ximionpitti: hi!01:17
Ezimhi is it possible to ask I question about CMakeLists? I wonder what should from CMakeLists be used in debian/control Build-Depends? Here is a link: http://paste.kde.org/424334/01:19
ximionpitti: Are you there? I'd like to ask you a question about a change you applied to the packagekit package recently...01:34
Ezimkdelibs5-dev, libx11-dev, libkwinglesutils1, freeglut3-dev  correct?01:34
ximionEzim: what do you mean? The X11, OGL(ES), KWin/KDE libraries?01:35
Ezimximion, training on making package01:35
ximionEzim: looks okay... If you're unsure, you could test-build your package in a chroot environment.01:36
EzimI picked http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/BeClock?content=11754201:36
ximionEzim: you should always test-build your package in a chroot environment (you can use e.g. pdebuild for that after creating a pbuilder environment) - Then you'll see if stuff is missing.01:38
Ezimximion, I have never tryid to build in chroot enviroment01:39
ximionif you don't want to do this, you can also run ldd on the resulting binary, see which libs are used, find the package they're in (apt-file) and then add their -dev package to depends.01:39
ximionfrom what I see in the cmake file, you'll need kde-workspace-dev zoo01:41
Ezimximion, this package is not in the repo.01:41
Ezimpackage outside repo01:41
ximionEzim: which package?01:42
EzimI picked http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/BeClock?content=11754201:43
ximionEzim: yes, I'm talking of the packages you need as build-dependency.01:45
ximionyou can determine them by building a binary out of your sources, and then use the ldd way.01:46
ximionthis is not the most efficient way, but it works :P01:46
Ezimximion, you mean without adding anything to Build-Depends?01:47
ximiona better alternative is using the CMakeLists, which tells me that you'll need at least cmake, kdelibs5-dev, libx11-dev, libkwinglesutils1, freeglut3-dev, kde-workspace-dev01:47
ximionEzim: no, you can find out Build-Depends from the libraries your resulting binary is linked to.01:48
ximionbut that's just if you're really not sure :P01:48
EzimCMakeLists <<--- was exactly were I looked01:49
EzimI only wanted to now if does I wrote was right or not01:49
ximionEzim: I think yes, if you depend on cmake (kinda obvious) and kde-workspace-dev too :)01:50
Ezimfind_package(KDE4), find_package(X11), find_package(OpenGLES), find_package(OpenGL)01:50
ximionbut to be really sure, you need to test-build your new pkg in a clean environment e.g. with pbuilder ( http://pbuilder.alioth.debian.org/#usingpbuilder )01:50
ximioncmake helpers to find OpenGLES and OpenGL are in workspaces-dev :)01:51
ximionso you'll need it01:51
Ezimximion, so the only thing I missed was kde-workspace-dev?01:52
ximionand cmake, yes -  as far as I can see01:52
Ezimximion, :) cmake of course01:52
ximionbut there might be some hidden stuff somewhere, I haven't looked at the source or if there's another buildscript somewhere01:52
Ezimlibqt4-dev <<--- maybe also?01:53
ximionEzim: AFAIK, the kde dev packages should pull this in01:54
ximioneverything else would be against policy.01:54
ximionyep, they do depend on it already01:55
Ezimximion, there is not any other buildscript I am aware of.01:55
ximionokay, then give it a try! :)01:57
Ezimximion, which section should I choose in debian/control?01:57
ximionEzim: kde01:58
Ezimximion, :) this is only trying to make package.01:58
ximionEzim: is this your first Debian package? (Just asking so I don't tell you stuff you already know ^^)+01:59
Ezimximion, no.02:00
Ezimximion, this is my 3 outside the (k)ubuntu repo.02:01
ximionEzim: okay :) Do you use the PPA service?02:01
Ezimximion, :) no, only for myself. when I feel I can make good package then I will help in other way to ubuntu-family.02:01
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ximionif you only build packages on your machine then, debuild uses your local environment, meaning that the package build won't fail even if you haven't defined all the Build-Depends which are actually required ^^02:03
ximionyou only need to have the packages installed locally :P02:03
ximion(of course, you need to define the right builddeps if you build your package in a clean environment, like a PPA repo or pbuilder env)02:04
Ezimximion, yeah Build-Depends before i modify it, it builded correctly anyway.02:04
ximion...but I suppose you know this already :P02:04
ximionyes :D02:04
Ezimximion, :) yes.02:05
ximioncmake uses Fin* macros to find modules required for build... So if you see something "like find_package (Foo)", you can run a search which package contains "FindFoo.cmake" - then you have your build-dependency or a hint how to find it.02:06
ximion(cmake itself ships some Find* fines, but you can open them and check which library/etc. it's referring too, if this is not obvious already)02:07
ximionoh, it's really too late, I can't even type correctly anymore :(02:08
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infinityTheMuso: Is there any chance I can get you to merge 3.2.0-17.26 with -lowlatecy and re-upload, so I don't waste buildd time accepting this -16.25 one from NEW?10:51
infinityTheMuso: Other than that, it all looks good, and I'm happy to accept.10:53
infinityTheMuso: Actually, I guess since it only builds on x86, I don't care about the buildd churn so much.  Just so long as you guys are committed to rebasing and keeping it up to date.10:53
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Atlantic777Is there any guide on where to store files, or to be even more specific, how to use sqlite db and where to store database?13:22
Atlantic777This is first time I'm writing a desktop app so... I'm not sure. ~/.myAppFolder/database.db is ok?13:23
Atlantic777which offline database you suggest? sqlite vs couchdb13:24
hyperairthe whole desktopcouch stack was horrible for the laptop battery iirc13:24
Atlantic777tnx hyperair, then I'm on a good way. :)13:24
AmpelbeinAtlantic777: ~/.myApp/ looks fine to me and yeah, sqlite is the better solution for now. But #ubuntu-app-devel might be better for those kind of questions.13:25
Atlantic777oh, sorry, I havn't read the topic here...13:25
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addy20020hello all is their is special compiler on which c language coding and compiling on same plateform as like in window14:13
ximionpitti: hi!14:57
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ximionpitti: are you there?16:36
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htorquehi everyone! if debsums detects changes to files like 'changelog.Debian.gz', should this be filed as bug against the corresponding package?18:11
penguin42htorque: There's something special about those due to the system where only part of hte changelog is included in the resulting package18:13
penguin42htorque: And I think it might be related to a gzip bug where the gzip of the same file didn't always produce the same result18:13
htorquepenguin42: yeah, that's why i'm asking - i noticed lots of mismatches for those files. i'll keep looking for a bug report.18:21
penguin42htorque: There is bug 871083 for gzip odd behaviour - but I don't think that's the one due to mangled changelogs18:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 871083 in libtasn1-3 (Ubuntu Precise) "gzip -9n sometimes generates a different output file on different architectures" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87108318:21
htorquethere are also a couple of png files, probably due to optimization efforts?18:22
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mainerrorSomeone needs a kernel ninja on Ask Ubuntu.19:08
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ximionpitti: are you there now? (sorry for bothering ^^)22:06
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