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webczatdoes the newest ubuntu dev livecd play a sound when booted?19:38
webczatI have a problem, when I boot up the development livecd20:16
webczatthen unity2d is not accessile, the bridge does not work, probably does not load. any workarounds?20:17
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AlanBellwebczat: the live USB didn't for me, I am going to try the CD shortly, there are problems with it booting muted sometimes20:49
webczatAlanBell: I think qt-at-spi may be misplaced or something. the bridge is probably not recognized, if it is, then i still cannot reliably switch windows to check on a terminal.22:14
webczatand the installation program encounters an error so I also can't permanently put this thing on my virtual disk22:15
AlanBelljust installing in a virtualbox VM now, the drums are there22:31
AlanBellthe desktop isn't quite right, doesn't speak for the dash, I am doing an install now and it is speaking the installer like it used to (badly)22:32
AlanBellI think I will have a go at changing some of the ubiquity strings, I really don't like the reference to Windows that is hard coded in it22:33
webczatAlanBell: anyway, qt-at-spi is not loaded cause I can't see any windows for qt and dash/etc is not read, this is unity2d probably22:40
AlanBellwebczat: fancy an all expenses paid trip to America? http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/22:42
webczatI'm not going anywhere22:43
AlanBell:) it was just a thought, sponsorship requests close on Tuesday it seems22:44
* webczat nods22:44
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