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Rionsamaany helper around?00:20
Rionsamahey im a newbie here can anyone help me?00:25
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`KorvinHey, on a single monitor, I'm getting cursor artifacting01:25
`KorvinI have 2 monitorws01:25
`Korvinthe main one has cursor artifacting01:26
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SnowhogKubuntu 11.10 running KDE 4.7.4, all fully upto date. I installed kdiff3 earlier this month. In the K Menu, the entry for it is in Lost & Found. It should of course, be located elsewhere in the menu. Why did this occur, and what do I need to do to fix it so that it appears where it is supposed to?01:57
SnowhogI think it is a .desktop issue.01:58
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SnowhogSolved it. Edited /usr/share/applications/kde4/kdiff3.desktop and added the following line to the end:  Category=Utility02:35
Snowhogkdiff3 now appears in K > Utilities02:36
raven20hello everyone02:40
raven20I am new to Kubuntu. Does anyone have any suggestions for websites to find good software at?02:40
ikoniaraven20: just open the package manager and search02:41
raven20Where is the package manager at?02:41
raven20never mind stupid question02:41
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joseluis64good night/afternoon/morning!04:14
joseluis64I have an issue with rekonq04:14
joseluis64that is REALLY annoying04:14
mr-richdo tell04:20
joseluis64it is a render issue04:21
joseluis64I have it random04:21
mr-richStick with FF ... or dl Chrome ...04:22
joseluis64the issue is with Rekonq04:22
joseluis64I pasted the link with the screenshot04:23
mr-richI saw it ... and I'm suggesting using FF or Chrome ...04:24
joseluis64I reported that in kde bugs, but they said they could't reproduce it upstream04:25
Sentyneljoseluis64: it looks like the page in rekonq hasn't finished loading yeat04:25
Sentynelthere's still a progress bar04:25
Sentyneland that just looks like the CSS hasn't loaded04:25
joseluis64yes, it never finishes to load04:25
joseluis64even when the progress bar is gone, it never loads the CSS04:26
joseluis64it doesn't happen always04:26
joseluis64happens random with every webpage04:27
joseluis64but most with pages like youtube04:27
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olliGood morning from Germany! I could use some assistance to make digikam use the libraw which I've compiled and not the one shipped by the packetmanager08:57
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ryzzanjust installed ubuntu in two pcs... wasn't i supposed to be able to see them when "browse network"?10:05
ryzzansamba is installed10:05
ryzzanworkgroup is set10:08
ryzzanwhat do i need to do?10:08
ryzzan(sty about my english)10:08
FloodBotK1ryzzan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:08
yofelolli: I'm not sure if that's possible, from what I know digikam uses libkdcraw which uses it's own copy of libraw, #digikam might know more10:48
olliyofel: thx a lot, I'm compiling it right at the moment10:48
tatwhat is about canonical dropping kubuntu, will kubuntu now faint into the dark of history ?10:49
ollidoes xubuntu "faint into the dark of history"?10:49
tatolli : well i have no idea, but i guess there are a lot of volunters that are still working hard on keeping kubuntu what it is10:50
tati have some friends who say it is time to look for a new distro that runs kde, cause they fear kubuntu will become somewhat outdated in the near futur10:51
ollii doubt that10:52
olliI've just installed xubuntu yesterdays and I believe it has profited from not being subject to canonical's endeavours10:53
marek_is anyone here?11:27
raven20So where do i get the files i need such as adobe flash player?11:47
raven20where do i get the drivers that allow me to use pandora and netflix etc.11:48
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raven20new user here help!!!12:05
bazhang!info flashplugin-installer12:06
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 9 kB, installed size 160 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)12:06
raven20it says that something else is controlling my downloads right now. But i am unaware of anything controlling anything12:07
yofelraven20: open 'konsole' and run in there: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer12:08
yofeldoes that work?12:08
raven20trying it now12:09
raven20looks like it is working thankyou12:10
raven20how do i know which processes are extranious12:15
raven20or is there some way for me to just automatically close everything but the core programs?12:16
raven20how do i know which processes are extranious12:18
raven20or is there some way for me to just automatically close everything but the core programs?12:18
Torchraven20: define "core programs"12:18
raven20<Torch> Programs crucial to system integrity12:18
raven20I want to close everything i can without screwing up my computer in some weird way12:19
Torchraven20: why?12:20
raven20..... because i dont want the extranious programs lagging my computer down12:21
Torchraven20: don't worry about that. as long as your system runs fine, leave everything as it is12:21
raven20.... That doesnt help my plight12:22
raven20they are programs that shouldnt be there12:22
Torchraven20: kubuntu does not run anything that should not be there. why would it?12:22
raven20because my girlfriend was playing with it. Its her laptop my troubleshooting problem12:23
raven20she downloaded all sorts of stuff. to the extent of 3 music players etc...12:24
raven20some work some dont12:24
Torchraven20: then just uninstall those12:24
raven20and when the processes dont stop?12:25
Torchraven20: then tell us which processes don't stop and what you tried to make them12:25
Torchraven20: if in doubt, reboot after uninstalling12:25
raven20i have not touched any of them yet.12:26
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BluesKaj'Morning folks13:35
oratedHi BluesKaj13:38
BluesKajhi orated13:38
oratedI often find a delay in playback, sudden no sound and random bups turning speaker on/off. For example, if I click on a file to delete it, the dialog box pops up with a warning sound if I want to confirm deletion. Sometimes that sound doesn't comes otherwise it's audible after file deletion. And during that time, a 'bup' speaker sound comes before and after playback. $pulseaudio -v: http://paste.ubuntu.com/848523/ . Can you help me13:45
oratedfind the cause please?13:45
BluesKajorated,  sorry , I know nothing about system sounds since I find them annoying and are permanently turned off13:47
oratedBluesKaj: Hmm... but any idea if pulseaudio is usually installed by default?13:50
BluesKajorated, yes it is13:51
orated'coz I see aptitude show pulseaudio to return - libltdl3 (< 1.5.24-1), pulseaudio-module-rygel-media-server (< 1:1.0-0ubuntu3.1), pulseaudio-module-udev (<           1:1.0-0ubuntu3.1)13:52
oratedfor Conflicts^13:52
BluesKajaptitude doesn't resolve conflicts as well as apt-get in my experience ..wasn't always the case , but it is now13:53
oratedI don't know peroperly about sound. But is alsa used or pulseaudio?13:54
oratedI was thinking of purgin pulseaudio13:54
BluesKajorated,  to purge pulse , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y --reinstall install alsa-base alsa-utils; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse13:56
oratedYes, but is it advisable? I mean if its default, so it can cause problems ..13:57
BluesKajwell, I've purged it several times to get rid of in order to test alsa modifications without interference from pulse , and when done a pulse reinstall always worked ok  afterwards ...a reboot is usually required tho13:59
mikelohi everyone i have trouble with flashplugin    when im trying tu purge it it asks me to remove a half of my system as a dependances about 500 packages14:58
mikeloto be precise im trying to remove package flashplugin-installer by aptitude15:00
mikeloim using kubuntu 11.10 amd6415:00
mikeloany help?15:01
BluesKajmikelo,  use your package manager to find the correct app name then use aptitude to remove it15:14
mikeloBluesKaj, correct package name is flashplugin-installer but aptitude wants to remove half of my system with it im no sure its ok15:20
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BluesKajmikkel__,  try sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer , instead15:24
BluesKajoops sorry mikkel__ , he feft , but I didn't notice15:25
BluesKajmikelo tht is15:25
Guest39306BluesKaj thanks it works! i wounder how i didnt gues15:26
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mikeloBluesKaj thanks it works! i wounder how i didnt gues15:26
BluesKajmikelo,  aptitude,  doesn't handle dependencies as well as apt-get , now.15:30
mikeloBluesKaj i see     i reinstalled flashplugin but it didnt help i stil cant play music and videos15:33
ikoniaBluesKaj: has something changed in aptitude ?15:33
BluesKajikonia,  only reports I have is that apt-get seems to handle dependencies more accurately than aptitude ...aptitude is no longer installed by default afaik15:35
BluesKajmikelo,  have you installed kubuntu-restricted-extras15:37
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mikelofor the first time yes but now i tried adobe-flashplugin package instead15:39
mikeloi suspect its something wrong with the site, coz i can play youtube15:40
BluesKajmikelo,  which site ? paste the url here so we can test it15:42
BluesKajthat's no help ...I'm not allowed ..not in Russia or the Ukraine15:45
BluesKajmikelo, there is a workaround to the flash problem . Download the latest flshplayer from the adobe site , extract the file , then copy the libflashplayer.so file to /usr/lib/mozilla//plugins with root permissions . Alt+F2, kdesudo dolphin /usr/lib/mozilla15:46
inconnuslt je usi nouveau vous pouvez mz dire ou et internet15:49
mikeloBluesKaj, its the miracle! now i can play music. i have flashplugin-alternative.so in this folder but no libflashplayer.so .15:54
mikelohad fix15:54
BluesKajyes, that works as well . mike15:54
BluesKajmikelo, ^15:54
mikelocall me mike its ok15:54
mikelo or mihail15:55
BluesKajI just didn't hit the tab button hard enough15:55
designbybeckgreetings all15:55
BluesKajhey designbybeck15:56
designbybeckso what's groovin' today?15:56
mikeloBluesKaj, why you cant go on the ru zone?16:00
designbybeckI'm reading up on creating my own KDE Theme. I want to do a branded custom theme for the university I work for. To pitch to them, their very own Operating System16:01
BluesKajmikelo,  the site only allows users from Russia , Ukraine and some other eastern euro countries , not North America16:03
mikeloBluesKaj. Hm i didnt know. So find russian proxy... lol16:04
BluesKajmikelo,  no need , have plenty of access to other music sites16:06
mikeloBluesKaj, thanks a lot. Bye16:11
designbybeckBluesKaj: what are you upt today?17:04
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RatchetmanCould someone help me with 'sudo apt-get install nfs-common'?18:42
RatchetmanI keep getting this error message: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)18:42
RatchetmanE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?18:42
aftertafyou dont have an update running, synaptic, muon or anything else ?18:43
RatchetmanI do have muon running! Thank you!18:43
aftertafha :)18:43
RatchetmanI'm noob18:44
aftertafbeen there, asked that18:44
Ratchetman:) guess I should read more manuals and such.18:44
aftertafits about understanding what the system is telling you18:45
RatchetmanYou'd think with multi cored processors you could multitask updates.18:45
aftertaf" Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?"18:45
RatchetmanWhat does it mean to lock the directory?18:45
aftertafhas to be one process updating, cos otherwise you could do all sorts of uncool things and break your dependencies ;)18:45
aftertafits a file called 'lock'18:46
aftertafif its there, then it means a process created it18:46
aftertafwhen the process finishes, it removes it18:46
RatchetmanYeah I did try and 'apt-get -f install' and it had a lot of dependancy issues.18:47
RatchetmanProbably from muon running right?18:47
aftertaffrom an update process that didnt finish correctly, probably18:49
RatchetmanI see. Now I just looked at what it was doing and there's a good 134 being installed and 27 removed. I only selected 3 things...18:49
RatchetmanCould it be possible that it is finishing something that didn't work the last time I did an upgrade to my system?18:50
aftertafcould eb18:50
RatchetmanWould it continue to make things worse if I didn't allow oeneric updates to finish?18:51
designbybeckI saw the setting somehwere, but I can't find it now. How do I change from single click to double click for files/folders?18:57
orateddesignbybeck: System Settings > Input Devices > Mouse > Advanced18:58
maniXcan someone guide me to the module for broadcom 4313 bluetooth device19:00
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designbybeckah thank you orated19:07
aftertafRatchetman: while its downloading, you can interrupt 'CTRL C' it without issues19:09
maniXhello guys, i have a hp-g6-1219tu laptop with kubuntu 11.10 running on it. It has a hybrid broadcom wifi-bluetooth adapter(BCM-4313) installed on it. i have installed Broadcom STA driver on it. But still i am not able to have the bluetooth on. Someone please guide me to download the module for the bluetooth driver19:09
aftertafbut why would you want to not allow it ?19:09
RatchetmanOh ok thanks aftertaf19:10
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RatchetmanMainly to get another update done so that I may install files to my mp3 player19:10
RatchetmanOr an install rather19:10
aftertafha :)19:10
aftertafif its processing, leave it be...19:11
RatchetmanYes, trivial but currently a top priority19:11
aftertafbetter to learn apt-get * than do things both in colsole and with a gfx package tool19:11
RatchetmanIf I get the music on I can go out and leave it to update.19:11
aftertafif you do so and it 'breaks' something, itll tell you :19:12
aftertafie -f install needed, etc...19:12
RatchetmanYeah I like it better for it's funcionality but muon lists things and I can search through it.19:12
RatchetmanI don't know how to do that in konsole19:13
RatchetmanAftertaf: first and foremost how do I do a system upgrade with apt-get?19:14
oratedmaniX: Did you try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx ?19:14
JackyAlcineSystem upgrades in Kubuntu are simple.19:15
JackyAlcineIf you use 'apt-get'; then it's "apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get upgrade"19:16
JackyAlcineAptitude would be "aptitude full-upgrade && aptitude-safe upgrade"19:16
oratedmaniX: If you run lsmod | grep brc do you see brcm80211 or brcmsmac in the output?19:16
JackyAlcineHowever, if Muon or your package manager detects updates if should report them.19:16
maniXorated: nopes19:17
RatchetmanExcellent. Thank you.19:17
maniXorated i have already done that. My kernel is using wl driver19:17
maniXorated: i have brcmsmac and other drivers blacklisted19:18
RatchetmanJackyAlcine: Is aptitude similar to apt-get?19:18
JackyAlcineRatchetman: it is, it provides a CLI (command-line interface).19:19
oratedmaniX: Seems right then. Do you have any conflicting driver for wireless?19:19
JackyAlcineIt's sometimes easier to use Aptitude because it provides an interface, but most people recommend sticking to apt.19:19
RatchetmanThanks for the info.19:19
RatchetmanI think I'll stick to apt. It's not failed me yet.19:20
maniXorated: i guess the conflicting ones were bcma and brcmsmac. And i have blaclisted them in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file19:20
oratedmaniX: 'sudo apt-get build-dep linux'  didn't help either?19:23
oratedafter having headers19:23
maniXOrated: i havent tried these links. Actually whatever i did was based on google research. I myself dont know much about linux, but i am learning.19:24
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maniXorated: earlier i had the problem that the kernel was using brcmsmca driver. so i with help from google i blaclisted the bcma and brcmsmca. It made the wifi to work but not the bluetooth19:25
oratedmaniX: I remember facing problem with broadcom that only source file helped in the end. I'm trying to help you from my experience.. Can you install linux-headers-generic and run 'apt-get build-dep linux' ?19:26
maniXorated: i have the headers, "apt-get build-dep linux" is running19:29
orateder do you have build-essentials?19:30
maniXlemme check19:30
oratedsorry, forgot to mention that19:30
maniXwhat is the command to check that?19:30
oratedsudo apt-get install build-essential19:31
oratedThat will prompt for installation if not installed19:31
maniXbuild-dep linux is running, will chk this right after this19:32
maniXIts installed orated19:33
oratedWell, build essential and headers are required to run that19:33
oratedAny errors?19:33
maniXnone that i noticed19:33
maniXno, no errors19:33
oratedWith that command, the driver dependencies were built, so you need to reboot to check if it works19:35
maniXok then rebooting... see you soon..:D19:36
oratedGood luck19:36
designbybeckjust had a great talk about the Spark19:40
JackyAlcine_designbybeck: how was it?19:41
designbybeckvery good JackyAlcine_ we were brainstorming about the uses in K-12 as well as HigherED19:42
JackyAlcine_With the kde-education, that should be fun!19:42
JackyAlcine_In fact...19:42
designbybeckI know a number of places that have given "sold" their incoming students iPads19:42
designbybeckand/or bought the faculty one19:42
JackyAlcine_If more schools collaborated with producing text books in ePub or PDF formats, you could compete the iPad standards.19:42
designbybeckwasting taxpayers $$$19:42
designbybeckyes yes that ist he other thing i hope happens JackyAlcine_19:43
maniXorated: man it didnt worked19:43
JackyAlcine_Don't have to hope.19:44
JackyAlcine_It most definitely can.19:44
JackyAlcine_All they really need is perhaps a UI/app designed for such a purpose.19:44
JackyAlcine_KTextbook, for lack of a better term.19:44
JackyAlcine_And a repository (or a means of setting up local repositories on-site) to obtain the textbook.19:45
designbybecki wonder how Cablire would work on it19:45
designbybeckor if it could be rewrote and brought into KDE land19:45
oratedmaniX: Ah. Are you on wireless connection atm? Are you sure you unloaded conflicting drivers?19:45
JackyAlcine_Almost forgot about that.19:45
JackyAlcine_hey Ratchetman19:46
RatchetmanJust did a reboot and overclock to prepare for the update.19:46
maniXorated: what is atm? and how do i knw if i am on it?   I dont know if the drivers conflicting with wifi were the same as ones conflicting with bluetooth19:46
RatchetmanSo far it's been running smoothly and quickly. :D19:47
RatchetmanI appreciate the help JackyAlcine.19:47
JackyAlcine_No problem Ratchetman :)19:47
maniXorated: cause the ones i disabled made my wifi to work. As earlier even the wifi was not working19:47
oratedmaniX: Are you using wireless connection or wired?19:47
JackyAlcine_maniX: atm is short for "at the moment"19:47
orated maniX Yes, what were they which helped wifi to work?19:48
designbybeckJackyAlcine_:  are you in educational field?19:48
maniXorated: presently i am using mobile broadband.19:48
oratedmaniX: Can you pastebin iwconfig and lspci ?19:49
JackyAlcine_designbybeck: No, but I am a freshmen in college here in New York.19:49
designbybeckah yes19:49
designbybeckI work for a small university in west central Texas19:49
designbybeckwhat are you studying JackyAlcine_?19:50
JackyAlcine_I wonder, if I could get my hands on at least 5 Sparks, I could try out how it'd work in my old junior high, they love me here.19:50
oratedmaniX: Just run those two commands and paste them to pastebin.com and paste the links here please19:50
maniXorated:here i will pastebin u all i know, wait19:50
designbybeckhee hee19:50
JackyAlcine_They let me film there so I don't think the principal'd mind me conducting an experiment like that.19:50
JackyAlcine_And it benefits the students, to use such technology.19:50
designbybeckthat would be great JackyAlcine_19:50
designbybecki thoguht about taking a film crew around our campus with a laptop with the latst Kubuntu KDE 4.8 on there and telling people, "19:51
designbybeck"Hey would you like to see the new Windows 8"19:51
designbybeckand then tell them well no this is all free and open source software19:51
JackyAlcine_Typically, I don't throw the term F/OSS like that.19:51
maniXorated: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849062/ will patebin u the commands in moment19:52
designbybeckI'm cofounder of the TexOS Open Source Projecct, we work with non profits to help get computers and open souce training to kids19:52
JackyAlcine_I compare properitary and F/OSS to a brick and Lego pieces.19:52
JackyAlcine_Best way, imho, to explain to a new-comer, lol.19:52
designbybeckI like where you are going with this lego concept JackyAlcine_.... continue :)19:52
designbybecki'll have to do a graphic mock up of that19:53
designbybeckwith your credit of course19:53
designbybeck  / blessing19:53
JackyAlcine_lol, no problem, licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3 :P19:53
designbybeckdid you say what you are going to school for JackyAlcine_?19:53
JackyAlcine_right now, I'm going for computer science and sociology19:54
JackyAlcine_and with a brick, you only can really use it at its face value (unless you literally break it apart, but then you only have the option to either use those small parts independently or barely get it back together)19:55
JackyAlcine_with lego, you can disaseemble, reassemble, and utilize at whim.19:55
designbybeckand you have more colors to pick from with legos ;)19:55
JackyAlcine_Lol precisely!19:56
JackyAlcine_An idea's only as good as its implementation.19:58
RatchetmanTwo of my favorite things in the world used together to provide insight to a world so many people miss out on. Tip of the hat to you.19:58
JackyAlcine_Such an idea requires resources I don't have at the moment.19:58
* JackyAlcine_ peeks at Calibre.20:00
JackyAlcine_Maybe an addon to Calibre would be better.20:00
oratedmaniX: Ok, that's what you tried initially. Please pastebin the above commands and also 'rfkill list'?20:01
designbybecktrue JackyAlcine_20:04
designbybecki think there are some projects like thsi out there, but they all need to get on the same page. We need something VERY easy for facutly to create/make/edit eTextbooks20:04
maniX_orated: u there? sorry for ping u again and again. i dont know if i am connected to the channel or not.20:04
oratedmaniX_: Yes20:05
designbybeckthen to share them, make them modular, so other faculty can take the content they want to use and mix and match with other content20:05
JackyAlcine_The only thing I'm afraid of is having too complicated of a UI for a student to use.20:06
oratedmaniX_: You pinged out after your http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849062/ post20:06
JackyAlcine_Like maybe having only a list of textbooks as an initial screen, a listing of sources to get books from and perhaps a means of reading, annotation, publicly commenting (with moderation by professers), etc.20:07
jmuthi. How do I update kubuntu packages from console? Also do I have to kill X somehow if there are kde based packages in the update?20:07
maniX_orated: hmm... u got my pastebin links?20:07
maniX_orated: the ones i pasted after this one?20:07
designbybeckas far as the Spark goes, what we were throwing around was the desktop widgets, with their class/assignment calendar, eBooks and other things20:07
Ratchetmanjmut are you familiar with apt-get?20:07
designbybeckat their fingertips20:07
JackyAlcine_jmut: In Konsole (or your terminal app), run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"20:08
JackyAlcine_Something like that could be insanely useful.20:08
jmutRatchetman: JackyAlcine_ thats good. but what about KDE. or it's safe todo within X?20:08
designbybeckit would have their email as well20:08
designbybeckand that thing has a webcam right? So they can do group collaobration :D20:09
designbybeckanywhere anytime20:09
RatchetmanWorks everytime20:09
oratedmaniX_: Ah/ What does 'rfkill list' outputs?20:09
JackyAlcine_My internet's really bonkers. >_<20:09
maniX_brcmwl-0: Wireless LAN20:09
maniX_        Soft blocked: no20:09
maniX_        Hard blocked: no20:09
JackyAlcine_jmut: Do you have the Kubuntu PPA added to your system?20:10
JackyAlcine_designbybeck: But with so much data in one spot, there's a need to implement a cloud.20:10
JackyAlcine_Perfect use of ownCloud here.20:10
designbybeckI'm in the middle of nowhere! JackyAlcine_ but lucky a rich oil field guy paid to have a 3G tower out here, so I am connecting my netbook through my cellphone hotspot!20:10
maniX_orated: i can assure u that i hntu and windows 7 installedave bluetooth. and is on. i have a dual booth system here with kubu20:11
designbybeckTrue true JackyAlcine_ a local campus wide cloud for their educational content the school needs to control/manage20:11
designbybeckthen the rest can be the big cloud20:11
maniX_lol the message got scrambled20:11
oratedmaniX_: understood20:11
JackyAlcine_Such a system could be easily set up, since most campuses provide Wifi for students (over here they do)20:11
oratedTry rfkill block 120:12
JackyAlcine_and there could be a public server of sorts so students off-campus could connect to it.20:12
oratedmaniX_:  and then see  if rfkill list changes20:12
JackyAlcine_jmut: you have the Kubuntu PPA installed on your system?20:12
oratedmaniX_: You said your wireless was working, right?20:12
designbybeckI'm out for now, thanks for the brainstorming JackyAlcine_20:13
JackyAlcine_No problem, designbybeck. :)20:13
maniX_orated : yeah wifi working, but "no adapters found" for bluetooth. and rfkill list didnt changed20:13
JackyAlcine_I might blog about this :D20:13
jmutJackyAlcine_: http://pastebin.com/M73Y2Ch5   that?20:13
oratedmaniX_: Your rfkill should have listed something like hci0: Bluetooth if bluetooth adapter is detected20:14
jmutJackyAlcine_: pretty much have my default repository..haven't changed anything20:14
maniX_orated: well,...?20:15
JackyAlcine_jmut: You've installed Kubuntu or are trying to install kubunutu-desktop onto Ubuntu?20:15
JackyAlcine_If the former, then just run the apt-get update to fetch new changes.20:15
JackyAlcine_You're running KDE 4.7?20:16
oratedmaniX_:  I think only Broadcom STA driver  are required20:16
jmutJackyAlcine_: I have Kubuntu installed already. But I just want to upgrade it in best practices way. Since I am in X and there are some kde packages suggested for upgrade I wanted to ask first20:16
oratedmaniX_:  but hold on please, let me see http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php and http://www.broadcom.com/docs/linux_sta/README.txtBut20:16
JackyAlcine_Ah. Well, most likely apt has your interests in mind.20:17
maniX_orated: i visited the broadcoms site for that. i had their software installed. but it didnt worked at all20:17
jmutJackyAlcine_: 4.6.520:17
jmutJackyAlcine_: ok :) will give a shot :) thanks a lot20:17
oratedmaniX_: I think you mixed both the approaches. With Broadcom STA driver  only rfkill lists it and block does the magic20:17
maniX_Orated this same link i used. but it didnt worked either. I just dont get it. Is there any other module that might be conflicting with the bluetooth particularly?20:18
maniX_orated: i dont get you?20:18
oratedmaniX_: You tried http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php or one from ubuntu repositories?20:19
maniX_here on kubuntu i tried only the one from ubuntu repos20:19
maniX_but on my ubuntu i tried both20:20
maniX_i have them installed seperately20:20
maniX_so they cannot be conflicting with each other(ubuntu on one partition and kubuntu on other)20:20
oratedah, I was about to confirm that20:21
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winutdoes muon package manager create a log file? thanks20:21
winuti need to back out of a change i made20:22
oratedmaniX_: Ok, we will have one last fresh attempt? Can you pastebin lspci -v please20:23
maniX_yeah sure20:23
maniX_orated: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849102/20:24
oratedKernel modules: wl, bcma, brcmsmac20:26
maniX_and in use is wl20:27
oratedmaniX_: You had firmware-b43* packages installed right?20:29
maniX_orated: how to chkk that?20:29
jmutJackyAlcine: all went ok :) Btw I have kernel upgrade skipped. Should I use  apt-get dist-upgrade  for it?20:30
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jmutJackyAlcine: cause with apt-get upgrade it just skippes it20:30
oratedmaniX: Easy way would be to see if sudo apt-get install firmware-b43* prompts for installation .. otherwise see apt-cache search  firmware-b43* and aptitude show <package>20:30
JackyAlcineYou skipped it or did apt skip it?20:31
JackyAlcineIf the latter, then yes, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade would install it, but also bring you up to 11.1020:31
maniX_orated: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849113/20:33
maniX_i dont have it installed20:33
jmutJackyAlcine: apt skipped it20:34
JackyAlcineAfter upgrading to 11.10?20:35
jmutJackyAlcine: hmm... is that bad :)    bringing to 11.10 :)20:35
oratedmaniX_: That's fine. Now please pastebin - 'sudo rmmod -v wl' , 'jocky-text' and 'lsmod | grep wl'20:35
jmutJackyAlcine:  on dist-upgrade   it says those packages will be installed. thats all     linux-headers-2.6.38-13 linux-headers-2.6.38-13-generic linux-image-2.6.38-13-generic20:36
jmutJackyAlcine:  I am with 2.6.38-8-generic   now20:36
JackyAlcineThat's not the latest stable.20:36
JackyAlcineYou _might_ have to specifically install those if you want them.20:36
maniX_rmmod wl, wait=no (rmmod output). lsmod | grep wl returned me no output20:37
jmutJackyAlcine: Will wait a while I guess :)   I'll probably reinstall anyhow soon for SSD drive...will see.  Thank a lot JackyAlcine  All the best20:37
maniX_jockey-text:ERROR:root:Could not find any typelib for AppIndicator320:38
maniX_Additional Drivers20:38
maniX_Searching for available drivers...20:38
maniX_this is all i got from the three commands, orated20:39
JackyAlcinejmut: you too :D20:39
JackyAlcinelooks like a GTK3 dependency tied up in there.20:39
maniX_orated: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849115/20:40
oratedThere is no change in rfkill list, right?20:41
maniX_orated: wiered, i see nothing in rfkill this time20:43
oratedmaniX_: Yes20:43
maniX_but i have just checked my log. i recieved those outputs after i ran rfkill block 120:44
oratedYes, I remember.. one moment20:44
oratedmaniX_: And you can alwyas unblock it20:45
maniX_orated: i dont get you20:45
oratedmaniX_: Hang on ,, you see no output or there is some output with soft blocked hard blocked etc?20:45
oratedsudo rmmod -v wl will cause no output20:46
oratedmaniX_: I was asking if rfkill list detects nothing or there is some output?20:47
maniX_rmmod output: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849115/20:47
maniX_dont got hta20:48
maniX_its wrong paste20:48
maniX_rmmod output: ERROR: Module wl does not exist in /proc/modules,    and rfkill list is giving me nothing20:48
oratedNow you can either follow http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php and its intructions or install sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-lpphy-installer20:49
maniX_but i have just visited b43 page20:49
maniX_they say that they do not have support for my driver20:49
maniX_http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43. ortaed: mine is 431320:50
oratedYes, b43 is alternative. I tried to bring you to a state where you can try directly the source or ubuntu repo. As you say, b43 lists your device unsupported. Now, you need to follow the http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php20:52
oratedmaniX_: I found a notice relevant to your device20:54
maniX_orated: i already told u that i tried that link on my ubuntu. but iit didnt worked there20:55
maniX_orated: what is it?20:55
orated*IMPORTANT* If dual-booting Windows and Ubuntu, be sure to enable the card (wireless light is on) in Windows before booting Ubuntu, otherwise it will not work.20:55
maniX_orated: i already know that. and i always have it checked.20:55
maniX_cause if it is not on then none of linuxes will detect the hardware. its like window have control to harware switch, but linux has no control20:56
oratedmaniX_: If you followed the source, then its strange to me that rfkill is not listing it20:57
maniX_no i tried that on ubuntu. not kubuntu20:57
maniX_u want me to try that now on kubuntu too?20:57
oratedmaniX_: And you say it worked in neither?20:58
maniX_if u notice20:58
maniX_in readme20:58
maniX_in the end just read what they say at the end for ubuntu20:58
maniX_orated: in the end it said that ubuntu provided driver: bcmwl-krnel-source is the same as provided by the compiler. The only thing is that i have to compile it before i can install it21:01
maniX_compiler-> link21:01
maniX_orated: i guess i have come here with homework done. lol..:D21:03
oratedmaniX_: Can you try the source in Kubuntu and check rfkill and jockey-text? I'm quite lost in your case21:04
oratedmaniX_: For bluetooth, it should list - hci0: Bluetooth or something like that21:05
maniX_ok then, i will do everything again for kubuntu. Lets see how it goes. It is possible i might i done something wrong there.21:05
oratedrfkill should^21:05
oratedmaniX_: Yes, that is why I brought tried to bring your system to state from where you can re-attempt for source21:06
oratedmaniX_: But, I'm sorry I couldn't help21:06
maniX_orated: man u are the only one who has helped me here21:10
maniX_orated: i tried lots of irc channel. none were able to help me.21:12
maniX_orated: everything i did till now was based on what i googled. but as u can see it didnt helped21:12
maniX_orated: i really appreciate your effort man. So dont appologise. please...!21:12
BluesKajok , back after trials and tribulations with alsa and pulse21:12
BluesKajtoo bad21:13
maniXorated: man u are the only one who has helped me here21:13
maniXorated: i tried lots of irc channel. none were able to help me.21:13
maniXorated: everything i did till now was based on what i googled. but as u can see it didnt helped21:13
maniXorated: i really appreciate your effort man. So dont appologise. please...!21:13
BluesKajok maniX Broadcom wifi problems ?21:14
maniXBluesKaj: yups, my wifi is working but not the bluetooth21:14
maniXor i should say was working21:14
BluesKajoh bluetooth ..sorry I have no knowledge there21:15
oratedmaniX_: Ah, no problem. You posted that twice! Well, we have BluesKaj here, so do consider his suggestion before trying source installation21:15
maniXBluesKaj: no problem dude. i have been trying to get to this sad ass problem for more than a week21:16
BluesKajorated,  dunno much about bluetooth I'm afraid21:17
oratedmaniX: Ah well you can consider source installation, you are welcome to this channel for any such questions. Or you can also try #linux-wireless21:18
maniXorated: i would rather stay here for now. Felling more welcomed here..:D21:19
oratedBluesKaj: I don't about it completely, just remember fixing my old broadcom ... so was trying to help21:20
orateddon't know*21:20
maniX# modprobe lib80211 or # modprobe ieee80211_crypt_tkip. which one to choose? ortaed BluesKaj21:21
maniXorated, BluesKaj: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849179/21:23
maniXorated: you here?21:25
oratedmaniX: Yes, sorry21:26
BluesKajmanix lsmod . pastebin the output21:26
oratedlib80211  loads without erros21:26
maniXok lib80211 it is21:27
oratedmaniX: Sec, I'll share with BluesKaj what all links you shared21:27
maniXorated BlueKaj: better, its pain to do all that again...:)21:28
maniXorated BlueKaj: do i need to modprobe cfg80211?21:29
edgarmantrying to share connection to a wireless router, but I think when I plug the cable into the computer it disables the connection the computer already had (coming in over USB)... help me out?21:29
maniXorated BlueKaj: please tell me if need to modprobe cfg80211 or not21:31
oratedhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849115/ http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849102/ http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849069/ I don't have your lsmod now here maniX. Consider BluesKaj command, I might have missed some.21:33
maniXhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849192/: here orated BluesKaj21:34
BluesKajmodprobe without errors usually means the module is accepted , but it may not work21:34
maniXorated BluesKaj, so what m i supposed to do now?21:36
maniXdo i modprobe lib80211  or # modprobe ieee80211_crypt_tkip or modprobe cfg80211 orated blueskaj21:37
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oratedmaniX: 'sudo modprobe wl' then  'ls /lib/firmware' ... you said you tried source installation before. You need to check what will work, what not21:38
BluesKajmaniX,  try both , comment one before trying the other . /etc/modules21:38
orateddmesg | grep -e wl -ie firmware -e wlan -ie radio21:38
oratedand then21:39
oratedBluesKaj: He is trying source installation from http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php follwing http://www.broadcom.com/docs/linux_sta/README.txt21:39
Guest40146plz help me21:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:42
Levin91eMode Levin91e +i by Levin91e21:43
Levin91eMode Levin91e -i by Levin91e21:43
Levin91eAnybody know what the above messages mean?21:43
SentynelLevin91e: +i is invisible mode; people can't tell what channels you're in unless they're in them too21:44
Sentynelit's recommended and the default mode on freenode21:45
Levin91eOk so then -i would be visible mode?21:46
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Levin91eSorry for the newb questions and thanks for the help.21:48
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maniXoratde: do you want me to pastebin dmesg | grep -e wl -ie firmware -e wlan -ie radio?21:55
maniXoreated: do you want me to pastebin dmesg | grep -e wl -ie firmware -e wlan -ie radio?21:55
maniXorated do you want me to pastebin dmesg | grep -e wl -ie firmware -e wlan -ie radio?21:55
orated!tab | maniX21:57
ubottumaniX: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:57
oratedmaniX: Please don't repeat like that. I meant to use that as reference to find patterns/name forwl in dmesg21:58
maniXorated: sorry abt that. wont happen again.21:59
oratedmaniX: Np. The instructions are quite easy to follow in the link as stated above... Ping if you need help, I'll try22:04
maniX_orated: rebooted... lets see whats the result22:12
elguavascan anyone comment on the stability of the ppa 4.8 version? i'd like the newest digikam so i'd need to install 4.8...22:14
BluesKajelguavas,  quite stable IMO , been using it for 2 weeks or so22:19
maniX_BluesKaj orated : do i need to use monitor mode?(line 285 - Readme.txt)22:21
elguavasBluesKaj:  ok, good to hear. i checked bugs and couldn't find anything much so i was wondering if the 4.8 packages were being very widely used. i guess i'll give it a go. 4.74 has been very stable for me so i'd hate to upset the apple cart.22:21
maniX_BluesKaj orated : and the problem is still the same,  rfkill list shows only wireless LAN and nothing of bluetooth22:22
maniX_BluesKaj orated : though wifi is working totally fine this time22:23
elguavas...anyone else using the ppa 4.8 packages? if so, are they stable for you?22:23
Sentynelelguavas: I'm using them since they were released; no issues22:24
maniX_BluesKaj: orated : guys u there?22:24
elguavasSentynel: cool, 2 good reports. :) guess i'll install away then. ;)22:25
oratedmaniX_: Yes, still no mention of bluetooth in rfkill list? Then please pastebin your lspci -v (network part) and lsmod again and what does jockey-kde say for your card?22:32
maniX_orated: yeah, no mention again22:33
maniX_orated: wait let me switch back to my computer22:33
rosco_yHow can I rotate my flat-panel monitor (I'm using ubuntu 11.4)22:36
rosco_yAlso, using NVIDIA22:36
rosco_yand the proprietary drivers22:36
rosco_yI don't need the gaming capabilities of my card, I would like to be able to rotate my monitor though22:37
maniX  22:38
rosco_yI have been able to rotate my monitor in the past, but in this time around (this installation) it's not letting me.22:38
Ezimrosco_y, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142907622:42
maniX__orated: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849282/22:43
Ezimrosco_y, http://www.johannes-eva.net/ubuntu-linux-external-monitor-nvidia-rotate22:43
Ezimrosco_y, http://tuxtweaks.com/2010/05/ubuntu-enable-rotation-nvidia/22:43
maniX__orated: and the jockey-kde say that broadcom STA driver is activated and is currently in use22:47
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maniX__orated: man u there?22:55
maniX__orated: i guess u are out... sad...:(22:56
rosco_yI used these instructions to try to rotate my monitor.  http://tuxtweaks.com/2010/05/ubuntu-enable-rotation-nvidia/22:58
rosco_yIt worked to a fashion: xrandr -0 left rotated my monitor, but it rotated both of them.  This doesn't work for me because one of my monitors doesn't physically rotate.22:59
rosco_yDoes anyone know how to specify which monitor xrandr rotates, or is this problem due to the fact that I'm using TwinView?22:59
rosco_yI think it is due to the TwinView setup--Thanks in any case :)23:02
DaughainCan anyone help me with so e death edits?23:11
DaughainSome days I hate auto correct.23:13
EzimDaughain, whats your problem?23:13
DaughainIt seems my external drive doesn't want to mount properly.23:14
EzimDaughain, have you sudo fdisk -l23:14
DaughainNot yet, but I have udisks --show-info23:15
DaughainVideo reads it at /dev/sdb1, as usual.23:16
DaughainFdisk even23:16
EzimDaughain, output of this: sudo mount -a23:18
DaughainErrrrrr....No output.23:19
EzimDaughain, it should mount manually23:19
DaughainI know it is supposed to auto-mount, but it doesn't mount properly.23:20
EzimDaughain, look up information in fdisk and fstab23:22
Ezimmaybe you manually need to edit things in fstab23:22
DaughainI kinda expected that, and my initial edit made some positive changes, and apparently mounting it manually sorta worked, I still can't access it, just have it mounted now.23:23
DaughainWhat edit do I make to have the volume month on the de23:29
DaughainDammit. Mount in a workspace?23:29
DaughainSo much for that.23:36
DaughainEzim: Any further help?23:39
EzimDaughain, is it usb-hdd?23:40
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DaughainEzim: Currently I have it showing In Places list, but that's it. Still can't read it.23:41
EzimDaughain, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions23:42
EzimDaughain, you have read/write-permission not enabled23:42
DaughainEzim: it should be enabled, but I'm not sure. Haven't done an fstab edit in years.23:43
EzimDaughain, you do not need it23:44
EzimDaughain, do you know the mount point of it?23:44
DaughainEzim: When I started all this, the damn thing was auto-mounting at /, and nothing could be done with it.23:45
EzimDaughain, have you installed kubuntu/root on your external hdd?23:46
DaughainNow, I at least have it showing in the Places list. It still says the daemon is inhibited.23:46
EzimDaughain, can you give me the mountpoint for your external hdd?23:46
DaughainGive me a min,23:47
DaughainEzim: According to gparted it's mounted at /dev/sdc123:49
EzimDaughain, good: sudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername /dev/sdc123:50
EzimDaughain, change yourusername to :) the user name you have for your installation23:50
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DaughainEzim: That much I k ow. :-P Anyway, this is not in my system.23:51
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EzimDaughain, that should make it work23:52
DaughainNot according to show-info.23:53
Ezimsudo chown -R username:username /path/to/mounted/drive23:53
DaughainStill does nothing23:53
EzimDaughain, external hdd in ntfs format?23:54
DaughainDrive doesn't show as mounted using udisks --show-info. Has never shown  as mounted no matter what other lookup method says.23:54
DaughainEzim: yes, ntfs external drive23:55
EzimDaughain, you can see external hdd in dolphin23:57
DaughainNow it flat refuses to mount, according to the error message. Though according to dolphin it is there23:59

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