artnaykelemengabor: ping, remember bug 934428?17:00
kelemengaborartnay: looking17:00
artnayif I recall correctly, it was something about compiling something (yelp?) with some old version17:00
artnayin Debian17:00
artnaykelemengabor: as you have an account to Gnome bugzilla, you can probably find the bug there17:01
artnayyou've commented it17:01
kelemengaboroh yes, I saw this earlier17:01
artnaythis is a new report as the old one was closed for some reason17:01
artnaythe bug is still present in precise17:02
kelemengabornot still - again. :)17:02
artnayah, ok. I never saw it fixed17:03
kelemengaborIn Oneiric, it was fixed by a newer upload of ubuntu docs, which contained updated translations17:03
kelemengaborPrecise, looks like has some older translations in the documentation17:03
kelemengaborbut I think this is normal at this point of the cycle17:04
kelemengaborthe good news is that there is nothing wrong with the toolchain, only the data files are somewhat obsolete17:04
artnaykelemengabor: let's wait and see if the situation changes, thanks for looking.17:06
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