bschaeferjaytaoko, hey!00:24
bschaeferjaytaoko, we are having a rain storm here and people forget how to drive haha00:25
snadgenice unity update ;) <303:43
snadgemuch love03:43
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snadgegrr.. autohide is still broken04:14
snadgeahh i see you have to move the pointer past the left edge of the screen04:16
snadgebut the dodge active window option has been removed :(04:16
snadgefail :(04:16
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snadgewould it be too much to ask in the change desktop background -> behaviour dialog04:42
snadgeto have a checkbox option.. when auto-hide launcher is set to ON04:42
snadgefor "dodge active windows"04:42
snadgeif you dont know what it means.. dont use it.. simple04:42
snadgeor a hidden gconf setting even? .. or to leave it in ccsm? i dont know04:43
snadgeremoving it completely sucks balls04:43
aBoundHello all, I'm curious is there anyway I can change the Unity numbered shortcuts to keyword or keyword combination shortcuts?05:23
aBoundKey shortcuts**05:23
gotwigmhall119: http://i.imgur.com/lk2Ew.png :-)08:51
gotwiganyone here... ?09:09
gotwigmhr3: hey10:13
mhr3gotwig, hi10:41
kklimondais HUD supposed to switch between applications while you search for some menu item?11:03
kklimondawhen I select termina, click alt and start looking for settings I end up with "Sound > Sound Settings" and the icon for the sound applet (or something like that)11:04
kklimondanot to mention I hate that it has been added to LTS without giving it at least one cycle to settle down - I expect it to be buggy and confusing :(11:06
snadgehow can i re-enable dodge active windows? :p11:28
snadgedo i have to burn down mark shuttleworth's house?11:29
snadgeim okay with it when i have a full screen browser window or something like that11:30
snadgebut on my workspace with terminals.. that side of the screen feels empty now.. and terminals are placed there by default11:31
snadgecausing an overlap issue ;)11:31
kklimondasnadge: I'm pretty sure they were removing this code13:02
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snadgeyeah im just trying to work out if i can be bothered being pissed off about that or not14:29
mhall119kklimonda: HUD will search anything in the panel, that include the focus'd window's menu, plus all the indicator menus16:01
kklimondamhall119: any chance we can disable it? Or maybe it gets disabled for 12.04?16:34
kklimonda(it doesn't really look that helpful, and it's buggy right now ;))16:34
mhall119kklimonda: I don't know what the final plan is for 12.04, it may be optional, it may be on or off by default, I don't know16:37
mhall119kklimonda: currently the HUD has to learn about which menu items you care about16:38
mhall119the more you use the menus, the better HUD will get at replacing them16:39
kklimondamhall119: I don't really use menu that much, and it's interferring with emacs meta key16:39
mhall119in the future, app developers will pre-seed the HUD with hints about what menu items you might be interestedin16:39
Daekdroommhall119, Is that a feature already or is that how HUD is supposed to be?16:39
mhall119Daekdroom: what, learning?16:39
mhall119it's already there16:39
Daekdroomkklimonda, you can change HUD shortcut (or leave it to no shortcut at all) through CCSM16:39
mhall119it's how it was built16:39
kklimondaDaekdroom: I don't really see any key I can use for this shortcut :(16:40
DaekdroomYou can use two or three keys too16:41
mhall119alt+F3 might work16:41
Lockalhi. I have a problem with ubuntu 12.04 -- every single window switches to old-style gtk-look. And I don't even know who is to blame. What's going on? Is it compiz, unity, bamf or what?16:52
Lockalmaybe there are some useful logs anywhere...16:53
Daekdroomold-style gtk-look?16:53
Lockalblocky style, like in windows 3.1116:53
DaekdroomLike when there's no theme?16:53
Lockaland apport does nothing, so I suppose there are no crashes16:55
Lockaldriver is not to blame, because this occurs both in nvidia or vesa mode16:56
mhall119Lockal: sounds like gnome-settings-daemon has crashed on you16:57
mhall119without that, it defaults to the old-style default Gtk theme16:57
Lockalthank you, gnome-settings-daemon really crashed.16:59
Lockallast message: wacom-plugin:ERROR:gsd-wacom-device.c:1321:gsd_wacom_device_set_current_stylus: assertion failed: (device->priv->styli)16:59
Lockal^ probably thats it16:59
* mhall119 dislikes g-s-d17:00
mhall119I hope we can replace that someday17:00
LockalWow, linux gui system is scary. I plugged out my wacom tablet, run gnome-settings-daemon, and gui is ok now =)17:02
mhall119Lockal: so it seems the wacom driver is crashing g-s-d (which it shouldn't be able to do, IMO)17:02
mhall119see if there's a bug report, and if not file one so someone will fix it17:02
* mhall119 dislikes g-s-d17:03
Lockalmhall119, I've found it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/934445 .17:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 934445 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "gnome-settings-daemon 3.3.5 crashed with SIGABRT in g_assertion_message() when my Wacom Bamboo 2FG 4x5 is plugged in" [High,Triaged]17:05
Lockalthank you for help17:06
gotwigwho  is githlar?18:05
gotwigjoin #ubuntu18:08
DaekdroomIs there any way to delete entries from the Dash app list?18:26
gotwigdoes anyone need help with his scope or lens?18:30
JanCDaekdroom: it uses standard xdg methods, just like GNOME and KDE and ...18:45
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mhall119hey gotwig20:05
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gotwigmhall119: hey there20:29
gotwigmhall119: my lens is now on askubuntu20:29
mhall119gotwig: nice!20:33
gotwigmhall119: nothing special20:38
gotwigmhall119: I never been there before20:38
gotwigmhall119: I am going to do a presentation for my college about ubuntu20:38
mhall119gotwig: you should check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations20:42
mhall119there are presentation templates there too20:42
gotwigmhall119: you should check www.ubuntu-presentation.tk ^^20:42
gotwigmhall119: its my presentation, not finished20:42
gotwigmhall119: I'm going to present a lot, thats not included in that one20:43
mhall119gotwig: that's pretty slick, what did you use to make it?20:44
gotwigmhall119: impress.js20:45
gotwigmhall119: thanks20:45
AlanBellon an empty desktop F1 does nothing. Would that not be a better binding to get to the shortcut overlay than long hold of the super key?20:46
AlanBellMy F1 key is actually labled "Help" on my laptop20:46
gotwigmhall119: not all is working, tough20:47
mhall119gotwig: it's way better than a boring old PowerPoint style presentation though20:47
gotwigmhall119: do you know how I can get more "points" on askubuntu?20:48
gotwigmhall119: it restricts realy much my options20:48
gotwigmhall119: its like a clan system o.0 IMHO20:48
mhall119gotwig: start off just tagging new questions, and answer ones you can20:50
mhall119I'm pretty new and askubuntu myself20:50
mhall119"new at"20:50
m4n1shgotwig: nice presentation20:51
gotwigmhall119: tagging questions gives me points :X ?20:51
gotwigm4n1sh: not finished :D and there are still some bugs20:51
m4n1shcongratulating for a nice attempt20:51
gotwigm4n1sh: I'm working on it ^^20:51
gotwigm4n1sh: thanks :D20:51
gotwigm4n1sh: do you saw my lens? cooking lens?20:51
m4n1shsaw the screenshot :)20:52
gotwigm4n1sh: :-)20:54
gotwigm4n1sh: are you on 12.04?20:54
jonogotwig, you are working on a cooking lens?20:55
jonothat sounds awesome :-)20:55
gotwigjono: its finished. How does that sound?20:56
gotwigjono: not completly, but it does work :-)20:56
jonohave a screenshot?20:56
gotwighttp://askubuntu.com/questions/38772/what-lenses-for-unity-are-available/105184#105184 ( btw. you can vote for that lens xD , so I get more privileges on askubuntu ...)20:56
gotwigI know its not finished..20:57
gotwigI did it in my free time, in this week20:57
gotwigI have holidays :-)20:57
gotwigjono: how does it look? :-)20:59
jonolooks great :-)20:59
gotwigjono: want to try it out :-)?21:06
mhall119gotwig: hmmm, my poor attempt at a lens icon is too small to tell what it is....21:12
mhall119looks more like a record player seen from above21:12
mhall119oh well21:12
gotwigmhall119: why dont you ask a designer :D21:13
gotwigmhall119: a reply on a comment from me on youtube o.0 : @xXEduBuntuXx python is useless sorry.21:14
mhall119my usually designer has been awol21:15
mhall119gotwig: haters gotta hate, don't let them get to you21:15
mhall119some people are only happy when they're not happy21:16
gotwigmhall119: your designer :D21:20
gotwigmhall119: its a music video about java, do you know it? with rap music, etc.21:20
mhall119I think I've seen it, yeah21:21
mhall119there was a fake movie trailer about Java too21:22
gotwigmhall119: do you have my scope/lens installed?21:46
gotwigmhall119: :-)21:53
gotwigmhall119: do you have the icon for the cooking lens in the orange version :-)?22:02
JanCgotwig: do you know sozi?22:06
gotwigJanC: sozi?22:07
gotwigJanC: .com?22:07
JanCit's a presentation tool/plugin for Inkscape22:07
gotwigJanC: oh, yes...22:08
JanCit creates SVG + JavaScript presentations22:08
gotwigJanC: I'm not realy a fan of it, in relation to presentations22:08
gotwigJanC: the fonts look strange22:09
JanChm, never seen that problem22:09
JanCgotwig: somebody from my locoteam made http://techprojectmasters.com/EPFSUG/unity.svg with Sozi22:10
gotwigJanC: oh, I know it :D22:10
JanCalso, getting "points" on AskUbuntu is easy, but takes some time  :P22:11
gotwigJanC: may I use it in my presentation?22:11
gotwigJanC: couse unity is a special part..22:12
gotwigJanC: why don you vote me up :D?22:12
JanCgotwig: I'm pretty sure Wouter doesn't mind if you use it (although maybe some updates might be needed to the current Unity); his address is in the presentation  ;)22:14
gotwigJanC: I know, for the image22:14
gotwigJanC: but its open SVG, I can easily replace it22:14
gotwigJanC: the image22:15
gotwigJanC: I dont even know why I do that22:15
JanC\o/ open formats  ☺22:15
gotwigJanC: :D I used such chars in my scope/lens22:15
JanCgotwig: I only vote answers on AskUbuntu up if I really think they are useful, and haven't seen any of yours yet  ;)22:16
gotwigJanC: hm, dont you saw the post for my lens :D ?22:17
gotwigJanC: would be nice, but of course there's no need22:17
JanCis that the "Unity Graphic Design lens" ?22:17
gotwigJanC: no, the last one22:18
gotwigJanC: http://askubuntu.com/questions/38772/what-lenses-for-unity-are-available/105184#10518422:18
gotwigJanC: excactly that one22:18
JanCah, seems like my browser didn't scroll properly22:18
JanCuntil after a refresh22:18
JanC"Cooking Lens and Recipefy Scope"22:19
gotwigJanC: right, see the name .D ?22:19
JanCwell, if I ever try it out...22:19
gotwigJanC: the best part of the pancake is the bacon ^^22:20
DaekdroomIs Super + W supposed to show windows from all workspaces or only the current one?22:20
gotwigDaekdroom: told super, and you will see22:21
gotwigDaekdroom: hold , excuse me22:21
JanCbut to be honest, most of the time I look at "real" questions on AU if I have time, not this sort of "community wiki" lists so much22:21
gotwigJanC: you mean my one :X?22:22
Daekdroomgotwig, right, I'm using the portuguese translation, and the text ends with a '...', so I think it didn't fit in the overlay :P22:22
DaekdroomWhat does it say in the English translation?22:22
gotwigJanC: its sad, when you look at the revision history you will see that I dont even had the right to post the image22:22
gotwigJanC: becouse I had no points...22:22
gotwigDaekdroom: oh :D22:23
JanCgotwig: the best way to get "points" on Askubuntu is to answer questions (fix people's problems)22:23
gotwigDaekdroom: only the one from the current workspace, the german translation is not that good xD^^22:23
gotwigDaekdroom: there is no german translation for that sentence22:23
gotwigDaekdroom: are you interessted in trying out my lens/scope?22:25
gotwigDaekdroom: for findig recipes trough the dash22:25
Daekdroomgotwig, I'm not into cooking, sorry.22:25
gotwigDaekdroom: :-)22:25
gotwigI did it for my mother, lol22:25
JanCgotwig: there are lots of unanswered questions at http://askubuntu.com/questions?sort=unanswered22:25
gotwigJanC: thx22:26
JanCanswer some of these correctly, and you will get all the points you need  ;)22:26
mhall119gotwig: http://ubuntuone.com/3zOjfZSenIiJ4e6kVmMM6H22:26
gotwigmhall119: you're full into the cloud, right :D ?22:27
DaekdroomSo, the thing is. Super + W is meant to display windows from current workspace, but CCSM says Super + W is set to display all windows.22:27
DaekdroomWhich led to someone filing bug 93377622:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 933776 in compiz (Ubuntu) ""Super + W" window picker only shows local windows, not all." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93377622:28
JanCgotwig: or http://askubuntu.com/questions?sort=featured for questions that have a bounty associated (meaning you can earn lots of points when your answer is chosen as the best)22:28
DaekdroomBut the shortcut overlay says it's for the current workspace.22:28
JanCand of course keeping an eye on http://askubuntu.com/questions?sort=newest for questions on topics that you know a lot about also helps22:29
gotwigDaekdroom: yeah xD22:31
gotwigI'm from the brown old school :P22:31
malinping davidcalle23:43
malinforgotten an /23:43
malinin front23:43

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