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alkisgHi, I have a project which uses launchpad for translations. A Polish user accidentally modified the Dutch translation, and I was asked to revert the Dutch translation.06:00
alkisgIs it enough to just revert the change in my local tree and push it in my bzr branch in launchpad? Or is something more needed?06:02
alkisg(I'm worried about the author history, which launchpad keeps, if it will be erased this way)06:04
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alkisgMy project uses launchpad for translations. It was reported to me (https://answers.launchpad.net/epoptes/+question/186013) that a user accidentally modified a lot of other people's translations.18:18
alkisgI reverted the change, but launchpad doesn't seem to pick up the new (==reverted) .po18:19
alkisgAlso, will translation authorship be lost with my upload? Is there any better way to revert the change?18:19
crazydiphow long does it take for a deleted package to really be deleted? after over 2 hours i still keep getting "binaries conflicting with the existing ones" error20:03
crazydipin a ppa that is20:03
lifelessthe metadata for the files is never deleted20:04
lifelessthis is due to how APT archives work.20:04
crazydipoh, so it's no longer possible for me to copy that package from one ppa to a second ppa if that second ppa had that package deleted?20:05
thumperis there a way to get a collection of bugs from the api with a set of bug numbers?20:21
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lifelessthumper: bugs = [lp.bugs[x] for x in numbers]20:34
lifelesscrazydip: if its exactly the same binary content, you can do that I suspect20:34
lifelesscrazydip: if its not exactly the same, no - in a given apt archive, a file of name N can only have one file content20:35
crazydiplifeless, thanks for the help20:56
thumperlifeless: so not really a quick way then?20:56
lifelessI don't believe there is a multi-get for the API in general, nor a specific one for this case.20:57
lifelessyou could write one20:57
thumperlifeless: not right now I won't :-)21:12
thumperafter chasing the documentation down dead ends22:49
thumperhow do I get access to the production launchpad using the API?22:49
thumperin my old script I used 'edge'22:49
thumperI tried 'production'22:49
thumperi wonder if I already have a token called 'foo'22:49
thumperhmm.. didn't ask for any auth token?22:50
thumperdoes it ask on write now?22:50
thumperI'm using Launchpad.login_with('foo', 'production')22:51
thumperhow can I tell if it is looking at production?22:51
wgrantthumper: It's looking at production if you told it to look at production.22:56
wgrantthumper: Applications don't ask for separate tokens any more.22:57
wgrantThey normally use desktop-wide ones.22:57
thumperthat works for me22:58

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