MutantTurkeyjust woke fffffffffffff01:01
MutantTurkeyI think i am going back to bed01:12
* waltman didn't realize that turkeys were nocturnal02:41
MutantTurkeyi am really hungry though02:49
MutantTurkeyhavent eaten all day02:49
waltmanWhat do you turkeys eat? Nuts? Berries? Small insects?02:51
waltmanmutant burgers?03:00
InHisNameturkeys supposedly stare at sky with mouths open and drown from the falling raindrops03:30
MutantTurkeywhyy am i still tired15:52
teddy-dbearbecause your a turkey?15:54
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MutantTurkeythats basically me16:57
ChinnoDogI miss my xbox. I dropped it off for repair yesterday16:58
ChinnoDogThere is a place 15 minutes from here that does xbox repairs and mods. $30 to fix my problem. I show up to drop off. It is 3 guys working in a basement, parts everywhere. One guy is working on the floor.16:59
ChinnoDogLooked like many places I've been to. lol16:59
MutantTurkeywhich xbox?17:00
MutantTurkeyand where is it?17:00
PennBotTitle: Virginia Xbox 360 Repair | Fix Xbox and PC Repair (at xmoddz.com)17:01
ChinnoDogIt is the old style xbox17:01
ChinnoDogLights one and three were blinking at power on, throwing code 001317:02
ChinnoDogThey were professional about it. Generated estimate for me and emailed it to me on the spot17:02
ChinnoDogI was surprised to be dropping it off at a house though instead of a store17:03
MutantTurkeyyeah I need mine fixed up17:03
ChinnoDogWhat is wrong with it?17:04
MutantTurkeymy controllers aren't working17:05
MutantTurkeyI think the USB hub is borked17:05
MutantTurkeyit's a modded box with a flip switch and runs linux 2.4 iirc17:06
ChinnoDogThey do modding. I bet they would fix it fo ryou17:06
ChinnoDogEmail them and ask17:06
MutantTurkeyto far to go though17:23
MutantTurkeyI can get a local to do it17:23
MutantTurkeyfor less cost than the gas money would be17:23
MutantTurkeywe aynnt no DCers here17:23
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MutantTurkeyseeing star wars in 3d :-D19:53
mutantturkey_ping pong i need help20:57
mutantturkey_windows users please!20:57
EvilResistancewhatcha need20:58
mutantturkey_my fathers computer is complaining of a failing hard drive20:58
* EvilResistance still uses windows20:58
mutantturkey_its window20:58
mutantturkey_It says " your hard drive is failing "20:58
EvilResistancemutantturkey_ complaining how20:58
mutantturkey_that is it20:58
mutantturkey_windows decteed a hard disk problem backup files immediatly etc20:58
mutantturkey_when i click details all i get is the disk name...20:58
mutantturkey_should I just back it up?20:59
EvilResistanceyeah you should try to back up the files21:00
mutantturkey_i wish i could just get some info21:03

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