gladoniasGood evening!00:47
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hartleyso long windows on my netbook. after years, i finally got my crystalhd to work with linux, and flash support is there as well.03:07
Eruadanhi, i want to install lubuntu 10.04. I can find only this link that says 10.10 . Is that correct? http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-10.10.iso03:12
kanliotdon't think so03:16
kanliotbut it's not supported so your mileage may vary03:17
kanliotand why the hell would you not want 11.10?03:18
Eruadanis in the home page http://lubuntu.net/blog/lubuntu-1004-now-available-download03:18
Eruadani want 10.04 to be similar with my server, i just use it as a work station03:18
kanliotthere you go03:20
kanliotpersonally i'm curious how well it will run03:21
Eruadanfunny , i got this one http://lubuntu.lafibre.info/10.04/ lol03:21
kanliotthere's a reason why we don't support old versions03:21
Eruadanwhat is the reason then?03:21
kanliotlots of changes03:21
Eruadanits not old, its lts03:22
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Eruadankanliot, i'm installing it, it seems fine till now. Actually, i find it really nice and simple03:36
HGFHGFHFGHanyone help03:39
HGFHGFHFGHsomebody help me03:40
HGFHGFHFGHanyone here?03:40
Eruadanit seems desperated03:41
hartleyThey literally waiting 1 minute.03:42
gfsdfgfdgno one here03:46
hartleywe are here.04:01
hartleyjust ask your question.04:01
hartleymuch easier to just ask and wait, then to ask if someone is here to help you.04:02
Eruadankanliot, you were right, it installed , but when it rebooted for the first timee, i have a lot of errors04:04
Eruadanfucking lubuntu, i'm installing a minimal ubuntu and x with open box myself, damn it04:07
gfsdfgfdgI need help using firewall in lubuntu04:09
gfsdfgfdgI don't know how to configure it04:09
gfsdfgfdgIs it safe if I don't configure firewall?04:10
Eruadansry for the trolling, i just got pissof04:10
Eruadani just removed the virtual box cd, and it works now04:11
Eruadangfgfgfgfggfgf, are you setting up a server?04:11
gfsdfgfdgI dunno what your talking bout04:12
gfsdfgfdgwhat is a server04:12
Eruadanserver is the computer that serve internet pages04:12
gfsdfgfdgI'm not a comp whiz04:13
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gfsdfgfdgi'm using a vpn as i know04:13
gfsdfgfdgi dunno setting up a server for04:13
Eruadana vpn?04:14
gfsdfgfdgi am unknown04:14
gfsdfgfdga vpn inside a vpn04:15
gfsdfgfdgand then I made a vm04:15
Eruadanwich vpn are you using?04:15
gfsdfgfdgI cannot tell you as I am anonymous04:15
gfsdfgfdgand inside the vm I use another vpn.04:15
gfsdfgfdglastly i use a tor browser04:16
Eruadanwhatever dude04:16
gfsdfgfdghowever i am not sure i'm anonymous04:16
Eruadani have more important things to do04:16
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Eruadanhow can i change screen resolution ?04:31
hartleymenu>prefs>monitor settings04:32
Eruadanhartley, thanks, why i haave maximum res only 800x 600?04:38
Eruadani installed it inside virtual box04:39
Eruadanusing windows vista as host04:39
hartleyi believe you can set your hardware specs in virtual box.04:39
Eruadanit's funny, cause i installed archlinux the same way, and i din't have such issue04:40
hartleydoes it still limit the res when you full screen virtualbox? or is there a setting to start virtualbox fullscreen?04:41
Eruadani can't change any settings in virtual box04:41
Eruadanyes, it does, that is the problem, it is set to full screeen, but it doesn't fill all the screen04:41
Eruadanwith only 800x60004:42
hartleywhat im thinking is virtualbox starts in an 800x600, but the graphic settings arent refreshed when the screen changes to fullscreen.04:42
Eruadanmaybe, i'm not expert04:43
Eruadani just can say that archlinux doesn't give me that issue04:43
kanlioton vmware you have to install vmware tools04:43
kanliotmaybe it's somethign similar for vbox04:43
Eruadanbut all derivates of ubuntu does04:43
Eruadanincluding xubuntu, lucid server and lubuntu04:43
Eruadani see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Tools04:45
Eruadanit would be nice, if there was something for vb like that04:45
hartleyyeah, but looked through the vb settings. didnt see anything relating to monitors, or to starting vb in fullscreen.04:47
Eruadanif the host was ubuntu, then i got the solution04:49
gordon1234Re VirtualBox .... have you installed Guest Additions & Extension Pack?04:49
Eruadanthe host is a windows machine04:50
Eruadangordon1234, should i install those on the host windows?04:50
gordon1234Eruaden: Yes, I think so. No expert either though, but it sorted out some resolution problems I was having on a wide screen monitor04:52
gordon1234Here for main prog and Extension Pack https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads04:53
gordon1234Here for Guest additions http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html04:54
Eruadani think i found it http://askubuntu.com/questions/3205/higher-screen-resolution-in-virtualbox04:54
gordon1234Eruadan, yes, looks like Guest Additions will help you out, but I would do the extension pack too. The info I gave is for the Oracle VirtualBox app. This may be different from the one you are using??04:58
hartleyyep yep. agree. the guest additions should work.04:58
Eruadani'm installing it  ^^04:58
hartleyshould correct things like changing of monitor resolutions (which doesnt happen on real hardware, your max 1024x768 screen will always have that max res)04:59
gordon1234Extension Pack and Guest Additions are ISOs. The Extension Pack is installed from the Main VirtualBox Host window, the Guest additions are installed once you start the new machine Iif that makes sense!)04:59
Eruadansure, the additions i install with apt-get inside the guest05:00
Eruadanugh...it's a big package, still installing it05:01
gordon1234not sure ... I think you may have to mount the ISO on VirtualBox before starting the virtual machine.05:02
Eruadanit works05:06
Eruadanthis is the only thing i did http://askubuntu.com/questions/3205/higher-screen-resolution-in-virtualbox05:07
Eruadansudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-utils virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 virtualbox-ose-guest-dkms05:07
gordon1234good news05:07
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hartleyanyone know if there is an event viewer type app I could use?06:49
hartleyhave the crystal hd driver working with flash for hd support. but i seem to be getting full system freezes. would like to see if its really the system freezing or maybe x06:50
alkisgHi, is there a desktop.iso for lubuntu precise?09:42
alkisgI can't find alpha 2, only the alternate cd, is there a daily build for the desktop iso that works?09:43
alkisgHmm or to phrase it more correctly, does http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/current/precise-desktop-i386.iso work?09:43
alkisgSaturdays... :D /me uses http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/12.04/alpha-2/precise-alternate-i386.iso09:47
milen8204hello all how can I change my kayboard imput language ?11:53
milen8204Hello all where I can find a recycle bin in Lubuntu ?13:20
milen8204how can I have a icon on my desctop ?13:20
smile4evermilen8204: open PCManFM and you will see the trash :)13:24
smile4everat the left. :)13:24
milen8204smile4ever, how to open that ?13:25
smile4evermilen8204: the menu with applications => accesoires => file manager13:27
smile4ever(i have a dutch version, the names can differ :) )13:28
milen8204ohh sily me :D thanks13:28
smile4everyou're welcome :D13:28
milen8204how can I pin it to the desktop13:29
smile4everI don't know that by heart :)13:29
smile4everi'll look it up :)13:29
milen8204ok thanks13:30
smile4ever(is searching)13:31
smile4evermilen8204: I don't know if it's possible (after looking it up). However, you can place PCManFM on your desktop :)13:33
smile4everthan your trash is one click away :)13:33
smile4evermilen8204: i've found it :DD13:34
smile4everhttp://forum.lxde.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2018 :)13:35
milen8204smile4ever, ok thanks a lot13:35
smile4everYou need "Re: Add trash to desktopby maces ยป Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:59 pm"13:35
smile4everthe trash.desktop one :)13:35
smile4evermilen8204: does it work? :)13:37
milen8204I will say13:38
milen8204I am tring to do that13:38
smile4everok :) you need to paste the text into leafpad and than save it to /home/user/Desktop as trash.desktop :)13:39
milen8204i iam trying to paste in a terminal :D13:40
smile4everwon't work! ;)13:40
smile4everbrb, going to the toilet :) just say my name when you need me, i'll be back in a minute :)13:41
milen8204it works13:42
milen8204smile4ever, it works thanks a lot13:43
smile4evermilen8204: great :) you're welcome13:44
milen8204smile4ever, I just made a file trash.desktop on my desctop and have paste the tekst and save it , and trash bin appears13:45
smile4evermilen8204: yeah, so cool. :)13:46
milen8204smile4ever, have a nice day13:52
milen8204smile4ever, what does it means "Install feh"?13:53
smile4evermilen8204: it's a program for setting your background :)13:54
smile4everwhere did you read it? :)13:54
smile4everin Lubuntu you can right click on the desktop and set a wallpaper (background :) )13:54
smile4everso no need to install feh i think :)13:55
milen8204I want to change my backbraunds for a period of time ?13:55
smile4everoh i see. :)13:55
smile4everwait a moment please :)13:55
milen8204I had a script whan have a Ubuntu on this PC, but the script is for gnome not for LXDE13:56
smile4evermilen8204: http://www.kabatology.com/09/09/wally-rotates-desktop-backgrounds-in-linux-windows-and-macosx/ I would use this :)13:56
smile4everand if it's for gnome, in this case it won't work :p13:57
milen8204yes that why I am serching for another way13:58
milen8204can`t use my old script13:58
smile4everThis one should work also (it's with an xml file that is generated for you) You only have to add the pictures and install the application :)13:59
smile4everI hope it works for lxde too :)13:59
milen8204smile4ever, I am going to try whit wally14:00
smile4everok good luck :)14:00
milen8204thanks a lot14:00
kvarleyI have LXDE running on Ubuntu, how can I install the LUbuntu theme for LXDE within Ubuntu?14:03
smile4everkvarley: install lubuntu-default-settings & lubuntu-artwork & lubuntu-core :)14:03
kvarleysmile4ever: Thanks =D14:04
smile4everkvarley: you're welcome :)14:04
kvarleyAre there any window tiling applications that work in LXDE?14:13
smile4everwhat do you mean? :)14:19
kvarleysmile4ever: Where you can drag a window to the left of the screen and it will snap to the left half of the screen.14:20
smile4everkvarley: oh i see. I don't know, sorry.14:21
milen8204smile4ever, wally does not work for me14:39
smile4evermilen8204: and the other link? :)14:41
smile4everoh, i see :( for gnome :(14:43
milen8204yes :)14:43
smile4everI didn't find a link for LXDE :p14:44
Ray2Lubuntu-10.10 lxde wm ...How to have numlock start at boot.???14:44
lulz87hi, how to readd power button, i delete it by mistake from LXPanel14:45
milen8204no problem14:45
smile4evermilen8204: you could create a huge gif file xD14:46
milen8204smile4ever, how to make my Lubutu to check speling and gramar of language that I write14:46
smile4everdepends on the program :)14:46
milen8204x-chat ?14:46
smile4eversearch for 'spelling checker xchat' on the internet :)14:47
Ray2milen8204, x-chat settings perference input box tick spelling check14:49
milen8204Ray2, I have a tick there mut it does not chek my speling in English14:50
milen8204may be I have to download a dictionary or something like that14:51
head_victimMy xchat automatically spell checks in the text box (not in the channel scroll though).14:51
milen8204head_victim, mine don`t14:51
milen8204It underlines all english words as wrong14:52
head_victimYes and if you right click on it it should suggest what the correct word should be.14:55
milen8204no suggestions on word house14:56
milen8204for example14:56
head_victimThat's spelt correctly though, if you typed housse and then right clicked on it then it should suggest the word house (in the right click menu item "suggested spelling").14:57
lulz87where to edit default aplications?15:01
milen8204head_victim, I type: house and it is underlined whit red line :D and has no suggestions . All words is underlined as wrond although they are correct.15:03
smile4everlulz87: in your default applications (in preferences menu, part of the main menu)15:10
lulz87hmm i dont have defaultaplications15:12
lulz87dont understaind where is that shit :D15:15
Myrttiahem, mind your language please...15:15
Myrttilet's keep it clean15:16
smile4everlulz87: menu where your applications are in => preferences/options => preference applications :)15:23
lulz87you mean preference when i open app?15:27
lulz87in preference applications is only firefox and mail client15:31
smilelulz87: which preference do you want to set than? :)15:45
lulz87i want set vlan for videos15:46
lulz87i only have firefox and mail client, not multimedia tab on top :(15:46
milen8204smile, could you look at this please? http://linux-software-news-tutorials.blogspot.com/2011/07/change-wallpaper-automatically-and.html15:47
smilemilen8204: I think it's a good one :)15:48
milen8204smile thanks15:50
smileyou looked it up :)15:51
lulz87is that normal smile?15:51
smileso thank yourself :)15:51
smilelulz87: yes. other preferred apps you just launch :)15:52
lulz87? wo what exactly i must run to change multimedia apps?15:52
lulz87i dont understaint that preferred apps15:52
smilelulz87: you just need to install that new app you wish and remove the old one :)15:58
lulz87i installed new app16:00
lulz87vlc player, i have also installed gnome player16:01
lulz87i want vlc player to play videos by default16:01
milen8204I have no sound on Lununtu what should I do '16:02
lulz87i removed gnome player and now vlc is player by default :D16:04
lulz87just one more question, what is the best file archiver alternative, except file roller16:04
smilexarchiver? :)16:12
smilei'm leaving, i'm gonna eat :)16:12
milen8204anyone can help I have no sound ?16:41
milen8204what can breack my sound ?16:49
kanliotsound breaks alot.  did you install more software, or what did you do/17:03
milen8204how can I sett the system to run a little bash script every time when it starts ?18:23
smilemilen8204: try to add it to /home/user/.config/autostart18:26
rtdoson my ubuntu machine (for example), is there a way to create a GUI-less session (no desktop, no mouse enabled, just full screen command line) ? the recovery-console session might work but i only have a 80*25 display (not full screen) and the mouse is still active. is there a way to edit this so that i have a full screen text display without a mouse?18:27
milen8204I had put it there, the file name is wallpaper.sh, and there is a contens18:27
milen8204deny@deny-PC:~/.config/autostart$ ls18:28
milen8204docky.desktop  wallpaper.sh18:28
smileand it's not loading? :p18:28
milen8204hell ye18:28
Sentynelrtdos: ctrl+alt+f{1..6} drop out of the gui; ctrl+alt+f7 brings it back18:28
smileYou can try to put the script into a .desktop-file :)18:29
milen8204when I start it manualy in a terminal it loads18:29
milen8204and works fine18:29
gridbagim looking for more screenshots of lubuntu in action.  thx.18:29
milen8204smile, whit extension .desktop ?18:30
smilegridbag: try google images :)18:31
milen8204smile, or you mean to pate containing of wallpaper file in docky.desktop ?18:32
smilemilen8204: you copy a .desktop file from /usr/share/applications and you adapt it to your needs. exec is lxterminal sh wallpaper.sh or sh wallpaper.sh18:32
smileyou have to experiment with the exec-line :)18:32
gridbaghead up looks like a complete disaster.18:33
milen8204ok, I will try18:34
Sentynelrtdos: ctrl+alt+f{1..6} drop out of the gui; ctrl+alt+f7 brings it back18:34
Sentynelrtdos: if necessary you can alter the init files to prevent the gui from being started in the first place18:35
rtdosSentynel: how? i don't mind keeping the GUI login screen but everyonce in awhile i need a gui-less desktop (command line only), is this possible to create a blank session to do that?18:36
smilemilen8204: good luck :)18:37
Sentynelrtdos: from the gui login screen, you can just drop to tty and stop whatever the gui process is18:38
Sentynellxdm I think18:38
Sentynelyou can block it from starting automatically when the system starts, but you'd need to manually start it every time you did want it18:39
smileSentynel: yes, it's lxdm :)18:39
rtdoswill try that. :)18:39
Sentynelalso, I believe that some of the login screens (kubuntu's, I think) do offer the option to stop the x server, but I don't think lubuntu's does18:39
smile~xintrc contains the line to start lxdm i think :)18:39
milen8204smile, thanks18:41
smilemilen8204: it works? :)18:42
smile* xinitrc :)18:42
milen8204smile I think no18:42
smilemilen8204: you tried both?18:42
milen8204I am going to reboot and try again18:42
smileok :)18:43
valdur55I have problem with sound control18:43
smilevaldur55: what's the problem? :)18:43
valdur55When i mute it and then click again mute. Icon is still muted18:44
valdur55Alsamixer handles toggle, but icon doesn't.18:45
smilevaldur55: can you kill the process and than start it again? :)18:45
valdur55kill volumealsa plugin?18:47
smilevaldur55: no, the icon only? :p18:48
valdur55oh.. it-s  .so file in plugins dir18:49
smilevaldur55: fixed? :)18:55
valdur55no:(. When i enable gnome-settings-daemon and then remove unneeded plugins then all works nice!18:56
smileso it's a problem with a plugin :o18:58
valdur55Nope.. With media key bindings19:00
smilestupid bindings :s19:00
valdur55or volumealsa is looking wrong information.19:01
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eggzeckMan I love lubuntu!21:17
pAt_me too eggzeck21:30
Silverlioneggzeck :p21:54
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G1lbertHello There. I've created a lubuntu live-"usb stick"22:47
G1lbert#it boots but seems to freeze at the moment the desktops starts22:47
G1lbertjust a white screen22:48
G1lberticant change to console using shift+ctrl+number22:48
G1lbertbut i can shutdown using strg+alt+del22:48
G1lbertdoes anyone have a tip for me ?22:48
valdur55Ctrl+Alt+F1|F2 ...22:55
valdur55G1lbert, use Ctrl+Alt+F1 or F2  ... for switching terminals22:55
G1lberti've done that, but nothing happens22:57
G1lbertscreen stays white22:58
G1lbertif i boot without acpi=off  the desktop doesnt start at all22:58
valdur55You can use ESC for disabling  plymouth22:58
G1lbertit directly boot into the console22:58
G1lbertah i forget to mention, i use a eeepc 1101ha netbook22:59
G1lbertno errors, just a blank white screen23:00
G1lbert"busybox?"  ?23:00
valdur55http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1619999 look this23:02
G1lberti'll read. thx so far. i'll come back with feedback later23:03
valdur55It's about 10.04 but same items might fix your problems23:04
eggzecklubuntu runs well on this old IBM ThinkPad T41. Sound issues (but I will be dealing with that soon). I'm going to install it on my girlfriends laptop too, remove Ubuntu. Good stuff.23:21
valdur55eggzeck, sound issues... Explain it!23:22
eggzeckvaldur55: Everything seems to be working except I can't hear anything.23:26
valdur55Is mixer unmuted?23:28
eggzeckvaldur55: Yes. There's something else going on, not sure what it is yet at this point but I'll figure it out.23:28
valdur55eggzeck, Ok. Check alsamixer ...23:29
eggzeckvaldur55: Yeah, everything looks good in alsamixer23:31
eggzeckgot it23:36
eggzeckit almost seems as if there's two adapters, I had to enter alsamixer and hit f6 to choose the ThinkPad Console Audio Control23:39
eggzeckHere's the interesting part, at the graphical level my volume "is turned up all the way" yet if I hit "mute" on my laptop's controlls it does not show as "muted" at the volume control23:41
eggzeckwhich is what confused me23:41
eggzecklooks like the volume control on in the GUI  controlls the master volume and the "up" and "down" keys on my laptop controll that ThinkPad Controller Console in alsamixer23:43
eggzeckIn any case my sound is working now! YEEEEAHHHHH!23:44
eggzeckvaldur55: Thank you for telling me to look in alsamixer, I don't think I would have figured it out that fast if you hadn't said that.23:47
valdur55eggzeck, wait.. there is one trick!23:49
valdur55leafpad ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml   and search RaiseVolume23:51
valdur55:) make your changes and save it.23:51
valdur55then volume keys are working nicely23:52
eggzecknice! Thank you, I did that (except I used vi instead of leafpad which I prefer) and it works nicely now23:58

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