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blawizi do 'PATH="$PATH:/BACKUP/bin";export PATH' and gmrun still does not recognize scripts in my script-folder. after google'ing it i think it might be a xfce(xubuntu) problem02:33
blawizanyone else having path-problems with gmrun?02:33
linuxjonesis there a way to log into remote desktop and then use the monitor mirror the remote desktop session?03:42
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holsteinlinuxjones: are you asking about a dual monitor hack?04:13
linuxjonesholstein, yeah04:18
linuxjoneskinda, i guess04:18
holsteinlinuxjones: ill try and find the youtube vid i referenced.. its kinda hacky though... i gave up on it04:25
linuxjonesholstein, nice, thanks, what were you trying to do it for if you dont mind me aking04:27
linuxjonesi want like x11 forwarding, but backwards, vlc blah.avi in ssh, and it plays it on the remote desktop04:41
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TheSheep!hi | stephane5608:28
ubottustephane56: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!08:28
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Guest32864Qualche italiano è presente per aiutarmi ?08:48
well_laid_lawn!it | Guest3286408:49
ubottuGuest32864: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:49
Guest32864Anche per assistenza Xubunut ?08:49
well_laid_lawnyep ubuntu & xubuntu08:50
Guest32864Thanks !08:50
mang0Hey all, I'm having real trouble with pulseaudio. It was working fine a couple of days ago, and now it's suddenly not working. In the xfce volume control icon, instead of seeing my soundcard and stuff listed, it just says "Playback: Dummy Output (PulseAudio Mixer)" and the other option is "Capture: Monitor of Dummy Output (PulseAudio Mixer). This is really weird, I've not seen these before. What can I do? I wnt sound back ;__; I posted this yesterday, b08:53
mang0ut had to go to bed before I could get an answer to fix it...08:53
well_laid_lawnmang0: did the sound stop after an upgrade?08:59
Kingsyguys, I was setting up a vnc server yesterday and in the xstartup I just put initxfce4  <--- I THINK something like that.. when I opened the vnc server it loaded xfce fine but it wasnt the normal instance.. it looked like default or something.. how do you get it to start the xubuntu interface?09:08
mang0well_laid_lawn: Well, I recently switched from gnome/unity over to xfce completely, and removed gnome. The sound has only been having problems after that. But, it was working yesterady...09:08
well_laid_lawn!info pavucontrol09:44
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.1-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 136 kB, installed size 1024 kB09:44
Kingsyno-one around today ?10:09
FeyeIs there a way in Xubuntu to get rid of a login manager and boot directly into the X environment omitting a password ? By changing a runlevel, or something like that ?10:20
FeyeI found it possible in a rergular Ubuntu using their Gnome Administration utility, but there is no such thing in xfce. Thank you.10:22
TheSheepFeye: you can set the login manager to autologin10:24
TheSheep!lightdm | Feye10:25
KingsyTheSheep: any ideas about my issue?10:25
Kingsybeen googling for a while now with no avail10:25
TheSheepKingsy: I don't use vnc, but I suppose you could just login to that account locally, choosing the xubuntu session as default10:26
TheSheepKingsy: after that it should use it by default everywhere10:26
Kingsyyeah, well the problem isnt local really, I choose xubuntu session when I log in, but if I use vnc before I log in, then it starts my user with the standard xfce session.. and does so until I log the user out and log back in, it would be nice to just start the xubuntu session from xstartup10:27
KingsyTheSheep: I don't really know who/where to ask.. even google doesnt seem to know10:28
FeyeThank you.10:28
Kingsywell if anyone gets a second and has an idea about my problem give me a shout.. thanks10:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:56
Kingsybaizon: I did ummm 1 sec I will repeat11:37
baizoni didnt receive anything11:37
Kingsyguys, I was setting up a vnc server yesterday and in the xstartup I just put initxfce4  <--- I THINK something like that.. when I opened the vnc server it loaded xfce fine but it wasnt the normal instance.. it looked like default or something.. how do you get it to start the xubuntu interface?11:37
Kingsycorrection tho.. its not initxfce4   its    startxfce4 \11:38
Kingsybut still I don't know how to start a xubuntu interface11:38
Kingsybaizon: any thoughts?11:41
Kingsygoogle doesnt even know :P11:41
baizonKingsy: try "xinit xfce4-session"11:43
Kingsy1 sec11:46
Kingsybaizon: naa that doesnt load the desktop.. you a grey window11:47
Kingsyand also a xterm because that is in my xstartup too11:47
Kingsyhehe the cursor is also a bit black CROSS11:48
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Kingsywell.. any other ideas from anyone is welcome.. cos I am still stuck on this12:15
Kingsybaizon: any other thoughts on that?13:07
baizonKingsy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers13:13
baizontryd that?13:13
Kingsybaizon: I don't see anywhere on there that mentions how to do it...14:16
ThePendulumHow does one format an usb drive in xfce/xubuntu?16:03
TheSheepThePendulum: with the startup disk creator16:03
TheSheepThePendulum: in system menu16:03
ThePendulumOh hey16:04
ThePendulumCan I also use it to throw an openSUSE installation on it?16:04
TheSheepany iso16:04
ThePendulumThe ISO doens't show up when I select it16:05
ThePendulumI'll just go with the regular method then, thanks for at least showing me a way to format that drive :)16:06
TheSheepthere should be an 'other' button or something like that16:06
ThePendulumYeah, I clicked that one and selected the openSUSE Gnome installation, but after I select it, it won't show up in the Startup Disc Creator list16:06
TheSheepI see16:09
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linuxjonesis there a way to run vlc on a remote machine16:16
Unit193In what way?16:16
ThePendulumlinuxjones: The media player?16:17
Unit193A few ways, depends on what you want to do.16:19
ThePendulumWhat prevents you from running it?16:20
linuxjonesnothing, i have another xubuntu install on a pc thats connected to my tv, and i would like to be able to play movies on it either with ssh or some net command16:21
Unit193linuxjones: Alright, you can either use nvlc (better option for remote control), or DISPLAY=:0 vlc16:23
Unit193Both you can put the filename after.16:23
Adriannomhi.  i've installed compiz but even though i've updated /etc/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml to use compiz it just doesn't.  any ideas where i can go from here?16:30
Adriannomi'm on 11.1016:31
Unit193compiz --replace is generally the way to do it.16:34
AdriannomUnit193, that would load the wm, then replace the wm.  i want to load the correct wm initially.  anyway, when i try compiz --replace with xfce4 selected as the window manager it says that the window manager is already loaded and crashes16:36
Unit193After you would have done that, you'd have checked "Save Session" when logging out.16:37
Unit193But otherwise, dunno as I've never used it.16:39
Adriannomsave session would load compiz --replace on login right?16:40
Adriannomif so compiz --replace isn't working for me :(16:40
Adriannomit did before i changed the window decorator in compiz settings to xfce416:41
Adriannombut now it complains that the wm is already loaded16:41
Adriannomno help on here, #ubuntu, #xfce or #compiz.  any other channels i could try?17:12
Marzatacompiz? what for?17:14
Adriannomwhy did i join the channel or why am i trying to use compiz?17:15
Adriannomprimarily i need the zoom feature.  the other stuff would be nice too, but not entirely necessary i guess17:16
Marzataah so17:16
Adriannomah so indeed17:18
mongyI use it without problems.  I added compiz --replace ccp to startup applications,17:48
Adriannommongy, which window decorator?  emerald?17:55
leo-unglaubhi, is ther a netinstall iso of xubuntu?18:44
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate18:44
leo-unglaubmy normal usb drive ist broken and i only have a 512mb stick to reinstall my pc18:44
Sysiyou can make minimal installation and then install xubuntu-desktop18:45
Sysi(if there isn't ready image)18:45
leo-unglaubSysi: you mean th default ubuntu netinstall wothout unity and then installing xubuntu-desktop?18:46
Sysiyeah, minimal ubuntu (not server)18:47
Sysiyou maybe can select xubuntu desktop already when installing18:47
leo-unglaubSysi: thats a great idea18:48
leo-unglaubthanks !!!18:48
leo-unglaubSysi: it works perfect, thanks for the tip. now, after 1 year of **** unity i am the first time happy again with my desktop19:04
SysiI've been happy with xfce for years :p19:05
leo-unglaubin good old gnome2 times ther was no need for me to look around...but i have to say...xfce looks really great19:06
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xubuntu705i am installing now, but i installed before and when i did an upade the mouse froze and the keyboard stopped working is this a common problem that will prevent use19:23
xubuntu705of xubuntu for nothing but hobby systems19:23
xubuntu705what are the best light ubuntus, ubuntu and kubuntu suck for me becasue they are too confusing19:27
Marzataxubuntu705: what are your spec?19:29
Dani_TMwhat's new in xubuntu 12.04 lts?19:29
xubuntu705Marzata: I put it on 2 system this one is sandy bridge 2500K.   I like speed.  ubuntu confuses the heck out of me.  I never tried kubuntu on this but found out linus19:32
xubuntu705uses xfce.19:32
xubuntu705does xfce have widgets or gadgets where use can see weather?19:33
Marzataxubuntu705: xubuntu works very well on all machines I have installed.19:33
xubuntu705My main beef is I don't want any problems, i don't want to do an update and have the thing freeze onme19:34
Marzataxubuntu705: it has a weather gadget, yes19:34
xubuntu705is it included on the live version, the weather gadget, I don't see it?19:36
xubuntu705nm i see the panel19:41
Marzataxubuntu705: install xfce4-googies19:43
Marzataxfce4-goodies, I meant19:43
xubuntu705i will when hd install is complete.19:44
xubuntu705do goodies put gadgets on your desktop?19:46
xubuntu705nm i can just link to webpage and get better info19:51
xubuntu705less is more19:54
Marzataalso screenlets for the desktop?20:01
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leo-unglaub1hi, is there a way to have tabs in thunar?21:30
leo-unglaub1okay :) i guess i am not the first one asking this *g*21:31
mongyI don't see why they are against the 'option' of it.21:33
leo-unglaub1TheSheep: i see, thanks!21:34
mongydoes pcmanfm do tabs? I think I remember it does21:34
leo-unglaub1mongy: in the forum it sounds there is a long discussion about it, so i don't want to troll around there. i accept the developers desicion and simply clone the git repos and patch it in my self21:36
leo-unglaub1thanks for the quick answers21:36
TheSheepleo-unglaub1: or you could use a different file manager, like pc-man21:37
leo-unglaub1TheSheep: i am starting to really like the thunar renaming tools, it's faster than pyRename21:38
knomeleo-unglaub1, basically tabs would clutter the interface :)21:39
mongyonly if you switched it on21:39
knomeif it needed on/off switch, that would clutter the configuration options mroe21:40
mongythat's what I'm saying, why not just give the option.  not that I use them/care21:40
leo-unglaub1i am with mongy with this. if i don't open a new tab, i don't have the interface problem21:40
mongymm  ok21:40
leo-unglaub1and with tabs i thing putting them below the top seperator would work21:41
mongyI guess if it's that big a deal for someone they can use another fm21:41
knomewell, i do disagree/stand with the xfce devs21:41
TheSheepmore importantly, tabs would change how you use thunar21:41
TheSheepand thunar was designed to be used in specific way21:41
TheSheepwhich is quite efficinet, by the way, once you get used to it21:41
TheSheepand as leo-unglaub1 noted, this is not a topic for this channel21:42
Sysiyeah, great to have own way, if you want different you can use one of many other FMs21:42
knomeyup. welcome to #xubuntu-offtopic  :)21:42
leo-unglaub1please don't get me wrong...i am new to xfce, i am just trying a little bit :)21:42
leo-unglaub1i respect dev desicions :)21:43
ThePendulumHow can I utilize my dual screen setup in Xubuntu?22:13
ThePendulumI tried grandr, but it returns "User set screen size larger than max screen size".22:13
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ThePendulumDoes anyone know why I, all the sudden, have both my monitors displayed twice in the Settings Editor?23:36
ThePendulumBoth as DFP3/DFP4 and DVI-0/DVI-123:37
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