Len-1204ailo: do you happen to know what order the install process looks at the packages?00:02
ailoLen-1204: No idea. I really don't have much of a clue about the whole install process as a whole00:03
Len-1204It is kind of a black box.00:03
ailoLen-1204: I'm sure Debian has documentation on it, and then there's additional Ubuntu way of doing things00:04
Len-1204I have figured out how to get jackd rt, but it needs to run after jackd's config.00:04
ailoLen-1204: As a part of the package itself, or something else?00:04
Len-1204I don't want to touch jackd, but we could do it as part of our settings package.00:05
Len-1204we would save the true value where the jackd package expects to find it.00:05
ailoI'm wondering if there is a force yes parameter that can be used for installing jackd00:06
ailoAgain, no idea about how it works. Suspecting that there is a file which is read and applied00:07
Len-1204I haven't seen any way of giving parameters except what they use.00:07
Len-1204There is a command to set instead of use the input. But we need to do that after jackd's config has tried to get an answer.00:08
Len-1204Otherwise jackd might over write it.00:08
Len-1204They use the db-config package.00:09
Len-1204It is built for these kinds of things.00:09
Len-1204ailo: if the packages are opened in the order the files are in the directory, it should be fine.00:12
Len-1204but if it uses the order of the seeds, then not.00:13
ailoLen-1204: Whatever way works. It's only for the DVD install procedure after all00:13
Len-1204we could always put a audio-settings package in too.00:14
micahgholstein: I really didn't do much for it00:36
ScottLlen-nb, we can get the -rt setting to work02:28
ScottLfor jack02:28
ScottLlen-nb, cjwatson has said that preseeding should be able to answer this question correctly02:28
ScottLbut it looked like ubiquity was ordering the preseeding after the installation :P02:29
ScottLwe filed a bug on it i believe02:29
ScottLafter we get a few things done with lightdm and such and our image boots and installs like it should (more or less)02:29
len-nbHe may know more about db_config than I do.02:30
ScottLi was going to poke cjwatson about this (ubiquity and the preseeding) again02:30
ScottLlen-nb, heh, cjwatson know many a thing, arcane and otherwise ;)02:30
ScottLbut seriously he felt very confident it should work and will work, we just probably just need to poke him again later on02:31
ScottLi hope to push the lightdm fixes this week so we can get the install from hanging and fix a few other issues02:31
len-nbI tried reading the docs on it... and what jack does and that was what I figured02:31
aboganiTheMuso: Your changes:10:49
abogani1) Add a huge burden on maintenance without any pro (symlinks are made to make maintance at zero cost)10:49
abogani2) they requires to upload (aka dput-ing) the complete source code (i.e. ~500 MB  vs ~2 MB)10:50
abogani3) It seems that you don't want place that package in Universe (Field "Section" in control file)10:50
abogani4) It seems that you don't make d-i modules for this package ("disable_d_i = true" in rules.d/*.mk).10:50
micahgabogani: adding universe to section is unnecessary, that's set at the archive level10:51
aboganiBut should it be better if it would be explicit? 10:56
aboganicontributor could know nothing about archive level...10:57
micahgit shouldn't matter for contributors what component something is in11:15
aboganiIf it is really matters Section field simply doesn't exist.11:30
aboganis/matters/doesn't matter11:31
scott-workmicahg: i hope to have some fixes uploaded this evening to fix a few bugs, will you be able to help me upload them?15:53
micahgscott-work: over the weekend, sure19:39
scott-workmicahg: thank you20:22
scott-worki have a question though20:22
scott-workwell, two qustions, at least20:22
scott-workare we going to need a FFe for the lowlatency kernel?20:22
scott-workdebian has supposedly made a change to mudita24 to add the .desktop file (i have not verified this), will we need a FFe or a sync request for this?20:23
micahgno, low latency kernel is uploaded20:49
micahgno, a .desktop file isn't a feature20:49
micahgjst requestsync should be fine20:49
scott-workjust so the channel knows, i'm hoping to fix the lightdm issue this weekend and perhaps the "ubiquity hangs" bug as well22:40
scott-worki'm guessing the lightdm issue is affecting ubiquity as well, because i realized i had done a few things incorrectly when i parsed the xubuntu packages into ours22:41
scott-workbut then i would really like to focus on getting RT permissions to work, both in the live environment and installed22:41
scott-workand get the pulseaudio<->jack bridge working22:41
scott-workafter those two would be the ubiquity plugin that astraljava was working on22:42
scott-work 22:42
scott-workthis weekend i hope to accomplish getting the lightdm/default-settings packages updated (need to test build/install), file the LTS application, and file a syncrequest for gettin the mudita24.desktop file issue resolved22:43
astraljavascott-work: Yeah, sorry I haven't had time for that, but I should from Tuesday onwards.22:48
scott-workastraljava: no problems, i'll get it probably tomorrow :)22:54
scott-workheading home22:54

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