RiddellMamarok: paste issue: quite likely, upstream issue, bug upstream00:00
RiddellMamarok: amarok needed a change in oneiric for libmysqld-pic for multiarch00:00
Riddellhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/amarok/precise/view/head:/debian/patches/kubuntu_mysql_pic_library_path.diff might help you00:01
MamarokRiddell: thanks a lot :)00:09
Riddellmultiarch is a pain but at least you can run amarok 32 bit on your 64 bit system!00:10
Mamarokwhich file do I have to apply that to?00:12
Mamarokthe CMakeLists.txt in the source I guess?00:13
Riddellthe amarok sources yes, the diff headers tell you which file it will be applied to00:15
Mamarokyep, just seen that, thank you :)00:16
MamarokI get a write error when I try to apply that patch: "No space left on device" but there is plenty of space left00:34
Mamarokpermissions are OK as well00:34
Mamarokwhat am I doing wrong?00:35
* Ezim sleeping time. take care of all of you.00:48
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apachelogger_bug 902671 shows why python is bad01:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 902671 in synaptiks (Ubuntu) ""Terminal=False" should be "Terminal=false"" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90267101:14
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Ezimhi channel10:35
Ezimyofel, free?10:38
yofelEzim: more or less, what's up?10:47
Riddelljussi01: "aww"!12:02
apacheloggersheytan: do we have graphics yet?13:18
BluesKaj'Morning folks13:35
shadeslayer_hey hey BluesKaj13:37
BluesKajhi shadeslayer_ ..what's new today ?13:38
shadeslayer_KGenericFactory and KPluginFactory :D13:38
BluesKajuhm ok :)13:38
shadeslayer_hehe :P13:39
shadeslayer_nothing much really13:39
shadeslayer_ssup at your end?13:39
BluesKajI hope alsa gets fixed soon ...seems broken on setup...poor digital passthru, dropouts 3times per sec or so13:41
shadeslayer_works just fine here13:41
BluesKajI purged pulse and ran my test staight thru alsa 13:42
* shadeslayer_ ponders if someone packaged new KDevelop13:42
* shadeslayer_ adds it to TODO13:43
BluesKajthe sound is ok with pulse ,but no digitall pass theu of DD or DTS , which is important since this pc is our media server13:43
BluesKajanyway I'll try to have some patience since this  release is still in the "testing phase" here.13:46
BluesKajahh , a new kernel version just came down the pipe, 3.2.0-17-generic14:02
shadeslayer_more power saving they say14:05
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apacheloggersheytan: ping ping ping20:58
sheytanapachelogger: i just came home. Had important stuff to take care about, sorry20:59
sheytani don't have anything by now20:59
apacheloggerk, I am going to get drunk then :P20:59
sheytani wish i could go too21:00
sheytanbut i go to work tomorrow21:00
apacheloggersince tomorrow is monday that is one more reason to get drunk :S21:02
sheytani can't afford that with my work ;/21:02
apacheloggerawww :(21:06
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