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parinanyone using qt with sqlite database on pandabaord?17:51
parini am not able to open tha sqlite database17:52
parindo i need to configure driver in qt?17:52
parinif yes how can i do that?17:52
ATPhello everyone, anyone know if lucid 10.04 can recognize touchscreen?20:06
ATPi put my usb touchscreen on my beagle and it also gets power but nothing shows up20:07
ATPit's supposed to be plug n play....20:07
xranby_ac100ATP: touch screens usually gets connected to the system like any input device20:12
ATPyeah i know but if i try to pipe any input device to hexdump doesnt give me anything20:13
ATPi tried this: sudo cat /dev/input/event020:14
ATPi tried this: sudo cat /dev/input/event0 | hexdump20:14
ATPso i got no input either output (screen is black)20:14
ATPso what am i supposed to do now? switch to a newer ubuntu?20:15
ATPhi again! which 12.04 image do I download for my beagle? just OMAP 3 or with HF?20:59
Dioxinhardfloat is generally the better option to go for as it refers to using the hardware implementation of Float21:04
DioxinBUT not everything has been moved over, so the softfloat might be more complete21:04
ATPok thanks for that21:21
ATPdo I also download the zsync file?21:22
ATPwhat does that do?21:22
xranby_ac100ATP: the zsync file are used by some download tools to update an old version to the new version by only download a binary diff21:25
ATPa cheers man then I guess i dont need it21:26
ATPi will just go for the simple stuff :P21:26
xranby_ac100APT: http://zsync.moria.org.uk/21:28
ATPye i saw that, i wont be using it but thanks anyway ^^21:29
xranby_ac100ok , did you solve your touch screen issue?21:30
ATPwell not really yet, im downloading 11.04 image now to check  (when i tried 11.10 and 12.04 i had problems with screen flickering in my main screen)21:37
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xranby_ac100ATP: screen on hdmi?22:47
ATPyes how do u know22:48
ATPand it's rolling up and down22:48
xranby_ac100you said you had a beagle board.. i guessed22:48
ATPi can see ubuntu running but its rolling and hurts my eyes22:48
ATPoh ok i thought it was a known bug or something...22:49
xranby_ac100do you have more than one monitor to test on?22:49
xranby_ac100its a digital signal22:49
ATPunfortunately not :(22:49
ATPu think it might be the monitor?22:50
xranby_ac100i font know22:50
xranby_ac100do not know22:50
ATPi will check on my neighbor's monitor22:52
xranby_ac100ATP: most likely your monitor supports say only interlaced  480i resolution and the beagle sends a 480p resolution..23:00
ATPmmmm might be it23:01
xranby_ac100same thing for higher resolutions23:01
xranby_ac100ATP: you can use a hdmi to dvi adapter and connect the beagle to a dvi monitor23:12
ATPxranby_ac100 yes good idea I just have to find a monitor to test23:22

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