jtaylorhurray powerpc has finally reached the universe queue :)00:01
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l3onAmpelbein, hey :)10:50
l3onabout merge proposal number 93715, I have never understood if it's possible update directly my branch or I have to create a new one10:51
Ampelbeinl3on: Hi! You can push to the old one and repropose for merging.11:11
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l3ontoo late, I've already deleted the old branch and created a new one11:12
l3onthanks :)11:12
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Ampelbeinl3on: I find it much better if the branch stays the same, so I can just do 'bzr pull' and get the update.11:13
AmpelbeinBut no problem for now.11:14
l3onI'll do it next time :)11:14
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jtaylorif a core-dev is bored, libvigraimpex needs a no change rebuild :)13:17
jtaylorfor numpy13:17
tumbleweedjtaylor: are you doing to do the syncs you got FFes for?13:37
jtaylortumbleweed: yes13:37
jtaylorgnudatalanguage still needs to wait for ppc build13:37
jtaylorpyzmq will be uploaded to debian today13:37
tumbleweedgood, just making sure :)13:38
jtaylorI wonder what this private job is that is blocking on of the two ppc builders since 2 days13:39
tumbleweedI can't see what it is, either. ppc is badly backed up already, without things like that.13:40
jtaylorit must be one package as the other one is free, which package builds two days?13:41
tumbleweedpresumably it's an embargoed security upload. And some of the likely candidates for that have pretty long build times13:42
jtaylorajmitch: did you manage to fix the revu problem?14:03
jtaylor"Directory to upload to does not exist"14:03
l3on Hi all... I've a question about packages have files (script) in /usr/lib/NAME/ directory14:30
l3onfor instance → http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/all/ivtools-bin/filelist14:30
l3onare files in the right place?14:31
tumbleweedthat's a reasonable place to have them if they won't be invoked directly by users14:31
l3onsome other packages are affected by bug like this:14:31
l3on`pkglibdir' is not a legitimate directory for `SCRIPTS'14:31
l3onok, problem is pkglibdir_SCRIPT is incompatbile with automake 1.11.314:31
tumbleweedwell, scripst are probably be architecture-independant, so /usr/share is preferable...14:32
l3onok :)14:32
jtaylorthats some weird autotools change14:32
jtaylorhit the mono apps too14:32
jtaylordirecthex: ^ what was the fix again?14:32
jtaylorI think using programfilesdir as pkglibdir and programfiles_DATA for the scripts14:38
l3onI did this for ivtools:14:39
l3on-pkglib_DATA = src/ComUtil/comterp.err Idemo InterViews14:39
l3on+pkgdata_DATA = src/ComUtil/comterp.err Idemo InterViews14:39
l3onthe location changes in this way:14:39
l3onwhat do you think ?14:40
tumbleweedif they are arch-independant (and the things that call them were also updated), then yes14:41
l3onno, I don't think they are arch-independant14:42
l3onthis is a buildlog → http://debomatic.debian.net/precise/pool/ivtools_1.2.8a1-5build2/ivtools_1.2.8a1-5build2.buildlog14:42
l3onah no, I'm wrong... they are text files14:44
l3onhere the content of the files → http://paste.ubuntu.com/848626/14:45
directhexjtaylor, that was the fix, yes14:46
directhexautofoo 1.11.2 forbids use of pkglib_SCRIPTS, and enforces ELF-only got pkglib_LIBS14:47
directhexand pkgdata_DATA is wrong, since it installs to the wrong location14:47
l3onyep in /usr/share/NAME/14:47
l3onso, what may be a reasonable fix for this ?14:48
directhexlet me find an example git commit for you14:48
directhex-pkglib_SCRIPTS = $(ASSEMBLY)14:49
directhex+programfilesdir = $(pkglibdir)14:49
directhex+programfiles_DATA = $(ASSEMBLY)14:49
directhexadapt that as appropriate for your project14:49
l3onmm ok14:49
directhexi.e. define your own dir (self-defined dirs have no restrictions) which is the same as pkglibdir, then use it14:49
l3onanyway, this not fix the problem.. this is just a workaround14:50
l3onI mean, effectly /usr/lib/NAME/ is a right place to locate scripts ?14:51
jtaylorit depends on the script14:53
jtaylorthose in the paste look arch independent so share is correct14:53
jtaylorassuming the application expects them there14:54
jtaylorif not you need to either fix the application or install them in the old path14:54
jtayloryou should inform upstream about this autotools change14:54
jtaylorthey may not know about it14:54
l3ondirecthex, thanks, it works perfectly!15:08
directhexl3on, /usr/lib/NAME is a reasonable place to locate things which are not ELF libraries. for example, GRUB .mod files15:09
ari-tczewcould someone change the status of package in bug 931154 cause it's fixed upstream, not ubuntu?15:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931154 in clementine (Ubuntu) "clementine crashed with SIGABRT in raise() (solved)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93115415:26
jtaylorari-tczew: done15:28
ari-tczewjtaylor: thanks15:28
jtaylorari-tczew: are you going to fix it in precise?15:28
ari-tczewjtaylor: yes I can15:29
ari-tczewwhen I got time I need to check whether oneiric needs SRU15:30
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jtaylorLaney: could it the person responsible for transitions be added to the tracker?16:13
jtaylormight be useful information16:13
tumbleweedwe could put it as a note (I see Debian has notes)16:14
tumbleweedlinking to the tracking bug for the transition would be a pretty sane thing to do :)16:15
jtaylorhm I want to file a ffe for spyder there is already a upgrade request bug, should I convert that or just create a new bug?16:56
tumbleweedeither works16:57
jtaylornice new meld release, looks like its finally a general release17:43
jtayloryet another ffe to file :(17:43
directhexpoor jtaylor18:29
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* tumbleweed syncs pypy and prays to the buildd gods19:16
stefanctis there a way to prepare a bug report in launchpad without filing it yet?19:24
tumbleweedin a text editor?19:24
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stefancthow does the text editor select the package, attach files, sets up affected distributions, subscribe other ppl...? :)19:25
Ampelbeinstefanct: You can file bugs per mail.19:26
Ampelbeinstefanct: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface19:27
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GCSHi! I'd like to ask sync for Debian packages in Ubuntu.20:34
GCSWho should I mail to?20:34
Ampelbein!sync | GCS20:35
ubottuGCS: Helpful information for filing a sync request can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess20:35
tumbleweedGCS: however, Ubuntu is curretly in feature freeze, so we're only syncing things that fix important bugs without adding features20:38
tumbleweed(of course, there are exceptions)20:38
GCSOK, as I see ceph was synced meanwhile.20:39
GCSFor a long time, Ubuntu had 0.38 , even if there was newer versions I've uploaded to Debian.20:39
GCStumbleweed: ... and you sync from testing, right?20:40
tumbleweedby default, but that was before Debian Import Freeze, which was a while ago http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule20:41
tumbleweedwe can sync from any release, manually20:42
GCStumbleweed: Do you see chance of syncing syslog-ng ? It contains important fixes, including but not limited to deadlocks and memleaks.20:43
geofftI believe Ubuntu syncs from unstable (before DebianImportFreeze) except for LTSes, and this is an LTS20:43
GCSgeofft: Yes, that's why I've mentioned the testing sync.20:43
tumbleweedGCS: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess20:44
GCSgeofft: That's also the reason why syncing syslog-ng would be advised. Contains important bugfixes.20:44
tumbleweedGCS: note that syslog-ng is currently modified in Ubuntu, so it couldn't be synced anyway. It'd be a merge.20:45
GCStumbleweed: Checking...20:45
stefanctAmpelbein: thx20:48
jtaylorI should probably have put some builds into the ppc queue before pypy :(21:07
jtaylorhow long will that build?21:07
tumbleweedjtaylor: I see why you are concerned, the last Ubuntu build took 13 hours before timing out21:22
tumbleweedthis'd probably be about the same, if it's going ot time out21:22
tumbleweedI don't mind you asking anyone to score it down21:24
jtaylorshould be ok, I have nothing really urgent21:24
jtayloras long as some slots are free until beta 1 I'm happy21:25
jtaylorif just this private job would end ..21:25
tumbleweedthere's currently no jit on powerpc, so it's for completion more than anything else21:25
micahgjtaylor: should finish in ~1hr21:28
jtaylorI shoud make use of that an dput in my builds before the canonical guys start working :)21:29
micahgjtaylor: it's a 37 hour build :)21:30
* tumbleweed fondly remembers insanetoolkit (before it got saner)21:31
micahgtumbleweed: does bug 936483 need an FFe?21:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936483 in globus-rls-server (Ubuntu) "Sync globus-rls-server 4.9-11 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93648321:32
jtaylormicahg: can you do a no change rebuild of libvigraimpex?21:33
jtaylorfor numpy21:33
micahgjtaylor: yeah21:34
micahgjtaylor: libvigraimpex done21:53
jtaylorgreat, then numpy transition is done, only a arm armhf issue of pytables remaining :/21:54
ajmitchjtaylor: revu shoudl be fixed, are you having issues with it?21:54
jtaylorajmitch: no but someone else, I'll tell him it should be fixed now21:55
ajmitchjtaylor: when were they having problems?21:55
jtaylora few weeks ago21:55
* ajmitch fixed it middle of last week21:55
tumbleweedjtaylor: that test suite seems to be problematic on a bunch of archs https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=pytables21:57
jtayloryes I saw, was probably always the case it was just never executed before22:01
jtaylorit needs a new upload anyway, it has no compressors due to multiarch22:06
jtaylorupstream tried patching it with "%s-linux-gnu" % platform.machine() :/22:07
jtayloris there some wiki page for upstreams how to handle multiarch?22:08
jtaylorI fear that these kinds of broken patches may start to spread22:08
RAOFI'm not aware of any.  Why is upstream doing that madness?22:09
RAOFaka: what is it trying to locate?22:09
jtaylorI told them its wrong and they now use a sane approach (ccompiler.has_function)22:10
RAOFOh, that's a part of the build system?22:13
jtaylorlike numpy it just searched a set of constant folders22:14
jtaylorif it didn't find anything there it compiled without the feature22:14
RAOFCan we hit upstream with pkg-config?  Or, I guess, ccompiler.has_function.22:17
jtaylorthere is no pkg-config integration in python distutils22:17
jtaylorso that is not such a good solution22:17
jtayloralso pkg-config is quite linux specific22:17
jtaylorand many python projects do also target windows and mac22:18
jtaylorccompiler.has_function is apparently not so well known22:18
RAOFPerhaps it should be publicised.22:19
jtaylorit took me a while to find that in the api :/22:19
l3onHi all..22:40
l3onsomeone knows if this can considered a bug?22:40
l3onlibxml2-dev has header files in /usr/include/libxml2/libxml/*h22:41
l3onbut, when you try to use it, problems occur:22:41
l3on/usr/include/libxml2/libxml/tree.h:16:31: fatal error: libxml/xmlversion.h: No such file or directory22:41
jtaylordid you set -I ?22:42
l3onlet me explain :)22:42
l3onI'm looking at /usr/include/augeas.h22:42
l3onit has a:22:43
l3on#include <libxml/tree.h>22:43
l3onso, when I try to run a configure from an application use that header, I get error22:43
l3on"libxml/tree.h" didn't found22:43
RAOFl3on: It sounds a lot like you don't have the right include paths set.22:45
geofft"pkg-config --cflags libxml-2.0" prints -I/usr/include/libxml222:46
l3onRAOF, I forced to use libxml2/libxml/tree.h in augeas.h and I get:22:46
geofftl3on: so you should put $(pkg-config --cflags libxml-2.0) in your compiler line22:46
geofftl3on: editing augeas.h is wrong22:47
l3on/usr/include/libxml2/libxml/tree.h:16:31: fatal error: libxml/xmlversion.h: No such file or directory22:47
l3ongeofft, ok I now22:47
l3ongeofft, problem is build fails during configure!22:47
RAOFAnd if augeas needs libxml2, it should Requires.private: libxml-2.0 in it's pkg-config.22:47
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RAOFl3on: So, I'd fix this by patching configure.ac to use pkg-config, and then submitting it upstream.22:48
RAOFl3on: They're using AC_CHECK_HEADER, which, as you can see, is easily broken.22:49
l3onmmm ok, so the bug is in augeas ?22:49
RAOFl3on: No, the bug is in configure for haskell-augeas.22:51
l3onah ok... :)22:52
RAOFhaskell-augeas' configure script should use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to find augeas, rather than AC_CHECK_HEADER.  Because AC_CHECK_HEADER will fail when non-trivial include paths are required, such as - as you can see - libxml2.22:53
l3onok, thanks :)22:53
jtaylorwould it still be possible to get the new git-buildpackage?22:55
jtaylorit has a couple of useful new features22:55
Laneyl3on: ta for looking at it. I'd already fixed it locally but didn't do anything with it. It would be nice if you could submit a Debian bug with the patch and X-Debbugs-CC the upstream author.23:17
Laneythe other haskell FTBFS (about the threaded runtime) can be closed as wontfix until ghc supports that23:18
Laneyif you want to do that.23:18
l3onLaney, well.. :D actually I'm still studing PKG_CHECK_MODULES manpage :)23:20
Laneymore valuable experience for you then23:20
l3onwell I don't uderstand what's wrong:23:22
l3on  PKG_CHECK_MODULES([AUGEAS], [augeas >= 0.8])23:22
l3on./configure: line 2625: `  PKG_CHECK_MODULES(AUGEAS, augeas >= 0.8)'23:22
l3on./configure: line 2625: syntax error near unexpected token `AUGEAS,'23:22
l3onok, I'm out. I don't know why I get that error.23:36
micahgtumbleweed: are we doing FFe's for dh_python2 conversions again?23:37
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tumbleweedmicahg: they are considered build-system changes, and could generally benefit from extra review23:47
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