pleia2MarkDude: that's not funny00:00
pleia2for the peanut gallery: no, it's not ok to swear in the -offtopic channel, we're just as friendly and welcoming there00:01
MarkDudeSorry Lyz, yes - its a joke- its not proper to swear in Cali channels00:01
MarkDudeAnnouncement in channel says so00:02
akkGosh darn it.00:02
* MarkDude is OVER the logging thing, btw. Hence the its all good. 00:02
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MarkDudeFor the record, the SF party is open to public, anyone can come :)00:40
pleia2enjoy the Mt View Ubuntu Hour tonight!01:07
pleia2I tried to figure out a way to drop by for a few minutes before BayLISA, but it doesn't really work01:08
pleia2(I know grantbow has managed it a couple times)01:08
MarkDudeWell Dangerous G can be everywhere at once....01:31
pleia2yes, that explains it :)01:37
jyojtatum: Leaving now.02:23
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raevolIT'S FRIDAY16:58
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nhaineshttp://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04.4/ is broken in Firefox on Windows.17:26
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nhainesDismantles laptop, has 15 screws.22:04
nhainesReassembles laptop, has 16 screws.22:04
jtatumnhaines: that's an amazing trick!22:25
brodernhaines: does that mean you added a screw putting it back together, or discovered it was supposed to have one more than you took out? :)22:32
nhainesbroder: it means that I have a leftover screw and idea where it came from.22:36
nhainesjtatum: thanks!22:36
nhainesWhoops, try again.22:36
nhainesbroder: it means that I have a leftover screw and no idea where it came from.22:36
jyoWoot Raspberry pi root filesystem available for download: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/64523:13

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