ScottKapachelogger: They do still require a copyright license agreement.00:06
apacheloggeras long as it is not as crappy as their CA00:06
Ezimapachelogger, you know if I am write? I have pastebin CMakeLists to know what should be in debian/control00:21
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Mamarokwhy is the search panel in Dolphin disabled?11:20
yofelIIRC that had something to do with whether nepomuk and strigi are running11:26
Mamarokwell, those are running, it still is greyed out11:26
yofelMamarok: if I enable strigi here, restart dolphin and enable the search panel it's activated11:31
Mamarokhm, maybe I should restart it, let's see...11:32
Mamarokthaqt worked, thank you :)11:32
Mamarokit was open since such a long time already I didn't think of that :)11:32
yofeldoes someone know by chance how to add a timeout to launchpadlib scripts? If my connection drops while a script is running the script will hang forever until I kill it11:42
Peacce-no way i can't login via gmail with telepathy.kde12:00
Peacce-guess it' s this mission-control[5680]: segfault at 2c ip b718892c sp bfe49400 error 4 in12:03
BluesKajHi all13:00
shadeslayerhi BluesKaj13:03
BluesKajhey shadeslayer 13:04
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grmlshi :)13:46
yofelhi grmls13:52
grmlshi yofel 13:55
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Daskreechhi BluesKaj 16:58
BluesKajhey Daskreech17:18
DaskreechHow 17:19
Daskreechare you?17:19
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yofelhow does one file a source removal request for the archive? (kdeaccessiblity and kdeutils as we got build failure bugs for them)17:23
debfxyofel: bug #925423 :)17:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925423 in kdeutils (Ubuntu) "Please remove obsolete KDE 4.7 source packages" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92542317:25
yofelgood :)17:25
debfx(file a bug against the package, subscribe ~ubuntu-archive, wait a few months)17:25
Riddelldebfx: or ping me on a tuesday17:46
debfxRiddell: why not just regularly process the removal queue? would save time for everyone17:52
Riddelldebfx: in good health I would regularly do all the archive admin tasks on a tuesday, now I work slower and kubuntu needs me so i need to spend less time on them and more on kubuntu17:55
Riddellbut I'll do a bit and especially if pinged17:55
RiddellI didn't do any archive admin for a while for fear of making a mistake, mistakes can be costly with archive admin :)17:58
debfxRiddell: yeah I understand. I didn't mean you specifically. none of the archive admins seem to process the queue even though package removal requests shouldn't be that time consuming.18:06
Riddelleverything is time consuming because launchpad is slow, it takes about 25 seconds to run each command so it's very despiriting to do archive admin stuff (I expect the web interface is similar)18:07
Riddellso it's easy to get bored and do whatever tasks you are personally assigned to instead18:07
Riddellmoan to wgrant to make it faster :)18:08
Ezimhi. can we for kubuntu 12.04 pick oxygen cold for colour?18:08
Riddellno, talk to upstream18:08
Ezimthat way libreoffice and other gtk application on toolbar tips look so damn ugly18:09
Ezimoxygen cold solves that problem easy18:09
EzimRiddell, okey. why can not we have oxygen cold? 18:10
RiddellI don't know, I'm not an oxygen artist, ask them, we follow upstream18:10
Riddellif there's a 1 config line bugfix that works we can do that, find the config option in this oxygen cold and it could well be useful18:10
EzimRiddell, my friend this is only for colour. to pick oxygen cold solves a problem.18:10
Riddellthat's a theme, find the single colour that needs changed and we'll do that18:11
EzimRiddell, :) I am not expert on that thing. but I know oxygen cold works better then oxygen with colour for gtk application.18:11
EzimRiddell, is this maybe the answer? #C0DAFF18:12
Riddellsure, so that's a clue to a workaround for the bug, but it's too big a change to do so it needs narrowed down18:12
Ezimoxygen cold uses this for toolbar tips (not sure about the english name)18:12
Riddellthat might be the config value needed, also needs the config name18:13
Riddelland filename18:13
Riddellwhich will be somewhere in ~/.kde/share/config/18:13
EzimRiddell, here you have it: http://imgur.com/fz8pQ18:14
EzimRiddell, ~/.kde/share/config/ <<--- cannot find anything of value18:16
RiddellEzim: it'll be in kdeglobals18:20
EzimRiddell, will take look. thx.18:20
EzimRiddell, here you have: http://paste.ubuntu.com/847547/18:22
Ezimhope it can help18:23
RiddellEzim: I'm not in a position to do anything, I recommend you file a bug and e-mail the kubuntu-devel list to encourage someone to pick it up18:34
EzimRiddell, okey I will do that before 12.04 will release :).18:35
RiddellEzim: filing a bug takes no time, it's the easy and quick option to do before you forget18:37
Riddellfollowing up on it is what takes time18:37
EzimRiddell, should I file bug report to launchpad18:37
yofelEzim: yes, but I can't think of a right package right now - send a mail to kubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com18:43
Ezimyofel, will do, but :) all our developer are here.18:46
Ezim:P extra work18:46
yofelexcept that mails to the ML aren't forgotten as fast as channel talks18:46
Ezimyofel, true.18:47
EzimI will send.18:47
pviveki want to start contributing . i would be glad if someone can guide me to find beginner bug fixes18:59
shadeslayer_pvivek: hi!19:02
shadeslayer_pvivek: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-bugs 19:02
shadeslayer_pvivek: we only want to track packaging bugs in launchpad19:02
shadeslayer_any bugs in KDE itself are to be forwarded to bugs.kde.org19:03
pvivekshadeslayer_ : thank you. will start finding19:03
shadeslayer_pvivek: for eg bug 472744 is outdated19:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 472744 in kdeadmin (Ubuntu) "systemsettings crashed with TypeError in show_IPP_Error()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47274419:03
shadeslayer_you could ask the reporter if he still faces the crash19:04
shadeslayer_I think there are a couple of stock responses somewhere on the wiki as well19:04
shadeslayer_pvivek: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Bugs/Responses19:05
shadeslayer_get cracking :D19:05
pvivekshadeslayer_ : thank you. okay :)19:06
shadeslayer_pvivek: btw #kubuntu-bugs is rarely used, I'm fairly certain no one will mind discussing bugs here19:07
shadeslayer_and most of the developers don't idle on #kubuntu-bugs anyway19:07
pvivekshadeslyer_ : Sure. thanks for the info. I'll come and stay here from now on19:08
DaskreechThere is a Kubuntu-bugs ?19:08
shadeslayer_someone should probably make that channel forward here19:08
shadeslayer_or at the very least update the topic19:09
RiddellTm_T: a guy called Snowhog is msging me asking if kubuntuforums can be added to the !forums for #kubuntu19:41
RiddellTm_T: I expect he'll contact you and hopefully it's easy for you to just do that19:41
DaskreechRiddell: from #kubuntu ?19:47
Daskreechhe can do it himsel19:47
DaskreechAssuming a him19:47
RiddellDaskreech: neither he nor I know how so you'd need to tech him19:48
Riddellhe's in #kubuntu now if you think you can19:48
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yofelcould someone explain to me why '-Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions' would break a kpart?!?21:26
yofelthe ktimetracker one21:26
yofelok, I think I got a somewhat answer from google...21:30
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Ezimhi ximion 21:37
BluesKajHey folks ,  any progress on the pulseaudio problems ?21:50
BluesKajI think it's alsa that actually seems to have a problem21:51
Ezimyofel, free?23:04
yofelwell, pretty much, yes23:04
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Mamarokwas something changed in the MySQL configuration in Precise? I can't build Amarok anymore, although libmysqld-pic is installed I get a compile error telling -lmysqld-pic is not found23:45
Mamarokalso something is wrong with the address for paste.kde.org in the Pastebin-plasmawidget, it only says kde.org which doesn't work23:52
Mamarokthat should read paste.kde.org, no?23:53

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