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micahg\o/ chromium built on armel, I'll rebuilt for armhf later this weekend04:10
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scienteswhat package has the dgb symbols for ld-linux ?21:12
scientesE: Unable to locate package binutils-dbg21:13
scientesgot it nvm21:13
TheMusoGrueMaster: I assume this has been going on since the last alsa-utils upload?21:18
pnphiplease help me ! ! !22:08
xranby_ac100pnphi: ask your question directly22:10
pnphii create the image ...but from the step "Setting up xulrunner-1.9.2 ( ...", the process stop ...22:10
xranby_ac100pnphi: which arm board are you using and which image22:11
pnphiproject-rootstock/rootstock --fqdn ubuntu --login ubuntu --password ubuntu --imagesize 10G --seed ubuntu-desktop,gdm --notarball22:12
pnphii create the image ...but from the step "Setting up xulrunner-1.9.2 ( ...", the process stop ...22:12
pnphiE: Sub-process /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure --apt || true returned an error code (100) E: Second stage build in chroot failed ! E: Please see the log to see what went wrong. I: Cleaning up... E: Failure running script /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure --apt || true I: Umounting temporary Image22:15
pnphiwhat errors ?22:15
scienteshow do i load a program while using libc6-dbg ?22:16
scientesI am fallowing this guide: http://lists.linaro.org/pipermail/linaro-dev/2011-January/002022.html how do i use debugging packages?22:22
xranby_ac100pnphi: a lot of things can go wrong when you roll your own image,  the xulrunner package got updated recently https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xulrunner-1.9.2/
scienteslike libc6-dbg22:23
scienteswhich install to /usr/lib/debug22:23
scientesi tried using   LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/debug  or prefixing with the true path of the debug linker and that didn't work22:23
pnphiok thanks and what errors ?22:24
xranby_ac100scientes: when you have the debug symbols in place  then debuggers like gdb can give a better backtrace by simply having the debug symbols in that folder22:24
pnphiE: Sub-process /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure --apt || true returned an error code (100) E: Second stage build in chroot failed ! E: Please see the log to see what went wrong. I: Cleaning up... E: Failure running script /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure --apt || true I: Umounting temporary Image22:24
xranby_ac100pnphi: start by filing a bug against that package22:24
scientesxranby, I cant run from gdb cause qemu does not implament ptrace22:24
scientesI have to use from gbd target remote localhost:port22:25
xranby_ac100and someone who are more familiar with xulrunner can probably locate what went wrong during the dpkg-preconfigure apt step22:25
xranby_ac100scientes: do you have any debugger you can use? the binarys on your system know internally that the debug files are put into the /usr/lib/debug path22:26
scientes    qemu-arm-static -g 1234 /bin/ls22:27
scientesI am using these instructions: http://lists.linaro.org/pipermail/linaro-dev/2011-January/002022.html22:27
scientesand i've installed the relevent dbg packages (i believe)22:28
scientesfor gtk, wxwidgets, and libc6 (probably don't need, but couldn't figure out why i wasn't getting a backtrace)22:28
scientesand my main executable is also not stripped22:28
scientesahhh -L to qemu-arm-static22:30
scienteshmm, still seeing ??22:30
ATPhello everyone, does anyone know how to install a usb touchscreen for ubuntu arm?22:32
scientesATP, you plug it in22:32
ATPyes I did so22:32
scientesand use xserver-xorg-input-evdev (standard stuff)22:32
scienteswhat model is it?22:32
ATPi installed that too22:32
scientessee is lsmod gives you the "usbtouchscreen" driver loaded22:33
ATPit's LVDS 10" from chalk - elec22:33
scientesthats the monitors stuff, not the touchscreen stuff22:33
ATPno it's not there the usbtouchscreen22:33
scientesI have a mimo 720 and i had to patch the touchscreen driver, because when i plugged it in it was rotated 180 deg22:33
ATPi do have usbhid though22:33
ATPmine doesnt even display anything22:34
pnphiThe command " project-rootstock/rootstock --fqdn ubuntu --login ubuntu --password ubuntu --imagesize 5G --seed xubuntu-desktop --notarball" is right ? ?22:34
scienteswell, to be honest I havn't gotten mine to work in my x86 box22:34
scientesbut the kernel stuff works and loads, its a X prob22:34
scientesX doesn't autoconfigure usb stuff22:34
ATPso what do?22:35
scientesworks fine on my arm box22:35
scienteswrite a proper xorg.conf22:35
ATPwhen i try to Xorg -configure I get error22:35
scientesdo you get a /dev/fb0 ?22:35
ATP"segmentation fault"22:35
scientesATP, as i said, it doesn't do it automatically22:35
scientes(i've tried the same stuff)22:35
scienteswhen you figure out how to dual monitor it I would like to know22:35
ATPhehe nice to see someone was at my situation22:36
scientesbut yeah, I'm pretty sure it takes a proper x.org22:36
scientesbut I HAVE gotten mine to work on a headless arm box22:36
ATPso do i make an xorg from scratch?22:36
scienteshowever as I said my touchscreen was 180 deg rotated and I had to patch the kernel driver22:36
scientesATP, please figure it out so I can use yours-- google arch displaylink22:36
ATPhehe will do22:37
ATPif only i can make an xorg.conf22:37
ATPthat works22:37
scientesbut you say this is LVDS, that is totally diffn't than my usb monitor (usb framebuffer too)22:37
scientesso it might be a differn't problem22:37
ATPshould I get a sample one, or create a new one with Xorg -configure?22:38
scientesdo you have a /dev/fb0 ?22:38
pnphiexcuse me ....22:38
pnphiproject-rootstock/rootstock --fqdn ubuntu --login ubuntu --password ubuntu --imagesize 5G --seed xubuntu-desktop --notarball22:38
pnphiis right ?22:38
ATPhow do i see this22:38
scientesif you do ATP that means kernel stuff is probably working22:38
ATPyes i do have fb022:38
ATPso what do i do now?22:38
scientesXorg -configure doesn't work, as it is the same thing as the automatic stuff22:38
scientesso read up on it so i don't have to pls :)---oh wait, is that /dev/fb0 your main monitor or the touchscreen?22:39
scientessee if you have TWO fb0, fb122:39
scientescheck dmesg22:39
ATPi have 322:39
scientesoh geeze22:39
scientesfigure out what is what22:39
ATPi can see fb0 fb1 and fb222:39
ATPok checking now22:39
ATPcouldnt find which is which22:43
scientesdmesg | grep fb22:43
scientesunplug it and the plug it in---oh wait it is LVDS22:43
scientescat /var/log/kmsg* | grep /dev/fb22:44
scienteswith cat /var/log/kern.log*22:52
ATPi tried both22:52
ATPnothing comes up22:53
scienteswell then do with /var/log/dmesg22:53
ATPnothing again22:53
ATPi only have one fbcvt which says 1280x720@6022:54
ATPi check lsusb now22:57
ATPmeh it wont show there :( so maybe hardware issue :(((23:02

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