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BudgetPossibly stupid question, but I've heard that there is a meeting at Commons Coffee Salem.  I've come across some conflicting information, is it weekly or monthly?00:49
albrighaBudget, c_smith can help with that00:53
albrighaBudget, and that's not a stupid question!00:54
BudgetI was being paranoid that I had missed something on a website somewhere that specified it.00:55
albrighaI haven't looked directly..I'm up in pdx. lemme see if I can find out some info for ya01:01
albrighac_smith, bkerensa was the salem coffee hour going to be added to the loco page? for some reason i thought it was..01:03
albrighaBudget, well, i'm sure the will see our conversation later. we could try making fun of them and see if that gets their attention tho01:25
BudgetUnfortunately, I don't really know anyone here well enough to make fun of them, but it's a good idea.01:29
albrighabkerensa, you don't get enough sleep!01:30
albrighanot sure if that will help.01:30
albrighayou are in salem Budget ?01:31
albrighai don't think i've seen you before, but i'm guessing you've been around before01:31
BudgetNope, I'm new.01:31
albrighaafk sec brb01:32
iBkerensaalbrigha: i know01:37
albrighaiBkerensa, hey Budget was wondering if the meetings in salem are once a week/monthly etc..and i have no idea..i thought it was on the loco page but it's not01:38
albrighaeh well someday we might find out01:39
albrighaBudget, how long have you been using ubuntu/interested?01:39
BudgetI've been fiddling with it for about 6 months, but I only really started to use it about a month ago when I set up a dual boot on my laptop.01:40
albrighagood start01:40
albrighaeventually you'll ditch windows :) well, i predict. but i could be wrong01:41
albrighahow are you liking it?01:41
BudgetI'm liking it.  I installed it on my very slow laptop and it is running much faster.01:44
albrighacool cool01:44
albrighado you work with computers? something else?01:44
BudgetI'm studying programing and almost have my Bachelor's degree, which makes me sound better than I am.01:46
albrighawhat are you learning to program? I'm working on python myself.01:51
BudgetMostly Java, C#, and SQL, but I'm teaching myself to program Python and programming on Android.01:54
albrighaif you'd be interested..i have a friend that teaches at pcc that's been helping me. he does other languages as well. I'm going to try and convince him to do a talk or something.01:57
albrighabut anyone interested in python that's looking for a group sort of effort sounds like fun!01:58
BudgetA talk in IRC or in person?01:59
albrighahe has this rather consistent affection for microsoft though.01:59
albrighaboth perhaps01:59
albrighaart night!?!?02:01
albrighai really need to spend some time getting to know Mark.02:01
BudgetWell, it has been fun talking but I have to go.02:15
* albrigha yawn stretch 03:16
c_smithalbrigha, I just noticed I was mentioned, I was playing Cavestory+04:14
c_smithso, what could I help Budget with?04:15
c_smithalbrigha you here?04:17
c_smithalbrigha, you here?05:07
albrighac_smith, hey it's cool :) budget was wanting to come to the salem ubuntu hour and couldn't find out when / how often it was15:08
albrighato be fair..i look as well and had a hard time figuring that out too15:08
bkerensaWell Feature Freeze seems to have been not pretty precise16:33
bkerensaa good portion of my applications are now bugging on 12.04 if not fully defunct16:33
bkerensaalbrigha: QA time eh? :P16:33
bkerensablkperl: Remind me which build again at PSU?16:35
blkperlbkerensa: FAB/EB16:37
blkperlbkerensa: did you want to stop by at 4 and see?16:37
bkerensablkperl: Well if I come today it will be a early trip because I have to be back here by afternoon I have a Mentorship meeting with cweber10  and then later a video conference16:38
albrighabkerensa, yeah work work. darn slave drivers16:39
bkerensablkperl: PSU actually has a event going today that I really wanted to go to but I highly doubt I could make it happen without cancelling on cweber10 and I dont wanna do that16:40
bkerensaHerb Sorensen is gonna be a PSU today16:40
albrighawho is that? should i know the name?16:40
blkperlhmm wrong day16:41
blkperlor not...16:42
blkperl2/17 3pm16:42
bkerensaYesterday when Comcast came my neighbor asked afterwards.... "I figured since your into tech and all you would just download movies and such"16:43
bkerensa"I have been doing everyday for years"16:43
bkerensaI informed him I use Netflix and Spotify :D16:43
bkerensaalbrigha: He just has done a lot in tech biz16:44
bkerensablkperl: We need Guy Kawasaki to come to Portland16:44
albrighaahh cool16:50
cweber10bkerensa: If you have stuff to do that is ok this week has been bad, and it is the last week we officaly have mentors. This week has been crazy busy.17:17
bkerensacweber10: Busy? Well I do hope you will stay on with us even after the term?17:18
bkerensawe got global jam coming up in a few weeks17:18
cweber10ohh yea I am not going anywhere for a while, and still plan on saying hi just next week you are going to be talked to by an other set of students17:19
cweber10We are looking at trying to get at least a small group to call pool for the global jam17:19
bkerensacweber10: Yeah :) It was very unfortunate that I had to move so abruptly but we couldnt pass up on this new place :)17:20
bkerensawe literally made a decision to move two days after finding the place :)17:20
bkerensacweber10: Well it looks like we should have slangasek and bdmurray at global jam which will be excellent because they both are devs at Canonical and have different roles17:21
bkerensaslangasek: Where might I seek a sponsor btw? :)17:22
slangaseka sponsor?17:22
cweber10bkerensa: Life happens i am not that woried about it. Getting involved is not easy to get started, then I have all the other school stuff I need to do17:22
slangasekI thought you're the one with the sponsorship contacts :)17:22
bkerensaslangasek: I responded to a RFA and the current maintainer asked if I have a DD sponsor17:23
slangasekoh, package sponsorship17:23
bkerensaNot that kind :P17:23
bkerensaslangasek: But that is for per upload basis not ongoing by one sponsor?17:25
bkerensaHere is what he asked: "Thanks for the interest. Are you a DD or do you have a willing17:25
bkerensasponsor for this package?17:25
slangasekbkerensa: yes, it's for per-upload basis; that's really the best way to go about it17:25
bkerensaslangasek: Does Debian offer per-package-upload privileges like Ubuntu?17:26
slangasekunless it's a package that some DD has a particular interest in helping maintain17:26
bkerensaslangasek: I doubt anyone has interest in it... Movable Type17:29
slangasekI wouldn't know :)17:29
albrighabkerensa, did you see the conversation about the salem hour?17:38
albrighaand harvest?17:39
bkerensaalbrigha: Yes... c_smith runs it every Friday night... Not sure if he is doing one tonight17:40
albrighaoh every friday17:41
albrighait seemed like it was hard to find that info...should that be on the loco even cal?17:41
bkerensac_smith: If you are doing a Ubuntu Hour tonight can you please add it and maybe add the event each monday if you plan to hold one? Thanks!17:42
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bkerensaTIL that cleaning Dryer vents is dirty and re-attaching the metal hose and clamp is not fun23:47
cweber10No it is not, I hate dealing with stuff like that23:47
bkerensacweber10: Yeah and I found out I'm using about 92 kWh per day ($9.2 per day) of electric23:50
cweber10Yea, always good to see what you can try to improve things.23:53

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