Kiloshi superfly can i mail you something to check before i send it to the list please 07:30
Kilosmorning all07:30
superflymorning Kilos07:31
Kilosty, dont wanna mislead anyone07:31
superflyKilos: your mail looks OK, but I don't know debdelta07:48
superflyKilos: you might want to change your subject to "using up less data on mobile broadband07:48
Kilosty superfly will do that07:48
Kiloswasnt sure if i had entered the right url07:49
superflyI would stick to "http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/"07:50
Kilosthats a good idea, i changed when the site gave probs, the sun one never seems to have probs07:51
Kilosdunno if that mail went twice. evo brought up a recovery window so i sent it again08:08
Kilosevening everyone17:42
sakhi_hey Kilos 17:42
Kiloshiya sakhi_ all good apart from your tail?17:42
sakhi_I felt something following me, otherwise I'm good thanks besides vmware issues this evening.17:44
Kilosdrussell, hi there. you most likely know about this17:44
drussellKilos: hiya17:45
drussellKilos: yeah i've seen it before17:45
Kilosgreat boot repair tool17:45
Kilosoh my17:46
Kiloshi kbmonkey stranger17:46
kbmonkeyhello Kilos!17:46
kbmonkeyi got your emails thanks17:46
Kilosyou well lad?17:46
kbmonkeyits coming down here, definitely rain season17:47
Kiloswow you so lucky. even our weeds are dying here from thirst17:47
kbmonkeywhat you growing there oom? ;P17:48
kbmonkeyit makes sense for ubuntu not to have the same commands as fedora based centos17:49
Kilosa few mielies and some strawberries and chillis and peppadew17:49
kbmonkeythere are equivalent commands17:49
Kilosand lotsa weeds17:50
Kilosblackjacks and khakibos17:50
Kilosblackjack leaf tea is a good natural antibiotic17:50
kbmonkeyI did not know that17:52
Kilosi used the debain ones , cant member which all but will get back to it17:52
Kiloshad a scare this avy. external light went red when i wasnt even near the pc and stopped showing here17:53
Kilostried rebooting and plugin it in after booting but no usb drive shouwed17:54
Kilosshowed either17:54
kbmonkeyred is bad?17:54
kbmonkeyand now?17:54
Kilosmeans busy17:54
Kiloswas gonna try the data recovery stuff but thought lets first try sisters harddrive in case it was something on here not seeing usb17:55
kbmonkeythat is worrying17:56
Kilosbooted her drive coupla times and all of a sudden lights started flashing and next thing it was working again17:56
Kilosback on my drive again it shows17:57
Kilossigh, dunno what caused that\17:57
Kiloslol yeah bit frightening17:57
Kiloseverything is on there17:57
Kilos30g of stuff17:58
Tonberrybackup everything17:58
Kilosall my rsyncs are there17:58
Kilosand packages and visa stuff and pics 17:59
Kilosand music17:59
Kilosi go eat17:59
kbmonkeyfaulty cabling could cause that17:59
Kiloshow does one do a worldwide census of who cant go unity and wants to stay maveric18:21
Kiloslike a petition to canonical kinda thing18:22
kbmonkeythey would rather let you use classic mode 18:24
Kiloskbmonkey, you wanna try something18:27
Kilosyou have a dvd writer hey?18:27
Kiloshey psydroid you quiet18:28
psydroidhi Kilos18:29
kbmonkeyI do have a writer, I guess it still works. been a year or two since I used the thing18:29
KilosMaaz, announce monthly meeting here on monday evening18:29
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! monthly meeting here on monday evening18:29
psydroidI was talking to someone18:29
Kiloskbmonkey, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-with-remastersys.html18:29
Kilosmake a custom dvd of your system18:30
Kilostried it here but too much to fit on a cd18:30
Kiloswill try make a dvd when ian comes with his external dvd writer18:31
kbmonkeyI used remastersys before Kilos. neat method18:31
Kilosgood hey18:31
kbmonkeytoo much for a dvd 18:31
kbmonkeyI need a koffie18:39
Kilosreal one not cybercoffee18:39
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:40
* Maaz flips the salt-timer18:40
KilosMaaz, coffee time18:40
MaazIt is always coffee time!18:40
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:44
KilosMaaz, ty18:44
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:44
sakhikbye for now18:45
Kiloscheers sakhi 18:46
Kilosgo well18:46
kbmonkeycheers sakhi 18:46
kbmonkeyoh i missed maaz, let me put the real world kettle on!18:46
Kilosha ha18:46
* kbmonkey might just make two cups for posterity18:46
Kilosi drink tea outs beer mugs18:47
Kiloscups are for kids and girls18:47
kbmonkeypolisie koffie?18:47
Kilosnee man18:47
kbmonkeyah, irish tea18:47
Kilosplain tea18:47
Kilosis tinylinux plain linux. not deb or rpm based?18:49
Kilosso much to learn18:49
Kilosor can one then give it a gnome desktop and xchat and pidgin etc18:50
kbmonkeydeb / rpm are package management. linux is the core. dont know what tinylinux use, probably something else 18:50
kbmonkeygood question18:51
kbmonkeythey dont mention any packaging system18:53
kbmonkeyit comes with a bunch of apps18:53
kbmonkeymy guess that you have to compile any extra stuff manually18:53
* Kilos thinks about a linux system that isnt updating all the time but can still be made to look like ubuntu18:53
Kiloswait i have a link18:54
kbmonkeyon the tinylinux home page 18:54
kbmonkeyholy moly, it needs a whopping 8MB RAM and 80 MB disk space. 18:54
kbmonkeythat is too cool18:54
kbmonkeyah, it uses pkgtool18:56
Kilosi think thats it. had to scroll back far18:56
kbmonkeythat is a slackware tool. so tinylinux is slack based...18:56
Kilosme dunno whats slack19:02
Kilosanother thing like rpm and deb?19:02
kbmonkeyslackware is a linux distro19:02
kbmonkeyone of the oldest linuxes19:03
kbmonkeythere is also puppy linux19:03
KilosI still need to find out which file tells Ubuntu what the default 19:03
KilosDesktop is to change it to Classic Gnome19:03
Kilosthis is from Nico on the lists19:04
kbmonkeyi can't help you, I have zero experience with unity19:04
Kiloshow does he tell unity to go classic and stay there19:04
kbmonkeycant you just choose your desktop from the login screen?19:04
Kilosno kbmonkey the unity peeps can help19:04
Kilosif they not just lurking19:04
inetprogood morning19:05
Kilospity neil isnt here19:05
kbmonkeyhi inetpro 19:05
Kiloslo inetpro 19:05
Kilosjust in time19:05
Kilosyou have become a unity user19:05
Kilos I still need to find out which file tells Ubuntu what the default 19:06
Kilos<Kilos> Desktop is to change it to Classic Gnome19:06
KilosNico on the lists needs help19:06
inetproKilos: wait for the new LTS release19:06
Kilosnot me man19:06
inetprothey've made a lot of improvements19:06
kbmonkeyhey Kilos you can press up in xchat to reuse your words19:07
Kilosi got him to get boot-repair to fix his booting but he still wants to know how to go classic19:07
kbmonkeyit helps us old folks with typing he he19:07
* inetpro has not tried the classic thing19:07
Kiloswow ty kbmonkey 19:07
inetproI'm very happy with the direction that Unity is moving in19:08
kbmonkeyI'm curious inetpro, how does it handle keyboard shortcuts?19:08
Kilosinetpro, he can get into classic mode but on reboot its back to unity19:08
kbmonkeycan you use it without a mouse, is what I want to know19:09
inetprokbmonkey: shortcuts like?19:09
Kiloshow does he make it permanent19:09
superflyKilos: I don't pay much attention to Nico, and neither do other people, because he asks the same stupid questions 10 times in a row and doesn't bother to actually open his browser and Google19:10
inetprokbmonkey: yes I must say I'm quite impressed with their new set of keyboard shortcut keys even if it requires you to relearn a few things19:10
Kilosaw shame superfly maybe he battles19:10
Kiloslike me19:10
Kiloslooks like kubuntu is losing a fan19:12
superflyKilos: no, the only thing he seems to battle with is actually using his brain. You use yours19:12
kbmonkeythat's brutally honest. some people can't help being indoctrinated by M$19:13
inetproKilos: heh, I will most likely be back on Kubuntu as with the new release in April19:13
kbmonkeyit locked them into a certain way of thinking19:13
Kiloswhew thats a relief inetpro 19:13
Kilosboth look wrong19:14
Kilosmaybe its my eye the squif19:14
kbmonkeyI'm really enjoying Openbox. responsive like greased lighting19:14
kbmonkeythe lazy eye?19:15
inetproMaaz: dict relief19:15
Maazinetpro: Relief \Re*lief"\ (r?-l?f"), n. [OE. relef, F. relief, properly, a lifting up, a standing out. See {Relieve}, and cf. {Basrelief}, {Rilievi}.] 1. The act of relieving, or the state of being relieved; the removal, or partial removal, of any evil, or of anything oppressive or burdensome, by which some ease is obtained; succor; alleviation; comfort; ease; redress. [1913 Webster]  He sees the dire contagion spread so fast, That, where 19:15
Kiloslol kbmonkey 19:16
Kilosone is blind and the other one also cant see19:16
Kilosand i have forgotten lots of my spelling in both tales19:17
kbmonkeyfor a moment I thought Maaz will tell us the intricacies of using the Big White Telephone19:17
kbmonkeyyour spelling is 110% better than these folks who use sms shorthand. drives me nuts19:17
Kilosinetpro, is it very dry there too. seems from here that town and you guys get rain when it blows past here before it starts dripping19:18
kbmonkeycould we blame telecoms companies for the demise of inarticulate youth? Yes we can!19:18
Kilosactually superfly i see what you mean. i told him about boot-repair but he couldnt find it19:19
Kilosmaybe google isnt his friend either19:19
kbmonkeyit's dripping here again.19:20
Kilossend some here19:20
inetproKilos: yep, very, very dry here. We really need that rain.19:20
* kbmonkey does a rain shift dance19:20
Kiloseven ours mielies leaves are rolled up\19:20
Kilosand thats with watering 2x a week19:21
Kilosha ha19:21
Kilosonce on the farm in utrecht i wanted to shoot a rain bird and all my boys grabbed me and said no we will get washed away19:22
Kilosmusta been making a noise and my head was sore19:22
inetproKilos: at least you have lots of your memories still in tact19:25
kbmonkeyI was a sign19:25
Kiloslol yeah but all the wrong ones. and they pop up at weird times19:25
kbmonkeyBest not to tempt fate, eh. Always backup!19:25
Kilosbut normally worth a good laugh19:25
Kiloshow you backup your nut19:26
inetproone of many things I miss on Ubuntu is klipper19:27
cocooncrashinetpro: Have you turned your back on KDE?!!19:27
inetprococooncrash: not at all19:28
cocooncrashinetpro: Ah, okay19:28
cocooncrash(I wouldn't blame you though.)19:28
inetprococooncrash: I just installed it on my laptop some time ago and thought I'd push through and see how good/bad it is19:28
Kilosdont let the fly hear that19:28
Kiloshi JaynMerry 19:29
kbmonkeyha ha19:30
inetprococooncrash: why would you not blame me?19:31
cocooncrashinetpro: It's gone a bit downhill TBH19:32
cocooncrashI'm using Thunderbird because Kmail is unusable19:32
cocooncrashAnd Firefox because Rekonq and Konqueror are a bit meh19:32
inetproit's quit sad actually19:32
inetproeven akregator can be painful these days19:33
Kilosaw thats sad when a distro go backwards19:34
inetprococooncrash: it's mainly due to using Firefox and Thunderbird that my switching is not so painful19:34
Kiloscan one of you check this link please19:35
Kilosmy epiphany cant get in there at all19:35
inetprohas any of you gnome guys used glipper?19:35
inetprothey say glipper is a clipboard utility for the GNOME panel19:36
kbmonkeythat link does not work Kilos 19:37
Kiloswhat does one do with a clipboard19:37
Kilosty kbmonkey 19:37
inetproKilos: same here19:38
inetproKilos: Glipper is supposed to maintain a history of text copied to the clipboard from which you can choose19:39
inetprovery very useful19:39
Kilosdo you have to manually put text there 19:40
inetproI still use Klipper a lot on my KDE desktop at the office19:40
Kilosthen go look later what you put there19:41
inetproKilos: no, anything you copy with CTRL+C19:41
Kilosthats all the time with xchat here19:41
Kiloscant right click copy19:41
Kilosctrl+c and ctrl+v19:42
Kilosbattled in the beginning19:42
Kilossome guy thatwas in kenya or someplace helped me here 19:42
Kilosoh inetpro so it will remember all links i copy like that in here19:43
* inetpro goes to install glipper19:44
kbmonkeyI use Parcellite inetpro 19:44
Kilostiny package 68k19:44
inetproat least glipper doesn't seem much bigger than that19:45
inetproNeed to get 110 kB of archives. After unpacking 991 kB will be used.19:45
Kilosits glipper i am talking about 68.9kB19:46
inetprothat is 110kB for glipper libkeybinder0{a} python-keybinder{a} python-prctl{a}19:46
Kilosi must have that other stuff already19:47
Kilosonly glipper installed now to find where it went19:47
kbmonkeyglipper will download 90MB on my side. lol, nevermind :)19:48
Kiloswow why so much19:48
Kilosmine is in already19:48
kbmonkeyI don't have gnome19:48
kbmonkeyso it will download all gnome dependencies too19:48
Kiloswhat you using kbmonkey 19:48
kbmonkeyon this pc I use openbox19:48
kbmonkeyits like gnome or kde, but lighter on resources19:49
Kilostop and bottom panels?19:49
Kilosand updates every 2 weeks?19:49
kbmonkeyi run updates manually19:50
Kilosonce of?19:50
* inetpro not sure that is really necessary to reboot but I just did, and now I see a nice little additional G icon in the panel19:50
* Kilos will cry if i gotta leave maverick19:51
Kilosoh inetpro i see niks19:51
Kiloswill try a reboot19:51
inetproone of my reasons for using ubuntu gnome is so I can at least try to support new users 19:52
* inetpro can not deny that Ubuntu Unity appeals to new users more than KDE19:52
* inetpro has one more item keeping him on KDE scratched off the list 19:54
inetprohmm... Kilos, waar was jy nou?19:55
Kilosdont see no G nowhere19:55
Kilosdid a reboot sir19:55
Kiloshehe murphy19:56
inetproKilos: time to upgrade :-)19:56
Kilosit is in synaptic19:56
kbmonkeyI dove into openbox for the reason its hands-on and wanted to learn more about internals19:57
kbmonkeyit sure did work!19:57
kbmonkeyif you open term it should show if you type glip[tab]19:58
kbmonkeyor try whereis glipper19:58
* inetpro wonders why glipper is not part of the standard gnome/unity desktop19:58
kbmonkeychances are you just have to run it kilos19:58
inetprothere must be a reason19:58
kbmonkeyadd it to your startup list19:59
Kilosglipper: /usr/lib/glipper /usr/share/glipper19:59
kbmonkeyI know inetpro right? now that I use a clip manager I cant do without19:59
Kilos119 packages not upgraded19:59
kbmonkeyno G in your task?19:59
kbmonkeyrun 'glipper &'19:59
kbmonkeythen check19:59
inetproKilos: right click ur panel → Add to Panel then drag Clipboard Manager to ur panel20:00
Kilosmiles@P4:~$ glipper &20:00
Kilos[1] 204220:00
Kilosmiles@P4:~$ No command 'glipper' found, did you mean:20:00
Kilos Command 'klipper' from package 'klipper' (main)20:00
kbmonkeyinetpro got it ^20:01
* inetpro found it at "Things to do after installing Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat" http://forums.bizhat.com/linux-freebsd-opensource/46665-things-do-after-installing-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat.html20:01
Kilosyay clever fella20:01
Kilosi actually see a clipboard with a G in it20:02
Kilosmy top panel is getting kinda full20:03
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee on20:03
* Maaz puts the kettle on20:03
Kilosoh inetpro a few months back i was having probs in pidgin xmpp for some reason20:03
inetproMaaz: coffee please20:04
Maazinetpro: Done20:04
Kilosfound another client that worked at the time20:04
KilosMaaz, coffee please20:04
MaazKilos: Alrighty20:04
inetproKilos: hmm...20:05
inetproGamin is a file and directory monitoring system which allows applications to detect when a file or a directory has been added, removed or modified by somebody else.20:06
Kilosgoosie thinking20:06
Kilosenviromentally friendly20:06
inetproJabber client written in PyGTK20:07
Kiloswears green jacket20:07
Kilosthats it yes20:07
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey, inetpro and Kilos!20:07
kbmonkeyMaaz thanks!20:08
Maazkbmonkey: Sure20:08
inetproMaaz: dankie ou maat20:08
KilosMaaz, danke20:08
Maazinetpro: What?20:08
kbmonkeyyou beat me to making my own20:08
Kilosoh kbmonkey we might have a new lpi guy again20:10
Kilosseemed interested20:10
Kiloslooks like a nighttime beach bum20:13
kbmonkeynice choice of words20:14
kbmonkeythat's good!20:14
Kiloshope he not a ja boeteie20:14
kbmonkeywow this band is making my ears bleed20:15
kbmonkeyMortal Treason20:15
Kilosseemed quite clever and was interested in the python after20:15
Kiloshow big the songs??20:15
Kiloskbmonkey, ?20:16
kbmonkeyIm not sure20:19
Kilosoh you dont have it there on the pc20:19
kbmonkeyI do20:20
kbmonkeythe player doesn't show the size20:20
kbmonkeylong songs, 8 mins, so about 7MB+20:20
Kiloslol if you get mobilemediaconverter you can convert it to amr and itwill be under 1m20:20
kbmonkeythe pc plays songs randomly itself20:21
Kiloswow that is long20:21
Kilosgood words?20:21
kbmonkeyyes, metal and it's melodic solos20:21
kbmonkeyyes but amr sounds like you're listening through a tin can attached to a string with the song playing over a cracked landline from the other end while a bunch of cats try attack he string20:22
Kilosone can normally tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to20:22
Kilosno man20:22
Kilosamr is what fones use20:22
Kilostara converts her songs to it to mail to me20:23
kbmonkeyI'm a audiophile in that regard20:23
Kilosbut 8 mins is a big song20:23
Kilosyour ears are still young20:24
kbmonkeyit is. strange how bands don't really make long melodic music these days20:24
kbmonkeyPink Floyd is a good example20:25
Kiloswow are they still going20:26
Kilossure i listened to them 40 years ago20:27
kbmonkeyno I think roger Waters is an old ballie now20:27
kbmonkeyI meant back then20:28
kbmonkeyhang on, need more coffee...20:28
Kilosits bed time or you wont be here monday night20:28
Kiloshi drubin you attending the meeting monday night? havent seen you for a long time20:30
kbmonkeyits only Sat Kilos :p20:30
Kilosya kbmonkey but you youngsters run outa steam quick and take days to recover20:31
Kilosim nasty hey20:31
kbmonkeyha ha ha! who you calling youngster20:32
kbmonkeyim at least half your age!20:33
Kilosoh you shave already?20:33
Kiloshee hee20:33
Kilosyou 30 lready?20:33
Kilosalready too20:34
inetpro<kbmonkey> yes but amr sounds like you're listening through a tin can attached to a string with the song playing over a cracked landline from the other end while a bunch of cats try attack he string20:34
* inetpro lol20:34
kbmonkeyI may be old enough to know better, but still young enough not to care! 20:34
Kilosha ha ha20:34
kbmonkeyoh wait... i have to go take my medicine...20:34
Kilospeer at work again20:34
Kiloswe gotta find and kill him20:34
kbmonkeynow where did I put my walking stick...20:34
Kiloslol how old are you?20:35
Kilosi still dont use a walking stick20:35
Kilosbut should use a neck brace methinks20:35
kbmonkeyim twen... no wait, thirty? yes i think that is the one20:39
inetproKilos: Unity-2D 5.4 landed in Ubuntu 12.04 with redesigned buttons and new features  http://iloveubuntu.net/unity-2d-54-landed-ubuntu-1204-redesigned-buttons-and-new-features20:39
Kilossounds good inetpro but all that downloading? whew20:40
Kilosyou know i loved moving up with the new releases20:40
Kilosi think i have a wireless card in here. funny plug on the back20:41
Kilosif it is and i can make an antennae maybe i can find a wireless connection somewhere in the area20:42
Kiloswhats the command for what hardware is inthe pc?20:42
Kilosls something20:42
Tonberryand lsusb20:43
Kilosty Tonberry 20:43
Tonberryshould cover most of it20:43
Kilosoh its an ethernet thing20:44
Kilos00:06.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)20:44
Kiloswhatever that might be20:44
Kilosoh no thats whats in the software20:45
Kiloshow far can ethernet see20:49
kbmonkeythats the network card20:50
inetproethernet is for cable networks20:50
inetproor rather wired20:51
Kiloswhat does it do and must it be cable connected or what20:51
kbmonkeyah Mr Leonard Cohen, we meet again20:51
Tonberryas unintuitive as that sounds...20:51
kbmonkeyit does the same as your wireless, but with wires :D20:51
inetproKilos: obviously that also means that you could have another wireless device which you could connect to through that port by means of using a wired cable20:54
Kiloswireless port through a wired cable?20:55
inetproKilos: get a wireless 3g router and plug into the pc via this port20:55
Kilosyou mean like a modem20:56
Kilosah router goodie20:56
inetproKilos: or a LAN 20:56
Kilosbut thats still feeding vodacom?20:56
inetproKilos: sadly you are unlikely to get away from that any time soon20:57
Kilosi ot that old nokia 9300 and it shows nothing in a wireless search or must but give it what to look for20:57
inetproKilos: but perhaps it is time to go to 8ta rather than VC20:57
Kilosi have both sims inetpro just 8ta uses the mtn tower here thats not 3g20:58
Kilosworks for mail and irc but slow to download20:58
Kilosbut i used gprs when i started on mtn with the old moto razr fone and went through 9.04 and 910 with it20:59
kbmonkeyhey sure beats dialup 21:00
Kilosthink it took 9 hours to update 9.1021:00
Kiloshaha i have had some fun here21:00
kbmonkeysomehow I think we were more productive in days without internet21:01
inetproKilos: I guess I no understand now why the 10g option is not on your list of priorities21:03
Kiloscash inetpro 21:04
kbmonkeyha ha, my fortune says: when the shit hits the fan, keep your mouth shut.21:05
Kiloswould have many distros here if not for that21:05
Kilosha ha ha21:05
Kilosand pinch your nose21:05
kbmonkeywe seriously need a large, intra network between regions 21:05
kbmonkeystrictly open source21:06
kbmonkeywe need our own internet. telecoms be damned21:06
Kilosits expensive to put up towers and all the equipment21:07
Kilosask the wireless guys21:07
Kilospta has a large wireless community21:07
Kilosthink it reaches to rustenburg or near21:07
inetproKilos: it's just R199 per month21:08
Kilosbut no internet connection21:08
inetprook ok21:08
Kilosyou forget im a squatter21:08
inetprosad that they can not give you half of the 10g for just R10021:09
Kilosmaybe i need to toi toi  some21:09
inetproor 1/4 for R5021:09
Kilosyeah they all go for the bigger guys21:09
inetproeven 2.5GB would be more than enough for the average person21:10
Kilosall the providers give better prices on the big bundles while 95% of the country cant only afford little ones21:10
Kilos2.5g is plenty21:10
Kilosinetpro, you use mobile connection21:18
Kiloshave you looked at debdelta21:19
Kilossaves half of updates and upgrades downloads21:19
Kilosnight guys, thanks for a lekker evening21:22
Kilossleep tight21:22
kbmonkeyah he's gone:(21:29

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