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pleia2knome: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Marketing/Products17:33
pleia2t-shirt ideas \o/17:34
knomemadnick, what's the status on the lightdm gui? does that make sense if we don't have the new themes?19:01
madnicknot so much, since the only 2 things then would be autologin and greeter19:26
knomeis there an another way to enable autologin then in precise?19:31
knomei mean, apart from editing the configuration files manually19:31
madnicknot sure19:36
madnickxfce had something going on19:36
madnicki saw on their blog19:36
madnickBut I have no idea if it covers ldm19:36
ochosimadnick: i think it covers lightdm, but we won't have that in precise yet21:03
knomeokay, so generally we're going to postpone everything for Q and try to get a few enhancements in the current lightdm theme?21:11
madnickI think that might be the most realistic approch21:14
knomeokay, i've edited the blueprints according to that plan21:22

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