GlocksterNot much is said in this room18:05
mrandGlockster: indeed.  Texas could use a Ubuntu cheerleader19:24
GlocksterThat is true mrand19:40
GlocksterSo what do people talk about in this room....Ubuntu likes and dislikes?19:41
stlsaintGlockster: any and everything21:42
stlsaintwith taste of course ;)21:43
mrandGlockster: it doesn't have to be Ubuntu related, although that would be a welcome sight!22:10
GlocksterHere is a question...running latest Ubuntu 32bit on a Dell Lat E6400.  Having issues with it locking up on websites.  I am thinking it is dealing with Adobe Flash.  I just installed a flash update but I haven't had time to check to see if it locks.  Anybody else having this same issue?23:14
stlsaintGlockster: sorry i dont23:14
GlocksterIt will run flash for some time before it decides to do a total lock up.  Can't change over to command via Alt-F commands23:15
GlocksterGood evening folks.  Time to go home to the family23:22

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