arosaleshave a good weekend.00:14
mgwhow could i create a 'file' whose content will always be the output of some cmd00:23
mgwwithout using cron00:24
mdeslaurmgw: start a daemon that updates the file?00:24
mgwmdeslaur: I suppose…. any other ideas?00:25
mdeslaura dbus service?00:26
mdeslaurI lack context00:26
mgwI have a directory00:26
mgwof files00:26
mgwI need a yaml file that will be always up to date00:26
mgwthat lists the files in that directory00:26
mdeslaurhrm, unless I'm missing something, a cron job would be a good way or else it gets really complicated :)00:28
mdeslaura daemon that has an inotify on the directory and that you communicate with using dbus or some other way?00:31
mgwmdeslaur: yeah, i was looking at inotify00:31
mgwI was hoping there was some fundamental file type I was missing00:31
mgwI'm just going to execute a script to do it00:31
mdeslaurmgw: named pipes?00:33
mdeslauryou still need a daemon on the other end though00:33
vindavGrsync you can count on for local drive back up to the your network in either its entirety or in segments.  Now to find out if it can do it on a scheduled basis or not, is the question.  Anybody know about how to go about that ?00:37
mgwmdeslaur: I just discovered that puppet (for which this file is required) has a prerun script00:41
mgwso I can create the file there00:41
mgwthanks for the ideas!00:41
mdeslaurmgw: np00:42
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hallynaha - apparently, systemd REALLY wants /dev/shm to be mounted, or it won't do a thing01:40
hallynyay, i have a f16 container working01:42
hallynstgraber: ^01:42
hallynnow what to do with it?01:42
hallynrm it i guess01:42
hallyntook me hours to figure that out :)  it jsut wouldn't spit out any info at all.  and i thought strace was just being silly, but in fact it was telling me the problem :)01:45
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ravenelevening everyone02:16
raveneli have a question about an mdadm-based raid array im hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction on02:16
pmatulis!ask | ravenel02:34
ubotturavenel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:34
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ravenelI have an mdadm-based raid array, and recently drive sda in this array failed. I replaced the drive, but now cannot boot--I get a "reboot and select proper boot device" error03:01
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ravenelIm thinking this is likely from my BIOS, complaining because the new, bare sda drive does not have anything, including an MBR, on it03:02
ravenelAny suggestions on how to resolve? Can I just change the BIOS boot order without trashing the now degraded array?03:02
pmatulisdescribe the array03:19
fluvvellravenel, this sometimes happens if the MBR is not written to both drives in your RAID array. as pmatulis said, describe the array to us. is it RAID1 ?03:31
ravenelthe array consists of three disks, sda, sdb, and sdc03:32
fluvvellshould find the first boot drive by itself. Mirrored?03:32
ravenelthere are three arrays--one raid-1 for boot, another raid-1 for /home, and a raid-5 data partition03:32
ravenelwhen i setup the array, i did install grub to the MBR of all of the drives03:33
ravenelsda is the drive that failed and was replaced with a currently bare drive03:33
fluvvellif you can boot a recovery cd, you might get grub to write the MBR to sda03:33
ravenelwould it auto-detect the arrays?03:34
ravenelshould i just manually change the boot order in my bios to boot from sdb? or will that trash the arrays?03:34
fluvvelldepends what you boot with. Won't trash the array unless you tell it to. You might need to apt-get install mdadm and tell it to auto detect then rebuild. You *will* need to partition the sda drive03:35
ravenelcorrect, once i can get it to boot, i will copy the partitions from sdb or sdc and re-add the drive to the array03:36
fluvvellI would love to see some auto recovery tools to use with mdadm, but you have to do a fair bit by yourself03:37
ravenelyeah :(03:37
ravenelok, so going into the bios and telling it to boot from sdb wont hurt anything?03:37
fluvvellbios can't boot a drive that has 1. no boot active partition 2. no MBR03:39
ravenelright, but it (should!) have both of those things... i set them up when i built the array... not sure why the BIOS didn't try to boot from the next disk when the first failed, but thats a problem for another day :)03:41
fluvvelldid you use grub?  Did you tell it to make the drive bootable?03:41
fluvvellok so have you set up the partitions?03:42
ravenelno, not yet, sda is still bare, fresh out of the box03:42
pmatulisravenel: booting from a degraded array, that's not a given.  it's a cautious step to *not* do that automatically03:44
fluvvellok well you do have to set them up. There is IIRC a couple of ways of describing the arrays, one as sda sdb, and another as UUID.  The UUID method is more robust if you move the drives into different slots03:44
ravenelok, so here is what i see my next steps as--feel free to correct!03:45
ravenel1) update bios to boot from sdb03:45
ravenel2) when booted, format sda-- sfdisk -d /dev/sdb | sfdisk /dev/sda03:45
qman___boot from sdb degraded, create identical partition layout, add it into the arrays, and install grub to its mbr03:46
ravenel3) add partitions back to arrays03:46
ravenel4) install grub03:46
qman___no formatting is needed03:46
ravenelgotcha, thanks!03:47
ravenelwell, now to give it a try... and hope that i did in fact install grub to sdb and sdc! wish i'd taken better notes when i built this thing a few years ago...03:47
fluvvellI've previously booted from a CD, created the partitions, installed grub to the new drive then rebooted into the degraded array.03:47
qman___yeah, you can do it live too03:48
ravenelfluvvell: is that any less risky than doing it off the booted array?03:48
qman___not by any measurable amount03:48
qman___the only risk here is if sdb fails03:48
ravenelthen im hosed :)03:48
qman___and both cases take roughly the same amount of time to replicate the data03:48
qman___and require the same disk activity from sdb03:49
ravenelif i had to do it again, i think id make it raid-6 to protect against a drive failing during rebuild... with these huge drives, its a concern03:50
fluvvellfrom a live boot cd you could always backup important data without starting the installed system.03:50
ravenelthe important stuff is all backed up already, thank god03:50
ravenelbacks up every night to another server03:50
fluvvellravenel, are you cooling your drives directly?03:51
ravenelyeah, the case has a fan blowing right over them03:52
ravenelok, im going to go give this a try03:53
ravenelthanks for the help!03:53
ravenelhopefully i wont be right back with problems :)03:53
fluvvellfeel free to feedback your success.03:54
ndrofthelinei'm a US Peace Corps Volunteer serving in a rural area in the Philippines and I'm looking for some help with planning out how to best leverage the available technology here04:43
ndrofthelinethe school I work at recently received a donation of 11 desktop computers with quad-core processors and 4gb ram each.04:44
ndrofthelinei've been doing research about multi-headed linux and i like it, but the school is highly reluctatnt to abandon support for the MS Office family of programs04:44
ndrofthelineso i was thinking about turning one of those powerful systems into a linux server and running a virtual windows server. then the multi-headed linux clients could connect to the virtual windows server to use MS Office apps.04:45
ndrofthelinedoes that sound manageable?04:46
pmatulisndroftheline: effectively, the clients would be connecting to a windows server, regardless if it's being virtualized withing a linux system04:52
ndrofthelinethat doesn't bother me, i'd be using the linux server as a file server as well04:53
ndrofthelineer, should that bother me?04:53
ndrofthelinei guess i could just run the windows OS directly on the server hardware04:54
ndrofthelineand use windows as the fileserver as well04:54
ndrofthelinewhich is better?04:54
pmatulisndroftheline: it depends on the workload.  if the windows server is consuming the vast majority of the hardware resources then it would be best to just run windows natively04:55
pmatulisndroftheline: if i were you i would first try to get rid of windows entirely04:55
pmatulisndroftheline: you could also run windows applications locally on each of the clients04:57
ndrofthelinetrue, but the clients will be running linux - windows doesn't offer a feasible multi-head setup04:58
pmatulisif you're stuck with MS04:58
pmatulisndroftheline: no.  run Linux and the Wine framework.  you would need to check to make sure the MS s/w versions will run on the Wine you will be installing04:59
ndrofthelinemy only problem with using wine is that my personal experience and the research i've done online indicates that many slightly less popular ms office apps aren't very stable under wine05:00
ndrofthelinefor example, my school has curriculum teaching Publisher to the students05:00
ndrofthelineso i'd rather have it running as natively as possible, since the damn suite is unstable anyway, even running in a native environment05:01
pmatulisndroftheline: nothing much more i can help with then.  connect to the windows server via some kind of remote desktop session05:02
ndrofthelineyep that's the plan. but do you think it'd be better to run the windows server directly and also use windows as the fileserver or run windows inside linux and use linux as the file server?05:05
pmatulisndroftheline: i already answered that question05:08
pmatulis23:55 <  pmatulis> ndroftheline: it depends on the workload.  if the windows server is consuming the vast majority of the hardware resources then it would be best to just run windows05:09
pmatulis                   natively05:09
pmatulisand, yes, it is midnight here05:09
pmatulisndroftheline: so you would need to test stuff out to actually answer the question05:10
ravenelguys, just wanted to let you know that it looks like my issues with my raid array are solved--thanks fluvvell, qman___, and pmatulis05:25
ravenelforcing the BIOS to boot worked, its now rebuilding!05:25
raveneloff to bed!05:26
uvirtbot`New bug: #934763 in mysql-5.1 (universe) "package mysql-client-5.1 5.1.54-1ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/mysqlaccess', which is also in package mysql-client 5.5.20-2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93476306:21
ZorroTis there an FAQ entry for "how to get language X to function with apache2 cgi handler" ?07:08
ZorroTany apache2 ppl awake?07:18
datalayabout orchestra: cobler check can you help please, http://www.pastebin.com/w5iwAmPV08:05
datalayhow can i solve it08:06
RoyKhi all. how can I reset a VM's config to allow duplicating it? thinking about UUIDs, mac address, ssh keys etc08:58
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datalayhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1927459 <-- this is my quesion09:36
datalayhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1927459 <-- this is my quesion10:11
RoyKguess what I asked about is http://libguestfs.org/virt-sysprep.1.html10:13
RoyKdatalay: you just said so...10:13
datalayRoyK, i installed ubuntu orchestra with dns&dhcp support10:29
datalaybut i couldn't pass some of settings: when i typed: cobbler check .. u can see details in the post10:29
datalayproblem: One or more repos need to be processed by cobbler reposync for the first time before kickstarting against them:10:37
datalayi dont know how should i process them10:37
RoyK 10:50
uvirtbot`New bug: #935004 in mysql-5.1 (universe) "mysql-5.1 version 5.1.58-1ubuntu4 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93500412:31
uvirtbot`New bug: #935071 in drools (universe) "drools version 4.0.7-0ubuntu1 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93507113:13
uvirtbot`New bug: #935190 in rabbitmq-server (main) "package rabbitmq-server 2.3.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93519014:01
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Tixoshey, a few days back someone helped me with apache on ubuntu, being that response times were VERY slow. He fixed the issue for me by telling me to set KeepAlive to 1, which eradicated the issue. Now its back with vengeance ! Can anyone help me diagnose?16:09
Tixoshere is a pastebin output from 'ab -c 10 -n 100 http://serverip/'  ran from the server16:12
Tixosusually not much RAM is used, but currently  >    4037420    3851604     185816           total/used/free16:13
Tixosalso mysqld using upto 20% CPU, which is higher than normal16:15
uvirtbot`New bug: #935442 in sheepdog (universe) "sheepdog version 0.2.3-0ubuntu1 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93544216:21
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uvirtbot`New bug: #935490 in wss4j (universe) "wss4j version 1.5.8+svntag-1 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93549016:51
uvirtbot`New bug: #935516 in genshi (main) "genshi version 0.6-2 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93551616:56
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RoyKhi all. anyone that knows a good test site for webserver performance testing?17:47
jamesdRoyK, join #ubuntu, #linux and a few others larger channels... post a link to your site and later ask the people who looked at your site how the performance was... you will get far better feedback than you would from a single site testing your site...  one host is easy.. 500 visiters from around the world is much more real world17:52
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RoyKjamesd: wrong way around... I'm looking for a test load, as in a set of content to put on a server, to benchmark a few things locally - I guess I could you wordpress or something for the php test, but then, it won't be optimal because of all the possible performance issues with wp17:56
jamesdRoyK, you could use wget to mirror a site, not sure how good it is at fixing all the links.17:57
RoyKprobably a bad idea :P17:59
yakstercan ne one give me an idea for a simple OS that is as light weight as possible, the only needed feature is wireless (intel wifi) and a full page web browser…18:09
yaksterlike run google chrome in a standlone system, with no window manager18:10
qman___sounds like you're looking for a chromebook18:12
qman___but you don't need X for a web browser18:12
yaksterI want it to be a web interface to sickbeard, couch potato, SABnzb, and such for the media center18:16
qman___if you're just trying to save some performance, you should try lubuntu18:21
qman___building a bare minimum system from scratch is harder than it looks and usually not worth the effort18:22
qman___I run lubuntu on my T23s, and they can actually play 720p video at a visually acceptable rate18:23
qman___pentium 3s with S3 graphics decelerators, in case you didn't already know18:24
ch33zah finally18:25
ch33zHello I have a few major issues18:26
ch33zI am trying to set up VirtualHosts which I do have 2 sites and I have set up the VirtualHosts like it says to on Apache but, it still wont save it because it cant find a directory for it?18:27
ch33zany ideas?18:27
ikoniach33z: have you read the https://help.ubuntu.com server section on how to setup apache18:27
ch33zindeed sir18:27
ikoniach33z: apache on ubuntu is setup slightly different than generic apache configuration18:28
ikoniach33z: this is documented in https://help.ubuntu.com server section.18:28
RoyKdebian/ubuntu uses a slightly different config scheme18:28
ch33zwell, ive read it through and through i am merely trying to set up a simple task just websites18:28
ch33za basic html website18:28
ikoniach33z: what part are you stuck with ?18:28
ch33zvirtual hosts18:28
ikoniawhat about it ?18:28
ch33zie mulitple domains18:29
ch33zhow do i set them up?18:29
ikoniait's documented in the site I've just given you I believe18:29
ch33zand when I log off it says "not a qualified domain name"18:29
ikoniach33z: that is because you have not configured a hostname/ip address for it to listen on18:29
ch33zI have 9 static ips and 12 websites18:29
ikoniach33z: again this is documented in the https://help.ubuntu.com guide which you have said you have read18:29
ch33zi see..18:30
ch33zthanks... for something i guess?18:30
ikoniach33z: have you read that website ?18:30
ch33zback to front18:30
ch33zfront to back18:30
ikoniach33z: ok - so what part of configuratin apache virtual hosts are you stuck with18:31
ikoniach33z: as that site walks you through it, I'm reading the pages now18:31
ikoniaso I'm stuck at how you could have read this site back to front yet missed the core apache config details18:31
ch33zhow exactly do i save  the virtual hosts?18:31
ikoniach33z: what do you mean "save"18:31
ch33zwell when doing sudo nano the directory18:31
ikoniain what directory ?18:32
ikoniawhat are you actually doing ?18:32
ch33zit wont save it in the directory even though i am in it18:32
ch33zapache conf18:32
RoyKikonia: probably reading porn :p18:32
ikoniach33z: tell me exactly what file you are editing18:32
ikoniach33z: and in what location18:32
ch33z"no such directory" even though i am writing in it and saving it18:32
ikoniach33z: exactly what file/path are you editing eg: /usr/local/test.txt18:32
ikoniach33z: ok - so that file is not a valid ubuntu configuaration file18:33
RoyKch33z: you didn't read the ubuntu docs....18:33
ikoniaand now I know you have not read https://help.ubuntu.com and you are wasting my time18:33
ch33zhld on18:33
ikoniach33z: I refuse to progress help with people who lie to me, so good luck18:33
ch33zsorry for that master.18:33
RoyKch33z: stop that - we're trying to help here, but you haven't done as you say18:34
ch33zI shall return then possibly my good sir18:34
RoyKch33z: and lies don't lead to anything good in particular18:34
pangolinch33z: when asking for help it is unnecessary and unhelpful if you pretend to understand more than you do.18:34
ikoniaRoyK: that's uncalled for, please don't tell people to shut up18:34
ch33zthanks, I will read more up on it then18:35
pangolinthere is nothing wrong with admitting that you are lost and don't know what to do18:35
* RoyK wonder what it takes for that to be 'called for', then18:35
pangolinRoyK: in the Ubuntu community, nothing.18:35
ch33zwell, I have read this stuff and still dont get it.18:35
ikoniaRoyK: there is no situation where it is acceptable to tell a user to shutup,18:35
ch33zill read more though18:35
ch33zso ikonia I tried sudo nano apache2.conf18:38
ch33zdo edit the virtual hosts there?18:38
ikoniach33z: I'm not interested in progressing this further as I said, as I don't help people who lie/waste my time18:39
ch33zi see..18:39
qman___the virtual hosts are stored in their own configuration files in /etc/apache2/sites-available, as explained in the server guide18:39
qman___which walks you through, step by step, setting this up18:39
qman___please read it18:39
ikoniathis is all documented in https://help.ubuntu.com site18:39
ch33zah i think i found it...18:39
ch33zsudo cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/default /etc/apache2/sites-available/mynewsite18:39
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Tixoshi qman___, was you here the other day when i was resolving a poor apache performace?20:18
Tixosit fixed for a day or so, but not request times are crazy slow again20:24
Tixoslow RAM will cause apache to run slow?20:45
Tixos500mb free is low?20:45
Tixosi need to find out if apache is using all that ram first20:47
qman___no, that's plenty20:50
qman___well, it depends on your load20:50
qman___but, for example, I run a very low load apache server on a machine with only 256MB total, along with several other applications, without issue20:51
Tixosim out of ideas20:52
Tixosonly thing that has changed was there was more RAM, it went down to 150mb before i restarted apache20:52
Tixoswhere can i begin to debug this?20:54
qman___I'd start where you started before20:54
TixosBenchmarking localhost (be patient)...apr_socket_recv: Connection reset by peer (104)20:54
qman___test to find out whether it's a problem with your server or not, by checking from a local net20:54
Tixoslike ?20:55
Tixosi am running 'ab' and 'httperf' locally20:55
qman___and the problem persists?20:56
Tixosyes  >    Request rate: 0.1 req/s (13939.8 ms/req)20:56
Tixosif it was you who helped me before, it went down to 230ms/req20:56
qman___well, there has to be some setting that is different from default causing the problem, so step two is to compare your configs with bone stock configs and find what's different20:57
Tixosno, it was 100% stock, before i changed keepalive to 1, and upped maxclients to 25620:57
Tixosbut i have put prefork back to stock now to test that, but its the same20:57
qman___well, if it's not configs, it has to be environmental20:59
qman___firewall settings, filters, something up with the hardware, conflicting software package20:59
qman___running anything like that?20:59
Tixoshow can i check what exactly is using all my RAM? and no nothing like that, it was literally upped 5 days ago, and i installed nothing as such21:00
Tixosi did this   >   ps aux| awk '/apach[e]/{total+=$4}END{print total}'     and it outputs 3021:00
qman___I forget what the key sequence is but RTM to find the sort by mem usage21:00
Tixosi read top and free manuals21:00
Tixosbut there are many apache processes21:00
Tixoswith top and htop you can just click the %MEM and it sorts, but there are many processes21:01
qman___that's both normal and configurable21:01
Tixosi need a total21:01
Tixoscould mysql effect apache page load times? nothing else i can think of :(21:01
qman___if you're loading data from a database, yes21:02
qman___static html pages, no21:02
Tixoshmm, mysqld is using 14-20% CPU21:02
Tixosand maybe the RAM too21:02
qman___that's definitely not normal21:03
qman___you'd have to be making thousands of queries per second to get that high on average hardware21:03
Tixosi probably am21:04
Tixosi get alot of hits21:04
qman___define "alot"21:05
qman___then mysql is not really up to your task21:05
qman___test with a static HTML page21:05
qman___if the problem goes away, you have your answer21:05
Tixosit doesnt21:05
Tixosgood point21:05
Tixosit doesnt, the default apache page still has bad request time21:06
Tixosabout 5-8 seconds atm21:06
Tixoscompared to a few milliseconds a few days vback21:06
Tixosquestion, i used this script  >  http://www.pixelbeat.org/scripts/ps_mem.py21:06
qman___could be a compound problem21:06
qman___how's your disk activity21:06
Tixosit is saying total MEM usage is only 400mb21:06
Tixosbut free -m says 3GB is being used21:07
qman___+/- buffers/cache21:07
qman___that's the real application usage21:07
qman___the top number is total, and should be nearly full all the time if your system is performing optimally21:07
Tixos 1  0      0 457152 138800 2383584    0    0     0    11    2    6  1  0 98  021:07
qman___that's saying 2.3GB is in cache21:10
qman___which is normal21:10
qman___buffers and cache should be using 'the rest' of your memory after applications21:10
Tixosso if MEM is getting as low as 150mb, thats not an issue? so im looking in the wrong place here?21:10
qman___run free -m21:10
qman___ignore the first line21:11
qman___the second line is what your applications are doing21:11
Tixosused 1GB21:11
Tixosfree 2.921:11
qman___yeah, memory's not an issue there21:11
qman___check your % iowait with top21:12
qman___if it's consistently high your disk subsystem is not fast enough21:12
Tixoswat is that value called?21:12
qman___it's at the top, %wa21:12
Tixoshmm i dont see that21:13
qman___third line21:13
qman___above that21:14
qman___Cpu(s):  6.4%us,  0.8%sy,  0.0%ni, 92.7%id,  0.1%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st21:14
Tixoshehe sorry man21:14
TixosCpu(s):  1.9%us,  0.3%sy,  0.0%ni, 97.8%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st21:14
qman___yeah, no problems there21:14
Tixosso its apache config thats the issue here?21:15
Tixosso i can safely put max clients to 256 etc again?21:15
Tixosalthough if its not helping...21:15
qman___either apache or something it's interacting with21:15
Tixos 1286 mysql     20   0  382m  44m 7120 S   20  1.1 392:48.30 mysqld21:15
Tixos20% cpu, issue?21:16
Tixosi looked at my.cnf, but didnt see anything i could really change21:16
qman___what kind of CPU are you running21:16
qman___for example, if you've got lots of cores at a low speed, that would be a normal measurement21:16
qman___because it's 20% of one core21:16
Tixosah, yes i think it is, quad core21:17
Tixosxenon, sec21:17
qman___same thing if you've got power saving enabled21:17
Tixos8 cores with threading? htop says21:17
qman___try setting it to full speed if it isn't already21:17
Tixosyes that 20% isnt on 1 core21:17
qman___cat /proc/cpuinfo to verify21:18
TixosIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31270 @ 3.40GHz21:18
qman___cpu MHz: 2100.00021:19
Tixoscpu MHz: 1600.00021:19
qman___if they're running at 800 or something that would throw all these numbers out the window21:19
qman___so about half speed, it's using 20% of one from eight threads21:19
qman___that's more normal21:19
Tixoscpu MHz: 1600.00021:20
TixosCPU is set at about half21:20
Tixossorry wrong window21:20
qman___so, it's using 20% of one eighth of your CPU's power, while it's at half speed21:21
qman___which is really not that much21:21
Tixosna, htop splits the cores21:21
Tixosshows about 2% on each21:21
Tixosmost of the time 1%21:21
qman___it juggles the load around21:21
qman___but the thread percentages are based on one core21:21
Tixoshmm, what else is there left to check?21:22
qman___in any case, from those numbers, doesn't look like a hardware issue21:22
qman___unless it's a bizarre thing with the NIC21:22
Tixosi am with softlayer, they are pretty decent21:23
Tixosbut i had same issue with ubuntu installed on another host21:23
Tixosnot with centos, so i think still that its configs?21:23
qman___could be a kernel tuning thing too21:23
Tixoscan i paste you my apache.conf?21:24
Tixosmaybe its something obvious21:24
qman___is this on real hardware, or cloud/vps21:24
Tixosits $200/m21:25
Tixosso half decent21:25
qman___yeah, just wanted to make sure21:25
qman___cloud/VPS systems can introduce all kinds of bizarre performance issues21:25
Tixoshow can i select all from nano? :P21:25
Tixosah ill just stick it in public_html lol21:26
Tixosmaybe i need even more than the 256 max clients i said, i cant see how though?21:27
Tixosi put back to 150 and im sure its even slower, we are talking 12seconds page load21:27
Tixosjust to load the .conf file21:27
qman___well, a million requests a day, evenly spread, is 11/sec21:28
Tixosit was pretty much getting the same hits while DNS was changing over though, and it was fine 2 days ago21:28
Tixoslighting fast21:28
qman___since they're probably not evenly spread, and since each hit is probably several requests21:28
qman___you're un the hundreds per day21:28
Tixosi pastebinned my conf21:29
qman___oh, a DNS change?21:29
Tixosmaybe its keepalive settings still21:29
qman___is your apache logging DNS names?21:29
Tixoshostnamelookups = off21:29
Tixosif thats what you mean21:29
Tixosand the conf is just default apart from keepalive which i changed, as you can see21:30
qman___why's your keepalivetimeout 121:32
Tixossomeone here told me to set it to that21:32
Tixoswhen i did, it fixed the issue21:32
qman___did you try disabling keepalive altogether?21:32
Tixosi think right at the beginning, but it didnt have effect, should i try it ?21:33
Tixosmy centos httpd.conf was set to off21:33
Tixosand that seemed ok21:33
qman___it's enabled by default but if that setting affected it21:33
qman___that's what to try21:33
Tixoswhat are drawbacks of turning off?21:33
Tixoslet me switch off sec21:33
qman___forces clients to make more connections21:34
qman___the idea behind it is the client makes one connection, and it stays active for 15 seconds while it makes all the requests it needs21:34
TixosRequest rate: 5489.9 req/s (0.2 ms/req)21:35
Tixosoutside  >  Request rate: 0.3 req/s (3680.3 ms/req)21:36
Tixosah, because i just restarted21:36
Tixoslocally >  Request rate: 0.2 req/s (4288.0 ms/req)21:36
Tixosso, once everyone has made connections again, it slows right down?21:36
qman___high, but better21:36
Patrickdkoh, having issues again?21:37
Tixosi think in 10minutes it will be back above 20k21:37
Tixosyea :(21:37
Tixoswhat about my prefork settings?21:37
Tixosthey are default ubuntu21:37
Patrickdkare you using php?21:37
Tixosi am, but i am testing against a static HTML page21:37
Tixosjust a page with 'test' written on it21:38
Tixosits a virtualhost, if that matters?21:38
Patrickdkone thing that can make apache work a lot nicer21:38
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Patrickdkis to change php over to fastcgi, and change apache over to mpm-worker21:38
Patrickdkbut that isn't a *simple* thing to do21:39
Tixosi read it, but not sure if that was the issue, and yes it looked compicated21:39
Patrickdkwell, it will fix some of your issue21:39
Patrickdkstatic pages wouldn't be slow anymore21:39
Patrickdkcause php pages won't get in the way21:39
Patrickdksince they will be offloaded to php21:39
Patrickdkinstead of using the php build into apache (mod_php)21:39
Tixosi pastbinned my apache.conf Patrickdk, and qman has ruled out alot of things already if you want to scrollback a little21:40
Patrickdkbut I thought we tuned it up some21:40
Tixosyea, its back with vengance21:40
qman___yeah, it could be that all your processes are busy handling php requests and thus can't return static pages quickly enough21:40
Tixosso tune PHP?21:41
Patrickdkthat is what it was the other day atleast21:41
Patrickdkwell, between that, and keepalive keeping apaches busy being idle21:41
Tixosor prefork?21:41
Tixoskeepalive is off now21:41
Patrickdkya, so now it can only be two issues21:41
Patrickdkphp taking too long21:41
Patrickdkor clients downloading webpages too slow21:41
Patrickdkincreasing prefork stuff would fix that21:41
Patrickdkif you have enough memory to handle it21:41
Tixoswhat is max i can set to?21:42
Tixosit was on 25621:42
qman___if php is the problem, I think turning maxclients way up would make it slightly faster21:42
qman___though not exactly the right solution21:42
Tixosim open for testing :)21:42
qman___like a couple thousand21:42
Patrickdkquick and simple fix, then handle looking into php more :)21:42
Tixosi read over 256 is dangerous21:42
PatrickdkI run over 100021:43
Patrickdkbut it depends on your memory21:43
Tixosshould i try and monitor ram?21:43
Tixosits 4gb ddr321:43
Patrickdktake each one will use 20-30megs (cause of php)21:43
qman___you've got over 2GB available21:43
Patrickdkas long as you don't swap, you can increase :)21:44
qman___well, what's your memory at with 256?21:44
Tixosi cant remember21:44
Tixoslet me switch over21:44
Tixoswhat else do i need to up apart frmo maxclients?21:44
qman___just the clients21:44
Tixosbefore i put childerequests to 4000, i just copied my centos config21:44
Tixosand startservers to 8 etc21:44
qman___the reasoning is, each client handles a php request, then waits o nit21:44
qman___so more clients means more simultaneous php requests21:44
qman___if php is the problem this will improve performance21:45
Tixosok lets see21:45
TixosMaxRequestsPerChild   021:45
Tixosleave this?21:45
Patrickdkthat means never kill/restart one21:45
Patrickdkthat is better, IF you have no memleaks21:46
Tixosright, so i want to monitor ram?21:46
Tixos-/+ buffers/cache:       1022       292021:46
Tixosso i should see used grow to say 2GB?21:46
qman___ok, and from your numbers before, around 500MB of that is apache21:47
qman___so four times the number you're using should be save21:47
Tixoslet me try that script again21:47
Tixos330.0 MiB +  30.4 MiB = 360.4 MiBapache2 (165)21:47
Tixos165 processes?21:47
Tixoslets give it 521:47
qman___165 is using 360, 1000 should be safe21:48
Tixos419.2 MiB +  36.2 MiB = 455.4 MiBapache2 (208)21:49
qman___remaining consistent21:49
Tixosupto 217 now, so it doesnt need the 256?21:50
Tixosor it will grow and grow?21:50
qman___it grows as needed, based on the other settings21:50
Tixosi see21:50
qman___the fact that it is growing means you're placing a load on it that needs more clients21:50
Tixosthanks guys, learning is the best part :)21:51
qman___which is also consistent with the theory21:51
Tixosok, upto 240 now,21:54
Tixos532.6 MiB +  43.7 MiB = 576.3 MiBapache2 (256)21:55
* michael_tn waves to all21:56
michael_tnanyone around to talk about ochestra/juju?21:56
TixosPatrickdk: / qman___ i must also increase ServerLimit ? which isnt even there on default ubuntu config21:58
qman___from what I'm reading, yes22:00
Tixosok, i will try 1024 and see :S22:00
TixosPatrickdk: what did you say you was using? and how much ram ?22:01
Tixosmaybe i need to look into worker MPM, but thats for another day i think22:01
Tixosthink it requires reinstall of apache22:01
Patrickdknot a reinstall, but pkg change22:01
Patrickdkand you can't use mod_php with worker22:01
michael_tnnod, package/config change should set that22:02
Tixosok, if i set to 102422:02
Tixosshould i learn StartServers etc?22:02
Tixosor increase those22:02
Patrickdkjust do startservers at like 100 or so22:02
Tixosreally? lol22:02
Patrickdkthat is just how many it makes, when you START apache, like on server reboot22:02
qman___yeah, it clearly needs them22:02
Tixosi feel something is going to pop :P22:02
qman___should make it run faster off the bat22:03
Patrickdkif your running 300, a 100 to start is more than low :)22:03
Tixosokies :)22:03
Tixos    MinSpareServers       5    +    MaxSpareServers      1022:03
PatrickdkI'm running worker, with 8 forks, and 150 threads each22:03
Patrickdkprobably want to widen that window some22:03
Patrickdkminspare, 50, maxspare 100?22:04
Patrickdkif you really need hundreds of them22:04
Tixosi duno22:04
Tixoslets try 25/50 ?22:04
Patrickdkthat means there will always be 25extra ones ready to use22:04
Patrickdkand no more than 50 extra ones22:04
Tixosso you think higher if i have such a high maxclients?22:05
Patrickdkit depends on your client usage22:05
Tixosmaybe they will use all 1024?22:05
Patrickdkif they all spike at once, or if it's more even22:05
Tixoso right22:05
Tixoslets go 25/50 and see22:05
Tixosand leave this, even though centos has 4000 set here      >    MaxRequestsPerChild   022:06
Tixosok ill update you in an hour or so, should it really fill the 1024?22:07
Patrickdkif you have other issues, sure :)22:07
Patrickdkand if it's that bad22:07
Tixosso it should never hit the 1024?22:07
Tixosthat would be 4000 hits per second? @ 250ms per request? maybe im totally wrong :P22:09
TixosPatrickdk: looking ok so far,  757.0 MiB +  58.9 MiB = 815.9 MiBapache2 (359)22:33
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yakstercan someone give me a hint how to mount a USB HDD connected to Airport Extreme base station?22:48
=== sixstringsg|away is now known as sixstringsg
RoyK[offtopic] what are the ubuntu irc guidelines for handling people that behave like either drunks or young teens, threatening with different unpleasent scenarias?23:17
RoyKoff the channel, after a small discussion _in_ the channel23:17
SpamapSRoyK: That would be a violation of the Ubuntu CoC, and usually is dealt with by first asking them to stop, and then asking them to leave by way of the community council. If they haven't signed the CoC.. I'd think a kick/ban is appropriate.. but I don't know official policy. :)23:23
Cerinhi, I just installed 11.10 on a barebones Asus RS100-E7 with integrated Aspeed graphics, and I can't get Xorg to start. All I get is the error "screens found, but none have a usable configuration. fatal server error: no screens found"23:36
CerinI've been Googling, but I can't find any resolutions. Does anyone know where I should look for a fix?23:36
SpamapSCerin: wrong channel? Xorg and servers aren't really something that should be used together. :)23:49
CerinSpamapS: I don't disagree. I only want to confirm it works, so that it's an option.23:49
SpamapSCerin: perhaps #ubuntu or #ubuntu-desktop would have better answers.23:50
Cerin#ubuntu didn't have any suggestions23:50
SpamapSCerin: really, servers should never have X on them. :)23:50
Cerinsince it's an xorg specific issue, I thought I'd ask here23:50
SpamapSCerin: right, #ubunt-desktop has X experts usually23:51
Cerinthat's not really helpful :)23:51
SpamapSCerin: I'm trying to help you, by telling you, X will make your server less stable, and so, should not be installed.23:51
CerinSpamapS: yeah, I know. and that's probably what I'll do. I'm still a little new to a pure command line environment, so I was going to use X as a crutch for a while before I felt more comfortable, but since this issue looks unresolvable, I might just bite the bullet23:55
=== sixstringsg is now known as sixstringsg|away
SpamapSCerin: what exactly will you get in the GUI that you are afraid to lose?23:56
SpamapSCerin: I'm genuinely curious23:56
GhostFreemanIf you're so concerned about not having a good degree of control w/o a GUI, there are tools like cpanel on Packages you can install to help admin your server23:57
SpamapSnot cpanel.. ;)23:58
GhostFreemanthere's also Launchpad23:59
GhostFreemanreally though the Server Guide is concise about teaching you the commands you need and how to use them23:59

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