lmthatguyHi im in need some help. Can anyone assist me?01:01
lmthatguywhen i try to execute ./nvflash, nothing happens01:07
lmthatguykeeps saying no such file or directory01:07
lmthatguyand i have everything i need in one directory01:08
zeroseven0183Hi imthatguy, where did you store the file ./nvflash?01:08
zeroseven0183You can check where you are in the Terminal by typing 'pwd'01:09
zeroseven0183See if you are in the correct directory01:09
invisigothikor greetings, or hello.03:56
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zimioanyone from nyc?04:59
bluphotonhello all, anyone knows why doesn't any program on ubuntu can input a text into yahoo chatroom ??06:33
bluphotoni can see the text i put in.. but its not displayed to anyone..06:34
bluphotoni use finch.. i have also tried in pidgin06:34
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rajuhi guys13:13
eyadofhi everyone , i want to ask if someone know how to change proxy setting from terminal ?13:19
rajueyadof: http://wazem.blogspot.in/2008/01/how-to-change-gnome-proxy-settings-on.html13:24
eyadofthank MR raju but i have ubuntu server there isn't any GUI to work with13:26
eyadofis there a pure text mod way13:27
rajueyadof:  scroll the first link13:27
rajui have seen there is text mode13:28
rajuread it , it have both GUI and text modes13:28
eyadofraju: it's use " gconftool "13:32
rajuhow is the 2nd one ?13:32
rajueyadof:  ok forums have one HOWTO , look at this , it may  helpful   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157513:34
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eyadofraju: thnks that work !13:37
rajueyadof:  nah! say to those guys13:39
rajulol :P13:39
rajuwelcome my friend13:39
Louco-Diamantehi there15:59
Louco-Diamanteguys, need to know what to choose from. Ubuntu 32 or 64bits?15:59
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anonymousinukhey ppl, can anyone help me with wlan0 channel config? or point me in the right dirrection?17:51
Jeroen___Hello people, I have a small problem with newly installed Ubuntu 11.10. The second monitor attached to my notebook is not recognized. Oddly, it *does* work when I booted from the live USB ubuntu, but not on the ubuntu I installed on the hard drive (from that same USB drive).17:54
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duanedesignJeroen___: do you have an NVIDIA card?18:14
Jeroen___Yes, nvidia.18:14
duanedesignJeroen___: do you know if you are using the open source or proprietary driver?18:15
Jeroen___Iḿ using a prorietary driver18:17
duanedesignJeroen___: does only one monitor show in 'nvidia-settings'?18:21
Jeroen___where do i find ´nvidia-settings´? Under ´displays´ only one monitor is shown, named ´unknown´, When I boot from the live USB drive, however, it shows both monitors, one as ´laptop'  and one (correctly) as ´samsung ...'18:23
duanedesignJeroen___: if you search in the Dash for 'nvidia' it should pop up. You can also launch it from the Terminal with the command nvidia-settings18:25
duanedesignif it is not installed you can install it with the command: sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings18:25
duanedesignJeroen___: this might be helpful. http://askubuntu.com/questions/67495/getting-dual-monitors-to-work-on-11-1018:33
Jeroen___nvidia-settings did the trick! Thanks! :-)18:36
duanedesignJeroen___: that is great!18:43
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samuelhello all23:01
samueli'm having problems installing ubuntu on my dell laptop, i wonder if anyone could offer some insight into the problem?23:02
benonsoftwaresamuel: Whats the problem?23:16
samuelah hello, thankyou for your response, i cant resize the os partition in either gparted or the ubuntu installer23:18
benonsoftwareWhat happenes?23:18
samuelafter the installer failed i booted into the live cd and fired up gparted, it shows an exclaimation mark against the os partition, i have a dell vostro btw23:19
samuelthe only partition that the ubuntu installer can install on has something like 10gb, and i'm a little concerned about formatting that23:19
samuelthe total hard drive capacity is 500gb23:19
benonsoftwaresamuel: is it possible for you to wipe the whole drive?23:20
samuelwell, i would rather leave windows 7 on there, reformatting would be a last resort23:20
samuelas its an oem install i get no windows disc23:20
samuelah i think i might have found what the problem is23:23
samueli may be able to fix it somehow with the recovery discs23:24
samuelthanks for your response, aparrently i need to use window's shrink partition tool, or format the hard drive, partition it, then use the recovery disc to install on the desired partition23:28
stlsaintsamuel: wait what is the issue here?23:29
samueli'm trying to set up a dual boot on my dell vostro laptop which has windows 7 preinstalled23:30
samuelwhen i do it via the ubuntu installation process it cannot access the main os partition23:31
stlsaintwhat are you using a recovery disc for?23:31
samueli have been reading the multi boot guide via the ubuntu documentation23:31
samuelaparrently you can use the windows recovery disc to restore to any partition23:32
samuel(except for with HP computers)23:32
samueli will try resizing the partition using the tool in windows first though as it seems the least destructive23:32
stlsaintim still not seeing what the issue is23:32
stlsaintuse windows disk management to make a separate partition and then use the ubuntu disc to install23:33
samuelyup, that is my first option, this is the first time i have encountered this problem with an oem windows system thats all23:33
samuelperhaps its because the systems i have so far encountered are already set up with a partition, or i have been happy to completely remove windows23:34
samuellike when did oem machines start having a single partition? every laptop or pc i have seen with windows up until now has had a partition for "backing up" (even if it has only one physical drive)23:36
duanedesignsamuel: it is not letting you resize the windows partition/23:36
samuelthats correct, not from gparted or the ubuntu installation process anyways, i'm doing it via the windows disk management now as advised23:37
duanedesignif the windows partition has a red exclamation point you can right-click and select Information to see if it gives any clues as to what the exclamation point is for23:39
samuelanyway thank you all who as pitched in on this so far! on #ubuntu all i could get was a debate over the advantages of GS or Unity or Fallback mode **sigh**23:40
samuelyeah i got a list of problems too long for the screen to display23:41
* samuel typing this from GS on ubuntu 11.1023:41
duanedesignoh boy23:41
samuelaccording to the ubuntu documentation there is a thing with windows 7/vista where certain files are not moveable23:41
samuelthe work around is to use the windows disk manager as i have just done23:42
samuelthe reason why i didnt find this out sooner is i had a mind blank as to how to phrase my google search, oh well, glad we all have IRC23:43
samuelbtw did you know that on linux mint you get xchat by default and when you start it, it dumps you straight into their support channel - not sure if thats an awesome idea or just asking for it23:44
duanedesignanother issue that has been popping up is that windows has 4 primary partitions m23:46
duanedesign4 Primary partitions is the maximum allowed on an mbr partitioned disk23:46
samuelhmmmm i noticed that there are some 1mb partitions! thanks for the heads up, i could easily remove those23:47
samuelwhat is the result, ubuntu doesnt boot? or worse, no bootable os??23:47
samuelBTW apart from this problem, i cannot fault this laptop, anyone in the UK reading this, got it in tesco for approx £360, AMD E450, 4GB DDR3 & 500GB HDD23:48
samuelfrom the live CD all essential hardware is functioning23:48
samuelah bollox, the unallocated space that i just created is unusable!!!23:52
samuellets see if i can do anything with gparted23:52
samuelhaha, and suprise surprise its because there are too many primary partitions!23:53
samuelits ok, i lost one of the partitions, i can leave that space empty its like 4.67gb of nothing23:55
duanedesignif you can only get down to three you can install the two Linuc partitions in two logical partitions within an extended partition23:55
samueli bet deliberately put there to stop people from installing 3rd party os's23:55
duanedesignheh, i would not be suprised23:56
samueli like to do my partitions /, /home and swap23:56
samuelallows for easy reinstallation of the os if things go badly23:56
duanedesignahh, yes. that is a good idea23:56
duanedesignmakes upgrading and reinstalling so much easier23:57
samuelyup, a simple case of formatting /23:57
samuelwould be cool if the ubuntu installation did that from the upgrade option23:57
samuelrather than wiping everything off which is what it did last time i tried it23:57
samuelthe company i work for does linux computers for grannies so an upgrade process like that would be a great idiot proof upgrade with no data loss23:59

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