samuelriiight installation is GO, fingers crossed this time00:05
stlsaintduanedesign: sup00:07
duanedesignstlsaint: playing with Metasploit00:08
stlsaintduanedesign: nice, if i could get postgresql up and runnign on my tablet with backtrack i will be golden00:08
samuelwhat tablet is that? :D00:09
duanedesignstlsaint: now I am setting up a virtual server I can try and find vulnerabilities in00:09
stlsaintsamuel: motorola xoom00:09
stlsaintsamuel: rooted with ICS ;)00:09
samuelwhat do you think of the spark?00:09
duanedesignstlsaint: hmmm, I still need to install postgresql. Hope I do not have an issue00:10
stlsaintsamuel: dont think much of it as i havent checked it out00:10
stlsaintduanedesign: i made a self tutorial on setting up postgresql and the dradis server then getting your first wifi handshake00:10
samueli think its a great idea, but it with no multi touch kde looks clunky compared to ics00:10
stlsaintduanedesign: and using db_autopwn O_O :D00:11
stlsaintduanedesign: i have a mean nmap you might be interested in when the time comes00:11
stlsaintsamuel: i think its a hack job not truly worth being compared to true linux tablets00:12
stlsaintill just wait on the ubuntu one00:12
samuel"the ubuntu one" i think you hit on a product name there :P00:12
duanedesigni just added some of the mailing lists from seclist.org to google reader00:12
stlsaintha...ubuntu one is already taken though00:12
duanedesignhmm, might copyright thatbefore someone steals it00:13
stlsaintduanedesign: apple will probably sue me over it00:13
samuelis there a trademark equivalent of the gpl license??00:13
samueland if apple dont, microsoft will00:13
samueldid you see the patent dispute they have with barnes and noble? one of them is regarding "selecting text in a web browser"00:14
samuelshitson, i think just about every web browser/os violates that one00:14
stlsaintsamuel: yea well whenever you get in bed with apple or microsoft thats what you must deal with00:15
JackyAlcineI think it's a trademark already, tbh00:15
JackyAlcineyou can't really license a trademark.00:15
JackyAlcineYou'd have to go and register it somewhere.00:15
samuelbtw well done on your root job, i sadfaced so much when i couldnt disable the fastboot on my wildfire :(00:15
JackyAlcineAt least, i don't think you can license a trademark.00:16
JackyAlcineIt's the U.S. patent office's fault.00:16
JackyAlcinefor permitting software patents.00:16
samueli so wanted cyangen mod00:16
stlsaintJackyAlcine: sup00:16
JackyAlcinestlsaint: chilling, getting the hang of packaging :)00:16
stlsaintsamuel: aye thanks ICS is sweet00:16
JackyAlcinesamuel: you found my blog? lol00:17
JackyAlcinelol oh00:17
* JackyAlcine awkward .____. lol00:17
stlsaintJackyAlcine: im sitting somewhere between dusting off the old zsh config, getting my hands dirty with vim and installing backtrack00:17
samuelits not quite so fun waiting for it to be officially released on my sensation xe00:17
stlsaintsamuel: aye i was suppose to get it for my nexus s 4g yesterday but that never happened00:18
samueli would have loved to of rooted my wildfire and put all kinds of crazy shit on there00:18
stlsaintsamuel: !language00:18
stlsaintdang you bots00:18
ubot2`Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:18
samueli bought it unlocked with an os upgrade already applied - there is no option to edit the bootloader options00:19
stlsaintsamuel: we have a -team channel which is more relaxed (not much but more)00:19
stlsaintJackyAlcine: what ya packaging?00:19
JackyAlcineTrying to get it ready for the first release in March.00:19
samueli almost responded to that with "hey looks like i caused a &%$00:19
JackyAlcineAfter that, I'm going to finish up https://www.launchpad.net/wintermute00:20
JackyAlcineSpeechControl's making like 5 packages, Wintermute's producing around 16, 17.00:20
stlsaintspeechcontrol still kicking aye cool00:20
JackyAlcineTrying our best.00:21
JackyAlcineFunny enough, we're working on a patch for HUD (currently still local on my system) that uses it to search for text.00:21
stlsaintduanedesign: my old workhorse server will be back up in april...ill open up and let you test ya skills then lol00:21
duanedesignstlsaint: that reminds me I need to install xsh on my new'ish' laptop00:21
stlsaintbgs100: YO YO YO00:22
stlsaintduanedesign: bodhi has a vicious conf for ya if you install it :D00:22
* JackyAlcine gets the drinks.00:22
samuelreally looking forward to giving HUD a bash, could be a huge efficiency boost for me at work00:22
duanedesignstlsaint: hopefully I have some skills by then00:22
duanedesignstlsaint:  i think that is where i got the one that is on my old laptop00:23
stlsaintduanedesign: probably, is there much me and you have on our computers that didn't come from bodhi one way or another?? lol00:23
duanedesignsamuel: the latest update of HUD is much better then the first. I can actually imagine using it now00:23
duanedesignstlsaint: :)00:23
duanedesignmy iptables..no wait...00:24
stlsaintlol exactly00:24
stlsaintduanedesign: vps...oh wait....00:24
duanedesignyou beat me to it00:24
duanedesigni finaly got my vps switched over to Debian from Ubuntu00:25
stlsaintduanedesign: oh nice00:25
samueli usually jump on at beta 1 with my home/play pc or my laptop, it might be the deal breaker that moves me from GS00:25
duanedesignsamuel: once I installed byobu i felt right at home00:25
stlsaintduanedesign: im trying to figure out a way to pdf his entire site info lol...i asked him about it before and he gave me the go head00:25
duanedesignstlsaint: ^^00:25
duanedesignstlsaint: he has a couple forum posts that are nice too00:25
stlsainti cant really utilitze all his stuff till i get my servers back up and trust me its breaking me off not having them runnign00:26
samuelspeaking of which, how can i change the icon of a program that runs in sun jre?00:26
stlsaintrunning even00:26
samuelhuh? speaking of what? omg00:26
duanedesignsamuel: the icon that shows up in menus and docs?00:27
samuelyes! i know how to change the icon for regular programs, but java ones always show the lovely coffee cup in low res00:27
samuelits especially annoying in GS with the top bar00:28
duanedesignhmm, not sure00:28
stlsaintmaybe something in /usr/share/icons/00:28
stlsaintstab in dark00:29
samuelwith native applications it looks awesome but ones running in jre are bleurgh00:29
duanedesignstlsaint: found a cool program for my android phone called 'irssi ConnectBot'.  ConnectBot specially for ssh'ing into your server and connecting to irssi00:29
samuelisn't that for packaged applications though?00:29
stlsaintduanedesign: yea i saw that also, but again i have no server up running irssi00:30
duanedesignsamuel: i found this on stack exchange. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/209812/how-do-i-change-the-default-application-icon-in-java00:32
duanedesignerr, stack overflow00:32
stlsaintduanedesign: what phone you have? running ice cream sandwhich ?00:34
samuelthanks for the tip i will check it out00:34
samuelBTW laptop now up and running with ubuntu starting up SUPER fast vs windows 7, my mum will be pleased, she was worried she would be forced to use windows00:35
stlsaintsamuel: nice00:35
stlsaintduanedesign: pm00:35
samuelnow watch me break it by installing the wrong catalyst drivers00:37
samueldone that once or twice with the AMD fusion machines at work - but that was when they were first released00:37
samuelcool fact; when the E450 was first released, for a good 3 months ATI had no supported drivers for linux OR windows available on their website00:38
samueljust when you think its safe to buy ATI00:38
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samuelafter running an update on a newly installed system, after the grub menu has gone, it seems to freeze at the ubuntu logo/splash, and this goes for the older kernel also. any idea's on how to figure this one out??10:40
wijhi, i have been trying to mount an external USB disk (ext4) and it finally worked but now i see two entries with the same name under devices in Nautilus.11:27
wijone is mounted and is the actual disk. the other one has the same name, but i can't access/delete/... it11:28
wijany suggestions?11:28
wiji think this problem is causing another: i can't access this usb drive anymore from my ethernet dvd/media player.11:31
nothingspecialhow did you mount it wij11:31
wijwith fstab11:31
nothingspecialwhat is the entry11:31
nothingspecialthe line in fstab?11:31
wijUUID=a0774bde-c654-4da8-961f-e04393fdc220 /media/mybookext4 ext4 defaults,user 0 011:31
nothingspecialAnd what if you unmount it and delete the entries from nautilus, then sudo mount -a11:33
wijeven if i unmount it , the 'fake' device still appears in nautilus11:33
nothingspecialare you talking about the bookmarks bar on the left?11:34
wijyes, under 'Devices' there are two entries with the same name: with one i can access the drive, the other gives an error:    mount: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or /media/mybookext4 busy11:35
wijmount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb1 is already mounted on /media/mybookext411:35
nothingspecialdid you restart?11:36
wijeuh, no not yet. will that change anything?11:37
nothingspecialwell it depends, if you have been trying diferent stuff to mount it, it should clear everything up and just do it at boot with fstab11:38
wijok let's try. i'll be back ;-)11:39
wiji'm back!11:43
nothingspecialand is it fixed?11:44
wijand the 'fake' entry is not gone after restart11:44
nothingspecialwhat else did you do to mount it?11:44
wijwell, there it get's a bit foggy: i played around in fstab, but also had problems with the ownership of the disk. when using gksudo nautilus i do not see the 'fake' entry.11:45
wijis that an indication?11:46
nothingspecialno but there are some unmaintained gui fstab editors that are known to cause problems11:46
wijis just used gedit11:46
nothingspecialgood, this means it is a setting in your nautilus config that is the problem11:47
wijok, any reason why is doesn't appear as root11:47
wijin nautilus i mean11:47
nothingspecialbecause root doesn't have the stray setting11:48
nothingspecialit wouldn't be there in another users nautilus either11:48
* nothingspecial looks for the nautilus settings11:48
nothingspecialare you using ubuntu 11.1011:49
nothingspecialhang on11:49
nothingspecialwij, have you tried, in the global menu to go bookmarks > edit bookmarks?11:54
wijno, i'm looking at it now11:54
wijcant see a bookmark to the drive though11:55
nothingspecialI'm struggling because I'm using Lubuntu right now.........11:55
wijno problem, nice of you for trying11:57
* nothingspecial is still looking though11:57
wijanother symptom that could help finding what's wrong is that I cannot access the disk over my lan11:57
wiji can access the PC it's connected to11:58
wijbut not the USB disk itself11:58
nothingspecialseeing the same bug here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176764411:59
wijgood one! i already formatted mine to ext4, but maybe that's not important12:00
nothingspecialYou could try the last post and use /mnt instead of /media but I don't think that's the answer12:01
wijwill try it though. is there an unmount -a command similar to mount -a?12:02
nothingspecialwithout the n12:02
nothingspecialsudo umount -a12:02
nothingspecialit will complain but will unmount your external12:03
wiji should clear the entry in gedit first12:03
wijah, so first umount -a, then clear it in fstab, and then what?12:03
nothingspecialmake a folder in /mnt12:04
wiji need to do that as root apparently12:04
nothingspecialthen just change where it says /media/mybookext412:04
nothingspecialsudo for umount12:04
nothingspecialsudo umount -a12:05
nothingspecialthen gksudo gedit12:05
wijyes, and make a folder in mnt also as root12:05
nothingspecialsudo mkdir /mnt/mybookext412:05
nothingspecialthen change /media/mybookext4 for /mnt/mybookext4 in fstab12:06
nothingspecialbut I don't think it is the answer12:06
wijshould i also 'safely remove drive' after umount12:06
nothingspecialalso remove user from the fstab line12:06
nothingspecialjust defaults12:07
nothingspecialin the options12:07
wijok, should i also 'safely remove drive' after umount12:07
nothingspecialalso backup fstab12:07
nothingspecialsudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab_bak12:07
nothingspecialif it is still mounted in nautilus12:08
wijit's not mounted, but visible as device12:08
nothingspecialmake your line in fstab look like this12:09
nothingspecialUUID=a0774bde-c654-4da8-961f-e04393fdc220 /mnt/mybookext4 ext4 defaults 0 012:09
nothingspecialThen restart12:10
nothingspecialbut back up fstab first :)12:10
wijthat's done12:10
nothingspecialand the folder /mnt/mybookext4 exists?12:11
wijyes. when saving the changes in fstab, but entries disappeared. so the fake is gone, but also the 'valid' one. i'll restart to see chat happens12:11
wijboth iso but12:11
wijcu in a minute12:12
wijaaaand i'm back :-)12:17
nothingspecialwb wij12:17
wijthe disk is still not visible in nautilus12:17
wijshould i do a mount -a?12:17
nothingspecialit won't be, can you get to it through file system > mnt12:17
nothingspecialok cool12:18
nothingspecialnow what's on it, do you want the contents to be accessible through your home folder?12:19
wijeuh, don't know. i always had it accessible through the 'Devices' in nautilus12:20
AJH101hi - i am running 11.10 and my system keeps forgetting the wifi key - any ideas?12:20
nothingspecialwij, you could just add a bookmark12:21
nothingspecialwij, also is the drive still read/write to you?12:21
wijyes, i just tried to copy a file in it and that worked. the permissions are set OK12:22
nothingspecialAJH101, not off the top of my head but I'll have a look12:22
wiji still cannot access it through my network :-(12:22
nothingspecialwij, how are you accessing it?12:23
wijwell, i have a dvd player with ethernet port, that has access to the pc to which the external drive is connected12:23
wijbut i can't access the ext drive via the dvd player12:24
nothingspecialIs that the only network connection the pc has or does it have it's own connection?12:25
wijii just got it to work ! it was a stupid access rights setting that was wrong12:25
nothingspecialso are you all fixed up now?12:26
wijjust for my info nothingspecial:12:26
wijwhy can't i mount the drive? i can access itvia a bookmark, but i'ld like to now what's wrong. any idea?12:26
nothingspecialThere is a bug mounting it a /media with the users option12:27
nothingspecialnautilus shows drives mounted in /media but not in /mnt12:27
wijthat explains it.12:28
nothingspecialit may work in /media without user12:28
wijanyways it works thanks to your help!! thanks a lot, nothingspecial!12:28
nothingspecialno problem :D12:29
nothingspecialAJH101, do you know your wireless card?12:30
AJH101sorry no12:31
nothingspecialAJH101, do you have this bug?12:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 877803 in network-manager "network-manager forgets wireless password after I cancel connection" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:32
AJH101nothingspecial: not sure. once connected it is fine but on starting it usually asks me to repeat the key12:50
shashankin installing ubuntu on my friend laptop install alongside window option is not coming.......and on creating partition it is not installing on that partition.....what to do????13:25
hobgoblinwhere did you create the partition? in windows or in the livecd - how many partitions does it have - has windows made them dynamic?13:26
shashanki have created partition in windows and it has only one single drive i.e C13:27
hobgoblinboot the livecd - run a terminal - this command   sudo fdisk -l  then pastebin it paste.ubuntu.com13:28
hobgoblinshashank: you can't create a suitable partition in windows - all you can do there is free some space13:29
hobgoblinand if you created a partition there must be more than just c: ;)13:29
hobgoblinperhaps delete the partition you created and then leave the empty space - boot the livecd and see if it recognises it then13:30
shashankwhat is this pastebin ??13:30
hobgoblinsomewhere to put information so we don't get pages and pages of lines of stuff if people paste directly into here13:31
hobgoblinif for instance you pasted a log directly into here - it would upset a lot of people :)13:31
shashankfor this installation which you told did i need internet connection??13:35
hobgoblinyou should be able to install without13:36
hobgoblinlong time since I installed without wired connection13:36
shashankthis installation will erase or not erase the windows????13:44
shashankafter sudo fdisk -l what should i do???13:46
hobgoblincopy it to paste.ubuntu.com, put a name in the name box hit paste then give the new url you get13:48
hobgoblinI'll have a look - but I'm not really here at the moment13:48
shashankwhat commands should i use for this......13:50
hobgoblinfor what?13:50
shashankafter sudo fdisk -l it gives information of different partition13:51
hobgoblincopy it to paste.ubuntu.com, put a name in the name box hit paste then give the new url you get13:51
shashankand after that13:51
hobgoblingenupulas: you got some time to help someone install13:51
hobgoblinthis is the scrollback genupulas http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org/14730113:52
hobgoblinsorry shashank but I have to go now13:52
shashankokk thanks for your valuble help13:53
hobgoblinshashank: that is why - you already have 4 partitions - nowhere for linux to install itself to - either consolidate some of the data and lose a partition or maybe use wubi and install inside windows14:15
padmickhi people how do u install libdvdcss2 on ubuntu 11.10?15:22
padmickwould this work? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs15:23
phillwpadmick: the usual way is to install the restricted-packages for your version.15:24
phillwpadmick: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats has the full details (and an easy one click link)15:27
padmickthanks =)15:29
kedarmHi! When I try to log in to my Ubuntu box and enter a wrong password, it takes a llllong time to come back. Where should I start looking to diagnose this problem?17:22
kedarmIt eventually does come back and give me the login window, but it really sits there verifying the password ...17:24
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JackyAlcineHey Bahaman20:39
BahamanThis is nice :-)20:42
JackyAlcineThe system?20:42
JackyAlcineIt's what happens when users get together and build something together :)20:42
BahamanYes :-)20:45
BahamanI just installed Ubuntu yesterday and today I managed to install irssi20:46
BahamanWas a bit difficult but I guess I made it :P20:46
BahamanHi people :)21:57
* JackyAlcine_ checks the time.21:58
JackyAlcine_Ah, so you are repeating yourself :P21:58
BahamanI just wanted to make sure it works22:00
BahamanIt's all so new for me22:00
BahamanMay I ask what information is displayed when you use /whois bahaman22:01
BahamanIt seems like the mode +x is disable on freenode and instead there are 'cloaks'.22:01
pleia2Bahaman: right, you can as for an unaffiliated cloak in #freenode22:02
BahamanOkay thanks will do. Now that I got your attention, why is your name in yellow? :D22:03
pleia2because I said your name22:04
BahamanHow fancy :)!22:04
BahamanAny recommended themes?22:04
pleia2what are you using?22:05
pleia2oh, irssi22:05
pleia2I wrote my own theme22:05
BahamanOkay :)22:06
BahamanMay I ask what it's written in?22:07
pleia2it's just a config file22:07
pleia2both themes I use are at the bottom of this page: http://princessleia.com/irssietc.php22:07
BahamanCool :)22:09
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