zzecoolbut i cant tell the difference on my setup because  the launcher in high transparency :D00:00
zzecoolthis is my desktop00:02
DaekdroomThat is not the default Launcher size, is it?00:03
zzecoolbut on screenshot  the launcher looks blur instead of transparent that it is for real00:03
zzecoolno this is 32px00:03
zzecoolthis is the smallest one00:03
krnekheleshwith faenza icons?00:05
zzecoolAnything bigger in this resolution is not ergonomic00:05
zzecooli love Faenza00:05
zzecoolits the BEST :d00:05
krnekheleshr u using a ppa?00:05
zzecoolthe official one00:05
krnekheleshcan you provide the ppa link00:05
krnekheleshi'd like to use it as well00:05
zzecoolhere you are https://launchpad.net/~tiheum/+archive/equinox00:06
zzecoolits not the ppa its the link to ppa00:07
DaekdroomUnfortunately, I can't seem to make the launcher/Dash color to fit Ambiance.00:07
krnekheleshand u change them using gnome-tweak-tool?00:07
zzecooljust remember you have to use faenza-ambiance  or radiance00:07
zzecoolnot the normal faenza00:07
krnekheleshbut how do you change icons for unity?00:07
zzecoolbecause you gonna have problem with the battery icon and some more00:07
zzecoolyou need the gnome tweak tool00:08
krnekheleshah ok00:08
zzecoolkrnekhelesh: sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool00:09
zzecoolonce installed type advanced in the dash00:09
zzecoolits the one called advanced settings00:09
ironhalikok, first try with precise - live usb boot failed :>00:14
valdur55ironhalik, give more information00:15
ironhalikthe cursos blink really fast :>00:16
ironhalikbut I used dd to make the usb drive, so it may be that :>00:16
valdur55Btw look http://qa.ubuntu.com/00:18
valdur55And fill your report :)00:18
ironhalikcouple of times I used the ubuntu startup dist tool, it always filed to install, right after it formatted my drive :)00:18
valdur55ironhalik, be lazy and use grub loop :).00:19
valdur55grub loopback *00:19
ironhalikhmm, how do I do that? :)00:19
ironhalikIll confess, I used the grub CLI only once, I somehow crashed my grub.cfg :>00:20
valdur55ironhalik, like this: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/02/how-to-boot-iso-with-grub2-easy-way.html#comment-14165321700:22
ironhalikhmm, cool00:23
ironhalikgood to know, thx00:23
ironhalikok, precise live wont see my drives :)00:25
ironhalikthat is, theyre not in /dev/00:26
penguin42ironhalik: What type?00:28
penguin42normal SATA?00:28
ironhalikthe installer mounted them, then hanged itself :>00:28
penguin42do they show up in /proc/partitions00:28
ironhalikyup, they do00:29
penguin42do they show up in /dev/dsk-by-id ?00:30
ironhalikonly the swap partition00:30
penguin42sorry, /dev/disk/by-id00:30
ironhalikah, sec I rebooted00:30
penguin42ironhalik: Can you pastebin your /proc/partitions ?00:32
valdur55ironhalik, be laizy! install pastebinit and then use command: pastebinit /proc/..00:33
ironhalikIm not that lazy :P00:33
penguin42ironhalik: That looks kind of OK (sda2 is a bit odd)00:34
ironhalikhuh, there should be no sda200:34
penguin42ironhalik: Can you pastebin the output of udisks --dump ?00:34
penguin42(and pastebinit really would help there)00:34
valdur55udisks --dump | pastebinit00:36
ironhaliksec, im fighting against the tide here00:37
ironhalikeverything crashesh :P00:37
zzecoolgoodnight from me guys =)00:37
zzecoolpoor ironhalik ;/00:37
ironhalikc ya00:37
valdur55damn... i just pressed tab after goodn ...00:38
ironhalikhuh, theres some issues with dns it seems :)00:39
ironhalikfor pastebinit00:40
penguin42took me a couple of goes to resolve when I opened it00:40
cjohnstonany idea why zietgeist would be taking up ~60% of my ram on a 4gb box00:41
valdur55cjohnston, maybe zeitgeist ... i don't know zietgeist00:41
ironhalikpenguin42: http://paste.ubuntu.com/847925/00:42
cjohnstonis it safe to kill zeitgeist-fts?00:43
valdur55 zeitgeist-daemon - D-Bus interface providing a log of activities00:43
penguin42ironhalik: Odd, that looks happy00:43
ironhalikwell, I mouted the drive by uuid now00:44
valdur55oh... using UUID is safer vay to dd something :)00:44
ironhalikcan I use /dev/disk/by-uuid/yadayda as dd source?00:44
penguin42ironhalik: Yeh00:45
ironhalikhow can I list all mounted drives?00:45
valdur55df ....00:45
ironhalikyeah, figured that one by myself :>00:46
crizzy-h is an useful switch for it00:46
ironhalikhmm, ok since sda1 is not mounted00:48
ironhalikit has no uuid, so does sda00:48
ironhalikand I want to dd whole sda00:48
ironhalikany id will do for that?00:48
valdur55ironhalik, you booted from grub?00:49
ironhalikno, from live usb00:49
valdur55ok :)00:49
valdur55btw. Use nautilus for hard drive mounting :)00:49
ironhalikI shouldnt mount it if Im dd'ing it00:50
valdur55ok.. maybe it isn't sda anymore...00:50
ironhalikwell, it is, according to udisks00:51
ironhalikah what the hell, ill try to dd it by path :)00:51
ironhalikbut either way, Ive got bad feelings about this :)00:53
DaekdroomOdd. I have appmenu-qt package installed but Clementine display its menu in the window01:15
Daekdroomand I can't think of any other qt app to test it01:25
DaekdroomWell, any other qt app that won't drag the entire KDE with it01:25
txwikinger2Is there a screencast app that is working on precise?04:46
jokerdinotxwikinger2: you can try kazam04:47
micahgtxwikinger2: is gtk-recordmydesktop not working?04:49
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
jokerdinotxwikinger: gtk-recordmydesktop works for me too04:50
txwikingerI use kde.. thought gtk-recordmydesktop was only for gnome04:51
txwikingerI will try both04:51
jokerdinoor well, you can use vlc.04:51
txwikingerThanks will try it04:55
txwikingerDid not find kazzam in the packages04:55
=== Kevin`_ is now known as Kevin`
Ben64theres always an errant pulseaudio process that kills my audio06:25
Ben64why, and how can i stop it06:25
vega-does 12.04 have any known network issues?07:46
bazhangvega-, checked launchpad for bugs related to same?07:47
vega-i'm connected through wired ethernet and sometimes the connection just switches off (have to reload browser 10 times to display a webpage etc.)07:47
vega-the same with command line "host" command for instance, it might work only after the 5th or 10th time or so :)07:47
vega-bazhang: not yet07:47
sahil_how to upgrade from oneric to precise08:15
zniavreTo upgrade from Ubuntu 11.10 on a desktop system: press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager -d" (without the quotes) into the command box.08:17
sahil_will taht remove all my insatlled apps?08:17
bazhangsahil_, remove? no. that will get you started on the alpha 208:19
sahil_okey..so my installed apps will remain intact right?08:20
bazhangwell apart from the PPA08:20
bazhangthey will be disabled08:21
sahil_sounds good08:21
sahil_and how is ati radon drver support for precise..08:21
sahil_will it revert back to gallium 3d or vesa or catalyst?08:22
bazhangsahil_, I dont use ati, so I cannot answer that sorry08:23
bazhangsahil_, you can wait in here and discuss when more people are active re: the ati situation08:24
sahil_the ppa's u mentioned will be removed or just disabled?08:25
sahil_ok surely...m online for an hour or two08:25
codepalapt-get doesn't want to upgrade packages - why?08:44
codepal*these packages are held back*08:45
=== derbysieger is now known as iceroot
Ampelbeincodepal: when you do sudo apt-get install <packagename_that_has_been_held>, it will show you.08:47
codepalhow? = doesn't show me anything08:50
codepalexcept 63 not upgraded08:50
codepalno error, no reason - no excuse!08:50
codepaldarn it I want  to force upgrade08:51
codepalwhere is that Nike key - JUST DO IT!08:51
astraljavacodepal: Might need `sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade`.08:52
pangolincodepal: if packages are being held back the last thing you want to do is force it08:52
astraljavascratch 'install' from that.08:52
codepalwell, this is a testing partition08:52
codepalso I can nuke it if I want to, can't I?08:52
pangolintry dist-upgrade08:52
codepalok thanks pangolin !!08:53
pangolinthank astraljava :)08:53
codepallooks like progress, great astraljava08:53
codepalwhich dist is this gonna be now?08:53
codepalAlpha 3?08:54
astraljavaHi there pangolin :) You good?08:54
pangolinastraljava: i'm doing ok thanks.08:54
astraljavaGood, good.08:54
pangolincodepal: I don't think dist-upgrade has time travel support yet08:55
pangolinthere is talk about adding that to linux kernel 4.008:55
astraljavaThere is no Alpha-3, jump to Beta-1 after Alpha-2.08:55
codepalpangolin, -- I like your sense of humor08:56
codepalBeta-1 - woot!08:56
codepalhere I come future! Beam me up Scotty!08:56
astraljavaBut that's in March, not yet.08:56
codepalI haven't even done a Unity-Checkbox test yet... I'm too lazy08:56
codepaler busy08:57
sahil_how is fgrlx 12.1 in precise09:27
sahil_buggy or better den gallium 3d09:27
sahil_m talking about desktop experence ...not games09:28
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mainerrorIs it intended that the launcher doesn't hide when a window is maximized?10:46
mainerrorThat doesn't feel right.10:49
robin0800mainerror: dodge has or is going to be removed so the choice is on or auto hide10:49
mainerrorSo, no intellihide anymore?10:51
robin0800mainerror: no I think that was dodge10:52
mainerrorOh god ...10:54
mainerrorI've been an Unity fan since it was introduced but the removal of that feature might drive me away from it.10:55
mainerrorIt is absolutely absurd to hide the launcher when there is no window at all. I mean when you are on the desktop.10:56
mainerrorIs there a bug report for this already?10:56
TrewasI hear it was removed because it is confusing ro users (i.e. thinking they must move windows away to get it to show)10:58
glosoliAnyone can confirm don't getting any effect when hovering on close, max, min buttons in metacity ?10:58
glosolimainerror: If you are talking about dodge, yes there is bug somewhere in launchpad, gonna try to find for you10:58
mainerrorThat was the wrong way to tackle such a problem. There will be even more users confused about how to interact with their system in the first place.11:01
glosolimainerror: would you mind https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/936091 pressing "affects me" ? Because I am sure you get the same problem11:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936091 in metacity (Ubuntu) "hovering on close, minimize, maximize has no effect" [Undecided,New]11:01
mainerrorglosoli: What is the expected result?11:02
glosolimainerror: open nautilus, try to hover on close, max, min you should get some light changes, but you don't11:03
glosoliit works in unity, so try to maximize windows ant in global menu panel, hover on max min close, you will get effect11:03
mainerrorI do.11:03
glosolimainerror: On not maximized windows ?11:03
glosolistrange, the problem occurs for me and some my friends hmm11:04
mainerrorYou mean a color highlight of the buttons right?11:04
glosolimainerror: Yes, but not for maximized windows, for small ones11:05
glosoliStrange.. anyway, your problem with dodge: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/93014811:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930148 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ?" [Wishlist,Confirmed]11:05
mainerrorAh, thanks. :)11:07
mainerrorJust got this one as well.11:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924612 in libx11 (Ubuntu) "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGABRT in __GI___assert_fail()" [Medium,Confirmed]11:08
glosolimainerror: when was the last time you did upgrade/dist-upgrade ?11:09
glosoliMaybe for me problem occured after updates :?11:09
mainerrorMhmm, last night I guess.11:09
glosoliah ok :) anyway, do you get any "Privacy" Section in system settings ?11:11
glosolihmm, I don't :/11:14
wondermanhi, any devs here that can tell me why everytime i update over the last 2 months it breaks the unity bar settings? starting to wind me up, do people not test these things?11:30
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
ikoniawonderman: people do test these things, it's in development, so fixes are done in priority order11:36
ikoniawonderman: if you don't want/expect things to break use a stable release.11:36
wondermansorry ikonia i am talking about 11.10, nobody seems to know what they are talking about in #ubuntu, ie no devs tehre11:37
ikoniawonderman: talking to developers doesn't get things fixed directly,11:37
wondermanthe worse thing about unity is the bar autohiding, so i use CCSM to set it not to11:37
wondermanbut maybe they will have more of an idea11:37
ikoniawonderman: 1.) ask in #ubuntu if need help, this is for 12.04 support 2.) log a bug with the best information possible if you believe there is an error in the software11:38
wondermanwell i waited to update packages for a month, because the last time i did it broke the same thing11:38
wondermanand i waited for 2 days to get some reply before, and got nothing in #ubuntu11:38
ikoniawonderman: however as I've never seen anyone complain about this before, I'd suggest (note the word suggest) this is a problem with your setup, rather than the actual software or more people would be complaining11:38
wondermani think reinstalling catalyst might of been my fix before11:38
wondermanbut i cant do this everytime i update a packge....11:39
ikoniawonderman: the fact that you've got no reply in #ubuntu suggests it's a problem with your setup, or people would be saying "me too" or "it's a known problem, here is the bug id"11:39
wondermanbut its not uncommon software...11:39
ikoniawonderman: if the catalyst re-install is fixing it, then it would again suggest the problem is with catalyst drivers and your setup, in which case contacting ATI would be a good move11:39
wondermanor maybe most people like autohiding unity bar11:39
Ampelbeinwonderman: Please do 'ubuntu-bug unity' and report this in launchpad. Then developers are able to look at the problem and can assess wheter it's a bug or a problem with your setup.11:39
wondermani think it blows11:39
ikoniawonderman: most people don't seem to do auto hiding11:40
wondermanikonia: , its the default setting?11:40
ikoniaeither way, it's not for this channel, please take it to #ubuntu or follow the process I've suggested11:40
wondermanill wait till ive got many hours to wait for a reply11:40
wondermani shouldnt be fearful of upgrading packages11:41
ikoniawonderman: I've just given you the reply and suggestions forward, please don't use this channel for 11.10 support again.11:41
wondermanespecially when my setup is pretty basic11:41
wondermanmost people have ATI or nvidia GPUs11:41
ikoniawonderman: complaining about it won't fix it11:41
ikoniawonderman: please stop using this channel for 11.10 support discussion11:41
Ampelbeinwonderman: does bug 888039 sound related? If yes, there are packages in oneiric-proposed, see the last comment on that bug. All other questions should go to #ubuntu.11:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 888039 in unity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Gradual degradation in desktop performance." [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88803911:42
wondermannothing like it lol11:42
ikoniaplease take this to #ubuntu Ampelbein / wonderman if you want to progress it11:42
Ampelbeinikonia: I know. Please read the last sentence of my last comment.11:43
mainerrorglosoli: Added a comment to the Dodge window option bug.11:43
glosolimainerror: I am curious if they read all thoose comments ;D11:57
mainerrorThey sure do.11:58
sabgentonwhats better to install PrecisePangolin alpha 2 or the daily builds?12:06
sabgentonif you want it to work12:08
glosolihmm have no idea, i installed daily12:11
glosoliworks fine :)12:11
glosoliAs there was feature freeze maybe daily might be even stable :?12:11
ironhalikdefinition freeze, now they need to work them out ;>12:12
ironhalikah no, sorry12:13
ironhalikwrong side of the table :)12:13
sabgentonglosoli: thanks12:15
sabgentonglosoli: If I want to file a but report would it be best to see if PrecisePangolin has the bug and file it for PrecisePangolin instead of oneiric12:16
sabgentonI mean the devs wont care about oneric as much  anymore u would think..12:17
ironhaliksabgenton: Oneiric's support ends 04-2013, so you could do both12:19
ironhalikif its critical bug, theyll try to fix it in oneiric too12:19
sabgentonhmm ok12:20
sabgentonstill I won't care so much if it works in PrecisePangolin :)12:20
ironhalikthere probably already is a bugreport, so you can just confirm it ;>12:22
mainerrorsabgenton: Generally it depends on what bug you want to report.12:36
mainerrorIf something crashed on Oneiric, then report it against Oneiric.12:36
ironhalikhmm, how long shout updating oneiric to precise take?12:42
ironhalikim stuck on updating repositories for last 5 minutes12:42
ironhalikoh ffs, a dialog box got hidden on another workspace :)12:42
glosolisabgenton: if you want to file a bug you do in terminal: ubuntu-bug package_name and then you will go trough some steps and the bug will be filled :)12:53
ironhalikcan I log into launchpad with openID?13:47
jtaylorno lp is only an openid provide no consumer13:56
jtayloro has that changed? haven't checked in month13:57
ironhaliknah, it provides openid13:58
wizaanyone got imon ffdc working on precise? can't get any output to come to anywhere, ir-keytable or syslog.15:01
ironhalikcan I set the default action for my power button?15:26
ironhalikto suspend instead of the dialog box15:26
icerootironhalik: in the power-settings there should be an option for that15:33
icerootironhalik: i have disabled the powermanager (because of an ugly bug) but imo there was an option for that15:34
xbhi,  this  morning i installed the proposed updates on xubuntu 12.04  x86_64  and the theme changed after the suggested reboot15:34
ironhalikiceroot: actually, Ive only time to suspend there, and whether to show the battery applet.15:53
ironhalikbut Ive found the option via dconf-editor15:54
rlyWho is ikonia?16:16
* penguin42 seems to be getting a lot of flash crashes today - not had any for *ages* - I wonder what got updated16:21
jtaylorme 216:24
jtaylordidn't have any problems for years up until a couple month ago16:24
ironhalikits a plot to push html5 forward ;>16:25
ironhalikwindows 8 will have flash disable in the default mode, linux users will have flash crashing constantly ;>16:25
Ampelbeinflash can go die in a fire, to be honest ;-)16:26
penguin42Ampelbein: I don't disagree16:26
ironhalikhmm, html5 video could use some work for me16:27
ironhaliknever thought I will say it, but flash video works better for me :P16:27
DaekdroomHTML5 YouTube player works wonders for me. Too bad I can't use it to watch everything there.16:28
jtaylorgnash also works on youtube, but not much more :(16:29
ironhalikhmm, lately I visited some quite popular tech news site16:31
ironhalikgot surprised that they used html5 video player by default16:32
DaekdroomNevertheless, I wish I can cease to use Flash someday.16:34
ironhalikhmm, it seems it wont be long now :)16:35
ironhalikI dont have flash on my android phone16:36
ironhalikand theres lots of ipads there that generate flashless consumer traffic16:36
Ampelbeinironhalik: http://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2011/11/flash-focus.html - Adobe stops all mobile development.16:36
ironhalikI use it pretty much to watch online cat videos and get raped by some runaway ads16:37
ironhalikyeah Ampelbein, it was funny when I saw it on slashdot :)16:37
sahil_Hi guys...can i have someones kind attention?16:59
DaekdroomAsk your question right away and stay around a few minutes to see if anyone can help you.16:59
ikoniasahil_: please don't cross-post your question17:01
sahil_<ikonia> i upgraded to precise a couple of minutes ago...the whole desktop is crashing every now and den....copiz is crashing and windows are been drawn very slowly ...17:03
ikoniasahil_: what have you done to debug this ?17:03
sahil_done nothing as of now...coz if i even move a window...it takes 5-6 seconds for the flickering to stop17:04
ikoniasahil_: ok, I suggest doing some basic debugging17:04
ikoniasahil_: then once you've narrowed it down a bit, ask for specific help17:04
sahil_okey...from where shall i start?17:05
ironhaliksahil_: I would start with video drivers17:05
ironhalikand you can do this via tty, so it shouldnt be that bad17:06
sahil_okey...will give a try...17:06
ironhaliksahil_: the tool ubuntu uses to fetch additional drivers is called jockey - you can use the CLI version, jockey-text17:07
sahil_ok.. :)17:08
ironhalikshame you cant upgrade 32bit->64bit17:11
ironhalikhmm, is there a way to edit/add the dash right-click menu?17:15
sahil_this is my x.org log17:17
bjsnideryou could try running htop to see if there's a cpu-intesive process17:18
sahil_bjsnider_ are u saying me?17:19
sahil_well i m running just firefox and xchat...nthing else17:19
ironhalikyeah, check if Xorg doesnt hog the CPU17:19
sahil_how to do that...sory m very noob at debuging17:20
ironhalikin terminal, type 'top'17:20
bjsniderthe log says every video driver except the basic rame buffer fails to load because it doesn't exist17:20
bjsnidermake sure you've got xserver-xorg-video-radeon installed17:21
dupondjeYeey updating to Precise17:22
dupondjelets see what it gives :)17:22
ironhalikdupondje: for me it went more or less flawlessly17:23
sahil_<bjsnider> ya the gfx may b the problem...even in oneric i had a couple of issues17:23
bjsnidersahil_, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeon17:24
sahil_this is propietory catalyst 12.1 or gallium 0.4?17:24
dupondjeAre there some improvements for Dual VGA's in Precise17:25
bjsniderthe problem is you're not using the appropriate xorg driver17:25
dupondjeaka Nvidia Optimus17:25
sahil_system info says i have Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 0x300)  insatlled17:25
bjsniderdupondje, no, but thanks for asking17:25
dupondjebjsnider: nothing planned or so ? :(17:26
dupondjecause that would be a nice improvement :)17:26
bjsniderdupondje, you have to disable the optimus switching system in your bios/efi17:26
dupondjebjsnider: I have no option to do that in BIOS17:27
bjsnidersome laptops do and some don't17:27
bjsniderit's just unfortunate17:27
sahil_<bjsnider> i have insatlled...now shall i restart or wat? and something oneconf is also crahing...m not sure wats dat17:27
dupondjebjsnider: well ironhide is usefull .. just needs better integration17:28
bjsniderthe ati driver is actually better for most things except high-end gaming at this point when compared to fglrx17:29
FreeaqingmeHi. I'm on the daily build of 12.04, using two screens. That results in 2 unity bars; is there any way to disable the second unity bar?17:31
sahil_<bjsnider>no improvemennt... :(17:31
bjsniderwhat does your xorg log say now?17:31
sahil_one min17:32
dupondje'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend libtinfo5 for libncurses5, probably17:32
dupondjeerr :P17:32
faenilhi guys :)17:33
sahil_http://pastebin.com/8SmuFJCt hre is it17:33
faenilis there any way to create a wifi network that an android device sees?17:33
sahil_<bjsnider> here it is17:34
faenilI have tried creating an hotspot in ad-hoc and infrastructure mode, and none works17:34
ironhalikhmm, anybody has the new unity-greeter lockscreen?17:34
bjsnidersahil_, still says ati doesn't exist, what happens if you run 'sudo modprobe ati'17:35
dupondjeah https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/92407917:35
sahil_FATAL: Module ati not found.17:35
dupondjeboo :D17:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924079 in apt (Ubuntu) "do-release-upgrade fails to upgrade from Oneiric to Precise" [High,Triaged]17:35
sahil_ya..i was upgrading via tty...all of a sudden all sript stoped...didnt asked for restart or anything17:37
bjsniderwell, obviously you're stuck in some kind of limbo17:38
sahil_later yet i went to repair mode to see any broken pacakge...it gave me few obsolute pacakge wich it removed17:38
bjsniderrun apt-get dist-upgrade17:38
bjsniderand -f install17:38
bjsniderand upgrade17:38
bjsniderand make sure your sources are all precise and not oneiric17:39
bjsniderand no ppas17:39
sahil_btw the system info says its 12.0417:39
sahil_and hey...no limbo exist for linux...coz here people things about "we" rather then "I"17:40
bjsnideryou could have something like half-precise packages half-oneiric, or missing packages that need to be there17:41
bjsnideryou need to have ubuntu-desktop in there17:42
sahil_m running unity...it feels like using gnome shell at the time ubuntu remix was rleased17:42
sahil_apt-get dist-upgrade done just 1.5mb download.. :/17:44
bjsniderxserver-xorg-video-all and xserver-xorg-video-ati too17:46
bjsniderthe ati module could be blacklisted17:46
imnicholsahil_, did you check your /etc/apt/sources.list to make sure it was all precise sources?17:46
imnicholI didn't see you say that, just checking17:47
sahil_<imnichol>in update manager setting all presice are ticked17:47
bjsnidercheck /etc/modprobe.d for blacklist files that might be ati-related17:47
ironhalikhmm, it may be stupid, but have you tried to jockey tool? Sometimes the automated stuff proves more error proof17:48
sahil_how to open these file via terminal? cat<location><filename>?17:48
ironhaliknano /path/to/file17:49
bjsnidercat will work just to look at the contents17:49
ironhalikyeah, it prints the contents17:49
sahil_and wats nano?17:49
ironhalika terminal based text editor17:49
bjsnidernano is an editor17:49
sahil_like gedit?17:50
ironhalikyeah, just in terminal17:50
ironhalikyou can also use gedit in terminal, it will launch the file in it17:50
ironhalikif you prefer graphical interface17:50
bjsnidergiven how slow his setup is, that's probably not wise17:51
ironhalikjust remember to have proper rights, eg. you need root to edit sources.list17:51
sahil_so...sudo i gess?17:51
ironhaliksudo -i17:51
ironhaliksudo -i will turn sudo on for the session, until you logout the root or close the temrinal17:52
ironhaliktbh I never got why root account is disabled in ubuntu by default :)17:53
bjsniderin debian17:53
sahil_its still showing premission denied...wow rare encounter17:53
ironhalikto which file?17:53
sahil_sahil@sahil:~/Desktop$ sudo -i /etc/apt/sources.list17:54
sahil_[sudo] password for sahil:17:54
sahil_-bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied17:54
ironhalikfirst, do sudo -i without any file17:54
ironhalikthen, youll change to root@sahil:~ #:17:55
sahil_root@sahil:~#  /etc/apt/sources.list17:55
sahil_-bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied17:55
ironhalikand then nano /etc/apt/sources.list17:55
ironhalikit says that because sources.list is not executable17:55
ironhalikuse nano :)17:56
sahil_ya...good to see colorful stuff in terminal17:56
ironhalikyeah, check if all the red is 'precise'17:57
ironhaliknano tips: ctrl+w = search, ctrl+c = close the editor, it will ask if you wamnt to save any changes17:58
sahil_all red stuff is precise17:58
ironhalikoh, alsa use page up / page down to move around17:59
ironhalikyou pasted only the first page17:59
ironhalikwell, either way, Im still in favor of trying the jockey tool to install ati drivers17:59
ironhalikjockey-text seems to be bugged for me right now, so you could try jockey-gtk, even while laggy18:00
ironhalikuh, correction, ctrl+x closes nano :)18:02
sahil_well jockey...u mean the addition driver stuff..one with sort of graphics card icon?18:03
sahil_here i get confuse between the post release and normal driver...18:04
ironhalikyou can use both18:04
ironhalikeither one18:04
sahil_and hey...amd-driver-installer-12-1-x86.x86_64.run and ati-driver-installer-11-11-x86.x86_64.run downloaded in my machine...which of the two can i install?18:06
sahil_i guess i can insatll thse right?18:06
sahil_which one?18:07
ironhalikthe 12.1 I think :)18:07
ironhalikalso, you need to go to the downloads folder18:07
ironhalikcd /path/to/downloads18:07
ironhalikthen chmod +x amd-driver-installer-12-1-x86.x86_64.run and ati-driver-installer-11-11-x86.x86_64.run18:07
ironhalikthen ./amd-driver-installer-12-1-x86.x86_64.run and ati-driver-installer-11-11-x86.x86_64.run18:07
sahil_i made a folder in home named it catalyst and kept the 12.1 file there18:07
ironhalikcd /home/sahil/catalyst18:08
sahil_wait..i have to insatll both of them? O.o?18:08
sahil_in ur commands u have given "and" between the files18:09
icerooti need feedback from someone with ubuntu (gnome/unity) 12.04 on this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/936421  please have a look and write feedback here or on the bug18:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936421 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "[12.04] nm-applet on lubuntu does not show an icon when using UMTS/mobile broadband" [Undecided,New]18:09
ironhaliksahil_: no, you do it on the 12.1 version18:09
ironhaliksahil_: I copied the text, do it on 12.1 only18:10
icerootalso posted on #ubuntu because its also affecting lubuntu 11.1018:12
sahil_stupid question i knw... chmod vs chroot.../sudo vs root /su vs gksu... where can i find a clear answer?18:13
icerootsahil_: chmod has nothing to do with chroot18:13
jtaylorchmod and chroot are completely unrelated18:13
iceroot!sudo | sahil_18:13
ubottusahil_: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:13
icerootsahil_: please ALWAYS use sudo instead of a root shell, and use gksu/gksudo when running gui-programs18:14
jtaylorsahil_: chmod = change file mode bits, is used for changing permissions of file (read write execute)18:14
sahil_okey..thnx guys...18:15
ironhalikiceroot: why would su/sudo -i be not advised?18:15
icerootironhalik: because there is no need to have a root shell and users normally do things as root where root is not needed18:15
icerootironhalik: and "su" is not working by default on ubuntu18:15
ironhalikyeah, noticed :>18:15
sahil_aone more question gksu is only for gnome or wat??? so is there any kdsu?18:15
icerootsahil_: gksudo is for gnome, unity, xfce4, lxde18:16
bjsniderit's kdesu18:16
sahil_ah.. :)18:16
ironhalikiceroot: so its more of an 'stop using root to do everyday stuff!' issue ;>18:17
icerootironhalik: its more of a "most of the users dont know what they are doing but they are great in destryoing the system"18:18
icerootironhalik: so we dont suggest/support root-shells, we always suggest sudo command18:18
ironhalikyeah, I always thought the move to disable root shell by default was kinda lame18:19
bjsniderwho told him to manually install fglrx from the amd installer?18:19
ironhalikbut then, since Ubuntu is supposed to be user friendly, it also needs to be user-proof18:19
icerootironhalik: there is no single reason to have a root shell18:19
ironhalikiceroot: if you roam around /etc/, its more convienient to do it from root, then constantly type sudo ;>18:20
sahil_hey my problem is resolved...installing 12.1 vcatalyst solved the issue...12.1 is much better then 11.1118:20
icerootironhalik: as i said, we dont support/suggest root shells18:20
sahil_no desktop tearing atall18:20
ironhaliksahil_: GJ then18:20
icerootironhalik: and when working/editing in an editor with root-access, every good editor (vim) has a great feature to open other files too18:20
imnicholironhalik, it's "more convenient" until you mistype a mv/rm and blow away your filesystem18:20
imnicholgood job18:21
icerootironhalik: no need to write sudo everytime18:21
bjsnideryeah, it's solved as long as you keep manually installing fglrx18:21
bjsniderand as long as you like the inferior performance vs. the radeon driver18:21
Ampelbeinironhalik: Everyday there are people who come here, the forums or the bugtracker to report broken issues due to messing up their ~/ with being root.18:21
ironhalikchown -R user:user /home/user/18:22
ironhalikanyway, I guess its a good idea to discourage user from using root shell18:23
icerootironhalik: more evil, starting something as root where it is not needed18:23
icerootironhalik: e.g. starting svn-server as root, teamspeak-server as root18:23
icerootironhalik: or the complete gui18:23
ironhalikbut for those who know their CLI, and dont 'accidentally type rm -rf /', root shells are ok18:23
icerootironhalik: no18:23
sahil_hey how to speak to a single person here?like if someone trys to say me something,i get notifyed and text for me becomes red in color(sory for my poor english)18:23
icerootironhalik: and sudo rm -rf / is doing nothing18:23
ironhalikrm -rf ~/18:24
icerootsahil_: just put there name infront of the text18:24
ironhalikrm -rf ~/*18:24
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!18:24
icerootironhalik: stop that18:24
ironhalikah, sorry18:24
iceroot!tab | sahil_18:24
ubottusahil_: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:24
sahil_wow...are these bots autnomus?18:25
iceroot!bot | sahil_18:25
ubottusahil_: Hi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots18:25
icerootsahil_: we are lazy so we have ubottu :)18:25
sahil_bots searches keywords within the text i guess?18:26
icerootsahil_: the bot is searching for a keyword starting with ! and then writing the text which belongs to the keyword18:27
sahil_hey is everybody happy with the scroling system of the dash?its so tiny...may b just 2-3 px width...18:28
sahil_iceroot, is it possible to keep filters of dash turned on by default?18:30
icerootsahil_: sorry i dont use unity18:30
sahil_okey..is there another chanel for this?18:31
icerootif you are using ubuntu 12.04 this channel, if you are using a version below 12.04 use #ubuntu18:36
sahil_12.04.but u said u dnt use unity18:39
guntbertsahil_: there may be others here who can help you18:40
icerootsahil_: i dont use unity, but i am not speaking for the complete channel18:40
icerootsahil_: other users here are using unity18:40
sahil_okey.. :)18:41
icerootnot all but some of them :)18:41
sahil_is there any fix for ugly green skype icon...monochrome replacement?18:41
guntberticeroot: what do you use instead - if I may ask?18:46
icerootguntbert: lubuntu/lxde18:48
guntberticeroot: thx18:48
ironhalikis there some particular time when ubuntu repos are updated with devs work?18:59
icerootironhalik: no special time19:00
Ampelbeinironhalik: It's continuous process19:00
ironhalikk, thx19:00
Ampelbeinironhalik: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule for a more general overview19:00
ironhalikIm thinking more about when updates to packages come out - fixes, etc19:02
ironhaliknot whole alpha/beta builds19:03
icerootironhalik: no special time19:03
icerootironhalik: always is the correct answer :)19:03
ironhalikhmm k ;>19:03
Ampelbeinironhalik: You can subscribe to https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/precise-changes to get informed of new package uploads by mail.19:03
sahil_hey guys.. i just broke my ubuntu19:17
sahil_i used ubuntu tweak and removed few config files and voila...unity doesnt start19:18
sahil_any suggestion?19:18
icerootsahil_: try "unity --reset"19:18
sahil_m on gnome classic...will it work from here?19:19
sahil_iceroot,  notworking19:21
* tekonivelo <3 Ubuntu19:22
sahil_u there?19:24
sahil_anyone here? :)19:24
trismsahil_: did you log out/back in to unity after the unity --reset?19:25
sahil_yes...crash dialog comeing up saying panal not working or stopped smthing then gnome clasic panal popping up19:26
sahil_this is what comes after unity--reset19:28
DanaGsay, isn't unity supposed to now show a list of shortcuts upon holding "super"?19:28
DanaGIt's not doing that for me.19:28
DanaGUnity-2D, more specifically.19:29
DanaGoh, it's unity 4.0 I have.19:29
glosoliDanaG: It does show, just hold for a bit longer ;D19:34
ironhalikhmm, nice, unit-2d looks almost like unity19:35
DanaGcorrection: it's 5.4.019:38
DanaGokay, I held it for like 30 seconds, and got the numbers on the launcher, but not the big shortcut-list window.19:39
ironhalikHmm, it doesnt show for me, too19:39
ironhaliksame here19:39
DanaGhah, phoronix "btrfs fsck release is imminent".19:42
DanaGyeah, it's been "coming soon" for like 2 years, hasn't it?19:42
DanaGBut that's off-topic.19:42
DanaG[6] Type mismatch: wanted Float, got String instead.  Main.?.019:44
DanaGin myunity.19:44
ironhalikhuh, I would need to report a bug about the bug-reporter :>19:46
ironhalikhows the crash reported named?19:47
Ampelbeinironhalik: apport19:49
DanaGThe program 'gconftool' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:19:56
DanaGapt-get install gconf219:56
DanaG... gconf2 is already the newest version.19:56
bjsniderDanaG, the btrfs devs didn't know how the fs would fail, so they could design a fsck right away20:03
DanaGbjsnider: yeah, that's understandable, but this message states things more clearly:20:10
DanaG"  That 2 week time line has now reached the 9 week mark.  The only update anyone has seen was 7 weeks ago, with a 'maybe today'.   Isn't it time to get that code checked in so someone else can take over, and not have to start from scratch?  Even if there isn't any actual working code, having any failed attempts in source control would still be instructive to whoever takes over delivering an actual fsck tool."20:10
DanaGAnyway, I'll just wait to see what happens.20:11
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ironhalikhmm, the new dash reveal mode is cool20:30
DanaGwhat does unity use to index music?20:34
DanaGRhythmbox sees all my music; Unity sees none at all.20:44
trismDanaG: looking at the code, seems to use banshee, so I imagine pretty broken at the moment since the switch back to rhythmbox20:49
DanaGhmm, so installing banshee should fix it.20:55
DanaGor rather, work around it.20:55
faenilcan anybody help me configure hostapd?21:02
trismDanaG: yep, that seems to do it, install banshee, import from rhythmbox, and for some reason, restart unity then the songs appear21:10
DanaGhah, as unstable as it is, I'm finding xfreerdp-server (not packaged) way more usable than VNC.21:13
DanaGVNC is always terribly laggy.  RDP works really well, but tends to stop responding if I alt-tab.21:13
DanaGWhat'd be the ultimate level of awesomeness from the rdp server: to have it behav the same as Windows Server.  Multiple, detachable sessions, with audio redirection.21:14
penguin42DanaG: Are you using this on a physical server?21:15
penguin42DanaG: Or a VM?21:16
DanaGIt's a physical server, with no local monitor.21:20
penguin42ah ok; just say because Spice on VMs is coming on nicely as an alternative to vnc21:20
DanaGYeah, too bad the HP Microserver lacks an iommu.21:20
DanaGnow, how do I get the equivalent of "gnome-screensaver-command --lock"?  Just dbus-send?21:22
trismDanaG: dbus-send --session --type=method_call --dest=org.gnome.ScreenSaver / org.gnome.ScreenSaver.Lock;21:33
DanaGorg.gnome.screensaver doesn't exist in d-feet on the session bus.21:34
DanaGBut gnome-screensaver is not installed... if I install it, is it the modern gnome3 version?21:34
trismDanaG: version 3.2.121:35
ironhalikapt-cache show gnome-screensaver21:35
ironhalikyup, 3.2.121:35
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