ibeardsleetests eh?08:46
codepalanother wonderful summer morn, brilliant19:40
ojwbnot round here...19:41
ibeardsleepreemptive class action suit against the government for selling of the metservice for under performing?20:35
ibeardsleeoh wait, they just want to sell off the ones that are performing20:36
ojwbthey really need to pull their socks up and give us better weather20:56
codepalweather modification?20:56
codepalwell, we've messed everything else up, why not spend lots of money and mess up the weather as well20:57
codepalfor all I know Bill Gates has already done it...20:57
ojwbglobally there seems to be more messed up weather in recent years20:58
codepalapparently weather comes in cycles, in the 1800's they had the Thames freeze over21:01
codepalI doubt that human-kind caused that back then...21:01

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