thomiIs there anything I can do if I've exceeded my quota of builds for the day? I notice that the build times are very short right now...03:11
wgrantthomi: You should ask your manager about that limitation :)03:13
thomiwgrant: it's not for work, for a personal project03:14
thomioh, I see what you're saying03:14
wgrantNo, there's no way to avoid it, unfortunately.03:14
thomiis that a recent restriction? I've not run into it before03:14
wgrantNah, it's been there since the start.03:14
wgrantMax of 5 builds per recipe per series per day.03:15
wgrantI think it's pretty pointless and harmful, but others disagreed :)03:15
thomiwell, I guess it stops people abusing the system03:15
wgrantYeah, unfortunately it also stops legitimate use :(03:16
wgrantMost of the time it's not a problem, but it's not possible to relax the restriction when it is problematic.03:17
lifelessI'm not sure an override system would pull its own weight03:40
lifelessunless it was generic and usable on $many policies (quota, builds, branches, downloads, ...)03:41
nyuszika7hHi, is it possible to update my keys from Ubuntu keyserver? When I added my OpenPGP key to Launchpad, it was sign-only.09:39
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psusithe project page for dosfstools appears to be woefully out of date... it shows the last release is from 2006 and points to a web site that is just a text file describing that ancient release.  Could someone update it?  It looks like the current home page is http://www.daniel-baumann.ch/software/dosfstools/16:48
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dashHi! I want to have Launchpad build a package for me in my PPA, but it build-depends on another package in my PPA. Is there a way to make that work?22:06
EvilResistancedash, if the package is already in your PPA, it'll use that22:07
dashEvilResistance: Hmm, it seems not to.22:07
dashi have the dependency listed in my ppa: https://launchpad.net/~washort/+archive/ppa/+packages22:07
dash... oh. They're built for different series.22:08
EvilResistancethat'd be the problem22:08
EvilResistancemake sure the dependency is built for each series you're building for, but also note that you may have to have series-specific versioning numbers22:08
EvilResistancefor example22:09
EvilResistanceit has a PPA dependency on https://launchpad.net/~trekcaptainusa-tw/+archive/swig2.022:09
EvilResistancethat second PPA there contains the build-deps that were required for natty22:10
EvilResistancenot sure why the oneiric one was in there though22:10
dashOK cool22:10
EvilResistancethat there had the same effect as me building the build-deps in the ZNC PPA, but i didnt have to :p22:10
dashwelp, it's building now. Thanks for the help/22:18
jonohas anyone here used jamesh's gpgme Python lib?22:57
wgrantjono: Launchpad uses it.23:07
jonowgrant, are you particularly familiar with it?23:11
wgrantI don't think anyone is any more :)23:11
jonoI am trying to figure out how to verify a file23:11
jonoI signed it on the server side and my client knows the public key23:12
wgranthttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lifeless/+junk/gpgverify/view/head:/gpgverify/main.py may be relevant.23:12
jonowgrant, thanks, although it looks like it is giving me a bad sig even though gpg --verify seems to work for me23:36

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