, and indeed thought it was closed18:22
apwi had to open and close it again to get it to work18:22
DBOdidrocks, I thought the stuck super key thing was resolved in distro18:22
DBOthe dash was stuck open?18:22
didrocksDBO: it is, in compiz18:22
DBOapw, click off currently only works on the monitor with the dash18:23
DBOis that possibly why you couldn't make it close?18:23
apwpossible, my mouse was on the one with the dash, but if it thought it was with the launcher that was poking out, then perhaps18:23
DBOapw, there is a race that can potentially lead to this18:25
DBOits on our "to fix" plate18:25
DBObut if you have a reproducible test case18:25
DBOwhere you can trigger this every time18:25
DBOI will happily look into it18:25
apwDBO, first time i've seen it ... i'll worry about it then if it keeps happening18:26
DBOapw, for the record I have seen it once too18:26
apwDBO, i am also seeing the Super+<number> hint numbers getting stuck on the launcher18:26
DBOdidrocks, ^^18:27
DBOthat really sounds like the bug we talked about18:27
DBOare you *sure* that was never in distro?18:27
didrocksDBO: yeah, but it's reverted18:27
didrocksand confirmed by a lot of people18:27
didrocksDBO: this was in distro18:27
DBOso maybe apw is out of date?18:27
didrocksand rollbacked18:27
didrocksI think he's up to date18:27
DBOapw,  upgraaaaaade?18:27
didrockswe discussed it earlier18:27
didrocksand he didn't get it everytime now18:27
DBOdoes he get it anytime now?18:28
apwDBO i've upgraded to three different unities today, am on -0ubuntu4 right now18:28
apwso i assume i am up to date18:28
didrocksapw: you mean, 2 compiz (one from yesterday evening and one from this morning) and one unity18:29
apwi managed to get the split launcher and dash to reprodce 3 times now, it was when my mouse was moving18:29
apwdidrocks, i mean that sort of thing yes18:29
didrockslet's be precise and not trolling18:29
apwthough as unity is a plugin for compiz, i don't keep them separate in my head18:29
DBOat this point we tend to think of it the other way round... :P18:29
apwman forget it18:29
DBOapw, yeah the dash/launcher thing I can reproduce by moving the mouse18:30
DBOI know how to fix18:30
DBOif you can still reproduce that stuck super keys thats a much bigger issue to me18:30
apwwe have had nothign but unity behoviour issues all day, we take the time to bother to report them, and you call it trolling18:30
ckingI think apw gave up the will to live18:31
DBOwell thats so fucking helpful18:31
ckingto be honest, he's been wrestling with it all day and was pulling his hair out18:32
DBOthe super bug is super annoying18:32
DBOwhich is why I was asking him about it18:32
mfischmhall119: feedparser was awesomely easy18:33
mfischmhall119: thanks for the tip18:33
ckingi think he was super tired out18:33
DBObut now I dont know if I need to go into super-mega-emergency mode about that bug or not18:33
mhall119mfisch: no problem, I love that library18:35
mhall119is ppa:unity-team/ppa stable enough for me to use it again?18:36
ckinghiya, for some reason my desktop now only offers unity 2d and no longer has snazzy 3d. is there anything I need to check for?19:08
mhall119cking: are you still using the same video driver?19:09
ckingyep, bog standard i91519:09
ckingit's quite curious really, I'm not sure what makes unity decide whether to used 2d or 3d19:11
ckingi've just pulled in some more updates, let me see if that fixed it19:16
davmor2guys http://ubuntuone.com/7LFbNGGiQD0taHsHv7TOPT what's with the very bright blue notifications?19:28
spikebhaha that looks like a bug to me19:33
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gotwigI have to say19:56
gotwigmy lens now works19:56
gotwigwith different images for recipes19:56
gotwigand links19:56
gotwigcooking lens @ lp:cooking-lens19:56
gotwigsry, lp:lens-cooking19:56
gotwigmhall119: may you help ? how can I do filter the LANG variable, so it only outputs the first 2 chars? or better use the _ as seperator20:01
mhall119gotwig: os.environ['LANG'][:os.environ['LANG'].index('_')][:2]20:06
mhall119does that work?20:06
mhall119wait, I think I'm missing a bracket20:06
gotwigmhall119: right, sry you already said me that :X20:06
mhall119did I?  I couldn't remember who I did it for20:06
LockalHi. Is it possible to set progress of application in unity panel without .desktop file?20:06
LockalI beleave there is a way, but I don't see it here http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.04/c/Unity-5.0.html#Unity.LauncherEntry20:07
mhall119Lockal: why don't you have a .desktop file?20:10
mhall119Lockal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI may be helpful20:11
mhall119but it appears to use .desktop files too20:11
Lockalmhall119, my app is designed to be used from its own directory. I don't want to use /usr/bin directory and place .desktop files somewhere in /usr/share, because this requires root privileges.20:15
Lockaland .desktop files can't handle relative paths AFAIK20:16
mfischLockal: if you end writing a .desktop file, there's a file validator called desktop-file-validate that might be useful20:16
mfischLockal: you can put a desktop file inside ~/.local/share/applications too20:17
mfischLockal: and if you're so inclined you can modify unity's menu file to point to a completely different directory, although the last tmie I did that I had mixed results20:17
mfischmhall119: I'm going to push that lens later today20:18
mfischLockal: there is a Hidden field in the desktop file, not sure if that will do what you want though  http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-1.0.html20:22
gotwigmhall119: do you know, how I can search for strings (here en) and replace it with an other?20:22
gotwigmhall119: in python20:22
Lockalmfisch, I wonder, why "Exec=./app" does not work with .desktop files...20:24
kklimondaLockal: because they are not executed from the directory your application is in20:24
kklimonda(also designing the application to be ran from its own directory with UNIX in mind is just wrong20:25
mfischmhall119: should I push my lens/scope to onehundredscopes?20:26
mfischkklimonda: he could exec a script and have it cd I suppose20:26
mfischkklimonda: not sure why though20:26
kklimondawell, he'd have to put the script in $PATH anyway20:27
kklimondait is a solution - everything can be fixed, it's just doing stuff the wrong way :)20:28
mfischkklimonda: agreed20:28
kklimonda(not that I haven't been asked to do just that - but I always try to explain downsides and show how I see things)20:28
mfischkklimonda: are we going to start calling stuff un-unity-onic?20:29
mfischLockal: why does it need to be run from the current directory?20:29
Lockalmfisch, it is a good way to compile app for x86 and x86_64 and distribute them in 7z file. End user only need to extract the app somewhere and run it.20:31
kklimondamfisch: it's just a matter of time until Canonical provides some Unity HIG20:35
kklimondaLockal: preparing package (and a repository) is also a good way to distribute stuff like that20:36
kklimonda(but then I know how to do that so I'm probably biased)20:36
kklimondaalthough Firefox no longer reports what system version is it running on20:36
mhall119gotwig: mystring.replace("fromthis", "tothis")20:36
kklimondaso it became harder to do decently20:36
mhall119mfisch: if you don't have a specific LP project, yeah, onehundredscopes is a good place for it20:37
gotwigmhall119: I see20:37
* mhall119 is gonna do a clean install on release day20:46
* spikeb wonders why Unity doesn't have HIG20:47
mhall119spikeb: apps will mostly follow the Gnome HIG20:48
mfischmhall119: I published my lens/scope: http://www.mattfischer.com/blog/?p=8920:54
mfischmhall119: you are liberally referenced in that blog entry ;)20:54
mhall119mfisch: nice!20:58
* mhall119 adds another lens to his list20:58
gotwigmhall119: there is now a new version , with language support for all supported languages from recipefy.com ( es, it, soon de)20:58
gotwigmhall119: there is still a problem, it refreshes two times, that is not so nice for the user20:59
mfischmhall119: should I create my own PPA or can I get into an existing one for lenses/scopes?21:00
mhall119gotwig: cool, I'll take a look in a minute21:00
gotwigmfisch: do you like packaging :D ?^^21:00
mhall119mfisch: ask davidcalle to add you to scopes-packagers and you can use that one21:00
gotwigmhall119: would be good if someone could package my scope/lens :X21:01
gotwigmhall119: I packaged thing , long time ago :X and it was hard21:01
mhall119gotwig: I'm working on reusable packaging files, ping me next week about them21:02
gotwigmhall119: that sounds late , ok21:02
mfischgotwig: packaging is not really that hard21:02
gotwigcan I use launchpad recipe?21:02
mhall119once you have the packaging files made you can21:03
mhall119gotwig: do you have a screenshot of your lens yet?21:04
gotwigmhall119: I already had one, but yes I can make a new one :X21:05
gotwigmhall119: what you wanna eat ?^^21:05
gotwigmhall119: beeeef :D?21:05
gotwigan icon for my lens would be, delicious...21:06
mhall119gotwig: it is getting on to dinner time, and I haven't decided what to make yet21:06
JackyAlcinemhall119: pot roast?21:06
gotwigmhall119: for the screen^^21:06
mhall119JackyAlcine: in less than 2 hours? not possible21:06
JackyAlcineor maybe some lasagna?21:06
JackyAlcineHmm, I only said it because I had some leftover in the fridge, lol.21:07
mhall119gotwig: how about a dinner plate?21:08
gotwigmhall119: nooo! burgers :X21:08
gotwigmhall119: I dont have much time for such XXX^^21:09
gotwigmhall119: http://i.imgur.com/TUKIY.jpg21:09
gotwigmhall119: you see the different images?21:09
Debolazhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/930515 <- Is there anybody I should prod about this?21:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 930515 in Ubuntu "title bar text glitch offset shadow" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:10
mhall119gotwig: looks awesome (and tasty)21:10
gotwigmhall119: at the rop right corner you see what happens when a name is too long21:10
gotwigmhall119: I chosed icons you see21:10
gotwigmhall119: so it looks nicer21:10
gotwigmhall119: and you see what happens if recipes dont have all data that I need21:12
gotwigmhall119: the formating goes wrong21:12
mhall119gotwig: it's still looking really nice21:12
gotwigmhall119: do you think people will use itß21:13
gotwigmhall119: maybe it gets into 12.04, lol xD?21:13
gotwigwould be cool...21:13
gotwigmhall119: I have to add ubuntinis to the recipes list ;)21:13
mhall119gotwig: http://ubuntuone.com/39qJekc7qJazKWUkE0segB what do you think?21:34
gotwigmhall119: woho! not bad21:35
gotwigmhall119: now only in monochrome, or sth. like that21:36
gotwigmhall119: do you think it will look good, with just one21:36
mhall119gotwig: http://ubuntuone.com/3zOjfZSenIiJ4e6kVmMM6H is the original SVG21:37
mhall119gotwig: http://ubuntuone.com/2IfHzpBYM4bUThTGDShPrR is the monochrome version in svg, suitable for use as your lens icon21:37
gotwigmhall119: not bad21:38
gotwigmhall119: but I think its not realy that good, sry. But I will take it for now. Thank You21:38
* mhall119 never claimed to be an artist21:39
mhall119but it'll get you started anyway21:39
* gotwig is a photoshop noob21:40
gotwigI hate photoshop21:40
gotwigmhall119: you know, I am a student, and I am going to do later my bachelor in computer science21:40
gotwigmhall119: in the first semester we have photoshop, and only in the first, damn21:40
mhall119popey: ^^ gotwig made the recipe lens21:41
gotwigand mhall119 the icon ^^21:41
gotwigwill be in bzr in 5 mins21:41
popeyexcellent excellent stuff21:42
gotwigpopey: realy :X ? Its not finished21:42
gotwigpopey: thank you21:42
gotwigand my parents still dont understand, why I am so often in front of the PC, and call me a 'gamer' lolz21:43
mhall119python is my game of choice21:43
gotwigthey think programming is no work21:43
mhall119I'm on level 1121:43
gotwigmhall119: :D21:43
gotwigmhall119: in which levels come parsers :D ?21:43
mhall119in python, never21:44
mhall119I love the easter eggs21:44
gotwigmhall119: oh, must be the extension pack21:44
gotwigyou know I did the lens21:44
gotwigbecouse my mother had no easy way to search for recipes21:44
gotwigand now she has21:45
mhall119gotwig: I can see a lot of people wanting that lens21:45
gotwig"just  press the windows button and there you go"21:45
mhall119brb,  gonna reboot into the unity-team ppa21:46
mhall119if I don't come back, somebody broke Unity21:46
gotwigmhall119: :/21:47
gotwigmhall119: and everyday its another21:47
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mhall119woohoo, PPA-power!22:13
mhall119so far so good22:16
ejatmhall119: mean u r in the unity 5.4 ? :)22:24
bschaefer_jaytaoko, ping22:54
gotwigmhall119: ehm, may you tell me, how can I change the scope icon22:54
mhall119gotwig: scopes don't have icons22:55
gotwigmhall119: ok, categories?22:55
gotwigmhall119: I see icons, example for news, video, etc. from the scopes (?)22:55
mhall119those are categories22:56
gotwigmhall119: like I said :-)22:56
gotwigmhall119: so do you know, how I can change the categorie icons :-)?22:56
mhall119when you define the category, one of the parameters is the icon22:57
gotwigmhall119: ok, got it22:57
mhall119sorry, I'm typing on my phone, I'm away from my computer22:58
jaytaokobschaefer: ping23:36
gotwigmhall119: are you a blogger?23:39
gotwigmhr3: new version with icon23:49
bschaefer_jaytaoko, hey, sorry at my college right now, about to head home23:53
bschaefer_jaytaoko, but I am having problems getting textentry to update the cursor location correctly!!23:53
bschaefer_jaytaoko, ill be home in about 10-15 min, if you have sometime to talk!23:54
jaytaokobschaefer: I will be around, if not, later this evening for me.23:55

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