DaemonFCGNOME and KDE have been notorious for breaking xscreensaver and reimplementing it half-assedly over the years00:01
DaemonFCnow GNOME doesn't support screensavers at all00:01
artaoDaemonFC: interesting. thx00:11
artaohopefully a more modern gfx card works better : \00:11
artaoshould be less than a month ... lookin quite forward to GPU rendering with 3D apps .. blender specifically00:12
artaohow can they mess up something as fricken SIMPLE as screensavers?!?!?00:13
artao... and if it's know, not fix it ... even worse00:13
* artao shakes his head00:13
artaoi wonder if ...00:13
artao... does electricsheep work?00:15
artaoOH! wait!!!!00:17
TorpedoSkylineartao: what happened? =D00:17
artaothe gorram fricken <grumble>>grumble> xscreensaver daemon WASN'T RUNNING!!!00:17
artaoi typed 'screen' into the app-search box, and noticed TWO screensaver configuration tools00:18
artaoran the 2nd listed, and it warned me that 'xscreensaver daemon isn't running. start it now?' and i did and now screensavers work fine00:18
artao./grumble repeat00:19
* artao shakes his head00:19
artaook ... how do i make sure that is fricken running when i start my session?00:19
artao... also, anyone know how the heck i configure the electricsheep screensaver? it doesn't show up in the screensavers list .. seems to run as its OWN daemon ... but i can't find a settings panel for it anywhere00:20
artaoahhh the joyz of linux configuration =] =] =]00:22
artaoerrr ... only PARTLY working i see00:23
artaothe 2nd listed settings panel (labled 'change screensaver properties') shows screensaver full-screen previews fine00:24
artaothe other -- labled 'screensaver settings' -- does NOT display full-screen previews right00:25
artao... i guess i don't really care anymore ... this is frustrating and rapidly becoming boring00:26
artaoanyhow, i don't really turn screensavers on, i just kinda like browsing thru 'em as there's some pretty cool ones in there ... PLUS it's personally irritating that part of my system isn't functioning properly regardless whether i USE it or not ....00:26
artao... and i missed 1/2 my tv episode now f-in with this pointless issue ... as i'm streaming, i can go back00:27
jerry__hi,anyone knows a good vim irc channel?01:13
melWhat's the main purpose of the 'dummy packages'?01:33
deusrI'm installing Linux on a hospital, I installed KDE 4.7. I want to know if anyone knows how to catch all the KDE environment, PLSMA, so that users can not make changes.02:06
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jmichaelxis there any kind of kde/qt mpd client in the repos (or anywhere else for that matter)?05:39
almoxarifejmichaelx: mpd?05:44
jmichaelxalmoxarife: music player daemon05:57
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clupusHello everyone!11:05
clupusIs here someone who knows something about kubuntu on usb live stciks?11:06
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mydogsnameisrudywhat you trying to do clupus11:13
oratedclupus: Hello. What about it? I've tried them lot of time, I can try to help11:13
clupusI want the following:11:13
clupusI just created such a live usb stick. All right, it works. It is intended to give a windows user the chance of using11:13
clupussome nice linux programs. Now if I start the stick I am always asked wheather I am wiling to install kubuntu. Of couse11:13
clupusI am not. Is it possible to avoid this message. Second thing is coming soon.11:13
FloodBotK1clupus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:13
clupusThe other thing is: I found out, the stick is using some sort of unionfs or similar. So if I modify e.g. /etc/apt/sources.list and reboot the oly entries are kept; additional lines are merged into the files. So what happens if I update using apt-get? Will this "destroy" some programs?11:17
oratedAs for your first question, if you want to get rid of 'Try Kubunut/Install..' and the timeout, you can try unetbootin where there won't such screen11:20
clupusorated: So I have to reinstall from windows completely, correct?11:24
oratedclupus: No.. are you trying to test Kubuntu with the help of LiveUSB right?11:25
clupusorated: No, my father uses win and needs kdenlive and some other apps. So I accepted to create a bootable stick to not need to install to his harddrive. I just want to be sure he does not accidently installs kubuntu over his win.11:27
clupusorated: For me I am using kubuntu on my main computer right now. So any program runing on linux works for me.11:28
clupusIt's maybe even more interesting for me to know if I have to remaster the stick if I want to install several additional programs. I remasters a knoppix version some years ago. But what about usb sticks? Is it nessesary to remaster?11:31
oratedclupus: Ok, so if you don't want to install Kdenlive and others on Windows. You can simply use Kubunu LiveUSB persisten mode and install Kenlive and others which will retain those packages for use on next boot11:31
orated clupus oh yes. It involves using uck if I get you right11:35
clupusorated: I did create the stick with about 3GB of persistent space. So if I modify and file unter eg /usr/bin is the orinigal file keep in background (shaddowd or how ever it is called) or is it overwritten?11:35
yofelit's kept in background as the base system is stored in a read-only squashfs if I remember correctly11:36
clupusok, but is seems to be ok to upgrade the system in the persistent space, isn't it?11:39
oratedas yofel said^11:39
oratedkernel upgrade will not make it usable11:39
yofelshould be fine, but kernel upgrades won't work from my experience11:39
yofelas the kernel is always read from squashfs11:40
clupusok, I think that's all for now. Thanks a lot to all.11:41
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schnelleanyone experiences music playback stuttering while downloading torrent files?12:09
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BluesKajHi all13:00
mohsenhi , when i want to install an app , this error shows : "The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources."13:13
mohsenwhat should i do?13:13
mohsenhi , when i want to install an app , this error shows : "The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources."13:14
mohsenwhat should i do?13:14
BluesKajmohsen,  which app ?13:14
mohsenany app13:14
mohsen+ taht , when i run update manager , when it's in 50-60% show error : "check your connection"13:16
BluesKajopen your package manager and enable all the repos except for the cdrom13:17
mohsenBluesKaj: i don't have synaptic package manager , but in ubuntu software center , i check all radio buttons , in software sources , except "istalabel from cd-rom"13:23
BluesKajmohsen,  alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list , copy and pastebin it pls13:26
mohsenBluesKaj : kate is your username?13:28
BluesKajkate is the text editor13:30
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code13:31
mohsenBluesKaj: paste all in here?13:33
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BluesKaj!pastebin | mohsen13:35
ubottumohsen: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:35
yofel!paste | mohsen13:35
mohsentnx ubottu13:38
grmlshi :)13:46
mohsenBluesKaj : i'm waiting13:49
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ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.13:56
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BluesKajmohsen,  your sources.list looks fine , alt+f2 /etc/apt/sources.list.d , any files labelled with ppa should be moved or deleted13:57
BluesKajmohsen, alt+f2, kdesudo dolphin /etc/apt/sources.list.d13:59
mohseni'm here now14:00
mohsenwhat next?14:00
mohsenBluesKaj : i have 2 file with  .list extention , and 2 file with .list.save extention14:01
BluesKajopen them , see if they are ppa urls14:04
mohsenhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/ferramroberto/gnome3/ubuntu oneiric main14:06
mohsenBluesKaj : http://paste.kde.org/424652/14:06
mohseni must remove gnome3 to fix this problem?14:07
BluesKajdo you recall what app you used that ppa to install ?14:07
mohseni don't understand !14:08
BluesKajno ,just remove that file gnome 3 is in the repos , you just need to update/upgrade to receive latest changes14:10
bazhangmohsen, you used the gnome3 ppa while on 11.04 ?14:11
mohsenyes bazhang14:11
BluesKajoops , just remove those .list files , gnome 3 won't be removed14:11
bazhanguh oh14:11
mohsenbazhang : for what ?14:11
bazhang!gnome3 | mohsen14:13
ubottumohsen: GNOME 3 is the desktop environment on which Unity is based.  To use GNOME Shell instead of Unity, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". GNOME 3 is not supported under Natty/11.04, and may break your system if installed from alternate sources.14:13
mohsenno i was wrong , i install gnome- shell :D14:16
BluesKajmohsen,  remove the ppa . list file ...gnome 3 is in the repositories so you don't need it anymore14:17
BluesKajneed it = the ppa14:18
mohsenfinally remove those or not?14:18
BluesKajyes remve14:19
mohsenand ".list.save" files?14:19
mohsentnx a lot BluesKaj14:21
BluesKajnow open a terminal and do, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:21
mohseni do it now !14:22
OxymoronDoes someone know if anyone works in Skype Linux version? Seriously, the latest version is 2.2 beta, released one year ago ... its a mock against IT world xD14:22
BluesKajOxymoron,  I use the static version ..it's older but stable14:23
OxymoronBluesKaj: Cool :) Well I only want a version that works well, never fails and looks clean.14:24
BluesKajthat's the one14:24
OxymoronBluesKaj: For the moment it looks like a 5 year old kid draw the mockup of the interface xD14:24
BluesKajwell do you want pretty icons and guis that don't work or do you want something that is palin , but works14:25
BluesKajit's your choice :)14:26
OxymoronBluesKaj: I do not really want pretty icons, but I want a clean look with NICE font, decent color theme and not just looks like a shell gui xD14:26
OxymoronBluesKaj: You can accomplish a nice GUi without bling bling14:26
BluesKajOxymoron,  well, make your choices  try them out14:26
* yofel uses whatever the partner repository ships14:28
OxymoronBluesKaj: Then i wonder, is there any other video players out then Kaffeine, Dragon Player and VLC?14:29
OxymoronVLC is great mostly14:30
suhasdoes anyone know how to increase fan speed on a laptop14:31
yofelsuhas: that greatly depends on your hardware. I know how to do it for thinkpads14:31
suhasmine isn't one14:32
suhasbut thanks14:32
yofelOxymoron: I personally use smplayer and vlc. haven't found a video file yet that I wasn't able to play with at least one of them14:32
yofelsuhas: there is a 'fancontrol' package in the archive, but I don't know how and whether that'll work for you14:33
suhasyes i have already installed it but not able to access the software14:33
BluesKajVLC is the most versatile player IME, Oxymoron other than mplayer , but the gui mplayer versions aren't nearly as good as mplayer in the cli14:33
Oxymoronyofel: VLC plays everything I throw at it. The only problem is that the screen goes black when playing movies.14:33
OxymoronThe problem does not affect player DragonPLayer. But then it has no support for external subtitles and then is worthless for me.14:35
BluesKajOxymoron,  install kubuntu-restricted-extras14:35
OxymoronBluesKaj: For what featuees? :)14:36
BluesKajvideo and audio codecs14:36
OxymoronBluesKaj: Yes, but what for?14:37
bazhangOxymoron, to watch movies14:37
Oxymoronbazhang: Well yeah I can watch movies, no problem.14:37
BluesKajvlc is blank when playing movies ...yes you need the codecs14:37
OxymoronBluesKaj: No no, it plays movies. But every 15 minutes screen goes black, because VLC does not send any proper siignal to Kubuntu that screen is active.14:38
BluesKajOxymoron,  that's your screensaver or power settings14:38
oratedsuhas : If u run the command "find /sys -name fan*" do you get any hits?14:40
OxymoronBluesKaj: No, I have discussed it with devs and so. I have proper settings in systemsettings.14:41
OxymoronBluesKaj: Even if I turn off EVERYTHING in power saving, it does not work, still goes black.14:41
OxymoronNot sure if it has something todo with using HDMI and VLC together.14:43
OxymoronI use HDMI to TV from laptop, turn on VLC and movie. But after 10-15 minutes it goes black.14:43
BluesKajOxymoron,  no if you turn it all off the default still runs , you have to give the power settings something other than just off...i use 1890 mins14:44
OxymoronBluesKaj: I tried that too, but doesnt matter. Even if I use 1000 minutes it do nto work.14:45
mohsentnx BluesKaj , my problem fixed ...14:46
BluesKajset your screen saver as well14:46
BluesKajmohsen,  yw14:46
OxymoronBluesKaj: Then I wonder, do you know if it is possible to make kubuntu autodetect HDMI, change to HDMI audio and video channel? For the moment I need to manually change it back and forth. OH and also, when I unplug HDMI I want computer to go back to its own audio.14:48
BluesKajOxymoron,  are the hdmi and sound connections "onboard" or separate pci cards ?14:50
OxymoronSame with headphones btw, want it to autochange channel to headphones if plugin and change back if unplug them.14:50
OxymoronBluesKaj: I guess it is onboard circuits as it is a laptop14:51
OxymoronI am not sure if other users experience same thing or not.14:51
OxymoronMaybe it is not implemented?14:52
BluesKajOxymoron,  have you checked alsamixer to see if you have a headphone ctrl listed14:53
OxymoronBluesKaj: The headphones works, not the issue. The problem is that I need to change audio channel manually each time I plugin HDMI, headphones or whatever.14:53
OxymoronBluesKaj: I am using some kind of dual analog stereo card.14:54
BluesKajOxymoron,  there might be a setting in alsa-base.conf to do so but I don't know what the command would be , same goes for the hdmi .14:57
BluesKajOxymoron,  I have very little experience with hdmi audio/video on a laptop14:58
OxymoronBluesKaj: Me too14:59
OxymoronBluesKaj: When googling on it I see more people have issue with it. needs some kind of implementation in Alsa, PulseAudio and kernel.15:03
OxymoronAnother weird thing was if I plugin my headphones and play music, laptop do uses speakers and headphones at the same time :D15:06
BluesKajOxymoron,  so when you "manually change" the audio output , you set that in phonon or pulseaudio ?15:06
OxymoronBluesKaj: I change the audio hardware settings in systemsettings.15:07
BluesKajyes system settings>multimedia>phonon or pulseaudio15:07
OxymoronBluesKaj: phonon and then audio hardware settings15:08
OxymoronNeed to change both profile and unit to use.15:08
BluesKajthat's pulseaudio15:09
BluesKajwhat about device preference?15:10
Oxymoronpulseaudio do not change profile automaticly.15:10
Oxymoronyes need to change device preference as well, between headphones and spekaers.15:10
OxymoronIt is 2012, it is quite funny weyre even have this discussion xD15:11
OxymoronAudio problems once and there since Kubuntu 7.0415:11
OxymoronSometimes it is Alsa, sometimes pulseaudio and sometimes kubuntu.15:12
BluesKajOxymoron,  I use pulseaudio only because I need it for webaudio , otherwise i don't use any of it's controls , but there several ..look into pulseaudio options15:12
OxymoronBluesKaj: Where do I find pulseaudio settings?15:14
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions15:14
mohsenhow can i connect to a socks proxy in ubuntu?15:16
mohsenor http proxy?15:16
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mohsenhow can i connect to a socks proxy or http proxy in ubuntu?15:19
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BluesKajOxymoron,  that pulseaudio wiki is old , the factoid needs to be updated15:20
BluesKajOxymoron,  http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup15:21
BluesKaj!socks | mohsen15:21
BluesKajno factoid there15:21
BluesKaj!proxy | mohsen15:22
ubottumohsen: Several Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak15:22
DottorLeoneed a little help with desktop icon :)15:37
DottorLeohow can i put the "User" folder on desktop like W7?15:38
bazhangshow the home on Desktop ?15:38
DottorLeothanks...step by step? :)15:40
DottorLeoi'm new to ubuntu15:40
yofelDottorLeo: I'm not sure what w7 does there, do you want a link to the folder on the desktop? Or do you want the desktop to show the contents of the user folder?15:42
DottorLeoon w7 the user folder has inside the Doucment, Image, Video, Music folder15:43
DottorLeoi'm note sure if User folder on W7 is equal to Home folder on Kubuntu15:43
oratedRight click on empty area of desktop, unlock widgets it is lock. Then from the same menu select an option to add widget which will open options just above the bottom panel. Select Folder view. See if that helps15:44
oratedif it is lock*15:44
yofelyeah, try what orated said15:44
BluesKajkmenu>computer>home ..right click and choose "add to desktop"15:45
oratedThat's better^ :)15:46
DottorLeodon't let me right click :/15:53
DottorLeook done15:54
DottorLeoneed unlock first15:54
DottorLeocoming from w7 i'm truly impressed by the easiness of *buntu family :)15:56
DottorLeomy old notebook works very well15:57
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syscofaut il paavoir de l'aide ?rlé englais ici aussi pour17:35
syscoy'aurais t'il des habituer de kubuntu pour aider un novice  ??17:38
yofel!fr | sysco17:41
ubottusysco: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:41
syscoca deviens chiant !17:41
syscook ok , je me casse c'est bon17:42
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jarlesomehow something in 11.04 is keeping my screen from turning off via dpms, anybody else ran into (and solved) this problem? Never had this problem in earlier versions of Ubuntu.17:50
rtdoscan't a session be created that does not load a gui desktop (without having to use ctrl-alt-f2) ? can't a session be created that does not load a gui desktop (without having to use ctrl-alt-f2) ?18:33
rtdoswhoa! why'd that happen?18:33
yofelrtdos: if you want to disable kdm, then you can do that with 'echo manual | sudo tee /etc/init/kdm.conf.override' if you're on oneiric18:37
rtdosyofel: is there a way to keep the gui login screen but create a blank, text based only login without the mouse (or gui desktop)?18:39
yofelrtdos: that's what ctrl+alt+f2 gives you?18:40
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yofelsorry, I don't quite understand what you want to do18:40
StarkgeistУ кого были проблемы со звуком в vlc плеере?18:40
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rtdosoh, so i can't just create a blank text-only session without having to use ctrl-alt-f2 all the time?18:40
rtdosi've got lxde, xfce4, gnome, unity, and kde desktops on my system, what i would like to know is there a way to edit or create a new session script that does not load a gui?18:41
yofelwell, on tty1-6 (f1-f6) there are always text based login screens available after boot, and if kdm is enabled it'll start on TTY7 and switch there by default18:41
yofelso what do you want instead?18:41
yofelah wait, you want to login to a TTY from kdm?18:42
yofelsorry, I don't know if that's possible18:42
rtdosyea, create a session-file (or session-script, can't remember what it's called) that does not load a desktop: lxde, xfce4, kde, gnome, unity, or whatever other desktop i have on my system) - can the recovery-console session be modified to do this?18:45
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Snowhogrtdos: Booting into a recovery (single user) kernel entry from the Grub menu does that. You are booted into a console session.18:49
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.18:51
clone1018Anyone have any experience with ATI and kubuntu? Trying to change my primary monitor with the drivers installed.18:55
pviveki want to start contributing . i would be glad if someone can guide me to find beginner bug fixes.18:56
Ezimpvivek, try #kubuntu-devel18:59
pvivekEzim : thank you18:59
Schugywhere to write my libertas network-manager bug?19:00
Uncle_Festermaybe someone here can help me19:00
Schugyor is there a kerneloption that prevents the livesystem 12.04 from starting network/manager/19:02
EzimSchugy, ubuntu-bug network-manager19:07
SchugyI will try that19:08
Schugylibertas has never worked with NM19:08
SchugyNM should  blacklist that19:09
Schugyeven icewm throughput monitor crashes the system. Never monitor wlan0 and it works just 4ever19:11
yofelSchugy: 12.04 support and discussion is in #ubuntu+1 - this channel is only for released kubuntu versions19:12
Schugynice, but this thing was in 8.10 already19:19
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maestrohello everyone, i have just done my first time installation of kubuntu. Please someone tell where i am supposed to set system proxy in order to have apt-get and all started19:49
Snowhogmaestro: You are currently on Kubuntu and using it to get here, yes?19:52
Riddellbrowser proxy is different from apt proxy (which is a problem that nobody has got round to solving yet)19:53
maestroSo do you have any idea how to set it. Actually i have browser proxy set. Thats how i am communicating right now19:54
Riddellmaestro: the GUI that should do it is software-properties-kde but I don't see a way to do it there so that's a missing feature we have19:56
Riddellthe command line way is to put something in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ which I don't know off the top of my head but I expect google knows19:56
DaskreechSnowhog: ping19:57
SnowhogDaskreech: pong19:57
Daskreechheard you were looking to update the robot?19:57
SnowhogDaskreech: You can do that? !forums only lists www.ubuntuforums.org, and well, this is a Kubuntu IRC, so can you add www.kubuntuforums.net?19:58
maestroRiddell: i found it, this is what you add/edit..:D  Acquire::http::Proxy "http://username:password@proxy.xxx.xx:80XX"19:58
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DaskreechSnowhog: try addressing the bot and telling it what it should be19:59
SnowhogDaskreech: How do I do that?19:59
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.20:00
DaskreechSo try something like ubottu: forums is The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. Kubuntu Forums are found at http://www.kubuntuforums.net. There is also a channel on Freenode IRC #ubuntuforums20:01
SnowhogDaskreech: Isn't Ubottu maintenance restricted to members here who are identified as Ops or Admins?20:01
yofeliirc that has to be forums-#kubuntu to add a channel-specifc override20:02
yofeland I think ubottu did have a restricted access list20:02
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yofellet's try20:03
yofelubottu: forums-#kubuntu is The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. Kubuntu Forums are found at http://www.kubuntuforums.net. There is also a channel on Freenode IRC #ubuntuforums20:03
DaskreechSnowhog: No20:03
yofel-> Your edit request has been forwarded to #ubuntu-ops.  Thank you for your attention to detail20:03
Snowhogyofel: Cool. So the action gets redirected for review/approval. Nice.20:03
ikoniaI think the ubuntuforums irc channel is pretty much dead now20:03
DaskreechSnowhog: anyone can update it but they have to then go to #ubuntu-ops to answer why they think it should be changed20:04
yofelDaskreech: which makes it easier to just have an op do it20:04
ikoniaonly people on the access list can change ubottu's factoids20:04
Daskreechyofel: Nope I actually find that editing it then popping into #ubuntu-ops is better20:04
Riddellmaestro: lovely, you can also file a bug on software-properties to add it to the GUI and if you're the sort of super helpful person to can you can implement it :)20:04
ikoniabut all suggestsions get sent to the ops team for review20:04
Daskreechmostly cause they dislike people popping into ubuntuops :)20:05
ikoniaif you want something changing, I can help you20:05
DaskreechSnowhog: speak with ikonia20:05
yofelikonia: see what I said to ubottu20:05
SnowhogDaskreech: Thanks. Will do.20:05
ikoniayofel: I'm not sure what factoid you are trying to update though ?20:05
Snowhogikonia: The !forums factoid20:06
yofel the !forums one just for this channel20:06
DaskreechI generally used to go through the factoids and try update them after a release20:06
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.20:06
ikoniaok, so you want a kubuntu line adding, I think that's reasonable for #ubuntu as well,20:06
Daskreech we still have factoids that refer to Dapper Drake20:06
ikoniawhere ?20:06
Snowhogikonia: Yes. I'd like to see Kubuntu Forums are found at http://www.kubuntuforums.net. added to the !forums factoid.20:07
DaskreechI'd have to troll the bot's brains again but I remember leaving it as it was pretty useless for anything post that era20:07
ikoniaSnowhog: no problem, I think that's pretty reasonable20:07
DaskreechI haven't actualyl done that for maybe 3 releases now20:07
Snowhogikonia: Thank you. Much appreciated.20:07
Daskreechso pre the last LTS?20:07
* Daskreech calls for a group hug!20:09
Riddellyay, hugs!20:11
* Snowhog gives Daskreech a hroup gug (hmm. Maybe to much Amaretto in the coffee!)20:17
LinkmasterI want to install kubuntu as a side partition on my mothers computer(with her permission), to demonstrate linux to her. as long as I make sure it has a smaller partition at the end of the drive, it shouldnt nuke any files on her windows7 partition, right?20:19
DaskreechLinkmaster: Correct20:20
DaskreechWhat doe she use her computer for?20:21
Linkmaster_sorry to however replied, I tried loading the tab, and firefox crashed completely20:22
Linkmaster_could you please resend?20:22
Riddell20:20 < Daskreech> Linkmaster: Correct20:24
Riddell20:21 < Daskreech> What doe she use her computer for?20:24
SnowhogLinkmaster_: This is just a bit dated, and it's for Ubuntu / Windows7, but it is well documented. http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/dual-boot-windows-7-ubuntu.html20:24
Linkmaster_thank you Snowhog (:20:24
oratedLinkmaster_: You can always first defragment partitions containing Windows and then resize (Shrink option in Disk Management) to have Kubuntu installed in side partition without affecting Windows data20:24
Linkmaster_I was planning on defragging it to be safe anyways20:25
Linkmaster_thank you all20:25
SnowhogLinkmaster_: defrag and shrink is a necessity.20:25
Riddell(and take a backup if you want to be safe)20:26
Riddellalso a usb key is an interesting way to demo it, it can be almost as fast a hard drive with the decent hardware20:26
SnowhogRiddell: Oh, come on. Be BOLD. Be DARING. It's only your mothers PC. :)20:26
Snowhog*your his20:26
Linkmaster_She has 90 gigs of pictures and stuff on it o: I just didnt want something unbeknowest to me to nuke them20:27
Riddell"use full disk" is the radio button for that sort of attitude :)20:27
oratedLiveUSB/CD is better alternative to give demo in my opinion20:28
Linkmaster_orated: she has proprietary programs, Im going to demo them and stuff20:28
SnowhogRiddell: A mothers love is unconditional -- until you wipe out her PC. :)20:28
Linkmaster_She just hates windows20:28
Linkmaster_Snowhog: you have no clue...youd be lucky if I wasnt 30 feet under by the time she was done killing me if I wiped her computer20:29
DaskreechLinkmaster_: Why does she dislike windows?20:29
SnowhogDaskreech: Because she's an inteligent PC user?20:30
DaskreechAh then she would have reasons she can explain :)20:30
Linkmaster_nah, she isnt the best...shes smarter then mos tthough, because so many things go wrong with her, and she has to figure them out. thats why she knows what she does. Im hoping to show her that linux takes a lot less effor then the hell she has gone htrough20:31
* Daskreech chuckles20:31
Linkmaster_her desktop has been sent to get fixed...4 or five times20:32
Linkmaster_her laptop 2 or 320:32
Linkmaster_all windows related problems. she also hates that they are sooooo slow20:32
oratedAnyone got suggestions to dig the cause of weird troughs and peaks here- http://imagebin.org/199583 - its only causing cpu fan to rev up & down periodically ...20:34
DaskreechWell if she can say what her usecases will be then you can get Linux running pretty nicely for her20:35
DaskreechRiddell: ping The update-manager LTS update cycle will still work as is going forward wont it?20:35
designbybeckQuestion: Kubuntu's Package manager seems to hang, what is the command to "purge"20:37
designbybeckor fix it20:37
designbybeckdpkg -a --confige?20:37
orateddesignbybeck:  I think - ps -e | grep muon, then sudo kill <id>, sudo killall dpkg and then sudo dpkg --configure -a20:41
designbybeckThank you orated I'll give a try20:41
Linkmaster_Daskreech: she sat down and talked with me, gave me a list of 'what programs I needed to move over for her"(I didnt bother explaining that I couldnt 'move them'), so I know her usecases. I just need to get them working in wine20:43
orateddesignbybeck: If you get lock file causing delay, just remove it20:44
designbybeckit hung on installing updates20:44
DaskreechLinkmaster_: You think they can be done?20:45
DaskreechDigikam btw :)20:45
Linkmaster_Daskreech: I hope so20:46
orateddesignbybeck: Yes, I think the commands can help. I was just saying that in the last step sudo dpkg --configure -a , you may find lock file to not the run the command.20:47
RiddellDaskreech: that is the expectation yes20:53
DaskreechRiddell: Great thanks20:57
DaskreechLinkmaster_: I'd put her on a LTS update schedule. If stuff works then she shuld be fine for two years instead of having to do a major upgrade every few months20:58
DaskreechWhich means stuff breaks20:58
DaskreechLinkmaster_: What are the programs she needs to have working?20:58
Linkmaster_Daskreech: I was going to put 11.10(since it is the best Ive seen yet), and simpy lock the machine down once its set up20:59
DaskreechLinkmaster_: Do that for the test and monitor her. When she's happy upgrade to LTS set back up her happiness bar and leave her21:00
Linkmaster_Daskreech: that was in the back of my mind, and an upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 shouldnt hurt21:02
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Linkmaster_Daskreech: the programs are...:storybook creator, memorymanager, adobe photoshop CS5.1, lightroom 3.2, seagate dashboard(would a wireless external harddrive pose problems to kubuntu?), memorex exPressit, creative memories, rosetta stone, and something called millers items, as well as her canon card reader stuff(dolphin should do the trick, right?), and her printer(I know this one)21:05
ScottyKgreetings! was doing an install and the computer froze up. What's the command in Konsole to fix the broken packages? sudo dpkg something...21:09
yofelScottyK: sudo dpkg --configure -a21:10
Linkmaster_ScottyK: sudo dpkg --configure -a21:10
Linkmaster_d'aw, you beat me yofel =P21:10
DaskreechLinkmaster_: http://server.ericsbinaryworld.com/blog/2012/02/16/using-digikam-from-the-point-of-view-of-lightroom-user/21:15
designbybeckorated: I did that command, and it seemed to finish what it was doing21:19
designbybeckorated: but in gui if i try to open the Muon Software Center, it crashes21:19
designbybeckthese are clean installed21:19
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DaskreechLinkmaster_: PM?21:25
Linkmaster_Daskreech: feel free21:25
Linkmaster_designbybeck: are you upgrading KDE? if so, use the terminal ; muon has a problem that if a prompt needs to come up, it hangs/crashes21:26
designbybeckDoing updates for the first time in Kubuntu21:26
Linkmaster_designbybeck: then yes. put in "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" without quotes21:28
Daskreech(thought with quotes will work as well in that situation)21:29
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designbybeckThank you Linkmaster_doing the upgrade now21:34
Linkmaster_designbybeck: any day bud (:21:35
Linkmaster_Daskreech: figured to be safe then sorry. give it a test run in your konsole if you want to give it a shot21:36
designbybeckLinkmaster_:  did I need to restart the computers after that?21:42
designbybeckMuon Software center still popped up a crash report21:42
designbybeckWe have 10 students 8th-10th graders we are training on OSS.21:42
designbybeckand they will get to take these computers home21:43
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designbybeckdo the update and upgrades seemed to go trhough in cli but the softwarecenter crashed in gui21:45
Linkmaster_designbybeck: once the update is complete, it will likely mention via GUI that there is an update21:45
Linkmaster_*not update, restart needed. I was reading what you typed while replying, my bad21:46
BluesKajmy bad =my mistake , cxorrect ?21:46
BluesKajerr correct21:47
designbybeckcorrect BluesKaj ;)21:47
designbybeckthe kids are using Mable right now to look up cities21:47
Linkmaster_the long story of it is(from my understanding), is that muon trips up when an option comes up(e.g., kdm update), and it cant continue the updating process until an option is selected. however, since muon cant pull up any prompt windows, it will remain indefinitely hanged21:47
BluesKajthen pls don't use slang, not everyone here lives in an english speaking country, Linkmaster_21:48
designbybeckahh that makes sense Linkmaster_21:48
BluesKajyup, best to avoid muon ...it's getting better but it still has bugs21:49
rats_designbybeck: doing updates and upgrades through CLI also just seems cleaner21:51
rats_may not be but it sure feels it21:52
BluesKajnot justy seems ,, its more direct in the sense that there aren't any guis to deal with21:52
designbybecki'm teaching 8th-10th graders how to use Kuubntu21:52
designbybeckwe have done some cli stuff21:52
designbybeckapt-get and such21:53
designbybeckjust trying to figure out how to fix the crash21:53
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  cli is much easier to use in the long run , guis are for former windows users m best to get their feet wet asap with the cli21:53
designbybeckgood point BluesKaj21:54
BluesKajthey'll think it's cooler anyway :)21:54
Linkmaster_BluesKaj: I apologize. I try to use english universal talk, but sometimes I mess up. the term "my bad" was used extensively bu a large portion of where I lived, and it became everyday language for me21:55
rats_BluesKaj: do you use irssi for irc21:55
BluesKajLinkmaster_,  np , we like to keep coloquialisms to a minimum for our non native english speakers21:56
BluesKajrats_,  I have in emergencies21:56
BluesKajfor chatting everydasy use , Konversation fits my needs best21:57
BluesKajrats_,  ^21:57
rats_whatever works best us oit BluesKaj21:59
BluesKajrats_,  I'm not a cli purist , but installing and removing packages with dpkg and apt-get are best IMO22:01
EvilResistance^ that22:01
EvilResistanceBluesKaj, what about aptitude :P22:01
BluesKajaptitude is fine as well, but it no longer holds the advantage over apt-get it once had22:02
rats_That is what I like about Linux ,the options are almost limitless. Whatever works best use it.22:06
rats_and dont be scared to try or learn new options22:07
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Linkmaster_Daskreech: okay, defragging is done(it went through 5 runs, I figured that would be good), and now Im putting GParted Live onto a CD, and Ill use that to chop off ~80gigs off the back of the windows...my question is, why does the guide put the swap before /home?22:15
DaskreechLinkmaster_: In your case it won't make a difference it's all on the slow part of the drive in any case22:17
Linkmaster_ahh, alright. why is the back slower anyhow?22:18
DaskreechPhysics. If you are spinning something at a constant velocity then thigns closer to the middle spin faster22:20
DaskreechBut you should be able to store more data on the outer section22:20
Linkmaster_that makes sense(im in physics, I just didnt thnk of the drive as circular22:21
Linkmaster_and...this guide assumes we have the windows 7 installation CD. her computer had vista on it, she just had the upgrade 7 disk thing22:21
Linkmaster_Daskreech: this did the trick, nevermind http://www.ehow.com/how_6931085_run-recovery-console-windows-cd.html22:26
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. Kubuntu Forums are found at http://www.kubuntuforums.net. There is also a channel on freenode IRC #ubuntuforums22:30
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DaskreechSnowhog: \o/22:36
SnowhogDaskreech: Yup. Shameless promotion of Kubuntu Forums. :)  Hey, this is a Kubuntu channel, and it should identify a Kubuntu support forum, and IMO, Kubuntu Forums is one of the best out there.22:38
DaskreechIYHO I Agree22:38
* Linkmaster_ uses kubuntuforums almost exclusively22:45
amichair_is there an equivalent for the quickaccess plasma widget that used to be on the panel by default? (which shows a browseable folder from panel)22:51
Snowhogamichair_: The Quick Access widget is still available -- I'm using it -- in 11.10.22:52
Snowhogamichair_: Oh yeah, I had to install package plasma-widget-quickaccess before it was available.22:53
amichair_Snowhog: where do I find it?22:53
amichair_ok, couldn't find it in installed widgets, nor in the kde 'look for more widgets' thing22:54
amichair_got it22:55
Snowhogamichair_: I hadn't even realized I wasn't using it until someone, someplace (here?) made mention of it.22:55
amichair_it's strange that some widgets can be installed as a package but not via the panel interface22:55
amichair_Snowhog: I missed it quite a bit, and always forgot to ask where it went :-)22:55
ScottyKwhat do you recommend for a good GUI to mount iso's?23:45
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OrcrisCan someone point me to the source for the Kubuntu 11.04 mobile preview?23:59

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