snap-lbrousch: THat's good news02:24
rick_hsnap-l: you liked this physics guy book?02:40
rick_hman I can't get going into it. It's like it's written by a freaking high schooler02:41
snap-lrick_h: The story's the thing02:49
snap-lThey're not physics books02:49
snap-lGenius by Gleck might be better02:50
snap-l(according to JoDee)02:50
snap-lBut yeah, they're science pablum02:50
rick_hsnap-l: I was just surprised you gave it 5 stars. I'm at 2 myself atm, but only a few dozen pages in I guess03:19
rick_hnice, so arch user on ask ubuntu now12:00
rick_hheh, and arch ships with py312:01
brouschhe can easily translate it12:33
brouschi thought only cluefull people used arch12:33
jrwrennope, just clueless hipsters14:03
snap-lis the command I use to bring up IRC.15:08
snap-lbah, I think my URL thingie is busticated.15:09
snap-lNice, got a cold-call e-mail for a "Python WEb Developer" in MI15:11
snap-lWith e-mail click-tracking links abounding15:11
snap-lAnd no details about the job at all15:13
rick_hheh, suckered in15:25
snap-lNah, I cut out the referral stuff15:25
snap-lThe only details are what I've posted. :)15:26
rick_hthe money pit begins! fish tank is out of storage and the amazon wishlist is loading up15:26
snap-lrick_h: so, are blue tangs on the wishlist?15:26
snap-lWould love to see UPS try to ship that two-day. ;)15:27
rick_hheh no15:27
rick_hthat's salt water15:27
rick_hheh, I've mailed ordered fish and shrimp before15:27
snap-lDoing fresh water?15:27
rick_hyea, planted fresh water again15:28
rick_hthe decision is who's going to be center stage15:28
rick_hangel, gourami, or rainbow fish15:28
snap-lDanios. :)15:28
snap-l1,000 danios15:28
snap-lStill debating on getting a new tank15:29
rick_hwent day dreaming through moby dick store yesterday15:30
rick_hdon't go non-standard, you'll end up regretting it15:33
snap-lYeah, that's what i thought15:34
rick_hfor instance, my tank stand had a crack, so because it's standard, I just hit up moby dick and came home with a new one easy enough15:34
rick_hyou don't want custom sized lighting, top, base, etc15:34
rick_hcome on, you know you want http://www.amazon.com/Midwest-Tropical-Rectangle-Aqua-Tower/dp/B000K7HL8W/ref=sr_1_50?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1329579484&sr=1-50 :)15:38
snap-lOh hell yes.15:39
snap-lJoDee would love that15:39
snap-l"Yeah, it's real pretty, except it's a grand. :)"15:39
rick_hwell don't tell her that part, it's only 30gal though :/15:40
snap-lToo late.15:40
rick_hwe'll go hit up the fish store when you come over for the sprint15:41
brouschthat is cool15:43
brouschbut i can't think of a space where we could put it15:44
snap-lIt would actually fit wher we have15:44
brouschmake it so15:46
snap-lSomething tells me that would be an awful lot of weight in a small area15:46
rick_hit's ok, just make sure you're over a joist15:49
rick_h<3 https://twitter.com/#!/hmason/status/17089611810695987315:49
rick_hwell, hopefully by next weekend I'll have water running and a few plants15:50
snap-lDid anyone tell Fab that their site sucks15:50
rick_hstuff's been in storage for 5yr so having to get a bunch of new stuff still15:50
brouschi can't even see the site because there is a giant signup form blocking it all15:53
brouschdamn fools15:54
snap-lGot discount cards for logitech.com for MUG19:09
snap-l35% discount19:09
jrwrenso, 10%more than newegg :)19:11
Dekkardmsg/nickserv identify 308cal19:37
brouschsnap-l: for logitech? so you can buy mice and speakers?20:39

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