cyphermoxricotz: uploaded00:12
ricotzcyphermox, thanks :)00:30
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BigWhaleGood Morning.05:11
m4n1shBigWhale: isnt it too early for you?08:26
BigWhalewell, I did get up at 6am08:26
m4n1shon a sat08:27
BigWhalenow it's 0930 :)08:27
BigWhalem4n1sh, yeah... I'm nuts.08:27
m4n1shtoo early for a sat08:27
m4n1shOn a sat, I usually get up when the clock shows PM08:27
BigWhaleI think I don't have the sleeping gene or something. 5 hours is enough for me and 6 hours of sleep usually means auto-wake.08:29
m4n1shgood for you. Here warm and sometimes hot weather makes me dull08:31
BigWhaleCome here, we don't know where to put all the snow ... :>08:33
m4n1shlol, you in Europe and can't get that done?08:36
m4n1shwhat expectation you have from other countries and continents?08:36
BigWhalem4n1sh, those that get lots of snow are used to it and have infrastructure to handle it. :))08:49
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