FabriceMGsuperm1, after update , mythtv-setup work now , many thx10:40
williammandaanyone have vaapi working with sandy bridge?15:51
williammandaanyone having a problem  with scanning for videos....error...failed to scan SG video hosts...using the latest master?15:54
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williammanda or should I say the latest mythbuntu repo?16:04
mrandwilliammanda: if by latest master you mean 0.25, breakages are not surprising... it's currently undergoing heavy last minute development and bug fixes.17:20
williammandayes I understand that but wanted other user input....with the same error17:21
mrandah.  Might ask in #mythtv-users... much larger sample size there.17:22
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superm1Fabricemg cool good to hear21:27

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