seiflotfyhey guys18:54
elacheche_anishey seiflotfy :)19:24
seiflotfyashams: my love19:34
ashamsseiflotfy, hey sweat heart :P19:35
seiflotfyhow r u19:35
ashamsare you in egypt so far?19:35
ashamsfine ya basha19:35
seiflotfyi am in germany19:35
seiflotfyi am fine19:35
seiflotfykinda adpoted a new developer teaching him how to actually hack zeitggeist19:35
seiflotfyhe is very promising19:35
ashamsthat would be cool19:36
ashamsare u mentoring him on a ML?19:36
ashamscan you ask him/her if I can get it then put into some doc or intro to developing into zg?19:37
seiflotfyno i am mentoring him on irc19:37
seiflotfygiving him small tasks19:37
seiflotfyhe has however good knowledge of c++ and c19:38
seiflotfywhich makes my life easy19:38
seiflotfybut yeah19:38
seiflotfysounds like a good idea19:38
seiflotfymaybe he can start a blog19:38
ashamscool dude19:38
ashamsfinally I can help :D19:38
seiflotfyBoy asks, "Granny, have you seen my pills, they're marked LSD". Granny replies, "F*ck the pills, have u seen the dragon in the kitchen?!"19:39
ashamsdude, do you still want to make that conference fossdAm or fosscon?19:41
ashamswe can make a use of it to start an ngo19:41
ashamswoohoo 2 helghareeb helghareeb_ cool :D19:41
elacheche_anisashams & seiflotfy I was thinking that we are the only team that we have lovers XD but I think that you have lovers too :p :p XD19:43
seiflotfyashams: why do we need an ngo19:44
ashamselacheche_anis, coll sweetie :P19:44
ashamsseiflotfy, it's hard to collect donations19:44
ashamswe're not legal entity19:44
seiflotfyashams: uhm u dont want donations19:44
seiflotfyu want events that get payed for you19:44
ashamsthat's what I was thinking about19:45
seiflotfyso no neeed for ngo19:45
seiflotfyif we do fosdam we dont need to be an entity19:45
ashamsseiflotfy, no, dude we need donations19:45
seiflotfywe get in contact with a uni who will donate us space19:45
seiflotfydonate us space19:45
ashamsso what about cds19:46
seiflotfythis is ubuntu related19:46
seiflotfynot fosdam19:46
ashamsthat what I was asking about19:46
ashamsis ubuntu related to fossdam19:46
seiflotfyi dont think there are any ubuntu ngos19:46
ashamsbut clearly not19:46
ashamsyes, there's none19:47
seiflotfyfosdam (one s)19:47
seiflotfyfosdam should allow all open source19:47
seiflotfyand not only encourage ubuntu19:47
seiflotfyso we want mozilla ppl19:47
seiflotfywe want gnome ppl19:47
seiflotfynot only ubuntu related stuff19:47
ashamsyes, and that ngo not necessarily ubuntu19:47
ashamsmaybe a branch of FSF19:48
ashamsfor egypt19:48
ashamsnot only for ubuntu ofcourse19:48
seiflotfyhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fsf and osi not the same thing19:48
seiflotfyimho opinion no need for an ngo19:48
seiflotfywhat will we do with the money19:49
seiflotfyget ubutu-shirts19:49
seiflotfynot the ngos repsonsibility19:49
seiflotfythe ngo could donate to ubuntu-eg19:49
ashamsno, it's illegal19:49
ashamsself-fund or no money19:49
ashamsand self-fund is scarse19:50
seiflotfyan egyptian ngo cant donate to ubuntu-eg19:50
ashamsnot enough money19:50
ashamsyes, it can't19:50
seiflotfywho came up with this rule19:50
ashamswe have no identity at all19:50
ashamsit's illegal dude19:50
ashamsI hate egyptian law19:50
seiflotfyashams: yeah but it could donate the shirt19:51
seiflotfyas in print the shirts and send the mto ppl who request it19:51
ashamsthey usually print their logo biger than ubuntu-eg's19:51
ashamson the same shirt19:52
seiflotfyyeah i can take care of that19:52
ashamsso, the idea is to make some hub to collect funds to help all FL/OSS movements in egypt19:53
seiflotfyhaving floss movement depend on funds at an early stage is dangerous19:54
seiflotfyfirst we need better functioning communities and deployments19:54
seiflotfythen we get money to try to maintain the deployments19:54
ashamswe almost have this in ubuntu eg19:54
seiflotfygetting money to expand is dangeoures in the sense that it makes expansion dependant on funds19:55
seiflotfywhich shouldnt be19:55
seiflotfythis would lead the equation of no funds == no expansion19:55
seiflotfyfirst thign we need is to teach ppl to use irc19:56
ashamshaha :D19:56
seiflotfybut having a central hub for FOSS in egypt does make sense though19:56
ashamswhy so?19:56
seiflotfysuch an entity can represent at confernces19:57
ashamsman, finance is our only problem19:57
ashamshow you think we can fix it?19:57
seiflotfybe part of ubuntu and gnome19:58
seiflotfythis will fix it for you19:58
ashamswe are already19:58
seiflotfyas part of ubutnu and gnome i get my shirts and shit payed for19:58
seiflotfybut yes i agree19:58
seiflotfyu r right19:58
seiflotfyan entitiy is a good idea19:58
seiflotfyas long as it sperates itself from ubuntu-eg and others in terms of interest19:59
ashamsthe step-council is about to launch the new structure, so it seemed that ubutnu-eg have reached some good status to get funds19:59
seiflotfyand work on the local education on open source19:59
ashamsthat's it19:59
ashamsppl graduate form schools with no thing19:59
seiflotfyif you guys want shirt tell me how much it will cose19:59
seiflotfyi will look into getting canonical pay them for you guys19:59
ashamsthat would be cool20:00
ashamsbut, I think we need to focus on an ngo more20:00
ashamsto fix it forever20:00
seiflotfyashams: it wont fix it forever20:01
seiflotfyright now u want money for ubuntu-shirts and ubutnu-eg related thing20:01
seiflotfythen lets get ubuntu to sponsor it for us20:02
seiflotfyashams: the entity itself will not represent ubuntu-eg20:02
seiflotfyentity being the ngo20:03
ashamsand about future....? we'll need more soon, ppl join everyday and we'll ned more and more20:03
ashamsit's continuous work20:03
seiflotfyashams: getting shirts is not really something we need to be concerned of20:03
seiflotfythere are bigger issues20:03
seiflotfywhat does a shirt say about some120:04
seiflotfyi have a mozilla shirt20:04
seiflotfydoesnt make me a mozilla guy20:04
seiflotfyi have a kde shirt too20:04
ashamsit's important for expansion20:04
seiflotfyno its not20:04
ashamsto get ppl know about it20:04
seiflotfyimportant for expansion is goign to events and talking20:05
ashamsevents need money too20:05
seiflotfygoing to universities and actually formatting pcs to use ubuntu :P20:05
seiflotfyashams: eventy dont need money20:05
seiflotfyashams: events need ppl to donate their time20:05
seiflotfyand space20:05
seiflotfyashams: you shouldnt go ask an uni if you can rent its rooms for ubuntu-eg stuff20:06
seiflotfylook for the unis that will donate the rooms for you20:06
seiflotfyand make u not pay20:06
seiflotfyavoid money transaction20:06
ashamsmanoura university ets ~2000 for one conf room :(20:06
ashamsone day20:06
seiflotfythen fuck them20:06
ashamsso we need money20:07
seiflotfyi can talk to CAiro Uni20:07
seiflotfyno u dont20:07
ashamsand self-fund can't take it20:07
seiflotfyashams: wanna bet that i can get a uni to donate rooms for us20:07
seiflotfywithout us having to pay anything20:07
seiflotfybecause i started talking to cairo uni20:07
ashamsfor fossdam?20:08
seiflotfyits fosdam20:08
seiflotfyone s20:08
seiflotfyabotu the idea of a open source conf20:08
ashamshaha ok20:08
seiflotfytalked to some professorts there20:08
seiflotfyso if a uni wants you to pay them money to give a talk about something non profit then feel free to tell them to go fuck themselves20:09
seiflotfyfind unis that wont ask for money20:09
ashamscool, will try to20:10
seiflotfyok i gtg20:10
seiflotfyneed to get some stuff done here20:10
ashamsok bye dude20:10

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