Kilosheehee hee08:33
Kiloshiya inetpro i have just installed aptoncd. hit me this morning08:34
Kiloshi superfly and everyone else08:34
superflymorning Kilos!08:35
Kiloshi charlvn are you the Charl in the lists08:35
inetproKilos: hmm...08:36
Kilosinetpro, dunno if its great minds think alike or fools never differ08:36
inetproit is one of those apps that is no longer working so nicely on oneiric08:37
* Kilos wonders if there isnt some file in update-manager that keeps record of what it has updated08:37
inetprothe restore part seems to be broken08:37
Kilosthat sucks inetpro 08:37
Kilosbut with lots of help i will keep maverick alive and kicking here08:38
Kilosjust need to get a maverick server cd08:38
inetprobut if you know how to put the repo into the sources.list you should be able to get by without the gui restore option08:38
Kilosi think restore still works on maverick08:39
Kiloswill need to change drives to check08:39
inetprotry it out and let us know how it goes08:39
Kilosdoing partitions as in the lpi course hampers me on the 6g drive08:40
Kilosrdyncing /var/cache/apt/archives fill the /root somehow08:40
Kilosand root is 3g08:41
inetproMaaz: coffee on08:41
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:41
Kilosi dont think ubuntu is a good distro to practise lpi on unless one has a large drive08:41
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:42
MaazKilos: Done08:42
inetproKilos: the ideal solution would be to have a vm to play on08:42
KilosMaaz, with cremora08:42
MaazAh! At last someone with taste08:42
* inetpro lol08:42
KilosMaaz, with milk08:43
MaazYay Kilos You aren't one of those skinny guys that needs to drink black coffee to cast a shadow08:43
Kilosi tried virual box here but wouldnt work inetpro 08:43
Kilosthe fly said pc no up to it08:43
Kiloswas quite a laugh to do aptoncd then come online here and then be asked why im not using aptoncd08:45
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!08:45
KilosMaaz, thank you so much kind bot08:46
MaazKilos: my pleasure08:46
inetproMaaz: dankie oom08:59
Maazinetpro: Sorry...08:59
Kiloshes a young bot09:04
Kilosi go try aptoncd restore on 6g. be good guys09:06
Kilosinetpro, with a new installed os, you put the aptoncd cd in the cdrom/dvdrom and it should bring up a window that asks if it can open with package manager. tick ja then it will open synaptic package manager. tick mark all upgrades which here was 356m worth then tick apply and its all done10:38
Kilosim on the 6g now10:39
inetproKilos: easy yes if you burn the aptoncd to a cd/dvd but not quite so simple if you just copy the iso from one system to another10:40
Kilosi plugged in the external and went packsM and then installed xchat-common lib sexy and xchat with the software centre with no internet connected10:40
Kilosoh no you gotta burn the cd10:41
* inetpro can't remember when last I burnt a cd10:41
Kilosthats why its called aptoncd not apt from iso10:41
inetproKilos: that is where the apt-move thing would be perfect for me10:42
inetprojust one simple command and no gui10:42
* inetpro loves simplicity10:43
inetprowill have to figure how we can get that thing working again10:43
Kilosyay then you can tell me sometime what command to use. i have read it over and over but as you know i sukkel some with converting man pages to the actual deed10:43
Kiloslol not simple for me10:44
Kilosi put it in a mail to charl this morning10:44
Kilosthere is a link to the man page with some more in the explanation10:45
Kiloswill chat later, gonna go off 6g again10:45
Kilosbut looks like if apt-move works like aptoncd then with those 2 i should be able to use maverick foreeeeever10:46
* Kilos deserves a cuppa10:49
KilosMaaz, coffee on10:49
* Maaz puts the kettle on10:49
KilosdLimit, you the ols squire?10:50
dLimitLol yes Kilos 10:51
Kiloswhew something i membered10:52
Kilosdrussell, are you on our mailing list?10:53
Kilosgood morning10:53
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!10:53
KilosMaaz, ty10:53
MaazYou are welcome Kilos10:53
drussellKilos: hmm don't think so.... /me see's the url in the channel subject10:53
drussellsees even10:53
drussellKilos: will subscribe :o)10:53
drussellKilos: morning btw :o)10:53
Kiloslol you at canonical hey?10:53
Kiloshi darksurferza 10:54
drussellKilos: yup, just got back from a few days in Denmark visiting a partner, back home now ;o)10:54
Kilosdrubin, how much influence do you have with the big nobs10:55
darksurferzainteresting. been a unix fan boy for well over 7 years now and this is the first time i am connecting to this channel10:55
Kiloswow darksurferza thats a while10:55
Kilosyou never needed help?10:55
darksurferzaneeded lots of help10:56
darksurferzajust never found this channel before10:56
Kilosthis is the place to get it10:56
darksurferzacool. noted10:57
Kilosyou shoulda started with the za mailing list for help and someone would have told you about #ubuntu-za10:57
darksurferzai assume the topic is all thing ubuntu?10:57
Kilosmainly yes10:57
Kilosand sometimes hows things onna farm10:57
drussellKilos: hehe some... but not loads ;o)10:58
inetprodarksurferza: welcome to #ubuntu-za10:58
Kilosi think one get help here with most linux probs because some of the guys try everything10:58
darksurferzawell, anyone know where i can get some good reading on linux kernel and package developement?10:59
darksurferzalooking for some ubuntu and gnome specific docs if possible10:59
Kilosdrussell, how would i go about asking them to keep just the maverick update function alive forever10:59
Kilosdarksurferza, have you tried google11:00
KilosMaaz, google ;inux kernel developement11:00
inetproKilos: talk to sabdfl and friends at #ubuntu-meeting11:00
MaazKilos: "Linux Kernel Development: Getting Started" http://www.xenotime.net/linux/mentor/linux-mentoring.pdf :: "Linux Kernel Newbies" http://kernelnewbies.org/ :: "Linux kernel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_kernel :: "The Linux Kernel Archives" http://www.kernel.org/ :: "Linux Kernel Development - Google Code" http://stid.googlecode.com/files/Linux.Kernel.Development.3rd.Edition.pdf :: "Linux Kernel 11:00
Kiloswill try them ty inetpro 11:01
darksurferzatried. looking for someone to say: "i've tried this and it is good", as apposed to me trying everything until my will to live is exhausted11:01
inetproKilos: or try the #ubuntu-community-team 11:01
Kiloslol darksurferza see the above links11:01
darksurferzathanks for the links. anyone tried and aprove them? or is this the "this should be good source"?11:02
Kilosor be patient here, someone will give you the right info11:02
* inetpro goes back to work some more11:03
KilosMaaz, google linux package developement11:03
MaazKilos: "Software Development on Linux" http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialSoftwareDevelopment.html :: "Linux C++ Software Development" http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialC++.html :: "Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux :: "Debian Linux Install GNU GCC Compiler and Development ..." http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/debian-linux-install-gnu-gcc-compiler/ :: "CentOS Linux Install Core D11:03
Kilosenjoy inet ty again11:03
Kilosdarksurferza, we have a guy here who is on the ubuntu dev team so he should be able to point you in the right direction11:04
Kiloshes not actively online at the mo tho11:05
drussellKilos: hmm, it's really unlikely, what's the reason you'd want that?11:05
darksurferzaoh, crud, was just about to send an UPPERCASE broadcast asking politely for ubuntu dev guys to make themselves known...11:05
Kilosdrussell, my pc cant do unity and i dont have data to do all the updating and installing of new stuff11:06
darksurferzaanyway, these resources should fill in all the free time i have between working, studying, and brewing beer at home11:07
Kilosdrussell, there must be many peeps out there with older pcs11:07
darksurferzatasty past time might i add11:07
drussellKilos: can't handle unity2d either?11:07
Kilosdrussell, i tried 11.04 and had so many hassles that i came back to maverick which works great here11:08
darksurferzaWell i have a samsung netbook with the bear minimum amount of ram and unity 2d works fine.11:09
darksurferzawhat problem are you having?11:09
drussellKilos: hmm, unity2d has improved a lot, and to be honest, either that, or something even lighter like xfce is going to be the best way for you to go11:09
Kilosand i have all my archives saved so can do clean installs if necessary without breaking the bank11:09
drussellKilos: at least when 12.04 comes out you can keep it running for 5 years on the desktop ;o)11:10
drussellKilos: yeah, the data is tricky...11:10
Kilosi tried xubuntu drussell but not my cuppa11:10
Kilosi love gnome11:10
drussellKilos: unfortunately, gnome 2.x is slipping away into a coma never to return11:11
Kilosyes drussell but if i have everything saved here i should be able to go on indefinitely with maverick11:11
drussellKilos: you can, but the updates will stop and there will be no security fixes11:12
Kilosits just with a clean install that first sudo apt-get update thats needed11:12
drussellKilos: both for canonical and the community, it's just too much work to support non lts releases for any longer than their scheduled lifetime11:13
darksurferzaKilos, you tried enlightenment or even window maker?11:13
drussellKilos: also we can't really support something long term when the upstream has died, we'd need to do all the engineering work ourselves (canonical+community_11:14
drusselldarksurferza: I love enlightenment, I try it out once every few years :o)11:14
drusselldarksurferza: http://bodhilinux.com/11:15
darksurferzame too, but then KDE comes along with shiny buttons, and now unity (that actually works)11:15
darksurferzasoz, unity made me do a kde remix for the 10.X releases11:16
darksurferzathe bodhi release is awesome, just a little maturing, then i will switch.11:16
darksurferza(ok, a lot of matuirng)11:17
Kilosdrussell, does update not just show my OS what is available11:17
Kiloslike existing packages11:17
Kilosdarksurferza, no data to spare for other goodies11:18
Kilosuse mobile broadband donations to keep going11:18
drussellKilos: you could order/get a CD from a magazine for 12.04 to at least try it, then start with updates fom 12.04 onwards?11:18
Kilosdrussell, i am sure one of the guys will supply me with a cd but then its 100s of megs data again11:20
darksurferzaoh, if bodhi really wants to be cool, then they should allow people to click on the "desktop of the week" and make their desktop like that. ie, bundle it as a theme/package bundle?11:20
darksurferzakilos, what data plan are you on? maybe a switch?11:20
Kilospay as you go11:21
darksurferzawhich provider?11:21
Kilosvodacom or 8ta11:22
drusselldarksurferza: you're right, that would be a stunning feature11:23
drussellKilos: have you heard of debdelta?11:23
darksurferzacrud, vodacom has the most expensive data at the moment. is the 8ta 10Gb deal not an option?11:23
darksurferzadrussel, is that like the fedora package delta thing? think its called presto or something11:25
Kilosnope drussell what is that11:26
drusselldarksurferza: yup11:27
drussellKilos: it's a method of just downloading the diffs on updates, rather than whole updates11:27
drussellKilos: it's not mainstream in ubuntu yet11:27
drussellKilos: but sounds perfect for what you're facing...11:27
drussellKilos: so instead of a libreoffice update needing to download 100's of MB, it just downloads the differences between the package you have, and the update11:28
drussellKilos: recombines them on your machine, and applies the update11:28
drussellKilos: bit of an old link, but good summary https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-in/2009-September/006049.html11:29
Kiloswill look at it ty drussell 11:29
Kilosi dont even use office. just xchat pidgin and mail11:30
Kilosand epiphany for the odd link11:32
darksurferzakilos, have you looked at http://www.8ta.co.za/plans/2gbpromo/11:34
darksurferza149 zars for 3 Gbs11:35
darksurferzawell, 2 + 111:35
darksurferzaif you're on the 8ta network (not roaming on mtn)11:35
Kilosroams here i think11:36
Kilosdarksurferza, some of the guys are doing lpi Q+A classes if you interested11:37
Kilosyou young hey?11:37
darksurferzacrums. well then R149 for 2 Gb then. should cover a full download and updates11:38
darksurferzayoung... that is relative11:38
Kilosrelative to what11:38
darksurferzayoung when compared to Nelson Mandela, or young when compared to Justin Bieber?11:39
darksurferzaAnyway, i dont think we need to be bias on the grounds of age. I am "young", and interested in the LPI. who, where, how much11:40
KilosMaaz, lpi manual11:40
Kilosi need to be on my other drive to give you the other info11:41
darksurferzawhen, how.... etc?11:41
Kilosjoin the sa mailing lists11:41
Kilosi will be back now now11:41
Kilosjust installed here to use this drive for practising on11:42
darksurferzasurprised I dont see mark clarke on here (@mxc4). He is quite the linux zeolot. Think he is a LPI tutor if I am not mistaken.11:46
Kilosdarksurferza, http://linux-studies.za.net/11:47
darksurferzacrums. its real slow. who is hosting?11:48
Kilosone of the guys11:48
Kilosand the Q+A is on #linux-studies tuesday nights11:49
Kiloswhat irc client are you using11:50
darksurferzammm, on his home machine? I got a VPS in the UK and can offer hosting if need be. maybe ask the hoster to give me a shout next time we are both online11:51
darksurferzaat home, xirc. right now, one of those internet irc proxy things. 11:51
Kilosarent you using ubutnu11:52
darksurferzawindows and linux at work, and linux at home. corperate software suite determines my work OS.11:54
superflyMy VPS is currently experiencing some issues. I'm currently looking into them.11:54
superflyAlso, MediaWiki needs some serious optimisation.11:54
Kilosdarksurferza, superfly is our resident python expert11:55
Kiloswill be giving python after the lpi course is done11:55
darksurferzasuperfly, cool. If you need a hosting partner, just shout, my honeypots can be put to more effective use....11:55
superflydarksurferza: it's usually OK, just something seems to be up with my VPS at the moment... probably one of the Django apps *grrr*11:57
darksurferzano issues. Invitation stands for the forseable future.11:57
superflyseems to be a little better now11:58
darksurferzayip. whats with the 2c3d at the top of http://linux-studies.za.net/wiki/Linux_Studies:Current_events ?12:00
darksurferzaoh, and the floating zero on the right hand side?12:00
darksurferzasorry, other right.... :(12:00
superflyit's probably kbmonkey trying to embed a Google Calendar12:01
superflyhe asked me to install some extension the other day12:01
Kilosdarksurferza, here is the study groups mail addy12:03
darksurferzajust subscribed now.12:04
Kilosyou might need to wait for the second site verification mail 12:05
Kilosits a manual accept12:05
darksurferzaused the blank email to linux-studies+subscribe@googlegroups.com option. trying to keep all my subs in one mailbox.12:05
Kilosnice meeting you darksurferza ill be back tonight\12:07
Kiloslater all12:07
=== dLimit_ is now known as dLimit
* inetpro wonders why kilos ignored drussell about the 8ta suggestions12:46
inetprothink he may have missed it in between other talk12:46
drussellinetpro: not my suggestions, but yeah, darksurferza had some good ideas12:46
drussellinetpro: I'd hate to be stuck at the end of such a low bandwidth/expensive link :o(12:47
* drussell is lucky enough to have 100MBit fibre to his home12:47
inetprodrussell: that is very unfair12:48
drussellinetpro: went to a hotel in Taipei... had gigabit internet... I could literally download from fast local mirrors at 1000mbit12:49
drussellinetpro: now that's insane12:49
* inetpro goes back to work, sulking 12:50
inetproto be honest I think kilos needs that 10gig subscription from 8ta12:51
inetproeven myself I need it12:51
inetprothe sad part about it is that it is for a fixed 24 months12:51
* inetpro hates contracts12:51
tumbleweedsuperfly: hrm, the ubuntu-za website DB is at 77MB12:52
inetprotumbleweed: what!?12:52
inetprowhat would be taking up 77MB?12:53
darksurferzagentle-peeps, I must be off to bottle beers, If all goes well, and we (physically) cross paths again, free beer at the crossing.... :)12:57
tumbleweedinetpro: I'm guessing spam:P12:57
inetpromust be12:58
tumbleweed19MB of comments, 14MB of sessinos12:59
drusselldarksurferza: sounds like a plan ;o)12:59
darksurferzadrussell, you in JHB?13:00
darksurferzacrud, must be off. Chat another time. cheers13:03
drusselldarksurferza: nope UK13:04
drusselldarksurferza: cu!13:04
Kiloswhats ubuntu calistoga14:45
Kilosgou maak inetpro storm kom14:47
KilosMaaz, coffee on14:51
* Maaz puts the kettle on14:51
KilosMaaz, and grandpas14:52
MaazTry hitting your head against a brick wall Kilos14:52
KilosMaaz, hurry14:55
MaazMaking decent coffee is an art Kilos and should never be rushed14:55
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!14:55
KilosMaaz, ty14:55
MaazYou are welcome Kilos14:55
KilosMaaz, later14:56
MaazChow for now Kilos See you soon14:56
Kilosevening guys and gal18:03
Kilosinetpro, hierdie kan baie spaar as ons dit kan opstel18:09
Kilosilll paste what i did can someone check if its right please18:09
Kiloshiya Squirm 18:10
Kilosslexy is flying tonight18:11
Kilosdrussell, that looks like a winner for mobile broadband users18:11
drussellKilos: yvw18:12
Kiloshope it does the same with linux kernels and headers18:12
Kiloshi frozty_sa long time no see18:13
=== frozty_sa is now known as froztbyte
Kilosdrussell, are you from here before18:38
Kilosanother nick maybe18:38
drussellyup, it's me, am at a hotel with crap wifi, so seems to keep dropping18:38
Kiloshi sakhi_ 18:38
Kilospeeps complain all over the world about hotels wifi18:39
drussellKilos: yup it works the same way for kernels and headers also18:39
Kiloswow drussell that will save a fortune18:39
drussellKilos: I actually met the main developer last year http://mennucc1.debian.net/ @ UDS18:40
Kiloslike i have blocked the last 210m of upgrades18:40
Kiloswhy didnt you tell me this 2 years ago18:41
drussellKilos: hehe didn't know you then ;o)18:42
Kilosdoes one just change the last bit in that conf file18:42
Kilosand i think we can get past that update bit with aptoncd18:43
Kilosnuvolari, lewe jy nog?18:44
KilosMaaz, announce 5 days to our monthly meet hey guys18:46
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! 5 days to our monthly meet hey guys18:46
KilosSquirm, you still using broadband mobile19:19
Squirmwork internet :)19:20
Kilosat home?19:20
Kiloslekker to have work internet hey19:20
Squirmlive on the property19:22
Squirmuncapped 4mb line19:22
Kiloswonderful, 19:22
Kilosinetpro, ping19:28
Kilosme gotta crash. night all19:43
KilosMaaz, cheers19:43
MaazMay the force be with you Kilos19:43

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