cfhowlettUpcoming Meetings07:06
cfhowlett5 pm (17:00) UTC February 19th 2012 in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net.07:06
cfhowlettInitial agenda can be found at UbuntuStudio/Meetings/2012February19. Please add details to items.07:06
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TheTorhey,  trying to setup an onyx-i (820i) via a TI 1394 pcie card on an ubuntu studio 11.10 -can anyone help?12:36
TheTorHi, I installed ubuntu studio 11.10, I started jack/ffado connecting to me firewire mixer. Jack was from command line (no error reported) - what is the next step in actually recording/playback  - e.g.  how do I get to record from Jack using audicity or playback anything such that jack will send it to my mixer?14:50
holsteinfor audacity use, i consider JACK overkill15:54
holsteini would just fire up audacious or hydrogen for a JACK test maybe15:54
TheTorholstein, thanks17:01
majukHey all. Total amateur here. Got an AKAI MPK Mini, jackd, ardour and a burning desire. Anyone who can point me to some docs to get me going doing some simple MIDI controlling would be great. Thanks in advance.23:03
majukomg, so close, I've got VMPK connected to Qsynth.... SO CLOSE!!23:28
majukI feel like my misunderstanding must be in jackd23:35
majukIs there a more general Linux-centric audio channel?23:36

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