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arandDoes a "non-free" Debian package automatically correspond to multiverse? In my case a package which is non-free due to missing "original source" for images and music?11:21
alkisgI'm writing a script which launches Xephyr, then waits half a second for it to initialize, and then runs `DISPLAY=:2 myapp` inside it. Is there any way to tell Xephyr to launch that instead, so that I don't have an arbitrary delay in my script?12:09
Ampelbeinalkisg: You might be better off asking in #ubuntu for user support.12:13
alkisgAmpelbein: hmm I'm not sure that's an appropriate channel for programming questions... there was another one about ubuntu-programming (not the -devel one of course) but I don't remember its name... OK, I'll try asking in #ubuntu too, thank you12:14
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tumbleweedarand: yes13:44
arandtumbleweed: Ok, thanks, seems like requestsync doesn't set that automatically...14:07
tumbleweedarand: no, probably not, please file a bug :)14:22
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