negronjlSpamapS: ping00:33
SpamapSnegronjl: pong!00:35
negronjlSpamapS: I'm trying to promulgate cloudfoundry-server but, promulgate complains about not being able to find the LP branch from the bzr branch.00:36
negronjlSpamapS: How do I do this manually ?00:36
negronjlSpamapS: The error that I get is: ERROR:can't determine Launchpad branch from bzr branch00:37
SpamapSnegronjl: you need to push --remember lp:~charmers/charms/cloudfoundry-server/trunk00:43
SpamapSnegronjl: you probably had it somewhere else than /charms, so promulgate is confused.00:43
negronjlSpamapS: I was thinking of pushing to lp:~charmers/charms/oneiric/cloudfoundry-server .... would that work?  This is so when I bzr branch, I don't end up with a trunk directory but a cloudfoundry-server one .... thoughts ?00:44
SpamapSnegronjl: oh actually you probably have to include oneiric00:44
SpamapSnegronjl: no, you have to call it trunk00:45
SpamapSnegronjl: you should be branching lp:charms/cloudfoundry-server though, not the underlying path00:45
negronjlSpamapS: so, bzr push --remember lp:~charmers/charms/oneiric/cloudfoundry-server/trunk then correct ?00:46
negronjlSpamapS: thanks for the help .... that worked00:51
SpamapSnegronjl: AND WOOT!!!00:53
* SpamapS rings the bell of promulgation00:53
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danweehello , need help with juju21:27
danweehazmat, you are the one who can help me21:31

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