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leo-unglaubwitch is the best drop down terminal for xubuntu with supports multipe desktops?02:50
bazhangsuch as guake? tilda and the like?02:55
leo-unglaubbazhang: yes, like them...but tilda has limited support for multiple screens02:58
leo-unglaubi have 3 screens here...and tilda is every time on the left one02:58
leo-unglaubbut i need i on the middle one02:58
bazhanghttp://www.ubunturoot.com/2010/08/drop-down-terminal-for-ubuntu.html   I see only the three here03:00
leo-unglaubbazhang: okay, so it's not just me :)03:01
bazhangAlso one good feature of Tilda is that you can disable showing on all workplaces.03:01
bazhang^ that's from the link03:02
leo-unglaubhmmm, okay03:03
leo-unglaubi will try both03:03
leo-unglaubmaybe there was an update03:03
leo-unglaubbazhang: thanks !03:04
bazhanghope that helps, never used them, just the kde one yakuake (which you wouldn't want as xubuntu is gtk)03:05
leo-unglaubhehe, yakuake is the only one i know witch supports multipe monitors *g*03:06
leo-unglaubbud sadly kde only03:06
leo-unglaubwell, i can live with guake....i am still soo happy about xfce....after one year of unity...believe me....i am the happiest person in the world to habe a desktop without all those fancy things :)03:09
bazhangwonder if HUD will have a dropdown03:28
jandruskHUD is an updated feature in that Unity garbage.03:49
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS will include the first step in a major new approach to application interfaces, the Head-Up Display, or HUD, which will ultimately replace menus in Unity applications. See http://ubottu.com/y/hud for the background on this and discuss it in #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-offtopic04:03
Shirakawasunaanyone else been getting this recently? all of my notifications get put into some weird mail icon05:17
kiopnuioWhere should bugs be filed against xubuntu?05:22
kiopnuioI don't understand why oneconf is installed and I don't see how to remove it without hacking the dependency chain05:23
Bham-BobAfter running the updater my Xubuntu will not boot, all I get is a >grub prompt05:27
holsteinBham-Bob: i would try an older kernel if you see one05:42
Bham-BobI don't get the boot menu it just drops straight to the grub> prompt05:46
Bham-BobI have just booted from a live CD and am trying to figure out how to restore grub05:46
Bham-Bobanyone know how to restore or install grub from a live CD?05:53
metasansanakiopnuio: I believe the bugs are filed on launchpad05:53
cfhowlettBham-Bob   ask over @ #ubuntu05:54
EtherDenhi everyone! %)10:00
GhrimHey, i'm using the power management tool, and when the screen locks it uses something really really ugly. Is there anything I can do to change this?10:01
EtherDeni don't know, sorry %)10:02
EtherDenmay be video driver not work correct, in my opinion10:04
GhrimNo, it's just the default thing, I think it's called xscreensaver?10:04
EtherDenpress ctr+alt+backspace and restart lightdm, for example10:08
Myrttiwell that doesn't replace the screensaver10:09
mongyif you mean the picture of the burning monitor, yeah it's not very flash10:10
mongyI set mine to turn the monitor off when it locks10:10
mongythe image is in /usr/share/pixmaps10:13
EtherDenso... i completed setup xubuntu on my mac, i need restart, see you later %)10:13
GhrimI've found something called 'slock' which just goes black, theres no prompt or anything, you just type in your password and hit enter. Is there any way of using this with the power management tool?10:19
baizonis this a bug?12:19
baizonwhen i try to install alacarte, i have to install 137 other dependencies12:19
baizonthe whole mono lib, compiz and gnome stuff12:20
baizonmongy: thank you :)12:27
mongyI don't think it works 100% that way though.12:28
mongyLike, I wasn't able to edit the properties of an item12:28
knomeit's fixed in precise12:28
knomebaizon, yes, it's a bug :P12:28
baizonknome: indeed12:29
baizonso i have to wait 2 months :)12:29
knomewell, you can use --no-install-recommends for now and most things in alacarte should work12:30
baizonthe most important thing doesnt work12:30
baizonin 12.0412:31
baizonbut not in 11.1012:31
baizoni cant edit the "web browser" entry12:32
baizonor add some entrys12:32
baizonbut no problem12:32
baizoni will wait until 12.04 :)12:33
knomethe web browser is an exo launcher12:33
baizoni know12:33
baizonbut last time i tryd to edit this entrys my whole menu was broken12:33
knomethat's probably because OnlyShowIn=XFCE doesn't work in alacarte on 11.10 either12:34
baizonyep :)12:35
musashihi all13:24
baizonhi hi13:25
musashijust to say hi Im installing xubuntu and I connected to irc from install13:26
baizonwell done :)13:26
musashiIt s great how installation have evolved13:27
musashisince that text black terminal13:27
baizonyeah, but its a ubuntu thing :>13:28
baizonif you try to install arch linux it will be very difficult comparing to ubuntu :)13:28
musashii know13:28
musashiI ve  installed mint and xubuntu13:28
baizonthats why i like xubuntu, its so easy :)13:28
musashihahaha I did last month13:28
baizonmint isnt good with xfce13:29
baizonbleeding edge :(13:29
musashiwell I tried standard with gnome13:29
baizonafter installation and then updates my system was broken13:29
baizonmusashi: mint + xfce is bleeding edge. Minut + Gnome isnt thats right13:29
musashiI m installing in a laptop because of the power manager13:30
musashiof xfce13:31
musashicause I m using crunchbang with openbox and a xfcepowermanager 0.8.5 and it gives me problems and I cant update it because  of dependencies. well it s  a long history13:32
musashiI dont want to be boring :P13:32
musashiwell can  I see a shorcut key reference? I like using kb more than touchpad or mouse13:35
musashiwell* where13:35
musashiIm rebooting thanks baizon bye13:36
dnlserranohi guys13:49
dnlserranohow can i add a program, eclipse in this case, to my apps menu (under "office", in particular)?13:52
mongywish people would lurk14:19
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ThePendulumWhat file system should I use for a storage hard drive for linux?15:33
bazhangshared with windows or not15:34
ThePendulumwell, perhaps in the future15:34
bazhangext4 if not15:35
ThePendulumand what if yes?15:35
ThePendulumI just formatted it to ntsf, and now the 'daemon is prohibited'15:35
ThePendulumwhen I try to mount the drive15:35
ThePendulumit works now, nvm15:35
bazhangwith ntfs-3g?15:35
bazhangheh I did nothing15:36
ThePendulumWell, you confirmed I should format it to ntsf if I want to use it for both windows and linux15:36
bazhangglad to take credit though!15:37
feliciaanyone for assistance?16:32
baizon!ask | felicia16:34
ubottufelicia: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:34
feliciajust installed latest xubuntu on an old machine with an ATI Sapphire X550 video card. no restricted drivers available. installed latest updates. monitor resolution low(ish). ideas?16:37
baizonfelicia: try the radeon drivers.16:42
baizonou sorry it wont wor16:42
felicianot working16:44
baizonfelicia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver16:45
baizonyou got the package xserver-xorg-video-ati installd?16:46
felicianot sure. how do i check?16:49
feliciabaizon, no. it's not16:57
baizonso install it plz :)17:00
feliciabaizon, not able to install. it says: dependencies unsatisfied17:07
feliciaok now. added the source. installed via terminal17:08
feliciawhat now?17:08
baizonreboot :)17:09
baizonand check if it works17:09
feliciabaizon, nope. :)17:12
feliciaresolution still jerky17:12
feliciano 3d support17:12
baizonfelicia: what cable do you use?17:12
baizonwhat resolution do you need?17:13
felicia1920 prefferably, it's a 21" monitor17:13
feliciathe point is, the motherboard has an internal 64MB video card, and the ATI was added afterward. should i try to remove it and stay on the onboard card???17:14
baizonyou can test it17:16
feliciabaizon, still no change.17:23
feliciaquestion: in bios i have the settings: primary graphics card - PCI, PCIE VGA, integrated vga17:24
feliciawhich one should i choose?17:25
jesusrmxhello, I cannot apply updates, the update manager insist there is an update available, trying to install fails because is from a "no authenticated source" (my translation from spanish), if I uncheck the package (libnspr4-0d) it anyways fails with the same result, how do I either force the install or force forget such package?. thanks17:26
metasansanafelicia: PCIE would be the add in card17:26
feliciametasansana, which doesn't work either17:27
jmcantrellanyone having trouble with mouse clicks with the latest updates? it's driving me bonkers17:27
felicianow i am on the integrated card17:27
feliciashould i reinstall with the ATI removed completely?17:28
jesusrmxjmcantrell, me. Sometimes I have to click 3 or four times so it works, I thought it was the mouse hardware problem ...17:32
leo-unglaubHi, i am building a "custom action" in thunar....but i need a placeholder %F with contains all selected filed from all open thunar instances?17:33
leo-unglaubis ther a option for that?17:33
jmcantrelljesusrmx: it's happening with my external mouse and my touchpad, so i doubt it's hardware17:36
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metsys23hi fellows17:51
jmcantrelljesusrmx: do you happen to use btnx?17:53
metsys23I am with a big problem and you probably can help me: my computer gets to hot when i am using xubuntu, heats up even more than when using windows, any sugestion to fix it?17:54
jesusrmxjmcantrell, no, just standard support17:55
metsys23is there a software that can help me with it?17:55
leo-unglaubmetsys23: i guess that your fans are controled by the os himself and windows had some divers for that17:57
leo-unglaubmetsys23: yo should go into the bios and enable the automatic fan powering17:57
leo-unglaubso you don't have to worry about it17:57
ThePendulumHow do I run a certain command on start-up?17:59
ThePendulumOr, is there another way to configure & maintain a dualscreen setup besides "xrandr --output DFP3 --left-of DFP4"?17:59
metsys23leo-unglaub, automatic fan powering? i never heard about it. i will try it, thanks!17:59
metsys23i will try it rigth now, brb17:59
leo-unglaubmetsys23: or maybe auto fan control18:00
metsys23leo-unglaub, back... There is an option in my bios named Fan always on and i have ir enabled so it should be right18:04
leo-unglaubmetsys23: another way would be with lm_sensors18:05
leo-unglaubbut sady i only have a good gernam toturial18:05
leo-unglaubmetsys23: what model is your computer?18:06
metsys23compaq presario cq6018:07
metsys23it always get hotter really fast, is a model issue18:07
ThePendulumThat's why I prefer to build my own systems, hehe18:07
metsys23but in windwos it auto-slowdown when it is too hot18:08
metsys23and in linux it just poweroff :(18:08
leo-unglaubmetsys23: but the fans are running all the time?18:08
leo-unglaubmaybe there is to much dust in it?18:08
ThePendulummetsys23: Do you have room for more fans? Perhaps replace some fans with better ones?18:08
leo-unglaubhave you tryed cleanin it?18:08
ThePendulumAnd indeed, make sure it isn't clogged with dust18:09
leo-unglaubmetsys23: in xfce4-goodies there are some scripts witrh allow you to monitor the temp in your computer and take some actions if the temp is rising to fast18:10
metsys23yes, it can be a problem, i never open this computer, is a laptop with about 4 years18:11
metsys23probably it is clogged with dust... the fans are working by the moment i start it until i shutdown it :)18:11
leo-unglaubmetsys23: than the first thing is cleaning it18:12
ThePendulumOh it's a laptop18:12
leo-unglaubmetsys23: that can bring you the releave you needet with the temp probem18:12
metsys23leo-unglaub and ThePendulum you are rigth, i probably will open it by the first time and aspire it18:15
metsys23thanks a lot18:15
leo-unglaubmetsys23: :)18:15
ThePendulumBe careful, laptops are a bitch to open up and put together again18:15
metsys23a will see some videos about how to open it :)18:15
metsys23ThePendulum, thats what i am afraid :(18:15
leo-unglaubmetsys23: well, the worst thing is that you have to buy a new laptop...with also fixes the heating problem *g*18:16
metsys23leo-unglaub, hahahaha thats right, and in fact this one is getting a bit old :) but there is no money to bougth a new one :(18:20
mongydoes it support cpu frequency scaling?18:29
toonRJsomebody can help me to install vmware on xubuntu 10.04?18:34
toonRJi have a problem with kernel headers18:34
ThePendulumCould anyone connect to me using TeamViewer and set up Xubuntu to utilize both my screens, or tell me how?18:44
covidiuHello. I accidentally clicked on an "Do not show this message again button" on a notification message. Is there any way to undo that?18:46
ThePendulumWhat program?18:47
covidiuJust the regular notification bubble I get when connection is established.18:48
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mongycovidiu: the file in ~/.gconf/apps/nm-applet19:19
mongy<entry name="disable-connected-notifications" mtime="1323012638" type="bool" value="true"/>    change to false19:20
covidiumongy: Thanks.19:31
mongyIm trying to use gnome-mplayer but it only opens in a small player controls only size, and I need to resize the window to see any video.  I have enaled "save window size and location" in the prefs but makes no different19:49
Sysiwhat if you disable it19:50
mongyit was disabled by default.19:51
mvandammehi all, I installed Xubuntu 11.10 in English, but I want to change the language. Is it possible ?19:51
Sysialso try enabling "resize window when new video is loaded19:51
leo-unglaubmvandamme: System Settings... -> Language Support19:53
mongyit was..19:54
mvandamme@leo-unglaub: I do not have System Settings... If have Settings->Settings Manager19:55
leo-unglaubmvandamme: just type language in the programm finder19:55
leo-unglaubi just have the german name here :)19:55
leo-unglaubmvandamme: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/17528/change-the-user-interface-language-in-ubuntu/19:56
mvandamme@leo-unglaub: it is "Xubuntu", not "Ubuntu" ...19:57
leo-unglaubmvandamme: it's the same way19:57
leo-unglaubon all buntus19:58
mvandamme@leo-unglaub: I'm sorry, but I do not have System->Administration->Language support ?19:59
leo-unglaubthe path is different, but it's the same tool19:59
mongyI'll just go back to vlc.20:00
mongycan't be bothered with silly bugs20:00
leo-unglaubmvandamme: open a terminal and type "gnome-language-selector "20:00
mvandamme@leo-unglaub: that did the trick... thanks20:00
jadoeI get massive tearing (e.g. when moving windows). How do I fix that?20:09
jadoe(Intel HD 3000, if that matters)20:11
mongyjadoe:  compositing enabled?20:17
mongydisable it20:17
jadoedidn't help20:18
GridCubejadoe, are you using your proper drivers?20:19
jadoethat is a good question. i have no idea.20:19
Sysi10.04 LTS or newer?20:21
Sysishould have the right driver20:22
GridCubejadoe, check with >gksu jockey-gtk20:22
jadoedoesn't offer anything, empty list20:23
GridCubethen you don't need drivers :/20:23
Sysiintel, default drivers are the best you got, you can options them with xorg.conf and maybe something else but I don't really know about that20:26
GridCubejadoe, this thread should interest you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172852620:27
mongyblueman-applet crashing on startup, is there a fix?20:56
ThePendulumXfce dual-screen, anyone? :O20:58
metsys23hi felows20:58
jadoehm. no tearing with compiz.21:03
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metsys23a quick question (sorry to bore again): is there any way to the OS recognize my 4gb ram in a 32x OS (xubuntu)?21:07
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info21:07
Unit193PAE kernels are default for Pangolin.21:08
mongyjadoe: what did you di different21:08
metsys23hum, never heard about pae... it transform OS in a 64bits system or simply allow it to regonize my 4gb ram?21:09
Unit193It's a 32bit helper, not trnasfer.21:09
jadoemongy: nothing. i installed compiz and did "compiz --replace"21:09
Unit193Well, nothing is a "trnasfer"21:09
metsys23Unit193, thanks! i will read a litle about it and try to set up it. Thanks!21:11
mongyjadoe: I use that as well.  a side effect is it got rid of my tearing too.21:11
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FoxhoundzHow do I save my screen brightness settings23:25
Foxhoundzit resets every time I reboot the computer23:25
ThePendulumI installed Dropbox, but the Dropbox option doesn't show up in the menu?23:50
Unit193Should be under "Internet".23:52
jadoeis there a way to make a launcher bring an already running instance of the program to the front instead of starting a new instance?23:53
ThePendulumUnit193: There's no such thing as "Internet"?23:53
ThePendulumjadoe: Isn't that what the Window Buttons are for?23:54
jadoewell, i've been using os x for the last five years, i'm having a hard time adjusting. i'd prefer dock-like behaviour. i'll have to give the dock clones a try, i guess.23:56
mongyThePendulum: /usr/share/applications/  and the desktop file make sure it has Network in the category23:56
xubuntu049hi all, who can help me23:56
mongyjadoe: there are a few launchers like cairo, docky and awn which are comparable to osx23:57
ThePendulumjadoe: Well, I agree23:57
mongyor there is dockbarx in the panel which does like windows23:58
ThePendulummongy: What exactly do you mean with "make sure it has Netwerk in the category"? What category?23:58

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