bkerensapleia2: Is there much in the realm of artwork that can be contributed? I have four students at OSU interested in contributing but they said the info on ubuntu.c is outdated00:06
pleia2bkerensa: cprofitt wrote about artwork at jams today: http://ftbeowulf.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/jam-jam-ubuntu-global-jam-art-jam/00:08
pleia2there's also the wallpaper contest going on now: http://design.canonical.com/2012/01/precisely-how-were-going-to-make-the-wallpapers-in-12-04-the-best-ever/00:08
pleia2there's also an ubuntu artists group on deviantart: http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/00:11
bkerensapleia2: This is whats been keeping me busy lately -> https://launchpad.net/~cs399/+members00:14
bkerensathats and settling in00:14
bkerensa32 college students were mentoring00:15
bkerensayeah.... perhaps some new contributors for the long term00:15
bkerensaThere are four women in the group but I was unable to find any Ubuntu Women to mentor :s I'm not sure who is mentoring them but the mentor team I put togther there are five of us00:16
pleia2yeah, we're all pretty overwhelmed already00:17
pleia2"we need more women for $foo" ...same women get asked for everything all the time00:17
bkerensaI'm going to go on a brief hiatus this summer00:18
bkerensahave not figure out which month but I think I'm taking a entire month of from Ubuntu :)00:18
bkerensaEven gonna use Windows during the month :P jk00:18
nhainesCurious what the Ubuntu Community Manager does?  Courtesy of Michael Hall, here's a breakdown: http://blog_uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/communitymanager.jpg00:20
pleia2bkerensa: you could distro hop for a month to remind you why you love Ubuntu ;)02:37
pleia2(I sometimes think that's why I keep a Debian desktop around, I do love Debian, but sometimes I just want non-free stuff to work)02:38
akkI'm having good luck with stuff working in Debian.02:40
akkAs long as it doesn't have to be *current* stuff and can be a couple years old. :)02:40
pleia2I finally got my nvidia drivers AND vlc+DVDs working (had to kick out xen since the xen kernel disagrees with nvidia, but I do kvm on my bigger computer now)02:41
akkUbuntu does a good job keeping stuff working considering how often it updates.02:41
pleia2still can't get the totem plugin to work on Debian, it just works with magic on Ubuntu02:42
MarkDudeMaddog Hall is hella funny02:43
pleia2not sure if it's the plugin itself (it fails to load in chrome, just sort of dies and takes my CPU with it in firefox) or missing codecs02:43
pleia2so no otter cam on debian! (important things here)02:43
akkI never got the SJ peregrine falcon cam working reasonably on any linux.02:44
akkBoo webcams that use weirdo formats.02:44
pleia2yeah, in the case of these I don't mind flash so much, it mostly just works (and was the first cross-platform thing that did for video through web)02:45
pleia2realplayer had a client for linux back in 2002 when no one else did, but it mostly sucked02:45
pleia2(not to mention not many sites actually used it)02:46
akkYeah, I had really mixed feelings on realplayer -- it really did suck, but was (a little) better than nothing.02:46
akkWhen most places were using WMV or quicktime and the only solution for that was codeweavers crossover/wine.02:47
akkAnd flash ... I hate it, but for any sort of video it sadly still is the best cross-platform solution.02:47
akkI do wish people would quit using it for things other than video, though.02:47
pleia2there was an mplayer plugin that unreliably played them, I was the biggest mplayer geek back in the day (my first linux famous thing was an mplayer on debian compiling guide)02:47
akkI tried opting in to youtube's html5 video trial, and found my dual-atom laptop isn't fast enough for it.02:48
pleia2hah, still one of the top hits for google search on debian mplayer02:48
* pleia2 did put an "out dated" sign on it02:48
akkI remember trying to build mplayer, then reading that "mplayer, the project from hell" article and feeling so much better. :)02:49
akkmplayer really is a great app, now that ordinary mortals can apt-get it.02:49
pleia2I still use it for everything except dvds02:50
pleia2even music02:50
akkIt was a great app even back then, except that its build system was highly un-great.02:50
akkI use it for movies and sometimes music on my laptop, but on the desktop I usually use vlc.02:50
pleia2yeah, my build instructions turned it into a .deb and shipped a user config that was nice02:51
akkvlc has a nice UI if you don't mind pulling in qt and half of kde and needing more cpu to run.02:51
akkI remember when I first learned there was a deb of mplayer -- maybe it was yours -- such excitement!02:51
akkAnd yeah, that it came already configured and with reasonable libraries and everything.02:52
pleia2there was a guy who made unofficial debs a year or so after I wrote my how-to, it was nice to be able to point to them (and then when it actually got into debian, yay!)02:52
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