jonohey all01:41
jonocan bzr retain the permissions for files added to a branch?01:42
jononamely, I want to ensure my +x remain executable01:42
jelmerhi jono01:44
jelmerjono: only the executable bit is tracked01:44
jonojelmer, do I need to do anything for the +x to be retained?01:45
jelmerjono: nope, it should work out of the box - as soon as you change the executability (is that a word?) of a file bzr should pick it up as a change01:46
jonojelmer, cool, thanks!01:46
jonothanks so much jelmer :-)01:47
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damdhi.  can i safely remove ~/bazaar from my system?  i'm using windows.08:25
damdi'm trying to fix the connectivity problems i described a few days ago.08:26
damdi'm using 2.4.2 now.08:26
damdwell, that didn't help...08:38
wgzdamd: yes, though you'll lose some settings, and it's unlikely to help09:07
damdi can't figure out why this doesn't work09:35
damdi tried disabling anything resembling a firewall, but still the same problem09:35
damdi wonder if i can successfully branch anything else09:35
damdinteresting; that works09:36
damdbzr branch lp:nxhtml09:36
damdthat works, but bzr branch bzr+ssh://damd@savannah-blah-blah/emacs/trunk doesn't09:36
damdthis doesn't work either: bzr branch bzr://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/emacs/trunk09:39
damddoes anyone have some other non-lp repo that i can try to branch?09:40
fullermdWhat problem do you have going from savannah?09:44
damdbzr: ERROR: Connection error: failed to connect to bzr.savannah.gnu.org:4155: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions09:45
damdwhen i use bzr+ssh, i get this:09:45
damdbzr: ERROR: Unable to connect to SSH host bzr.savannah.gnu.org; Unable to connect to bzr.savannah.gnu.org: [Errno 10013] An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions09:45
fullermdThat sounds like a local firewall (local meaning on-system, not on-network; sounds inside the local IP stack).09:46
damdi'll try disabling windows firewall again09:47
damdsame problems09:48
fullermdCould also experiment with pulling bzr out of the loop; try just telnet'ing to the host/port.09:48
damdi don't think windows 7 even has telnet anymore, i'll see09:49
damdMicrosoft Telnet> open savannah.gnu.org 2209:50
damdConnecting To savannah.gnu.org...Could not open connection to the host, on port 22: Connect failed09:50
damdisn't 22 the right port?09:50
fullermdMmm.  I'm probably not much good to you; I don't know Windows.  But with that sort of error, I'd bet heavily it's something in the local system denying the connections from being setup.09:50
fullermdFor ssh, yeah.  Think you want bzr.savannah.gnu.org though.09:51
damdboth port 22 and 23 failed on both savannah and bzr.savannah09:51
damd"Connect failed"09:51
fullermdRight away, or after a few seconds?09:51
damdright away09:52
fullermdI just get a blackhole trying for savannah (as if it's dropping the packets), and I get the ssh daemon right away on bzr.savannah.09:52
fullermdThe bare "connect failed" could be a in-stack block, or a firewall somewhere on the network between you and savannah.09:54
fullermdBut the "attmped to access socket in a way forbidden" just screams in-stack.09:54
damdi'm not very familiar with networking in general and certainly not the TCP/IP stack09:55
fullermdUnfortunately (well, for you ;) I haven't really worked with windows since '96, so I'm not sure where to look for that sort of ACL.09:55
damdi signed up for the bzr mailing list but i have yet to receive a confirmation e-mail09:56
fullermdI'd poke around "near" the firewall stuff to see if anything else looks like it may block network stuff per-program.09:56
damdi figured completely disabling everything "firewall" in windows should do the trick... :(09:57
fullermdThat would be my first guess, yah.  But something's still off, so...09:58
damdmy internet router has something called "firewall protection" as well, but even disabling that doesn't help09:58
fullermdIt's conceivable that someone at bzr.savannah doesn't like you, and blocked you at that end.  But I'd expect you to still get a blackhole going to the [bare] savannah ssh, like I do.  So my guess is definitely close to you.09:59
spivI agree with fullermd09:59
fullermdWhat if you try to telnet to LP?09:59
fullermdbazaar.launchpad.net port 2209:59
fullermdThat works for you with bzr, right?  See what happens with telnet.09:59
fullermd(not that I really know how to interpret whatever result happens, but maybe we'll get lucky)10:00
damdwhen i telnet there i get some gibberish that i can't really interpret10:00
damdit starts with SSH-2.0-Twisted10:00
* fullermd nods.10:00
spivOk, so that's the expected result: you're connected to the SSH server.10:00
fullermdThat would be right.10:00
spivThat is the sort of thing that should happen when you connect to other bzr+ssh servers10:01
fullermdHow about bzr.sourceforge.net 22?  That gives me an OpenSSH 5.3 banner.10:02
damdyep, same there10:02
damdi.e., i get the banner as well10:02
fullermdSo it seems like just savannah.  Weird.10:02
fullermdLesse if we can dig up a bzr-using project on SF, so you can try hitting that from bzr.10:02
damdi was just confirmed for the bazaar mailing list btw10:03
* fullermd hasn't converted his project there yet...10:03
fullermdHow about `bzr info bzr://bugzilla-de.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/bugzilla-de` ?10:04
damdwith that i successfully retrieve the info10:04
fullermdMmph.  So it doesn't seem to be extra-strict on bzr vs telnet on a per-app basis.10:05
fullermdSo apparently it's just $SOMETHING not letting anything on your system talk to Savannah.  That's...   bizarre.10:05
fullermdApache is running on bzr.savannah.gnu.org.  Can you pull that up in a browser (or via telnet to 80)?10:06
damdyes, that works10:06
* fullermd blinks.10:06
fullermdIt's apparently running ssh on the https port.  What if you telnet to 443?10:07
damdOpenSSH banner10:07
fullermdEven better.  So it's letting you get to bzr.savannah on web ports, but not on ssh or bzr.10:08
fullermdWhatever "it" is.  I'm short on ideas...10:09
fullermdTry hitting bzr.savannah on 22 again.10:09
damdinstananeously: Connecting To bzr.savannah.gnu.org...Could not open connection to the host, on port 22: Connect failed10:10
fullermdWacky wacky.10:10
fullermdWell, if it were me, my next step would probably be to try a packet dump to see if the packets are actually hitting the wire (and I'm getting a RST or ICMP unreachable or something else back from somewhere along the way to savannah), or it's never showing up on the wire and it's something in the local stack just refusing to try.10:12
damdthese are the last parts of the traceback in the bzr log:10:12
damd  File "bzrlib\transport\ssh.pyo", line 332, in connect_ssh10:12
damd  File "bzrlib\transport\ssh.pyo", line 287, in _connect10:12
damd  File "bzrlib\transport\ssh.pyo", line 257, in _raise_connection_error10:12
damdreturn code 310:12
fullermdYeah, that's probably just telling us the same thing as the telnet; not getting the socket connected.10:12
damdi've asked the emacs-devel mailing list now and hopefully they can shed some light10:31
damdapparently i can use this as an alternative to the standard host: bzr+ssh://damd@bzr.sv.gnu.org:443/emacs/trunk10:44
fullermdYeah, that's the ssh server listening on the https port.10:50
fullermdDoesn't solve your problem (which should be solved; it's too weird to let wander around unsupervised), but it does get you to the code.10:50
damdi'm really clueless as to what i'm supposed to do though10:58
damdi switch ISP in about two weeks, maybe that will solve it for me...10:58
fullermdPossible, I guess.10:59
LarstiQ_damd: weird stuff12:10
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jelmer'morning all13:40
LarstiQhey jelmer13:49
frgomeshello guys. I'm a newbie user of bazaar. I will be migrating my repositories to bzr as far as time permits. Where I work they hava a huuuge svn repository and I've decided to checkout/branch a svn branch. I had problems because their svn repo is broken, then bzr complains that a revision is missing :(   Any idea how I could circumvent this?14:33
jelmerhi frgomes14:33
frgomesI've used git for this. With git you can specify a revision range.14:33
jelmerfrgomes: what's the error you are getting exactly?14:33
frgomesjelmer: hi :)14:34
frgomesUnable to fetch revision info nnnnn14:34
jelmerfrgomes: oh, that's indeed an issue with a broken svn server :-/14:34
frgomesusing git I've specified a revision range, like this: -r98000-HEAD14:34
jelmerfrgomes: if you can get your hands on a local copy of that repository, that would be a good way to work around that14:34
frgomesjelmer: do you know if there are plans to support revision ranges?14:37
jelmerfrgomes: in bzr-svn ? that would depend on support in bzr core14:39
jelmerfrgomes: you'd need inter-format stacking here; there are some vague plans around that, but nothing concrete as far as I know14:39
frgomesjelmer: thanks a lot.14:40
frgomesjelmer: I will use git and bzr in parallel for the time being. I don't like those UUIDs git employs. They are absolutely nonsense from the user perspective.14:42
frgomesjelmer: thanks a lot for bazaar. it's a great dvcs. cheers :)14:46
jelmergreat to hear you like it :)14:47
skelterjohnhow do i update to a particular tag?20:45
skelterjohni've tried "bzr up theTagName" but i think it is ignoring theTagName20:45
damddo you really call that "updating"?20:45
damdi don't know bzr very well, but i think in git you "checkout" tags20:45
skelterjohncheckout was the first thing it ried20:45
skelterjohnsince it wasn't a branch name i was targeting, it didn't work20:45
skelterjohnin hg, you can "hg up aTagOrBranch"20:46
skelterjohnso i tried that second20:46
damdRevert a working directory to the tree of an existing tag20:46
damdThe tag name is mapped to a revision id, and the tree is reverted to that revision. This implies reverting the working tree's tag revisions.20:46
jelmerskelterjohn: 'bzr up -rtag:aTagName'20:46
skelterjohnthanks jelmer20:47
damdignore me20:47
jelmer(or 'bzr up -raTagName' should work too)20:47
damd"Tags give human-meaningful names to revisions. Commands that take a -r (–revision) option can be given -rtag:X, where X is any previously created tag."20:48
jelmerindeed :)20:48
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jonohas anyone here used jamesh's gpgme Python lib?22:57
jelmerjono: yes, a bit23:08
jelmerjono: we use it in bzr, and launchpad uses it too23:08
jonojelmer, I am trying to figure out how to verify a file23:10
jonojelmer, does the lib allow me to verify a file?23:10
jelmerjono: it should - I think you might have to load it into memory to do so though23:12
jonojelmer, can I verify a file with just a public key with gpg?23:12
jelmerjono: yes, I think so23:14
jelmerjono: for some inspiration, see bzrlib/gpg.py around line 25023:14
jonojelmer, do you have a link to that online?23:18

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