brimlarimanc: "uname -r" gives kernel version, "lsb_release -a" gives Ubuntu release info00:00
bastidrazorimanc: lsb_release -a00:00
JessDmuelli : If the latter, that's not a concern given the nature of the box.  It's purpose is to allow a group of trusted users to easily share files over samba00:00
imancfantastic… thanks chasp00:00
muelliwell JessD. I still don't think I've fully understood your requirements. But from what you've answered: "/dev/sdb to carry, say, 0777 once you plug a pendrive in" - "exactly" then any (!) user could write to the block device. That means brickage.00:00
bastidrazormun: you may need a reboot?00:00
dejahthorisharry7; I'd like to help you further, but I've never personally needed to blacklist the pata driver00:00
JessDmuelli : If I were worried about malicious users, I a) wouldn't use samba and b) wouldn't be using this method for perms00:00
muellioh, and I mean the block device not the mounted filesystem.00:01
JessDmuelli : alrighty then.00:01
harry7dejahthori : its ok. tell me what to do an i will try. if i mes thing up i can always reinstall00:01
munbastidrazor, ok i'll try rebooting00:01
harry7dejahthori: i am looking this: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=2775600:02
muni have another problem: i'm trying to setup a cronjob that calls a sudo command, but i keep getting an error from the cronjob. the cronjob is in the user table; is that ok?00:02
harry7is it the same prob?00:02
karstenmun: Generally, you'd set up a cronjob to run as root, then, if you want to invoke a specific user, use 'su' to do that, in one of the system crontab files:  /etc/crontab, /etc/cron.d/<filename>, or /etc/cron.{hourly,daily,weekly,monthly}00:04
karstenmun: the /etc/crontab syntax also supports naming the user to run as.  man 5 crontab.00:04
ubuntu_noob_donttrying to confirm that if you are running xubuntu directly from the CD and not installed on the HD that you are unable to add a wireless connection.  Any help appreciated.00:05
dejahthorisharry7; if you already have it installed, you might be able to create a "pata.conf" file in /etc/modprobe.d00:05
karstenmun: fields are (see "SYSTEM CRON FILE): m h dom mon dow user command.00:06
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harry7dejahthoris: how can i do that?00:06
munkarsten, so do you mean i should try setting it in root's crontab (sudo crontab -e)?00:07
karstenmun: No.00:07
dejahthorisharry7; have you completed the install yet, or it the installer hanging?00:07
karstenmun: My recommendation would be to use an /etc/cron.d/ file.00:07
xubuntu6check the crontab00:07
karstenmun: You could also put it in /etc/crontab, but managing that gets ugly if you're adding a lot of cron jobs.00:07
munkarsten, well i only got 1 cronjob here00:07
harry7dejahthoris: i have completed installation of ubuntu 11.1000:07
_Ethan_what is better for a pictures "falling effec" adobe premiere or adobe after effects? any suggestion ?¿00:07
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harry7dejahthoris: where is the blacklist file located00:08
karstenmun: I expect this is a system, not a regular, user that you're trying to run this as.  Maintaining indivdual crontabs for systems users is a pretty bad idea -- hard to manage.00:08
karstenmun: Good practices start early.00:08
karstenmun: I've only been doing this for, oh, 25 years or so.00:08
dejahthorisharry7; in /etc/modprobe.d/00:08
harry7dejahthoris: ok00:08
_Ethan_what is better for a pictures "falling effec" adobe premiere or adobe after effects? any suggestion ?¿00:08
karstenmun: ... but what do I know.00:09
ubottu_Ethan_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:09
FloatingGoatI LOVE 12.04!00:09
dejahthorisharry7; beyond this, I have no experience with your exact problem, so I shouldn't try to give advice00:09
harry7dejahthoris: ok thank you for all :)00:10
dejahthorisharry7l you're welcome00:10
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Gskelligis there a good program similar to CPU-z for windows where I can see lots of info about cpu and ram for ubuntu/linux?00:11
Gskelliggui preferred but not necessary00:11
cfhowlettseangibbz   greetings00:11
cfhowlettGskellig   see screenlets00:11
seangibbzhow are you guys?00:11
dejahthorisGskellig; "top" doesn't tell you enough?00:11
munkarsten, ok. i've tried creating a file in /etc/cron.d but i'm getting the same error: exit with status 200:11
munkarsten, also i have root as the user00:12
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Gskelligno it doesn't =(00:12
karstenmun: sudo -e /etc/cron.d/<somefile>00:12
munkarsten, i had the same problem with this cronjob before upgrading to 11.10. the fix was to add xhost local:root but now it doesn't seem to help.00:12
karstenmun: ... will invoke an editor and allow you to edit that file.  You need to be in sudoers, which if you installed ubuntu you should be.00:12
karstenmun: If you're not, hack root (boot single user) and add yourself to sudoers.00:13
karstenmun: ... or talk to whomever owns the box and have them grant you sudo privs.00:13
psusiGskellig, try lshw00:13
munkarsten, yeah i managed to edit using sudo -e00:14
karstenThere you go.00:14
karstenTest that the cronjob works as you want it to.  They're a bit tricky that way.00:14
munkarsten, just that the cronjob gives an error00:14
munerror (grandchild #3000 failed with exit status 2)00:14
munthis comes from syslog00:14
Gskelliglshw is pretty good00:14
zacariasis there an alternative to gnome-tweak-tool?00:15
munif i set the user to my user, i get exit status 100:15
muellizacarias: dconf-editor ;-)00:15
almoxarifemun: using kde task scheduler?00:15
escottzacarias, gsettings cli00:15
cfhowlettzacarias   ubuntu tweak00:15
munalmoxarife, nope. i'm on gnome.00:15
karstenmun: paste the cronjob enry here.00:15
almoxarifemun: i get the same error with mentioned00:15
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munkarsten, */1 * * * * root python ~/Misc/revoco-battery.py00:16
escottmun, you shouldn't use relative paths in crontab entries00:16
karstenmun: Use an absolute path for the command, not a tilde.00:16
karsten   So:  /home/<username>/Misc/revoco-battery.py00:16
almoxarifemun: and the crontab is created, just cant be excuted, google it, no help there00:17
karstenescott: technically, it's not a relative path, but it is a shell expansion.00:17
munkarsten, ok. let me wait for the next minute.00:17
munalmoxarife, yeah, i've tried googling. but last time i fixed it with xhost local:root00:17
karstenmun: If your python script uses #!/usr/bin/python notation, you can invoke it directly rather than calling it with python.00:18
munescott, karsten, omg.. that fixed it.00:18
karstenmun: Welcome to crontab troubleshooting ;-)00:18
munbloody hell..00:18
zacariasescott: that's what I will probably use, although is no that easy and I don't want to mess thinhs up00:18
munthanks a lot guys00:18
zacariasmuelli: is it cli or gui?00:18
muellizacarias: GUI.00:19
zacariascfhowlett: It crashes before it does anything (and gnome-tweak-tool doesn't even launch, it give sme an error message)00:19
almoxarifemun: from i see happening the crash is not cron related, i set up a job for every two mins, and it ran like it should, but crashing just like you see it, its not the cron portion, variables ?00:19
zacariasmuelli: thanks, I'll try that00:20
thevaliantx<thevaliantx> why can't i view images i pull off my external hard drive?  the images put on there have no thumbnails, but they have the name of *.jpg and looking at properties it shows that the images of JPG type.  what happens when i try to view one of them is the "image viewer" program will open, but nothing is shown.  if i just copy the image from the external hard drive to my desktop then i can view the image with no problems.00:20
thevaliantx  what gives?00:20
cfhowlettzacarias   I'll take the -1 for teh ffilaed suggestion.  Sorry.00:20
karstenmun: NP.00:20
zacariascfhowlett: ?00:24
cfhowlettzacarias   hmmm??00:25
zacariascfhowlett: sorry, I didn't understand your last message (that's why I messaged a question mark)00:26
cfhowlettzacarias   see http://ubuntu-tweak.com/00:26
cfhowlettzacarias   not 11.04 and older only00:26
ubottupilun: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:26
zacariascfhowlett: it doesn't work on 11.10?00:27
cfhowlettzacarias   nope.  sorry.00:27
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harry7:) ok back again. actually i managed to resolve my big problem. it turns out the pata-controller makes my kernel hangs up forever. put blacklist pata-amd on that balck list and now my OS boots normally. thank you man that i dont remmeber your nickname :)00:29
dejahthorisharry7; excellent news00:30
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harry7let see if blacklisting pata-amd brakes anything else00:30
harry7dejahthoris: oh  didnt remember your name00:31
harry7dejahthoris: thank a lot00:31
diverdudeIs all logging in ubuntu using rsyslog?00:31
harry7dejahthoris: i hope i will not brake anything00:32
dejahthorisharry7; it shouldn't00:32
harry7now that i blacklisted pata-amd what was that for00:32
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harry7what is pata used for?00:32
kraz3dIs there a VNC server for ubuntu that would allow me to access my computer via a foreign web browser?00:33
dejahthorisharry7; that only disabled the legacy pata controller which didn't have any hdd on it anyways00:33
harry7dejahthoris: ah ok. than good to go :)00:33
harry7dejahthoris: thank you00:33
dejahthorisharry7; pata is the old ata controller, the one wuth 40 pins00:33
diverdudeIs all logging in ubuntu using rsyslog?00:34
harry7now is there any good tutorial on how to install latest nvidia proprietary. the one that you download from nvidia website??00:34
dejahthorisharry7; no idea, I don't do nvidia video cards00:35
harry7ah ok. no prob00:35
escott!nvidia | harry700:35
ubottuharry7: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:35
escottharry7, and don't download it directly use jockey-gtk00:36
harry7escott: i used that but the driver on the nvidia website its newer00:36
escottharry7, the supported method is jockey-gtk00:37
harry7escott: i have 280.13 and the driver i downloaded from them is 295.2000:37
harry7but its a .run00:38
diverdudeIs all logging in ubuntu using rsyslog?00:38
aethelrickharry7, new is not always best... do you need the very latest driver for a reason or can you not use the latest stable supported one?00:38
escottharry7, i don't care, use jockey-gtk. there are all kinds of issues with installing something outside of the repos and without a good reason you won't find much support on this channel00:38
harry7i gues i am gonna stay with what escott says00:39
escottdiverdude, it is the default syslog application... so yes00:39
aethelrickharry7, in some cases, I've had the newer driver perform worse for an older card... best to stick with what is tested :)00:40
diverdudeescott: so where is it set up that e.g. apache's log messages sent to rsyslog is stored in /var/log/apache2 ?00:40
escottdiverdude, check /etc/rsyslog.d/00:41
mattwhelanAnyone here have an opinion on which would be a better desktop for Ubuntu: ~2005 Apple PowerPC G5 tower or a 4 year old cheapo Dell desktop tower?00:43
dejahthorismattwhelan; how cheapo?00:43
aBoundI don't think a PowerPC arch is supported for Ubuntu anymore.00:43
cfhowlettmattwhelan   powerpc is going to be more difficult...00:43
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:43
mattwhelanThe Dell is an Inspiron, I don't know the exact specs offhand, but I think the specs are not as good as the Mac. Total average consumer Dell machine.00:45
Gergovguys i guess a lot of people like me asking but why and how to fix skype mic and camera? now my camera didnt work i found an article http://www.ubunturoot.com/2010/05/how-to-fix-webcam-problem-in-skype.html and now for a brief moment works, but then skype crashes. and the mic people say they can hear something but the sound is terrible with a lot of noise and my words tear . i am using ubuntu 10.04 and its just a default installation00:45
dejahthorismattwhelan; Inspiron but which model number?00:45
peter__anyone particularly skilled in making a intel wireless card 5100 agn work?00:46
cfhowlettmattwhelan   I just gave away my 2001 dell - still worked still ran ubuntu...00:46
wingnut2626lim trying to configure my computer to be an ftp server using wu-ftpd.  i run the command but it just brings me to another prompt.  what do i do?00:46
diverdudeescott: hmm ok...didnt really find anything there...but seems that rsyslog config is fragmented into many files. I found /etc/rsyslog.conf, /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf, /etc/rsyslog.d/20-ufw.conf and /etc/default/rsyslog. why so many, and are there more?00:46
escottGergov, what is not working about the camera00:46
mattwhelanWould it be a total mess/ordeal to try and get Ubuntu (community port) working well on the G5? I can get my hands on a dual processer 2.5 w/ 6GB Ram, later model. Just don't want to be running into issues every week.00:46
mattwhelanNot sure of the Inspiron model. I know for a fact it runs Ubuntu fine, just wondering if the G5 would be a better option since the specs are much better, or if it's too much trouble.00:47
OerHeksmattwhelan, i think G5 lacks support on flash.. not sure it still is.00:47
cfhowlettmattwhelan   you'd have to ask the ppc folk...00:47
escottdiverdude, syslog interacts with multiple programs so its helpful to have a separate config file for each program it interacts with. this is a common approach in /etc00:47
Gergovescott, first when i click "turn on camera" nothing happened. like there is no camera. after the article. i did what its written there, and now i start the camera, people see me kind of blueish and after 1-2 min skype crashes and i have to start it again00:47
dejahthorismattwhelan; the question isn't how lame the Inspiron is now, but how much you might upgrade it cheaply using junk parts00:48
cfhowlettmattwhelan   dejahthoris has a point.  That machine is ancient!00:48
diverdudeescott: hmm but there are only those 4 files but way more programs interacts with rsyslog00:49
escottGergov, if the camera works in other applications (like cheese) one thing you can try is to use some LD_PRELOAD tricks to force skype to use libv4l. start with installing libv4l-0:i38600:49
escottdiverdude, some may not require any special configuration. you would have to read the config files. i don't know much about rsyslog00:49
Gergovescott, thats exactly what i am doing now. i am starting skype with LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype . and this is where, when i start the camera, skype it crashes after 2 min00:51
escottGergov, so you are running x86 then00:51
cfhowlettMy ubuntustudio theme has the right-panel buttons.  I know how to switch them to left panel, but if I switch to another theme and them back to US, buttons reset to right-panel.  How do I lock the buttons to left panel in gnome-conf?00:51
Gergovescott, sorry but i kinda dont know hihihi i think yes tho :) how can i check to be sure?00:52
escottGergov, uname -a see if it says x86_64 anywhere.00:52
cfhowlettMy ubuntustudio theme has the right-panel buttons.  I know how to switch them to left panel, but if I switch to another theme and them back to US, buttons reset to right-panel.  How do I lock the buttons to left panel in *gconf-editor*00:53
escottGergov, it should say i386/i686 for your preload to be correct00:53
Gergovi686 GNU/Linux00:53
Gergov at the end00:53
escottGergov, then its out of my depth. there are some environment variables LIBV4LCONTROL_FLAGS but i dont know what they do00:54
Gergovthanks for your help tho :)00:54
Gergovescott, any idea about the mic then ?00:55
escottGergov, alsamixer. check the mic gain boost00:55
vubuntor979how to ren {01, 02, 03, 04}.mp3 to {abc01, abc02, abc03, abc04}.mp300:55
cfhowlettMy ubuntustudio theme has the right-panel buttons,  I know how to switch them to left-panel via gconf-editor - now how do I make that change stick?00:55
Gergovescott, mic boost 0<>000:56
escottvubuntor979, rename is a perl application which can do this. or you can use a bash loop: for f in *.mp3; do echo $f abc$f; done (replace the echo with mv)00:56
vubuntor979other same as "mv ??.mp3 /abc/*"00:57
cfhowlettvubuntor979   see http://www.ossramblings.com/bulk_rename_mp3_files_in_linux00:58
vubuntor979thank s cfhowlett01:00
cfhowlettvubuntor979   have fun/be safe01:01
vubuntor979thanks cfhowlett01:06
n0sqi'm having trouble installing updates - 2 packages are unauthenticated so i deselected them but it still won't let me update the others01:07
n0sqhmm, gpg key not found on keyserver01:10
escott!topic | arun_india01:11
ubottuarun_india: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic01:11
jlb181n0sq I've found when I have trouble like that I can use the command line to do the upgrade.  sudo apt-get upgrade01:11
socrates_johnsonhello, i can't convert ogv to avi/mp4 using ffmpeg, winff, or openshot in ubuntu...handbrake works fine and i can convert the file using ffmpeg in redhat or winff in windows (so i don't think it's the file)01:16
jlb181n0sq https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu  about two thirds down the page it talks about authentication.01:16
ki7rwi'm not able to find this key: 0x40976EAF437D05B501:17
jlb181I think that is the best I can do for you myself.01:17
AhoaltonI am trying to change the boot order in grub.  I currently have Ubuntu 11.10 and win 7 dual booted01:17
escottki7rw, selfsig http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x40976EAF437D05B501:17
Ahoaltoncan someone point me in the right direction please?01:18
escottAhoalton, grub-set-default01:18
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Ahoaltonhow do I access that escott?01:19
jswagnerfrom a terminal01:19
escottAhoalton, its a command line utility01:19
AhoaltonI want to make windows 7 my first boot, currently ubuntu is01:19
sozomenim about to format an external harddrive with disk utility -- if i do Master Boot Record (ive never seen this) will it likely work with an xbox 360?01:20
Ahoaltonok escott, are you can you help me when I boot into ubuntu in a few minutes?01:20
escottAhoalton, yes01:20
jswagnerAhoalton: open a terminal and use grub-set-default.  check the help screen/man page for details.01:20
escottAhoalton, make a note of what number windows is in the boot menu01:21
ki7rwescott: thanks01:21
Ahoaltonthank you, ttyl01:21
Ahoaltonthanks brb01:21
escottsozomen, you want to boot an alternate os on the xbox?01:21
sozomenno, just for movies and whatnot01:22
sozomenusing the usb port01:22
escottsozomen, it would have to be ntfs, and you should generally be creating ntfs partitions from within windows. there may be additional restrictions on the xbox filesystem. im not sure if it standard ntfs or not01:23
sozomentried to format in NTFS and got this "Error creating file system: helper exited with exit code 1: Error calling fsync(2) on /dev/sdb: Input/output error"01:25
CXIV1I want to install lubuntu on usb , does that reserved extra space refferers only to /home or just also to later installed packages?01:25
escottCXIV1, both01:26
CXIV1escott Thanks01:26
dvhhntfs doesn't  work with the xbox01:26
dvhhonly fat01:26
wingnut2626lonce i set up my ftp server using vsftpd, how do i access the ftp from another computer01:26
sozomendvhh thanks01:28
Ahoaltonescott:  what was the command again?01:28
escottAhoalton, what option number is the windows?01:29
Ahoalton5 I believe01:29
Ahoaltonits last01:29
cfhowlettCXIV1   reserved space is for files that are NOT part or the lubuntu filesystem01:29
CXIV1cfhowlett ..01:29
socrates_johnsonsorry, does anyone have thoughts on setting up codecs so I convert ogv to avi using ffmpeg or openshot? thank you01:29
cfhowlettsocrates_johnson   ubuntu-restricted-extras for the codecs...01:30
CXIV1cfhowlett So after installing some packages that packages will not be located there?01:30
escottAhoalton, i think its zero indexed so try sudo set-grub-default 4. if that doesn't boot the correct entry try again with sudo set-grub-default 501:30
Ahoaltonso that will move windows to number one?01:31
cfhowlettCXIV1   installed packages go into the ubuntu filesystem as normal.  If you also wish to use the USB as a storage medium when it's NOT booting ubuntu, leave some extras space01:31
leo-unglaubhi friends, i have one usb drive with don't work on my ubntu laptop. on all other ubuntu computers in the company the stick works fine. Here is my dmesg and my lsusb01:31
leo-unglaubdu you have any ideas why?01:31
escottAhoalton, it changes what the default option is. it doesn't reorder the entries in any way01:31
Ahoaltonoh, ok, is it possible to reorder the entries?01:31
cfhowlettleo-unglaub   it's not ubuntu - it's that computer.  does it support USB boot?01:31
CXIV1 cfhowlett I got 8 gb usb drive , and I set 4 gb for that extra settings space.01:32
escottleo-unglaub, can you try a different port?01:32
leo-unglaubcfhowlett: i am not talking abount booting from it. i just mean simply copying fiels on it01:32
leo-unglaubescott: i tryed all 4 ports01:32
CXIV1I think it should be enough01:32
cfhowlettCXIV1   sounds good...01:32
leo-unglauband all other sticks work fine on my laptop01:32
leo-unglaubjust not this one01:32
socrates_johnsoncfhowlett: thank you, unfortunately i have those installed already01:33
cfhowlettleo-unglaub   does the one computer support USB read/write?  Some companies disable it...01:33
cfhowlettsocrates_johnson   ah.  sorry, then.01:33
leo-unglaubcfhowlett: i am the tech admin in this company. i have all rights on all of the machines.01:34
socrates_johnsoncfhowlett: no worries, thank you01:34
themonitoran anyone help  me understand this? I installed  the latest ubuntu and adobe flash was using my gpu  but in slack it doesn't. Is there a configuration  that I need to do or is it something like ubuntu  just having newer software?01:34
Ahoaltonit says command not found escott01:34
cfhowlettleo-unglaub   that answers that.  IDK what's going on there.  Sorry.01:35
themonitorI know this isn't a specific issue. I'm just looking to be pointed in the rigt direction01:35
leo-unglaubcfhowlett: thanks anyway :)01:35
themonitorI want to understand better how linux in general interacts with the gpu01:35
Ahoaltonescott:  is grub-set-default01:35
Ahoaltonthanks just had to flip them01:35
escottAhoalton, grub-set-default01:35
Ahoaltongonna try it01:35
Ahoaltonbrb to tell you01:36
axisyswhat's the best way to offline copy of a website?01:38
dvhhaxisys: wget ?01:39
themonitoraxisys: that was going to be my suggestion.01:39
axisysdvhh: i see wget -mk looks good01:39
axisysthemonitor, dvhh : thanks guys01:39
themonitornp :)01:39
dvhhthemonitor: :p axisys: ;)01:40
axisysit will work with http://example.com/index.cgi ?01:41
escottaxisys, it will be able to copy all the static content01:42
axisyshwo about a message board site?01:44
axisysi see tons of index.cgi?files01:44
escottaxisys, (a) you shouldn't do that without the permission or the website owner (b) if all you want is the static content yes01:45
axisysi was asked by the one of the member if they can offline copy the site01:46
escottaxisys, doing it with wget would be the stupidest most inconsiderate way of doing so01:46
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escottaxisys, the proper way to do this is to copy the sql database (its probably mysql)01:46
iguestwhat is the channel name for ubuntu 12.04 alpha?01:47
axisysescott: hmm01:47
EvilResistance!12.04 | iguest01:47
ubottuiguest: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:47
* ki7rw probably shouldn't upgrade packages without a good signature but i like to live dangerously01:50
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elektron_can someone help me01:55
elektron_i'm doing a class project01:55
elektron_and I need to generate some "real" data01:55
elektron_if you can fill this form out01:55
elektron_it'd be awesome01:55
FloodBot1elektron_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:55
EvilResistanceelektron_:  this isnt the channel for such things.01:56
EvilResistance!offtopic | elektron_01:56
ubottuelektron_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:56
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gbuchdahlI have a rather stupid question02:00
gbuchdahl idownloaded ubuntu recently02:00
gbuchdahland my bluetooth mouse has not connected02:00
gbuchdahlso I can't click install02:01
gbuchdahlso what do I do02:01
steviesteveoDo you have a usb mouse?02:01
gbuchdahlI do: do I have to use it forever?02:01
StevenXHello everyone. Is there a "remote desktop software" for ubuntu like there is for Windows? I am currently using TeamViewer, but it is used through Wine and doesn't work too well.02:01
Ben64!vnc | StevenX02:01
ubottuStevenX: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:01
steviesteveoNo, just long enough to install ubuntu and get bluetooth set up02:02
resnoi just downloaded ubuntu 11.10 live, and i need the login credentials to get on02:02
StevenXBen64: Thanks!02:02
gbuchdahlcan I plus one you?02:02
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX02:02
meskaruneStevenX: there is a linux version of teamviewer, you don't have to run it through wine. http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/index.aspx02:04
_MarcusTeamViewer is okay, if you don't want to open anything on your firewall. It gets slow at times.02:04
StevenXmeskarune, I *thought* I had downloaded that one, but it still ran through wine.02:08
Lunar_LanderI just went on ebay and had only part of the site allowed in noscript, then I wanted to right click on a line of text that I marked and then the site went gray and a window appeared in the center saying "Text by Dirtyharry9999"02:09
Lunar_Landerany idea what that is?02:09
StevenXmeskarune, would that make any sense or do you think I downloaded the wrong one?02:09
Lunar_Landerwhen I switched the site fully on in noscript, that disappeared02:09
Ben64StevenX: teamviewer is available in the software center, you shouldn't download it from the website anyway.02:09
StevenX_Marcus, but with TeamViewer I can use as a client a windows pc or an android phone, which is pretty nice.02:10
Ben64StevenX: there are vnc clients on windows and android as well02:10
_MarcusStevenX: True.02:10
jon23dI can't eject any of my cd drives, when I press the button, run eject, or even stick a pin in either one of them, it tries to eject but fails.02:10
jon23dUbuntu seems to think they are SCSI, but I've got them connected with SATA cables02:11
jon23dAnd when I can get them to open, they read/write just fine...02:11
_MarcusStevenX: I like my data going from me to the target machine, not me to TeamViewer to target machine. It's faster, and more secure.02:11
Ben64jon23d: you have to unmount the disc before ejecting02:11
jon23dthey aren't mounted02:11
jon23dben64: they are both empty02:11
Ben64jon23d: then the drives could be messed up?02:11
jon23dben64: it seems unlikely that two newish drives would both fail though, doesn't it?02:12
Lunar_Landerdoes anybody have an idea on my problem?02:12
StevenXBen64: So if I install VNC server, then all I need to access it is a generic VNC client software? No need for it to be "compatible." For example, I can't access Teamviewer with anything but TeamViewer.02:12
StevenX_Marcus: Very true.02:12
Ben64jon23d: only if they're mounted would they not eject. and using a pin or paperclip to open it can't fail unless something is physically wrong with the drive02:13
Canadian1296Lunar_Lander: I just joined. What is your problem?02:13
_MarcusStevenX: Of course, that's my opinion. You can use whatever software you like :)02:13
Ben64StevenX: correct. any vnc client will connect to any vnc server02:13
Lunar_LanderI just went on ebay and had only part of the site allowed in noscript, then I wanted to right click on a line of text that I marked and then the site went gray and a window appeared in the center saying "Text by Dirtyharry9999"02:13
Lunar_Landerwhen I did that again, it came on again only with a box to check that said "Prevent this site from showing further messages"02:13
Lunar_Landerwhen I switched the site fully on in noscript, that disappeared02:13
jon23dben64: could the fact that ubuntu reports a scsi connection with them have anything to do with it?  The behavior is identical for both drives, which makes me think the chances of it being a hardware failure is slim02:13
StevenXBen64: Ah, gotcha. Thank you! I wasn't aware. I thought each VNC server software had its own proprietary client software. Now this opens up a whole new level.02:14
escottjon23d, ATAPI and SATA send SCSI commands over ATA so it can all get very confusing, but these days nothing is what used to be ATA02:14
Ben64jon23d: try ejecting them while in the bios or something02:14
_MarcusLunar_Lander: I think that's off topic.02:14
jon23dben64: I wonder if something has a lock on them, but I can't unlock them from the terminal either, hdparm -L 0 /dev/cdrom: HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(doorlock) failed: Bad address02:14
Canadian1296Lunar_Lander: Then noscript is interfering with something. Just add ebay to it's whitelist.02:15
Lunar_LanderOK, thanks02:15
jon23dben64: kk, I'll give it a shot and report back :) thanks02:15
Ben64jon23d: its probably /dev/sr0 though02:15
jon23dben64: same result02:15
Canadian1296Lunar_Lander: No problem :)02:16
Ben64StevenX: yep, i have vino-server on my desktop, pocketcloud client on android, tightvnc client on another desktop, and everything works together fine02:16
jonathonScanning (from HP 2100c) not working after hooking up a printer with a scanner, worked well before. Don't need the color printer as much as I need the scanner. How can I clear out system's information about other printer so original scanner works? Thank you:)02:16
meskaruneStevenX: I see. I guess the linux version uses wine adn some windows libraries to work. I don't know of any simple multiplatform remote desktop applications thoguh :/02:17
jonathonScanning (from HP 2100c) not working after hooking up a printer with a scanner, worked well before. Don't need the color printer as much as I need the scanner. How can I clear out system's information about other printer so original scanner works? Thank you:) Ubuntu 10.0402:17
Ben64!patience | jonathon02:17
ubottujonathon: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:17
jonathonBen64 wanted to add version sorry02:18
Canadian1296jonathon: You could've added the version without repeating the whole question though…02:19
walrus__Can anyone help me out getting the win7 installer on a usb (Xubuntu 11.10)02:19
Canadian1296walrus__: You have Windows and desire Ubuntu, or have Ubuntu and desire Windows?02:20
walrus__I have Ubuntu, and desire windows02:21
meskarunehe is trying to mount the windows installer on a usb from ubuntu02:21
CIDRIs it possible to install or created during an install a software Raid10 ?02:21
Ben64thats not really a ubuntu issue02:21
Wargasmgeh... windows...02:21
psusiwalrus__, then you should ask in #windows or something, though I don't think that's even possible02:21
jon23dben64: they opened fine in the bios, but won't open again in ubuntu02:21
Canadian1296Wargasm: Agreed02:21
walrus__I've done it in windows, just figures I'd try her :P02:21
meskaruneif he is trying to make a usb from ubuntu it is an ubuntu issue02:21
Ben64jon23d: open a terminal and try "eject"02:21
jon23dit doesn't do it02:22
_Marcuswalrus__: You want to put the Windows 7 installer on a USB from xubuntu?02:22
Ben64jon23d: open a terminal and try "sudo eject"02:22
psusiCIDR, sure... you can create a software raid10 during install with the alternate installer, or do you have a fakeraid card?02:22
jon23dben64: doesn't work there either02:22
Canadian1296psusi: I think he wants to know how to make a bootable usb in ubuntu. The people in #windows wouldn't know anything about that02:22
CIDRpsusi: I'd just prefer to use software raid1002:22
_Marcuswalrus__: If xubuntu is a supported distro here, I guess it is on topic02:22
jon23dben64: its almost like something has locked it up02:22
_Marcuswalrus__: Does Ubuntu support writing to NTFS?02:22
meskarunewalrus__: check out the dd command. it might do what you want02:22
jon23dben64: but I can't find the process that would...02:22
CIDRpsusi: I have a hardware card, but it's 8 ports, and if I use four for raid10, I can't use the other 4 for anything, nor will they show up as jbod02:22
_Marcuswalrus__: Oh, I know. First, you need to format the drive as FAT32.02:23
psusiCanadian1296, making a bootable windows usb is a windows question... and I don't think windows supports that anyhow02:23
_Marcuswalrus__: Then you can copy paste the files for Windows 7 installer onto the drive.02:23
walrus__I've tried the dd command, it goes through the process and then i try to boot from it and it just boots from my hdd02:23
walrus__And I tried copying and pasting the files02:23
psusiCIDR, what card is this?02:23
Ben64putting windows onto a flash drive is not a ubuntu support issue02:23
walrus__I think formatted as NTFS though02:23
Ben64take it to ##windows02:23
meskarunewalrus__: oh then I think you might just need to do something in your bios to boot the usb you made with dd02:24
Canadian1296psusi: I know what you're saying… walrus__, go ask if a bootable Windows usb is possible in #windows02:24
CIDRpsusi: LSI SAS1068E02:24
walrus__It is possible, I've done it before, just not in any linux distro02:24
psusiCIDR, unless it's an expensive card, it's probably fakeraid, best to disable the bios raid stuff and just set up software raid02:24
CIDRIt's not fake raid02:24
walrus__And I know how to boot from USB02:24
Lunar_LanderCanadian1296: found the reason. That dirtyharry9999 seems to be the husband of the person who made that other auction02:24
CIDRBut anyway, I'm disabling the raid, because of reasons I stated above02:24
meskaruneCanadian1296: he is asking how to make the usb from ubuntu, so its ontopic02:24
Wargasmbleh, there is a ##windows... how irritating02:24
CIDRAnd want to use software raid02:24
Ben64meskarune: thats not how it works02:25
psusiCIDR, then use the alternate installer and you can set up a software raid1002:25
walrus__Sorry to bother you then, I'll just wait till I can get access to a win7 machine02:25
Canadian1296meskarune: But we aren't sure if it's even possible to make a bootable windows install usb. The people in #windows would know.02:25
CIDRpsusi good deal.02:25
walrus__I was just hoping to learn to do it from linux so there won't be any pain next time02:25
meskarunewalrus__: dd should have worked. maybe re-read some tutorials :)02:26
Lunar_Lander_Marcus: may I ask a ontopic question?02:26
psusiwalrus__, like I said, I don't think it's even possible02:26
meskaruneit is possible02:26
_MarcusLunar_Lander: Yes02:26
meskarunepeople install windows on netbooks with usb install media02:26
psusithe Ubuntu iso images are now hybrid so you can just dd them to a usb drive and boot them, but I don't think Microsoft has caught onto that yet02:26
Lunar_Lander_Marcus: I got 11.10, will it update to 12.04 automatically?02:27
walrus__Maybe not from xubuntu, but I have done it with command prompt and it worked, but not having access to a windows install at the moment I was hoping to do it from xubuntu02:27
_MarcusLunar_Lander: I have no idea. I'm too new to Ubuntu to know if it updates major versions like that.02:27
_MarcusLunar_Lander: My guess is: No02:27
psusiLunar_Lamp, it will prompt you to upgrade when the time comes02:27
Canadian1296walrus__: I asked in #windows. Try this: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/html/pbPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool02:27
escottLunar_Lamp, it will automatically offer you the opportunity to do the update and suggest it, but you have to click yes02:27
mundoes anyone know of a easy way to bind keyboard keys to a mouse button?02:27
walrus__I'm not making a bootable windows installation, just the installer itsself02:27
Ben64Lunar_Lander: it won't do it for you, but you can start the upgrade02:27
walrus__I can't use that tool, I don't have windows02:28
walrus__Just ubuntu02:28
Lunar_LanderI remember from 10.10 when I booted in LIVE Mode, there was a window coming up "Do you want to Upgrade to 11.10?"02:28
Lunar_Landersomething like this will appear then?02:28
Ben64Lunar_Lander: yes02:28
Canadian1296walrus__: You just have to burn an iso to a memory stcik. You can do that in ubuntu02:28
Lunar_Landeris a version jump big?02:28
psusiCanadian1296, that only works if it is a hybrid iso02:28
Lunar_Landeri.e. like a big download?02:28
psusiLunar_Lander, yes02:29
walrus__Canadian1296: I just can't figure out how to do it02:29
Lunar_Landercan you give me a ballpark number?02:29
Lunar_Landerlike the size of a CD or so?02:29
psusiLunar_Lander, give or take, yea02:29
hackerhai all02:29
walrus__Thanks for the help, I'll do it some other time :D02:29
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Lunar_Landermanagable :)02:29
jonathonwalrus_ unetbootin?02:31
jonathonit is a tool to create a bootable usb from iso02:32
meskarunewalrus__: http://gizmodo.com/5257386/how-to-install-windows-7-on-almost-any-netbook02:32
meskarunethe instructions on there use dd to make the install media02:32
_Marcusgerson: Hi02:36
_Marcuskingnebula: Hi02:37
blawizanyone use gmrun? how can one add a folder to the path?02:37
kingnebulaHow is ATI support under linux02:37
kingnebulaI'm deciding between NVidia and AMD*02:38
meskarunekingnubula: I have had great luck with nvidia cards, but I heard that ati was releasing open source drivers, so idk02:38
Yabdenhistorically I think many would agree that ATI support is not as good02:39
escottkingnebula, ati has some actual open source efforts, but you often hear people suggest that nvidia has better quality drivers02:39
YabdenI am not sure how ATI stacks up right at this moment, but in terms of Linux drivers they have not been well received in the past02:40
kingnebulaI've been doign some reading. And it seems that ATI/AMD used to be garbage.. but are making linux a priority I'm wondering if it is up to par with multi-monitor / 3D performance as the nvidia ones02:40
meskarunekingnebula: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=735&num=102:41
OerHekskingnebula, wait for 12.04, a lot improvement.02:41
whumphreyIs it normal to be prompted with three options in the grub when you launch Ubuntu?02:42
Lunar_Landerthanks again _Marcus, psusi and Ben6402:42
OerHekswhumphrey, yes02:42
Lunar_LanderI wish you a good night!02:42
whumphreyOerHeks, thanks02:43
escottwhumphrey, you can disable it by modifying /etc/default/grub02:43
OerHekswhumphrey, would you hide the grubmenu ?02:43
ssshvbHello guys i am trying to convert rpm to dep   and ive got this   $ for i in *.rpm; do sudo alien -cv $i; done02:44
ssshvbLANG=C rpm -qp --queryformat %{NAME} 'adlmapps4-4.0.35-0.x86_64.rpm' sh: rpm: not found02:44
ssshvbError executing "LANG=C rpm -qp --queryformat %{NAME} 'adlmapps4-4.0.35-0.x86_64.rpm'":  at /usr/share/perl5/Alien/Package.pm line 489.02:44
whumphreyOerHeks, I can't remember but I think that it was the default which was originally caught my attention02:44
OerHeksssshvb, why convert rpm to deb, is there no source available ?02:44
whumphreyOerHeks, so I'm not sure how to answer that question02:44
meskarunessshvb: why don't you install from source instead...?02:45
ssshvbwhat do you mean ?02:45
meskarunessshvb: what program are you trying to isntall?02:45
ssshvbmaya sp202:45
kingnebulameskarune: I'm not reading all of that <_< lol02:46
jonathonSimple scan not recoginizing HP scanner after adding HP mfd. Removed HP printer, but Simple Scan does not pickup other scanner at first. Any help?02:47
Jordan_Ukingnebula: ATI has better open source drivers (as they actively pay open source developers), Nvidia has better proprietary drivers.02:49
meskarunekingnebula: reading is how you learn! plus the article is really interesting. (I've read it)02:49
kingnebulaDo you know which will have better webgl support?02:50
kingnebulameskarune: i agree :) but ssss.. drivers don't interest me :p02:50
Jordan_Ukingnebula: I would expect it to be comparable, though that's just an educated guess.02:50
escottkingnebula, webgl=worst idea ever. another thing to consider is wayland if you plan to use the same machine in 2-3 years that might be a problem with nvidia. i have no idea what their upgrade path is02:51
kingnebulaescott: :O why do you think its the worst idea ever?02:51
kingnebulaIts the colest thing ever02:51
Gskelligwhat is the best way to view all the users/groups on an ubuntu server?02:52
jonathonNeed some help with sane02:52
escottkingnebula, executing machine code downloaded from god knows where on your gpu... what could possibly go wrong :)02:53
kingnebulaescott: <_< you don't download machine code, you use javascript02:53
escottGskellig, /etc/groups02:53
mundoes anyone here have a mouse with a tilt wheel? mine already has a back and forward button and i don't know what i should map tilt left and right to. any suggestions?02:53
brimlarkingnebula: just for something anecdotal, I went with ATI for this recent computer build (3 months ago), having always previously preferred nVidia...and it is a really nice experience.  updates are flawless, performance is great...ymmv02:53
kingnebulabrimlar: hmm maybe i'll try an AMD card for a change02:54
kingnebulaescott: I like playing games. And i like Linux. i think webgl is great because it will lower the barrier for people wanting to switch to linux. I know atleast 5 people who want to jump to the linux camp but aren't ready to giveup their games.02:55
escottkingnebula, the actual gl code gets run directly on the gpu. its supposed to be a restricted set, but its not interpreted in the way that javascript is.02:55
const_antinecan anyone recommend a good general purpose audio/video recoder?02:56
const_antinethank you02:57
meskaruneconst_antine: cheese02:57
kingnebulayou are welcome02:57
meskarunecheese records audio and video from a webcam02:57
OerHeksmun: tilt right > webcam-photo tilt left: imagebin it02:57
kingnebulayah, ffmpeg is commandline.. I think it has a few front-end GUIs but haven't had luck with them02:57
kingnebulaescott: I suppose you do have a valid point there02:58
OerHekscheese is standard installed02:59
meskarunea lot of games can be played in linux with wine, and you can get awesome linux games from the indie humble bundle02:59
meskarunecheese is in reference to people who say "cheese" to a camera03:00
const_antinerecoder, not recorder03:01
kingnebulaconst_antine: yah for recoder  ffmpeg is your best friend03:01
const_antinemy gf would add moustaches and silly hats to our photos on her phone03:01
meskarunehahaha. thats like a brain typo. lol03:02
escottkingnebula, its more concerning given the increasingly blurred distinctions between cpu/gpu.... anyone who suggested that we download machine code and execute it on the cpu would be labeled as insane, but somehow its ok with the gpu, nevermind that the next iterations of the gpu are going to have their own memory controllers03:03
kingnebulaescott: I'm sure, and hope, that security mesures will be put in place as the platform evolves.03:04
kingnebulabecause i'm investing heavily in webgl :D03:04
kingnebulaescott: has anyone found any exploits though? I mean firefox and chrome already have it enabled by default if your graphics drivers support it. If it is as big a security hole as you say, how come it hasn't been taken advantage of03:06
kingnebulaand Opera is to have it in theri next release03:06
bagelsI've been trying to uninstall/reinstall audacity, I changed a setting and even though I marked it for complete removal, rebooted, and reinstalled, my settings are still there.  Help?03:06
glenanybody here03:07
bagelsglen as you can see from the user list, many are here.  Perhaps you meant is anyone awake/active/useful?03:08
Wargasmcheese has some great effects03:08
Wargasmloads of fun03:08
glenyes bangels...and i was having channel issues03:09
bilbo_is a segfault strictly a drive failure or could it be other componets?03:09
glenu busy bangles03:09
kingnebulabilbo_: anything can cause a segfault03:09
bilbo_how do i narrow it down?03:09
kingnebulaincluding faulty software not just limited to drivers03:09
leo-unglaubhi, i just tryed to install ubuntu from an usb drive but the installations al ways fails because ubuntu doesn't found the cd rom drive  sr0 ? why is ubuntu trying to load the cd rom drive if the complete iso is on the stick?03:10
kingnebulabilbo_: it should say what caused the segfault03:10
escottkingnebula, CERT advises it be disabled. I've not heard or anyone using it as a vector at this point. The big problem in my mind is that any attempt to secure it is in direct contradiction to the purpose of having it. You have to strictly monitor the opengl calls and potentially emulate some of them to avoid executing dangerous code where the point of using opengl was to give more direct access to hardware.03:10
leo-unglaubi flashed with dd and the hybrid image and also tryed the usb creator03:10
gleni got rebuffed once by asking if i could ask a question and was told to simply ask, so....03:10
bilbo_ah reading.....  error 4 in python?03:10
OerHeksleo-unglaub, use unetbootin, and check the iso first with md5sum03:11
bilbo_ok so i guess that is good at least it inst a drive03:11
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leo-unglaubOerHeks: i checked the iso and also tryed another oone from the xubuntu series03:11
glenmy auspicious panel of intellectuals, i simply want to install updates and during the process it says that it can't finish installing03:11
leo-unglaubsame problem03:11
papna___I'm on an Ubuntu 11.10 machine and my screen resolution settings are restricted to 800x600 and 1024x768, the latter of which is not displaying correctly (the desktop is too wide for the monitor). This used to work fine. Can anyone provide advice?03:12
leo-unglaubi also tryed mounting the iso manually from the rescue console03:12
bilbo_is there a log of program errors other than syslog?03:12
leo-unglaubbut ubuntu is dounig an umount every time before reading03:12
glenping timeout03:13
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OerHeksleo-unglaub, oke, odd solution! >> disabled the floppy controller from BIOS03:14
bilbo_is there a  t utility to identify which program is using  a package?03:14
leo-unglaubOerHeks: disable or unplug?03:14
OerHeksleo-unglaub, just disable it.03:15
escottbilbo_, lsof to list open filehandles03:15
sx_usr__hi guys, how can I configure my Ubuntu 11.10 to allow my USB connection to my android phone for tethering?/03:15
sx_usr__is it something called reverse tethering?03:15
glenhey sx_usr03:15
leo-unglaubOerHeks: okay, i will try that. yccording to google i am not the only one with this problem, do you think i should file a bug report? http://www.7loop.com/content/install-ubuntu-server-usb-without-cd03:15
gleni actually know something about thaty03:15
papna__It looks like the bot's screen reolution help link is all back in the xorg.conf days and focused on Gnome.03:16
sx_usr__glen: can u provide more info?03:16
OerHeksleo-unglaub, can't find a recent one, only ones from 2008/200903:16
glenyes...first go to the market03:16
glenlook up pdanet03:17
glenthen it will give u a web site03:17
sx_usr__glen: www.pdanet.com?03:17
OerHeksleo-unglaub, what hardware are you trying to install ?03:17
glenmaybe...but use the android martket03:17
sx_usr__glen: ok03:17
glenit will give u download03:17
leo-unglaubOerHeks: intel i7, 16gb ddr3 ram, ssd-raid003:18
sx_usr__glen: cheers03:18
glenthen it will direct u to a web site to install it on your machine03:18
glenwait...theres more03:18
sharethere is no /dev/lirc0 in Ubuntu Maverick - kernel 2.6.35-3203:18
gleni used pdanet03:18
OerHeksleo-unglaub, should not have a floppy disc installed, awesome03:18
glenit starts out fine, and then after some time it will begin not allow u to access secure sites03:19
glenunless u purchase the full package03:19
glenhowever...it worked great03:19
gleni first jail broke my ipad03:19
leo-unglaubOerHeks: moment, why floppy? is sr0 not the cd rom drive?03:20
glenthen used pdanet to use for wireless hot spot03:20
glenworked even better03:20
glenu still sx03:20
OerHeksleo-unglaub, the solution is only valid if there is a floppy drive installed, ofcourse03:20
sx_usr__glen: this pdanet is for windows?03:21
leo-unglaubi just disabled the cd rom drive03:21
sx_usr__glen: does it support Ubuntu 11.10?03:21
leo-unglaubbut the eror still exists03:21
glenit does03:21
glenit supports ubuntu, win, and mac03:21
sx_usr__glen: cool! im downloading it now!03:21
glenhowever...if you root your droid there are several more apps that allow tethering and wireless tethering03:22
sx_usr__glen: my droid is rooted :P03:22
OerHeksleo-unglaub, i am not well known with xubuntu, but to start with raid0, i need ubuntu alternate cd to do so...03:22
sx_usr__gen: but basically i just need internet connection from my notebook to phone03:22
sx_usr__glen: i can do usb tethering from phone to notebook with no problem03:23
leo-unglaubOerHeks: i an only using the alternate disc. and i just tryed the xubuntu to make sure it's not my normal ubuntu image03:23
glenso you are trying to do reverse tethering03:23
gleni did that via my opad03:23
sx_usr__glen: exactly!03:23
leo-unglaubi had the raid running for the last year without any problems03:23
sx_usr__glen: cool! :D03:23
leo-unglaubi just wannted to reinstall and now i have this problems03:23
sx_usr__glen: simply love technology!03:23
leo-unglaubnever had them before03:24
glenate up my limited data plan03:24
hmaxI broke my 11.10 install by enabling compiz cube.  Is there any way I can repair it?  BTW, why is compizconfig still in the repository if it has fatal bugs?03:24
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message03:24
mangdoodIn Ubuntu, web browsers don't let me access domains with hyphens at the beginning or end of them, but it works in Windows. Any idea how I can get it to work03:24
leo-unglaubmaybe i should trying flashing the usb install drive on a different computer. maybe there is an error03:24
gleni have not ventured into rooting yet03:24
sx_usr__glen: :) u should root it...very interesting...03:24
glenit took a while for me to jailbreak03:24
glenwhat is the easiest way03:24
OerHeksleo-unglaub, i hope that would solve it. or boot it..03:25
sx_usr__glen: Im using Samsung Galaxy S2, so I use Odin :D03:25
gleni have a galaxy prevail03:25
gleni will look at youtube again03:25
leo-unglaubOerHeks: i have to find a nother pc here..that could take some time :) big thanks for your help!03:25
urfr332g0hmax, boot to another desktop or reboot and hit the reset for compiz, it is not fatal it is tricky lots of instructions on the net on how to do it.03:25
glenthere are all sorts of tutorials03:25
sx_usr__glen: try www.androidflip.com on how to do that03:25
sx_usr__glen: i personally find androidflip site the most reliable for the tutorial03:26
glensx_usr_: thanks03:26
hmaxurfr332g0: what is the reset for compiz?03:26
sx_usr__glen: cuz i had mine done based on the tutorial from androidflip03:26
sx_usr__glen: no worries03:26
urfr332g0hmax, it is in compiz03:26
dr--willishmax:  the webupd8 blog site has a posting on resetting compiz and unity03:26
sx_usr__glen: btw, im on XXKG6 2.3.4 Gingerbread03:26
gleni will try it03:26
hmaxI can't access that.  Unity is broken.03:26
sx_usr__glen: with BLN kernel plugged-in03:26
glenno clue03:26
hmaxurfr332g0: I can't access that.  Unity is broken.03:26
klenwellHi. Basic question. Just got a new HP Pavilion g7-1310us laptop and want to install Ubuntu. Not finding much specific info on web. Comes w/ 64-bit Windows 7. Should I go with 11.10 64-bit?03:27
sx_usr__glen: hehe03:27
dr--willishmax:  install a different wm or pc03:27
urfr332g0hmax, have you rebooted yet03:27
jingcleovilhi klenwell03:27
glenif you only knew03:27
dr--willishmax: or a different usee03:27
hmaxurfr332g0: I have rebooted03:27
sx_usr__glen: BLN = BackLight Notification03:27
jingcleovil@klenwell - what is your memory?03:27
sx_usr__glen: im currently on this until ICS 4.0.3 is super stable03:28
hmaxdr--willis: I will try a different user03:28
klenwell@jingcleovil 6 GB03:28
=== kingnebula is now known as mansoor-s
jingcleovilgo for 64gig03:28
urfr332g0hmax, install gnome 3 and you get the fallback and the gnome desktop, you can fix it from there.03:28
jingcleovil64 bit03:28
JBondi am new here03:28
jingcleovili mean03:28
hmaxurfr332g0: thanks03:28
urfr332g0hmax, sudo apt-get install gnome-shell03:28
JBondneed help03:28
klenwell@jingcleovil Thanks, I'll give it a go.03:28
dr--willisJBond: state the issue03:29
JBondThx dr--willis03:29
JBondI just wanto to know how can I check the NODE03:29
dr--williswhat node?03:30
JBondI installed Phone (dnet-progs), but I don't know how to check the NODE03:30
JBondphone dial format: NODE::USER03:31
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=== Eboy is now known as eboy
jingcleovilHi, how can i drag and drop window from 1 workspace pane to another?03:32
sx_usr__glen: i don't see the isntaller for pdanet for Ubuntu03:32
sx_usr__glen: where is this installer?03:32
jingcleovilis there any configuration.03:32
thevaliantxwhat are the latest distros coming out?  I'm getting kind of bored with ubuntu, pinguy os, debian.03:33
xanguajingcleovil: clic on the workplace icon, drag what you want03:33
Jordan_U!ot | thevaliantx03:33
ubottuthevaliantx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:33
jingcleovil@xangua, I do it but its quite stacked and not moving.03:34
SimonTamI still have made no progress on my login screen thing03:34
jingcleovil@xanga my kernel release version is 3.0.0-16-generic03:35
SimonTamBut I have found that it's the mouse that makes it die03:35
SimonTamTrouble is... The mouse is kinda necessary03:36
bennylbSimonTam: What version of ubuntu? And is it a fresh install?03:36
SimonTam11.10 not fresh03:37
bennylbWhat was changed to make this happen?03:38
JBondDoes anyone know how to check Ubuntu Phone NODE ?03:39
SimonTamBenny nothing afaik03:39
JBondHi ocraM03:42
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest82493
Ariel88Hi everyone03:42
bennylbIf it hasn't been installed long for a long period I would think about setting your system up in such a way that you can do a fresh install whenever you need. This is often the most efficient way of getting things up and running again. It only take 5 minutes.03:42
Ariel88Oh sorry ; wrong place03:43
ocraMi need some help03:43
JBondyes ocraM03:43
cola_ftw_does freenode keep chat logs?03:43
ensiok, whats going on, i have frensh install of 11.10, did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade03:43
linuxjonesis there a way to log into remote desktop and then use the monitor mirror the remote desktop session?03:43
ensinow for example i cannot install apt-get build-essential03:43
ensicause its bitching about c++03:43
ensiand apt-get instlal g++ "the following packages have unmet depenceies: g++ depends: g++-4.6 (...) but it s not going to be installed"03:44
ensiwtf is this crap03:44
JBondyep ocraM03:44
=== kthomas is now known as dumbass
urfr332g0ocraM, ask your question if you need help. :)03:44
ocraMdo you know ssh?03:44
ensi"unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages", wth is that, i have broken packages in the past but dont have any more03:44
bennylbensi: sudo apt-get -f install03:45
=== dumbass is now known as Guest89807
somsip!ask | ocraM03:45
ubottuocraM: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:45
ensibennylb: triedalredy03:45
bennylbensi: maybe reconfigure apt03:45
ensisudo dpkg-configure apt03:46
ensithe problem still persists03:46
ensithis reminds me of the dayswith red hat 72.03:46
ensiit was same shit with broken packages and package managers03:46
=== Guest89807 is now known as dumbass4
ensihow far it linux hs come... hahah not very far03:46
urfr332g0!language > ensi03:47
ubottuensi, please see my private message03:47
ocraMhow do you bypass a permissin denied thing in ssh03:47
mangdoodocraM, what are you trying to do03:47
StameniHello, i crated a program that saves dictionary data in binary file, on new start it loads that file and it worked fine. However, i mooved program and its data file in system path (/home/user/bin ) and when i start it from terminal it reports IOError and says thet there is no file called "data". How to fix this ?03:47
ensiiäm going to blow a fuse about now03:48
ocraMget into a computer that is in a lab its basically a quiz03:48
mangdoodocraM, you won't be able to if they locked you out until the quiz is over03:48
ocraMbut like im logged in as root but im ssh in this guys computer. and the firewall is in there but i cant take it down03:50
mangdoodocraM, if you are in the computer, the firewall doesn't matter. If you are not on sshed into that computer, you can't take down the firewall03:51
TyropeHello #Ubuntu, I had the weirdest problem when running the liveCD earlier, left mouse button didn't work (cursor moved just fine), but when I ran qwebirc in firefox it worked fine, as long as firefox was maximized and i was clicking on the page.03:52
ocraMlike its a lab lead by one man im trying to change a setting on all comps03:52
urfr332g0Tyrope, you md5sum check the iso or disc?03:52
Tyropeurfr332g0: I have indeed.03:52
mangdoodocraM, if you're only logged in as root on YOUR computer, you won't be able to do such a thing.03:52
urfr332g0!ot | ocraM03:53
ubottuocraM: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:53
ocraMgoign to darkmyst03:53
cfhowlettJSeongTae76   greetings03:54
const_antinewhy wont ffmpeg accept vob target?03:54
JSeongTae76When Ubuntu 12.04 will release03:54
cfhowlettJSeongTae76   April  #ubuntu+103:54
JSeongTae76cfhowlett, I ask day03:55
JSeongTae76Day, Month (April)03:55
const_antinestupid time03:55
cfhowlett!precise|Jseongtae76 04/26/2012 IIRC03:55
ubottuJseongtae76 04/26/2012 IIRC: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:55
JSeongTae76ubottu, Thanks03:55
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:55
ocraMwho are you obottu03:57
ensiusing linux is detrimental toyour health and your environment03:57
mangdoodensi, sad, but true03:58
ocraMoubottu: who are you03:59
cfhowlettbaoyu_yang   nihao03:59
Tyropeurfr332g0: any other suggestions, other than the md5?03:59
ubottuocraM, please see my private message03:59
baoyu_yangI'm new here03:59
cfhowlettbaoyu_yang   Welcome.  This is the ubuntu support channel.  If you need help, state the problem and ask.04:00
urfr332g0Tyrope, not really you might check your computer model and ubuntu in general, the problem is not static really.04:01
pmp6nlHello, does anyone know of a way to convert xml to odf, rtf, or html?  Thanks04:01
Tyropeurfr332g0: I'll just hope it works normally at school in a few hours then. not planning on running ubuntu on this machine anymore anyway. Thanks!04:02
ocraMmangdood: u still connected?04:03
somsippmp6nl: ISTR openoffice used to have a command line option for some conversions. Not sure if libreoffice has it too04:04
cfhowlettpmp6nl   software center search for "xml convert" yields numerous hits...04:05
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x-jd-xI am having some trouble understanding why /bin/login requires root "sudo" permissions?04:06
x-jd-xany ideas?04:07
bazhangocraM, do you have an ubuntu support issue04:07
ocraMim trying to reach someone and yes i do04:08
=== astropirate is now known as mansoor-s
bazhangocraM, then ask the channel04:08
ocraMbazhang: id yourself04:08
DejahThorisx-jd-x; because it needs to create processes not belonging to it?04:08
pmp6nlsomsip: thanks Ill look.  cfhowlett I was looking at a few of those, one keeps freezing and the other wont convert it to another format, trying a 3rd option04:09
cfhowlettpmp6nl   have fun/good luck04:09
baoyu_yangwhy some text can't be displayed in this window04:09
x-jd-xnot belonging to the oringal shell?04:10
DejahThorisx-jd-xl /bin/login has to create a process not belonging to it, but to a user04:10
cfhowlettbaoyu_yang   special characters don't show well.  Basic english words work best.04:10
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bascotieQUESTION: Hi guys, I installed Server 2008 on a second hard drive on the machine that had Ubuntu 11.10. How can I add Ubuntu to the Windows bootloader, or Grub I suppose.04:13
=== ar0nic is now known as marowanna
urfr332g0bascotie, in 11.10 sudo update-grub04:14
Yabdenbascotie you could boot to a linux cd, mount your ubuntu system, and set up grub again to include windows04:14
Yabdenor do that04:14
bascotieurfr332g0: I can't get into Ubuntu, it goes straight to Windows Server04:14
bascotieYabden: I'm a big newb to linux terminal, do you know a good write up for this?04:14
x-jd-xbascotie; I know that if you install lilo as the boot loader then back up the mbr dd if=/dev/disk of=lilo.mbr you can configure bcdedit to boot ubuntu. Or just use grub as you said.04:14
DejahThorisbascotie; sounds like you need to change the boot drive in the bios04:14
urfr332g0bascotie, you have ubuntu at all you sya you had ubuntu04:14
ensiok, this 11.10 is the last ubuntu for me,t he quality has dropped dramatically04:15
ensii'm going for archlinux04:15
ensithanks for all the hard work, close but no cigar04:15
trailblazerz11Hi. My grub bootloader isnt working after installing ubuntu04:16
arcfideHey all.04:16
bascotieurfr332g0: I do have Ubuntu, i guess ill try to manually boot to that drive and install grub, do you know an article that could help me add windows?04:16
cfhowlettarcfide   greetings04:16
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, this the only OS?04:16
bascotieNevermind, I'll search for adding windows to grub2 and let you know04:16
arcfideI have some software that I am developing, and it uses MetaPost from TeX Live.  I sent it out for testing and two people with Ubuntu machines reported issues with getting the meta post working.04:16
mangdoodtrailblazerz11, you can try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:17
urfr332g0! grub | bascotie04:17
ubottubascotie: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:17
ocraMsomeone is hacking me... _._04:17
arcfideI do not have an Ubuntu system with me, so I am hoping that someone here can tell me what the problem is with the MetaPost, as they both have the exact same errors.04:17
bazhangocraM, please stay on topic04:17
DejahThorisbascotie; since it's on separate hdds, you can probably use your system bios as a boot menu04:17
urfr332g0bascotie, reload grub with a live cd then when in ubuntu run sudo update-grub04:17
arcfideI did not have these problem with my main distribution, you can see the error here:04:17
ocraMthats my problem04:17
lwizardlwhen making a directory output list (dir > list.txt) is there a way to keep it from using \ to escape the spaces in the output ? I'm wanting to have this dsc 0001.jpg instead of dsc\ 0001.jpg04:17
arcfideDoing a search lead me to a few things that didn't get me a solution.04:18
bascotieurfr332g0: i'll try that article, thank you04:18
bascotieand thanks to everyone else DejahThoris04:18
arcfideDoes anyone know about Tex Live on Ubuntu?04:18
bascotieDejahThoris: i can, but i'd like to try the grub for fun :)04:18
mangdoodarcfide, very little, can I help?04:18
arcfidemangdood: See the above, my problem is with mpost on Ubuntu systems 10.x and 11.x.04:19
ocraMmy disc tray just ejected i didnt do it04:20
DejahThoriswe control your computer ...04:20
x-jd-xDajahThoris; the problem that I am trying to over come is forcing a secondary login on ssh. I came across idea to use /bin/login as a ForceCommand for a user in sshd_config but there were not specific details so I working out myself. I first configure login as my force command and the session closes because login: Cannot possibly work without effective root. So I add the user to sudoers with permissions to run /bin/login but then bec04:20
x-jd-xn my shell also tries to run under sudo which I did not allow nor do I want it to04:20
ocraMdid you try su?04:21
ocraMx-jd-x:did you try su [user]?04:22
Ben64x-jd-x: what are you trying to do04:23
x-jd-xas my ForceCommand? No I will have to see if sshd_config allow for a %u or something to substiude the user automatically.04:23
ocraMx-jd-x: like do you want to like appear as a different user?04:23
ocraMwho keeps us on task04:25
bazhang!ot | ocraM04:25
ubottuocraM: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:25
x-jd-xI am trying to create a two factor authentication for ssh. I do not consider a key password to be a second factor. So I use a key for ssh authentication and then I force something like exec /bin/login to go through the normal login process. allowing me to then type my username and password and still use the system password and policies defined for the user.04:25
ocraMgoogle it :)04:26
trailblazerz11I used boot repair it sayed sucessful but still no grub04:26
bazhangocraM, never suggest that here.04:26
ocraMbazhang: Who are you04:26
bazhang!google > ocraM04:26
ubottuocraM, please see my private message04:26
Ben64x-jd-x: thats not what the second auth is for04:26
bazhangocraM, this is not the chat channel. #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat04:27
=== mansoor-s is now known as astropirate
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, does that boot repair generate a results.txt?04:27
ocraMi cant find off topic04:27
x-jd-xBen64; are you saying that is not what /bin/login is for?04:27
Ben64x-jd-x: it won't work how you want it to, and its not very secure like that either04:28
ocraMbazhang: please identify yourself04:28
x-jd-xBen64; how could it be an less secure then just a key? I am using my key and providing the user password. Where does the less secure start?04:29
Ben64x-jd-x: https://calomel.org/openssh.html check out the ssh_gatekeeper section04:30
x-jd-xis it /bin/login is not a secure method to login because that is the normal login process is it not?04:30
x-jd-xwill do04:30
klenwellTrying to install Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit on my new HP Pavilion g7-1310us. Booted from CD, saw purple screen briefly. Now screen is black. DVD is running, but screen's been black for a couple minutes. Is this normal?04:30
=== astropirate is now known as mansoor-s
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, run this script and pastebin the results.txt.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/04:31
cfhowlettklenwell   no it's not.  Are you still booting from the DVD?04:31
klenwellI ran wubi and that seemed to run ok.04:31
urfr332g0!nomodeset | klenwell04:31
ubottuklenwell: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:31
cfhowlettklenwell   the problem is on the wubi or on the DVD boot?04:31
klenwellOk. Yes. I see the install screen but very very faintly.04:32
cfhowlettklenwell   see text / safe graphics mode options or run the text installer04:32
cfhowlettbazhang  ?SMD?04:32
urfr332g0klenwell, check the b ots message as well.04:32
=== reacktor is now known as JAVO
klenwellcfhowlett ok. will follow directions on link. Should I just hard reboot?04:34
cfhowlettklenwell   yes.04:34
Zillowquestion: anyway to position windows quick with key commands like in win7?04:35
trailblazerz11Here is my results from boot-repair paste.ubuntu/845360/04:35
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, can you give the whole url04:36
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, got it hold on04:37
trailblazerz11Ok thank you04:37
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, I am not efi competent04:38
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, you have efi partitioning04:39
klenwellcfhowlett just to clarify... I'm on the purple boot screen shown on the link. I hit F6. Do I just want to hit nomodeset so it's x'd out?04:39
Zillowalright I'm using 10.04, and I know about holding shift while draggain a window around but I'm looking for actions like that on win xp and win7 with how you can hold the orb key and press arrows04:39
cfhowlettklenwell wait 104:39
urfr332g0klenwell, you want to choose nomodeset04:40
urfr332g0then boot04:40
klenwellcfhowlett directions are kinda ambiguous on that webpage... so I choose it and a little x appears next to it. That's what I want?04:41
cfhowlettklenwell   see urfr332g0's msg ...04:41
jfenwickI'm having some problems with networking on ubuntu server. I changed my eth0 to be a static ip in /etc/network/interfaces, then I restarted with /etc/init.d/networking restart, then I changed it back to dhcp and restarted again, but now it won't switch back to dhcp04:41
jfenwickno matter how many times I try to restart it04:42
klenwellcfhowlett urfr332g0 so I click nomodeset, x shows up next to it. Do I want to then choose Install Ubuntu from screen menu?04:42
cfhowlettklenwell   that's correct04:43
klenwellcfhowlett Thanks. Going to give it a try here.04:43
urfr332g0klenwell, boot to the desktop and seee if it runs04:43
jfenwickah, maybe I need dhclient04:44
oratedHi. Soon after login, I see a java process running in background. I don't have any startup script to start anything related to java nor do I see it in services. Is there any command to find what all packages related to java are installed?04:44
su22How to increase the boot speed of Ubuntu?04:45
cfhowlettsu22   what is the current boot time?04:46
su22about a minute04:46
Nach0zsu22: disable stuff. a lot of stuff. EVERYTHING.04:46
cfhowlettsu22   a whole minute? and you want what?04:46
=== reacktor is now known as JAVO
Nach0zseriously though, the only way to increase the boot speed is to get better hardware, or remove as much add-on unnecessary stuff from the startup sequence as possible.04:46
cfhowlettsu22   disable all startup apps that you don't need...04:47
mangdoodorated, you can try ps axjf04:47
Ben64get a SSD as a boot drive04:47
Nach0z^^SSD for your OS is a real good way to do it04:47
su22Hey the DVD-ROM drive is not getting detected in my Ubuntu04:47
satyanashSSD are costly.04:47
satyanashRs. 5000 for 40GB intel SSD04:48
Nach0zsatyanash: what currency is that o_004:48
pnormanis that 40GB SLC or MCL?04:48
Nach0zah. I have NO idea what the conversion rate for that is.04:48
cfhowlettsatyanash   prices are dropping...04:48
Nach0zsu22: um, check /dev/sr0, that's usually where I see DVD stuff.04:48
satyanashRs. ~48 =  1$04:49
cfhowlettsatyanash   prices are dropping SLOWLY04:49
su22/dev/sr0 exists04:50
oratedHey cfhowlett Even I get boot time of about 60s. But I'm not sure what specifically to disable, can you help me fix it? - http://imagebin.org/199031 http://imagebin.org/19903504:50
trailblazerz11Is there any other way to recover grub bootloader. Boot-repair not working04:50
Ben64!fixgrub | trailblazerz1104:51
ubottutrailblazerz11: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:51
su22trailblazer11: Hey have Super GRUB2 disk04:51
satyanashSo it's roughly equal to USD100 for 40GB Intel SSD04:51
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, you have a efi you want to mention that04:52
mangdoodorated, how did you get that image? I want to test my boot time too04:52
cfhowlettorated   Go through System>Preferences>Startup Applications and disable everything that you don't need on boot.  In my case, as I have no bluetooth, I killed that.  Apps can be invoked as you need them, so you'll be waiting post-boot...04:52
su22hey I have all startup apps disabled04:53
oratedmangdood: Install bootchart and find png from /var/log/bootchart after each boot04:53
su22But........boot time as usual04:53
Ben64its all about disk speed, get a faster one to decrease boot time04:53
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, here is a wiki on grub2 and efi.04:54
urfr332g0read carefully04:54
oratedcfhowlett: Yes, I did that.  Is there something like readahead to reduce boot time ?04:54
x-jd-xBen64; still around?04:55
Ben64x-jd-x: on and off04:55
bloopletechI've just had my laptop repaired, and while it was away I attempted to use the hard drive in a machine with different hardware. After popping my drive back in, I've been having issues with lightdm etc. I've reinstalled the greeter, unity, lightdm, and ubuntu-desktop, but the window decorations aren't quite right - I tried unticking/ticking window decoration in ccsm and that fixed my top panel icons, but not my window titlebars04:55
su22Hey /dev/sr0 exists but when I insert a CD or a DVD it is not getting detected at all..In windows 7 it gets detected04:55
bobo37774su22: Trying to decrease boot time?04:56
su22How to fix it04:56
su22yes bobo3777404:56
bloopletechThis is in oneiric04:56
bobo37774try "e4rat" instead of ureadahead04:56
Ben64su22: insert a cd or dvd, and do "dmesg | tail -n 25" in a terminal, and pastebin the result04:57
Zillowwhere is ppa sources located and can I edit it?04:57
bobo37774su22: try "e4rat" instead of ureadahead. It increased my boot time a lot. If that is not enough try a light window manager04:57
su22Well I tried XFCE, LXDE and Enlightenment bobo37774..k..I'll try e4rat04:58
mangdoodorated, KDE takes a large part of your boot time. your filesystem seems to be checked too much as well04:58
trailblazerz11If i use supergrub2 is it easy to fix bootloader once in os?04:58
bloopletechZillow: /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources/list.d/04:58
almoxarifesu22: why fixate on bootup?04:59
bloopletechYou can edit it if you know what you're doing04:59
trailblazerz11I dont know what i am doing lol04:59
bobo37774su22: make sure you read the documentation thoroughly04:59
su22well you can boot into your old system trailblazer1104:59
su22Afterwards fix as usual05:00
su22Or another easy method is to purge and re-install GRUB at once trailblazer1105:00
kraz3dAcer Aspire laptop w/ Kubuntu 11.10 -- My battery monitor isn't working. For instance right now it shows it's plugged in with 77% but I just unplugged it after charging it for hours it should be at 100.05:00
kraz3dHow can I update it or fix it?05:00
x-jd-xBen64; the site was down but with a little digging I found the script. Basically a slick way of requiring additional information but not a user password really. Cool script I book marked it. I am however determined to see my challenge through if possible. do you see a security flaw in using a key + ForceCommand exec su $USER. exec makes it so that the command cannot be escaped back to the oringal shell and if login fails the connecti05:00
bloopletechwierd, the max min close buttons are staying over on the right end of the title bar05:00
oratedmangdood: Yes. I don't get the fsck part as to why its doing that. As far as I see even nfs and ntfs mounts as per fstab are taking time which I disabled. What process of KDE do you find taking time?05:01
trailblazerz11Mind explaing su22 i r nub05:01
x-jd-xBen64; It also allows password polices to take effect in the login process. Unless I am missing something that would seem pretty secure.05:01
urfr332g0trailblazerz11, you might go to the ubuntu forums and start a thread and pot the bootscript, your set up if you don't identify iy to the channel will not get fixed correctly.05:01
Ben64x-jd-x: it is basically the same type of authentication twice, pretty redundant05:01
su22Hey is there any cool Ubuntu app to get Facebook updates?? [Not Gwibber]05:02
mangdoodorated, KDE for the login screen and for starting your kde session takes a butt load of time05:02
x-jd-xBen64; once with a key and once with a password. Something you have and something you know.05:02
almoxarifesu22: what is a 'facebook update'?05:02
su22oh sorry almoxarife....It is not Update..It is 'Notification'!!05:03
su22Facebook notifications05:03
almoxarifemangdood: i dont see that issue05:03
oratedmangdood: Agreed. Time till KDM is ~40s which is also. Its not KDE alone05:04
bobo37774su22: What about empathy? I am pretty sure that works with facebook05:04
orated..also more than normal*05:04
su22Ben64 "dmesg | tail -n 25" I executed..But it is not working...05:04
su22bobo37774...It is just for chatting05:04
x-jd-xBen64; both have to pass or the connection does not succeed. and you just configure ssh to only allow key authentication then su will get the password part. I don't know.05:04
baoyu_yangwhen i install software, the status always is Applying changes05:05
bobo37774su22: Oh I see what you're saying05:05
Ben64su22: try just "dmesg" then05:05
bloopletechx-jd-x: what are you trying to do?05:05
su22Ben64: NOT WORKING...:(05:06
Ben64su22: you must not be typing it correctly then05:06
brerrabbitOk...i know Im totally about to get chased out of here for asking this...but where could someone go to learn about centos for an ubuntu user?05:06
mangdoodorated, It seems to me that mounting and checking your disks takes 20 seconds, some random processes that I don't know take about 10 seconds and KDM takes the rest of the time...05:06
bazhangbrerrabbit, in what context05:06
bloopletechbrerrabbit: probably the centos website, I think they have a wiki, maybe there's a #centos?05:06
Bobenhausquestion: is it possible to add the PearOS UI to Ubuntu?05:07
x-jd-xsu22; try cat /var/log/dmesg | tail -n 2505:07
bazhang#centos brerrabbit05:07
brerrabbiti thought it would be similar...but EVERYTHING is different05:07
Ben64brerrabbit: except for packages, it is very similar05:07
brerrabbit#bazhang...i tried #centos05:07
somsipsu22: tail -n 25 -f /var/log/syslog05:07
brerrabbitBen64....there are odd things...no sudo, cant touch file.txt05:08
brerrabbitcan't save a file from pico etc05:08
Ben64brerrabbit: touch works fine in centos05:08
cfhowlettbrerrabbit   we learn by doing...05:08
su22somsip..What is that?05:08
brerrabbityes we do cfhowlett...05:08
bazhangBobenhaus, the mac os looking one?05:09
somsipsu22: you seem to be receiving differing advice on how to tail dmesg.05:09
bazhangbrerrabbit, check their wiki then. centos is offtopic here05:09
su22yeah..Bit confusing...I'm not technically sound05:10
brerrabbityeah...i wasnt trying to initiate a discussion here, more like a "go here"05:10
brerrabbiti know better...05:10
bazhangyou could try alis05:10
brerrabbitthanks anyway05:10
Ben64brerrabbit: you should just use ubuntu server :)05:10
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:10
oratedmangdood: Yes, thanks. I'll try to fix that05:10
almoxarifebrerrabbit: go 'not-here'05:10
brerrabbitBen64: believe me I wanted to, but I also wanted Cpanel.  which apparently is incompatible05:11
mangdoodorated, almoxarife might know better, I'm just a noob >_>05:11
cfhowlettbrerrabbit   SFAIK no one has written centos>>>ubuntu guide05:11
brerrabbitworth a try05:11
Ben64ew, cpanel05:11
brerrabbitha...eww editing bind9 files by hand05:11
=== Guest85891 is now known as skilz
bazhanggoku1, please dont use that here05:11
Ben64!info webmin05:11
ubottuPackage webmin does not exist in oneiric05:11
oratedmangdood: Beginner in bootchart here too05:12
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).05:12
Ben64bazhang: thanks05:12
=== skilz is now known as Guest15214
kraz3dHow can I install the gnome batterystatus app in KDE and get rid of KDE's default one?05:13
almoxarifei prefer the gui version of 'tail' its called 'log-viewer'05:13
mangdoodalmoxarife, LOL05:14
kraz3dI installed the ppa repository's and everything, but how do I run the application?05:14
almoxarifekraz3d: what ppa?05:14
ludwin01kraz 3d why dont you change your desktop to gnome?05:15
kraz3dI don't want to05:15
kraz3dI prefer KDE05:15
bobo37774kraz3d: gnome apps go on gnome-panel are you using gnome panel?05:15
kraz3dhowever, I'm having problems with the battery monitor05:15
FloodBot1kraz3d: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:15
ludwin01gnome apps are just for gnome enviroment...05:15
bobo37774kraz3d: That may be your problem then05:15
almoxarifekraz3d: i dont know how installing a gnome applet is going to solve your 'batt' issues05:15
Ben64ludwin01: thats not entirely true. gedit works fine in kde, k3b works fine in gnome05:16
ludwin01use one designed in kde.05:16
almoxarifeludwin01: not true, gnome apps work fine in kubuntu05:16
kraz3dokay, in the case.. what is another battery monitor I can use? does anyone know05:17
ludwin01kde vrs gnome epic battle05:17
mangdoodkraz3d, it's likely not an issue with KDE's battery monitor05:17
bobo37774ludwin01: vs openbox05:17
cfhowlettno religious wars plz05:17
bazhangbobo37774, ludwin01 not here05:17
ludwin01vrs xfce05:17
klenwellHi. I'm back. I successfully installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my new HP g7-1310us but on reboot the dark screen issue is back. I'm looking at this page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132...05:18
cfhowlettkraz3d   see "screenlets" lots of monitors and can easily config for KDE05:18
klenwellDo I need to do the temp boot options then the permanent boot options?05:18
mangdoodkraz3d, more like the system can't detect your battery; my laptop can't either05:18
ludwin01yeah screenlets..daemon05:18
klenwellI'm logged in now, but can't see a thing. :)05:18
kraz3dwell, I know my laptop uses optimus technology and I haven't installed bumblebee yet, mangdood.. that may be it05:19
mangdoodklenwell, mind telling the problem again05:19
cfhowlettkraz3d  if you're running a "replacement" battery that's NOT eom, expect detection problems05:19
urfr332g0klenwell, you figure out how to put nomodeset in the kernel to get in update and upgrade and check additional drivers for any needed.05:19
kraz3dcfhowlett: nope, oem battery.05:19
klenwellmangdood it's this nomodeset issue here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313205:19
klenwellurfr332g0 Is that a question?05:20
mangdoodklenwell, so did you use the nomodeset option?05:20
klenwellmangdood Yes, for install. But looks like I need to set it again.05:20
urfr332g0klenwell, yes have you figured out the adding nomodeset to te kernel to boot in?05:21
bascotieBoot Repair disk takes forever to scan for systems05:22
bascotieIt's been like 15 minutes lol05:22
mangdoodklenwell, you'll need to boot up with nomodeset and change some of your grub files, ESPECIALLY the scripts used to generate the grub entries05:22
mangdoodklenwell, you'll have to look that up though05:22
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
urfr332g0mangdood, not necessarily true.05:23
klenwellufr332g0 Yes, for install. Based on the web page. Now that it's installed, I'm trying to figure out how to proceed. Do I need to follow the temp install directions on this page before the permanent? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313205:23
urfr332g0klenwell, YES05:23
mangdoodurfr332g0, oh?05:23
ludwin01what kind of lcd gives taht trouble...?05:23
urfr332g0mangdood, it may just need a driver05:23
kraz3dSee, that shitty stock battery widget did suck. 'Battery Monitor' is actually working correctly05:24
klenwellurfr332g0 Ok. So I don't have any experience fiddling with grub files. How do I get at them? Is that an option on boot up?05:24
mangdoodurfr332g0, oops :D05:25
mangdoodgood luck everyone with their rather unfortunate tech problems :P, good night05:25
urfr332g0klenwell, it syas how on theat web page from the grub menu, do that get in update the OS and check additional drivers to see if there is one waiting.05:25
ludwin01@kraz3d   battery status ok?05:26
urfr332g0klenwell, a change at then grub menu is not permanent, I doubt you will need to change any grub kernel notations permanently.05:26
kraz3dludwin01: Yes, thankyouj.05:27
klenwellurfr332g0 ok, thanks. Will give it a go.05:27
urfr332g0klenwell, cool your probably just missing a driver like for a nvidia graphics card.05:27
ludwin01klenwell just for curiosity..what is the brand of that laptop?05:28
rectecHi. I tried asking this on #ubuntu-unity , but nobody's answering. So I'll ask you fine folks.05:29
rectecI'm not very clear on HUD's development. Will the code be merged with Unity? If so, does anybody know when?05:29
bazhang!hud | rectec read this yet?05:30
ubotturectec read this yet?: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will include the first step in a major new approach to application interfaces, the Head-Up Display, or HUD, which will ultimately replace menus in Unity applications. See http://ubottu.com/y/hud for the background on this and discuss it in #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-offtopic05:30
Flannelrectec: This is a tech support channel, you may try #ubuntu-devel05:30
rectecFlannel, yes, my bad. #ubuntu was all I could think of.05:31
Flannelrectec: no worries.05:31
rectecbazhang, thank you and ubottu, i'm trying that link05:31
Jimuthe top bar in the default Unity... is that a Gnome Panel or Unity?05:32
rectecJimu, it's part of Unity, I believe.05:32
klenwellludwin01 HP Pavilion g7-1310us -- I'm taking notes. Plan to add a page to AskUbuntu once I've got everything sorted out.05:32
cfhowlettJimu   unity05:32
rectecbazhang, yeah as I expected. So this will land with the release of Precise?05:33
logrectec: Yes.05:33
bambanxhow i can full uninstall ruby and rvm in my ubuntu?05:34
logbambanx: sudo apt-get remove ruby rvm05:35
bambanxubuntu say cannot find the file05:35
logbambanx: actually, it should be:05:36
bambanxthe package *05:36
logbambanx: sudo apt-get remove ruby ruby-rvm05:36
urfr332g0klenwell, I believe this is the card you have and a ask ubuntu link, bumblebee as you suggested may be part of what you need. http://askubuntu.com/questions/95459/ati-6470m-intel-hd-graphics-3000-drivers05:37
klenwellurfr332g0 I'm coming from 8.10 so this new layout is a little foreign to me. I hit the system settings icon and clicked Additional Drivers but it didn't come up with anything related to graphics. Am I doing this right?05:37
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|on
bambanxlog, when i type now ruby -v its continue showing me the version05:37
klenwellurfr332g0 Ignore last question, just saw this.05:37
urfr332g0klenwell, check if your card is the one listed in the ask ubuntu.05:37
logbambanx: Odd.05:37
bambanxlog i do the same using purge but dont work05:38
ludwin01hp pavilion? g series came with intel hd graphics...not sure if need extra drivers...05:38
ludwin01@bambanx check with synaptic too05:38
bambanxludwin01, i dont where the hell is synaptic in my buntu 11.1005:39
bambanxi am installing synaptic now05:39
urfr332g0klenwell, this command may identify the graphics not sure with a hybrid. lspci | grep VGA05:39
bambanxwhat u think about 11.10 version guys?05:39
bambanxlooks like a mac clone05:40
log!ot | bambanx05:40
ubottubambanx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:40
urfr332g0bambanx, you need support we don't do poles05:40
rectecuh one last question about HUD. I'll ask in #ubuntu-devel05:40
kroonrshi - my icons for a number of launchers as well as when I alt-tab have disappeared since I resumed from suspend.  There are also icons missing when I alt-tab, and my terminal text is all-faded (terminal is one of the icons missing, along with "show desktop" on alt-tab, and "System settings" and "Home folder" on the launcher).  Oneiric with Unity.05:41
ludwin01@bambanx well... systems settings05:41
skegeekIs it safe to upgrade directly from Lucid Lynx to Precise Pangolin?05:41
klenwellurfr332g0 I think that's the card. Let me try that command you suggested.05:41
kroonrsto clarify: there is still space allocated for the icons, they are just not displaying...05:41
urfr332g0kroonrs, you try logging out and back in yet?05:42
cfhowlettskegeek   LTS to LTS should be safe but clean install is better05:42
arunkumar413ubuntu sucks. If I extract a rar file i cant find the files in the extracted folder05:44
klenwellurfr332g0 lspci says VGA compatible controller: Interl Corporation, etc. HP site says "BrightView LED-backlit display with the Intel HD 3000 graphics" So sounds like same.05:44
=== hanthana_ is now known as hanthana
urfr332g0klenwell, cool that is about my limit of knowledge lol point at look here. :)05:44
kroonrsurfr332g0: No, that would kind of defeat the whole point of suspending and resuming vs shutting down.  But I guess it would help to find out if this is permanent *sigh*05:44
Ben64arunkumar413: if you have a question go ahead and ask it, this is not a channel for rants05:45
ludwin01@bambanx just do a recon in unity interface you might found synaptic..check installed pkgs and dependencies attached to that program bugging u05:45
urfr332g0kroonrs, yes but a actual cause and effect is helpful.05:45
bambanxthanks ludwin0105:46
bambanxi fixed05:46
CIDRCan I use a SAS drive on a sata controller?05:46
ludwin01@arunkumar413... use unrar pkg nonfree version the file manager will do the task automatic man05:46
klenwellurfr332g0 Someone writes on AskUbuntu: "only solution that i found was to disable the intel card on bios to use the ATI on ubuntu" Any advice on whether I should do that or just follow the directions for perm modifying kernel boot options?05:46
ludwin01@klenwel dont mix drivers...05:47
urfr332g0klenwell, there is a link as well personally I don't know, you might check the ubuntu forums maybe start a thread there as well.05:47
arunkumar413ludwin01: its already installed.05:48
MaineCoon_Folks can someone receive an SMS message for me plz rq? I dont have a mobile but need to receive a registration code05:48
ludwin01@klenwell cant disable the only one vga card on bios   who wrote that?05:48
klenwellludwin01 So go the grub route then?05:48
arunkumar413ludwin01: but its free version05:48
klenwellludwin01 It's on AskUbuntu. Got a couple votes. :) http://askubuntu.com/questions/95459/ati-6470m-intel-hd-graphics-3000-drivers05:49
arunkumar413ludwin01: how to install the non-free version. its not showing in the synaptic05:50
KarmaonIs it possible to make the Desktop scroll up/down through your mouse-scroll to increase your workspace?05:50
ludwin01@arunkumar413 use the nonfree version....nonfree just by name it will come with no cost..come on! its not itunes store man05:50
urfr332g0ludwin01, are you familiar with this computer and hybrid graphics?05:50
`Korvinhey, I'm trying to run a file, in the same way I'd run it on my webserver05:50
`Korvinit's saying 'Permission denied'05:50
`Korvinand with sudo, saying 'command not found'05:50
ludwin01@karmaon workspace or monitor resolution?05:51
arunkumar413ludwin01: only free version is there in the synaptic05:51
Ben64!details | `Korvin05:51
ubottu`Korvin: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:51
Karmaonludwin01: workspace05:51
kroonrsurfr332g0: Another symptom is that my unity bar at the top seems to have been replaced with a different bar with different icons.  With the new bar, the gear icon is missing, so I can't log out - any suggestions05:51
ludwin01@arunkumar use the software center05:51
urfr332g0kroonrs, you running unity?05:51
kroonrsurfr332g0: yes05:51
urfr332g0kroonrs, have you tweaked compiz as well?05:52
kroonrsurfr332g0: no05:52
urfr332g0kroonrs, are you sure your on the same desktop?05:52
`KorvinI'm running kubuntu, trying to run a shell file by using the path, it's giving me Permission denied without sudo, and command not found with sudo, it should be executing appropriately05:52
kroonrsurfr332g0: yes - my other apps are open here05:52
`KorvinI've just installed kubuntu newest version05:52
arunkumar413ludwin01: not available in software centre05:53
urfr332g0kroonrs, apps run on multiple desktops did you install gnome 3 or another desktop?05:53
klenwellludwin01 or urfr332g0: what's the downside to just adding nomodeset to grub file?05:53
kroonrsurfr332g0: haven't installed any gnome05:53
Ben64`Korvin: are you typing it right? what does it do? does it actually need sudo? does it have execute permissions?05:53
ludwin01@karmaon  monitor shows u blank space?05:53
urfr332g0klenwell, have not had to do it so not sure.05:53
`Korvinno Ben, it's a php file with an appropriate shebang, I'm typing it correctly, php cli is installed05:54
urfr332g0klenwell, you will be able to boot in for now, may limit the resolution.05:54
kroonrsurfr332g0: I found log out on the dash home, and when I logged back in, everything is back to normal (including the unity bar at the top, and the missing icons are restored)05:55
kroonrsurfr332g0: I'll ask again if the problem recurs, but thanks!05:55
klenwellurfr332g0 Seems to be running fine right now. So I guess I should edit grub then just wait and hope maybe a driver shows up in 12.04?05:55
arunkumar413ludwin01: there is no such thing as unrar non-free in software centre05:55
`KorvinI had this same issue trying to run sublime-text-2 while others online said it worked fine. I dismissed it, and installed from a apt with a repo I found online05:56
urfr332g0klenwell, you might try the ubuntu forums as well, over 60,000 regular users.05:56
ludwin01@klenwell in my opinion is a bad idea to mess with grubfile05:56
ludwin01@arunkumar413 add the nonfree repositories05:57
urfr332g0ludwin01, your just not being accurate man the nomodeset in the kernel is a common procedure05:57
arunkumar413ludwin01: how05:57
bambanxguys exist any way for see my minimized windows on unity?05:57
`KorvinBen64, I'm for sure typing it correctly05:58
urfr332g0bambanx, not in the left panel?05:58
Ben64`Korvin: well you're missing something05:58
ludwin01@urfr332g0  ok my bad05:58
`KorvinI figured that much =p05:58
urfr332g0ludwin01, cool.05:59
`KorvinBen64, looks like this is the same issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177507605:59
Ben64`Korvin: unlikely06:00
`KorvinIt's the same description06:00
`KorvinBen64, looks like it's due to the fact that I've got it located in a shared ntfs partition06:01
Ben64that would have been quite important to say previously06:02
klenwellurfr332g0, ludwin01: Well, I updated grub but didn't run sudo-update grub command, so I still get the dark screen on boot. How do I get to the grub menu? Should I hold down shift? I got it once but can't seem to get it now.06:02
urfr332g0klenwell, if you put nomodeset in the kernel in the OS you have to run update grub... The permanent fix in that link06:03
urfr332g0klenwell, yeah shift06:04
klenwellurfr332g0 I know. I missed that last part. But now I can't get the grub menu? I've rebooted my machine like 6 times now. Should I hold it, press it at a particular point? Trying again...06:04
klenwellurfr332g0 Holding it worked. :D06:05
ludwin01@urf332g0 lets try another way06:05
urfr332g0klenwell, hold down right after hitting the power on06:05
urfr332g0cool klenwell06:06
ludwin01@klenwell the 10.04 version lts its supposed to not give that kind of trouble...06:06
ludwin01@urfr332g0 cool to help klenwell06:08
dr--willisuse of @ on irc is not needed... :-)06:09
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:10
Stanley00hi, i'm using Ubuntu 11.10, and now pidgin wont show up in message indicator. How can I get it back?06:10
klenwellurfr332g0 ludwin01 ok. I updated grub and rebooted and screen's ok. If resolution's off, I can't tell. :) So I'm going to stick with this for now and hope a driver shows up in the future. I'll add a little writeup to AskUbuntu tomorrow on getting setup on this brand of laptop and maybe add a question on the forum. Thanks again for all your help.06:12
urfr332g0klenwell, resolution is on check display for resolutions06:12
urfr332g0no problem06:13
ludwin01@klenwell no hay problema06:13
klenwellurfr332g0 When I click displays it says Unknown. Resoluton is set to 1600x900 but it's grayed out.06:14
urfr332g0klenwell, it probably just has one default now with the nomodeset in the kernel, justa guess really.06:15
klenwellurfr332g0 Eveything is grayed out in Displays dialogue. :( But looks ok to me. As long as it works... :)06:16
ashickur-noorgetting this error06:17
ashickur-noorHow to solve it06:17
SachIs there an ubuntu equivalent of 'Wow Slider'?  It is a jQuery image slider for websites06:18
danieldeusinghey, can someone tell me sth about tcpdump and the length output ?06:20
machiolateanyone have any reccomendations for web design programs for ubuntu?06:22
cfhowlettmachiolate   kompozer06:23
machiolateok thanks06:23
cfhowlettmachiolate   bluefish editor06:23
danieldeusingwell, okay ill ask different: using tcpdump i get an output of my packets including a length information. sometimes this information is equals 0 that means that the packet has no data. knowing that the minimum packet size is 64Byte, this means that the packet has 64Bytes. Sometimes I have others length values like 95 ... my question is, if the 95Bytes are the total packet length or the user data length06:26
SachIs there an ubuntu equivalent of 'Wow Slider'?  It is a jQuery image slider for websites?06:27
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
machiolatehaha cfhowlett ended up getting bluefish, thanks06:28
=== skilz_ is now known as skilz
hydrox24Sach: jQuery should be fully ubuntu compatible, so I am not sure I am with you?06:30
bazhangSach, not seen one, no. the original seems to be only for windows and Mac06:31
Sachhydrox24, the downloadable file is .exe, which doesn't run wih Wine.06:31
Ben64should be able to do it all manually06:31
hydrox24Sach: I see, do they provide a program for creating a slider?06:31
Ben64make an example on windows, look at the code it generates, and simulate it yourself06:32
Sachhydrox24:  yes, but only for windows and mac06:32
hydrox24Ben64: I is likely to be very messy/compressed code if it is generated by a program06:32
hydrox24Sach: OK, looking into it now06:32
`Korvinhow can I run a command from terminal and keep using the same terminal while the process lives06:33
Ben64`Korvin: put & at the end of the command06:33
cfhowlett`Korvin   create  a new tab in the termianl06:33
`Korvinthanks Ben6406:33
hydrox24Sach: Yeh, sorry, looks like doing it in windows (or even learning jQuery) would be the way to go.06:34
hydrox24`Korvin: A good shortcut for that is Crtl+Shift+t06:34
Sachhydrox24, thanks.   pity that there's nothing on ubuntu for this :(06:35
Stanley00hi, i'm using Ubuntu 11.10, and now pidgin wont show up in message indicator, and every time I close pidgin, it's quit instead of minimize to panel. How can I get it back?06:35
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cfhowlettStanley00   start it in the terminal...06:37
cfhowlettthen pin it06:37
Stanley00cfhowlett: you mean "Keep in launcher"?06:38
cfhowlettStanley00   sorry, I THINK so.  I'm on 10.04 and will soon go to XFCE with Ubuntu Studio 12.04 so my unity knowledge is most limited.06:39
dr--willisdescriptive term :-)06:39
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tylercan anyone help me with this problem? http://oi41.tinypic.com/2r61f75.jpg06:39
tylertrying to remove docky icon from dock.06:40
=== lyman is now known as lymanw
cfhowletttyler   sudo apt-get purge docky06:40
Stanley00cfhowlett: yes, but that's not what I want. I want it minimize to the top panel.06:40
dr--willisdocky icon from the docky dock?06:40
cfhowlettStanley00   as I said, I don't use unity enough to be able to help much06:40
somsiptyler: last time I tried to do that, it wasn't possible. Have you checked in docky forums?06:40
tylercfhowlett: is that a different version of docky?06:41
tylersomsip: no i haven't.06:41
cfhowletttyler   that command kills docky and purges it from your system - which I thought is what you wanted...06:41
Stanley00cfhowlett: ah, thanks for trying to help.06:41
somsiptyler: I wanted to tidy it up when I was using it, but found that the docky icon was not removable. Is that what you mean? Maybe 9 mnths ago so could've changed since then06:41
tylersomsip: yes, i want to remove the docky icon from the docky dock.06:42
somsiptyler: look slike it might have changed but could depend on your version: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/04/remove-anchor-icon-from-docky/06:43
tylerdr--willis: on the dock called "docky" there is the icon of app, on the dock, that you used to be able to remove.06:44
dr--willisnot used docky in ages here..06:44
dr--willisgnome-do was part of docky split off? been that long ago..06:45
bobbydhi, what's the name of the tool that builds dpkg's from running "make install" ?06:46
bobbydI can't remember the name of it for the life of me06:46
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!06:46
bobbydperfect :)06:46
bobbydI can never connect the name of it with what it actually does06:47
dr--willisnever really used it.06:47
ossehow can I list the contents of an uninstalled package in the terminal?06:49
bambanxanyone know a ftp program with gui not cli for manage remote folders like local ?06:52
mansoor-sbambanx: like Filezilla?06:53
bambanxin filezilla can i set a remote folder like local?06:53
Stanley00tjadc: hi06:54
cfhowletttjadc   greetings06:54
tjadcI have an Asus(N61J) with a NVidia(GT325M) graphics card, which I am having trouble getting working06:55
tjadcI have tried installing  bumblebee with no luck06:55
tjadcWhen I install the nvidia-current driver and do a X configuration with it, the configuration is incorrect or fails06:56
tjadcI am running Ubuntu 12.0406:56
tjadcI was running 10.04 but had similar/same issues06:56
ubottutjadc: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:56
dr--willisosse:  the apt-file command i think can do that06:57
tjadccfhowlett: great, but 'Precise' didn't solve my problems :(06:57
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tjadcI would have thought that this laptop and its hardware are old enough on the market for Ubuntu to have made the necessary developments to support my laptop's hardware06:58
cfhowletttjadc   12.04 isn't supported on this channel yet.  #ubuntu+1 might be able to help you out though.06:58
dr--willisthose dual gpu things are a work in progress.  :(06:58
tjadcWell that is fine ..06:58
tjadcUbuntu 12.04 isn't the problem I believe06:58
tjadcas mentioned before, I was running 10.0406:58
cfhowletttjadc   sorry but it DOES release in only 3 months!06:59
tjadcThat's great to hear, but Ubuntu isn't my problem06:59
tjadcmy problem is getting the graphics to run06:59
cfhowletttjadc   fiair enough07:00
cfhowletttjadc   *fair* enough07:00
dr--willischeck the 12.* bug reports is all we can really suggest07:00
tjadcI have done immense googling about this issue, since 10.0407:00
tjadcI haven't had any luck installing ANY nvidia graphics cards, this is my second laptop with an Nvidia Gfx card07:01
tjadcATI is a breeze07:01
dr--willisive had few issues with nvidia.07:01
dr--willisnone of those dual gpus however07:01
rbrooksanyone running 'precise' ? what is 'alternative"?  kde?07:02
dr--willismy one ati is a pain07:02
tjadcdr--willis: hmm, well maybe that is the issue .. This is a dual gpu07:02
crizzyrbrooks: #ubuntu+107:02
dr--willistjadc:  exactly.... dual gpu is a work in progress area07:02
tjadcrbrooks: ?07:03
dr--willisalt cd is a different installer07:03
rbrooksthe newest i can find is 'precise' anyone running that?  also what does ''alternative'' mean KDE?07:03
tjadcdr--willis: So I am unable to use my gfx card at all :?07:03
tjadcI mean, that would be quite rediculous ..07:04
rbrookstjadc, we are lucky to be using any hw at all, please check hardware compatibility lists before trying to install any Linux07:05
rbrooksmy go5200 isnt supported in any Linux either07:05
crizzywell, i just bought a new laptop some weeks ago... before that, i checked from ubuntu.com that it's certified >:-)07:06
dr--willistjadc:  its a cutting edge area.07:06
crizzyno need to worry if stuff works or not then...07:06
macmartineAny ISPConfig users know about this? http://serverfault.com/questions/361102/how-to-have-separate-server-configs-for-port-80-and-443-with-ispconfig07:07
dr--willisif those gpu things were more standarized they 2ould work better i imagine07:07
rbrookscrizzy, good to hear, it used to be rare for Linux to work on a laptop because of hw not supported07:09
rbrooksis anyone running precise or is that like something to stay away from is systemd in it?07:10
rbrooksack i googole07:10
SachI've downloaded a .deb package for slcreator.  However, when I try to open it with GDebi Package Installer, I get: "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: gambas-runtime (>= 1.0.0)"07:15
bobo37773Sach: are you still there?07:24
Sachbobo37773  yes, i'm here07:24
bobo37773okay so you downloaded a deb file for what version of ubuntu?07:25
Sachbobo37773  for 11.0407:25
=== mansoor-s is now known as kingnebula
bobo37773is that your distro07:27
bobo37773Sach: I mean same version07:28
Sachbobo37773  i dont get what you mean :s07:29
bobo37773Sach: gambas-runtime is the name of an application07:29
bobo37773Sach: probably for an older version of ubuntu07:29
terminhellor build from source...07:29
terminhellif the source is available07:29
Sachbobo37773  so do you have any ideas as to how i can get slcreator to run on 11.04?07:30
terminhelli dont like how building from source has become a thing of the past07:30
bobo37773Sach: yeah find gambas-runtime and build it07:31
bambanxwhat good wysiwyg editor for html with ftp we have for linux  guys? kompozer fail me to connect ftp07:31
mlcbambanx: bluefish07:32
bambanxmlc,  i wanna wysiwyg07:33
mlcbambanx: mom. sorry ^^07:33
benmctee_Sach: gambas-runtime can be found in Synaptic Package Manager if you do not want to build it07:33
diverdudehow many ports are actually available in a computer and in a router?07:33
Sachbenmctee  thanks, i've installed gambas-runtime2, rebooted, but i still get the same error when trying to install my .deb package.07:34
Ben64diverdude: 6553607:34
mlcbambanx: look nice: BlueGriffon, http://bluegriffon.org07:36
bambanxthx mlc07:37
flinghow to export history from Skype?07:37
lionhello everyone07:37
arunkumar413how to extract a password protected rar file07:37
randomuserarunkumar413, enter password07:38
arunkumar413randomuser: don't have password07:38
randomuserarunkumar413, ask user that created archive for password07:39
arunkumar413randomuser: if i can do that why would i come here.07:40
lionusing hydra to crack home network computer password07:40
LachlanHHey guys. Desperately need help with screen res issue. Recently put a KVM between PC and Monitor. OS now can't determine resolutions for screen. Using NVidia drivers, will not allow my resolution above 1024x768. Generic default driver will allow a new mode to be added, but performance is terrible. Doing the same thing with 10.04 instead (I'm using 11.10) works correctly with the generic driver with good performance. Help?07:41
terminhellLachlanH: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/KVM   this may help a bit07:45
arunkumar413how to extract a password protected rar file without password07:45
flinghow to export history from Skype?07:45
randomuserarunkumar413, i assume you come here because you have a problem with your ubuntu installation07:45
bambanxmlc, thanks bro07:47
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Skittlezjunkieanyone up for chatting im bored out of my mind07:49
randomuserSkittlezjunkie, try #defocus07:50
marvin_woops 12298 fuser processes07:50
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=== philipballew_ is now known as philipballew
kode0Mac OS X Mountain Lion is going to be released in Summer.07:59
kode0Will Ubuntu be able to compete with the latest OSX?07:59
hydrox24kode0: Yes, but please go to the ubuntu-offtopic channel to discuss that. Thanks!08:01
LachlanHAnyone know why scrolling and window dragging is laggy? It's still smooth, it just kinda... lags behind the mouse. It's weird. Like if I grab a window and drag it around fast, it will keep following the arc of the mouse for about 500ms after i've stopped moving the mouse. Like it takes an extra 500ms to complete the path I took with the mouse.08:04
hydrox24LachlanH: We may be able to help, but we need to tell us what version of ubuntu you are using.08:05
LachlanHhydrox24: 11.1008:06
LachlanHWeirdly, I don't get the same issue on 10.04 with the exact same hardware and configuration.08:07
beastymorning guys08:09
hydrox24beasty: Hi08:10
beastyhydrox24: hi08:10
hydrox24beasty: what's your issue?08:10
beastyi have issues installing ubuntu 11.10 on my new pc08:11
hydrox24oh, just saw you messages on offtopic08:11
hydrox24ok, continue.08:11
beastywell it install all well no errors08:11
beastybut then when i get to grub after reboot08:11
hydrox24beasty: can you give details on error messages or HW?08:11
celuMy linux is not support actualizacion08:11
auronandaceLachlanH: 10.04 uses metacity as window manager, 11.10 uses compiz08:11
beastyi select the ubuntu and i get a blackscreen with a cursor08:12
hydrox24celu: You can try ubuntu-EN replacing EN with your language code for non-english speaking helpers :)08:12
beastyhydrox24: hw: core i7, 16gb ram, 128gb ssd & gforce 560gtx08:12
hydrox24beasty: I see, and it simply stays at that screen indefinetely?08:13
beastyhydrox24: yes08:13
urfr332g0beasty, you know the graphic chip/card?08:13
beastyhydrox24: and i used the alternative installer08:13
hydrox24beasty: can you try hitting the ctrl-alt-f1 combo and telling us if that gives you a shell?08:13
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beastyhydrox24: tried that last night08:14
beastybut failed08:15
beastyall the screens looked the same08:15
urfr332g0beasty, you try nomodeset in the kernel line at the grub menu?08:15
beastyurfr332g0: i'll try that later today08:16
beastyi'm currently at work08:16
beastyjust came here to get some pointers08:16
niklasfibeasty: i dont really know, but could this be a two-graphics-card related issue? imo some i7s have integrated graphics chips08:17
beastyniklasfi: mm i did notice that it has a hdmi exit08:18
beastymaybe i can disable that one08:18
beastygood point08:18
niklasfibeasty: on our last linux install party we had many dual-graphics related issues. most of them were solved by booting back into windows and en-/disabling the onboard graphics card with a keyboard shortcut (we mostly install on laptops)08:19
niklasfibeasty: should be able to do it using your bios/uefi though08:20
beastyi'll think about that08:20
beastynow just one more questnio08:20
beastyi have a 128gb ssd on sda108:21
beastybut also a 128gb on sdb08:21
beastycan i mirror sda to sdb ?08:21
NixGeekbeasty: are you talking about a mirror type raid?08:23
niklasfibeasty: what do you mean by mirror? RAID? exact image copy at some point in time? copying all files from one platter to the other at regular intervals or user triggered?08:23
NixGeekor do you want to perform a backup08:23
beastyjust want to have sda synced with sdb08:23
terminhellsounds like a xorg issue08:24
beastyfor if for instance sda crashes i can just put in sdb08:24
beastyand resume normal operation08:24
terminhellwith the video stuff08:24
dRounsewhat is mysql?08:25
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)08:25
niklasfibeasty: what you are talking about sounds like using RAID1, but i suggest you do propper backups.08:25
randOmizeHi there!   Every time I start up Ubuntu says something like , "The disk drive for /windows is not ready yet or not present. Continue to wait or press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery".  Then the disks show up in the file system.08:25
randOmizeI think the fstab looks alright08:25
dRounsei just dont understand what a mysql server does08:26
terminhellits for databases08:26
slobrodRounse: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MySQL08:26
urfr332g0randOmize, check the uuid and fsteb?08:26
dRounseive looked it up, i just dont get what are the databases for08:26
beastyniklasfi: yes i have 2 backup location for that + i put all my projects in a .git08:27
slobrostore data08:27
slobrofrom whatever08:27
terminhellorganizing data08:27
slobrofor whatever08:27
NixGeekbeasty: if you do raid1 and sda goes down, you might have problems booting from sdb if you just replaced sda with it (since it will now see nothing for sdb)... you might be able to use a usb stick or cd to boot from, using mdstat to remove to unused drive08:27
dvhhdRounse : why are you interested ?08:27
beastyNixGeek: ok08:27
urfr332g0randOmize, your swap may not be right look to see if it is mounted08:27
beastyNixGeek: i'll look if i can setup raid on my motherboard08:28
randOmizeurfr332g0  i dont see the swap mounted in the file system08:28
dRounsedvhh: im not really interested in making one, i was setting up a home/file server running ubuntu server and it said do you want to make a lamp so i looked that up and saw mysql08:28
beastybtw should i install regular or with lvm ?08:28
randOmizealso, I dont know what you mean by check the uuid08:28
dvhhbeasty : setting it up after would erase the drives08:28
Fudgeanyone running ubuntu server 11.04 and up, wondering if dpkg -l | grep speakup returns results08:28
urfr332g0randOmize, run sudo blkid and check the swap uuid against the fstab08:28
beastydvhh: it's a freshly installed system08:28
NixGeekbeasty: hardware raid from the mobo is the way to go because then you could remove the bad drive (ie sda) from the equation before boot time.  That being said, I like niklasfi's suggestion of proper backup.  Just replace drive with known good one and restore data08:29
niklasfion that mysql related issue. i would like to use phpymadmin is there a way to get it without installing apache et all? http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/405597/08:29
dvhhdRounse : if you don't know you don't need it :)08:29
urfr332g0randOmize, run that command it is a set od letterand numbers identifying the partition it is in the fstab08:29
dRounsemy server didnt work for some reason after installing, it wont boot, but that brings me to another question, if freenas 8 supports ssh what makes it different than an ubuntu server08:29
urfr332g0!uuid | randOmize08:30
ubotturandOmize: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)08:30
dvhhdRounse : samba or sftp08:30
dRounsedvhh: i know i didnt use that08:30
Braden`Does anyone know of a good web control panel for Ubuntu?08:30
niklasfiNixGeek: i heard a lot of bad things about mobo raid controllers08:30
NixGeekBraden` : webmin08:30
beastysoo ... should i got with regular or lvm ? :)08:30
NixGeekniklasfi: I've not used one, I'm software RAID on my buntu server08:30
dRounsedont use webmin for ubuntu08:31
NixGeeka full hardware controller is definitely the way to go... just $$$08:31
arunkumar413how to extract rar files without password08:31
dRounseit doesnt work anymore, well thats what i heard08:31
farrukhjonhi all! I need advice for building custom optimized kernel for HP Probook machine, may be anyone have experience of08:31
randOmizeurfr332g0  These dont seem to be the same08:31
beastyNixGeek: €€€ is no issue08:31
NixGeekdRounse: I'm using it now08:31
dRounsearunkumar413:  you can try to crack it08:32
dRounseNixGeek: what version of ubuntu08:32
dedoerawhat do i need to start programming?08:32
urfr332g0randOmize, paste the one from the sudo blkid into the fstab so the match, replace the one there,.08:32
niklasfibeasty: then go hardware raid with a pcie card08:32
arunkumar413dRounse: how to crack08:32
Braden`Are there any that have a package that can be obtained from apt?08:32
Braden`webmin doesn't have an apt package08:32
terminhelldRounse: have you tried john the ripper08:32
niklasfidedoera: what do you want to program? are you looking for a way into programming as a whole?08:32
dRounseNixGeek: oh someone told me that it didnt work, sorry08:32
randOmizeurfr332g0  it looks like theyre all wrong...08:32
beastybut thanks guys08:32
dRounseterminhell: not personally,08:33
NixGeekbeasty: good luck08:33
beastyi'll come back to you tonight if i still have troubles08:33
urfr332g0randOmize, make sure your correct your computer boots with that info.08:33
dedoeraoops, yes, just looking at getting into it08:33
terminhelldRounse: it may do what you need. your going to have to decypher the password one way or another08:33
dRounsewill freenas 8 with ssh allow me to access my files anywhere?08:33
urfr332g0!fstab | randOmize08:33
ubotturandOmize: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions08:33
dRounseterminhell, that wasnt me that was arunkumar413 who needed it08:34
dvhhdRounse : if you map the port on your router08:34
urfr332g0!pm | Random83208:34
ubottuRandom832: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:34
urfr332g0randOmize, I don't do pm's08:34
randOmizeok thats fine08:34
terminhelldRounse: oops08:34
dRounsedvhh: is that difficult? sorry im kinda a noob08:34
Braden`Does webmin require I install webmin specific modules like apache, or can I use my ubuntu apache install with it?08:34
niklasfidedoera: then i would suggest you learn python. it as a not-so-steep learning curve and you can do nearly everthing very easily. for learning python all you need is some patience and a good tutorial08:34
dRounseterminhell i was going to tell him to try that but you beat me to it08:35
randOmizeso i did sudo gedit /etc/fstab08:35
LachlanHHey guys. How can I run a script every time I log into the desktop?08:35
arunkumar413dRounse: i don't have the password. I downloaded a movie compressed in rar format08:35
dvhhdRounse: your router should have a web interface to configure that08:35
dedoerawhere do i do the programming?08:35
randOmizeurfr332g0 and that isnt the same uuid as the command you send me said08:35
dRounsearunkumar413 then its fake, sorry for that, when you get a rar file like that there is no movie in it, trust me08:35
randOmizeso I should change it so they all match the results of the command you sent me?08:35
niklasfidedoera: in any text editor you like. you can use gedit for example, which comes pre-installed08:35
dRounsedvhh, i know that, but do i just pick sftp then the port and enable it?08:36
dedoeraand you can just 'run' a txt file and its a program?08:36
niklasfidedoera: basically. yes08:36
urfr332g0randOmize, the ones in the blkid command are correct, you just want to make sure you know which uuiod is for which partition shown in fstab.08:36
arunkumar413dRounse: i opened the rar and can see the movie file in it08:36
randOmizeyea theyre labeled08:36
dvhhdRounse : yes should work08:36
randOmizethanks for your help!08:37
randOmizeI am so loving all of you folks of ubuntu irc.  You make ubuntu amazing.  Thanks!!!!08:37
arunkumar413dRounse: problem is i'm unable to extract the rar without the password08:37
niklasfidedoera: its been quite some time since i started programming, and python was not my first language, but i think http://www.diveintopython.net/toc/index.html could give you a good start08:37
dRounsearunkumar413 yea but its not really a movie, theyll tell you to go to a website and sign up for all kinds of crap before you get the password, ttrust me, i know you got a torrent08:37
urfr332g0randOmize, cool you can also remove the uuid and just put /dev/sda?  the question mark would be the partition number08:37
dedoeraill take a look, thanks08:37
dvhhdRounse : I got a nas that I can access from anywhere08:38
dRounsedvhh, ok thank you what port should i use?08:38
arunkumar413dRounse: yeah, there is also a doc with instructions to signup to get the password08:38
dvhhdRounse : 22 is the standard one, depending on how you trust the strength of your password, but it is advised to use a non standard one08:39
dRounsearunkumar413: its basically impossible to open it or even get the password, trust me ive tried several times08:39
arunkumar413dRounse: ok08:39
arunkumar413dRounse: abandoning my effort. Thanks08:40
dRounsedvhh: well how would someone get into it? like id know how to access it, but do people try to hack into peoples hom seervers08:40
dvhhdRounse : another issue is also the external ip address or hostname08:40
dvhhdRounse : you would be surprised08:40
dRounsearunkumar413: when you download movies from torrents look to see if its a rar, if it is dont download08:40
dRounsedvhh: how do i set up an external ip address08:41
arunkumar413dRounse: yeah sure. thanks for the info08:41
dvhhdRounse : you cannot set it up, your ISP choose it for you08:41
dRounsedvhh, wait just one question first, is freenas 8 with ssh any different than ubuntu server08:41
dvhhdRounse : can be an automated one or a static one08:42
Enginmy ubuntu server is visible on the windows network with its host name... but that is not in the smb.conf, how the hell does this thing work ? (and i cannot browse my shares)08:42
dvhhdRounse : freenas is stable enough, I haven't tried ubuntu server08:42
dRounsedvhh so as far as playing my movies on another computer it will work?08:43
oratedWhat is the term to fix a package so that it is not update/upgraded etc ?08:44
mintwhich method will fill up the usb drive in LESS time?: live with persistent save or full install to usb?08:44
oratedI forgot the term08:44
dvhhdRounse : yes08:45
dRounsedvhh: ok thanks for the help08:45
urfr332g0mint, persistent can't be cleaned and can't get kernel upgrade.08:45
urfr332g0orated, you can pin in synaptic if you have it.08:46
mintso im better to install straight to usb if i dont want to fill up the drive?08:46
oratedurfr332g0: Pinning! Thanks08:46
dvhhdRounse : np08:46
=== max is now known as Guest32864
urfr332g0mint, yes basically, is it a thumb or HD?08:47
urfr332g0flash or disc08:47
mintflash drive08:47
urfr332g0mint, will run a little slower then a install to a external disc, maybe more hard to say.08:48
minti was hoping that a full install would help with not filling up the drive so fast08:48
minti want to use a 2gb stick for as long as possible08:48
mintwith this persistent save i just did, i have already fillied up the drive on the first boot08:49
urfr332g0mint, full install can be kept at install size with cleaning the cache etc08:49
mintthen that is clearly the way to go08:49
urfr332g0mint, 2 gigs is to small for a standard install.08:49
urfr332g0mint, you would need\08:50
urfr332g0mint, ubuntu wants a 4.2 size space to install in standard install even though tye install is about 3 gigs08:50
minti see08:51
Braden`Is there a way to force install ubuntu even if you don't have 4.5 gigs?08:51
Braden`I am not going to be installing xwindows, gnome, or anything like that08:51
SerythHey all, I'm having real trouble with pulseaudio. It was working fine a couple of days ago, and now it's suddenly not working. In the xfce volume control icon, instead of seeing my soundcard and stuff listed, it just says "Playback: Dummy Output (PulseAudio Mixer)" and the other option is "Capture: Monitor of Dummy Output (PulseAudio Mixer). This is really weird, I've not seen these before. What can I do? I wnt sound back ;__;08:52
urfr332g0mint, there is a minimal/net install not sure of the limitations there.08:52
minti dont mind using a bigger drive.. i just wish i could use a 2gb stick with the persistent save method. so far it just fills up insanely fast08:53
dRounseif i use freenas can i grab things from usenet and torrents directly to it or do i need to have them go to a computer first08:53
urfr332g0Braden`, not that I know of, kind of a waste of time to be honest.08:53
=== yoshx_ is now known as yoshx
opalepatrickI created a ext4 partition using gparted. I want it to have all my docs etc and have them available if I use another distro on another  partition. Can I just auto mount this partition as root?08:54
niklasfiopalepatrick: what do you mean by "as root" shurely you can, if you are root in your system08:55
urfr332g0opalepatrick, why would yhou want root, and name another distrom eh.08:55
ServerSageopalepatrick: You just want it to mount every time you reboot, correct?  If so, take a look at your /etc/fstab file.08:56
dRounseopalepatrick: dont put it in root, just leave it where it is and if you wanna change distros it needs to be in the same "family"08:56
urfr332g0dRounse, what is your definition of family?08:57
dRounsedebian, ubuntu and mint are in the same family08:57
dRounsethey are all debian based08:57
urfr332g0dRounse, lol08:57
dRounseand ive never had trouble changing the distro and leaving the files intact08:57
ServerSagedRounse: Why does that matter?  You can mount and ext4 partition under just about any distro.08:58
dRounseServerSage: he was talking about mounting it in root so it stays when he changes distros08:58
ServerSagedRounse: I took it as he wanted to mount it at boot AS root.08:59
urfr332g0dRounse, which was a error in the question most open source does not run in root.08:59
ServerSageopalepatrick: Suppose you could clarify what it is you actually want to do since we are obviously confused..?09:00
dRounseServerSage: oh, im so confused right now lol was he wrong or was i?09:00
ServerSagedRounse: Confusion is abundant!  Hehe.09:00
urfr332g0dRounse, you bothe are. :)09:00
dRounsehow am i wrong?09:00
dRounsei think youre wrong09:00
dRounse! | wrong09:01
dRounseurfr332g0 is the definition of wrong09:01
urfr332g0dRounse, the use of family means nothing, most open source does not run in root, mounting a media disc in root is only applicable if the OS runs in root.09:01
dRounseurfr332g0 i was saying he didnt need anything in root, because if he wanted to change distros all his files would remain untouched09:02
Hamedevery time i open my laptop I write this command to enable wifi sudo modprobe b43 is there any way to stop writing it every time ?09:02
ServerSageurfr332g0: Are you drinking?  :)09:02
urfr332g0ServerSage, I don't drink09:02
ServerSageHamed: Take a look at /etc/modules and /etc/modules.d09:03
dRounseServerSage, urfr332g0, i think we are all talking about different things09:03
urfr332g0it was a question that made no sense in substance, no mention of any distro and a want of root in a media partition.09:03
dRounseI created a ext4 partition using gparted. I want it to have all my docs etc and have them available if I use another distro on another  partition. Can I just auto mount this partition as root?09:04
dRounsethats what he wrote09:04
urfr332g0In the words of buckwheat OTAY.09:04
Dr_willisdRounse:  you will need to mount it and change the ownership and permissions as needed.09:04
ServerSagedRounse urfr332g0: Since he isn't responding, we can safely move on.09:04
ServerSageDr_willis: He wasn't asking, he was reposting somebody's else's question.  :)09:05
opalepatrickYes sorry called away - ServerSage, dRounse - actually I think I was getting confused thinking the file system was 'inside' the distro structure. The fstab ref is the one I want I believe.09:05
dRounseServerSage are you good with servers? i have a serious question09:05
ServerSagedRounse: Hit me.09:05
urfr332g0ServerSage, lol you were responding as well not quite the hiogher road bro. ;)09:05
dRounseis freenas 8 with ssh like an ubuntu server with ssh?09:06
Dr_willisI thought Freenas was BSD based09:06
dRounsei want to be able to access my files from not only my home network09:06
ServerSageurfr332g0: Not sure I said anything about higher roads…but you feel free to read anything you want into what I say.  *shrug*09:06
dRounseDr_willis: it is09:06
ServerSagedRounse: Ummm, not sure what your question even means.  BSD != ubuntu09:06
Dr_willisand its very specilized. :)  for the job its designed to do.09:07
urfr332g0ServerSage, lol09:07
ServerSagedRounse: If you are asking if BSD is the same as Ubuntu, no.  :)09:08
dRounsewell i know freeNAS is a NAS OS and ubuntu is a server OS, will they both do the same thing? I want it to server home media, and other files, to my desktop, laptop, tablet, etc... as well as serve my files to me while im not home09:08
dRounseii know its not the same thing09:08
ServerSagedRounse: You can use Ubuntu as a NAS device.09:08
ServerSagedRounse: And you can use Ubuntu to serve up all your goodies to all the other systems on your network.09:09
dRounsebut i saw that freeNAS 8 haas lot of new features that make it seem more like a file server09:09
u890hello, I want to convert images files from TIFF to JPG format. This command "convert *.tiff *.jpg" works, but leaves out filenames with spaces. How should I change that command to add files with spaces?09:09
Dr_willistheres also specific 'services' designed for streaming/converting to tablets and so forth on the fly  -  like mobli i belive.09:09
dRounsei am just having trouble with ubuntu and freeNAS seems easier as far as the server09:09
dRounsei use ubuntu on my desktop09:09
Dr_willisu890:  you may need to use the 'find' command and do some quoteing around teh file names argument. I tend to make it a point to NEVER use spaces in filenames :)09:10
SerythHey all, I'm having real trouble with pulseaudio. It was working fine a couple of days ago, and now it's suddenly not working. In the xfce volume control icon, instead of seeing my soundcard and stuff listed, it just says "Playback: Dummy Output (PulseAudio Mixer)" and the other option is "Capture: Monitor of Dummy Output (PulseAudio Mixer). This is really weird, I've not seen these before. What can I do? I want sound back ;__;09:10
opalepatrickjust read that thread lol -  basically I was thinking ubuntu & app files etc on partition1, myfiles on partition 2, partition 3 for testing other distros. Should have told you at the start instead of giving u my thinking halfway through09:10
ServerSagedRounse: Are you looking to replace a FreeNAS setup with Ubuntu?09:10
dRounseServerSage, kind of the other way around, basically is freenas less powerful as far as serving up goodies?09:11
ServerSagedRounse: I have limited FreeNAS experience, but in my limited use it did everything I needed.  I didn't find it lacking for serving up files.09:11
u890thank you, Dr. I will remember from now on to not use spaces. But can you perhaps show me how exactly use that 'find' command?09:12
Hamed(11:08:13 AM) Hamed: b43 this is my moudules file do you want me write sudo modprobe b43 after this lines09:12
Dr_willisdRounse:  it will depend on how you are 'serving' things. what service.  I dont see things like 'upnp' streaming services mentioned in the freenas docs.09:12
ServerSagedRounse: But, Ubuntu CAN do everything FreeNAS can do.09:12
Dr_willisu890:  not really. id have to look up find examples.09:12
dRounseok so which would you prefer?09:13
ServerSageHamed: Take a look at /etc/modules and /etc/modules.d - just like I said when you posted last time.  :)09:13
Dr_willisu890:  checkout  the various find examples and find  with spaces in filenames09:13
ServerSagedRounse: Ubuntu09:13
u890ok, I'll try to find something in the internet. Thanks for your help.09:13
poyntzHi, I want to mount a Sandisk key but I don't know where it is. I mounted all the /dev/sda* to different folders and none of them are the SanDisk key09:13
Dr_willisdRounse:  it will totally depend on the details. Freenas is designed to be a fileserver as its main thing.   its not as flexiable as a ubuntu box would be. but its more focused to the task09:13
sgo11hi, gnome3 gnome-shell, ctrl+alt+shift+R for recording the screen, is that possible to pause? how to? thanks.09:13
ServerSagedRounse: Simply because it's easier to do *more*.  FreeNAS is built to do just one thing and one thing well, be a NAS divice.09:13
poyntzhow can I detect the /dev/<file> or whatever in order to mount the Sandisk09:14
themonitorpoyntz: dmesg09:14
dRounseServerSage: ok when i installed ubuntu earlier it booted and then hung on a page with an orange "_" then the next time i booted it hung on a page with a white "_"09:14
poyntzthemonitor: dmesg|grep Sandisk?09:14
poyntzthemonitor: I tried dmesg and it dumped a ton of output and a few errors09:15
ServerSagedRounse: Before or after GRUB?09:15
Hamedwhat can i do after take alook to this file ?09:15
themonitorpoyntz: right after you plug the device in run dmesg|tail should give you the last device.09:16
urfr332g0poyntz, run sudo fdisk -l in the terminal09:16
Dr_willisthe blkid  command may also show what device the sandisk is09:16
poyntzthemonitor: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845526/09:16
ServerSagedRounse: Have you tried to disable splash in grub to see if it's reporting anything?09:16
poyntzurfr332g0: I thought I mounted that already, I'll try again09:17
dRounseno, im going to try reintalling it on a different hdd that one always gives me trouble09:17
ServerSagedRounse: I should kick you in the shin.  :)09:17
poyntzurfr332g0: that worked :). thanks09:18
urfr332g0poyntz, cool09:18
dRounsewell its late and i just want this server up and running ive been running into problem after problem with hardware and software09:18
themonitorpoyntz: did it tell you sr009:18
dRounseive been trying a little bit everyday for over a month09:18
poyntzthemonitor: it told me sdb1, i then mounted it and it was the right one :D09:18
Dr_willisdRounse:  dependign on the hardware bsd may have less support  then linux does..09:19
poyntzthemonitor: thanks for offering a suggestion anyhow :)09:19
themonitorpoyntz: I see. cool.09:19
ServerSagedRounse: I'm not sure BSD would be a good way to go then.09:19
ServerSagedRounse: Dr_willis said it best.  :)09:19
Dr_willisa cli only headless server.. wouldent need much int he way of hardware however.09:19
dRounseServerSage: no ive completely changed all of the hardware from my original try09:19
Dr_willisso i have to wonder what issues you have been having.09:19
ServerSagedRounse: You shouldn't be hanging at an _ then.  Do you have any USB devices plugged in that might be buggered?09:20
ServerSagedRounse: I have a USB wifi adapter that causes Ubuntu to hang like that.09:20
Dr_willisgood amounts- o-ram and loads-o-hd space -> happy server. :)09:20
poyntzurfr332g0: how do you remember that fdisk stands for partion table list?09:20
poyntzurfr332g0: *partition09:21
Dr_willispoyntz:  the fdisk command has been around for.. like generations. :)09:21
outrageHi does anyone here run an ATI/AMD card on their Ubuntu???09:21
urfr332g0poyntz, practice, practice, practice. :)09:21
crizzyoutrage: yes, hd687009:21
poyntzDr_willis: but still, what's fdisk actually stand for? :P09:21
Dr_willisformat disk - perhaps.09:21
urfr332g0find disc?09:22
boba88my second display is not detected, before hand i got set it using displays detect monitor09:22
urfr332g0more likely format though09:22
themonitorpoyntz: You become familiar with command names after a while.09:22
poyntzDr_willis, urfr332g0: sorry to be naive but why not fpartition? :P09:22
Dr_willispoyntz:  rember theres NO   n in umount either. :)09:22
dRounseit was first the motherboard of one of the, well the processor, linux kernel 3 doesnt support p4 yet, but i didnt know tht until i had tried a gazzilion times, then the nic card on the next mobo i tried wasnt working so i had to buy a new one, but its an athlon ii which is more powerful than the celeron d i had as a desktop so i switched and now the server is on the celeron d mobo09:22
outragecrizzy, I have an issue with my graphics display. I have installed the latest  ATI driver for my 6670 and my Ubuntu runs like XP without the drivers i.e. slow desktop performance etc09:22
boba88anyone has an idea how to get my second monitor running09:22
urfr332g0poyntz, don't know realy.09:22
Dr_willispoyntz:  years ago you were limited in the legenth of file names.09:22
poyntzDr_willis, urfr332g0 : ahh that makes sense :)09:23
Dr_willisgood old 8.3 days   and befor  - even more limits.09:23
crizzyoutrage: so you have proprietary driver installed?09:23
arkiverHello. i am using ubuntu 11.10 . recently while i try to update , update stops and i get the following message:09:23
* Dr_willis will take computer history for $300 09:23
arkiverbcz of this my update stops. what do i do ?09:23
crizzyoutrage: and the 3D itself works, but compiz is slow/laggy?09:23
ServerSagedRounse: Huh?  Kernel v3 doesn't support a P4?09:23
arkivercan anyone help  ?09:23
poyntzDr_willis, urfr332g0 : you'll hate me for asking this, but how well does Mac OS X Snow Leapard run under Grub2?09:23
urfr332g0poyntz, I would have to refer to the Dr though.09:23
dRounseServerSage: correct09:23
Dr_willispoyntz:  no idea. i dont touch macs.09:24
outragecrizzy, at the moment its enabled.09:24
urfr332g0poyntz, we can't really help with hackintosh09:24
crizzyoutrage: have you tested with any 3D game that it works well?09:24
crizzyoutrage: you use unity/compiz?09:24
ServerSagedRounse: I think you may be mistaken.  P4 support has been in the kernel for a very, very long time.09:24
Dr_willisMac Hardware needs some other bootloader i thought09:24
poyntzurfr332g0: that's alright, I figured it's a grub2 question, so possibly in your domain :P09:24
outragecrizzy, I dont think so.09:24
urfr332g0poyntz, the web is your muse. :)09:24
crizzyoutrage: so do you use unity or not?09:25
outragecrizzy,  what is unity? a version of ubuntu?09:25
tarelerulzHow different is 10.10 from 11.04 ?09:25
dRounsetrust me i tried with every distro imaginable, then in the forums a guy said he had the same prob so i installed 10.10 and it worked like a charm, you can update to 11.10 but you cant do a live cd09:25
crizzyoutrage: ui in ubuntu since 11.0409:25
poyntzurfr332g0, Dr_willis : well thanks again. I'll check out google and see if it knows the answer :)09:25
themonitorarkiver: try running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade from the term.09:25
poyntzciao people09:25
urfr332g0tarelerulz, different desktop, 11.04 has unity.09:26
crizzyoutrage: does your desktop look like in this pic: http://www.ubuntu.com/sites/www.ubuntu.com/files/active/02_ubuntu/U_homepage/frontpage-laptop_l1.jpg09:26
ServerSagedRounse: I'm looking right at it, P4 support in v3 of the kernel.09:26
outragecrizzy,  no my desktop does not look like that09:26
outragecrizzy, I log in using the classic display09:26
crizzyoutrage: ok, anyway, take a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/38028/performance-being-really-choppy-with-ati-drivers the top answer09:26
urfr332g0tarelerulz, 10.10 is the last gnome 2 release.09:27
crizzyit's likely what you're experiencing anyway09:27
crizzy(crappy vsync settings in compiz)09:27
ServerSagedRounse: Where is this forum post where somebody told you it is not supported?09:27
dRounseServerSage it can support it but you cant use a live usb or cd with kernel v309:27
ServerSagedRounse: Whoever told you that was blowing smoke up your back side.09:27
=== tnm is now known as kubanc
ServerSagedRounse: While it may not work on your system, it has nothing to do with it being a P4.  More likely, it has to do with your BIOS or CD/DVD drive.09:28
dRounseServerSage well he helped me cuz he said to use a distro with kernel v2 and it worked, you can upgrade to kernel v309:28
tarelerulzIs there KDE Still or everything unity09:28
Dr_willistarelerulz:  KDE is still alive and well.09:28
ServerSagedRounse: I wanna see this forum post.  :)09:28
Dr_willisas is Lxde, xfce,09:28
themonitortarelerulz: kubuntu.com09:28
urfr332g0tarelerulz, kde yes09:29
outragecrizzy, must I restart the computer for changes to take effect??09:29
crizzyoutrage: should work right the way i think09:29
crizzyoutrage: at least relogin should be enough09:29
tarelerulzOfficially everything is the unity ui  ?09:30
outragecrizzy,  its still remained the same. I had compiz installed before. I followed the top answer but my cpu usage goes above 70% when moving windows across my screen09:30
dRounseServerSage sorry he didnt say it didnt support it, someone on here said it didnt and that it would be supported in 12.0409:30
urfr332g0tarelerulz, ubuntu is unity09:30
dRounsethe forum said he had trouble like me and the only way to get v3 is to update09:30
Dr_willistarelerulz:  ubuntu uses unity. kubuntu uses kde.. lubuntuy uses lxde...09:30
ServerSagedRounse: Ubuntu 11.10 != kernel 3.0.  While Ubuntu uses the 3.0 kernel, it has nothing to do with the kernel supporting it.  If Ubuntu chooses to not compile in support that is one thing.09:31
dRounsetarelerulz: canonical has left kubuntu and its now a community distro, kde is still alive so is kubuntu09:31
crizzyoutrage: further than that, i have no idea09:31
=== david is now known as Guest63779
dRounsewhy am i guest?09:32
outragecrizzy,  I appreciate your help so far.09:32
=== ozior is now known as ozi|afk
dRounseoh wait thats not menvm09:32
outragecrizzy,  what drivers are you running for your 6870??09:32
ServerSagedRounse: And I can honestly say I have NO idea if Ubuntu included P4 support or not, I can't see how - or why - they wouldn't have.  I haven't seen or run a P4 in …. years.09:32
tarelerulzI put stuff on my NTFS partition where windows7 home perium lives and when I boot back into windows files get deleted.   Is that fixed in the newer versions ?09:32
crizzyumm, default ones of ubuntu 11.1009:32
crizzyat the moment09:33
outrageSo you have the propriety drivers activated correct?09:33
outrageand ServerSage I am running a pentium 409:33
crizzyworks fine09:33
outragecrizzy, ok09:33
crizzyplaying Warsow daily09:33
urfr332g0tarelerulz, your best to have a shared ntfs partition09:33
outragewhat games can I download/test to see if my drivers are truly functioning properly09:34
crizzyi did test latest 12.1 catalyst too, no probs with that either09:34
ServerSagedRounse: See, outrage is even running a P4.  :)  Thus proving both that K v3 supports it, and that Ubuntu included support.09:34
dRounsegahhh ServerSage i know it supports it but for somereason it wont boot, and he never specified what kernel hes running09:35
ServerSagedRounse: So again, whomever told you that it did not support a P4 was blowing smoke up the rear side of your khakis.  Like I said, if you can't boot a Live CD/DVD/USB then chances are your BIOS or DVD rom are the problem.09:35
tarelerulzA partition  between  windows and Ubuntu ? would I still not have the same problem?09:35
outrageI'm going to uninstall and reinstall drivers and see what happens.09:35
urfr332g0tarelerulz, shouldn't, but to be honest yours makes no sense, without more details09:35
greenithi, i have a problem: i am writing an email, but when i toggle the email-window to full-screen the text is not end in the line like it does before.... can i change this behavior anyhow or do i just have to press enter everytime i want the line to end?09:35
ServerSagegreenit: Huh?09:36
outrageI'm running 11.04, crizzy would you recommend updating to 11.10 or not?09:36
themonitorgreenit: When the window isn't full-screen the text just wraps to the next line so you can read it...09:37
dRounseis webmin safe on ubuntu09:37
crizzyoutrage: 11.10 won't have classic desktop anymore :)09:37
outrageah yeah that would be a problem09:37
crizzyoutrage: i didn't have any probs with ati in 11.04 either, though09:37
crizzyoutrage: but unity nowadays is just fine, give it a chance :)09:37
crizzyonly thing that pissed me off was autohiding panel09:37
tarelerulzDo any of you dual boot?  Do any of you run both windows 7 home perium  and Ubuntu 10.10?09:38
outrageI can get unity running on 11.04 its not aproblem09:38
crizzybut that's easy to disable.. and hiding is gone altogether in 12.0409:38
crizzyoutrage: yeah but it was first unity versions.. it's considerably more annoying than 11.10/12.04 versions09:38
outragemy only problem is just ubuntu is like xp with a graphics card and no driver.09:38
urfr332g0tarelerulz, I have 5 OS one is W7 the rest are 3 ubuntus and a fedora09:38
themonitortarelerulz: I have and I've never had a problem like that. How did you set up your ntfs partition?09:38
outrageIs there a difference between propriety drivers and downloading the driver off AMD site crizzy ?09:39
crizzywell, amd site has newer ones09:39
Dr_willisoutrage,  use the ones from the repos if they work.09:39
Dr_willisnewer ones may or may not work09:39
crizzythey work just fine09:39
outrageDr_willis, repos??09:39
crizzynot TOO hard to install either09:39
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories09:39
Dr_willisThey MAY or May NOT work.09:39
crizzythey do work09:39
urfr332g0tarelerulz, make sure you have ntfs-3g installed09:39
greenitthemonitor, can i change this behavior, for example that the line does not get longer so that it fits on an a4-site?09:39
tarelerulzIt is the same ntfs partition windows 7 runs on .  I mount it with ntfs-3g in Ubuntu 10.10 .  That is how I have  it set up09:39
Dr_willisand installing them from the company site - i belive is not supported by this channel09:39
outrageI've installed the latest 12.1 drivers for ATI and they worked but I still had the same problem as now09:40
crizzyhowever i doubt it'll solve anything for you09:40
themonitorgreenit: I don't think so.09:40
Dr_willisIt all depends on the card and versions and other things. if the newer drivers work, or cause more problems.09:40
ServerSagegreenit: Email doesn't really have the concept of "page size".09:40
crizzyi'm sure it's that vsync problem i linked earlier, though09:40
Guest63779Hi, just got new laptop which has windows 7 on it. Trying to install ubuntu 11.10  alongside it. I run the wubi.exe, click "demo and full installation", select "reboot now" But when it reboots, it's as if nothing has changed and doesn't offer the opportunity to start with ubuntu. Any ideas anyone?09:40
Dr_willis The newer ati drivers worked for unity for me. but still have issues in gnome-shell.09:40
greenitServerSage, well... when i want to print it, will it then fit the a4-site?09:40
ServerSagegreenit: When you print it you can choose to have it "fit to page".09:41
greenitServerSage, ah, k, thx :)09:41
tarelerulzNTFS for windows7 must be different .   I have been downloading movies to the ntfs partition for years.  Never had any problem.09:41
themonitortarelerulz: so you mount it from the file browser everytime?09:41
Dr_willisNtfs under windows 7 works fine for me under my ubuntu installs also.09:41
Dr_willisbut i missed the actual problem.09:42
tarelerulzI use terminal  ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /media/windows7  and it shows up on the desktop09:42
urfr332g0Dr_willis, missing files loaded to windows.09:42
Dr_willisWatch out for Files with  Differnt Case Names perhaps?   ThisFile  vs thisfile    perhaps?09:43
Dr_willisive never had any missing. :)09:43
boba88why my ubuntu 11.10 does not recognize my second monitor?09:43
Dr_willishad a 'ThisFile' and 'thisfile' issue on samba shares befor.09:43
Nirkushm, somehow my quickstart keys (windows key + number) for applications have vanished from unity bar since yesterday oO09:43
tarelerulz I save files to the ntfs partition .  When I boot back into windows it deletes them.  I have never had this problem before09:43
urfr332g0tarelerulz, I just click mine in home left panel.09:43
Dr_willisboba88,  whats your video card/gpu?09:43
Hamedcould any one help me to put this command in boot sudo modprobe b4309:43
Dr_willisHamed,  add it to /etc/rc.local or to your modules auto load/ list.  perhaps.09:44
themonitortarelerulz: try sudo? maybe you don't actually have permissions.09:44
Dr_willisI thought b43 was  obsolete.09:44
tarelerulzI forgot I do use sudo .09:44
ubottuTo compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist09:44
themonitortarelerulz: I would add it to fstab so you don't have to mount it everytime.09:44
tarelerulzSure that would be easy ,but it would not change the problem.   Windows deletes files when I boot back into it.  I thought maybe I was mounting it with bad version of NTFS-3g .  I thought maybe if I updated to 11.  the problem would be fixed09:46
ServerSageHamed: Did you find my suggestion confusing?  If so, what part did you not understand?  Maybe I can walk you through it.09:46
themonitortarelerulz: you should try it. it might fix the problem. you never know.09:46
Dr_willistarelerulz,  id check the ntfs-3g homepage/forums and see if anything shows up. also try unmounting the ntfs partion after making a test file. and see if it reappears.09:46
Dr_willisit could be windows is some how file system checking and removing a 'bad' file.09:47
boba88Dr_willis: VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G92 [GeForce 8800 GT] (rev a2)09:47
Hamedsorry but i want to know is this file etc/modules that i must write the command in it ?09:47
Dr_willisboba88,  i normally just install the nvidia drivers, reboot., run the nvidia-settings tool as root. enable twinview.  restart the X server.. both monitors work.09:47
ServerSageHamed: Did you open up the file?  If you edit /etc/modules you will see some comments at the top that tell you modules in the file will be loaded on boot.  You simply add your module to the list.09:47
tarelerulzI will do that.  It sucks . I spent a lot of time downloading that stuff and it sucks to lose it.  Plus , XBMC should update to fix their 1080 p play back problem.09:48
themonitortarelerulz: you shouldn't download illegally...09:48
boba88Dr_willis: Unable to load X Server Display Configuration page:  Failed to query NoScanout for screen 0.09:48
Dr_willisboba88,  for what exactly?09:48
Hamedmy moudule is modprobe b43 right ? or just b4309:48
Dr_willismodprobe is a command to load a module..09:49
sidbhey can someone tell me how can i use the packages from someone elses`s ubuntu`s /var/cche/apt/archives folder in my own ubuntu09:49
ServerSageHamed: modprobe is the command that loads the module.  b43 is the module.09:49
boba88Dr_willis: sudo nvidia-settings and then x server configuration page09:49
Dr_willismodule name in your case is b4309:49
tarelerulzIt could be a blue ray of my own09:49
boba88Dr_willis: sudo nvidia-settings and then x server display configuration09:49
Dr_willisboba88,  you installed the nvidia-drivers ?09:49
tarelerulzOther then that xbmc is great program.  That is small bug.09:49
boba88yes currently the post release drivers version 17309:50
boba88Dr_willis: yes currently the post release drivers version 17309:50
Hamedthis lines already in etc/modules09:50
ServerSageHamed:  Is it commented out?09:50
Dr_willisboba88,  theres also example xorg.conf files online you could try. or the 'sudo nvidia-xconfig -a' command (i think)09:50
themonitortarelerulz: hope you get everything working :)09:50
ServerSageHamed: If it's not commented out you'll need to take a look in the logs.  You can find them in /var/log/09:50
Hamedyes out of comment09:50
themonitorwell, night everyone.09:51
Hamedvar/log which file ?09:51
boba88Dr_willis: ERROR: Unable to assign attribute DigitalVibrance specified on line 48 of configuration file '/home/student005/.nvidia-settings-rc' (no Display connection). when trying to run sudo nvidia-settings09:52
ServerSageHamed: Take a look at /var/log/udev or /var/log/kern.log - if neither have anything run "grep b43 /var/log/*"09:53
Dr_willisyou allready have a user .nvidia-settings-rc file it seems. perhaps remove/rename it.  the root user shouldent be touching the user files..09:53
Dr_willisboba88,  both monitors were plugged in when you booted the system? this a desktop or laptop?09:54
boba88Dr_willis: yes were plugged, and desktop09:54
Dr_willisI used to have a 8800gtsxxx (i think) never had any of these issues.. but its been some time ago.09:55
boba88Dr_willis: now after renaming it and trying to run sudo nvidia settings i get (nvidia-settings:2764): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap" and there is no two screens detected09:56
Dr_willisthats a gtk theme warning...09:56
Dr_willismeaningless warning. :)09:56
Dr_willisHow are the monitors hooked up? using any adaptors/converters?09:57
boba88Dr_willis: normal DVIs09:57
Dr_willisOut of ideas then.09:57
boba88Dr_willis: ok09:57
boba88Dr_willis: thanks09:57
kbotnen_how can I tell Ubuntu that it needs a reboot? I want the com.ubuntu.SystemService.is_reboot_required to be true.09:58
RichiHhow can i bump the version of a ubuntu package to its debian euivalent10:01
RichiHubuntu is still stuck with an ancient version of my package10:01
terminhellget it from an actual deb repo10:03
auronandaceterminhell: never a good idea to mix debian and ubuntu repos10:06
JernejL_Worki really need some help, can anyone tell me what this means or how to fix this? my dmesg is SPAMMED with a ton of these:10:06
JernejL_Work[3578749.737067] type=1400 audit(1329438608.667:118668): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_replace" name="/usr/sbin/mysqld" pid=20075 comm="apparmor_parser"10:06
FeyeHello, please can someone tell how to, or point to a relevant web page, on how to boot directly into X environment omitting gdm and password ? Thank you.10:07
FeyeI was googling for it, but all results I get are about how to boot into a command line. That's not what I am interested in.10:07
terminhellauronandace: isnt ubuntu based on debian?10:08
auronandaceterminhell: yes, but if you mix repos you will break stuff10:08
lahwranhow do I unbind the alt key so that it doesn't make windows drag?10:10
lahwranperhaps move that to the super key10:10
pangolinterminhell: a deb for debian may requires newer versions of libraries that could be available in the ubuntu repos but those libraries may not work well with other apps that require the ubuntu version of the lib.10:10
Ben64Feye: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutoLogin10:10
pangolinin other words, don't mix repos.10:10
terminhellpangolin: ah, yea its been ages since ive actually used debian/ubuntu10:11
Asifanhelp ubuntu people10:13
Asifani want to ask if it is possible to install ubuntu n a mac?10:13
FeyeThank you Ben64.10:13
terminhelli forget how seemingly separated ubuntu has drifted from debian. In the past i remember being able to use debian repo's fairly problem free10:13
Ben64Asifan: depends on the cpu, not sure if ubuntu still supports powerpc10:14
Asifanmy CPU is intel10:14
Ben64then it will work, its no different from any other computer10:14
Asifani tried to install it from a live CD, it goes well except in the very end it cranes. has to do with something about restart or something10:15
Asifanso when i boot my computer it doesn't boot on ubuntu, just doesn't recognize it10:15
Asifanso any help with my problem? :)10:17
boba88if anyone is aware of how to enable my second monitor under ubuntu 11.1010:19
boba88if anyone is aware of how to enable my second monitor under ubuntu 11.10?10:19
terminhellturn the other monitor on :p10:20
boba88terminhell: is turned on, but the system does not recoginize it :P10:20
newbiehi all10:20
newbiei need help10:20
newbiei'm new of ubuntu10:20
=== newbie is now known as Guest50883
soeehi, guys do you have ant good tutorials how can i configure VPS server for php/mysql/apache etc ?10:21
terminhellboba88: have the other monitor blugged in and run X --configure10:21
Guest50883and i dont know why my ubnutu software center doesn't work any more...10:22
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest81697
Guest50883it doesnt't open nor nothing10:22
boba88terminhell: Fatal server error: Unrecognized option: --configure, you mean nvidia-xconfig10:22
Guest50883can dsomeone help please?10:22
boba88terminhell: or X --configure?10:22
=== joel is now known as Guest53818
terminhellboba88: sure, if using nvidia10:23
Guest50883please ome help10:23
boba88terminhell: but i already run that10:23
boba88terminhell: but i already ran that10:23
terminhellboba88: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Nvidia10:23
terminhellread the multiple monitors section10:23
terminhellafterwards you'll need to restart X10:24
prezeushi guys, is there anyway of coming back to gnome2? i tried the fallback but you can do nothing with panels for example....10:24
Guest50883guys help! my sowftware center doesn't work any moer!10:25
terminhellprezeus: look into peppermint i think, otherwise not sure if ubuntu will let you10:25
terminhellGuest50883: be more specific10:25
prezeusterminhell: what is peppermint...?10:25
=== Sergevg_ is now known as svg
terminhellprezeus: a fork of gnome2 if i recall correctly10:26
prezeusterminhel: aha...10:26
prezeusterminhell: thank you I'll see10:26
Guest50883im running on ubuntu 11.10 and after i installed it i managed to do all of the updates..know if i click on the software center icon nothing happenes...10:27
KyungChanhello all10:27
=== vincent is now known as Guest18955
terminhellprezeus: sorry, its 'mate'10:28
prezeusterminhell: mate?10:28
terminhellbut i think its something the linuxmint guys cooked up10:28
prezeusbut i mean is a distro?10:29
prezeusor is an environment that you install....10:29
Asifani have been sruggeling with ubuntu on 5 different computers10:29
eutheriahow can i stop skype taking focus from me?10:29
Asifanis there a way to explain how to install it?10:29
prezeusin internet you have plently of tutorials Asifan...10:30
Asifannon of them work, i have been at it for 6 months10:31
Asifanwhen ever i have free time i try to install it and doesn't work10:31
prezeuswhat happens more specific?10:31
KyungChanHow do i make a good looking desktop environment?10:32
terminhellKyungChan: cryons10:32
Asifan1. MacbookPro no CD Ubuntu will not boot from a Live USB.10:32
Asifan2. Intel MacbookPro using Live CD will not install on HDD.10:32
Asifan3. Sony Vio will not start from Live USB.10:33
Asifan4. Sony Vio will not even start from Live CD.10:33
Asifan5. MAC OS X wil work ubuntu on a virtual machine but it is VERY slow.10:33
prezeusyou mean that you tried in all of these machines?10:33
KyungChanI prefer not to use ios10:33
terminhellbad usb imaging10:33
Asifani get a new now everytime10:34
prezeusubuntu/mac is a tricky thing10:34
Asifanbut it won't even on on sony vio10:34
prezeusyou'll have to look for a specific tutorial10:34
KyungChanor not changing his booting order10:34
=== hive is now known as n3uron_
prezeusfor sony vaio....10:34
onasisanyone have any ideas what is considered one of the best video capture app for ubuntu please?10:34
Asifanany help with a tutorial? i can't find anything that explains the errors i get10:34
KyungChanit could be loading his hhd then maybe usb10:34
onasisusing laptop camera10:34
prezeusI mean did tried changin the boot order?10:35
Asifanit won't even recognize the software.10:35
Asifanwhen i boot it tells me file not found10:35
terminhellhow did you create the live usb?10:35
Asifanand i install ubuntu on its own not with another OS10:35
KyungChanwhat program are you using to make it live?10:35
Asifanthrough the terminal commands10:35
Asifanfrom the instructions in the ubuntu website10:36
Asifanand it is created fine. no errors when i do it10:36
terminhelldid you do dd /path/to image of="/dev/sdb1 or /sdb10:36
terminhellsdb or sdb110:36
Asifan1 sec let me copy it10:37
diverdudeis there a way i can set terminal title to always be the last command?10:37
Asifansudo dd if=/path/to/file.img of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m10:37
Asifanand the USB is created fine no errors10:38
Asifanbut can't boot from it10:38
terminhellyou may also have to set a boot flag on it10:38
terminhelldid you dd from mac os?10:39
sergio__can you  help me?10:39
terminhellim not familiar with the bs=1m flags10:39
terminhellor mac os10:40
JernejL_Workinit: mysql main process ended, respawning10:40
JernejL_Workwhat is making this happen?10:40
JernejL_Workwhy does it respawn?10:40
Asifanwhat about installing it on the mac HDD?10:40
terminhelldd would just image the live image to your hdd10:40
terminhellnot something you want10:40
Asifanit installs fine form the LIVE CD, but in the very end it tells me something wrong with start up10:40
KyungChan<JernejL_Work> one question at a time, pm someone10:40
terminhellhave you tried unetbootin?10:41
Asifanwhat is that?10:41
JernejL_WorkKyungChan, seriously?10:41
sergio__I have installed an extension for Gnome shell and after ,I reboot  and gnome shell not found10:41
KyungChanyeah there is no point flooding with problems because no one knows where to start10:41
KyungChanI might be able to help, pm me10:41
JernejL_Workit's the same problem10:42
KyungChanokay, log out and look at where the taskbar will be, look for gnome and log in10:42
terminhellsergio__: use gnome-tweak-tool10:43
naaaaaahhello, I need support for xerox network printers with ubuntu 11.1010:43
Asifanterminhell: so what is unetbootin?10:43
terminhellsergio__: once you install the extension, open gnome tweak, under extensions it should be listed for you to enable. if, after you enable it and still nothing restart gnome-shell10:44
=== arif-ali_ is now known as arif-ali|laptop
KyungChansergio_: problems?10:45
evildaemonI can't authenticate wireless.10:59
_Brun0_I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on command-line using the alternate cd. It is using a minimal window manager (i3) and I'd like to install a GTK theme. How do I know which GTK version I have in my Ubuntu? Should I install GTK2 or GTK3 themes?11:00
terminhellfirst install gtk...11:00
_Brun0_terminhell, don't I have it already?11:01
evildaemonSo I'm not sure if my problem is with wpa_supplicant or what. For reference I'm using Xubuntu 11.1011:01
_Brun0_terminhell, as I said I have a minimal window manager installed already.11:02
onasisanyone know of a good ubuntu webcam capture app?11:02
terminhelldo you see a gtk2 or gtk3 folder in your /etc11:03
_Brun0_terminhell, both11:06
evildaemonAlso, it's NOT a driver problem. I've tried three different devices. (One of which I KNOW works under Ubuntu.) none work.11:06
terminhellthen you'd want gtk3 stuff11:06
terminhellonasis: cheese11:07
terminhellim serious11:07
terminhellsimple and effective11:07
evildaemonterminhell: Any ideas?11:08
_Brun0_terminhell, thank you. do you happen to know if it is okay for me to isntall gtk2.0 themes?11:08
terminhellevildaemon: your user may not have permission for wifi11:08
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
evildaemonterminhell: Interesting. How would I check?11:09
terminhelland see if networkmanager is listed11:09
terminhelltype 'groups' in terminal11:09
terminhell<<<loves terminal....terminal hell....terminhell :p11:09
evildaemonIt's not. I think you've found the problem.11:10
terminhellironically in gui... =/11:10
evildaemonLove you.11:10
terminhellok do this11:10
evildaemonJust add them?11:10
terminhellsudo gpasswd -a username networkmanager11:10
karel_ffAbout the removal of the sun-java packages: I assumed this was for all distro's, but it's still there for Natty. Can anyone enlighten me?11:10
terminhellthen restart networkmanager11:10
terminhelli think ubuntu does this by sudo init.d stop networkmanager && init.d start networkmanager11:11
evildaemonterminhell: It says theres no networkmanager group.11:12
terminhellis dbus running?11:12
terminhelland or do you have it installed?11:13
evildaemonGood question.11:13
terminhelland have networkmanager installed?11:13
evildaemonNetworkmanager is installed.11:13
evildaemondbus I'm not so sure about.11:13
terminhellwhat kind of installation of ubuntu do you have11:13
Asifanterminhell: hi, i tried using unetbootin, it kind of worked, but the screen went black11:14
Asifanany help?11:14
evildaemonterminhell: I said Xubuntu 11.1011:14
=== linuxgeek is now known as Guest97308
terminhellAsifan: you may have to rety it a few times. its a bit buggy sometimes. that or manually select it as a boot option from POST11:14
evildaemonterminhell: Is there a simple command to list all processes?11:14
evildaemon(Thats not top)11:15
terminhellevildaemon: i mean, desktop, server etc...11:15
evildaemonterminhell: Desktop.11:15
Asifanterminhell: ok11:15
Smileyhow do i make sure that nagios-nrpe starts at boot?11:15
evildaemonSmiley: Add it to the boot commands,11:15
Smileyevildaemon: ok.... where are those?11:16
Asifanterminhell: can i use unetbootin to install on a HDD?11:16
Smileyas i don't have rcconf, sysvinit, rc-update, chkconfig, or any tool like that..11:16
terminhellAsifan: no11:16
evildaemonSmiley: This looks helpful http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/2811:17
tarelerulzIs there any movie format the supports meta tagging?11:17
terminhellevildaemon: bare with me, im on arch, trying to remember how ubuntu works11:17
evildaemonterminhell: Ah. I'd use arch if they'd sign their damn packages.11:17
Smileyty evildaemon11:18
Smileyseems its already enabled, coolies.11:18
terminhellevildaemon: they do now ;) excluding aur...and well most of extra11:18
terminhellbut core is all signed11:18
geoffw8_finally I have arrived, yes11:18
terminhellevildaemon: see if init.d list does11:19
evildaemonterminhell: Anyway, dbus appears to be installed. But I'd really appreciate a simple command to list all processes.11:19
terminhellinit.d list11:20
server_I accidentaly added, "sudo apt-get remove pm-utils --purge" to a update script i was running11:20
server_now I can't log in with gnome11:21
evildaemonterminhell: That didn't work. but top says the dbus daemon is running.11:21
server_is there a termianl based webbrowser i can get with apt?11:21
evildaemonserver_: elinks11:21
terminhellevildaemon: thats a good start11:22
terminhellevildaemon: and networkmanager is installed?11:22
evildaemonterminhell: nmcli is present.11:22
evildaemonterminhell: The problem is with authentication.11:22
terminhellevildaemon: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wpa_supplicant11:23
terminhellevildaemon: replace pacman with apt-get11:23
evildaemonterminhell: I know, don't know what to do about it.11:23
server_I'm I server_?11:25
evildaemonserver_: Yes. elinks11:25
server_okey thanks11:26
evildaemonterminhell: What?11:26
terminhellevildaemon: does that wiki help at all?11:26
evildaemonterminhell: Him trying to use exit? Yeah that was pretty funny.11:26
evildaemonterminhell: Sort of.11:26
cureingubuntu does not supporting my desktop dell vostro 360...it does not show any display...please help....11:27
terminhellcureing: your video card driver isnt supported probably11:27
terminhellcureing: try fallback11:28
cureingwhat is fallback...!!!11:28
terminhellmy appoligies to the chat, im not an ubuntu user, well not been for over a year. But i've plenty of general linux experience.11:28
bangawkinghi guys can anyone help me learn how to use apache? im just starting at this stuff so i dont know anything yet :_11:28
bangawking@terminshell , , can you help me?11:29
terminhellbangawking: ill try. you have appache installed yes? and httpd deamon running?11:30
=== md is now known as Guest7812
=== Guest7812 is now known as Arum
bangawkingyes they are both running , , im using bodhi linux11:30
terminhelldo you get anything when you attempt to connect to your local host?11:31
bangawkingso how do i use the apache server?11:31
cureingubuntu does not supporting my desktop dell vostro 360...it does not show any display...please help....11:31
bangawkingyes the localhost is now running and its blank , ,11:31
bangawkingwell its got myphpadmin already working11:31
evildaemoncureing: Hold shift at startup, you'll get a menu. Choose recover mode. Use the fallback mode option.11:31
terminhellbangawking: what do you plan on using the server for? that will determine a lot11:32
cureingevildaemon:what it does..>!11:32
bangawkingwell we use windows at school , , its quite easy to put php files on the server, ,  we use a software called xamp at school11:32
bangawkingbut in linux i cant figure out how to do that11:33
caaakeeeyhow do i say "this hostname A maps to hostname B" and then let DNS worry about which ip hosthame B resolves to?11:33
terminhellbangawking: so your just trying to file share?11:33
evildaemoncureing: It runs Ubuntu in low graphics mode so that your graphics card isn't invoked. Then you can install a graphics driver.11:34
bangawkingi want to see my php file on the browser by going to the localhost , , :)11:34
terminhellso you need apache and php11:34
bangawkingyes i got them all installed, , even the mysql11:35
evildaemoncureing: After you install the driver (If one exists) your machine should work fine.11:35
nilii recently started with bugfixing in ubuntu i got stuck in testing the bug ,how to find the release of the bug can u pls help me11:35
terminhellsometimes you may not be able to view it inside a local network domain11:35
terminhellunless its configured correctly11:36
bangawkingso how do i do it? , , ,11:36
terminhelli dont remember =/11:36
cureingevildaemon:where to find driver...!!! because it does not detect additional drivers automatically......11:36
terminhellbut i hope ive shinned a little lite on the direction to look11:36
bangawking:) well thanks anyway11:36
bangawkingyeah , , and i think i need to learn all these softwares from scratch11:37
nili how can i find release of the bug11:37
terminhellgoogle my friend...google11:37
evildaemoncureing: Well if thats the case you have to google your graphics card. (The name of which can be obtained using lspci.) And pray.11:37
bangawkingcoz they work a little different from thos we use in windows11:37
terminhellbangawking: ya windows plays a bit nicer with itself...11:38
cureingevildaemon:it does not have graphics card...11:38
terminhellprobably intel then?11:38
MojZhow can i make mysql start at boot time?11:39
terminhellnah, if was intel, xorg should have detected...hmm,11:39
arnsacould anyone help me with burning .dmg file to DVD on ubuntu? I've tried to convert it to .iso file with dmg2iso.pl but this program doesn't work as it should... any other solutions?11:39
evildaemonMojZ: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/2811:39
DW-DrewWhere should I be looking to figure out why just recently a standard boot never gets to the login screen, but if I kill the quiet parameter from grub everything works as expected?11:41
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MojZthank you evildaemon11:42
terminhelli dont like quiet boot, i like to watch text scroll11:43
DW-Drewterminhell: if I see words, I want to read them, and the words go by much to quickly for me to read11:45
terminhelltrue, but when theres a hangup, you know where11:45
* DW-Drew may be a little weird like that11:46
DW-Drewthat's the thing, it doesn't hang if I kill off quiet11:47
arnsacould anyone help me with burning .dmg file to DVD on ubuntu? I've tried to convert it to .iso file with dmg2iso.pl but this program doesn't work as it should... any other solutions?11:47
zacariasWhen trying to run gnome-tweak-tool, I have the following output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/845656/      Any help?11:47
terminhellyea thats weird, why having --quiet would matter11:47
DW-Drewthis is why idek where to look to start finding it11:49
DW-Drewunless there is a race that the extra cycles needed to actually write to screen throws off, which is a bit beyond what I know how to pin down11:49
auskaTrying to do an apt-get update I get this error: http://pastebin.com/p3YdRFWN how can I solve it?11:52
terminhellbad repos11:53
terminhellremove them, or see if theres updated ones for it11:53
korukorarnsa: do you need it to be bootable?11:55
Spyrosauska, check ppa.launchpad.net/dlecan/openjdk/ubuntu/dists11:56
arnsakorukor, yes, because I want to install OS X on my machine11:56
auskaSpanky, but in which file would i found it?11:56
auskasince is not on the /etc/apt/sources.list11:56
Spyros/etc/sources.d ?11:57
prezeusis there a way of having gnome 2 in 11.10?11:57
icerootprezeus: no11:57
iceroot!nounity | prezeus11:57
ubottuprezeus: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:57
korukorarnsa: I'd used UltraISO on windows for that. On Ubuntu, no joy.11:58
prezeusubottu: I did the fallback but I can't personalize the panels I supose I have to install gnome-panels11:58
ubottuprezeus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:58
arnsakorukor, what if I install Virtual Machine and install windows on it?11:58
DW-Drewarnsa, that's a chunk of work to convert an image, but if you're up for it, it should work11:59
prezeusWTF... ubottu is a bot?12:00
korukorarnsa: worth a shot.12:00
MagNetlooking for a great Music program with built in EQ12:01
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
Spyroshi linux12:02
=== Felde is now known as Feldegast
randomnewbIs it normal for nautilus to use 2.4 GiB of memory after loading a directory full of pictures?12:04
MagNetrandomnewb, i can load up like 5000 pictures and it doesnt use that much. Do you have any plugins isntalled with it?12:05
MagNetor addons?12:05
randomnewbI'm not sure.12:05
MagNetWhat display manager are you using?12:06
=== arno is now known as Guest94474
MagNetUnity, Gnome3, ?12:06
DW-Drewrandomnewb, did it have to generate all the thumbnails, or were they already there?12:06
randomnewbGnome 2 I'm assuming as I'm using 10.04.12:06
MagNetAhh, i found in 10.04 when doing thumbnails for the first time it was a memory hog. Maybe kill your X Session and then log back in, try loading them again and see if it happens again?12:07
randomnewbIt's generating thumbnails, got 21k pics in the directory.12:08
niklasfihey guys, i have a problem. i have a half-way installed mysql-server. could you help me? here is what i have tried http://paste.ubuntu.com/845625/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/845626/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/845627/12:08
=== companion is now known as Companion
tzioHi all! I cant find gigabyte ga-fxa ud7 motherboard drivers and where I setup the cpu core. Plz help12:08
MagNetrandomnewb, that would be why :)12:08
DW-Drewrandomnewb,  if it's generating them, that is kindof  a memory hog. if they are already in the thumbnail cache it is NOWHERE near as bad12:09
prezeusit is posible to install compiz fusion in kubuntu 11.10 I had problems with gnome3 and I'm thinking of trying kubuntu.....12:09
niklasfitzio: which drivers exactly do you need?12:10
vageeshhi I am new to ubuntu and I want to install a driver to use my nvidia graphic card on my dell XPS 14 l401x model.  I am using ubuntu 10.1012:10
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|afk
niklasfivageesh: have you activated the restricted drivers?12:11
MagNettzio what exactly do you mean "Set up the cpu core" ??12:12
tzioI need all fxa ud7 drivers :)12:12
niklasfitzio: drivers for what? sound card, graphics chip, networking?12:12
kbotnen_while building a package for ubuntu, is the uninstall scripts called prerm or preuninstall?12:13
tziosound card, graphics chip12:13
niklasfitzio: does your computer output sound?12:13
tziooh ya12:13
DW-Drewthen the sound card is working12:14
niklasfitzio: then you don't need drivers for that12:14
MagNettzio, and the graphics card should just be the Restricted Drivers12:14
blackarchani want to make a python script that install some apps how can i do this?12:14
blackarchanin bash im used to apt-get12:14
vageeshniklasfi:  when I click on additional drivers i dont see anything12:15
MagNetwhat graphics card do you have?12:15
MagNetOnboard graphics?12:15
randomnewbIt's done with thumbnail generating but if I close nautilius there appears to be a memory leak.12:17
MagNettzio i believe that your board has INtel Graphics, meaning its already installed12:17
MagNetvageesh, what card do you have?12:17
vageeshMagNet:  I have  a nvidia geforce 420  1gb12:18
tziobut its not the right drivers12:18
tziois there a way to set the cpu core in ubuntu12:18
niklasfitzio: what exactly do you meen by "set the cpu core in ubuntu"? the core voltage?12:18
DW-Drewtzio, what do you mean by 'set the cpu core'?12:18
tzioin windows u can set the core count in msconfig12:20
Arizona_bayhow can i change the login picture in lucid lynx12:20
tziocan u do this in ub12:20
DW-DrewUm, the kernel detects the available cores and uses them automatically12:21
niklasfitzio: do cat /proc/cpuinfo and tell me if that shows the right cpu-count12:22
Arizona_baywould this work?12:24
tziothanks alot12:26
YounderBanshee crashes when several applications try to exist at the same time.  Race condition12:27
YounderPlease fix this.12:28
LintYounder, banshee is a gnome application and has nothing to do with Ubuntu12:29
YounderI accidentally double clicked a banshee icon and the second banshee crashed.12:29
YounderLint: I should probably find the authors then yes..12:30
hmaxYounder: use another media player.  I highly recommend mplayer2 ;-)12:31
DW-Drewrhythmbox is good too12:32
Younderhmax Never the less I am filing a report at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=banshee12:32
hmaxYounder: good idea.12:32
aguitelinstall ubuntu server 10.04 is the same way desktop edition ?12:32
Lintrhythmbox has rotten developers, if any12:33
DW-DrewLint: but it works, mostly12:33
hmaxaguitel: not quite.  server has no desktop environment.12:36
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
Youndermuelisoft.. quute12:38
JernejL_Workhow do i shut down a daemon?12:39
Younderkinda reminds me of how Microsoft got it's name. It was Bill Gates wedding day and.. well You can guess the rest ;)12:40
JernejL_Worki want to remove mysql daemon / restart script without removing mysql12:40
Youndernot funny huh12:41
aguitelhmax, yes i know but i can install it12:42
bazhang!it | rvalleb9412:45
ubotturvalleb94: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:45
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:45
danileigh79Why do people come in here looking for downloads? *facepalm*12:46
blackarchanhow can i run apt-get install from a python script?12:46
Younderblackarchan, using the system command?12:46
YounderJernejL_Work, you need to go into /etc/init.d dir and find the mysql file then issue a mysql --restart12:47
JernejL_Worki don't want a restart12:48
JernejL_Worki want to shut down the daemon only12:48
JernejL_Worki'm using mysqld_multi12:48
JernejL_Workand the daemon is making a mess12:48
JernejL_Worktrying to boot up something that always fails12:48
Younderblackarchan, using the system command?12:48
Younder<JernejL_Work>s hutdown then12:49
jatthow do I fix this? http://codepad.org/ucB94M6v12:49
cralityHello. Is there an easy way of getting GCC 4.7.0 for Ubuntu 11.10?12:49
AndyUbuntuAfternoon Everyone :)12:49
blackarchanYounder: os.system("apt-get install ") but i heard thats not verry good12:49
DW-DrewAndyUbuntu, o/12:49
arnsawhat program should I use to burn .img file to DVD?12:50
AndyUbuntuI have just recently created an mp3 file and it has auto generated th cover art. Does anyone know a simple way to change that?12:50
danileigh79AndyUbuntu: what program?12:51
JernejL_WorkThe script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart12:51
JernejL_Workjob, but shutdown is not supported for Upstart jobs.12:51
AndyUbuntuI created it with audacity12:51
Youndercrality, yes, install the source in /usr/local/src and build it ./configure then make and make install. That should put it in /usr/local/bin which superseder /usr/bin12:51
arnsawhat program should I use to burn .img file to DVD?12:51
ikoniaclone1018: I would strongly advise against that12:51
ikoniaclone1018: oops, sorry not you12:51
AndyUbuntuI dont mind which application to use for changing the cover art12:51
ikoniacrality: I would advise against you doing that12:51
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu Oneiric, and now my neighbours hate me. I need help with audio volume settings. Everytime I login my audio volume is set to 100 %, no matter what I select in lightdm's login screen. Any idea how to fix this?12:51
danileigh79Andy, any program should allow you to change it12:52
Younderikonia, It works as long as you don't try to recreate any ubuntu source.12:52
ikoniaYounder: I would not recommend that at all,12:52
danileigh79arnsa: I'm using k3b12:52
AndyUbuntudanileigh79, i may sound like a complete noob. I have looked at vlc and cant see where i can do that. It is worth importing it with a music player then changing it?12:53
Younderikonia, Are you a C programmer?12:53
cralityYounder: thank you12:53
Youndercrality, Hold on, I would like to see what Ikonia has to say about this.12:54
danileigh79AndyUbuntu: honestly, I keep all my music files either on my WinXP partition or on my WinXPMC laptop... then I use iTunes or WinAMP to change art cover12:54
AndyUbuntuoh ok, thanks. I use clementine and will change it through there :)12:55
danileigh79AndyUbuntu: good luck hun12:55
imanchow can I initilise the the locate databae?12:56
AndyUbuntulol, sure it will be simple. It is audio to distribute12:56
AndyUbuntuso that the reason for changing it12:56
Younderimanc, what database?12:57
imancthe locate database12:57
danileigh79AndyUbuntu: have fun is what I meant to sa lol still having my first cup of coffee hun12:57
imancI have just installed locate, apt-get install locate, but at least on OSX it then needs to build a search database of all the files on the HDD, before it'll return anything12:58
Younderimanc, your whole file system is a database.. You have to be more specific.12:58
imancYounder: when I type on terminal.. "locate mysql_config" it returns nothing12:58
bazhangYounder, he was. the locate db12:58
jmoerkimanc: I think you are looking for the updatedb command12:59
Younderimanc, ohh, updatedb12:59
imancjmoerk: yeh, excellent. Cheers.12:59
jmoerkno worries :D12:59
AndyUbuntudanileigh79 lol ok. Enjoy12:59
Younderlocate is pretty cource though, try which and whereis before locate imanc13:00
imancYounder: yeh which hasn't helped as it's not on any path.  I've also tried find . -name "mysql_config" but no dice13:00
tjiggi_foimanc, slocate -u13:01
Youndereverythime I try locate I get a flood of mathces13:01
=== iqpi|afk is now known as iqpi|on
danileigh79update-manager has stopped durring the action "configuring flashplugin-installer" Anyone have any tricks on making it start again?13:02
Younderimanc, google it instead[PDF]13:02
YounderHow to install/configure MySQL Database13:02
AndyUbuntudoes cover art need to be a specific size?13:02
imancYounder: yeh, mysql server is installed. Very odd. Typically it's lingering as a symlinked item in /usr/bin. But not this time. Hm13:03
danileigh79Andy, no, most programs will auto resize it if it's too big13:03
Younderimanc, The symlink thing is just a form of version control13:03
Younder<danileigh79> or too small..13:04
danileigh79imanc: I have locate, have used updatedb, and searched for files, it works fine, maybe file doesn't exist?13:05
danileigh79Younder: indeed13:05
imancdanileigh79: yes, that's what I think now.13:05
danileigh79brb/ smoke break13:06
LjLYounder: superseding the installed version of GCC is in all likelihood a Bad Idea(tm). if anything, they should install the new version either in a place not in $PATH or with a different name, to only call it when needed.13:07
Younder<danileigh79> well I use postgreSQL qhich I recommend above MySql13:08
YounderLjL, yes, but intsalling it will default tu /usr/local/bin leaving the default installation alone13:08
YounderLjL, If you get in trouble just remove the link in /usr/local/bin13:09
LjLYounder: it will, but it means whenever anything tries to call "gcc", the one in /usr/local will run, and that's not very good. Ubuntu packages of various versions of GCC installs binaries like "gcc-x.x" instead13:09
YounderLjL, true, and indeed just deleteing /usr/local/bin/gcc will leave the gcc with the newest version there so that is probalby what you whould do13:11
YounderLjL, The link not the program..13:12
Lintwell I would still like to know a 'proper' method for package uninstlling without affecting on-disk files13:13
YounderLjL, run a which gcc. If only /usr/bin/gcc occurs your fine13:14
ikoniaLint: you don't uninstall a package without removing the files from the disk, that's the point of uninstalling a package13:15
YounderLint, by it's nature you can never uninstall without affecting disk files.. make sense13:15
LjLLint: there's simply no "proper" method.13:15
Lintikonia, point of uninstalling package is that it was marked as 'uninstalled' in dpkg database13:16
ikoniaLint: correct, that means removing the package and files13:16
LjLLint: seriously, don't start this again. you've been told a number of times it can't be done "properly". you are of course free to modify the status information manually or re-install the files manually, but that's against all recommendations from here.13:16
=== caotic_ is now known as caotic
Lintit's not for discussion, as rpm has well-documented option which does the same13:17
ikoniaLint: no it doesn't13:17
YounderIkonia: some packages are a bit more sloppy than others. for instance I still have a /etc/mysql even thogh I removed mysql13:17
ikoniaLint: and as you are not using rpm it doesn't matter if rpm can do it or not13:17
ikoniaYounder: that can be by design, it depend on the package layout13:17
llutzLint: why would you do this nonsense?13:18
LjLLint: and APT doesn't. period.13:18
YounderIkonia: alien can handle rpm on a ubuntu machine. Though I don't recommend it13:18
gr81how do I watch this live stream with vlc media player? http://www.tagesschau.de/multimedia/livestreams/index.html13:18
ikoniaYounder: no, that's nothing to do with what's being discussed here13:18
llutzYounder: alien converts rpm packages, not more13:18
Younderllutz, I never claimed it was anything more.. or so I thought13:19
Lintllutz, because if a certain package is 'broken', the entire apt is paralyzed13:19
ikoniaLint: no it's not you don't install (or you install and remove broken packages)13:20
llutzLint: better to repair the packae than to use this stupid hacks13:20
Younderapt-get is the thing to use. I have hever had it break13:20
MonkeyDustgr81  click Windows media, copy link location, paste in vlc13:20
ikoniaLint: I think this discusion is done - you cannot remove a package from the apt database without removing the actual package using "proper" methods.13:20
YounderIkonia. Ahh. He manually deleted it! a deadly sin!13:21
danileigh79rpm and dpkg can both be installed, and user can decide which to use, correct?13:21
ikoniadanileigh79: no13:21
llutzdanileigh79: no13:21
gr81MonkeyDust: thank you. when I click on windows media, just nothing happens13:22
MonkeyDustgr81  it worked for me13:22
danileigh79so if ubuntu 11.10 has dpkg by default, what happens if you install rpm?13:22
ikoniadanileigh79: yo don't13:22
ikoniayou don't13:22
MonkeyDustgr81  windows media, then right click on the stream13:22
jpdsdanileigh79: You're going to have a fun time managing system consistency.13:22
llutzdanileigh79: you can install rpm but it won't do what you expect. it won't replace dpkg and the package-database, so you cannot use simply rpm after this.13:23
Younder<danileigh79> no ubuntu and debian use a different package manager from redhat. Mixing the is a very bad idea as the don't agree on where to install things13:23
ikoniaYounder: it's nothing to do with not agreeing where to install things13:23
danileigh79k, thx all13:23
danileigh79If a program is only available in rpm format, is there a way to dl it, then convert it to be used in dpkg?13:24
LjLdanileigh79: "alien", but it may not always work.13:24
YounderIkonia: would you elaborate? That sound just plain wrong to me.13:24
ikoniadanileigh79: not really no, as the contents are normally designed for rpm based systems (eg: redhat)13:24
ikoniaYounder: then you don't understand how the package managment systems work.13:24
LjLYounder, ikonia: well, a part of it *is* about agreeing where to install things. but there's more pressing parts, like agreeing on package names (for dependencies), and not stomping on each other's feet13:25
YounderIkonia: I take it I's the version bit which is the problem?13:25
gr81MonkeyDust: thank you so much! the problem was that I am using Gnash atm. I clicked on "inspect element" in firefox and copied the url13:25
gr81works now13:25
ikoniaYounder: part of it, but also the internal dependency database, and the content of the packages13:25
YounderIkonia: Well yes, I know they are not compatible13:26
=== root is now known as Guest15923
* Lint tries to recall the name of popular distribution which doesn't track dependencies at all...13:27
ikoniaLint: doesn't really matter13:27
YounderIkonia: Never the less. OSF has the source. So If you know what you are doing you can probably make it work anyhow13:28
mgolischLint: lfs?13:29
gr81Lint: Slackware.13:29
tensorpuddingdanileigh79, there is alien, but it's not recommended13:30
jpdsLint: Quite irrelevant, as this is an Ubuntu channel.13:30
Youndertensorpudding, We've established that13:30
neko1hi, i use ubuntu 11.10 64bit all up tu date. yesterday i tryed to get my dvb-t stick to work. since the system installed linux-firmware-nonfree 1.11 64bit my wireless and bluetooth won't work. someone knows this problem or knows the solution?13:30
tensorpuddingi missed that part, sorry13:31
danileigh79tensorpudding: I got the picture, but thanks... friend of mine who isn't entirely all that bright suggested I install rpm to install a rpm based package13:31
ljsoftnetis there an application to show, notification items, in a window?13:32
danileigh79neko1: what wifi driver? can't help with bluetooth, but I may know the wifi solution13:32
neko1bloothoth is not interessting for me but wifi13:33
neko1it's a broadcom13:33
danileigh79nek, I can help13:33
danileigh79neko1: I can help I have the same issue13:33
neko1oh please13:33
neko1in the german channel i can't get help13:34
danileigh79neko1: first, dl tar xfvj broadcom-wl-
danileigh79neko1: sorry, dl broadcom-wl-
danileigh79neko1: then extract, followed by command sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware/wl_apsta-
danileigh79neko1: then sudo b43-fwcutter --unsupported -w /lib/firmware broadcom-wl-
roger_hello to all13:36
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
danileigh79neko1: then sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb13:37
roger_i need help please13:37
danileigh79neko1: then sudo modprobe b4313:37
danileigh79roger_: just ask your question13:37
roger_how do i install mac theme on ubunthu 11.1013:38
danileigh79neko1: then you'll need to sudo gedit modules, and place "b43" and save, once you reboot, wifi should work13:38
ikoniaroger_: it's not something you really want to do, I assure you13:38
danileigh79roger_: there are "themes" you can install, but not recommended13:38
roger_y not13:38
ikoniaroger_: the themes are normally badly implemented and use software packages that are either not great, or not installed cleanly13:39
danileigh79roger_: what exactly are you trying to get out of installing a macosx theme?13:39
danileigh79roger_: if you want a dashboard, there are screenlets that do the same thing13:39
roger_looks better13:39
Younder<danileigh79> unity IS a mac osx theme!!13:40
danileigh79roger_: Ubuntu wasn't built to look like MacOSX13:40
neko1danileigh79: thx for help :)13:40
Lintisn't aqua theme copyrighted?13:40
roger_ok ok i get it thanks13:40
neko1will try as soon as i'm home13:40
danileigh79neko1: anytime, I spent weeks trying to figure this out, glad I could help13:40
roger_so wer to get free themes13:41
danileigh79Younder: Unity in it's Ubuntu form is still Ubuntu... trying to make a linux system look like a Mac is absurd13:41
Lintdanileigh79, but you can show off with it...13:42
craigbass1976I wiped a drive.  The drive I copied the files to before I wiped it decided that now was the time to die.  I had already reinstalled an operating system on the wiped drive.  Can I somehow get some of those files back?13:42
Younder<danileigh79> I liked Unix better when it was just X windows. Ok Athena widgets left a lot to be desired, but gnome didn't13:42
danileigh79Lint: if I wanted to show off my Linux system to look like a mac, I would by a mac...13:42
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support please13:42
roger_im new to the linux thing13:43
YounderYes, sigh, lets13:43
bazhang!themes | roger_13:43
ubotturoger_: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:43
craigbass1976join #ubuntu-griping  :)13:43
danileigh79Younder: If you want power, go for Linux, if you want style, go for Mac or Win... This lappy is Ubuntu because I wanted to learn a linux system... Not impress people13:44
roger_thank u give it a shot13:44
YounderRoger_: well welcome to our wonderful world. You are most welcome.13:44
craigbass1976roger_, did you find themes, or are you still waiting for an answer?13:44
roger_still looking on site13:44
roger_ok now for installing part13:45
roger_thx younder13:45
roger_what app should i use to install13:46
Younderroger_, well don't install a theme. Stick with the standard one.13:46
danileigh79roger_: install with whichever program the theme recommends, that's why we said it's not recommended...13:47
roger_i just want to try it13:47
Younderroger_, or do, but back up first, because you are setting yourself up for a wrld of grief. Unity is FAr from stable. You have been warned.13:47
Lintwhat's ubuntu raster fonts supported formats?13:48
danileigh79roger_: for once, I agree with Younder, you have been warned...13:48
UndergrounDhaving trouble installing python 2.713:48
roger_k il take your word for it13:48
plistam i in?13:48
roger_wow what a group of nice ppl:) thank u all13:49
danileigh79roger_: sorry we couldn't help you do what you wanted to do, but it's for the best because Unity does not like external themes13:49
OerHeksUndergrounD, in what ubuntu version ?13:50
roger_ok how do i get games?13:50
OerHeksUndergrounD, 11.10 has standard python 2.7.2 installed13:50
Lintroger_, like?13:50
danileigh79roger, Ubuntu software center, or find binaries13:50
roger_fifa 201213:50
SquarismWhy isnt "top"'s cpu idle value = 100 - (sum-of-processes-cpu-utilization) ??13:51
Squarismits not even near13:51
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
roger_ubuntu is better than windows13:51
UndergrounDMy bad tks oerheks13:51
ikoniaroger_: those sort of games don't exist on Linux13:51
danileigh79roger_: If it hasn't been released for Linux, you can either dl it and run in wine, or find someone that has built a linux version13:52
ikoniaroger_: Linux is not really a gaming platform at the moment.13:52
danileigh79roger_: and I'm betting it hasn't been released for lilnux13:52
YounderMy statistics tells me that 60% of you don't have a viable backup. Sure you have a backup, but it won't  work13:52
ikoniaroger_: it hasn't EA don't make games for linux13:52
roger_ok thanks  wow u learn every day13:53
ikoniaYounder: please keep the pointless comments out.13:53
danileigh79roger_: Linux isn't what you would call a :gaming" or "entertainment" OS13:53
roger_how do i use iphone as modem on linux can it be done/13:54
danileigh79roger_: who is your cell provider?13:54
Younderikonia, that is FAR from pointless. And I got it from The Linux administration handbook.13:54
bazhangYounder, stay on topic13:54
danileigh79roger_: 8ta? never heard... what6 country?13:54
ikoniaYounder: it's random and has no relevence to the discussion13:55
roger_South Africa13:55
Lintwhat are ubuntu raster fonts supported formats?13:55
danileigh79roger_: you'll have to check the app store, I know it's not possible to do it in US13:55
roger_then i dont think it can be done in sa13:55
danileigh79roger_: may have to jb the iphone to do it too13:55
dfcnvtHello, can any of you tell me which software do you most use for ubuntu on VPN?13:56
dfcnvtI checked with 'apt-cache search vpn' and there's many.13:56
compdoca vpn client, or server?13:56
roger_thanx dani13:56
roger_ill be back with more.13:57
YounderOK, you wan't games for Linux, not the ideal platform, Windows has more, but you might look here http://www.linuxlinks.com/article/20080510052539217/Games.html13:57
=== Undefined_ is now known as dimika
dfcnvtHuh, it's actually few, 'apt-cache search vpn client'13:57
Younderanyhow that's 47 for you13:58
danileigh79roger_: if you really want games, and don't care if their not "top developer" type games, go to Ubuntu Software Center13:58
* dfcnvt scratching his head... Not sure which vpn client to use.13:58
roger_thanks will try13:59
NetRunnerBlackWhere are the default file icons located?14:00
dfcnvtcompdoc: Which vpn client do you most?14:00
compdocdfcnvt, I only install vnc servers on ubuntu, and use a windows client. Its early in the US, so if you dont get any answers now, wait a few hours and ask again14:01
Younderdfcnvt, That is too obvious almost to answer NFS14:01
danileigh79I really hate update-manager sometimes...14:01
roger_{danileigh} wer you from14:02
craigbass1976I might have found the answer to my earlier question.  Does anyone know if photorec will find older files even though I've installed an OS on the disk?14:03
playitHey, I can't really figure out how to word this.. How do I get an application to go back to the way it opened the first time I opened it? Like back to the same size and position14:03
ezioanyone know why ubuntu isn't running my cpu fan enough?14:04
Youndercompdoc, we are about 700 Million people in Europe you know..14:04
danileigh79playit: prolly reinstall14:04
compdocYounder, good, then ask those 700 million to help dfcnvt14:04
danileigh79brb/ smoke break14:05
Dwade09i got a folder on my dekstop that doesnt show inder cd in terminal and its not hidden.14:05
playiti know it sounds like a dumb question but Im thinking there has to be some keybinding that does it or config file that can be erased.. I want to either cascade the windows or make them back and perfect like they were the first time I opened.. I use gnome14:05
Youndercompdoc, I have goolgle for that14:05
compdocYounder, sounds like Europe is asleep14:06
playitwait a second! sounds like a gnome question14:06
Youndercompdoc, It does oesan't it, google didn't turn up squat14:06
martianplayit: most applications will store their settings in either ~/.applicationname or ~/.config/applicationname14:06
Youndercompdoc, sorry my bad14:06
Youndercompdoc, In fact I can't find anything on  dfcnvt14:08
compdocYounder, dfcnvt is a person in here asking for help14:09
Youndercompdoc, It doesn't exist om my disk.. and I have a LOT of programs.14:09
Youndercompdoc, Now that makes more sense14:10
cristian_cI'm using Oneiric Ocelot 11.10, I purchased an asus WL-330gE. The device shields the connection to the router, unfortunately I have to first establish a direct connection to the router, and then the computer automatically snaps to a repeater. But if the PC tries to connect to the router via the repeater, it fails14:10
Dwade09how do i get rid of the folder untitled? http://imagebin.org/199392 it shows this http://imagebin.org/19939314:10
cristian_cthe network manager tries to connect several times, but it fails to connect. So I updated the firmware to the latest version, from version to, but unfortunately the problem persists14:10
cristian_cWhat can I do to solve the problem?14:10
Youndercompdoc: cant find a person with that name of this group either14:11
MasterlornI installed Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday and got somehow onto the desktop after several graphic failures when I wanted to start the OS. Now I have the ATI Radeon driver installed over the Terminal, but when I choose Ubuntu it just does those graphic fails.14:12
Youndercompdoc: ok found him14:12
martiancristian_c: that's strange. Are you able to delete other folders?14:12
Dwade09how do i get rid of the folder untitled? http://imagebin.org/199392 it shows this http://imagebin.org/19939314:12
MasterlornI have it installed next to Windows 64 bit Version14:12
bazhangMasterlorn, black screen?14:12
Masterlornafter those fails14:13
Masterlornseems like theres no signal then14:13
Youndercompdoc: he is very private...14:13
cristian_cmartian, thanks for the answer14:13
MonkeyDustDwade09  try rm -r14:14
Masterlornthere is the fail then it gets black and my screen is going into stand by modus14:14
Dwade09MonkeyDust: i have14:14
Dwade09MonkeyDust:  inside the terminal it shows just the music folder and the untitled folder not the untitled.14:14
playitMartian: thanks14:14
Anomie21Is there an easy fix for unity popping up everytime I try and hit the back button in firefox yet?14:14
Dwade09MonkeyDust:  says that untitled does not exsist14:14
martiancristian_c: um, wasn't really an answer.14:15
cristian_cmartian, But I did not understand what we are talking about folder :(14:15
martianAnomie21: go back to 11.04 :)14:15
Anomie21martian: but I don't wanna :(, Is it fixed in 12.04?14:15
melvincvcristian_c, who configured the routers for you?14:15
YounderDwade09, The easiest was is to left click on background. Then select change background. And choose a different image.14:15
martiancristian_c: oh sorry, I responded to the wrong person!14:16
SquarismMy 11.10 install of ubuntu amd64 is just damn horrible... all of a sudden it just totally stalls. Has anyone else experianced this shit?14:16
YounderDwade09, The easiest was is to RIGHT click.. sorry14:16
bazhangSquarism, no cursing here14:16
cristian_cmelvincv, I've configured it14:16
Dwade09Younder:  whats that have to do with my folder being there and not showing in terminal and cant get rid fo that middle folder?14:16
MonkeyDustSquarism  start from the beginning, what have you done and tried before you cale here14:16
Masterlornbazhang: can you help me?14:16
playitseriously though.. has anyone ever realized how much having a nice background like the ubuntu purple mac looking one and keeping 1 window per workspace and being able to see the background14:16
martianDwade09: sounds like a bug. Have you tried logging out and in?14:17
SquarismMonkeyDust, i try using top.. looking at cpu, processes and memory14:17
bazhangMasterlorn, tried nomodeset?14:17
playitimproves your mood and psych14:17
SquarismMonkeyDust, it just doesnt really tell what is bad14:17
bazhang!nomodeset | Masterlorn14:17
ubottuMasterlorn: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:17
YounderDwade09, Persumably nothing, but that is not what you asked.14:17
roger_any1 got any dj software14:17
martianplayit: I like black =D14:17
Dwade09martian no i havent,14:17
Masterlornbazhang: where? i can press E or C14:17
YounderDwade09, Have you tried to reboot?14:17
Dwade09uh Younder  you need to relook at what i have asked, yes that is what i asked about the folder.14:17
bazhangMasterlorn, did you read the link?14:18
cristian_cmelvincv, connection provider has provided the router to me14:18
Masterlornsry didnt saw that14:18
SquarismThis is how my top looks http://pastebin.com/MRCyNeVN14:18
martianDwade09: a logout/login should clear it. give that a try.14:18
MonkeyDust!info mixxx | melvincv14:18
ubottumelvincv: mixxx (source: mixxx): Digital Disc Jockey Interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.0+dfsg0-4 (oneiric), package size 2449 kB, installed size 4876 kB (Only available for linux-any all)14:18
Masterlornbazhang: thanks im gonna try it out14:18
playitseriously ctrl alt shift and move this window to a blank workspace.. I feel like having everything fullscreen like i used to do was like being in a room with no windows14:18
Dwade09martian the logging in and out got rid of it14:19
Squarism-> MonkeyDust14:19
YounderDwade09, ok that Can not display ... message14:19
playitMartian: I used to make everything black.. dunno why..14:19
MonkeyDustSquarism  glad you found it14:19
playitanyways im done with the off topic thanks for the help14:19
melvincv!info mixxx | roger_14:19
ubotturoger_: mixxx (source: mixxx): Digital Disc Jockey Interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.0+dfsg0-4 (oneiric), package size 2449 kB, installed size 4876 kB (Only available for linux-any all)14:19
Dwade09martain that fixed it,14:19
varikonniemihello, i got this happen all of a sudden: mdadm[1382]: Rebuild20 event detected on md device /dev/md/014:20
cristian_cmartian, it is a long time I'm trying to solve, but I do not know what to do :(14:20
varikonniemiwhat can have cause it?14:20
martianDwade09: sounds like a bug, but I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you can figure out exactlty how to make it happen again.14:20
SquarismMonkeyDust, i havent found out why my computer behaves like a 386 with 640k ram14:20
YounderSquarism, ouch14:20
kpas_when upgrading to 11.10 and I want to keep gnome do I need to install both of these pakages or one - gnome-session-fallback gnome-shell gnome-session-common14:20
SquarismYounder, what?14:20
playitoh and btw 1 more thing.. how many of you are using gnome 3.2? Unity froze both of my laptops14:21
SquarismYounder, could you see something?14:21
roger_im looking for different linux which is the best14:21
YounderSquarism, slow as molassis14:21
tumppui love gnome314:21
bazhang!ot | roger_14:21
ubotturoger_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:21
playitdude roger_ don't even waste your time14:21
MonkeyDustroger_  Mint is very popular, these days14:21
SquarismYounder, yeah.. sporradically it stops responding almost... ui doesnt move at all14:21
playitI just did one of those .. im fed up with ubuntu try the alternatives14:21
bazhangroger_, this is ubuntu support. please stay on topic14:21
bazhangMonkeyDust, please dont recommend MINT here14:22
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
playitAnd I ended up coming back to ubuntu with some extra goodies ( Gnome 3.2 from my toying with Fedora )14:22
roger_which version of Ubuntu is the best14:22
playitweb apps with epiphany after toying with Joli OS14:22
cristian_cmelvincv, do you have some ideas on how to solve the problem?14:23
YounderSquarism, Sounds like a interrupt conflict. What device drivers are installed. say lsusb14:23
melvincvroger_, the latest, as it is with any other OS14:23
compdocroger_, the newest version14:23
b0otWhere do I put .ko files to run at startup14:23
b0otso I don't have to do insmod foo.ko14:23
playitMint after realizing it was imo a cheap fork of ubuntu .. i mean come on.. ' we have no startup images because its designed that way.. its better because  it looks the same across all.. STFU you know your just too lazy to make a startup image different than ubuntu so you just deleted it and said it was a feature lol14:24
roger_im using 11.04 which should i use14:24
melvincvcristian_c, sorry14:24
Younderb0ot, you don't. use apt-get install14:24
b0otYounder, what do mean14:24
playitthe login screen and default themes in MINT are ugly as all too14:24
b0otapt-get install foo.ko?14:24
playitwhat do you not like about 11.04?14:24
Younderb0ot, sudo apt-get install package.14:24
RaTTuS|BIGb0ot what are you ismodding14:24
b0otcustom serial drivers14:25
cristian_cmelvincv, ok, I'll wait a bit :)14:25
b0otit's not in apt-get14:25
sungjihi! I have a tar.gz file "hello.tar.gz", and tar -xzvf ./hello.tar.gz will extract its contents to ./hello/somefolder ...   How can I extract the contents of hello.tar.gz  into a folder "bye", such that the path is "bye/somefolder" and not "bye/hello/somefolder"  ?14:25
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:25
Younderb0ot, there are no custum serial drivers. NVIDEA has it's own custom driver yes14:25
YounderBut that is graphics14:26
bigtom21485why would my laptop no longer have wifi after updating to 11.10?14:26
Younderbigtom21485, It does.14:26
philinuxbigtom21485: Whats the make of laptop14:27
Younderbigtom21485, It does. Have you checked this out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo14:27
b0otYounder, this is something I had to compile myself14:27
b0otyou can't apt-get install it14:27
RaTTuS|BIGb0ot look at http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/ko - but you proabbly want to do it another way14:27
YounderB0ot: well do you have the source. I am pretty good at C!14:28
playitanyone use a self hosted dropbox type thing?14:28
NetRunnerBlackhow do you check the version in terminal?14:28
bazhangNetRunnerBlack, the version of ubuntu?14:29
overcluckerlol rootkit14:29
NetRunnerBlackbazhang: yes14:29
playitor better yet is the functionality built into ubuntu that I could do over local network?14:29
bazhang!version | NetRunnerBlack14:29
ubottuNetRunnerBlack: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »14:29
YounderB0ot: http://pastebin.com/archive/c14:29
NetRunnerBlackthank you14:29
NetRunnerBlackhow do you change the ubuntu startup music?14:30
* NetRunnerBlack is using 11.10 oneiric14:30
YounderNetRunnerBlack, http://vntutor.blogspot.com/2007/07/changing-startup-music-in-ubuntu.html14:30
playitkeeping folders synced over different computers so if one tanks I don't lose everything.. Is that considered safe? or is there a reason raid is > I remember reading about some auto cron job folder sync thing14:31
linux_is_my_herowhy would my laptop not have wifi after being upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10?14:31
bazhanghttp://www.upubuntu.com/2011/12/how-to-change-startup-sound-for-ubuntu.html NetRunnerBlack14:32
playitdifferent linux kernel?14:32
Younderlinux_is_my_hero, It would obviously. Whatis wrong with the driver. How old is your card?14:32
linux_is_my_heroYounder: its connected via ethernet now.14:33
linux_is_my_heroi don't remember what card it is, does lspci tell me?14:33
playitsometimes things regress in kernel upgrades.. I'd try selecting another kernel from boot until you can find the solution14:33
meskaruneplayit: http://www.ifolder.com/ifolder is a drop box clone type thing, but for local file sharing you can just use samba14:33
playitthat way your not confined to the desktop your on right now14:34
NetRunnerBlackbazhang: I tried that, I has issues with step 2. I typed system into the Dash Home and got a differant menu, Is there a differant way to access that menu they are talking about?14:34
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
Younderlspci gives fine info on my machine14:34
SquarismYounder, http://pastebin.ca/211853414:34
linux_is_my_heroplayit: its a broadcom bcm431114:35
=== absence_ is now known as absence
playitmeskarune: thanks is there any way to automate the transfers of CHANGED files?14:35
YounderSquarism, Microsoft Corp. Natural Ergonomic Keyboard14:35
YounderSquarism, now that's unusual14:35
SquarismYounder, =D14:36
SquarismYounder, Think theyve installed linux malware into it?14:36
YounderSquarism, https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+bug/82087314:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 820873 in Linaro-Ubuntu "missing module to get Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 V1.0 working" [Medium,Fix released]14:36
playitlinux_is_my_hero: Im sure someone on here or the forums has more information I was just suggesting a temporary work-around if the old kernels show up at boot time14:36
YounderSquarism, nop, just a dud keyboard driver14:37
NetRunnerBlackbazhang: I also appreciate your patience, I know I'm a fumbling noob14:37
SquarismSadly i dont think its related to htat14:38
meskaruneplayit: you could use rsync to sync folders and schedule that as a chron job14:39
NetRunnerBlackDoes anyone know how to open up the system menu? The system settings one I get when I type 'sys' into Dash Home isn't working for what I need?14:40
histo1NetRunnerBlack: system settings?14:42
* NetRunnerBlack is looking for one with the path System > Preferences > Sound14:43
meskaruneplayit: you coudl also check out unison. I've never used it, but I've heard good things: http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/14:43
histo1NetRunnerBlack: right click on the volumke icon14:43
NetRunnerBlackhisto1: No, that doesn't have what I'm looking for. I'm trying to change the .ogg that plays on login to a .wav I downloaded.14:43
histo1NetRunnerBlack: or gnome-control-center14:43
NetRunnerBlackhisto1: Where can I find the gnome-control-center? I typed that in to Dash Home and just got System Settings again14:44
meskaruneplayit: here is a how to for rsync: http://kevin.vanzonneveld.net/techblog/article/synchronize_files_with_rsync/14:44
=== histo1 is now known as histo
YounderNetRunnerBlack, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17509014:45
YounderNetRunnerBlack, It needs to be .ogg14:46
MidnighTokergood afternoon. I'm trying to find a package for boost for ubuntu lucid, but it only seems to have the 1.40 version, apparently I need version 1.41 or greater. -So my question is, can I install a newer version of boost in older ubuntu or can I easily update the entire ubuntu install to one that supports boost ok please :)14:46
fellayaboyHey im having a problem... I installed.some openbon junk on my box anf it created a user openvpn and openvpn_as so i sudo deluser openvpn and i tried sudo delgroup openvpn and it.gave me a message of it cant cuz user openvpn_as is the only user or something.like that but now i dont have access to nothing all o get os accessed denied14:47
histoNetRunnerBlack: i'm tyring to find what you need14:47
NetRunnerBlackYounder: Thanks. Should I just rename the file to desktop-login.ogg and delete the current sound?14:47
lurch_1hi, trying to do apt-get-install sun-java6-jdk.. I added the repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner", did an apt-get update, but still no luck.. it's an installation procedure that is performed from inside some code, so it's not really something i can change easily. The procedure was working fine a day ago.. I see the timestamps on the Release file on http://archive.canonical.com/dists/lucid/ changed to today, so am wonderi14:48
martianfellayaboy: it sounds like you should have listened to the warnings. Boot up in to single user recovery mode and create a new user14:48
linux_is_my_heroanyone know anything about why newer linux kernels make drivers stop working?14:48
YounderNetRunnerBlack, Heavens, you need to convert it to .ogg format first14:48
=== danny is now known as bean
histoNetRunnerBlack: they are just calling an application on login. You can find this under your startup applications14:48
SachIs there a user-friendly package that I can use in ubuntu 11.03 to create flash slideshows for my website?14:48
fellayaboyI already have my user...14:48
NetRunnerBlackYounder: I know :) I meant after converting it14:48
fellayaboyMt username is kobra and i changed nothing on it14:49
YounderNetRunnerBlack, yes14:49
calamityHeya, just installed conky, looking to play with it, not sure where it's hiding14:49
NimanickaHej can i feed my fennec fox with horse meat ?14:50
auronandacecalamity: type conky in the terminal, careful the default is ugly14:50
fellayaboyI dont even have access to reboot or shitdown my pc wow14:50
kpas_calamity, look for .conky14:50
NimanickaOr should i use cat food instead?14:51
histocalamity: it's a terminal app it doesn't have a gui14:51
calamityAh okay.14:51
histocalamity: for configuration that it14:51
martianfellayaboy: well, something happened that is not allowing you to log in to that account. If you boot into single user mode, you can passwd that user14:51
YounderNimanicka, Sure you can, all that will happen is you'll kill it. Seriously what has that gotta do with Ubuntu?14:51
NimanickaHe looks kinda sick14:51
histocalamity: it can be called in your startup applications. You can configure it by editing your ~/.conkyrc   If you use locate conkyrc  you should be able to find a sample in the documentation. Or look in /etc14:51
NimanickaI dont know any other irc14:52
NimanickaI dont know any other irc14:52
YounderNimanicka, Well you sound kinds sick...14:52
histo!ot | Nimanicka14:52
ubottuNimanicka: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:52
=== hasan is now known as Guest54601
kpas_calamity,  do you want a script that will start conky on startup14:53
calamityauronandace: you were right. it's butt ugly. actually, I have a cute butt. so it's... roadkill ugly.14:53
fellayaboyHow dobi boot onto songle iser mode14:53
calamitykpas_: nah I can work that out, just was wondering if there was a conky gui, guess not though XD14:53
NetRunnerBlackhisto Younder: Thanks so much guys!14:53
fellayaboyHow do i boot into single user mode14:53
martianfellayaboy: when you boot up, grub gives you the option14:53
NimanickaYounder Why you are so mean?14:53
kpas_calamity, yeah no GUI that I know of14:53
martianNimanicka: perhaps you have something better to do with your time14:53
SachIs there a user-friendly package that I can use in ubuntu 11.04 to create flash slideshows for my website?14:54
fellayaboyOk i booted as root14:54
calamityfellayaboy: you shouldn't be on irc as root.14:54
auronandacecalamity: i think by default it uses /etc/conky/conk.conf as the config file14:54
NimanickaNot rly14:54
fellayaboyIm not on irc from pc14:54
NimanickaWho played In skyrim?14:54
MyrttiMidnighToker: in general it is not adviced that you install a newer version from a newer Ubuntu, let me have look on other options14:54
auronandaceNimanicka: stop the off-topic talk please14:55
NimanickaBtw there is me3 demo14:55
fellayaboyI get openvpn_as still has openvpn_as as thier primery group!14:55
MyrttiNimanicka: did you have Ubuntu related question or a problem or are you looking for a general chat channel?14:55
NimanickaIts same ot like conky14:55
fellayaboyWhen i try delete openvpn as14:55
calamitySach: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1060304 but please think twice before using flash. I never use it in webdesign, look for alternatives, via css14:55
martianfellayaboy: delete the user first14:56
petrovvwhat is a default/convenient GUI password generator for Ubuntu?14:56
NimanickaActualy conky got nothing To do with ubu so how that ot is ok and mine is not?14:56
NimanickaActualy conky got nothing To do with ubu so how that ot is ok and mine is not?14:56
auronandaceNimanicka: this is a support channel, telling someone how to use conky under ubuntu is support related, feeding foxes horse-meat isn't14:56
NetRunnerBlackYounder: I'm pretty sure I followed all the steps but the converter didn't work14:56
fellayaboyI did and then tried.to delete group and i got the same.message14:57
martianpetrovv: there is one built in to the add user gui14:57
calamityauronandace: dem trolls, don't be feeding.14:57
Sachcalamity thanks.  do you have any suggestions for css packages?14:57
martianfellayaboy: what does it say when you try to delete the user?14:57
fellayaboyI put deluser openvpnas  said openvonas has no more members cannot lock /rtc/passed14:58
fellayaboyPasswd i mean14:58
calamitySach: packages? no. http://demo.tutorialzine.com/2009/11/beautiful-apple-gallery-slideshow/demo.html14:58
NimanickaAre u rascist of some sort? The fact that im black is not ecsuse To be rude14:58
NetRunnerBlackYounder: Is that a converter that's worked in the past for you?14:58
auronandacebazhang: thanks14:59
Bobenhaushave you guys noticed alot of updates lately from the software manager?14:59
martianfellayaboy: what does "echo ~" print?14:59
MidnighTokerMyrtti: hmm... lucid is the lts which is why i'm sticking with it for the server, but i'm happy to use a newer version if it comes to it. just wonder if I can do a nice and easy upgrade rather than starting from scratch14:59
fellayaboyIt also says /usr/sbin/userdel openvon returned error code 114:59
bazhangNimanicka, #ubuntu-offtopic for chat NOT here14:59
NimanickaWhat just happend?15:00
fellayaboyIt says /root15:00
MyrttiMidnighToker: 12.04 LTS is only a few months away, if you're not in a huge hurry... :-/15:00
compdocNimanicka, no one cares, or even knows what your color is15:00
liberalNimanicka: the same thing that is likely about to happen again15:00
MidnighTokerMyrtti: its a home server rather than anything special. I'll have a look at upgrading it from lts and see how badly it all breaks :)15:01
petrovvMyrtti, it is possible to go from 10.04 to 12.04 directly?15:01
NimanickaBazhang u also dont like black bi sexual humans that u kicked me ?15:01
calamityI only just recenlty upgraded to 11.0415:01
calamityI like to hang back :p15:01
Myrttipetrovv: yes, once 12.04 is out.15:01
auronandacepetrovv: yes, you can upgrade an lts to the next lts15:02
petrovvMyrtti, that's great news, I stick to 10.04 on this desktop for stability reasons15:02
martianfellayaboy: go in to your /etc folder and see if there file named passwd.lock, group.lock, or gshadow.lock15:02
absencecan i install 32-bit libs on 64-bit ubuntu in order to compile 32-bit stuff?15:02
theadminabsence: Correct, the packagename (if I recall right) is ia32-libs15:02
theadmin!info ia32-libs | absence15:03
ubottuabsence: Package ia32-libs does not exist in oneiric15:03
theadminJust a sec, I'll find it15:03
petrovvauronandace, if not for lack of updates I'd stay on 10.04 indefinitely - everything just works15:03
auronandace!find ia3215:03
ubottuFound: grub-efi-ia32, grub-efi-ia32-bin, lsb-core, lsb-cxx, lsb-desktop, lsb-graphics, lsb-printing, ia32-libs-multiarch, lsb-languages, lsb-multimedia (and 1 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ia32&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all15:03
theadminabsence: Yeah that's the right name... Apparently ubottu doesn't search through all packages15:03
absencei need libgdbm315:04
auronandace!info ia32-libs-multiarch15:04
ubottuia32-libs-multiarch (source: ia32-libs): Multi-arch versions of former ia32-libraries. In component universe, is extra. Version 20090808ubuntu26 (oneiric), package size 105 kB, installed size 768 kB (Only available for amd64 ia64 i386)15:04
petrovvtalking about 12.04 - will they include Gnome 2.* as an option, or perhaps forked stuff like Cinnamon?15:05
fellayaboyI dont have .locj but -.or nothing aftet all of them15:05
theadminpetrovv: No, and no. Gnome2 is deprecated, Cinnamon might end up in the repos though. Please go to #ubuntu+1 for Precise support15:05
auronandacepetrovv: gnome2 is dead, 12.04 talk is in #ubuntu+1, i doubt they'll support cinnamon15:05
fellayaboyI have gshadow and gshadow-  rhe dame.forbpasswd and group15:05
NimanickaWho like lady gaga?15:06
fellayaboyThe same for passwd and group*15:06
theadminpetrovv: Cinnamon has an official PPA anyway so you can use that15:06
rabbi11i got 2 compiz settings manager, how can i remove both and then get a fresh install and fresh configuration for desktop?15:06
absencetheadmin: how does this multiarch stuff work? ia32-libs-multiarch depends on the lib i want. if i apt-cache show it, it says "Multi-Arch: same"15:06
theadminabsence: I honestly have no idea, been using 32-bit systems my whole life to avoid the headache :D15:07
rabbi11i got 2 compiz settings manager, how can i remove both and then get a fresh install and fresh configuration for desktop?15:08
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
MidnighTokerMyrtti: don't suppose you know of a recent ubuntu server openvz image?15:08
NetRunnerBlackYounder: I got it working15:08
martianfellayaboy: what's the output of "ls -la /etc/passwd"15:08
fellayaboyHow is 64 bit now? R there.stikl issues15:08
auronandacefellayaboy: no issues for me15:08
fellayaboy-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1767 date time /etc/passwd15:10
martianfellayaboy: well damn, I can't think of what else would cause this.15:10
fellayaboyAuro r there.progtams.that say they do.t function cuz of 64 bit15:10
SupremeHey what's the download speed of ubuntu.com?15:11
theadminSupreme: What do you mean?15:11
theadminSupreme: ubuntu.com doesn't host images, only mirrors do (well, unless you count releases.ubuntu.com)15:11
fellayaboyIma have to reinstall15:12
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auronandacefellayaboy: there isn't a lot that doesn't work in 64bit15:13
fellayaboyI see15:13
UndergrounDi would like to clean up the dependency trees on my system.  I have been diving in head first  to linux and have installed and uninstalled many apps and also prformed many changes15:13
absencetheadmin: aha! apt-get install libgdbm3:i38615:14
UndergrounDmy system is now taking a long time to boot15:14
martianSupreme: "?" is not a question.15:14
theadminabsence: Now that's a confusing one15:14
UndergrounDi say long it still boots faster then windows15:14
skar3hi all15:14
athul__can anyone tell me how to extract a substring from a match using sed?15:15
vimpulseskar3:  hi.15:15
vimpulseathul__:  checked a sed tutorial already?  :)15:15
martianUndergrounD: having a bunch of unused libraries installed doesn't affect boot time. Those libs are only loaded by applications that request them.15:15
vimpulseathul__:  which one?15:15
UndergrounDok so most likely its some settings i have messed up15:15
vimpulseathul__:  also, what did you try, and what happened?15:15
athul__what i'm trying to do is extract all the string between two strings and then print them out on separate line15:16
UndergrounDi can reinstall but im not going to learn  a whole lot from doing that15:16
vimpulseathul__:  I'm looking at http://www.catonmat.net/ (the homepage) but I don't see any sed tutorial.  :(15:17
absencetheadmin: it installs 32-bit version of the libs on my 64-bit system. now i just need to figure out how to use them for compiling :P15:17
martianUndergrounD: if I had to guess, I would look for daemons that are trying to make network connections or something15:17
calamityokay conky is currently looking good, except there's a biiig gap between some of the elements. How would I remove any extra lines?15:17
Younderathul__, You need the 64 bit version15:17
athul__what ? :|15:18
UndergrounDok tks ill chk15:18
vimpulseathul__:  cheat sheets are nice.  See also http://www.refcards.com/ . But you're new to sed, so you need a tutorial instead.  :)15:18
Younderathul__, 32 bit works under 64 bit but it's slow15:18
auronandaceUndergrounD: maybe using the mini.iso will be interesting for you15:18
vimpulseYounder:  how much slower?  :)15:19
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Younderathul__, like 32 bit flash is your only option, but you don't wanna rely on 32 bit libraries15:19
Youndervimpulse, roughly 30-50%15:19
vimpulseathul__:  "<Younder> athul__, You need the 64 bit version" was meant for theadmin.15:20
athul__I need to get this done ASAP. I tried: sed -n 's|<title>\(.*\)</title>|\n\1|p'. But it dosen't work15:20
icerootathul__: #bash #sed15:20
vimpulseathul__:  ah -- you now told us what you tried, and what happened.  Thank you.  That's the first real step.15:20
OY1Rq: im trying to install ubuntu on a small laptop from a USB drive but it hangs once the usb loads (i only see the "live cd" menu15:21
vimpulseathul__:  iceroot is right.  You may get help faster in #sed.15:21
[snake]I installed my system in french, but now my software center cannot choose to be in english(I swap between the two). How can I get Software center to switch to english in ubuntu 10.10 x86_64?15:21
calamitynevermind, got it15:21
UndergrounDsweet tks auro... going to give that a try15:21
GhrimHey, if I choose encrypted home when installing, what happens if I choose to install another distro later and want to keep my home?15:21
vimpulse[snake]:  try this in a terminal:  LANG= software-center15:22
vimpulse[snake]:  the "LANG= " makes sure the environment variable "LANG" is not set to French.15:22
icerootGhrim: its not a good idea to have one /home for different distributions15:22
vimpulseGhrim:  dunno.  If you reinstall, back up your home directory to an unencrypted USB stick.  Why switch between distros?15:22
vimpulseYounder:  thank you.  30-50% slower to compile what sorts of things?15:23
Ghrimoh... i thought that was the point of having home on a separate partition?15:23
Ghrimand because I'm new to linux and i'm not sure what I want from a distro yet15:24
[snake]vimpulse, I got no output, should I type in english or something :D15:24
vimpulseGhrim:  what *do* you want from a distro?  :)15:24
vimpulse[snake]:  try this instead, and please tell us what happens:  software-center15:24
jpdsGhrim: Just mount the encrypted partition from the other distro?15:24
UndergrounDit seems to be a tcl problem all this started after messing with an eggdrop15:25
Ghrimhow does the encryption work? Do i need some kind of password for it?15:25
jpdsGhrim: Well, actually, that depends on which crypto method you use.15:25
swebany command line tools for convert ttf to otf ?15:25
GhrimI'm talking about the option in the normal installer15:25
vimpulsesweb:  dunno.  Why do you want to convert ttf to otf?15:25
[snake]vimpulse, the descritpions are still in french... perhaps I left that detail out accidentally: it's only the descriptions for packages before I hit more info that are in french.15:25
Ghrimwhatever that one does15:26
swebvimpulse: using font-face in web pages15:26
vimpulse[snake]:  apt-cache definitely holds English descriptions.  LANG= apt-cache show banshee15:26
popeyGhrim: if you choose the encryption option in the ubuntu installer you'll get an 'ecryptfs' encrypted home, not all distros use/support this method of encryption15:26
vimpulse[snake]:  does that solve your problem?15:26
Masterlornnow I can start ubuntu15:27
Masterlornbut I cant use my mouse15:27
Masterlornits there15:27
vimpulsesweb:  dunno.  Try again here, if you don't get help after too long, tell #web that you want to use font-face in web pages, then ask them what else you can try.  Maybe there's some font converter online or something.  They can tell you what to try.15:27
Masterlornand I can activate windows over the taskbar15:27
Masterlornbut on the actual workspace I cant do anything15:27
vimpulseMasterlorn:  you could enable Mouse Keys then use those all day :)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouse_keys15:28
Ghrimhmm I guess I'll just back up my home folder when i switch distro15:28
vimpulseMasterlorn:  just kidding.  Mouse Keys are really frustrating.15:28
vimpulseGhrim:  good idea.15:28
UndergrounDhmmmmmmm seems to be the sharing of tcl to eggdrop    now to remove tcl and eggdrop am i better to use autoremove or --purge-remove15:28
icerootUndergrounD: they are totally different15:29
Masterlornhas anybody a solution to solve that problem?15:30
[snake]Masterlorn, please explain your problem in one convenient message with all the necessary information in the future.15:31
skamsterhello all, i've a little question about xorg.. i've yet both installed on my system, binary nvidia-drivers and nouveau.. i like to change to nouveau to use randr the right way.. since i've removed xorg.conf, randr works but don't detect the hdmi-output, so not the second screen15:31
skamstermy xorg.0.log: /msg NickServ identify15:32
vimpulseskamster:  what command did you use to install binary nvidia drivers?  Hint:  history | less -i15:32
UndergrounDi want to completly remove both tcl and eggdrop and then ill reinstall im still a noob here but learning fast.    autoremove then?15:32
skamsterwhat's confusing: it loads first nvidia, the nouveau.. then it detects both displays, couldn't set a mode for one and fail about that (it tells, it loads the deprecated nv)15:33
MasterlornOk I cant use my Mouse properly. It is there and I can move it but I cant click anything except from the Apps in the Toolbar on the left.  I use Win7 64 bit and I have Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit installed15:33
vimpulseskamster:  2.  also, why do you not want to use the regular nv driver?  :)15:33
[snake]well vimpulse, it's not working... It's simply outputting information about the application that I type such as "banshee"15:33
vimpulse[snake]:  that's what it should do.  :)15:34
skamstervimpulse, because of default-settings and a new graphic-card15:34
vimpulseMasterlorn:  does it work fine in Windows?  Note:  I am not claiming your problem.  :)15:34
Masterlornnever had any problems on windows :d15:34
vimpulse[snake]:  you wanted to see English descriptions, right?  Preferably in software-center, correct?15:34
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icerootUndergrounD: sudo apt-get remove --purge packagename15:34
icerootUndergrounD: autoremove is something different15:35
[snake]vimpulse, ah, i see now, thanks!15:35
UndergrounDok thanks15:35
vimpulse[snake]:  you're welcome :)15:35
Masterlornbut my keyboard works fine btw15:35
quiescenspurge does not do what a lot of people think it does15:35
vimpulseiceroot:  why use --purge ?15:35
icerootvimpulse: to remove conffiles15:35
skamsterno idea why it don't detect hdmi?15:35
vimpulseiceroot:  why?  The user may have edited their conffiles.  :)15:35
icerootvimpulse: "conffile" has a different meaning for dpkg15:36
icerootvimpulse: apt-get will NEVER remove configuration fils from /home/username/15:36
vimpulseiceroot:  for me, /etc/dansguardian/dansguardian.conf is a conffile that I've edited.15:36
icerootvimpulse: yes15:36
vimpulseAsifan:  hi :)15:36
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tom95hi, I installed libsocialweb for using its dbus, but it doesnt show up in d-feet. Restarting didnt help either, do I have to run explicitly or something?15:36
theadminvimpulse: apt-get remove won't touch that, apt-get purge will though15:36
vimpulseiceroot:  why would i ever want to remove it?  :)15:36
Asifanplease some one help me with UBUNTU unstallation15:36
icerootvimpulse: he said "how to remove foobar completly"15:36
=== how-change-keyri is now known as how2changekeyrin
vimpulseiceroot:  why did he want to remove it completely?  :)15:37
icerootvimpulse: ask him15:37
vimpulseAsifan:  hi.  What is your first language?15:37
litropyI'm having a problem with possibly the video driver for my dvi out itself. When I'm in OS X, the picture is smooth. In Ubuntu on the same machine, it's choppy. Is there a better chan for this?15:37
Asifanenglish/arabic both are fine15:37
icerootvimpulse: e.g. you want to remove them if you never need the package again, if you messed up with the configuration file15:37
icerootvimpulse: and as i said already "conffile" has a special meaning for dpkg15:38
icerootvimpulse: e.g. /etc/init.d/apache2 is a conffile  but you will never edit the file like /etc/apache2/httpd.conf15:38
alexeilevitskyhi guys15:38
alexeilevitskyI have a problem15:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:39
icerootvimpulse: so understand what a conffile is maybe have a look at "divert" in the manpage from dpkg15:39
alexeilevitskyMy Windows installation is in the same sda as another partition, what happens if i delete the ubuntu partition?15:39
Bobenhausdamn software update is taking forever wtf??!?15:39
icerootvimpulse: also /etc/cron.d/awstats is a conffile and you will normally never edit that file15:39
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:40
vimpulseAsifan:  welcome.  Please ask your question.  Please also tell us what you tried and what it did.  If it all fits on one line, then please don't press Enter in mid-question.  :)15:40
martianalexeilevitsky: that will be fine15:40
how2changekeyrinhow can i change the keyring password in ubuntu 10.04?15:40
vimpulseiceroot:  fair point :)15:40
alexeilevitskymartian, i tried once before and it made my comp unable to boot15:40
alexeilevitskycouldn't find NT sumthing15:40
theadminhow2changekeyrin: seahorse15:40
martianUnable to boot in to windows?15:40
alexeilevitskyis it 100% safe?15:40
litropyI'm now trying the following: http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/341279-Ubuntu-11-04-choppy-video-playback-fix15:40
stephans_Is there a way in ubuntu to set witch display will be the main display if oyu have a laptop and a external monitor?15:41
vimpulseUndergrounD:  Did you want to remove even the conffiles?  You usually shouldn't need to do that.  And if you edited them, --purge will permanently delete your changes.15:41
alexeilevitskythe sda is ntfs tough15:41
theadminstephans_: lxrandr does that, there might be some way to do so with the default setting tools as well15:41
ryannwow, ubuntu desktop installation doesn't recognize software raid?15:41
alexeilevitskyIt's really fuckedup15:41
icerootryann: the alternate cd does15:41
theadminryann: Yeah, only the alternate install CD deals with raid installs, still have no idea why15:41
ryannthanks iceroot.15:41
ryannyea annoying15:41
stephans_theadmin: ok15:42
ryannseems all that would be needed is to load the kernel module15:42
iceroottheadmin: no space on the normal cd for that, also it will confuse users15:42
Masterlorni cant use my mouse properly on ubuntu 11.10 64bit can anyone help me?15:42
ryanni already have the raid configured15:42
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:42
vimpulsealexeilevitsky:  :)  there are sometimes even preteens in here.15:42
martianalexeilevitsky: the sda is not ntfs. SDA means Sata Drive A. A drive doesn't have a format; only a partition does.15:42
alexeilevitskyvimpulse wtf?15:42
eSouldoes anyone know something I can cat (something in /proc possibly?) that gives the motherboard model?15:42
vimpulsealexeilevitsky:  go ahead... ask :)15:42
UndergrounDi copied my conf file so i can replace after reinstall15:43
icerootUndergrounD: and what is the point of reinstall then?15:43
alexeilevitskymartian, what i mean is that it's multi boot in the same /dev/sda4.. can anything go wrong?15:43
alexeilevitskyif i delete ubuntu?15:43
vimpulseUndergrounD:  if you leave out "--purge" it won't delete the conffile in the first place.15:43
alexeilevitskyIt's fucked up man15:43
icerootUndergrounD: linux is not windows and reinstall is normally useless15:43
Asifanok, so, i am tryong to install ubuntu, but is doesn't work. I am using an Intel MacbookPro. Live CD stopped working in Ubuntu 11.10, installation on a live USB, the USB does not get recognised by the EFI system, so I tried instaling it using EFI boot program, but the screen goes black and nothing happens. i tried instaling ubuntu on the HHD itself on its own, but when i restart the computer i get no file found. i kid you not to tell 15:43
icerootalexeilevitsky: stop with that language15:43
vimpulsealexeilevitsky:  if you do not watch your language you will be forcibly removed from channel.15:43
martianalexeilevitsky: I'm fairly sure that you should be able to delete it, but I certainly couldn't tell you it's risk free15:43
icerootalexeilevitsky: we told you already15:43
theadmineSoul: This isn't exactly cat'ing, but dmidecode can help you (gives hardware information as specified by BIOS)15:43
vimpulseeSoul:  lshw also might help.  or SiSoft Sandra(tm).  Why do you want your mobo model?15:44
alexeilevitskystill, you think "pre-teens" in here won't talk like so in real life?15:44
UndergrounDi think the prob is lying in tcl it seems15:44
eSoulThanks, theadmin, just needed something to get some info out, and vimpulse, just so i dont have to open the case to find it out, hah15:44
theadmineSoul: "sudo dmidecode --baseboard-product-name" will give it to you :)15:44
UndergrounDso im looking at it first15:44
alexeilevitskyalso, since when do preteens use computer for more than games-for-windows?15:45
iceroot!ot | alexeilevitsky15:45
ubottualexeilevitsky: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:45
theadmineSoul: Pardon, got it wrong: "sudo dmidecode -s baseboard-product-name"15:45
how2changekeyrin<theadmin> thanks15:45
alexeilevitskythanks bob15:45
eSoulahh, thank you for the correction.15:45
UndergrounDbelieve me i am so determined to learn i will inevitably mess things up but thats the learning curv15:45
vimpulseeSoul:  now i'm curious.  what's the real root cause of you wanting to know your mobo model?  :)15:46
eSoulvimpulse: lol, mostly so I can check its hackintosh compatibilty -- I have only one intel/sandy bridge pc15:47
vimpulseeSoul:  :)15:47
eSoulI knew all that stuff was encoded in the bios/chips on the board, just wanted to read it out15:48
UndergrounDand for the little editing that i have done on my eggdrop conf if i loos it no big deal writing the bot is the easy part15:48
eSouland its a mini-itx and I dont even know if I could read the markings on it if I opened it up with stuff in its way15:48
vimpulseAsifan:  was "i kid you not to tell" the end of your question?  Every question should end with a question mark, and yours didn't.  :)15:48
davidviphi there, i have usb connected mobile 3G connection that would like to be shared to others over local LAN via router, what should i do?15:49
theadmindavidvip: Err... consult your router's manufacturer? I don't think any routers run Ubuntu honestly15:50
eSoulits outside the scope of this channel15:50
GhrimIs there a way to make the menus not show until they are completely loaded? It annoys me that the text shows first, and then the icons.15:50
davidviptheadmin, mobile > laptop > router > others15:50
theadmin!ics | davidvip15:50
ubottudavidvip: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing15:51
martianGhrim: no15:51
Ghrimwell that sucks15:51
Asifanvimpulse: you told me not to ue more than one line, and i ran out of charachters. i kid you not when i tell you i have been at it for several months with no success, i even tried installing ubuntu on sony vio and still not possible, a kernel problem. i have the latest ubuntu ad i have been in this channel daily . so can someone please tel me how to install ubuntu properly rather than just "it should work"?15:51
davidvipubottu, thanks15:51
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:51
martianGhrim: yeah, such a huge problem :-P15:51
Ghrimocd man...15:51
theadminGhrim: If Unity is slow for you, why not use another desktop environment?15:52
Ghrimits just that extra bit of polish that makes all the difference15:52
eSoulAsifan: are your downloads correct/md5 hashed verified?15:52
Ghrimim using straight up gnome as it is, not unity15:52
KBentley57hey guys, can someone provide a link to the ubuntu kernel config for 12.04 alpha 2?15:52
AsifaneSoul: yes15:52
KBentley57I can't find a link to it online15:52
Ghrimjust a bit annoying as windows doesnt have this 'problem' and im pretty sure mac doesnt either15:53
eSoulwell, Asifan, I hate to say it, but it should just work.  maybe if you had a specific issue with a system right now it can be debugged, but I cant give you an all encompassing soultion for all problems since no solution exists15:53
Asifani tried it o 5 different computers. pc and apple15:54
Asifani dont know what i am doing wrong15:54
tensorpuddingi've not actually seen this issue; on my system menus lag in opening and the icons appear with them15:54
roger_hello all15:54
eSoulwhat doesnt work?15:54
Asifanubuntu installation15:55
philinuxKBentley57: Ask here #ubuntu+115:55
Asifanits wont boot15:55
hex`I need to recompile python, but where is located the sources folder?15:55
eSoulyou cant boot from CD?  do you know how to boot from cd?15:55
roger_how do i install macbuntu theme? its a tar.gz file15:55
alexeilevitskyroger_ you could try copying it to .themes? lol15:57
OerHeksroger_, if it is a valid theme, drag & drop the tar.bz to appearance15:57
roger_ive tried dont work15:57
AsifaneSoul: yes it tell me kernel problem15:57
meskaruneroger_: un tar the file and look inside. there should be a read-me telling you want to do :)15:58
eSoulall systems give you "kernel problem" or just one machine15:58
theadmin!who | eSoul15:59
ubottueSoul: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:59
hex`I need to recompile python, but where is located the sources folder? There's nothing on /usr/local/src and only two linux-headers folder on it, but no python source code...15:59
Picihex`: You'd need to download the python source to do that.15:59
theadminhex`: If you want to get source-code for a specific package, do: cd WhereDoYouWantToStoreTheSource && apt-get source PACKAGENAME15:59
eSoulahh, sorry, theadmin, forgot to put my reciever nick in my message15:59
alexeilevitskyroger_ you must use gnome not unity.15:59
AsifaneSoul: all machiens will only boot live cd. not USB not HDD. this computer will boot nothing.   what puzzels me is that in ubuntu 10 it work fine! everything worked fine. what happened now?15:59
theadminhex`: So in your case: mkdir pythoncode ; cd pythoncode ; apt-get source python16:00
hex`Pici I thought, after I compiled it, the source code was saved somewhere in the disk16:00
Picihex`: After you compiled it?16:00
hex`theadmin: ok... thanks16:00
alexeilevitskyAsifan: wrong. i boot from live hdd.16:00
theadminhex`: Ah, you are using a self-compiled Python version?16:00
eSoulAsifan, I still dont know what kind of machine this particular one you are speaking of now is16:00
theadminhex`: Then just grab the code from python.org again16:00
roger_what is the program i should use to open it16:00
AsifaneSoul: intel Macbook Pro16:01
alexeilevitskyroger_ archive manager?16:01
alexeilevitskyroger_ you must use gnome not unity.16:01
hex`Pici:  yes... I downloaded the source code, compiled it, deleted the source code... but now I need to recompile, so I thought the source code was saved somewhere in the disk... but as you said, I need to download it again16:01
hex`theadmin: thank you a lot :)16:01
alexeilevitskyroger_ it will not work on unity!16:01
Picihex`: if you've deleted it then it is gone.16:01
theadminhex`: No, sorry, sources don't magically get saved somewhere, it'd be just weird to do :D16:01
alexeilevitskytheadmin no? :(16:01
theadminalexeilevitsky: ?16:02
eSoulAsifan: did you hold down or press C during bootup to boot from disc?16:02
hex`theadmin: yeah, I have no idea why I thought that... I think I confused source code with object files16:02
absencehow can i prevent apt-get from marking packages as manually installed when specifying already installed packages in order to resolve a dependency conflict?16:02
hex`Pici: thank you very much!16:02
AsifaneSoul: yes16:02
eSoulAsifan: does it see the cd as bootable. at least try to spin it up and do something?16:02
BreezeKeeperhi .. i want to install and test ubuntu .. do i need any drivers ? and where can i get them ? system is hp dv7 pavillion16:03
alexeilevitskyBreezeKeeper, no you don't16:03
AsifaneSoul: yes, i see the cd, it starts to boot then i get no boot mediu, press any key to continue, but when i press any key nothing happens16:03
eSoulBreezeKeeper -- using the live cd will tell you if you need anythign special to use your hardware, but most works out of the box, and you dont even have to "install" to use ubuntu16:04
eSoulAsifan: Is your disc reader in the macbook good?16:04
BreezeKeeperokay .. i will try to install from usb16:04
alexeilevitskyBreezeKeeper: Ubuntu live cd + UnetBootin + usb + Try without installing = happiness.16:05
AsifaneSoul: no i am use the cd of anther macbook through firewire, this same setup worked before in ubuntu 10. not it doesn't16:05
roger_how do i change from unity to gome16:05
alexeilevitskyapt-get gnome3 ? o.o16:05
malakianhey chaps16:06
malakiani just installed ubuntu on an athlon 64 laptop16:06
alexeilevitsky!gnome > roger_16:06
malakianand it's hanging at startup16:06
ubotturoger_, please see my private message16:06
malakiannot getting any error messages...16:06
eSoulIt may be a problem with new kernels/bootloaders then, try to use a local drive, even usb connected, but dont try to use a exported drive installed in another machine16:06
BreezeKeeperlive cd is just the iso which i download, or ?16:06
theadminroger_: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell gnome-fallback # And then choose one of those in the sessions menu16:06
eSoulBreezeKeeper -- the Desktop disc is a live disc16:06
alexeilevitskyBreezeKeeper, if you wish, you could let unetbootin do the job for you :p16:06
eSoulthe server disc is install only16:07
AsifaneSoul: when i prepare a live usb i cannot see it to boot from it16:07
BreezeKeeper@alex .. like it says on ubuntu.com im using universal usb installer .. is this right ?16:07
eSoulAsifan: I mean a USB cd/dvd rom16:07
alexeilevitskyAsifan !check boot order.16:07
Asifanalexeilevitsky: no boot order in macs, i can choose what to boot from the boot menue16:08
kpas_theadmin, would you also need this app if you do not want to use unity - gnome-shell gnome-session-common16:08
alexeilevitskyoh macs.. lol16:08
alexeilevitskyask applecare.16:08
theadminkpas_: gnome-session depends on gnome-shell afair16:08
theadminkpas_: Err, vice versa16:09
AsifaneSoul:  i looked at this problem for a long time. i even tried something else, just an hour ago. through firewire, i conect this computer's HDD to another mac which can load up the live CD. and used it to install ubuntu on this computer. when i restarted it, it woun't boot the HDD16:09
kpas_theadmin, okay then only gnome-shell gnome-fallback is required correct?16:09
theadminkpas_: Think so16:09
Cassiopeia_good day, im having some issues with installing "expect", or apt-get anything really... i get this http://pastebin.com/VGWdibUt anyone have the same problem? im running Backtrack KDE, 64-bit on a persistent encrypted USB stick16:09
bazhang!backtrack | Cassiopeia_16:09
ubottuCassiopeia_: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition16:09
eSoulAsifan -- in that instance, the bootloader may not be getting installed in a way that makes that drive "transportable"16:10
bazhangCassiopeia_, /join #backtrack-linux16:10
alexeilevitskycan you install ubuntu on a ARM ?16:10
theadminalexeilevitsky: ARM support is very limited, but yes16:10
theadmin!arm | alexeilevitsky16:10
ubottualexeilevitsky: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.16:10
AsifaneSoul: so what sould i do? no matter how many times i repeat it i get the same thing16:10
roger_y is it not recommended to change the theme to a mac theme16:10
toxiccity90Hey there I'm having a connection problem with my RTL8191SEvB wireless card it seems that the speed drops from 54 to 1 MB almost every minute or so making it hard to download things. Any ideas how to fix?? I running ubuntu 10.10.16:10
Cassiopeia_i know, but since i thought apt-get works in the same style, i couldask here?16:10
eSoulAsifan:  You really want to try to boot the system you are going to do the install on16:10
malakianNoone have any ideas on what to do if ubuntu just hangs after install? anyone?16:10
eSoulAsifan: try using a USB attached cd/dvdrom16:10
bazhangCassiopeia_, no, go to the bt channel, please16:10
theadminCassiopeia_: No, sorry, this channel only supports Ubuntu and official derivs16:10
eSouland boot from it16:11
Asifani did, it didn't work16:11
Asifani get no bootable medium16:11
Asifanwhat puzzels me is that ubuntu 10 worked fine16:11
bazhangroger_, the macbuntu theme? no it's not supported, it's poorly done and causes problems16:11
eSoulthen googling sounds like my next step, sounds like your disc isnt buring right or your system isnt reading the disc correctly16:11
Asifani did googling, the ame cd works on other computers fine16:12
eSoulAsifan -- then use ubuntu 10 and "do-release-upgrade"16:12
eSouland pray :-p16:12
malakianok then....anyone know where I can find some tips, besides googling, on why ubuntu might be hanging on startup after installing?16:12
Asifanwhere can i find it, tell me how to find it as i am not using an OS to copy or use links16:13
=== florent_ is now known as mikage41
LightHashhello guys i have this huge problem. my external usb (usb 2.0 sata bridge) hd is not accessible after windows crash . the partition is a hidden truecrpy partition within another truecrypt partition . i am trying to use testdisk but when i go to analyse drive g: which is the mounted hidden partition it shows 1 * sys=4f waning bas starting sector (chs) ... 2 * sys=73 .. 3 * sys=2B ... 4 * SpeedStor16:13
LightHash.. what is all these?16:13
alexeilevitskyis there an apk to install ubuntu on rooted android devices?16:13
eSoulAsifan:  its a command line app available right out of the box on install16:13
AsifaneSoul: can you please explain more16:13
malakianAm I even talking? :(16:14
KrenairHow do I switch the default application for magnet links from transmission to Vuze in Ubuntu 11.04?16:14
=== EyesIsServer is now known as Eyes|Infinite
Krenairmalakian, ?16:14
eSoulAsifan: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man8/do-release-upgrade.8.html16:14
toxiccity90I'm having an issue with the wireless RTL8191SEvB card. It seems to drop speed from 54 to 1 MB all the time. Running ubuntu 10.10 with kernel 2.6.35-32 generic-pae Going to update to kernel 2.6.38-13 and pray that fixes this. If anyone else has any suggestions?16:14
malakianKrenair, my ubuntu install is hanging at startup16:14
malakianafter installation16:14
malakianjust gets to the purple screen and stops16:15
HairpullerHi think im gonna def go bald with this headache16:15
malakiani can text login with alt ctrl f1 but i dont really know any commands or anything16:15
AsifaneSoul: i have not tried this idea. can you please talk me through it since i have to close the IRC to install ubuntu on this computer16:15
urfr332g0Hairpuller, see medical help id needed this is ubuntu support./16:16
toxiccity90malakian: did you try changing how it boots? like holding down shift and booting to an older kernel?16:16
eSoulAsifan:  I can not, I have real life chorses to take care of before it gets much later16:16
malakianat what point should i hold down shift toxiccity90?16:16
AsifaneSoul: i understand16:16
HairpullerIts just taken me 1hr of reboots to get my wifi to work but if I suspend I lose it again can I change the drivers or something16:16
toxiccity90malakian: when you reboot hold down shift and a screen should come up with other kernels choose a previous kernel from that.16:17
malakianok, one sec16:17
urfr332g0Hairpuller, lspci will identify the setup post the wifi card if you want help16:17
malakianI *think* it said something about firmware missing at the end of the install16:17
malakianbut i have no idea how to identify what16:18
Hairpullerthanks is that a different chat place16:18
urfr332g0malakian, do you know the graphic card?16:18
malakianit's on board graphics16:18
urfr332g0malakian, and what is it lspci will tell uyou16:18
danileigh79malakian: You may need to do a clean install... recommend getting ubuntu 11.10 from ubuntu.com and making a USB installer16:18
eSoulLightHash, are you using ubuntu/linux to access the drive right now?  you can unmount it and maybe dd the drive contents into a file on a filesystem with enough free space (the total size of the drive)16:18
urfr332g0danileigh79, it is a cleaninstall.16:19
Hairpullersilly me you type it in terminal sorry16:19
jiffe98where in the boot process do nfs mounts get mounted?  I have a program who's config is over an nfs mount and it seems to be trying to start before the nfs mount is mounted16:19
eSoulbut im not a truecrypt user and im not privy to the way it works16:19
urfr332g0Hairpuller, yes. :)16:19
malakiandanileigh79, i just did that16:19
danileigh79urfr332g0: I understand, but at times I've had to do *another* clean install to fix my issue16:19
malakianurfr332g0 - sorry? What's lspci?16:19
klyncmalakian: like `ls` for your pci bus16:20
danileigh79malakian: I understand, but at times I've had to do *another* clean install to fix my issue16:20
malakianI have done that several times now danileigh7916:20
malakianit's not that16:20
urfr332g0danileigh79, right and generally we investigate a little before advising that it may just be the need for a driver (graphic)16:20
danileigh79malakian: sorry for coming into this late, so I may not have seen everything, are you able to boot into ubuntu at all16:21
toxiccity90having issue with rtl8191SEvB card in ubuntu 10.10 with linux kernel 2.6.35-23 generic-pae. Card drops speed from 54 to 1 and doesn't run at correct download rates.16:21
urfr332g0malakian, lspci in the terminal will identify hardware.16:21
urfr332g0use the live cd if needed16:22
malakianoddly i just got into ubuntu by holding shift and then picking recovery mode16:22
malakianthen it stopped and i picked 'resume normal boot'16:22
urfr332g0malakian, cool, update and check additional drivers16:22
toxiccity90malakian: thats the kernel menu i was talking about16:22
malakianstill got some rrors that flashed past too quick for me to see16:22
malakianok i'll try that now urfr332g0 - what am i looking for?16:23
toxiccity90malakian: additional drivers like for graphics card and other things16:23
prowerhello everyone :> i have the nouveau driver blocked in /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common but it appears that it's still being probed on boot (and failing, since i'm using the official nvidia drivers)...how would i stop it from being probed/attempting to load entirely?16:23
urfr332g0malakian, a update with update manager then look at the app additional drivers to see if any are there.16:23
LightHashbut dd it will get it fixed? the disk is a 320gb and it was like this. 8gb linux swap , 42gb linux / , 270gb ntfs (first layer) , then within that 250gb ntfs (hidden) . and after that happened the drive wont boot to linux. grub is damaged16:23
Cameron_are you there?16:23
urfr332g0!grub | LightHash16:24
ubottuLightHash: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)16:24
LightHashno i cant touch anything on the disk. i need to fix the tables16:24
LightHashor find a way to recover the files before touching it16:25
FloodBot1leopa: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:25
HairpullerHi reports I have this card installed:Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR2413 802.11bg NIC (rev 01)16:26
eSouldd only writes the bits on the disk to a file that you can use without touching the disk, basically a bit for bit backup -- I wouldnt know how to fix anything with trucrypt or the like, this would at least give you a backup up the raw data16:26
eSoulsorry, to LightHash16:26
HairpullerIs there a known fix for problems with this card16:26
malakianok im at the update manager - will this get firmware that's missing?16:27
malakianalso how do i open the terminal?16:27
[Outcast]I used the startup disk creator to make usb install disk. I need to know what file I can modify so I can enter the settings for the serial port console16:28
LightHashis there any way to remake the partition without wiping the MFT?16:28
systemclientI want to create a separate partition on my HDD for /tmp so that my SSD / does not get used that much. I created a 5 GB partition and put it into fstab with UUID. starting up, I got "could not open file" and booting failed. What is wrong there?16:28
HairpullerIs there a way of re-starting and stoping the wifi service without rebooting16:29
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
tumppuyes Hairpuller16:29
Hairpullerplease tell16:29
eSoulLightHash: Sorry, filesystem/advanced partitioning stuff is beyond me im afarid16:29
tumppupress the wifi-button on your laptop16:30
WargasmI use Fn+F216:30
eSoulsystemclient -- could you pastebin your fstab?16:30
systemclienteSoul: sure16:30
gswallowhelp :) I am having problems installing sun-java6-jdk from the partner repository.16:30
martianHairpuller: try: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart16:30
Hairpullerthanks it might save the day16:30
gswallowSeems I have to run run apt-get update multiple times and hope for the best.16:30
systemclienteSoul: paste.kde.org/42404616:31
eSoulsystemclient -- thanks, checking16:31
HairpullerIll give it a go if Im not back soon it failed :)16:32
martianHairpuller: there is a lot of information online for how to get the atheros chipset to work in ubuntu. Maybe 11.10+ has it work by default, but I'm not sure.16:32
HairpullerCheers Ive just installed pinguy thats whats giving me the griefe16:33
eSoulsystemclient -- at first glace I dont see why it wouldnt work, but im checking.  it isnt listed in "mount" or "df" is it16:33
systemclienteSoul: what do you mean? I did not get into my system at, all, I work on a live CD right now16:34
eSoulsystemclient -- so with this alteration, you cant boot into the os at all?16:35
eSouldo you have a folder in / named tmp?  it may be that the mount point doesnt exist16:35
systemclienteSoul: it stops on a solid blue screen (kubuntu, before plymouth) and tells me something like "cannot open file"16:35
systemclienteSoul: I have drwxrwxrwt tmp in my home dir16:36
systemclientis the t bit the problem maybe?16:36
systemclients/home dir/root/16:36
eSoulsystemclient: strange -- can you mount the system's / partition then, and see if there is a /tmp that exists there?16:37
systemclienteSoul: that is what I just did, and there is a /tmp16:37
eSoulsystemclient: you need to at least have an empty folder in / named tmp for fstab to mount that partition there16:37
eSoulhmm, strange indeed16:37
systemclienteSoul: and I emtied it16:37
eSoulis the parition formated ext4?16:37
systemclienteSoul: all of them (except swap of course)16:38
litropyHi, peeps. I need to do everything I can to conserve my GPU's resources, so that the video to my HDTV isn't choppy nor teary. Any ideas?16:38
eSoulsystemclient: the one you are using for /tmp -- then you have ran mkfs.ext4 /dev/whatever16:38
malakianso guys i got into ubuntu using the hold shift, selecting recovery mode method16:38
malakianbut im just updating it now via the auto update - is this likely to plug missing firmware?16:38
malakianif not how do i find out what is missing and making it fail to start?16:39
systemclienteSoul: hmm, I created the partition with the KDE partition manager, and I can mount it into /media/HP-tmp on the live system16:39
systemclienteSoul: and I just mounted /dev/sda3 into /media/SSD/tmp16:40
eSoulsystemclient: Im afraid I cant tell you much more unless you have a way to figure out what file is missing or that its complaining about16:40
kos23i try to install linux and one partition only shrink it without mounting why?16:40
systemclienteSoul: any way I could find a boot log or so?16:40
litropyMy main monitor is off, for starters. I went into compizconfig settings and disabled wobbly windows ...16:40
malakian*sigh*. is there a forum i can put my problem in16:41
toxiccity90ok so I'm back. updating the kernel to 2.6.38-13 didn't fix issue rtl8191SEvB still not working correctly. also iwconfig reports its using rtl8191SEVA216:41
malakianas i'm not having much luck here16:41
eSoulsystemclient: Im afraid I dont know what they all are or which ones are from last boot or whatever.  I use dmesg way too much when I debug a problem that I dont know the log files very well16:41
LightHashmalakian u should see my luck!16:41
Adriannomon xubuntu 11.10 i've installed compiz, but even though i've updated /etc/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml to use compiz it just doesn't.  any ideas where i can go from here?16:42
systemclienteSoul: dmegs gives me a lot of stuff and at the very end some EXT4-fs stuff16:42
systemclienteSoul: apparently it mounted all the drives …16:42
LightHashimagine buying an alienware m14x and got fried in one month then u get it back (with some feautres not working) and you stick your external disk to finally work and your windows crashes while you are working and your drive gets messed up and you cannot get your files back!!16:43
kos23i try to install linux and one partition only shrink it without mounting why?16:43
systemclientkos23: what do you mean?16:43
eSoulsystemclient -- dmesg is your current system kernel messages from when you just turned the machine on, its new on every bootup. its just telling you that it mounted those partitions when you mounted them16:43
systemclientthat explains the timestamps, that was me on the live CD …16:44
systemclienteSoul: okay, any idea where I can find the logs for the other system?16:44
eSoulsystemclient -- the only thing I can see is your options part16:44
eSoulsystemclient: sw?16:44
eSouloh, nvnm ,swap16:44
systemclienteSoul: that part worked before, I just inserted that /tmp line16:44
kos23i tried to install linux and suggested partitionng windows all partition make set mount apart from sda7 who make shring it.....it is necessary to make and sda7 set mount of /dev/sda7 to /windows/F16:45
eSoulsystemclient: I figured. I just read the line wrong  maybe your defaults option isnt valid for /tmp?16:45
macmartineAny ISPConfig users? It just started to not update tmy site .conf nginx files, even though ispconfig somehow remembers the changes. They just aren't showing up on disk. Any ideas?16:46
systemclienteSoul: hmm, I have no idea. I mean it is the same type of partition thatn /home and /var are …16:46
eSoulsystemclient: true, but looking at other fstabs, options used are of the nodev,nosuid,noexec16:47
kos23do you understand systemclient what happened with set mount?16:47
=== root_ is now known as WhiteEye
LightHashany program that will fix mft in linux?16:47
systemclientkos23: afaik it will make your Windows data usable on Linux16:48
eSoulsystemclient: ahh, try it without a /tmp folder in /16:48
systemclienteSoul: huh? I thought one needs the mount moint16:49
kos23thanks then continue intstallation regularly16:49
systemclientkos23: I'd say so16:49
kos23what i can do for this partition16:49
eSoulsystemclient: Me too, but its something im reading on ubuntuforums -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89161216:49
zykotick9systemclient: i wouldn't be surpirsed if removing /tmp breaks things, quickly16:50
reCAPTCHAHi. My built in wifi card on my laptop is busted and I have a dongle to replace it. Can someone walk me through how to blacklist the internal wifi card?16:50
slipknothi some to link my ip public to do domaine name any idea16:50
Night_furyHey I need a little help guys16:50
PedramHHello when I Log in with Ubuntu 3D there is no launch pad16:51
eSoulsystemclient -- the line I read is -- After you have copied contents of erstwhile /var and /tmp to their new partitions, remove these directories from erstwhile /. No symlink, no nothing. Make fstab entries for /tmp and /var. You will find fstab in your erstwhile /etc. Make entries like16:51
slipknothi some to link my ip public to do domaine name any idea16:51
slipknothi to link my ip public to do domaine name any idea16:51
=== administrator is now known as Guest1236
systemclienteSoul: they use 0 0 instead of 0 216:52
systemclienteSoul: so maybe I need to mount it in pass 0 or 1 instead of 2?16:52
brendanhello. I've just run apt-get upgrade on my oneiric box and now it keeps forcing my login to gnome-fallback mode, as if my 3d drivers weren't working. But running eg gnome-shell --replace & works, so I think it's just the test that's broken. Does anyone know how the test works?16:52
PedramHanybody here can help me?16:52
eSoulsystemclient: possibly. I never knew what those numbers really did either, outside of what they were called :-p16:52
Guest1236root 808016:52
Night_furyHey guys i want to accelerate my touch pad in ubuntu16:52
Night_furydo you guys know how16:53
systemclienteSoul: I'll try using a 1. A 0 seems to break the / maybe or so …16:53
Night_furyit doesnt work through system setting16:53
Night_furyHi rymate123416:53
rymate1234i was gonna suggest system settings16:53
eSoulsystemclient -- sounds good.  if it still fusses you should try to remove the folders from your / partition and test as well16:54
Night_furysystem setting doesnt work :(16:54
systemclienteSoul: hmm, with /var it worked directy16:54
systemclientNight_fury: what does "not work" mean? There was no setting for it?16:54
eSoulsystemclient: i understand, im just going with what I see on the post, havent tried it myself16:54
systemclienteSoul: error: hd0 out of disk. -- grub rescue>16:54
systemclienteSoul: does not look too well …16:55
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
Night_furythere are setting for it16:55
mishandkezhave lost system tray...can anyone help?16:55
Night_furybut it doesnt acclerate my touchpad16:55
rymate1234Night_fury: you changed to the touchpad tab?16:55
theadminmishandkez: What Ubuntu version/desktop environment?16:55
Night_furyyes i did16:56
systemclienteSoul: maybe I should try the 0 instead?16:56
reCAPTCHACan someone help me blacklist my internal wifi card?16:56
recon69_lap hi, been trying to update soundjuicer on a 10.04 system, i added the repo for the update but the bug seems to still be there, how do i check to see if the update has taken16:56
eSoulsystemclient: Possibly. i not even sure why grub would be complaining like that16:56
Night_furyeven though i changed it it doesnt accelerate you know16:57
=== ceco_ is now known as vyrgozunqk
* Night_fury is sad16:57
TheRedOctoberDoes anyone know a good front end for pulseaudio networking?  In 10.04 I used padevchooser, which appears to not be available in current and upcoming releases.16:58
systemclienteSoul: apparently, it falls into rescue if it cannot find its config, but that resides in /boot …16:59
eSoulindeed.  you didnt wipe your boot partiton/folder did you?17:00
mishandkeztheadmin: 9.10 i think17:00
zgrupdate manager tells that ligdata13 is untrusted, how to fix it?17:00
theadmin!resetpanels | mishandkez17:00
zgrsomething with mirror?17:00
ubottumishandkez: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »17:00
theadmin!eol | mishandkez17:00
ubottumishandkez: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:00
systemclienteSoul: I'll check (Kubuntu Live CD is super slow …)17:00
=== kish is now known as nukehoms
systemclienteSoul: nope, data is still there17:01
mishandkeztheadmin: thank you17:02
=== nukehoms is now known as kish
eSoulsystemclient: weird17:03
systemclienteSoul: I just deactivated the line now, I want to make sure that the system itself still boots …17:03
eSoulsystemclient -- you still need some sort of entry for tmp17:04
recon69_lapok, on a 10.04 system synaptic reports sound extractor as 2.28.1-3 , but if i run the app from the menu and check the about it says its ver 2.28.1 , the command in the menu is sound-juicer %u, so where has it gone wrong?17:04
systemclienteSoul: I got the folder on / for that17:04
systemclienteSoul: so that partition is just haning …17:05
bergelmirwhat could be wrong if my .bashrc will not be loaded on login? if i execute "bash" all is fine.17:05
systemclientbergelmir: it won't be loaded on login17:05
Adriannomon xubuntu 11.10 i've installed compiz, but even though i've updated /etc/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml to use compiz it just doesn't.  any ideas where i can go from here?  i would just do compiz --replace but it says it can't do that cause the window manager is already loaded, then the wm crashes17:05
systemclientbergelmir: that is a feature, .profile or .bash_profile is17:05
eSoulsystemclient But fstab needs a tmp i do believe for the system to work correctly?17:05
systemclientbergelmir: you need to add a "source .bashrc"17:05
recon69_lapand this is all about getting the titles wrong when you rip multi cd records17:05
systemclientbergelmir: in the .profile17:06
systemclienteSoul: I just removed the line I added, so it should not be that bad I think. Anyway, I still have that error, my system is broken now :-(17:06
systemclienteSoul: maybe the partitioning destroyed the booloader?17:08
bergelmirsystemclient: what if .profile isn't loaded too?17:08
swebi want to get directory size but i dont want to list it17:08
systemclienteSoul: I mean I resized my sda1, and that would destroy the bootloader I guess17:08
swebdu -ch list it17:08
systemclientsweb: du -sh maybe?17:08
systemclientbergelmir: do you have a .bash_profile?17:09
bergelmirsystemclient: nope17:09
systemclientbergelmir: bash selectes either .profile or .bash_profile on login and .bashrc on non-login shells17:09
=== Bladerunner_ is now known as Bladerunner
eSoulsystemclient -- true, but bootloader should be installed to /dev/sda, master boot record, not to an indidual partition, at least if its the only OS17:10
eSoulends up causing a lot less headaches that way for me anyway17:10
zgrhey guys I've just run apt-get update and have errors on chromium-daily and i2p ppas, but can't remove them with ppa-purge (can't find packages). How to fix that?17:11
pozzzdo you know if ubuntu creates a backup disc image, which you can rely on if you mess up your system ?17:12
theadminzgr: You can remove them manually by removing the respective files from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/17:12
theadminpozzz: Automatically? Definetly not lol17:12
leo-unglaubOerHeks: hi, i was here yesterday with the problem installing from an usb drive.17:12
zykotick9pozzz: it does not (automatically anyways)17:12
theadminpozzz: Manually? Many ways to do it, what exactly do you want?17:12
systemclienteSoul: but I do get the bootloader screen. So I guess something happend with it. Maybe the one on sda is corrupted and it now uses the (until now hidden) sdb one …17:12
leo-unglaubOerHeks: i just wannted to tell you that if found the cause of this error17:12
bergelmirsystemclient: okay, but it seems like my bash isn't loading .profile17:12
zgrtheadmin: and packages that they have installed will become orphan?17:12
leo-unglaubOerHeks: in case someone else has the same problem17:13
theadminzgr: Yeah. And I have no idea how to get dpkg to list all packages from a specific repo sadly17:13
systemclientbergelmir: that is strange … do the permissions are correct?17:13
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
zgrdamn that sucks17:13
eSoulsystemclient -- maybe.   sounds like some sort of grub reinstall should take place to get it going  i unfortunately need to get ready to leave town for the weekend and must depart17:13
bergelmirsystemclient: same permisssions as on my laptop17:14
leo-unglaubOerHeks: the solution is: dont install from an usb3 port. it simply don't work. if you use the usb2 port, everything is fine17:14
pozzzzykotick9, theadmin: Automatically, I meant. I use VST plugins with lmms. They wored two weeks ago and now they do not.17:14
theadminpozzz: Then nope, sorry17:14
=== graft is now known as Guest27237
theadminActually, doesn't Ubuntu come with some sort of a time machine nowadays? Deja Dup or whatnot?17:15
theadminpozzz: Check that, it may have been configured17:15
=== ariana is now known as mdupont2
Adriannomon xubuntu 11.10 i've installed compiz, but even though i've updated /etc/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml to use compiz it just doesn't.  any ideas where i can go from here?  i would just do compiz --replace but it says it can't do that cause the window manager is already loaded, then the wm crashes17:16
pozzztheadmin: ok17:17
eSouli actually had an issue like leo-unglaub just mentioned in that webpage -- I fixed my issue by fdisk-ing the usb drive and finding out it had an invalid partition table (something like 4 partitions on it for no reason.  I removed all partitions and made a new one to be 1 and wrote the changes to disk.  I noticed it in the dmesg output with it showed the sd device (sdk) in my example, but no17:17
eSoulpartitions, even though I could stick it in a windows pc and it gave me something17:17
=== max is now known as Guest58997
leo-unglaubeSoul: i resolved it by mounting it manualy, do you thing we should create a ticket for that?17:18
leo-unglaubeSoul: i think very much users are having this problem17:18
leo-unglauband i took me alomst 6 hours to find out17:19
eSoulleo-unglaub -- I think it was just my thumb drives issue personally.  I dont know what caused its partition table to become invalid but all I did was recreate a valid one with just 1 partition and used USB Universal Installer to remake my ubuntu usb stick17:20
zgrdamn apt-get update reports GPG errors even after I have changed mirror to United States what can be the reason?17:21
leo-unglaubeSoul: i had this problem on multipe conputers, every time i tryed the usb3 port17:22
eSoulIt could just be a usb3 thing then?17:22
eSoulI used usb2 the whole time17:23
leo-unglaubeSoul: thats what i think, on usb i don't have this problem with the exact same stick17:23
pozzztheadmin: don't know how it works (Deja Dup), but I don't have it installed anyway17:24
theadminpozzz: Ah, okay, well then nothing I can do17:24
pozzztheadmin: Yeah. Thanks anyway17:24
eSoulI thought I should mention my issue just because it seemed related due to mounting issues.  I believe it came down to the kernel not easily seeing the partitions since it was "invalid"17:24
=== eddie is now known as Guest49674
bananstolwhat is generally accepted as the more efficient vindow manager between openbox and lxde17:25
blitzI don't think there is any generally accepted more efficient window manager17:27
trismbananstol: lxde uses openbox as the window manager, so I don't understand the question17:27
bananstolum, ok17:28
recon69_lapanyone able to help me fix the sound-juicer multi cd rip bug?17:34
BreezeKeeper2hi .. i want to install ubuntu 11.10 (dual boot, current os: vista) .. currently i have 2 harddrives: os & data (each 1 partition) .. where should i install ubuntu (or make the partitions) ? on os harddrive, on data harddrive ? or ubuntu on os and swipe on data ?17:35
pviveki want to start contributing to ubuntu17:36
KBentley57keep the data drive separate17:36
tumppuyou should create a new partition17:36
archer}hi. I need help, I think, reconfiguring the login graphics mode. I've install 11.10 server on an old box (Athlon64) and it seems to boot fine until it gets to what I think is the login screen, which is garbled. Just a bunch of diagonal lines and brighter ares17:36
KBentley57install ubuntu side by side with vista17:36
tumppuby makin data or os smaller17:36
tumppuand install ubuntu to that17:36
brimlarBreezeKeeper2: personally (just an opinion), I'd resize the Vista partition and put the Ubuntu install on the OS drive as well...that way your data drive stays static / untouched17:36
KBentley57+1 brimlar17:36
BreezeKeeper2kk .. thx17:37
ubuntuMy laptop seems to crash when starting the live CD. I tried to install to HDD from boot menu, and it crashed and put me in this live session. Can I modify boot to get into live CD with different parameters?17:37
ubuntuThere seems te nothing in advanced menu at boot.17:39
=== JwbF75ug is now known as rbrooks
pinguyubuntu: do you have a USB mem stick?17:40
ubuntupinguy,  Yes, I booted off of it.17:40
ubuntuI have NOTHER ONE TOO17:40
pinguywith ubootin?17:40
pinguydownload unetbootin and try that.17:41
ubuntuI'm not sure, it says vmlinuz and I used universal USB installer/17:41
ubuntupinguy, OK thanks17:42
=== pinguy is now known as plusEV
skypcehi guys, i am making a shell script for download an install oracle jre , i have all commands need but i have troubles with some commands need sudo into the script , can you helpme please?17:42
skypcei want build the script together with you17:42
systemclientskypce: just write sudo inside the script17:43
skypcesystemclient,  i was trying it17:43
skypcebut dont work17:43
DOjha00hey is any one can help me with environment variable??17:44
zykotick9!doesntwork | skypce17:44
ubottuskypce: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.17:44
systemclientskypce: what do you mean "wont work"?17:44
Night_furyubuntu sucks17:44
llutz!details | DOjha0017:44
ubottuDOjha00: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:44
systemclientDOjha00: what is up with tat?17:44
skypcesorry systemclient it does work :D17:44
systemclientNight_fury: how come17:44
systemclientskypce: what did you do, what did you expect, what happend?17:44
zykotick9DOjha00: use ~/.profile to configure your PATH17:45
Night_furysystemclient i did not get my answer till now :(17:45
skypcecan send you a pv systemclient ?17:45
systemclientNight_fury: my Ubuntu just crashed …17:45
=== rage_ is now known as rageltman
systemclientskypce: pv?17:45
skypceprivate message?17:45
Night_furyI hope12.04 will be better than 11.1017:45
systemclientskypce: just tell me what did not happen17:46
skypcegive me a second17:46
systemclientNight_fury: well, Gnome is your problem, not Ubuntu here17:46
Night_furyhow come?17:46
systemclientNight_fury: Gnome just has limited options for everything, so not to confuse the user17:46
LukeNukemhi, can someone tell me how to do chmod17:46
Night_furythere is an option to increase trackpad accleration17:46
Night_furybut it doesnt work17:47
systemclientNight_fury: http://raw-output.org/20051215/remote-controls17:47
systemclientlroc: what do you want to do with it?17:47
LukeNukemchmod command please someone?17:47
llutzLukeNukem: read "man chmod"17:47
=== Companion is now known as companion
Night_furysystemclient I agree with you. but kde is so huge. I hope something lies between gnome and kde17:48
MehrdadLukeNukem u gotta smoke more man17:49
LukeNukemwtf man Mehrdad17:49
Mehrdadnever thought i find u here17:49
LukeNukemwhatchu doin here?17:49
Mehrdadjust for the lulz17:49
Mehrdadu know17:49
skypcesystemclient, by example mkdir doesnt work17:49
FloodBot1LukeNukem: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:50
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:50
bazhang!ot | Mehrdad LukeNukem17:50
ubottuMehrdad LukeNukem: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:50
Mehrdadno man17:50
LukeNukemlets go Mehrdad to offtopic17:50
llutz!permissions | LukeNukem17:50
ubottuLukeNukem: please see above17:50
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong?17:51
TheRedOctoberIs there any sort of wifi analyzer for ubuntu?17:52
recon69_lapTheRedOctober: install wireshark17:52
joebI have it set in Power Management that I don't want anything to happen when I close the lid of my laptop and I'm on AC yet it still goes to sleep. Is there somewhere that I can find what is causing this?17:52
lrocim setting up unattended installation with a preseed file. Now i want to setup nis clients. are there switches(d-i) for that or do I have to do the configuration in the post-install?17:52
recon69_lapjoed -> power managment17:53
TheRedOctoberrecon: I am not looking for packet inspection, I am looking to analyze spectrum availability17:53
joebrecon69_lap: I did that.17:53
recon69_lapTheRedOctober: Sorry, no idea about that17:54
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong?17:54
hivewhich partition table should i use on my external hdd, if i want to install oneiric on it?17:55
recon69_lapjoeb: in 10.04 it has a setting for what to do on ac power when lid is closed, did you change that setting/17:55
PlizzoI have an installation of Ubuntu Server 11.10 x64 which is freezing completely at random occasions. I've tried to modify the grub parameters, change kernel, running memtests, tailing logs, but nothing helps. Does anyone here know how to solve this?17:55
Adriannomon xubuntu 11.10 i've installed compiz, but even though i've updated /etc/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml to use compiz it just doesn't.  any ideas where i can go from here?  i would just do compiz --replace but it says it can't do that cause the window manager is already loaded, then the wm crashes17:57
=== mgreenup is now known as kewlness
DarkStar1Hi all need quick help. Apache user is www-data on my system how can I chmod a file to that user? Everytime I try I get an error17:58
zykotick9DarkStar1: use "chown" to change ownership, chmod changes permission17:59
DarkStar1zykotick9: sorry. lack of sleep confusing me17:59
PlizzoMy ubuntu is constantly freezing, could someone try to help me? :/17:59
justinhillHey everyone: I'm experiencing painfully slow download speeds the default repos... has anyone else been experiencing this?18:00
DOjha00hey, i was trying to install  db2 in ubuntu 10.10 when i extracted it, i found only db_install how can i install it??? Plz tell me the command..18:00
zykotick9justinhill: change your mirror18:00
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong?18:00
kraz3dAnyone got a minute to help me w/ screenlets? The screenlets deamon is open, some screenlets are running, but nothing is showing on the desktop18:00
justinhillzykotick9: I've been googling around for how to do just that, but I haven't had any success.  Perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms?18:00
Mech0zDo I need to do something special to be able to connect to my new ubuntu install with tightvnc from windows other than changing the setting in the Desktop sharing preferences18:01
zykotick9justinhill: sorry, i can't personally help with the details (i believe it's an option in Ubuntu Software Center somewhere)18:01
=== [1]MichaelKing is now known as MichaelKing
justinhillzykotick9: Ahh, yeah.  I'm using Ubuntu Server.  Look, ma!  No GUI!18:02
DarkStar1can't precise just be 12.02 11.10 isn't my cup of tea18:02
zykotick9justinhill: sources.list then18:02
llutz!pm | DOjha0018:02
ubottuDOjha00: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:02
justinhillzykotick9: I should have phrased better.  I don't know where the list of mirrors is at.18:02
zykotick9justinhill: /etc/apt/sources.list18:02
justinhillzykotick9: Oh, they're all in there?  I just have to comment out the defaults?18:03
zykotick9justinhill: oh, like the available mirrors?  no idea.18:03
justinhillOr something like that18:03
justinhillThat's what I'm askign for :P18:03
justinhillThanks anyway.  I'll keep looking, zykotick918:03
DOjha00sorry for that..18:03
UICTamaleHi everyone - I have a fitpc2 that I'd like to run ubuntu on, but even after reading this whole guide:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo  I'm not sure what to actually download and turn into a USB drive first.. help please?18:03
Suvarinis there anyone playing omerta here18:04
DOjha00really i m new to the channel so i m not familiar with the rules..18:04
justinhillzykotick9: Found it:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors18:04
systemclientskypce: mkdir fails because the parent directories do not exist, right?18:04
systemclientskypce: use `mkdir -p` instead. This has nothing to do with sudo18:05
Mech0zDo I need to do something special to be able to connect to my new ubuntu install with tightvnc from windows other than changing the setting in the Desktop sharing preferences18:05
AlexifiedI have Ubuntu 10.04 running on my home server, trying to share to my xbox via samba. has it all setup and configured, it shows up in Mac OS X, and Windows.. but not on my xbox.. any suggestions?18:05
systemclientAlexified: maybe the xbox is not in the same network, or cannot find the host?18:06
systemclientAlexified: you cannot ping the computer from the xbox, can you?18:07
Alexifiedit is on the same network :/18:07
zykotick9Alexified: are you sure your xbox supports SMB(Samba) shares, i though you needed to use a UPNP server.18:07
assil_hey people :)18:07
Alexifiedof course it supports SMB lol18:07
zykotick9!upnp | Alexified18:07
ubottuAlexified: To stream media to other UPNP aware devices (such as the Xbox, PS3, or iRadio) you need a UPNP server. See !info mediatomb for information regarding the MediaTomb package18:07
assil_I need some help please with mod_security218:07
Alexifiedthats retarded18:07
FloodBot1Alexified: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:07
assil_han anybody give me a hand ?18:07
recon69_lapMech0z: might want to check the permission on the directory you sharing, linux is a bit picky about those things18:07
klyncassil_: you haven't asked a question yet18:08
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong?18:08
Alexified!info mediatomb18:08
ubottumediatomb (source: mediatomb): UPnP MediaServer (main package). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.1-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 10 kB, installed size 104 kB18:09
DOjha00hey ,Is anyone can tell me for jdk where will i have to set path???18:09
assil_klync : Was waiting for someone to respond :p18:09
assil_klync : after installing mod_security, via apt-get18:10
assil_klync : I downloded some rules and put them here  : /etc/modsecurity/rules18:10
brimlarMech0z: this is an older how-to, but may still give you the info you need: http://www.howtoforge.com/configure-remote-access-to-your-ubuntu-desktop18:11
DOjha00I have google it and done in that way but still i can not run my program...18:11
klyncassil_: please don't address me personally - i have no idea what the solution to your problem is, bc you haven't described it; i was only trying to help you get started in this channel by pointing out that you need to ask your question. saying "i need help" isn't going to help anyone18:11
assil_klync : ok ! thank you :) i'm sorry for the inconvenience18:11
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong?18:11
zykotick9!repeat | recon69_lap18:11
ubotturecon69_lap: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:11
klyncassil_: no worries .... so, tell us all: what is your problem? something about mod_security rules ...?18:12
quentusrexWhere can I go to find more info on ubuntu versions(such as gnome, kde, etc).18:13
zykotick9assil_: describe the problem all on one line, and don't include anyones nickname18:13
assil_Question : Mod_security is set and configured, rules loaded (i think) but it doesn't block any malicious traffic18:13
zykotick9quentusrex: what info are you looking for exactly?  They are all the same, just with different Desktop Environments18:15
log_inI was messing around with my panels, and gnome-panels crashed, now when trying to restart it i get the following error: http://pastie.org/private/qcxo9r8ebvzec31aad0wfg18:15
log_inI have tried to restore my pannels but that dosn't seem to fix it18:15
kraz3dWhat is the KDE alternative for screenlets?18:16
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong?18:16
=== max is now known as Visionaire
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.18:16
DOjha00Hey ,I need help on  jdk how to set environment path?? I have google it and done in that way but still i can not run my java programs....18:17
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic18:17
quentusrexzykotick9, I'm looking to find info on which desktop enviroments are supported on 12.0418:17
zykotick9quentusrex: that would be an #ubuntu+1 question (but i don't think there is any change from current, it's whatever is available in the repo)18:18
theadminquentusrex: Gnome3, XFCE, LXDE and KDE are the officially supported ones for all more-or-less current Ubuntu releases, including Precise18:18
EvilResistancequentusrex, "desktop environments" as in the different flavors of ubuntu?  Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu.  XFCE, LXDE (maybe something else), KDE, GNOME18:18
quentusrexI'm preparing to upgrade a large fleet of desktop workstations, and after upgrading a few to 11.10 I was very disappointed with the removal of gnome2 in exchange for unity when the upgrade NEVER prompted to remain on gnome2.18:18
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity18:18
EvilResistance!notunity | quentusrex18:18
ubottuquentusrex: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic18:18
zykotick9theadmin: are you sure KDE is still official in 12.04?18:18
EvilResistancezykotick9, it is18:18
ikoniazykotick9: kde has not been dropped18:18
Nach0zhow bout LXDE and just forgo the ram-hog unity/gnome?18:18
EvilResistancezykotick9, it may not be finanically backed, but it is still official18:18
theadminzykotick9: Why wouldn't it be?18:19
ikoniazykotick9: canonical are just not funding it18:19
quentusrexEvilResistance, yeah, I ran through that already. There are large bugs that have yet to be fixed when you deal with 2x2 monitor arrays.18:19
log_inI was messing around with my panels, and gnome-panels crashed, now when trying to restart it i get the following error: http://pastie.org/private/qcxo9r8ebvzec31aad0wfg18:19
recon69_lapquentusrex: you're in for a lot of fun over the coming weeks18:19
zykotick9ikonia: that makes more sense - i'd assumed it was loosing it's "official" status, guess it's just "official support" it's loosing.18:19
log_inhow do i fix it? I am really stuck and can't do much other than use the termanal to start programs18:19
quentusrexrecon69_lap, why's that?18:19
=== skip is now known as skipdb
ikoniazykotick9: no, official support (technical) is still there, the only thing that is changing is canonical are not giving money to the projects development within the ubuntu OS18:20
recon69_lapquentusrex: well, a large group of users probably not going to be too happy with the major changes to their desktop environment18:20
zykotick9ikonia: thanks18:21
quentusrexrecon69_lap, that's why I'm trying to get out ahead of the upgrade and start evaluating the different options. I'd rather not mass update our systems and run into unexpected major changes.18:21
cypher-neolog_in, Have you tried resetting the gnome_panels back to their original positions?18:22
quentusrexrecon69_lap, we have no problems with major changes. But we have to be able to evaluate them and prepare our desktop support crew to field the new calls.18:22
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong? applying the update was supposed to be the fix18:22
bc81log_in: can you try killall gnome-panel18:22
cypher-neolog_in, If you were editing the config files, you can use the Terminal editor to unchange your changes.18:23
bc81to be sure it's dead18:23
recon69_lapquentusrex: options are not great as far as i can see, gnome3 or unity as far as i know18:23
log_ini wasn't using the config editor18:23
log_inall i did was move the botom panel to the right, when it crashed18:23
Mech0zbrimlar I cant connect to that when on the loginscreen, is there some way to enable that?18:23
log_inif i restart they show up, but just for a second and then it crashes again18:23
log_inI have tried to reset the settings but it dosn't seem to work18:24
=== max is now known as Visionaire
mark__Hi guys any idea why when I set wall paper in pinguy  it keeps changing itself back to a plain desktop after  a few minutes,18:25
log_inwhat is the correct way to restore the gnome-pannels settings? I tried to delete all the gnome folders in my home directory, but it didn't appear to reset them18:26
theadminmark__: Unsupported here, go to #pinguyos please18:26
theadminlog_in: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel18:26
cypher-neoI am having a weird issue in GNOME Shell. I logged in and a unity menu appeared at the top of the screen and won't go away. Here's a screenshot: http://sta.sh/024e8dzgdr3u You can see the menubar at the top of the screen, underneath my GNOME Shell menu.18:26
log_inyes theadmin, i have also tried that one18:26
log_inand also tried using a script that is ment to restore the settings18:27
mikelissIs it OK to enable the TRIM command on an SSD *after* the disk has been mounted and used for a while?18:28
log_inmikeliss: as far as I know, yes, it is safe18:28
mikelisslog_in: and it works?18:29
plustaxim trying to edit my /etc/apt/sources.list  by typing gedit before it in terminal but it says read only18:29
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong? applying the update was supposed to be the fix18:29
log_innone of them did18:29
cypher-neoI am having a weird issue in GNOME Shell. I logged in and a unity menu appeared at the top of the screen and won't go away. Here's a screenshot: http://sta.sh/024e8dzgdr3u You can see the menubar at the top of the screen, underneath my GNOME Shell menu. Any ideas on how to remove that errant bar?18:29
bc81plustax: you must have root privileges to edit the file: gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list18:30
plustaxbc81, thank you18:31
plustaxI did sudo and it worked fine18:31
log_inhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/33471/gnome-panels-not-visible is what i tried to do18:31
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)18:31
bc81plustax, see above18:31
=== NeoSneak is now known as MrCrispy
brimlarMech0z: if you mean you can't remote into the Ubuntu computer while it's sitting at a login screen, this is true...for this, the target Ubuntu box has to be logged in to the desktop18:32
log_injust got help in #gnome, it was "gsettings reset-recursively org.gnome.gnome-panel"18:32
Mech0zbrimlar so I need to use some other software then?18:32
theadminbc81: It's generally more convenient to use "!factoid | nickname" rather than firing the factoid and saying "See above" to someone18:32
theadminlog_in: Ah, might be the case with gnome3 heh18:32
plustaxbc81, ah I see!18:33
recon69_laptrying to fix the sound-juicer bug in 10.04 with multi cd titles, added the repository ppa;phw/musicbrainz to the repos and updated, now got 2.28.1-3 installed but the bug is still there, any one know whats wrong?18:37
=== graft_ is now known as graft
theadminrecon69_lap: I suppose the bug wasn't fixed in the ppa? Why do you think that newer versions = all bugs fixed?... Contact the PPA mantainer (or report a bug to Ubuntu's team, in case the package is present in the official repos as well)18:38
brimlarMech0z: you could set the user on the targetted Ubuntu machine to automatically log in, if you accept the security risk http://www.lucidtips.com/2008/06/29/enable-remote-desktop-and-auto-login-on-ubuntu/18:38
recon69_laptheadmin, the update was specifically created to fix the bug18:39
brimlarMech0z: otherwise it's 1) use XDMCP, or 2) try some third party software like TeamViewer (others may know more options)18:39
theadminrecon69_lap: Ah. Could you make sure the repo gets used, i.e. listed when you run "apt-get update"?18:39
Mech0zbrimlar the autologin sounds fine, but is the security risk great if I have a proper password?18:39
zykotick9recon69_lap: at the bottom of "apt-cache policy sound-juicer" it should like the repository it's installed from18:40
opalepatrickubuntu 11.10 - new usb external hard drive - mounted fine when I plugged it in, but not on boot. I thought they were supposed to auto mount?18:40
adminewbubuntu lucid 10.04.4 was published recently; Q: why is its desktop edition not provided with jigdo files, where alternate and server editions are?18:41
brimlarMech0z: the target Ubuntu machine will be always logged in...you could set the screensaver to lock after a period of time as a small measure18:42
recon69_laptheadmin:  says 500 http://ie.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid/universe Packages , seems it might still be using the old one, the about dialog also only shows 2.28.1 and not the full version and there is no cmd line -v option18:42
Mech0zbrimlar so the security is localhost only, then its no problem18:43
brimlarMech0z: yes, the big worry is someone physically at the computer.  setting a password for the remote access would be advisable of course18:44
fidelhi - i'm searching some kind of beat-slicing software (like not audacity). The only app i found so far is called 'freecycle' but it seems to not be available in 11.10. any alternative app you can recommend for that area?18:44
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Mech0zbrimlar the computer is on a shelf without keyboard or mouse or screen and I dont think anymore in my building cares about it :P18:44
theadminfidel: "beat-slicing"?18:45
recon69_laptheadmin http://pastebin.com/fn6DrYrp , seems to be the wrong version allright18:45
fidelaudio-file slicing theadmin18:45
brimlarMech0z: understood ;)18:45
adminewblucid LTS release someone?18:46
zykotick9recon69_lap: "Installed: (none)" how did you install sound-juicer exactly?18:46
theadminrecon69_lap: Well... If the version numbers in the PPA and in the official repo are the same, the one from the official repo will get pulled, so huh18:46
fideltheadmin: something like that: http://freecycle.redsteamrecords.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/02/main.png ;)18:47
bc81fidel: the best i can recommend is to build that app from source..(i personally use FLStudio's slicex in wine, runs ok for my needs)18:48
cfhowlettadminewb   what about LTS18:48
adminewbubuntu lucid 10.04.4 LTS was published recently; Q: why is not its desktop edition provided with jigdo files, where alternate and server editions are?18:48
fidelbc81: i was hopeing there is a way around compiling that old project but yeah ...seems like time to test it18:48
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recon69_laptheadmin: but they not the same as far as i can see https://launchpad.net/~phw/+archive/musicbrainz , synaptic reports 2.28.1-3 as well18:49
WasserDragoonhi there i'm having problems with the update manager http://pastebin.com/X2cMmNbJ18:50
adminewbcfhowlett, I couldn't google any announcement where they might have made sense of the like18:50
nathanel_hello: i am having an issu on ubuntu 11.10 for arm pandaboard. when i do the install after expansion the system should normally load into the desktop. it loops ubiquity back to the install to start over again WTF!?18:50
nathanel_i cannot find anything on this online18:51
OerHeksadminewb, there are jigdofiles >> http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/18:51
cfhowlettadminewb   sorry, I don't know either18:51
theadminrecon69_lap: I'm not exactly sure, but is the app you're trying to use GUI? Might want to check the version in the "about" window if any...18:51
cfhowlettadminewb   see the link from oerheks...18:51
mikelissIs there any way to determine whether not having TRIM turned on is the reason a drive is slow?18:52
zykotick9theadmin: in recon69_lap's pastebin it reported sound-juicer as "Installed: (none)", i think there is either details missing, or misunderstanding going on.18:52
ellipsis_random question, but could someone recommend me their favourite open source fps? Preferably one with really good graphics (new computer I'd like to try). I sometimes play urban terror and it's really cool, so I thought I'd try another?18:52
OerHeksWasserDragoon, try changing the mirror ?18:52
daftykinsmikeliss: you would have had to have written the full capacity of the SSD to it to start recycling bad blocks and thus have bad performance18:52
recon69_laptheadmin: opps, on the wrong computer lol , sorry18:52
theadminrecon69_lap: Um, huh?18:53
adminewbOerHeks: I was using releases.ubuntu.com/10.04.4, but it appears to be the same ftp folder; look closer, you'll notice there are no jidgo's or templates for desktop18:53
bc81ellipsis_: tremulous is my favorite fps (though i think there is a channel dedicated to games or off-topic discussion..you might get a better answer there)18:54
recon69_laptheadmin: the computer i use for ripping cd's is my multi media one, connected to my tv, currently i'm watching the big bang theory which just finish. one min and i'll check18:54
mikelissdaftykins: that's probably likely.18:54
OerHeksadminewb, ?? http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.4-alternate-i386.jigdo18:54
adminewbOerHeks yes, alternate and server have them, as I pointed out18:54
mikelissdaftykins: of course, I don't think I've ever filled it completely all at once. But having it be near full, then emptied would have the same problem, right?18:55
daftykinsmikeliss: are you not running a new enough kernel for TRIM to be on?18:55
Mech0zI have a ZFS partition on a raid card, but writing sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb dont show it18:55
OY1Rdid something fundamental happen to ubuntu after version 9.04  i get some message about cmov when trying to install 10.1018:55
OerHeksuh oh, you are right, adminewb18:55
daftykinsMech0z: what about just "sudo fdisk -l" ?18:56
OY1Rkernel support cmove or something like that18:56
adminewbOerHeks, so someone turning the publishing crank overlooked something then...18:56
Mech0zdaftykins 2sec, rebooting, but can it be a driver issue (it works fine under opensolaris which is unix though)18:56
IznougoudEvening all. I'm about to install some sort of antivirus on Ubuntu server, and as far as I understand there are three of four flavours to choose from. I'd like some input as to what to go with..18:56
mikelissdaftykins: Nope. It's a server.18:58
zykotick9Iznougoud: is this a mail server?  Why are you installing antivirus (on an OS that doesn't have a virus problem)?  For details "/msg ubottu virus"18:58
adminewbit's only been a couple days since the build came out, maybe they'll fix it if the proper person can be notified18:58
OerHeksadminewb, can't find the readon either :(18:58
patrunjelIf i have, for example, a text file ~/whatever/text1 and I want to move it to ~/example/ , but I also want to change it's name to, text2, for example, on the same command, how can I do it? (i went through cp's and mv's --help, but I only found the -b option for mv, but it didn't make the backup, it just moved it)18:58
adminewboh noes!18:58
Nach0zIznougoud: if by "flavors" you mean the window manager, I'd suggest installing the normal Ubuntu w/ Unity first, and then install the window manager of your preference afterwards18:58
XanthippusHow do i customize the Empathy emoticons?18:58
zykotick9patrunjel: "mv ~/whatever/text1 ~/example/NEWNAME"18:58
recon69_laptheadmin: pastebin.com/9U4WYtpd18:58
IznougoudIt will be a mail server eventually. But for now it's among other things sporting an FTP, which handles media files and Windows apps.18:58
klyncpatrunjel: mv ~/whatever/text1 /otherdir/newname18:59
patrunjeli want to copy it * I'm sorry. I want to leave the text1 file, and copy it somewhere, but instantly changing the destination file's name18:59
adminewbOerHeks any idea how to reach someone who could do something?18:59
patrunjelgoing with my example, text1 would still be there18:59
theadminrecon69_lap: y u no post urls as urls :/18:59
ElladanSo what are people actually using for a window manager setup these days?  I tried Gnome 3, which was fantastically better than that horrible Unity thing, but using a pre-alpha graphics demo as a GUI didn't really suit me.18:59
IznougoudBy flavors I mean ClamAV, Avast and so on..18:59
ElladanIs KDE4 any good?  I'm using XFCE right now, but it's kind of annoying.18:59
Xanthippuspatrunjel: Couldn't you just cp your file in the same place, then mv the copy to wherever you want?18:59
recon69_laptheadmin: cause i got two computers and i typing from one to the other19:00
XanthippusElladan: ikr I wanna feedback on KDE.19:00
bc81fidel: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/freecycle  also, you may have already seen smasher: http://smasher.sourceforge.net/19:00
cortmanElladan, pre-alpha? Gnome 3.2's been out for a whil enow19:00
recon69_laptheadmin: i try hard next time :-D19:00
theadminrecon69_lap: Anyway, um, it seems the PPA version is installed... Therefore, I think the only thing you could do is contact the PPA mantainer and ask whether (s)he's uploaded the right package lol19:00
SmartTowelI have Ubunut 11.10.  On the Sony Viao, the suspend doesn't wo