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jo-erlendIf someone has a moment to confirm? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-music/+bug/93460901:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 934609 in unity-lens-music (Ubuntu) "Clicking on an album in the music lens causes no reaction." [Undecided,Confirmed]01:02
jokerdinojo-erlend: your bug is confirmed.01:52
jo-erlendjokerdino, thanks.01:56
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snadgehave the mirrors been fixed yet? :p03:33
snadgecome on ya slackers ;)03:33
snadgepay your internet bill j/k03:33
snadgegah.. dodge active windows has been removed from unity04:21
snadgeim deeply pissed off about that.. way to fail04:21
snadgetime to switch to gnome-shell04:23
snadgesick of the bugs.. and the retard decisions04:23
snadgeway to ruin something that could've been good04:23
urfr332g0snadge, hmm it is on my oneric setup in compiz04:23
snadgeits just been removed in precise04:23
snadgefor flawed, dubious reasoning.. because some people are retards.. basically04:24
snadgethat means people who arn't retards, now have to suck eggs04:24
snadgeand the option has been completely removed.. even from ccsm04:24
snadgereally not happy about that04:24
jokerdinoyou can get it from myunity04:25
jokerdinothough not sure if it would work04:25
snadgenever hide... sucks... autohide.. sucks.. dodge active was an excellent option.. i honestly dont understand how people could've found that confusing.. and deeply annoyed that the option has been removed from ccsm, which warns the user its for advanced purposes only04:25
snadgei guess i can live with pressing the super key to access dash.. and i can probably get used to auto-hide.. im just hating it at the moment04:27
snadgeif theres space for it.. i'd like it to just be there04:27
snadgeon netbooks.. dodge active is arguably mandatory04:28
snadgeits annoying to reveal dash with a trackpad04:28
snadgepressing super is something i'll just have to get used to :/04:28
jokerdinodid you try myunity?04:28
snadgenever heard of it04:35
snadgeim starting to get over it.. just felt like venting04:35
jokerdinogood boy04:35
snadgestill i miss dodge active windows.. i know that the real reason it was removed04:36
snadgeis because they couldn't be bothered fixing it04:36
snadgeand are pandering to retards04:36
snadgeall the intelligent people ditched unity ages ago ;)04:36
snadgeim going to drink beer now04:47
jokerdinojokerdino: hi06:19
crshbndctdaily of 12.04 wont boot on my machine. tells me i need a kernel appropriate to my cpu (or some such thing)06:21
Ben64what model cpu06:22
crshbndctusing i386 iso and pentium m cpu06:24
crshbndctits a bit old and slow but it should work given than 11.10 i386 works06:24
Ben64it could be that the newest kernel doesn't support cpus that old anymore06:24
crshbndctreally. because i use 3.2.6-1 on arch without problems06:26
crshbndctand i386 is i386, regardless of model.06:26
Ben64you sure you didn't grab the amd64 version06:26
crshbndctsure. i checked the md5sum for it and it matched the list on the cdimage site06:27
Ben64i'm not sure then06:28
crshbndctjust looked it up and they have removed non pae support from the kernel, so anyone with a pentium2 or older cant run it. that is not me though. i have a 2.2ghz pentium m06:31
crshbndctseems like they stuffed that one up then. i guess i will try something else06:35
scarleoHi, I still need to do sudo modprobe -r wl ssb b43; sudo modprobe wl; on every boot to get my wifi going. ssb and b43 are blacklisted and wl is the only one that should be loaded. Should I report it as a bug?09:01
zzecoolscarleo: why not09:02
scarleozzecool: ok, what package should I report it against?09:02
zzecoolhmmm i can say network manager09:03
zzecoolAnd dont forget to use "ubuntu-bug"  to collect the log files09:04
scarleozzecool: of course :)09:05
phibxrAnyone noticed that the terminal sometimes disappears from Alt+Tab, yet is still clickable in the panel in Unity 3D?09:10
AlanBellbug 93461409:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 934614 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "reinstall of precise breaks grub with invalid arch independent ELF magic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93461409:21
AlanBellany suggestions on how to unbrick my laptop? grub-reinstall from a chroot doesn't fix it09:22
AlanBell!info grub209:32
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.99-14ubuntu2 (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for any-i386 any-amd64 any-powerpc any-ppc64 any-sparc any-mipsel i386 kopensolaris-i386 amd64 powerpc ppc64 sparc mipsel kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64)09:32
jo-erlendweren't we supposed to have an entry in system settings to set privacy rules for Zeitgeist?09:39
jokerdinoit is not installed yet09:39
jo-erlenderr, not privacy, but.. You know.09:39
jokerdinoyeah, i know09:39
jo-erlendjokerdino, it is planned then?09:39
jokerdinoit is not in the default repos yet.09:39
jokerdinobut it is going to be, soon.09:39
jo-erlendright. Thanks.09:39
jo-erlendI saw your answer on askubuntu :)09:40
jokerdinoyou can install it, if you are impatient like me :)09:40
jokerdinohah, thought so :)09:40
jokerdinosudo apt-get install activity-log-manager-control-center09:40
amithkkIm on The Oneric09:43
jokerdinoyou don't deserve to be here then ;)09:44
amithkkAnd new ubuntu release==tad bit slower09:44
amithkkLOL I got to get used to the name09:44
amithkk:S Even XFCE is slow09:46
jokerdinodid you dist-upgrade yet?09:46
jokerdinowell, for me, it is faster in 12.0409:47
psaldenhey folks... I think I read how unity-greeter should now be handling the lockscreen. Is this correct? It does not seem to be the case for me.09:50
jo-erlendamithkk, that's strange. On every single computer I've tested Precise on, it's been radically faster.09:50
jo-erlendpsalden, not yet.09:50
psaldenthat explains :) thanks09:50
jokerdinopsalden: it is now disabled.09:50
jo-erlendI seem to recall something about issues with AMD cards or something.09:50
amithkkRemember, Im on a P4 system With Nvidia 6200 AGP graphics09:50
jo-erlendamithkk, ok. Have you tested Lubuntu? It's really cool and lightning fast.09:51
amithkkIm on Xubuntu09:51
amithkkBut I may make the move09:51
jokerdinopsalden: Bug 87883609:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878836 in Light Display Manager "Unity Greeter - Use Unity Greeter to fulfil lock screen as well as login functions" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87883609:51
jo-erlendamithkk, I don't think the processor or graphics will be such an issue with Xfce. But memory might. How much do you have?09:52
amithkkGnome>Unity>Gnome Shell>Unity 2D>XFCE>LXDE..?09:52
psaldenthanks jokerdino, I'll read through it09:52
amithkk*Gnome>Unity>Gnome Shell>Unity 2D>XFCE>LXDE?09:52
jo-erlendamithkk, I don't really understand that. Unity is Gnome. Are you talking about resource consumption?09:53
jokerdinoIs gnome = gnome-fallback?09:54
amithkkNope 10.04 gnome09:54
amithkk10.04 was very fast09:54
jo-erlendwhich consumes more of Unity and Gnome Shell, I don't know. I would expect Gnome Panel to consume a little less than both. Unity and Unity 2D probably uses about the same amounts, but Unity is heavier on the graphics card. Xfce is heavier than Lxde.09:54
jo-erlendamithkk, it's the same thing.09:54
amithkkYeah, For some reason, Its going slow09:55
amithkkWait a second09:55
jo-erlendamithkk, it's actually called Gnome Panel. You can install it by running sudo apt-get install gnome-panel. It will pull in everything you need and give you an option at login.09:55
jokerdinoi remember someone having issue with this bug, Bug 87883609:55
amithkk I'll try the 96 driver09:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878836 in Light Display Manager "Unity Greeter - Use Unity Greeter to fulfil lock screen as well as login functions" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87883609:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927441 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Precise) "Far left character in panel (and launcher popups) distorted" [High,Confirmed]09:55
jokerdinosorry wrong one.09:55
jo-erlendjokerdino, thanks. I think I've experienced that issue.09:56
jokerdinoso it was you. i forgot who it was.09:56
amithkkOk, How does ubottu do the Bug:x123 thing09:58
amithkktwobottu: +info09:58
twobottuamithkk: Error: "+info" is not a valid command.09:58
jokerdinobug 109:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109:59
amithkkI'meant where I could get the plugin09:59
amithkkIt's supybot09:59
amithkkIm having a trimmed down version for #2buntu09:59
jokerdinowhat was that extension that shows download bar in firefox?10:17
adzHas anyone else been unable to log in to Ubuntu 12.04 alpha 2 after an update yesterday?11:17
jokerdinohey mainerror11:20
mainerrorOh hey there. :)11:21
jokerdinohow is 12.04?11:22
mainerrorI'm quite pleased with it.12:59
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scar3crowany way to "zoom desktop" in Alpha2?13:42
AlanBellscar3crow: sure, super+mousewheel13:48
AlanBellsomeone with two monitors want to confirm bug 93513113:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935131 in libnotify (Ubuntu) "if the rightmost screen is not as high as the aggregate rectangle notifications are off screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93513113:49
scar3crowty AlanBell13:50
phibxrAlanBell, isn't it a bit annoying that super+moisewheel will bring up the cheat sheet in the middle of everything?13:50
phibxrAlanBell, *mousewheel13:50
AlanBellphibxr: yes, it is annoying, there is a bug about that somewhere13:51
AlanBellyou can turn off the cheatsheet if you want13:51
AlanBellhmm, maybe not a full separate bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/855532/comments/2313:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 855532 in unity-2d "Keyboard shortcut - Add keyboard shortcut hint overlay that is displayed when a user presses and holds the Super key" [High,In progress]13:52
AlanBellbug 93271813:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 932718 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard overlay gets in the way when zooming" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93271813:53
scar3crowAlanBell: I was seeking to "zoom" my desktop wallpaper... looks good in lightdm, then re-scales to "fit" upon login. there used to be options in "Appearance" to change how your desktop wallpaper was scaled, now there isn't :-/13:54
AlanBellscar3crow: oh right, dunno about that13:56
AlanBelluse one the right size :)13:56
zzecoolAlanBell: what is the cheatsheet?13:56
scar3crow:( ok, thnx13:56
zzecoolAlanBell: do you mean the mouse pointer?13:56
AlanBellzzecool: long hold of super key13:56
zzecoolAlanBell: ahh yeah13:56
AlanBellthe shortcut overlay13:56
zzecooli see13:56
AlanBellif you are doing super+mousewheel it gets in the way and looks rubbish as the background doesn't update as you zoom13:57
zzecoolin super + mousewheel it should remove the mouse pointer while on zoom13:57
AlanBellit scales the pointer, works great for me13:58
scar3crowAlanBell: scaled image... looks good ;)14:02
xocolatlcertain apps in unity don't appear in alt+tab and have hollow arrows on the left side of the launcher (as opposed to full arrows like the other apps).  what does that mean?14:26
Daekdroomxocolatl, they're on a different workspace14:27
xocolatlDaekdroom, that would make sense, except they're not14:28
DaekdroomAlt+tab new default is to show apps only on the active workspace.14:28
Daekdroomthen it's a bug14:28
xocolatlthat's kind of what I'm saying :)14:28
xocolatlemacs is a good example if you want to see what I mean14:28
xocolatlor anything in the sgt-puzzles package14:29
xocolatlooh, something just happened and I got access to them14:29
xocolatlmaybe switching around workspaces helped14:29
* xocolatl tests14:29
xocolatlyes, changing workspaces and coming back fixes it14:30
xocolatlI use the keyboard as much as possible because the trackpad is 98% broken in precise.  completely unusable14:31
philinuxKBentley57: Did you get you config file ok?14:45
Volkodavnvidia would not load for some reason same was with 29016:40
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jmcantrelldoes the compiz grid plugin work correctly in precise?17:40
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Omega /go ran17:59
zzecoolDoes anyone using the scale plugin ?     Super + w ?18:15
jmcantrelli don't think anyone is alive in here18:20
* mainerror is alive18:20
yofelsure there are people alive in here, just probably nobody that uses those plugins18:20
penguin42alive is a relative concept18:23
Patrickdkrelative is a relative concept also :)18:26
jmcantrellyofel: everyone uses the grid plugin, they just don't realize what it's called18:26
yofeljokerdino: I use KDE, so I most certainly don't18:28
yofelhe's gone -.-18:28
roothorickso if I want official Flash on precise (for newish video streaming), what's the best approach?18:34
bjsniderinstall adobe-flashplugin18:34
bjsniderit's in the partner repo18:34
bjsniderthat repo might not be set up for precise yet, so you can go out to launchpad and grab the oneiric version and install that manually18:35
trismthey fixed the flashplugin-installer package to install the 64 bit version now, so that works as well18:36
yofelrmadison shows it as available: adobe-flashplugin | | precise-partner/partner | source, amd64, i38618:36
bjsniderthe flashplugin-installer package is no longer necessary18:37
roothorickwell, I couldn't find a partner repository, and flashplugin-installer was found immediately by apt-get18:37
roothorickso, well, nyah.18:37
bjsniderthe adobe-flashplugin package gets you an arch-specific plugin that is linked to all browsers18:38
bjsniderand doesn't pull in nspluginwrapper18:38
roothorickI didn't see nspluginwrapper on the install list18:39
trismbjsnider: flashplugin-installer doesn't anymore either18:39
roothorickand I'm deeply loyal to Firefox, so I don't care about other browsers18:39
bjsniderthe changelog says -installer downloads out of the partner archive18:42
bjsnidernot directly from adobe, so you get what you'd get anyway if you'd just enable the partner repo18:43
roothorickwell would you look at that, Amazon instant video works in Linux Firefox18:43
bjsniderit's just there for people who don't know how to enable partner18:43
roothorickpartner is multiverse right?18:44
yofelno, partner is packages provided by canonical18:44
yofeland I think disabled by default18:44
bjsniderpretty much any flash will work to some extent on linux at this point18:44
twobottuyofel: Error: "partner" is not a valid command.18:44
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »18:44
yofelthe hell's twobottu o.O18:45
bjsniderthere are differences in terms of gpu decoding18:45
DaekdroomIs that an unauthorized bot?18:45
bjsniderlol, attacked by evil bots18:47
h00kDaekdroom: yeah, it was18:48
roothorickflash fullscreen performance is dismal :(18:48
roothorickugh. Update manager pops up every couple of minutes, which is obnoxious because it doesn't actually work18:51
trismroothorick: gsettings set com.ubuntu.update-notifier auto-launch false;18:56
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mainerrorDoes anyone use a multitouch capable device on 12.04?20:00
alkisgIf I have autologin enabled for the local user, and I enable XDMCP, then all remote clients automatically log in as that user. Isn't that a security issue? It only happens with lightdm, it didn't happen previously with gdm..20:09
alkisgHmm it might be a misconfiguration... /me tests...20:16
tech2hi all, I've been trying to move my network configuration from a collection of independent configurations to network manager, so far I've moved my vpn from openvpn to a nm config for ovpn, but am still having difficulty configuring dnsmasq properly20:17
tech2dnsmasq seems to stop resolving when my vpn is connected. any ideas?20:17
alkisgNah, it's a bug :)20:25
alkisgSetting another autologin-user under the [XDMCPServer] section didn't help20:25
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pcjc2Hi, does anyone know which package provides the new HUD features?20:50
pcjc2I had it installed from the testing PPA, but now that is gone, I can't see what packages it is specific to20:50
Ampelbeinpcjc2: what are those features?20:51
pcjc2(Its got to go.. it is broken on my box)20:51
pcjc2(Because I uninstalled the various global-menu packages as I find them very unhelpful)20:52
pcjc2I think the "HUD" depends on the global app-menu stuff. I'm guessing it is a part of unity, as there is no "*hud*" package in dpkg20:53
pcjc2ok, I disabled its shortcut in ccsm, so its disabled for now.20:55
AmpelbeinHmm, the ppa page for the hud gives me a "Forbidden".... googling shows it is included in the "indicator-appmenu" package20:56
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tonyjklis there somwhere I can download Precise?21:45
tonyjklI'd like to give it a try:)21:45
tonyjklhaving some issues with others21:46
mainerrorAnd here are the daily builds. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/21:46
valdur55freedom ;)21:47
h00kmy stupid self didn't bring amouse, I have this weird touchpad thing :(21:51
h00kMove touchpad, hold finger there, continues to move in that direction.21:51
yofelh00k: there's a bug about that, happens on my eeePC as well21:55
h00kyofel: that's what I'm on, yeah. Do you know the number?21:56
yofelfound it, bug 92474721:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924747 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) ""Pointer keeps on moving while the finger rests on touchpad"" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92474721:56
h00k!helperstack | yofel21:57
h00k!helpersnack | yofel21:57
ubottuyofel: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:57
* yofel didn't know about that one yet :D21:57
* EvilResistance hands yofel a cookie21:58
* yofel hugs EvilResistance and h00k21:58
* EvilResistance glares evilly at yofel21:58
EvilResistanceget off of me...21:58
dr3mrohello i am testing the daily live cd of precise and it it's somehow buggy but that might be due to alpha flag and it will be stable soon when rc become avail .. but there is many glitchish like the mouse left button just dont resoponse randomly and i have to hit any keyboard short cut like ctrl+alt+t to mkae it work again and unity crashed couple of times for me and the default value for autohide is abit low and i have to wait alot so the launcher apppear22:06
dr3mro and the worst of them in these screenshots http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/1876/26791621.jpg  http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/1040/16595895.jpg notice the extra vertical pixel on the unity panel title >>> are those known issue .. I use ubuntu precise daily and fusijtsu siemens laptop amilo pi 1505 dual core cpu 1.8 3gb of ram and i945 vga .. oneiric plays well but i just don't know are those known bugs .. and if so how to report them22:06
trismdr3mro: about your font problem, there is some discussion from yesterday at bug 927441 and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=191944822:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927441 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Precise) "Far left character in panel (and launcher popups) distorted" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92744122:11
dr3mrotrism, thank you22:16
dr3mrotrism, I think all other bugs are compiz bugs .. and will resolve some how .  I can't wait precise release22:18
zzecoolGuys anyone using the scale plugin   ?   Its the Super+W22:18
zzecooldr3mro: do you use it ?22:19
DaekdroomWhat about it?22:19
zzecoolthere is a bug instead of pick the windows form all workspaces  it picks only fomr current22:19
zzecoolDaekdroom: here you are22:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933776 in compiz (Ubuntu) ""Super + W" window picker only shows local windows, not all." [Undecided,Confirmed]22:20
zzecoolPlease check and confirm  :)22:21
DaekdroomHave you ever considered that it might not be a bug?22:21
zzecoolDaekdroom: yes22:21
zzecooland it is22:21
zzecoolread my comment on the bug22:21
zzecoolif you want to pick only form current its another feature22:21
zzecoolCompiz ----> scale plugin ----> binding --->22:22
zzecoolInitiate window picker if only for the current22:22
zzecoolInitiate window picker for all windows is what super + w and its a bug22:23
zzecoolInitiate window picker for all windows is what super + w is and its a bug22:23
DaekdroomPress and hold Super and check what it says.22:24
DaekdroomI don't trust the current translation.22:24
Daekdroomand my system is not in English.22:24
zzecoolit says form current workspace...22:24
DaekdroomBut in CCSM it's set for all windows, right?22:24
DaekdroomSo the bug is that the ccsm configuration is misfunctioning.22:24
zzecoolnice catch22:24
zzecoolnot exactly22:25
zzecoolprolly its their mistake22:25
DaekdroomWell.. What is the default?22:25
zzecoolbecause this was the setup for ccsm was the same in oneiric22:25
zzecoolbut the result was not  its was picking from every workspace22:26
zzecoolas it should22:26
DaekdroomFound it.22:26
DaekdroomIt says for all windows indeed.22:26
DaekdroomThey must have changed the behaviour of the plugin and didn't update the text in CCSM22:26
zzecooli dont know22:27
zzecooli will try initiate window picker22:27
zzecoollet me check22:27
zzecoolsame behavior22:28
zzecoolthey f*** the plugin22:28
zzecoolDaekdroom: press affect me button please =)22:29
DaekdroomI did.22:30
zzecoolThank you :)22:30
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ironhalikIm filind adventurous today23:33
ironhalikcan I use apt, from terminal, to upgrade from 11.10 to precise?23:34
ironhalikinstead of the update-manager -d method?23:34
ironhalikso I guess theres only the GUI way?23:37
valdur55ironhalik, no... you can change your sources.list file ;) And then update && dist-upgrade23:38
ironhalikthat sounds exciting ;>23:38
valdur55:P you can break your system23:39
ironhalikI guess just upgrading it to a2 can break it ;>23:39
ironhalikbut I heard a2 is of decent quality23:39
krnekhelesha2 is pretty stable...been using precise for about 4 weeks now23:41
krnekheleshironhalik: really stable23:41
valdur55yea :) but still there is risk.23:43
ironhalikwell, knowing my luck, it wont work for me :)23:43
krnekheleshironhalik: haha23:43
krnekheleshironhalik: are you installing it on your test machine or production23:44
ironhalikwell, it depends :)23:44
valdur55oh... you can break your system with stable relase too ... :).23:44
ironhalikmy test machine turned into a crafted by hand, every package manually tuned arch linux23:45
ironhalikwhich Im truly terrified to break :)23:45
ironhalikso my main desktop got downgraded to test machine ;>23:45
ironhalikI think Ill clone my whole boot drive and then try precise23:46
krnekheleshironhalik: if it is any comfort, i installed precise on my production laptop23:46
zzecooli too23:46
ironhalikx86 or x64?23:47
zzecoolim running precise on my everyday laptop23:47
ironhalikhead 64bit is going to be the default one23:47
mainerrorSame here.23:47
ironhalikhmm, nice23:47
zzecooli can say that precise feels much more stable than oneoric23:47
zzecooland unity is HELL ALOT faster23:47
ironhalikI already use unity 5.0 on my oneiric23:48
zzecoolwe have 5.4 here23:48
ironhalikits indeed quite a bit snappier23:48
mainerrorIt isn't more stable for me but Unity is definitely a lot faster.23:48
ironhalikhmm, unity being laggy was the reason I didnt go with ubuntu on my lappy23:48
ironhalikhmm, any issues with Xorg taking a lot of CPU?23:49
zzecoolnow its fooking fast23:49
zzecoolnot here23:49
zzecoolin resting at 0.6%23:49
ironhalikI had terrible issues with that on 11.10, and red it has been fixed in 12.0423:49
zzecoolFlash is what killing my cpu23:49
ironhalikits killing everybodys CPU ;>23:50
zzecooli know its was a joke ;p23:50
DaekdroomXorg spends a lot of CPU for me.23:50
zzecoolDaekdroom: rly?23:50
DaekdroomBut I'm using xorg-edgers, so it might not be precise's fault23:50
zzecooli was using xorg edgers like 1 hour before with no problems23:50
zzecoolbut now i downgraded on main archive23:51
ironhalikDaekdroom: but does it hit higher cpu load, or just a lot of interrupts?23:51
zzecoolbecause nvidia 295 landed here23:51
ironhalikfor me, after an hour of leaks, it would use one whole core constantly23:51
DaekdroomIt does not get to use a whole core.23:51
zzecoolironhalik: thats nasty23:51
mainerrorXorg's CPU usage is OK for me, only the crashes are not as fun. :)23:51
DaekdroomBut it always has the most CPU usage, unless I'm using flash, enconding audio or something like that.23:52
krnekheleshi keep getting the message, system crashed: need to submit a bug report? even though everything is fine23:52
zzecoolTeamviewer got borged  for me ;/23:52
ironhalikzzecool: yeah, and I tried four different drivers from nvidia - only nouveau work, but they cut the 3d performance by half, and hd decoding23:52
zzecoolironhalik: im using 295 now and it is rocking23:52
zzecool290 was rocking too23:53
mainerrorkrnekhelesh: Obviously something is not fine. :)23:53
zzecoolkrnekhelesh: im getting the same when i login23:53
mainerrorJust report it.23:53
krnekheleshmainerror: yeah but i say cancel and then i dont notice anything unusual23:53
zzecooland sometimes random23:53
mainerrorThat is most likely a dupe.23:53
ironhalik290 was much better then 173, but there still were some leaks23:53
krnekheleshmainerror: i guess I will report it if i get it again23:53
mainerrorYou don't always have to notice that something crashed. :)23:54
krnekheleshoh by the way, do you guys have the new notify-osd? which changes the color like the dash?23:55
krnekheleshI have a bug and hence dont have it :(...reported it...eagerly waiting for it to get fixed23:56
DaekdroomI don't know whether I have it.23:56
krnekheleshDaekdroom: just change the volume or something and see if the notifications has the color similar to the dash and not just plain black like before23:56
DaekdroomOh. It does change the color.23:57
krnekheleshthen you got it23:57
DaekdroomIt doesn't seem to be it's the same as the Dash, tho.23:57
zzecoolsame for me23:57
zzecoolit works fine23:58
DaekdroomIt's almost nearly black.23:58
krnekheleshwell it is supposed to use the same median color as the dash23:58
krnekheleshit came with the unity 5.4 update23:58
zzecoolthe dash button is chameleonic too23:59

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