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pvivekhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/GettingSetUp. In the section "Teaching Bazaar about you" this command is given05:39
pvivek"bzr launchpad-login fchu". But before in no other section he speaks about Launchpad . And its the last section. Should i skip to last section first and then come back to this?05:39
pvivekI would be very glad if someone can help me out. I really want to contribute to opensource05:39
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vegerI found two reports with a package update request (for the same package). The one with the highest version number request is 'In Progress'. Should I close the other (older) report as Duplicate?12:32
Ampelbeinveger: Yes, the one thats more active should be left open.12:32
vegerok (luckily that is also the newer l12:33
hjdAnyone know if bug 926605 would be considered a duplicate of bug 824708 or not? While they are triggered in different ways, I assume they are both calling the underlying code resulting in the error.12:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 926605 in aptitude "aptitude: failed to download the changlog of apt: Download queue destroyed." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92660512:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 824708 in aptitude "Changelog download failed: Download queue destroyed." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82470812:54
hjds/the underlying/the same underlying/12:55
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grmlshi :)13:45
grmlshi mainerror14:45
mainerrorIf I have a bug which is similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/utouch/+bug/77707414:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 777074 in unity "Apple Magic Trackpad: pointer freezes on 3 or 4 finger touch using a "Cambridge Silicon Radio" bluetooth dongle." [Undecided,Invalid]14:45
mainerrorbut with a different USB Dongle, should I add that information in that bug report?14:45
mainerrorOr should I create a new bug report for that? Doesn't sound right though.14:48
grmlsi think add your information in that bug14:57
yofelmainerror: considering the bug was closed rather file a new one and mention the old bug in the new one15:16
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mainerrorAlright, I'll do that then. That was what bothered me, I thought that adding a comment to a closed bug will reopen it.16:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 935569 in utouch "Apple Magic Trackpad: pointer freezes on 3 or 4 finger touch using a "Delock Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR" bluetooth dongle." [Undecided,New]17:16
mainerrorFiled a new bug for it and added all relevant information.17:17
mainerrorIt can be closed now.17:17
mainerrorI've also marked it as a duplicate of 77707417:18
yofelmainerror: marking it as a duplicate counts as closing it, just mention the other bug17:19
mainerrorI've mentioned it but I'm not sure if it should stay open since it is actually not even a valid bug. :)17:20
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pviveki have setup the environment to start off. I am a beginner. I want to start contributing to open source by fixing a few bugs. Would be very glad if someone can guide me as to which bug to take up and start working on18:41
Ampelbeinpvivek: Any open bug is good, as long as the status is not "In Progress".18:50
pvivekAmpelbein : Thank you, i am searching for bugs from here http://harvest.ubuntu.com/opportunities/ . Any other good place to find small bugs to get started with?18:51
jtaylorpvivek: a couple fo these are probably easy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=ftbfs+precise&field.tags_combinator=ALL18:55
veger_pvivek: check this page out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaperCut18:59
pvivekjtaylor , veger_ : Thanks a lot. Will start finding now19:01
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vegerwhat to do with a report asking to update a package of a proprietary application? Close as invalid and tell that it is impossible for us to update?19:42
Ampelbeinveger: What application and what bug in particular?19:46
vegerbug #57285319:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 572853 in teamspeak-client "Teamspeak 3 Needs Updated Version in Repo" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57285319:46
vegerchecked out their website and downloaded newest version, but it without any source... Version 2 was open source I think19:46
AmpelbeinI don't know the license of teamspeak, but if we (as Ubuntu) have the possibility to distribute the compiled binaries, it should be left open - quite like the closed source nvidia drivers.19:49
vegerthey do not provide a (debian) package, but some self-extracting .run script. Suppose the teamspeak developers should provide the package themselves?19:52
AmpelbeinAnd in the license terms I read "You may not distribute TeamSpeak software otherwise over the Internet, unless you obtain prior written consent from TeamSpeak Systems GmbH or Triton CI & Associates, Inc. to do so." so I'd say: not possible.19:52
vegeryeah... :)19:52
AmpelbeinIt's also possible to package a wrapper-script that downloads that *.run file and executes it, like it's done with the adobe Flashplayer. So I'd leave the report open.19:53
vegerthat would be possible yes. Ok I'll leave it as it is19:53
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krnekheleshhello everyone21:57
krnekheleshplease can anyone mark this bug as a wishlist21:57
ubot2`Launchpad bug 904749 in unity "Add startup application should let you choose one from the launcher!" [Undecided,New]21:57
krnekheleshthank u21:57
Ampelbeinkrnekhelesh: done21:58
krnekheleshplease mark this bug as wishlist https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/92539222:14
ubot2`Launchpad bug 925392 in unity "No keyboard shortcut for Session Menu" [Undecided,New]22:14
krnekheleshmay be even add tag "needs ayatana design"22:15
krnekheleshI am not sure22:15
krnekheleshpls mark this bug as wishlist22:27
ubot2`Launchpad bug 925392 in unity "No keyboard shortcut for Session Menu" [Undecided,New]22:27
zzecoolkrnekhelesh: what is the "session menu"  i dont get what you are describing on the bug report22:51
krnekheleshzzecool: i did not report the bug22:52
krnekheleshhowever he is referrring to the indicator menu which shows system settings, shutdown etc22:52
zzecoolsuper + s  = Expo plugin  = reveal miniature of the workspaces22:52
zzecoolsuper + s never did this22:52
zzecoolat least on unity22:52
krnekheleshi thought that as well...i suppose he is wishing for a keyboard shortcut for the indicator menu22:53
krnekheleshshould I mark the bug incomplete asking for more info?22:54
zzecooli dont rly now22:54
krnekheleshoh by the way could you have a look at this22:54
zzecoolif you are on the desktop without any application active22:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 934549 in unity "The workspaces button should show the names of the workspaces, when clicked with the right mouse button" [Undecided,New]22:54
zzecoolf10  reveal the indicator menu22:55
krnekheleshzzecool, when in the desktop without any application active, pressing f10 shows me the file, edit etc menu of ubuntu desktop22:56
krnekheleshnot the indicator menus22:56
zzecoolkrnekhelesh: Are you search for the most "i cant understand what they say" bugs?22:56
zzecoolpress your right key22:56
zzecoolmultiple times22:56
krnekheleshofcourse if you press f10 and then right key it shows the indicator menu22:57
krnekheleshand also the other bug i shared regarding the workspaces, i think it is redundant22:57
krnekheleshsince you can just press the workspace icon and go to whichever workspace you want22:58
zzecoolThe bug should be f10 should start form the right side of screen and instead of file to open the cog menu first22:58
krnekheleshi guess yes22:58
zzecoolFix it :)22:58
krnekheleshthe 1st bug or the 2nd one?22:59
zzecoolYOu can ask him first or just fix the description22:59
zzecoolthe 1st22:59
krnekheleshok i can do that22:59
krnekheleshand regarding the workspaces, probably you could just set is as wont fix22:59
krnekheleshsince it is redundant22:59
krnekheleshi'll fix the other bug regarding the f10 shortcut23:00
zzecoolHe is asking about the workspace name ?  there is no such a thing23:00
zzecoolMark it as incomplete and ask him what does he mean :)23:00
zzecoolSo you like bug hunting and triaging :P23:01
krnekheleshI joined the ubuntu bug  squad last month23:01
krnekheleshand like to help23:01
zzecoolGreat you did23:01
krnekheleshbut thnx for ur help23:01
zzecoolim just a random bug hunter too23:01
krnekheleshI focus mostly on unity since i use it a lot23:02
zzecoolif you can help me with press affect me too in some of my  fav bugs23:02
ubot2`Launchpad bug 933776 in compiz ""Super + W" window picker only shows local windows, not all." [Undecided,Confirmed]23:03
zzecoolfirst is this23:03
zzecoolthank you23:05
zzecoolthe other one is a different situation23:05
zzecoolits about dodge to active window removal23:05
zzecoolif you know what im talking about23:05
krnekheleshdodge to active window removal?23:06
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930148 in unity "Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ?" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:06
zzecoolread before you accept this one23:06
zzecoolread the comments and deside23:06
zzecoolThe unity launcher used to have 4 different behaviors  now only have 223:07
zzecool they removed "dodge to window"  and " dodge to active window"23:07
krnekheleshoh yeah I think i read this today morning...its brilliant23:08
zzecooland there are many ppl including me that we what this feature back23:08
krnekheleshI really miss dodge behaviour23:08
zzecoolwhat is brilliant ??  >.<23:08
zzecooli was scared for a moments23:08
krnekheleshi really support this bug23:08
krnekheleshthat's what i meant23:08
zzecooli like you more nowe23:08
zzecoolYou can also take place in the conversation below to the comments :)23:09
krnekheleshI cant believe they removed the code for dodge since it confused some users23:09
krnekheleshI think dodge made unity more space efficient23:09
zzecoolthis is 99% an excuse23:09
zzecoolThere is something else fishy that they dont say23:10
zzecoolthis cant be a serious reason23:10
krnekheleshyeah, everybody like david calle and many other developers also miss this feature23:10
zzecoolAnd the best thing is why keep autohide  instead of intelihide?23:11
zzecoolRead my comments23:11
zzecooland put yours too if you want23:11
zzecoolwe need support on this bug23:11
krnekheleshi will23:11
zzecoolbecause i see this as a bug23:11
krnekheleshwill need some time to read through all the comments23:12
zzecooltake your time :)23:12
zzecoolim going to make soem coffee23:12
krnekheleshgo ahead23:12
zzecoolIf you have any connection with devs like david who like the dodge23:13
zzecoolpoint the to this bug report23:13
zzecoolpoint them*23:13
krnekheleshi see him sometimes in google+ , will let him know23:13
zzecoolkrnekhelesh: are you using precise or oneiric?23:23
zzecoolyou can join #ubuntu+1  too then23:23
zzecoolthere is too much bug hunting there too :P23:23
krnekheleshoh ok23:24
krnekheleshzzecool: nice discussion on the bug report...your points are valid..making intellihide default might confuse users, but they should leave it as an option23:28
krnekheleshthey should definitely add a new option to the launcher behaviour being intellihide.23:29
krnekheleshthere have been some reports regarding the launcher is hidden on login which is confusing23:29
krnekheleshand so many more23:29
krnekheleshwhich can be solved with intellihide23:30
zzecooli know and believe me they know too23:30
krnekheleshI am right now sending message on google+ to david calle and jorge castro23:31
zzecooljorge castro ... no23:31
zzecoolhe is not with us on this one23:32
zzecoolas i can remember reading some of his comments on omgubuntu23:32
mainerrorWait, so it isn't a bug that the launcher is hidden after login?23:32
krnekheleshthere is a bug report stating that users having autohide on, are confused since the launcher is not present on login (hidden)23:33
krnekheleshthere were some comments which said that the launcher should be shown until the desktop loads completely before it is hidden23:34
krnekheleshprobably they might implement that23:34
krnekheleshnot sre23:34
zzecoolTheir decision to remove Dodge was stupid and going to result in numerous bug reports23:34
zzecoolthis is my opinion23:34
krnekheleshyh definitely23:34
krnekheleshomgubuntu is down23:34
zzecooli know23:35
zzecoolnow i remembered about jorge castro23:35
zzecooli was agaisnt him in the comment about ccsm23:35
krnekheleshregarding the removal?23:35
zzecoolhe was asking the removal of CCSM from repositories23:35
krnekheleshof ccsm from repos23:35
krnekheleshlots of controversies23:36
krnekheleshseriously ppl are already complaining that unity is not configurable and now they are discussing about removing ccsm23:36
mainerrorI totally agree with Jorge on that one though.23:36
krnekheleshi think they should keep that in repos and may be provide warning messages23:37
krnekheleshwhich they did now with an update23:37
krnekheleshthe user should be careful23:37
zzecoolkrnekhelesh: that was the best23:37
zzecoolwe can remove the only gui for configuring the compiz plugins without alternative23:37
mainerrorYou can't expect users to be careful or to use your product as intended. Never.23:38
zzecoolmainerror: its not installed byt default23:38
krnekheleshmainerror: true but what about customizing unity?23:38
krnekheleshzzecool: exactly23:38
zzecoolTerminal can be even more deadly23:38
zzecoolimagine    "sudo  rm - rF / "23:39
krnekheleshmainerror: Tools like MyUnity has only recently come up..once they become more mature, they can they advise not using ccsm23:39
zzecoolso we must remove terminal right ?23:39
zzecoolto protect the user23:39
zzecooli dont like this kind of logic23:39
mainerrorNo, it is not the same thing.23:39
krnekheleshmainerror: anyways, now ccsm shows a warning message which I think is the right step23:40
krnekheleshmainerror: also once tools like MyUnity, Ubuntu tweak become more and more popular, users will definitely use them instead of ccsm23:40
mainerrorI'm still against CCSM, mainly because I know what the majority of people do with warning messages.23:40
zzecoolmainerror: have you ever modified any of the compiz plugins ?23:41
zzecoolmainerror: are you even better use any of them ?23:41
zzecoolif ccsm is going to be remove how are you gonna modify them ?23:41
zzecoolusing gconf?23:41
mainerrorI've even bricked Unity once or twice (and I'm not a newbie).23:41
zzecoolso ?23:42
mainerrorgconf is probably a better option than CCSM.23:43
zzecoolCCSM is just a gui for gconf23:43
zzecoolhow can be better23:43
krnekheleshzzecool: agree23:43
mainerrorRight, the problem with GUIs is that if they are not well designed they can cause a lot of trouble.23:44
mainerrorHowever, I'm going to leave the discussion since it apparently is a thing that depends on the personal point of view.23:45
krnekheleshyeah :)23:45

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