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oratedHello! I often see line like - 'iwlagn 0000:03:00.0: Aggregation not enabled for tid 0 because load = 1' repeating in vt during which the wireless disconnects and then connects back. dmesg | tail - http://paste.ubuntu.com/846902/ . What exactly is causing disconnection and how can I fix it? Laptop uses - Intel Advanced-N6230 (2x2 agn + Bluetooth) whereas wireless router supports all b/g/n07:10
ohsixdunno what "load = 1" may mean, but i think tid means transmitter id, and aggregation has to do with mimo, if you could disable that it might be more reliable07:12
ohsixthere's also a #linux-wireless channel where you can get some direct advice07:12
oratedWhat is mimo?07:12
ohsixmulti input, multi output; basically multiple antennas07:13
oratedSure, I'll try that. BTW is there a way to confirm if N standard is conflicting?07:13
ohsixprobably with sufficient knowledge, something don't have :]07:14
oratedNo, thank you. I'll try what you suggested07:15
ohsixmost vendors had version numbers on things, maybe you can find a compatibility matrix07:15
oratedah, that went above my head ;)07:15
oratedHey ohsix, are you still there?10:00
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OnurSenturehi guys, i'm searching the location of getpid system call implementation in the kernel but could not manage to find. can somebody help me? :)11:41
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oratedHello! Anyone got suggestions to dig the cause of weird troughs and peaks here- http://imagebin.org/199583 - its only causing cpu fan to rev up & down periodically ...?20:49
oratedThe first is memory readings and other is temperature based on lm-sensors20:52
ohsixwhat is the period on that graph?20:53
ohsix(chances are it's that graph ;])20:53
oratedYes, graph with 0.5s period20:54
oratedIt is annoying to find fan to function that way even in absolute idle20:55
ohsixwell there is perf top, latencytop and a bunch of other not-top top like tools that can give you some visibility into it20:57
ohsixi've got a notebook that does exactly that, except it's the bios & the video card doing it; you might be able to adjust the thermal zones so it comes on a little later and knocks off those tops20:59
oratedWhat is the package name for perf top? 21:00
oratedHow come  BIOS was? I'm trying to adjust the thermal zones.. I read that fancontrol, sensors-detect and pwmconfig can help to do so but there is nothing I could find which can give me fan rpm21:01
oratedHow would you adjust thermal zones?21:01
ohsixthere are knobs in /sys/devices/virtual/thermal, and a .txt in the kernel tree (in Documentation/ somewhere) that describes them21:03
orated' .txt in the kernel tree (in Documentation' - you mean the one listing all the linux options, like those one can pass through grub?21:04
oratedI'm not sure about changes to make under /sys/devices/virtual/thermal .. could you guide me on that?21:07
oratedI see colling_device and thermal_zone there21:07
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ohsixsforshee: can you amend the article? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting (README.keymap.txt has been README.keymap.txt.gz for a while)21:18
ohsixsforshee: wouldn't it be funny if they stopped working because g-s-d removed the bindings for enable and disable, and just have toggle? :D21:43
ohsixsforshee: yea if i map them to toggle instead of enable/disable they work, and a bunch of other keymaps included with the udev version on natty are broken/obsolete in the same way21:55
jwiohsix: reminds me of http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg/2010-November/051727.html :)22:13
ohsixhey that looks like a useful reference, thanks22:15
ohsixsimilar timeframe to my frustration too22:15
ohsixarghh that explains why they all still exist in a udev keymap too22:22
ohsixbbl, thanks again22:24

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