valdur55eggzeck, make alias and then you can copy-paste terminal commands: alias leafpad=vi00:02
moesI have a cd of lubuntu-10.10...When I boot in a high end computer the o/s specs are lubuntu-10.10...when I boot to a low end pc the specs are ubuntu-10.10...Why are they different ???01:55
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Pentium-MI'm using a pentium-M (centrino) notebook, and I'm wondering whether or not 12.04 is going to fully support this platform.11:13
Pentium-MOr should I better turn to Debian ?11:14
Pentium-MI ran into this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/93044711:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930447 in linux (Ubuntu) "Unable to Install Ubuntu 12.04 on Pentium M x86 Laptop due to PAE kernel" [Medium,Won't fix]11:15
Pentium-MI mean, this defeats the purpose of lubuntu, doesn't it?11:17
head_victimPentium-M: there are alternative ways to install it on a non pae kernel.11:22
Pentium-Mhello head_victim. how?11:22
head_victimThe one I'm aware of off the top of my head is using the mini ISO to install with.11:22
Pentium-Misn't lubuntu a ubuntu variant that's targeted at low-and hardware? Why should I have to go through a two step install process?11:24
head_victimPentium-M: because like you said, Lubuntu is a Ubuntu variant. Lubuntu is not a stand alone distribution and when Ubuntu decides to change things up Lubuntu either has to either support the old way themselves of follow suit.11:25
head_victimCurrently there are not enough developers to support such a large task of supporting a kernel through a life cycle so Lubuntu is following suit.11:25
Pentium-MThe rationale of declaring non-PAE machines absolete is that their graphics isn't powerful enough to run Unity, and 12.04 will be the last version to support non-PAE if users do an upgrade from 11.10 or 10.04. This means that Lubuntu as of 12.10 is dead. Right?11:28
head_victimNo, not at all. Like I said previously there are methods to solve this. Also most of Lubuntu's target market DOES have pae.11:28
Pentium-MThe 3 notebooks I have don't have PAE. Otherwise they run 11.10 just fine.11:30
head_victimIf you feel strongly about it feel free to volunteer time to support a non pae kernel.11:30
Pentium-MThat's not a question of feeling strongly about it. It's a question of whether or not I can use Ubuntu in the future.11:32
head_victimWe're going in circles here. I've mentioned there are ways around it so obviously you can continue to use Lubuntu as long as you want. If you find something else that fits your purpose better feel free to use that.11:32
Pentium-MThanks for your time  :-)11:33
G1lbertHello There, i was here yesterday, but the tips i got didnt help. so i give it another try ;-)12:14
G1lberti have a problem booting from live cd. (asus eeepc 1101ha with gma500 graphic)12:14
G1lberttried to boot wit test / install  with and without nomodeset. result is: boot into console, Xorg.log say there are screens but without valid config.12:14
G1lbertbooting with acpi=off get a step further but ending in a blank white screen and a freezed system12:15
G1lbertthe liev eusb stick is ok, can use it without any problem on another notebook12:15
G1lbertany tips ore directions ?12:16
G1lbertah forget, using x86 lubuntu 11.1012:16
G1lbertstartx  doenst work, same error in log12:18
Gilbert1so, . .joint the chat wit another notebook so i can play around with the one i have problems with.12:46
bloodyskiesI'm wondering if someone can help me.. I'd like to install Lubuntu to an SD card and boot using Grub installed on the HDD (my IBM Thinkpad X40 won't boot from SD card). Does anyone know if this has/can be done?13:45
bloodyskiesThe hard drive is painfully slow, and running from USB is much quicker. However, I don't really want a USB card sticking out of the side all the time, and the sd card is flush with the laptop13:46
icerootbloodyskies: its possible, install the system to the sd card and grub to the hdd13:48
icerootbloodyskies: the installer has an option in the grub-installation where you want to put grub13:49
bloodyskies how do I do that? The installer doesn't see the SD card?13:50
icerootbloodyskies: sounds like your card-reader is not supported13:50
icerootbloodyskies: by the kernel13:51
bloodyskiesis there anyway to check?13:51
icerootbloodyskies: start a live-cd and check if ubuntu wants to install additional drivers13:51
icerootbloodyskies: also the ubuntu forums are a good place for searching13:52
bloodyskiesno, I don't believe it did13:52
bloodyskies(I used a live usd to instlal lubuntu to the hdd)13:52
icerootbloodyskies: have a look about "x40 ubuntu sd card"13:52
icerootbloodyskies: when you boot the installed system from the hdd is the sc card seen?13:53
icerootbloodyskies: you upgraded the kernel there?13:53
icerootbloodyskies: or is it a fresh install without updates?13:53
bloodyskiesnope, I installed lubuntu 11.10, I didn't have to do anything with drivers at all13:54
bloodyskiesI've previously had to use thing slike ndiswrapper to get wifi working with broadcom, but everything worked on the x40 straight away13:55
bloodyskiesjust did a fresh install, I don't think I updated as part of it, but couldn't be 100% certain13:55
icerootbloodyskies: what is the output of "uname -r"13:56
iceroot!info linux-image-generic13:56
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 36 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)13:56
icerootbloodyskies: that is not 11.1013:56
icerootbloodyskies: sounds like 11.0413:56
iceroot!info linux-image-generic natty13:57
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)13:57
iceroot11.04 with security issues :)13:57
icerootbloodyskies: but you are using a 11.10 cd for installing?13:57
bloodyskiesno, I used unetbootin to create a liveusb13:58
icerootbloodyskies: from what version?13:58
icerootbloodyskies: the one you are trying to install on sd card13:58
G1lberthey there, just whant to tell. got my live usb running on the eeepc 1101ha and gma50013:58
icerootbloodyskies: that was not a question you can answer with yes/no13:58
G1lbertnee do ad some invalid paramters to the boot options13:59
bloodyskiessorry, I meant yes, the one I'm trying to install13:59
icerootbloodyskies: what ubuntu version you are trying to install on your sc card13:59
icerootbloodyskies: 11.04, 11.10?13:59
G1lbertpulsbo.dummy=1 & psb_gfx.dummy=113:59
G1lbertto isbla eloading both modules13:59
bloodyskiesis there a way to check looking at files on the usb stick?13:59
G1lbertnow X starts13:59
icerootbloodyskies: i dont know13:59
icerootbloodyskies: dont know the layout of a cd14:00
icerootbloodyskies: just use the latest ubuntu cd and try it14:00
bloodyskiesunfortunately I don't have the iso anymore - I created the USB using Ubuntu installed on this HDD :(14:00
bloodyskiessounds like a plan..14:01
icerootbloodyskies: the version is maybe to old for your sc controller14:01
icerootbloodyskies: please try ubuntu 11.1014:01
bloodyskieswill do14:01
bloodyskiesthanks for your help14:01
G1lbertgma500 & linux seems to be pain in the ass ...14:04
icerootwhat are my options to debug applets running in lxpanel?14:04
milen8204hello all, how can I make to start bash script when Lubuntu starts ?16:24
G1lbert1hello there, maybe this helps: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160421116:28
milen8204thanks G1lbert116:29
G1lbert1and there is another way, under settings > Sessionsettings16:29
holsteinits all open, so theoretically, theres always another way... /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart is a good way to do it G1lbert116:31
milen8204G1lbert1, holstein  тханкс16:31
G1lbert1by the way, .. is there a german lubuntu chan ?16:32
holsteinG1lbert1: pretty sure theres just the main channel for ubuntu in that and mose other languages, but it shouldnt be OT to talk aobut lubuntu/LXDE there16:33
holsteinmost other**16:33
G1lbert1thx holstein16:34
milen8204G1lbert1, just paste the script in autostart file and save it ??16:38
milen8204Is that all what I must do ?16:38
holsteinmilen8204: you make a backup.. you understang the process of recovering that file from a LIVE cd *if* you break something... then you can just test :)16:39
milen8204holstein, I am not so sure that I can understan but . I thing I reach autostart file trough Live CD and fixe it :D16:41
milen8204Ican reach16:41
milen8204holstein, does not work16:48
milen8204whit autostart file16:48
milen8204G1lbert1, If I place the file whit extension .sh in to /etc/xdg/autostart16:54
milen8204should the things bew ok ?16:55
milen8204or I am wrong ?16:55
Flazeranyone have any insight to built in SD card readers not working?16:58
holsteinmilen8204: i remember just poking around in lubuntu/LXDE and finding an autostart session GUI16:59
holsteini was adding compiz to it, and it worked fine...17:00
holsteinmaybe i just added "@compiz --replace" to /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart17:01
holsteinwhen i was testing, i ran compiz --replace *not* as a startup to see how and if it was going to work... ifyou have a bunk script, or a bad command, it wont do anything is startup17:01
holsteini would test the command in the terminal... i would be familiar with how to get to TTY if something breaks and you need to kill something or sudo shutdown -h now17:02
holsteini would clearly state here what you are trying to autostart and how/why... maybe theres a known issue17:03
milen8204ok thanks17:04
moesI am using lubuntu-10.10 live cd...When I boot from a high end pc at boot I get the lubuntu -10.10 logo and the o/s shows to be lubuntu-10.10...when I boot from a low end pc the logo is the purple ubuntu-10.10 logo and the o/s shows to be ubuntu-10.10...Why is this happening ???17:13
milen8204holstein, I have an idea. I can copy and then modify some of .desktop files in /etc/xdg/autostart and make it starts my wallpaper.sh file :D. What are you going to say about that ?17:17
holsteinmilen8204: what wallpapre.sh? is it working from the commandline?..17:19
milen8204whan i start it whit terminal it works great17:19
milen8204but I want to starts automaticly whit Lubuntu starting :D17:20
milen8204holstein,  should i type @ infront of my comand in /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart file ?17:29
milen8204holstein, I done it :D17:34
milen8204holstein,  I have typed bash ..../wallpaper.sh in  /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart file and it works fine :D thanks for the help :)17:35
holsteinmilen8204: cool! ... enjoy :)17:36
moes I am using lubuntu-10.10 live cd...When I boot from a high end pc at boot I get the lubuntu -10.10 logo and the o/s shows to be lubuntu-10.10...when I boot from a low end pc the logo is the purple ubuntu-10.10 logo and the o/s shows to be ubuntu-10.10...Why is this happening ???17:42
phillwmoes: this is a long shot..... Can you see if the low end pc supports pae?17:48
moesphillw, I will have to check that out..not sure wether it does or not !!17:52
milen8204hello all how can I set the desktop changing ?18:42
milen8204Now I change betwen desktop 1 and desktop 2 whit mouse ruler, I want to change that , anyone knows how ?18:43
milen8204how can I install spelling in X-chat ?18:54
Unit193http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat_spell_checking That should do it.18:56
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milen8204Why my x-chat does not check my spell when i have been ticked settings>preferences>intercace>input box spell cheking ?19:13
Unit193You may need some other packag.... That'll do better, yep.19:13
milen8204Unit193: which is ?19:14
Unit193You just said, the channel #xchat19:14
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milen8204anyone have problem whit spellcheking in xchat ?19:33
milen8204anyone knows how to set my desktops not changing whit mouse wheel19:38
milen8204Unit193: thanks19:46
milen8204Unit193: I haven`t that problem20:01
milen8204I want to change desktops whit onother key, fot example Ctrl+ALt+Left20:02
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