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lifelesswgrant: in support of heat updates being wonky:20:32
_mup_Bug #816870: Distribution:+search (package search) timeouts <critical-analysis> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/816870 >20:32
lifeless36 heat, but AFAICT it should have 4020:32
lifeless2*6 * 6*4 + 2*220:32
lifeless44 if the subs from dups are really honoured20:33
lifelesswgrant: I just added a dup, and its off by 8 => 2 for the subscriber, 6 for it being a dupe -> I do think there is a glitch somewhere20:33
lifelessor perhaps memcache20:34
pooliehi all21:36
poolielifeless, if i was to put up a patch that re-added g+ (and maybe other) 'share' features, implemented just as a button linking to a url on the remote site, do you think that would be accepted?21:37
lifelessthat would have less (but still some) disclosure implications; it would have no security implications. It may have taste/design/usabilility aspects which I'm not the best person to address (such as it wouldn't show the counts -> wouldn't grow LP's capabilities at all).21:39
lifelessthe remaining disclosure implication would be the invitation to share private objects, definitely addressable.21:39
lifelesspoolie: speaking of patches21:50
lifelesspoolie: you've not removed the duplication in the show-timeline-to-developers code you landed21:50
lifelesspoolie: I'm feeling a little let down, as you committed to do so as part of landing it without delay21:50
pooliei was just thinking about that too21:54
pooliei will do it soon21:54
pooliemy january was a bit fuller than expected, what with two hospital trips21:55
pooliei know we said 'january'21:55
lifelessI understand, thank you22:01
lifelessjanuary FSVO january will be fine :)22:02
pooliethis is a good example of why not to make decisions based on planned future work :)22:02
lifelesshah, indeed22:02
poolieso i think it seems interesting enough that it's worth fixing the bugs and unifying the code22:06
pooliethe bugs being mostly cross-browser js things22:06
poolieit got one or two upvotes22:06
lifelessits nice22:09
lifelessI wouldn't want it removed22:09
lifelessI just don't want it to be costly in a costly area22:09
lifelessflacoste: I'd kindof like to blog about our slack set-based approach; that ok with you? [given that you're orchestrating it, I don't want to steal your thunder...]22:17
wgrantpoolie: I fixed most of the bugs last week22:51
wgrantpoolie: Because I needed it22:51
wgrantpoolie: It works in Firefox now, toggles, and jumps to the right place when it shows.22:51
pooliewgrant, oh hooray22:54
pooliethanks very much!22:54
poolieand i'm so glad you found it worth doing22:55
pooliewgrant, so the only remaining significant thing is to unify the rendering with the oops code?22:58
wgrantI think so22:58
wgrantlifeless: Ah, duh23:14
wgrantlifeless: The count at the top of the page is users affected including dupes.23:15
pooliethat's a feature :)23:15
pooliepossibly showing the details in a tooltip or something would be good though23:15
wgrantThat bug's users_affected_count == 4, so 2*6 + 4*4 + (2 + 2 on dupes)*2 == 3623:16
wgrantlifeless: Not a regression, and technically correct by the docs, but we should possibly fix it.23:16
pooliewgrant, ?23:17
wgrantpoolie: Hm?23:17
pooliei wondered if you considered the inclusion of dupe-affected users a regression or something23:18
wgrantAh, no, it's just that it's displayed including dupes, but heat calculation uses the raw value without dupes.23:18
poolieoh ok23:19
wgrantSince heat calculation is now more transparent (because the hilarious aging stuff is gone), this has only become obvious recently.23:19
pooliedon't talk to me about heat :)23:19
wgrantLast time someone talked to me about heat, I deleted 7/8 of it :)23:20
wgrantwallyworld_: Morning23:25
wallyworld_wgrant: hello23:25
wgrantwallyworld_: Can you (no-)qa your picker thing?23:26
wallyworld_ok, give me a few minutes23:27
wgrantThanks :)23:27
pooliewgrant,  :)23:30
lifelesswgrant: can you create an appropriate bug please23:35
lifelesswgrant: I doubt this will be the last we hear of it23:36
lifelesswgrant: we may want to keep the updateheat garbo job but change it to use a featureflag to determine the oldest date of heat which is *invalid*23:36
wgrantPossibly, yeah.23:37
lifelesswgrant: then we can just land new algorithm, set the flag to the right date, and watch it run23:37
lifeless(and then stop automatically)23:37
wgrantThat sort of thing is probably going to be useful in several places.23:37
wgranteg. the bug denorm tables23:37
wgrantOnce I work how HTF we can recalculate BugSummary.23:37
wgrantlifeless: bug #93660723:42
_mup_Bug #936607: Bug heat calculation's affected users count doesn't match the displayed value <bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/936607 >23:42
lifelessthanks; uhm, I might tweak the title for search23:42
wgrantSearch is hopeless anyway, but feel free :)23:43
lifelessbug 93660723:43
_mup_Bug #936607: Bug heat appears wrong due to affected users from duplicates not being included <bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/936607 >23:43
lifelessI figure folk will try bug heat wrong / bug heat broken etc; fingers crossed23:44
* wallyworld_ takes car to mechanic - stupid fuel pump is broken :-(23:46
lifelesswallyworld_: needs a software upgrade?23:46
wallyworld_lifeless: i wish that's all it was. i used a rubber mallet to get it started23:47
wallyworld_but that's impractical23:47
wallyworld_hopefully won't cost toooo much23:48
lifelesswgrant: so, sso detangle. You're all set on that ?23:51
wgrantlifeless: Yeah. Hopefully make some progress on it soon.23:52
lifelesswgrant: I think its more urgent than continued db efficiency in the medium term23:53
lifelesswgrant: because it is a one off cost with a fairly long deploy tail23:54
wgrantYeah, but it's also a bit more work and harder to do in small chunks of downtime throughout my days.23:55
lifelessI hear a rumour you have mondays to self-direct23:56
wgrantI've got stuff to finish off this week, but I expect so.23:57

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